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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 19, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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tion and broadcasting, inc. tonight, the president in the oval office, less than 24 hours after he was impeached. what he's saying now. president trump saying it's a horrible thing they've done. and tonight, the unexpected holdup. house speaker nancy pelosi on what she has not sent the articles of impeachment to the senate for trial. breaking news as we connell on tonight. the panic at the mall late today. police racing to the scene at a mall filled with shoppers amid reports witnesses heard shots fired. and the urgent hunt for a suspect right now. also, a deadly shooting at a senior center tonight. a resident opening fire on workers. schools on lockdown. the massive explosion. several homes collapsing and in flames and tonight, the urgent search for the missing. the horrific scene at the
3:31 pm
airport. the truck crashing into an airport terminal at 100 miles per hour. bursting through the wall. workers just inches away. overseas tonight, in russia, the deadly attack at the headquarters of russia's secret police, the fsb. several officers among the wounded and ian pannell is in moscow. the woman shopping, then attacked in a parking lot, caught in the door as the attacker raced off. she is okay tonight, but what police have now revealed after this attack. our interview tonight with pat sajak, the "wheel of fortune" host on his emergency surgery and how serious this was. and our made in america christmas is back, and your one thing. tonight, your ideas pouring in, gifts made by workers in more than a dozen states tonight. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy thursday night. and we begin tonight with president trump, less than 24 hours after becoming only the third american president to be impeached on two articles, abuse of power and obstruction of
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congress. tonight, the president, it would appear, is ready for battle. saying, it doesn't feel like impeachment, calling it a hoax, cooked up by the democrats and saying he's not worried. and the president calling the republican-led senate where he will be tried, quote, very capable. but tonight, that unexpected holdup. house speaker nancy pelosi has not brought the articles of impeachment to the senate, and this evening here, she reveals why. as a divided america remains divided on impeachment, where this should go next and how it will all effect the race for 2020. mary bruce leads us off tonight from the hill. >> reporter: in the oval office today, president trump tried to shrug off the new historic mark on his legacy. >> well, i don't feel like i'm being impeached, because it's a hoax. it's a setup. it's a horrible thing they did. >> reporter: on capitol hill house speaker nancy pelosi is riding high. >> seems like people have a spring in their step, because the president was held accountable for his reckless behavior. i, myself, wants to say, i have
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a spring in my step, because of the moral courage of our caucus. >> reporter: but pelosi's not ready to take the next step. she's refusing to send the articles of impeachment to the senate until majority leader mitch mcconnell reveal what the trial will look like. mcconnell has said he's working in "total coordination" with the white house. >> our founders, when they wrote the constitution, they suspected that there could be a rogue president. i don't think they suspected that we could have a rogue president and a rogue leader in the senate at the same time. >> reporter: democrats pushing for the delay hope it will give them leverage, as they demand to hear from top trump aides the white house has blocked from testifying, including acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security adviser john bolton. but the president and his allies insist the speaker is simply scared of a trial. >> it looks like the prosecutors are getting cold feet in front of the entire country and second-guessing whether they even want to go to trial. >> reporter: mcconnell has made
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clear, he wants a quick trial and no witnesses. republicans now accusing pelosi of playing games. >> frankly, i don't care what the republicans say. >> so, let's get to mary bruce, live on the hill again tonight. and late today, we learned that mitch mcconnell huddling in the capitol with his democratic counterpart, chuck schumer. you've been reporting here that mcconnell has said no witnesses. schumer has said he wants them. so, what are you hearing tonight, what comes next? >> reporter: well, david, the two leaders did meet, but nothing came of it. mitch mcconnell tonight declaring that they are at an impasse. and he says if the speaker wants to prevent a trial here in the senate, quote, fine with me. but one person who does want a trial? the president. and tonight, one of his top allies says trump is, quote, mad at hell. david? >> mary bruce tonight, thank you. and we do move onto the other major news this thursday night. police rushing to the scene at a busy shopping mall just a short time ago. witnesses reported hearing shots fired. this is playing out right now in oklahoma city. reports of multiple shots fired at the penn square mall, sending
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whole day shoppers into a panic for a time. police did respond to the scene. they now say this is not an active shooter situation. they do believe it was a fight between people in the mall and they are on the hunt for the suspect at this hour. all of this, of course, leaving shoppers very rattled tonight. and there was another awful scene playing out today, a deadly shooting at a senior center. an assisted living center in rhode island. a resident opening fire on workers and on another resident. schools on lockdown. businesses sheltering in place. and a robot sent into the center. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, a shocking murder in a quiet new england town. police departments from three states surrounding these assisted living apartments in westerly, rhode island, just after 10:30 a.m. >> there's multiple victims there. multiple victims. >> reporter: one employee killed. a coworker and a 67-year-old resident wounded. the victims, all women, shot in is the front lobby. >> i'm not sure where the
3:36 pm
perpetrator is. >> reporter: schools and a hospital on lockdown. businesses sheltering in place. >> we had an officer come in and tell us today about what was going on. >> reporter: police scouring surveillance video, identifying the suspect as a resident at the facility. using a bomb squad robot to go into his room where he was found dead. >> the robot entered and found the suspect, who appeared to have a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: the incident shocking the seaside town near the connecticut border. >> these are people who just got up this morning and went to work and in some cases aren't going home to their families tonight. and so, it's another wakeup call. >> reporter: david, one of the victims remains in critical condition. authorities are now investigating what exactly prompted the shooting. david? >> adrienne bankert tonight, thank you. and there is an urgent search right now for survivors tonight after an explosion and fire in a philadelphia neighborhood. several homes claptsing, trapping people inside. cell phone video tonight capturing the raging fire. authorities responding to
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numerous calls about the explosion and the smell of gas. the commissioner saying firefighters went into fully engulfed buildings trying to rescue those inside. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, a massive explosion rocking a philadelphia neighborhood. >> i haven't even seen a movie that looks like this. >> reporter: leveling at least three homes and trapping people in the rubble. >> we got a collapsed building on fire, wires down. people coming out. >> reporter: rescuers searching for survivors. >> they actually were able to locate someone. but that individual was trapped under so much debris that they were not able to exthere kate them. >> reporter: authorities fear that person is dead and tonight, they're searching for up to two more victims. >> heavy fire. total collapse. >> reporter: panicked residents rushing for cover. >> a young woman was coming out of the house. she was barefoot and she's climbing out. she looked kind of shocky. >> reporter: police say a home caught fire late this morning and suddenly detonated.
3:38 pm
some reporting the smell of gas in the air. more than 120 firefighters and rescue personnel responding as raging flames shot out of the building. >> a maelstrom of fire, hanging wires, gas leaking, to try to get into this building and make a rescue. >> reporter: david, officials say the fire is under control, but dozens have been forced out of their homes, as crews investigate what caused this devastating blast. david? >> erielle reshef tonight. eriel erielle, thank you. zbland tonight, with millions of americans set to travel for the holiday, the forecast is now shaping up. storms in the west. brutal cold elsewhere and when it should lift. and all of this, of course, after the dangerous snow squalls across the northeast. this one moving quickly in over than hat t manhattan in the last 24 hours. another one in central pennsylvania causing this massive tractor trailer pileup, killing one and sending more than three dozen to area hospitals. so, let's get the forecast, looking ahead to christmas and
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meteorologist rob marciano with us opportunity. >> reporter: hi, david. that cold snap came in with some force yesterday. it has settled in. it will warm a little bit tomorrow, but really in for another brutal warning. look at some of the wind chills. in bangor, 2 below. 6 in boston. still in the teens in new york and cleveland. not really warming up until we get towards christmas. here is that atmospheric river hitting the west. a lot of moisture with this, heavy rain, heavy mountain snow, right about the pass levels could see one to three feet of it and big wind and waves coming in tonight also. and this will stretch all the way down to san francisco by the time saturday and sunday come, so, long duration event. three to six inches of rainfall along the western rivers. they'll rise towards the weekend and could see flooding on sunday. david? >> rob, thank you. and next here, the wild airport crash. a pickup truck breaking through the fence at the sarasota airpo airport, speeding across the airport at 100 miles an hour, crashing right into the terminal. look at this. a real clerk at hir post when the truck is smashes through the
3:40 pm
wall, stopping right at the counter. victor oquendo tonight with these remarkable images. >> reporter: this is the spoking moment a truck slams into a rental car counter at a florida airport at high speed. debris flies in every direction, even through the glass doors. >> vehicle is actually inside baggage claim. we're not sure how he came in. and it is smoking. >> reporter: from this angle, seconds earlier, we see that white pickup barrel through the cinder block wall next to a baggage claim conveyer belt at the sarasota-bradenton international airport. >> we estimate right now, he had to be going somewhere near 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: watch again. there's a woman behind the car rental counter. she takes a sip and then ducks for cover. there's another man one counter over. incredibly, neither was injured. it happened around 3:00 a.m., just minutes after the last flight took off. >> and that was a blessing in a sense that there weren't people in this baggage claim area. >> reporter: police say the driver, 40-year-old juan monsivis, suffered serious injuries. authorities say they spotted monsivis driving in a reckless manner and tried stopping him. before he crashed through a fence at the airport and
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eventually into the terminal. david, police are still investigating, but say they believe the driver was under the influence. no charges have been filed yet. david? >> all right, victor oquendo tonight. victor, thank you. a former american air lines mechanic has pleaded guilty to sabotage in miami. he admitted to sabotaging an american airlines passenger jet with 150 people onboard. the people lot aborting the flight just before leaving miami international airport. the long-time mechanic tebling investigators he did it to get overtime pay for fixing the plane. there's also major news overseas tonight, a deadly shooting in moscow near the heavily fortified headquarters of russia's secret police. cell phone video capturing the sound and the shots. people running through the streets there. some people believed to be injured and the gunman has been neutralized. abc's ian pannell in moscow with late reporting tonight. [ gunshots. ] >> reporter: tonight, an attack in the heart of russia's state security.
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a lone gunman opening fire just before 6:00, outside the headquarters of the feared fsb, russia's successor to the k fw b. eyewitnesses capturing the terror as shots rang out in the streets around the fsb's notorious lubyanka building. panicked crowds fleeing. we've seen dozens of police now converge on the intelligence headquarters as they try and take down this armed assailant. the police say they've got it under control. it's still a very active scene. this man says he saw the gunman, dressed in black, shoot a traffic cop. one officer seen lying motionless in the street. five people wounded, an fsb officer dead. the gunman killed. tonight, his motive is unknown. but there are fears this was a terrorist attack. and as the chaos unfolded, less than half a mile away, president putin, the ex-head of the kgb himself, was honoring his former comrades, toasting their success in stopping extremist attacks.
3:43 pm
>> so, let's get to ian, with us live tonight from moscow. and we know russia has seen many terrorist attacks before. what will investigators be looking for in this case? >> reporter: yeah, david, i think there are two possibilities. one, as you suggest, is terrorism, although there hasn't been a terrorist attack here in moscow for at least five years. the second is that somehow this was some kind of disgruntled former fsb officer. friday is national fsb day, that's something investigators will look at, but either because, this was an unprecedented attack at the heart of russia's state security. david? >> ian pannell reporting from moscow tonight. ian, thank you. and also overseas, the state of emergency playing out in australia, and the u.s. help tonight. there are deadly wildfires raging ahmmid record heat there destroying dozens of homes. several people have been killed. american firefighters are pitching in in the effort. more arriving on saturday. the haze obscuring the famous skyline of sydney. the average temperature across australia hitting 107 degrees today.
3:44 pm
that's the highest ever recorded and the second day in a row they've reached record highs. back here at home tonight, and congress has just raised the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21 in the u.s. the new measure applies to the purchase of cigarettes as well as vaping products. it comes amid concern about increasing nicotine use among young people in this country and the possible health risks of e-cigaret e-cigarettes. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the woman shopping and attacked in a marking lot. she is okay here, but surveillance showing her caught in the door as the attacker races off. and tonight, what police have now revealed after this attack. also, as you know, less than a week until christmas now and thieves at your front door, steaming packages, but don't, you're going to see the sting operation right here. what police are now doing to catch them in the act. this was something. and later tonight right here, our interview with pat sajak. on his emergency surgery and how serious this really was. a lot more muz ahead here. a lot more muz ahead here. stay tuned.lerno and everyone has dad's eyebrows!
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next tonight here, the bust, catching thieves stealing holiday package s at your door. matt gutman with the team behind the bust tonight. >> hey, stop! put that back! >> reporter: they're the brazen thieves that strike in broad daylight and in the dead of night. the holidays are peak season for porch pirates. >> most of the time, these package thieves are just going around doorstep to doorstep. they're just taking the packages. they don't even know what they're taking. >> reporter: we teamed up with the anaheim police department on a sting operation. >> we are putting in two brand new iphones. >> reporter: along with these iphones worth about $1,000, they plant a gps tracker inside the package. trap is set. there is the bait. and as soon as this package moves even a couple of feet, it's going to trigger an alarm that will go off as did patspatd they're let officers know this thing is on the move. this police body camera footage shows anaheim officers booking
3:48 pm
suspected thieves who had no idea the package they allegedly swiped led police right to their exact location. david, a couple of tips to avoid becoming a victim of porch piracy. you can sign up for delivery alerts from your shipper or you can even get a p.o. box and just pick up the packages whenever's convenient. david? >> matt gutman tonight, thank you. when we come back here, the woman attack and dragged after shopping and what police have now revealed. and what pat sajak revealed and what pat sajak revealed about his emergency surgery. as a reliable phone company. but to businesses, we're liable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. (man) we weave security into their business. (man) we weave security into their business. (second man) virtualize their operations. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. (second woman) we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. like 5g. like 5g. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. verizon keeps business ready. verizon keeps business ready.
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3:52 pm
faris the frightening moments at the hospital. >> you said they had to operate right away. was it life or death at that moment? >> well, they -- i mean, my blood pressure had fallen dramatically. they had to wait until it lifted a bit so they could do the surgery. my wife and our daughter was with me and they were, you know, they didn't know, i mean, you go in and they don't know if i'm coming out. >> we're glad he's okay. he's already back in the studio. and he also talks about vanna white stepping in to host. much more of the interview tomorrow morning on "gma." when we come back tonight, we asked and you answered. your one thing made in america this christmas. the ideas pouring in, next. ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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the made in america christmas, your one thing. let's go fishing, rest easier, see clearer, save your children's aurpt. all your ideas. it oos a white christmas already in the hills of vermont. zoom in, and those american workers, 70 of them, hoping you'll buy their one thing. >> hi, david, we're the orvis rod shop. >> making fly fishing records. the company founded in 1856. inside the rod shop, the equipment, the roll tables, the ovens. and designer shawn shawn shawa so, this year, they're hoping your one thing might be theirs. >> fly rods made in vermont. they're made by hand, made by people. >> a high five for med that america. and then there was this. >> hi, david. greetings from north carolina. >> reporter: the team at plum print in asheville. they help turn the artwork, the
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treasures from your children over the years into something more permanent. a book that will tell story of your child. >> they fill the box with all their kids' creations and plum print turns it into a custom coffee table book. >> this year, sales up 50%. >> happy holidays! >> there was also our trip to the design lab, the team at jen see glasses, made in america. from ally rose van overbeek and jack burns. it all started when they volunteered to help the flint water crisis in michigan. but what to do with all of the plastic? they decided to make eyeglasses out of waterbottles. so, creating jobs and helping people see. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> kind of works out. and tonight, just in time for christmas -- >> hi, david. >> ally rose in flint. they've now made glasses out of 40,000 plastic water bottles. >> our first employee just came up on her one-year work anniversary. right now, we're busy assembling orders and shipping for holiday.
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>> the design they open under your tree, the roper. the glasses come in several colors, among them, classic black, crystal fog. hoping to give you a clearer view of christmas. >> made in america! >> and tonight -- >> hi, david. and the made in america game. i'm step, this is my husband jimmy. >> the coauthors of authenticity 50. >> 100% in america from seat to stitch. supporting 500 jobs here. >> from the cotton to the final cut and sew, all of it done here. the sheets cut and sown in north carolina. the packaging in illinois. so, tonight, all over this country, from the nypd -- >> made in america. >> to the pennsylvania couple, they knew what we were up to. >> we love your made in america. >> you love made in america? >> we do it. >> we love made in america. >> keep your ideas coming. send them to me on twitter, facebook and
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>> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is at san francisco state university, several buildings on campus have been evacuated because of a bomb threat there. this includes the student union, the library, as well as a residential building. police are searching the campus as we speak. final exams are happening this week and the school of nursing was holding a graduation ceremony in one of the buildings. >> as we were finishing, we got word there was some sort of a bomb threat and we were asked to leave directly out to the street. >> now, there was also an evacuation on campus last month after a man walked into the library and said he was going to shoot up and blow up the building. he was arrested on two felony counts of criminal threats. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for joining us. we want to turn our attention to the weatherment you can see outside lot of clouds today. but it's dry right now.