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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 25, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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pratt. hope you had a wonderful day with your family. merry christmas. go >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- martin scorsese. from "when they see us," jharrel jerome. and music from the black keys. and now, look here, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching at home. thank you for leaving your homes to be here. thank you for tuning in after another ucrazy couple of days. a lot is happening in washington right now. what a weekend. remember last week there was a woman testifying in front of congress and donald trump being the stable genius we know he is decided to go on twitter and attack her in writing?
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and then everyone, including a lot of his supporters, said that was a very wrong thing to do? well, guess what? yesterday tweety gonzalez pulled out his little orange thumbs and he did it again. this time he attacked a woman who works for mike pence currently. her name is jennifer williams. she's a special adviser to the vice president. she was also listening in on trump's now infamous call with the president of ukraine. there were more people on this call than there were at his inauguration. [ laughter ] so in her closed door testimony williams says trump specifically mentioned the name of the ukrainian company hunter biden worked for. it's called burisma. but that was omitted from the transcript the white house released. you know the one the president keeps telling us to read. well, turns out maybe that transcript has been sanitized for his protection. trump of course as soon as he heard this went right on the attack. he called this woman who works, again, for his vice president, a never trumper. [ laughter ]
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it's like calling the hamburglar a vegetarian. it's ridiculous. she is scheduled to testify publicly tomorrow. and that'll be interesting. burisma is a word you don't forget. it sounds like a disease that makes you put your cat to sleep. it's not something that comes up in normal conversation. i don't know if this has anything to do with that, but the other big story this weekend was the president made an unplanned, unannounced trip to the hospital. the staff at walter reed hospital was given no advance notice of the president's visit, which is unusual. usually they're all told in advance. it sounds to me like maybe the old fella's pregnant. it's possible. [ laughter ] anyway, you know the president loves to talk about how healthy he is and how slow and tired everyone else is. this visit chips away at that. but there was a perfectly good reason for it. at least according to white house press secretary stephanie grisham who had a not at all suspicious-sounded explanation
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for a curious jeanine pirro. >> i understand it wasn't a scheduled annual visit. can you tell us what it was? >> yeah, absolutely. we've got a really busy year ahead, as you can imagine. and so the president decided to go to walter reed and kind of get a head start with some routine checkups as part of his annual exam. that's all it was. it was very routine. we had a down day today. and so he made the decision to head there. >> jimmy: they had a down day. every day is a down day. [ laughter ] by the way, this is trump's real schedule for today, for monday. we did not alter this for comic effect. first thing he had for the day was an intelligence briefing at 2:00 p.m. and then a meeting with the secretary of state at 4:15. and that's it. then back to the couch to watch fox news. [ laughter ] the dolphins at sea world have busier schedules than our president. but go on. what's the rest of the health story? >> and there's no truth to the rumors that it was something else? because the rumors are flying. >> oh, the rumors are always flying.
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absolutely not. he is healthy as can be. i put a statement out about that. he's got more energy than anybody in the white house. that man works from 6:00 a.m. until, you know, very, very late at night. he's doing just fine. >> you know, stephanie, he's almost superhuman. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: right. he's faster than a tweeting bullet. [ laughter ] he's able to bankrupt tall buildings in a single bound. [ laughter ] the president of course shared an update on his health on twitter. he wrote "visit aid great family of a young man under major surgery at the amazing walter reed medical center. those are truly some of the best doctors anywhere in the world. also began phase one of my yearly physical. everything very good. great. will complete next year." next year. phase one was this weekend? phase two is next -- [ laughter ] was this a physical or a kitchen remodel? this probably won't be good for trump's health. the president now claims he might want to testify in front
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of congress himself in the impeachment inquiry, which is a lie. [ laughter ] but that doesn't mean he didn't tweet it. this morning he wrote, stick with me on this our crazy do nothing where's usmca infrastructure and much more speaker of the house nervous nancy pelosi who's petrified by her radical left knowing them soon be gone. they and fake news media are her boss. suggested on sunday's deface the nation, clever, that i testify about the phony witch hunt. she also said i could do it in writing. even though i did nothing wrong and don't like giving credibility to this no due process hoax, i like the idea and will in order to get congress focused again strongly consider it." that's quite a sentence. 12 high school english teachers killed themselves after reading that sentence. [ laughter ] but the gist is the president claims he will strongly consider testifying. he won't testify. that will never happen. but he will do some very strong considering of it.
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[ laughter ] maybe the strongest. no one considers more strongly than donald trump. they say he's almost superhuman, you know? [ laughter ] the only thing he ever strongly considers is original or extra crispy. that's it. [ laughter ] and by the way, hours after trump floated this idea of providing testimony the house launched an investigation into whether he lied in his testimony to special counsel robert mueller. he hope he testifies in person. i really do. it would be so much fun to see all the republicans in that chamber barking and wagging their tails when their owner walks in. wouldn't it? [ laughter ] meanwhile, on the democratic side of things, joe biden's doing everything he can to remind us that he is a very old person. joe biden says that if elected he will not legalize marijuana federally because he thinks it might be a gateway drug. that's correct. it is a gateway drug to not getting the democratic nomination for president. [ applause ]
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he says there needs to be more research done. and it does lead to other things. first you try marijuana, then that leads to sarsaparilla, which leads to black licorice, which leads to goofballs, to poppers, to malarkey. next thing you know you're selling your body for werther's originals. it's a slippery slope. but the idea they need to do more studies. they've already done the study for the last 80 years. you know how we know marijuana isn't a gateway drug? willie nelson isn't a crackhead. okay? [ laughter ] snoop dogg has a house. end of study. speaking of gateway drugs, did you guys sign up for disney plus? how many signed up for disney plus? [ applause ] disney plus is a you? streaming service that finally answers the question, what if there was even more stuff to watch? [ laughter ] and it's been a big hit largely because it's the only place you can see the new "star wars" spinoff, " the mandalorian." and the big breakout star of that series is baby yoda, who i think might be able to unite the
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country. like anytime you're in an argument with like a friend or relative about politics, all you have to do, just hold up this picture of baby yoda, and it'll be over immediately. baby yoda is going to finally bring us together. maybe baby yoda could be president of the united states. you know? that's not a bad idea. >> actually, sorry, excuse me, jimmy. that's not baby yoda. >> jimmy: what do you mean? yeah, it's clearly baby yoda. did you see the picture? >> i saw the picture. but it's not a picture of baby yoda. okay, look, the events of the mandalorian take place five years after the fall of the empire, which means it comes after return of the jedi. >> jimmy: okay. >> well, as we all know, yoda died in "return of the jedi," and only returned later as a force ghost. >> jimmy: okay. well, i'm sorry if i misspoke -- >> no, you didn't misspeak. you were wrong. [ laughter ] look, this isn't baby yoda. this is a baby of yoda's species.
11:44 pm
the name of which is still unknown. >> jimmy: okay. thank you very much. whatever. >> not whatever. that baby was 50 years old. yoda was 900 when he died. i mean, hello. come on. >> jimmy: i think we've got it. i think it's very -- >> no, i'm not sure you that do got it. okay? now, look. yes, okay? yes, it's possible that this could be a clone of yoda. but even then it wouldn't be baby yoda. it would be yoda 2.0. how stupid do you have to be not to get that? >> jimmy: are you finished now? >> i'm not sure. uncertain the future is. okay, look, you can't silence me. han shot first. you can't silence the -- han shot first. [ applause ] >> jimmy: what i'm trying to say is this baby yoda is really cute. we have a very good show for you
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tonight. one of maybe even the all-time greatest director the united states has ever known, martin scorsese is with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he's here to promote his great new movie "the irishman." and as you may know, martin scorsese has been getting some attention for comments he made about marvel movies. he said among other things that he doesn't think those movies are cinema, which upset a lot of people. and anyone who knows me knows that the one thing i hate is to see people upset. and that's why i'm pleased to announce -- no, not just announce. i'm pleased to bring you the world premiere trailer for the first ever collaboration between marvel and martin scorsese. [ phone rings ] >> hello. >> hi, frank. would you like to be a part of history? >> yes, i would. >> only two people in the world have one of these. and only one of them is irish.
11:46 pm
>> whatever you need me to do, i'm available. i also do my own carpentry. >> i never waited for anyone who was -- >> you've become part of a bigger universe. i'm here to talk to you about the avenger initiative. >> i don't think so. >> "irish man"! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: problem solved. all right. hey, we've got a great show tonight. we have music from the black keys, jharrel jerome is here, and we'll be right back with martin scorsese! >> dicky: abc's "jimmy kimmel
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>> jimmy: well, hello, welcome to our show. tonight, he is an emmy award winner at a very young age from "when they see us," jharrel jerome is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] then their latest album is called "let's rock." the black keys from the mercedes-benz outdoor stage.
11:52 pm
[ cheers and applause ] you can see the black keys live tomorrow night at the forum here in los angeles. tomorrow night on our show michael douglas and victoria beckham will join us, with music from dj shadow and de la soul. and later this week, garth brooks, billie eilish, mike birbiglia, taylor kitsch, and jessie reyez. please join us for all of that. simply put, our first guest is one of the great artists in american history. he has given us "goodfellas," "taxi driver," "mean streets," "raging bull." i think he may have directed a couple of the "smurfs" movies. [ laughter ] his latest is also one of his best. it's called "the irishman." it's in select theaters now and premieres on netflix november 27th. please welcome, martin scorsese. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: great to have you here. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ]
11:53 pm
>> thank you. >> jimmy: that's right. [ cheers and applause ] you see what happens when you make great movies? people love it. and they love you. >> wow. >> jimmy: and happy birthday to you as well. >> thank you. >> jimmy: yesterday was your birthday. 77? >> 77, yeah. double 7. >> jimmy: what do you do on a 77th birthday? ihop? >> no, no. they got me and went to the getty museum. i was hanging out with the etruscans and the greeks and the romans. >> jimmy: that's a great museum. >> it really is. >> jimmy: you walked around? >> i walked around the atrium, the whole -- >> jimmy: do people flip when they see you? >> no, there were people leaving and we got in as they were leaving. you know what i mean? >> jimmy: perfect. >> and stumbled about. and i've always wanted to go there. i'm just fascinated. i've been trying to make it to pompeii but i haven't been there since 1970. >> jimmy: it hasn't changed. >> no, it hasn't. they're still dead. this had more life to it. >> jimmy: i was there a few years back and yeah, it's pretty
11:54 pm
much the same. well, you did get a nice gift for your birthday. you've got great reviews for "the irishman." [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing. >> jimmy: i don't know if that's on your radar or not. >> it's amazing. >> jimmy: this movie is based on a book called "i heard you paint houses." >> right. >> jimmy: which is a great phrase. explain what that means. >> well, house painters but the thing is there's only one shade. red. >> jimmy: red. yeah. >> and we also do carpentry. >> jimmy: and this is a book that is a true story presumably. >> yes. yeah. >> jimmy: i would imagine you get every single mafia-related book sent to you. >> over the past number of years there have been a few that have been circling about and that sort of thing. but this was interesting because eric roth gave it to bob de niro and de niro and i have been trying to make a picture again since "casino." that was 1995. so it was a long time since we had worked together. and we tried to find all these other projects, remakes of "the bad and the beautiful," remember the story about hollywood with kirk douglas, all that sort of
11:55 pm
thing. and finally it came down to a situation where we decided that we're going to make a film about an aging hit man supposedly. we were working on this one project. but it was kind of a genre piece and i don't know how to do genre anymore and the genre that i know goes back to 1948. it doesn't pay. so the -- eric gave him this book. supposedly the memoirs of a hit man so to speak. and bob came to talk to me about the character. and as he was talking about the character he became rather emotional about it. and i said that's something. now, if we are going to go back into that milieu, which we were associated with in casino and "good fellas," then this is something that maybe we could learn a little more about ourselves and go deeper. you know? otherwise, what are we doing? just repeating ourselves. and so we took a chance and steve zaillian came in and wrote the script. the book is by charles brant.
11:56 pm
and by that point basically no one would finance the picture. >> jimmy: how much do you te oxte the book, do you believe >> i don't know if it's necessary to believe that that actually happened that way or who did what. i was interested in how it affects the people involved, especially when they're in their 80s and alone ultimately and they think back on their lives, the choices you make in life, the consequences of a life. so therefore, if some of the facts aren't quite right, then it really is more about the characters up front in a way. the rest is just a backdrop. you could take the gangster milieu and you can make it politics, you can make it business. >> i think we've actually done that for real in this country. >> exactly. >> jimmy: the gangster milieu is on cnn every day. >> exactly. exactly. who said what, when, where. >> jimmy: you know new york mobster stories.
11:57 pm
are you going to make one about trump? [ laughter ] by the way, de niro is great in the movie. >> oh, he is. >> jimmy: and he is in -- he's present in 95% of the film. >> yeah. >> jimmy: he's really in this one. and also, this is -- it's so hard to imagine that this is your first time working with al pacino. >> i met al in 1970. francis coppola introduced me to him. but then al did godfather 1, then godfather 2, and he's in with lumet and sidney pollack and he's like in the stratosphere. i was still making films with my friends, bob and harvey and a couple of people. he was not within my reach any longer and he started working with depalma a lot. >> idea that no one's -- everyone's in your reach. i mean, really. >> so what happens is that finally we get together on this project and bob said al will play jimmy hoffa. i said okay. so we met with al. this is about nine years ago.
11:58 pm
and we talked to him about it. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. we talked to him about it. and here's the thing. i never worked with al before but diane had worked with him. i asked bob what's it like to work with him? and bob gave me so concise and enlightened a reaction. he said "he's great. you'll see." [ laughter ] i said does he -- "it's al. it's al. it's al." okay. so the big thing was that half the picture takes place when they're younger. by the time we got the financing from netflix, because no one would give us the financing for the picture -- >> jimmy: so they were your last choice? >> they were my first choice because nobody else would do it. [ laughter ] i said look, of a budget because of the cgi effects. we were doing this youthification. >> jimmy: right. >> and it was an experiment. the whole thing was an experiment. because we could not -- there was a certain point after we finished the script that we could have probably had them play younger by waited too long, i did another film. he did another film.
11:59 pm
and by the time we got around together, they were too old to play young. [ laughter ] so we wound up doing this cgi thing which was really remarkable. it was purely experimental. >> jimmy: how does it work? do they have to do anything special, the actors, to -- >> no. everything special was done in the prep. tons of preparation with ilm and -- >> jimmy: is it only their faces or is it their bodies? >> no, it's the bodies too. you see, that's the issue. we even had a stunt posture man on the picture. look sit up. >> jimmy: sounds like the worst superhero ever. posture man. >> posture man. gary. gary taken. he was great. i'd see gary talking, straighten up. the one thing with al, the picture starts shooting and it was a long shoot because the cgi is complicated. each camera has three lenses on it. and i was shooting with two cameras. sometimes we were carrying nine cameras. so it was complicated. a lot of people on the set that means. and i'm short. >> jimmy: mm-hmm.
12:00 am
>> i can't get to the actors. there are these people doing camera. so we have al, first day of shooting, we're doing a scene where al is sitting in a chair, his family is with him, he's watching the election results on tv. about the kennedys. and he's really angry at the kennedys. and he gets up at one point, i can't watch this anymore, he storms out. and i had two cameras on him. and rodrigo prita's my camera man, david bresnan, pablo the cgi. >> jimmy: he's the best. >> yeah. gary posture -- >> jimmy: posture gary. >> let's shoot. two cameras. i'm looking at the video looking at al. and it was really good. i said let's emphasize this bit a little more. one more time. fantastic. he does it again he gets up he walks out. i thought it was great. good, i said. rodrigo why don't we try to get the wider shot now? he said we can't get the wider shot. what is it? they all came up to me long
12:01 am
faces and they said al. i said what is it? they said he's supposed to be 49. i said he's -- al's 78. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and he had the little dots on his face and everything. but when he gets up he's supposed to be 49. >> jimmy: ah. >> and so i looked at them and i said you tell him. [ laughter ] it's my first day with him. 40 years and i've got to go tell him. >> jimmy: al, we need you to spring up. >> spring up there. they said all right, i'll tell him. is everything okay? yeah, al, you're great. you're terrific. the only thing is you're supposed to be 49. he goes, oh, god. oh. all right, all right, we're going to try. gary went there, got him all set up. okay. ready? and action. one more time. and we do it, and i look around the guys. and al looks up and says, 62. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it seems like a fair compromise.
12:02 am
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whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. ♪ only two people in the world have one of these. and only one of them is irish. i have one. angelo has one. now you have one. >> this is beautiful. i don't know what to say. >> slip it on. see how it looks. >> feel good? >> yeah. see how strong i made you? you're my kid.
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>> that is joe pesci and robert de niro and martin scorsese's "the irishman." doesn't get any better than that. how did you get joe pesci, who famously retired, who doesn't want to do anything other than play golf? >> well, now he denied he retired. >> jimmy: oh, he's now denied that? >> yes. he said he just wasn't working. [ laughter ] but he was very -- you know, he became reticent about the whole situation and bob was calling him, and we had -- we said come on, al's going to be in it and bob and you. he said yeah, but it's again a gangster thing, we've done it before. but this is going to be different. he wouldn't listen really. and eventually, eventually when netflix came into the picture, he accepted the calls. >> jimmy: okay. >> and he took them seriously. and i listened about all his concerns and everything else. i said, yes, but you haven't read it yet. and believe me, when you read it, then we can discuss it further. all right, i'll read it, okay. and eventually what happened is that we got together and he -- it's interesting with joe
12:09 am
because in a subject matter like this in some cases, a little complicated, in some cases the script is written almost like -- zaillian wrote the script of course but i put in a little voice-over and it's not fully the character's voice yet. and that kind of threw him off. he has to just become that role. when he has to become that role. but it has to be from the inside. not like -- brant is a wonderful writer. and he's an investigative reporter too. so there is that essence, a feeling of somebody from the outside telling a story. it's got to come from the inside. and he had to find his way through the -- his truth. the straight truth of that. i said okay, let's just read -- they said i don't want to read it. i said you've got to read it. you're going to change all the lines anyway. first you've got to know. first you've got to know what the hell the scene's about.
12:10 am
i'm going to listen to him because he's the guy who came up with "what, do you think i'm funny?" >> jimmy: that's the most scariest and most thrilling -- >> i'm going to listen. it took a long -- then we finally got it, we finally worked on it with steve and brandt and bob and everybody together. we even got to a rehearsal, a scene where he's fixing the motor. we had changed the dialogue four or five times for that scene. and somehow, i don't know how it happened, but we're in rehearsal with an actual truck. we're doing it in front of the truck. somehow he's working out with the motor. de niro comes back and he says thanks a lot, thanks. and he shakes his hand. and de niro says -- he says what's you?mena and de niro says frank sharon. and there's quiet. and bob goes, what's yours? and joe just looks at him and says, where are you from? and that was the character.
12:11 am
he had the authority. you knew that he was a man who was very powerful. he said where are you from? he said you know, philadelphia. he said where do you hang? such and such a place. hibachi court. ever play bocce there. and then joe throws in you play bocce? no. take care of the motor. it's going to go on you again. it was so natural. and that became the character. >> jimmy: over a truck. >> yeah. >> jimmy: by the way, ray romano's great in the movie. >> oh, ray is fantastic. >> jimmy: isn't he terrific in the movie? [ applause ] >> this guy is amazing. >> jimmy: jim norton plays don rickles. and that was a great scene. and you know, i knew don very well. and i feel like if he'd seen that he would be so mad at you. he'd be furious. because like why -- that's me. somebody else is playing me. >> we had to get don in the film. and norton, that's the actual dialogue based on certain sources, certain books, that's the actual dialogue that night of his act. he said i make fun of everyone.
12:12 am
he says italians. not those italians. that's when joey gallo pretended to throw the bottle at him. don't shoot, don't shoot. >> jimmy: i've heard him tell that story and it is exactly as i imagined it would be in the film. >> we had to have it end there. >> jimmy: well, you did the right thing. whether he likes it or not. well, it's great to have you here. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thank you so much for coming. the movie is fantastic. it's called "the irishman." it's in theaters now. on netflix november 27th. martin scorsese, everybody. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. please welcome, jharrel ♪ we got a chance to chat when we were in brooklyn last month. and your parents are here. your parents are very nice. do they go with you to a lot of things? >> no. this is my first time my dad's in l.a. ever. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> he's cooped up in the bronx all the time. my mom usually travels with me everywhere. she was with me at the emmy's.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: your speech was maybe the best moment of the show. that was fantastic. your dad didn't get to come to the emmies with you. >> no. >> jimmy: why not? >> i had to bring one person, so it was kind of like -- >> jimmy: you only had a plus-one. >> i only had a plus-one. and mama wins all the time. >> jimmy: i know how that goes. what about the golden globes? will you bring dad? >> i'm getting intense stares. >> jimmy: can you get more than one ticket, by the way. maybe i shouldn't be saying this. he may be able to get more than one ticket. have you thought about having a contest to see which win earns a spot at the golden globe over the next few months? >> i haven't, but i should definitely. who can do the most jumping jacks or something more intense? >> jimmy: no, who makes me the best meals and really, you know, treats me the best.
12:25 am
>> this is becoming really awkward. >> jimmy: that's my speciality. how did you celebrate after you won the emmy, with your mom? >> we went to in and out burger. >> jimmy: that's the thing you too he do here in l.a. you walk into in and out after the emmies or the oscars, and there are trophies all over-the-counter? >> no. it was just me. >> jimmy: most people drive through. >> i went in when it was super late. we thought it was going to be closed. the plan was to bring the emmy to the door and you know, how much can i get in. it was actually open. okay, no emmy, let's keep it in the car. everyone was in their tux, lazy shoes off. everyone was straight from the emmies. we thought we getting away from it all. when we went in there, everyone was looking like that.
12:26 am
i am just here for a burger. je je >> jimmy: you were in "moon light." this is the moment, zoom in if we could. this is the moment when after the wrong best picture winner had been announced "la, la land", that's quite a reaction there. that's solid. i was in the middle of that whole thing by the way. >> you were there. >> jimmy: yeah. what was going through your mind at the snoemoment? >> pretty much everything at the moment. that's not me in that picture. that's somebody else. >> jimmy: were you disappointed when the movie didn't win? >> yeah, i was definitely a little crushed. for me, i was there for the
12:27 am
team. the emmies was more personal. it was like the best picture. i want td fed it for me and my moments. we had a little uh. but my phone was in my pocket, and it was ringing, and it was my mom saying it's okay, you're still a winner in my heart. and she also said keep a straight face, the camera's looking at you. >> jimmy: that wasn't much of a straight face. >> only two minutes had passed where "la, la land" was accepting and everything. >> jimmy: it felt like that for me, i was confused. it was very confusing. it seemed like people were going to blame me for it. >> i'm pretty sure i blamed you first. >> jimmy: yeah.
12:28 am
also oprah had praised you on o instagram. who tells you that that's on there? >> um, i guess i can't remember who told >> no, not when she posted me on instagram. it was really a picture of me and my face. >> jimmy: and who tells you that that's on there? >> i guess i can't remember who told me because i'm more focused on what i felt when i saw it. >> jimmy: what did you feel when you saw it? >> i dropped my phone. i really did. you know one of those moments in the movies where it's like whoa and everything drops. i dropped my phone. >> jimmy: you did. >> yeah. >> jimmy: did oprah buy you a new phone? >> no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: have you spent time with oprah since that moment? >> i actually ended up going to dinner with oprah. >> jimmy: oh, that's good. just the two of you? [ applause ] that's where mom gets jealous. >> i was with oprah winfrey, colin kaepernick, i was with reese witherspoon, i was with ava duvernay and the real korey wise. it was pretty much all of us at a stable with other guests but -- >> jimmy: where is this, a tgi friday's? cabo wabo? >> it was at the wendy's up on
12:29 am
-- no. it was at array. ava's building. she has a huge campus. >> jimmy: i see. was there a moment at all where somebody -- like okay, who's going to pay for this? did people just assume oprah would pay for it? >> i'm pretty sure. >> jimmy: yeah, that's how it's got to go. >> i didn't even eat my food. i swear. my food was sitting there and i'm like -- like looking around terrified. it was incredible. >> jimmy: well, congratulations on all your success. if you haven't seen "when they see us," it's terrific. it's on netflix now. and jharrel jerome, everybody. thank you, jharrel. we'll be right back with the black keys. ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by the 2019 a class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presentebyer mces-debe the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank martin scorsese and jharrel jerome. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next, but first this is their album, "let's rock," here with the song "lo/hi" the black keys! ♪ cheers and applause ]
12:32 am
♪ ♪ out on a limb in the wind of a hurricane ♪ ♪ down at the bar like a star in the howling rain ♪ ♪ nobody to love you nobody to care ♪ nobody to hug you ♪ ♪ no one to answer your prayer ♪ you get low like a valley ♪ then high, high like a bird in the sky you get low, low 'cause you're angry ♪
12:33 am
♪ low, high, high, low one at a time get in line for the masquerade ♪ ♪ drink 'til you cry and you're lyin' in the mess you made nobody to love you ♪ oohh nobody to care nobody to drug you oohh ♪ ♪ no one to hold back your hair you get low, low like a valley ♪ ♪ then high, high like a bird in the sky you get low, low 'cause you're angry ♪ ♪ low, high, high, low
12:34 am
♪ ♪ ♪ you get low, low like a valley then high, high ♪ like a bird in the sky you get low, low 'cause you're angry low, low, high, high ♪ high, low low, low, high, high high, low ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:35 am
♪ ♪ in the summertime ♪ when it's hot outside ♪ streets are bare ♪ no one there ♪ in the valleys by ♪ comes a time ♪ when two hearts of gold ♪ live together ♪ run forever ♪ on the open road ♪ we got to go ♪ down the road ♪ you gotta ♪ go, go ♪ in the wintertime ♪ when the day is long ♪ you're halfway there ♪ feel it there ♪ and the fire's on ♪ are you all alone
12:36 am
♪ are you feelin' cold ♪ find your fame ♪ call the name ♪ and hit the road ♪ you gotta go ♪ go ♪ go ♪ go ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you gotta go ♪ go ♪ go
12:37 am
♪ ♪ go ♪ go ♪ tonight. >> i immediately thought that something was wrong with her eyes. >> the little girl whose world was fading into darkness. >> please fix my eyes, amen. >> young woman with dreams of seeing the stars. the rare disease stealing their sight. >> look at mama. >> she can't see. >> our bob woodruff with the incredible medical break through, giving hope and a vision for the future. >> i can see! >> this special edition of "nightline," miracle of sight, will be right back.


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