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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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lenient return windows. some stores give you 15 days to return those gifts. we did some of the work, we checked out some of the big box retail stores to give you their return windows. walmart, 14 to 30 days. best buy until january 14th. amazon until january 31st. target within 90 days. macy's also within 90 days on most items. if you open those electronics you may not be able to return them and only get store credit there. today, tomorrow, some of the busiest days for returning those gifts. keep that in mind if you're braving the stores. at 5:30, we'll talk about if you got a gift card you didn't like or expect, how you can exchange that and use the cash you got on this holiday. reporting live here in walnut creek. i'm julian glover, abc7 news. >> the time is 4:30. if you're just joining us, the another quick update on the traffic and weather where you
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live. >> let's look at those breezes out there. they're blowing steadily offshore. that's why we'll have clearing skies from north to south as we head throughout the day. some of our fastest breezes are up around 20 miles per hour. no advisories, watches or warnings. a stormy pattern yesterday to a much calmer pattern. that transition is breezy. you can see how clean it is. 41 to 46 degrees. a windchill making it feel a couple degrees cooler than that. maybe wear some of the new clothes you received yesterday. calmer conditions at noon. mid 50s at 4:00. let's turn it over to sue and talk about that commute. >> we go back to the san mateo bridge, we have this stall registered on the chp log. the left hand shoulder there. not causing problems, we'll keep
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our eye on that. minor delays for those left cash lanes at the bay bridge. we have a high wind advisory for that span and the benicia bridge. looing at all that green out there. here's your drive times, tracy to dublin, 22 minutes. highway 4 looking good, less than 15 minutes. your drive from san rafael across the golden gate bridge into the city, less than 20 minutes. >> now to new details on a shooting that left a 6-year-old boy critically injured in solano county. >> this happened christmas eve night on ohio and mariposa streets. >> melanie spoke with neighbors who crawled to their bathroom for safety while bullets pierced their home from the outside. >> reporter: kendra black and her fiance glenn say this is the last christmas they'll spend here. they're moving after bullets entered their home from outside christmas eve. >> everyone was just screaming.
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>> reporter: one bullet in the direct path of kendra's dad got lodged in the wall. >> it went through and hit him. the second one hit through here, broke through the curtain rod and exited through -- over there. >> reporter: did you think you were going to die? >> i honestly thought so because the bullet flew through our faces about this far in front of me and my brother's face. >> reporter: later they learned a 6-year-old was shot in the torso. when vallejo police arrived, the 6-year-old victim was already gone, taken to a local hospital perhaps by a family member in a private vehicle he. >> i'm praying this boy makes it. >> reporter: so are neighbors. >> i really feel bad about that because he's 6 years old, you know. 6 years old, he had nothing to do with this thing. >> reporter: police gathered evidence like bullets through cars and even the bullet that went all the way through the home where black, fiance and her
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family were celebrating christmas eve. >> we just feel extremely blessed right now. >> reporter: a memorable christmas, far from what they had imagined this season. in vallejo, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. the man accused of stabbing the younger brother of cj besthard is expected to be in court tomorrow. police say he fatally stabbed 22 clayton betheard outside a bar saturday morning. mosely is being held without bail. in the north bay a man is dead after being hit by a fallen tree. officials say the fallen tree hit four other trees causing debris to hit two hikers. a 29-year-old man was killed. the second man suffered minor injuries. the national park service closed a portion of the trail to clean up the debris yesterday. a bolt of lightning splintered this 100 foot tree in mill valley causing a family to
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evacuate early christmas morning. it split the tree into two. the fire department feared what was left would fall on to a home below. lauren martinez has a story you'll see only on 7. >> it was like a bomb went off. it was right behind the house. >> reporter: residents of water view drive in mill valley were woken up just after 4:00 christmas morn when a strong force of lightning split this redwood tree. >> it exploded into shards where it sent part of the tree on top of our house, on top of our car, on top of the power pole. >> reporter: the fire department evacuated the lobos family for three hours. they live just below. >> they thought the tree was going to hit the house, so we had to pull all our animals out and leave. >> reporter: by nightfall, crews cut what was left of the tree down into pieces. we met yohannes rockland who lives next door. >> i know the force of the blast knocked pictures off our mantle. that's just from the force of the lightning and the, you know,
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lightning bolt. it was really dramatic. >> reporter: it may have made for a dramatic christmas morning, but luckily no one was hurt. >> you know, santa was a little loud this morning, but that's okay. everybody was safe and everything could be repaired. so it was a christmas miracle. >> reporter: in mill valley, lauren martinez, abc7 news. shoring up ocean beach will cost $60 million more than expected. the project is expected to begin in early 2023 and take about four years to complete. the project will include removal of the great highway between sloped and skyline boulevards. officials call it one of the city's first projects to address the impact of climate change. a great-grandmother is asking for your help after her
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bag of holiday gifts was stolen. >> merry christmas from all of us. >> so sweet. also ahead, a holiday gift that will keep on giving from the warriors to a thrilled group of local children. >> i was a little cold last night. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> it will be colder tonight. >> okay. >> one of the coldest nights ahead. freezing temperatures inland. this morning we're looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 40s along the east bay shoreline. richmond is the warm spot. castro valley is the cool spot. we have 50 in san francisco. 49 in san jose. mid to upper -- mid 40s in the east bay valleys. 36 in santa rosa. novato and napa at about 48. a look at breezes looking down towards the ferry building. you'll have a breezy morning driving. bringing us drier air for mass transit. a small craft advisory will last until 9:00 this morning. we have moderate chop through the delta. could be a little less comfortable than it normally is.
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the peninsula, a lot of cloud cover up through 9:00. you can see the increasing sunshine as the temperature increases up to 56 at 3:00. if you're heading out, dress for 48 degrees. east bay valleys, cloud cover, a bit faster, 49 at 9:00. 52 at 11:00. mid to upper 50 s this afternoo. for the south bay, temperature of 42 this morning. 45 at 9:00. we have a chance of a random shower up in the mountains east of the valley there. then we'll see increasing sunshine and hit the mid 50s this afternoon, dropping down to 47 degrees. we'll look at the weekend forecast. it has another chance of rain coming up. here's sue. >> here's san rafael, a look outside, traffic is flowing nicely past the north gate mall and the civic center. making your way past mill valley and the golden gate bridge. this is the richmond-san rafael
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bridge, just a couple of cars heading through there. it's quiet out there. we had an overnight fatality, this one in pleasanton off the freeway at northbound foothill boulevard at castle wood. that fatality took down a pole, an electric pole, and so that part of the roadway will be closed down for the most part of the day between castlewood and brunell. you might want to avoid that area in pleasanton. we'll be back with more news,
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it's a messy morning in southern california. we have wind advisories, we have snow. we have heavy rain from riverside down to oceanside into san diego. and that's going to turn over to showers and thunderstorms for the rest of the afternoon. we're just getting the top end of that in the south bay right now. it's not going to last very long. you can see the storms pulling to the south and east away from us. increasing sunshine. 50s everywhere else until you get up to the mountains, 44 in yosemite. for tahoe, lake wind advisory. in the south bay, san jose police are investigating a hit and run that left a man dead. this happened after 2:00 a.m. yesterday on east santa clara street. officers found the victim lying in the street. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
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homicide detectives are investigating the motive and circumstances of the death and trying to identify suspects. an 82-year-old great-grandmother is asking for your help after her bag, which was filled with gifts and cash got stolen. she said it happened on an amtrak train going from sacramento to fremont. anser hassan spoke to the victim and has her story. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> reporter: 82-year-old marsha is happy to be spending time with her great grandkids. but this is not the start to the holidays she was hoping for. >> it's very frightening. i will tell you, at 82, the first thing you think is you're having alzheimer's. >> reporter: she says her bag filled with gifts and cash was stolen from the luggage rack on her amtrak train to fremont. >> i don't think it was an accident. i really doubt it because it's big. it wasn't small. you don't take something that big by accident. >> reporter: she started looking for her bag 5 minutes after arriving at the station but it was gone.
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she says amtrak staff checked other cabins but weren't able do much without delaying the train. marsha plays care orchestra in miami, and that was stolen. >> we have a book full of piano songs she can play with her clarinet. it's like someone took that from us. you know what i mean? that's not cool. >> reporter: but bubby, as they call her, says she's trying to keep the holiday spirit. >> i've had five back surgeries, rods and screws and all that stuff, so i'm lucky that i'm okay. i'm here. and i'm safe. and i got to see the children. >> reporter: and she says that's what the holidays are all about. in fremont, anser hassan, abc7 news. the warriors were winners on and off the court on christmas day. they hosted a group of children. 30 young people received christmas gifts from the warriors and the rockets, players on the floor of the chase center just before tip
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off. they were from the public oakland public education fund and the boys and girls club of san francisco. after their appearance they were ushered into another room to open their gifts. >> amazing. you get to be on the court. i -- i haven't been on the court, only the looeague court play in now. >> the kids got to watch the warriors beat the rockets 116-104. that's a christmas gift. >> what a great day they had. >> so fun. >> let's see what our weather has in store for us today. i was at the airport last night. i was coming in, it was windy. i was cold. >> yeah. it's going to be colder tonight. the breezes will taper today. that's going to let that dry air settle nicely into our neighborhoods. one of the coldest nights we've had for places like san francisco, this whole winter season. let's look at san jose, 87. you can see it's clear down
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here. breezes decrease. sunshine increases today. clear and cold tonight through tomorrow morning. a chance of rain sunday night into monday morning. here's live doppler 7. you can see santa cruz mountains, all the way over to the mountains and hills east of morgan hill and gilroy, that's where all the rain is now. put it into motion, the hills are gobbling it up. when it tries to ascend into the santa clara valley, it falls apart. we'll keep a shower in your forecast. here's future radar. you can see it rotates from east to west. the individual showers. the storm itself down to the south. hardly a cloud to be found by noon. as we head into the afternoon hours, want to have the sunglasses. warmer weather also. here's the rainfall potential. you can see most of the rain, it completely misses our reporting station. so it's going to be a relatively dry day even in the south bay. high temperatures for today, 55 in san francisco. only a little bit cooler in richmond at 54. san jose, 56.
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57 in antioch. santa rosa, napa. 31 in santa rosa, 41, that's as warm as it gets in san francisco. 42, the warm spot overall in half moon bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast. dry weather today, tomorrow, saturday, most of sunday. sunday night into monday morning we have a 1, light on the storm impact scale. sue? >> all right. you mentioned southern california weather. we have i-5 closed over the grapevine due to snow and several accidents. in walnut creek, closer to home, 680 in the southbound direction. those taillights headed towards highway 24. you're moving at the limit for an eight-minute drive from concord towards that junction at 24. over to oakland, 880 is moving nicely heading to the oakland airport this early thursday morning. no delays there. green is good, lots of traffic out there.
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not a lot of congestion. we did have an overnight fatality. car into the power pole. the pole came down, this is on foothill road between castlewood and burnell. it will be shut down most of the day while they repair that pole. police ask that you avoid that area. the holiday rush put a strain on more than just last-minute shoppers. >> even major manufacturers are struggling to keep the shelves filled. the trend for camera phones is stretching sony thin. >> the tech giant says it is running factories around-the-clock to produce sensors for apple and samsung sn devices, but the holiday rush is too much to keep up with. call of duty modern warfare issued a holiday version of the game. this swaps the guns for snowballs. >> the wintry warfare is only
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hey, christina itfrom accounting.. christina: yeah, hi! andrew: hey, i used to date a girl named christina. christina: oh, really? andrew: yeah, and then she dumped me for my best friend. do you want to see some photos of them that i took? christina: i don't. scott: i thought we talked about this buddy. andrew: buzzed and overshared again? scott: yeah. andrew: yeah, i'm going to call a car.
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scott: that's a smart idea. andrew: yeah, i know... that's why i did it. scott: you're going to get back to the top of the mountain. andrew: does that mean i'm going to get back with christina? scott: no. andrew: oh. scott: no, no. let's look at what's going on outside. we have the beach hazard statement. the rough surf, risk of rip currents and sneaker waves was going to end at 9:00 this morning. the national weather service extended it another 12 hours. if you think about heading out that way, be careful. right now the swells are around 13 feet. so you could have big breakers out there. let's talk about the winds. they're another issue. just mainly this morning. you can see they're fast in napa and fairfield out at half moon bay. they will be gusty, as we head from 5:00 this morning until noon, they remain relatively quiet. they could push higher late this
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afternoon and this evening in the north bay along the napa county mountains, everyone else is going to be quiet after the breezes this morning. we'll talk about the chance of rain sunday and monday conming p next. the bay area is marking the start of kwanzaa. san francisco will hold its 14th annual celebration at noon at city hall. kwanzaa starts the day after christmas and ends new year's day it aims to raise awareness of african culture and celebrates family and community. this was a brighter chrismass for thousands in need. it's an annual tradition at glide. breakfast was served followed by a lunch of turkey, ham and all the trimmings. usually about 300 volunteers to serve these meals to our homeless population. not just homeless population, but for anyone who needs a meal for, you know, residents in the
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area. >> the church serves about 2,000 meals every day. glide says january and february are usually the slowest months for volunteers, so they invite anyone who wants to to sign up to help. the ring of fire was not visible to north america this christmas, but we have the second best thing, video of it. here it is. the annual solar eclipse as seen from the united arab emirates. it started at 6:30 last night on the west coast. the eclipse happens when the mon moon covers the sun's center. the eclipse took about an hour to unfold. the next time we can see it in north america is june >> that's pretty cool. this model has the rain coming in faster. by the evening hours, all of us
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dealing with light rain. overnight it tapers to drizzle. we wake up at 5:00 in the morning. the morning commute here looks to be dry as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. the morning commute still with some lingering drizzle. this is the faster model. the other model has rain through the morning commute up until about 10:00. that's something we'll have to fine tune over the weekend it won't be a lot of rain. less than a tenth of an inch. here's sue with the dry commute. >> it is dry. it's pretty light out there so far. we have issues on the san mateo bridge. jus watched a car back out of the screen on the left hand shoulder. the traffic is moving at the limit for a 15-minute drive now across the span over towards san mateo. looking at highway 87, if you're traveling up towards the san jose airport, you're in light conditions, just few cars headed northbound towards the airport there. green is great. you are moving at the limit. and as a matter of fact, looking at your drive times.
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580, 23 minutes from tracy to dublin. had a report of an accident near isabel on 580. 680, dublin to mission boulevard south, 15 minutes over the sunol grade. and highway 85, up towards cupertino from 101, moving at the limit there for about a 15-minute drive. >> thanks. yearly job growth in the san francisco peninsula region is growing faster than the rest of the bay area. employment grew 3% for santa clara and san benito countis and 2.2% in the east bay. that's according to beacon economics. unemployment in the san francisco peninsula region is low at 1.9%. adding granny flats on property should be easier in 2020 thanks to changes in state
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law. the flats or single unit houses will no longer have to be on properties of a certain size. the distance the cottages must be set back from the street will also be smaller. the california association of realtors says the homes must have adequate water and sewer or septic capacity. lawmakers are home for the holidays and president trump is in florida but the fight his impeachment trial continues. and the battle ahead for a group of homeless moms occupying a vacant home in oakland. and wild mushrooms are sprouting across the bay area. if you're tempted to pick some, you might want to think again. a live look outside at 4:57 at the embarcadero. we'll be right back.
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including hepatitis b or c. don't use dovato if you plan to become pregnant or during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy since one of its ingredients may harm your unborn baby. your doctor should do a pregnancy test before starting dovato. use effective birth control while taking dovato. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. good morning. welcome to thursday, december 26th. >> did you have a good christmas? >> it was great. i went to new york and came back in one day. >> a little crazy but it was fun. >> it was fun and worth it. flights didn't get delayed. >> nope. >> weather cooperated. >> mike and i were here hanging out. >> we had a nice time. nice spending time with you yesterday morning. let's talk


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