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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 27, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning, travel trouble. a deadly storm slams the west. heavy rain flooding roads. snow closing a major highway. a trucker found dead. where this storm is heading next and the top concern for the weekend, and the new year's holiday. breaking overnight, a plane carrying 100 people crashes into a building. more than a dozen people killed. the video just coming in. what we're learning from the scene right now. the new video as a girl is run over by this school bus. what the driver is saying this morning, and how the girl escaped. caught on camera, the avalanche on the slopes. the desperate rescue after reports of people buried. a new record on wall street. what's behind the big surge.
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and it's a holiday movie classic. "home alone 2 2 2 ca call kin. >> why president trump's cameo has been cut out of the movie. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on the final friday of 2019. we begin with the deadly storm slamming the west right now. it's on the move just in time to impact travel plans for the weekend, and the new year's holiday. >> heavy rains are bringing flash flooding and snow has shut down a major highway. winter storm warnings are up across the southwest. >> this is the storm. the storm is tracking into the midwest, and already a winter storm watch has been issued from kansas to minnesota for late tonight and tomorrow, and the storm arrives late in the northeast this weekend. >> abc's trevor ault is here
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with the travel trouble. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this storm will take a couple of days to make its way across the country, and it really couldn't be here at a worse time with more than 100 million people traveling for the holidays. now the center of the country will be getting the brunt of it today, but out west they have already seen havoc caused by this storm. with millions heading home the day after christmas, nasty weather conditions made the busiest travel day of the season a nightmare in the southwest. a major snowstorm brought as much as 2 feet of snow, strong windsvisibility, forcing the closure of some california highways, including this stretch of i-5 known as the grapevine. >> going straight forward, i was getting too scared. it was horrible. it was crazy. >> reporter: drivers left stranded for hours before getting help. some overnight. one truck driver found dead thursday morning in his rig. those traveling at lower elevations instead battle torrential rainfall, swamping
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roads and again stranding vehicles. >> it's pretty bad out there. windshield wipers full blast. >> reporter: the workers making multiple water rescues, including one l.a. man at risk for hypothermia after getting trapped in 6 feet of cold water. and northern california also saw deadly travel. a man killed by a falling redwood just one of many massive trees toppling over onto homes and cars. so for many, the holiday travel and the worst of it is over, but analysts say several cities like houston and boston and seattle haven't yet hit their peak congestion, and as this storm marches to the east, the drive could be impacted for millions more people. kenneth and janai? >> not a good look. trevor, thank you. we will have a closer look at the forecast in just a few minutes. we're following breaking news overseas. a plane carrying over 100 people has crashed. video just coming in shows the wreckage of the beck ar
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passenger jet after takeoff on its way to the capital city. at least 12 people were killed. dozens are injured and there was no fire after the impact. heavy fog has been reported in the area, but the cause of the crash has not been confirmed. to a headline out of washington. president trump reportedly searching for his next secretary of state. "the washington post" reports the white house is making plans in case the current secretary of state, mike pompeo, decides to run for senate in his home state of kansas. president trump is reportedly discussing potential candidates for the job. some pundits say that former u.n. ambassador nikki haley could get the nod. also attacking nancy pelosi over his impeachment trial. the president calling pelosi, quote, crazy saying to focus on the homeless crisis in her home district. lisa murkowski continues to make headlines after saying she's disturbed by the idea of the senate and white house working together on the senate impeachment trial.
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her support could be crucial in determining whether any witnesses testify during the trial. and we turn now to a major break in a murder case here in new york. the stabbing death of barnard college student tessa majors. police have found another teen wanted for questioning, but this morning, many unanswered questions remain. >> reporter: this morning, a dna test is all that stands between police and the person they believe murdered tess majors. the break in the case comes two weeks after the barnard college freshman was stabbed to death in what investigators say started as a robbery. majors apparently fought back during the attempted mugging, even biting one of her three alleged attackers before she was killed. now nypd officers say they found the suspect that was holding the knife. the 14-year-old was located in the bronx after he jumped out of a car on the way to turn himself in. police say they tracked him using electronic surveillance. he was brought in, photographed, fingerprinted and swabbed for dna in the presence of his lawyers.
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the city's chief detective announcing the end of the week's long manhunt tweeting, this was a significant development. although he has since been released to the custody of his attorneys, the investigation remains very active. >> i think it should disturb any new yorker when we have a child involved in something this serious. >> reporter: police were led to this latest suspect after another one of majors' alleged attackers, a 13-year-old boy implicated himself and two others during police questioning. while the 13-year-old is now facing felony murder charges, the others have not been charged. and the 13-year-old suspect is charged as a juvenile. police say any additional charges in the case will depend on dna testing. police have samples from both of the other suspects. some holiday skiers are lucky to be alive after several close calls. dramatic shows an avalanche in the swiss alps. six people were buried, but everyone was rescued. two people suffered minor injuries. meanwhile in neighboring aiz
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austria, a man was buried for five hours after an avalanche, but survived thanks to an air pocket. back in this country, change is in the air for people who fly drones. the faa has proposed new regulations that if approved would require drones to use a radio tracking system. the system would be nearly identical to what air traffic control uses. it would broadcast the name of the operator in hopes of preventing those midair crashes. it will be up for debate, and subject to a comment period before they take effect. in california, eight people have been injured after that jeep you see there crashed into a meeting hall near palm springs. a funeral was being held there at the time. police say it was accidental and the 21-year-old driver failed to make a turn. turning back to the weather as promised, let's take a look at your forecast for this friday morning. >> and a good morning to you.
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here we go. we are talking about the rain and snow across the southwest that will be bringing in travel concerns along the i-40 here from flagstaff to albuquerque. further south, phoenix, tucson, an area that doesn't typically see active weather will be experiencing some weather delays rolling in and out of the major airports here. so what does that also mean? well, we have flood watches in effect here for parts of southern california in towards western arizona. now the weather pattern itself starts to break a little bit. improvements here, but then we have the next weather maker heading in from the north and west for your sunday. that's for the west weather, but here's what's going on across the midsection. we see weather delays likely here, and from the midwest to the east, it's very active here into your sunday. for accuweather, i'm meteorologist chris nallan.
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coming up, some important medical news. we have an easier way to lower your risk of getting cancer by 20%. but first, the race for president has a surprising new prediction about who could win the democratic nomination. and the manhunt right now after this deadly robbery caught on
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we are back with this crash on a highway near flint, michigan. a semi-truck went off the road and up the embankment before hitting the bridge and bursting into flames. the truck driver is okay. all right. in the race for president, a bold prediction about the democratic primary race. the website politico says many party insiders and experts now predict bernie sanders will be the one candidate left standing with joe biden at the end of the primary campaign.
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they cite elizabeth warren's declining poll numbers along with sanders' success bouncing back after his recent heart attack. they also say he has a strong chance of winning new hampshire and other than joe biden, has the best shot of winning the crucial early state of nevada. we turn now to the killers on the run after a deadly shooting at a denny's in virginia. a delivery worker was killed walking in, just as the suspects were robbing the restaurant. a $10,000 reward is offered in this case. >> reporter: a manhunt for these two armed robbery suspects who shot two people at a denny's in manassas, virginia. the suspects seen on security cameras, enter the restaurant after 2:00 a.m. both armed. one pulling a pistol, the the other, a baton, demanding cash from employees and customers and ordering more than 20 people to the ground. >> one person supposedly shot in the right leg.
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one person right leg, and one person supposedly shot in the head. we are advising now. one tourniquet being applied. >> reporter: as the su expects were leaving they shot a 34-year-old customer cooperating with their orders. then police say yusef picking up a delivery order, unwittingly held the door open for the suspects. the 56-year-old hit in the head with a baton then shot to death. >> two males dressed in black, both with handguns in the parking lot. >> reporter: the 34-year-old is in the hospital with serious injuries, but is expected to survive. the suspects didn't even get away with any money. still, police believe that this incident is linked to three recent armed robberies in the area that have occurred over the past few days. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. turning overseas now, we have new video from the so-called ring of fire eclipse that was visible across parts of asia. take a look at this. it happens when the moon moves in front of the sun, but isn't close enough to totally obscure it. it leaves what you see there, a very cool looking fire ring of light. >> pttyautiful.
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coming up, the new record on wall street and what's behind the big gains. also ahead, the shocking moment a girl is run over by a school bus. how she survived, virtually unscathed. and new details about the espn reporter who died at the age of 34 after fighting pneumonia. his fiancee speaks out for first time. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer, as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole, and shrank tumors in over half of patients. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs that can lead to death. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms,
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i hope they'll come back a for un,'cse we really enjoyed ! or more touchdowns. get the immune support that gives you more. airborne gummies have 50% more vitamin-c than emergen-c... plus our crafted blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs. airborne. back now with your money, stocks on wall street are setting records as the year wraps up. the tech heavy nasdaq index has hit 9,000 for the first time. record online shopping sales this holiday season have helped boost the share price of amazon, of course, and other retailers. we turn now to some shocking surveillance video. a girl north of new york city run over by a school bus. >> but she is okay this morning. the driver says he had no idea what happened that day. >> i feel like it's a miracle and i think it's god.
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>> reporter: an unthinkable and horrifying moment. a 5-year-old girl virtually unscathed after she was knocked under a moving bus while crossing the street. the entire scene caught on surveillance video published by the website, yeshiva world. >> it could have ended a lot worse. thank god this little girl had god watching over her. >> reporter: you can see the girl run out just as the bus starts to move, but she the ground after getting hit by the safety arm. the bus pulled away. the entire vehicle passing right over her as she huddles on the pavement. once the bus is gone, a woman rushes to pick her up. other than a few bruises, the child escaped unharmed. >> she doesn't even have a broken bone. she's okay and she will be okay, which was an amazing thing to see. >> reporter: the driver of the bus continued on his route later telling police he didn't even know he hit someone. this morning, police are using that surveillance video along with any other information they can gather to find out what went wrong and hopefully make sure it can't happen again.
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police say the bus driver was given a ticket for unsafe starting of a vehicle. new to new details about the death of 34-year-old espn reporter ed aschoff. his fiancee is revealing the struggles he faced while battling pneumonia. katie said he was admitted to the hospital one week after his first visit to the e.r. where he was diagnosed with multifocal pneumonia. but she said the antibiotics didn't work. she tweeted after many tests, bone marrow and lung biopsies, treatment was started for a presumed diagnosis of hlh, an unregulated overactivation of the immune system that causes it to attack itself and other healthy tissues. within three days of being moved into the icu, he passed. aschoff had complained about a cough and fever back in november. doctors say it is important to remember whether you are young or old, healthy or unhealthy, pneumonia can be fatal. a major new study this morning about exercise and cancer. researchers have found that even moderate activity like walking
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20 minutes a day can reduce your risk of developing the disease. scientists looked at data from nine previous studies. they say as little as 2 1/2 hours of activity every week is enough to lower your risk for certain cancers by more than 20%. they say moderate activity is the type anyone can do including a brisk walk, mowing a lawn, or doing housework like vacuuming. >> definitely sounds like something we can all commit to. up next in "the pulse," the dad who really got the best gift ever. but first, president trump's reaction after his cameo in "home alone 2" is cut from the movie. plus, the story behind a holiday joke and a 26-year-old piece of cheese. that was hidden. tremfya® helps adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis uncover clearer skin that can last. in fact, tremfya® was proven superior to humira® in providing significantly clearer skin. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to.
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it's time to check "the pulse," and we begin with an international relations scuffle all caused by the classic christmas movie "home alone 2." >> president trump is taking canadian prime minister justin trudeau to task over the editing of this scene from the 1992 mere movie starring macaulay culkin. >> excuse me. where's the lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. >> the canadian broadcasting corporation has cut trump's cameo in their tv version of the film. it says the cut was made for time and was made before trump was president. >> but he's apparently holding prime minister justin trudeau responsible. trump tweeted, a story about the cut and hinted the prime minister is upset about being forced to pay more for nato and the new trade deal. you know, a lot of times movies get cut for tv. >> that's very true. >> yeah. next, to a story of generosity going viral. a mother in virginia is trying to end school lunch shaming by paying off the lunch debt of
4:23 am
students in her area. >> her name is adele settle. she started a charity called settle the debt. get it? she raised $40,000 for students and she's looking to raise a lot more. >> now we are focusing on four more schools. so many of us are celebrating our holidays and generosity is just a part of december. it's just a great time to make a difference in children's lives. >> so she's not only making a difference for the holidays. she'll be raising money all year round. she's doing a fantastic job. >> she sure is. and one young man is calling it the best holiday ever. he may be the happiest san francisco 49ers fan in the world. >> his name is marcus. he thought his family was buying him playoff tickets, but they went well beyond that. >> you're a season ticket holder, daddy. >> what? what? >> you're a season ticket holder to the niners, baby. >> what? >> get in the playoffs this
4:24 am
year. >> are you serious? >> i'm serious. >> he didn't even know what to say he was so overwhelmed. how precious. >> you know it's a good gift when you have the ugly cry. when the ugly cry comes out -- >> you know what, you're spot on, you're spot on. and finally, a very bizarre holiday tradition that all started as a prank. >> a family near dallas used to hide a piece of cheese from their grandmother every christmas. the same piece of rotten cheese was hidden for 26 years. they say the tradition brought the family together and helped them all share their childhood memories. >> so, if you have an unusual family tradition this time of year, let us know about it. send us a message on our website you called it rotten cheese. 26-year-aged cheese, isn't it like wine, it gets better with time? >> where is the wine, by the way? did you hide that for 26 years? >> would you eat cheese hidden for 26 years? >> no, but i would definitely drink the wine. >> pour it up, pour it up. happy holidays. >> where's my glass?
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>> final friday of 2019. >> where's my wine around here? >> more news after this. than rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. it can reduce pain, swelling, and significantly improve physical function. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections like tb; don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. taking a higher than recommended dose of xeljanz for ra can increase risk of death. serious, sometimes fatal infections, cancers including lymphoma, and blood clots have happened. as have tears in the stomach or intestines, serious allergic reactions, and changes in lab results. tell your doctor if you've been somewhere fungal infections are common, or if you've had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor about xeljanz xr.
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making news right now, an east bay community left devastated as a memorial grows. we're learning more about the young victims in a deadly christmas night crash. vta is offering free rides to promote major changes coming to the system. if you're headed to southern california, make sure you have a plan "b." snow and ice is still covering the grapevine and it is still closed this morning. two days in a row. >> wow. >> rough morning for so many people. rough two days for so many people. guys, last friday of 2019. >> and you made it through the whole week, liz. >> i did. i get to sleep. >> congrats to you. >> thank you. mike, it will be pretty clear the next few days. >> it will be hard to sleep, there's no rain to put you to
4:28 am
sleep. come tusunday, it might be a sleep-in day. live doppler 7 is quiet this morning. we're freezing cold in yucaipa, clear lake, santa rosa, napa, san ramon and the rest of us in the upper 30s until you get san francisco and brentwood. temperatures starting today at about 55 degrees and ending at 59 in santa rosa and napa. we'll look at the weekend coming up early problems this morning. i drove by this one early this morning, northbound 101 near tam t tamalpais, that is cleared. eastbound 4 near san marcos, several lanes blocked there. they're in the clearing phases there. that's the reverse commute. san jose, north 680 near
4:29 am
jackson, several lanes blocked there as well, in the process of clearing. we'll check back on all of these and more in a few. >> thanks. developing overnight, a growing memorial for the three teens killed in that christmas night crash in pleasanton. >> the car they were in, took out a power pole and slammed into a tree on foothill road and castle wood drive. now we're learning more about two of the victims. they were 16-year-old twin brothers. julian glover is live at dublin high school where they were students. julian? >> this morning the dublin and pleasanton communities are still torn apart over the loss of these three teens killed in this crash after this awful christmas night crash. the family of two of the brothers now coming forward and identifying them. we know they were twins. michael and angelo urista, our hearts are with their families this morning as are so many of the community's. the deadly accident killing
4:30 am
three teens and critically injuring two others happened lss than 15 minutes away from where we are standing on foothill road and castlewood drive. there are flowers being left there. people from the community showed up yesterday paying their respects. >> right now, feels broken. i feel like the best thing we can do right now as a tri valley is come together as one. as cliche as that sounds, just be there for one another. >> i know that everybody is feeling this right now. and wants to help and do whatever we can. you do feel like a family in a town like pleasanton and dublin. you do. >> this morning, of course, we're still waiting to learn more about the third victim, that third teen killed in that crash on christmas night. we're pulling for the two who remain in


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