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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 27, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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three teens and critically injuring two others happened lss than 15 minutes away from where we are standing on foothill road and castlewood drive. there are flowers being left there. people from the community showed up yesterday paying their respects. >> right now, feels broken. i feel like the best thing we can do right now as a tri valley is come together as one. as cliche as that sounds, just be there for one another. >> i know that everybody is feeling this right now. and wants to help and do whatever we can. you do feel like a family in a town like pleasanton and dublin. you do. >> this morning, of course, we're still waiting to learn more about the third victim, that third teen killed in that crash on christmas night. we're pulling for the two who remain in the hospital. at last check they are in
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critical condition. we expect students to return to school here at dublin high school on january 7th. a lot of grieving will be happening before then. reporting live here outside of dublin high school, julian glover, abc7 news. >> thank you. just absolutely horrific. >> feel horribly for those families. the time is 4:31. let's get a quick look at the weather again with mike nicco. >> good morning. good news. look at this, no fog out there. just too dry. with clear conditions, it's cold out there. dress warmly. from mount tam, hardly any breeze out there. let's talk about what will 3s o mid 40s at 7:00. 52 to 54 with no worries about rain at noon. 54 to 56 at 4:00. and as the sunsets, we will dip into the 40s and well into the
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mid and upper 40s by 7:00. grab a coat if you're heading out. sue? >> looking at a very clear and clear in both directions, clear in the air and clear on the roadways, we have a few cars coming across the golden gate bridge, no fog there. as we pop over to the richmond-san rafael bridge, it's an eight-minute drive from the toll plaza over towards san rafael. no delays at all. mostly green out there with a couple of instances of some slowing. an accident eastbound 4 near san marcos, several lanes blocked there. it's early enough that traffic is not slowing. they had four lanes for a time blocked north 68 0 near jackson in san jose. that's near the clearing phases. the man accused of stabbing and killing the younger brother of c.j. beathard will make his first court appearance. >> michael moseley is being held without bond on two homicide charges. he surrendered at a vacant home after it was surrounded by
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officers. police say mosely fatally stabbed clayton beathard and another man outside a nashville bar saturday morning. incident happened after mosely made an unwanted pass at a female friend of the victims inside the bar. the victims were attacked when they went outside. the town of newman is remembering a fallen officer. >> your support helped us get through this first year. >> reporter: the community held vigil for corporal singh last night. a suspected drunk driver killed him one year ago. his brother spoke to the crowd and of course he's still overwhelmed by the loss. >> family loves my brother, we miss you. we love you so much. hundreds ofupporters let out balloons and held a procession to the newly dedicated flagpole
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marking where he died. corporal singh was only 33 years old. interstate 5 remains closed over the grapevine this morning. caltranns has n the link between northern and southern california will reopen. heavy snow, you can see these pictures, it stranded drivers and forced the freeway to close christmas night. the chp found a trucker dead inside of his tractor trailer along i-5 yesterday morning. an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of his death. drivers are being advised to take highway 101 if you can. interstate 15 connecting los angeles to las vegas is also closed because of snow. the freeway is closed in both directions from baker to prim, across the nevada state line. there have been reports of multiple car wrecks on the road along with haas douz conditizar like ice and mud. bad weather is hitting the east coast making travel plans difficult for much of the nation
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going into 2020. asitad bstevor ault. tr dayf the season a nightmare in the southwest. a major snowstorm brought as much as 2 feet of snow, strong winds and low visibility, drivers left stranded for hours before getting help. some overnight. one truck driver found dead thursday morning in his rig. those traveling at lower elevations instead battle torrential rainfall, swamping roads and again stranding vehicles. >> it's pretty bad out there. windshield wipers full blast. >> reporter: emergency workers making multiple water rescues. including one l.a. man at risk for hypothermia after getting trapped in 6 feet of cold water. and northern california also saw deadly travel. a man killed by a falling redwood just one of many massive trees toppling over onto homes and cars. for many, the worst of the holiday travel is over, but analysts say several cities like houston and boston and seattle haven't yet hit their peak congestion, and as this storm
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marches to the east, the drive could be impacted for millions more people. trevor ault, abc news, new york. the chp has been on alert for drivers under the incluns this christmas week. this morning we're getting an update on their maximum enforcement period. at least ten people were killed, 271 arrested for driving under the influence. that was within 30 hours from christmas eve to christmas day. the chp says a similar holiday enforcement will be conducted next week for new year's. part of building a better bay area includes making public transit more reliable and accessible. beginning tomorrow, south bay commuters will see vta make the biggest changes to its network in a decade. they will increase the frequency of service along 20 of its most popular bus routes. a new light rail line will debut. officials have been working on the changes for three years. >> we were getting ready for the new b.a.r.t. service to come to
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the san jose area, and we though goo opunity t lhe se wre we can make our biggest gains in ridership. >> vta is offering free rides beginning tomorrow through tuesday. a south bay city proposes to ban the homeless from living in rvs. activists are fighting back. this morning we know the outcome. the deadly camp fire devastated butte county. new numbers reveal how deep the impact is. and a group of customers has a message for target, ditch the plastic. >> my family is in town now. i feel so lucky because it's been raining almost every day, three days they're here, beautiful clear weather. >> that's all i needed to know. you need to give me the travel plans after your family so i cannedcan ed adjust accordingly. every time my family comes in, it rains accordingly.
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frost is possible in dublin, san ramon. everyone else in the mid to upper 30s in the tri valley. mid 40s around antioch and pittsburg. other neighborhoods, thin frost around santa rosa and napa. 30 and 31. oakland, novato at 36. mountain view, 33. hayward at 38. low to upper 40s in san carlos, san francisco and pacifica. you're milder. here's a look from our east bay hills camera. good, good, and good for driving, mass transit and your bay commute today. north bay, 38 at 8:00. 47 at 10:00. mid to upper 50s from noon through about 5:00. 43 at 8:00. for the east bay, 39 at 8:00.10. mid 50s during the afternoon hours. clearing and 46 by 8:00. our last stop, san francisco, in the 40s through 9:00. low to mid 50s through 3:00.
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increasing stars and 50 at 7:00. hi, sue. >> good morning. early friday. we had a couple of early issues. most of them are cleared. let's look at your drive time. highway 4 in hercules all the way to the maze, westbound on 80, 12 minutes. your day bridge, all the way to san francisco, from hercules into the city, about a 22-minute drive. not bad at all. once you're in san francisco, just about ten minutes to get to sfo. green is good, even our early morning commuters out of the central valley have a nice ride this morning. ice trains are running on schedule so far. we have reports of a fire visible from highway 24, near the 24/580 interchange in oakland. just be aware of that.afting ovr freeway, that may be limiting
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all right. trying to bring good news if you're heading down to l.a., the winter storm warning for the grapevine is over. they just need to get up there and start clearing it. we have a winter storm warning for palm springs, that stops at 7:00 this morning. the winter advisory for the l.a. basin until 10:00 this morning. live doppler 7 shows it much drier in this area.
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temperatures, 64 in l.a. today. 57 in monterey with sunshine. if you're heading up to tahoe, plenty of wonderful snow up there. a chance of snow showers sunday into monday. we have breaking news in oakland. this is a live picture from west street between 40th and macarthur boulevard. this is a warehouse fire. the oakland fire department is on scene now. you can see a couple of their ladder trucks there. we're not sure what is inside the warehouse, if anything. firefighters, as you can see, are putting water on this. we do know flames were visible from nearby highway 24. more than a year has passed since the deadly camp fire in butte county. this morning it appears that fire has led to a large exodus in northern california. in the last year, more than 10,000 people moved out of butte county. it appears a lot of those people stayed nearby. four counties in the area have some of the highest population growth rates in the state. the camp fire destroyed more than 14,000 homes.
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rvs have sparked battles in bay area cities as people turn to alternatives because of the soaring cost of housing. many are ca what many are calling an rv ban has been successfully challenged. >> reporter: thousands of mountain view residents have helped put the brakes on what many are calling an rv ban. >> that says a lot about people who had enough feeling for this to go and do that. >> reporter: he was previously homeless and is more than 100 to collect nearly 5,000 signatures in just 30 days. in october the council voted 4-3 to pass the ordinance which would have pushed people living in rvs have trailers from most residential streets. >> it's a hard issue down here.
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people can't afford to live, you know, in these neighborhoods even for myself it's hard. >> the streets are just looking awful with them lined the way they are. i realize even the businesses are impacted. >> reporter: early council meetings were met with contention. former mayor lenny segal one of many leading the charge in support of rv residents. he considers the development a victory considering rv residents can remain. >> but there are a lot of people who would like to get rid of them. what's interesting is people on both sides of it issue agree we need to find a solution. >> reporter: council will consider petition results on january 14th. they'll be forced to decide whether to repeal the ordinance or to bring it to voters in november. >> mountain view is a community that has long treasured diversity, economic and cultural diversity. and i think most of the people in month mountain view are saying don't throw people out unless they have a place go. target customers are petitioning the retailer to eliminate plastic bags from their stores. the petition on has
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gathered more than 450,000 signatures since posted in january. target stores here in california have already eliminated plastic bags because of the state ban that went into effect three years ago. but they are still available in other states across the country. you still have to pay the ten cents or whatever if you want the plastic bag. >> right. >> let's get another check of the weather from mike. >> a beautiful shot from the exploratorium camera from pier 14. this is across the street from our studios here. no rain today. it will be partly cloudy. grab the sunglasses, some patchy fog will develop tonight with chilly lows. almost as cold as this morning. the next storm arrives sunday and hangs through monday. that may be it for several weeks. the area of low pressure that plagued southern california will now plague the fourne region and denver eventually. so people trying to fly back through denver saturday and sunday will have issues there.
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high pressure is taking control. a few clouds will roam in the sky. let's see where temperatures end up. if you're heading out this afternoon, we're nearing 60 in san rafael, santa rosa, napa. 54 in richmond on the other end will be the cool spot. tonight we'll drop down into the low to upper 30s in our inland valleys. there's a slight chance of some frost there. mid to upper 30s for most of the bay into the south bay. in the usual spots, san mateo, half moon bay, san francisco, santa cruz, we'll bottom out in the low to mid 40s. tomorrow, another great day with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. sunday, increasing rain. there's a chance of light rain and drizzle in the morning. a better chance of rain during the afternoon and evening. monday we'll have a chance in the morning, just what we all want when we head back to work and school. on tuesday into wednesday, heading back to work, tuesday and wednesday, we have fireworks because it's the new year. look at those 60s.
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we'll look at the chance of rain sunday coming up next. >> as we mentioned, i-5 over the grapevine is still closed at this hour. you can see no cars there. it looks like they're trying to work to clear it with emergency crews. so far they have not reopened i-5. if you're expecting folks or traveling there, you need to at least for the time being take 101, which is a slightly longer version of your drive to southern california. light conditions at home. a few cars coming into the city, but no delays. we'll check back in on that. green is good. not much slow traffic. so we will check back with the chp, so far, if you have to be up and out at 4:48, traffics are still looking good. >> good news. if you got a drone for christmas, exciting. pay attention. >> the government may force new tracking requirements for the tiniest devices. here's tech bites. in today's tech bites,
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change is in the air for people who fly drones. >> the faa wants new regulioth track drones and who is flying them in realtime. >> the system would be identical to what air traffi control uses for commercial flights. amazon says it is working on a handy new way to pay at checkout. >> they applied on a patent for hand scanning technology and it would allow you to pay at their brick-and-mortar stores with the wave of a hand. and baby yoda is changing the way fans view his elder counterpart. >> according to a new fan theory if the adorable young yoda is 50 years old and acts like a toddler, that would mean even if the original yoda would be 900, he would only be in his only 30s. tech bites, those are. >> those are your tech bites. riding the cable cars will be getting more expensive.
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looks quiet across most of the country, vegas, denver, that all is going to get dicier as we
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head throughout the day. the forecast for saturday, you can see the heavy snow falling in denver, salt lake, rain and snow mixture heading to minneapolis. rain in oklahoma city and dallas. look, it just keeps heading to the east. eventually the eastern seaboard by sunday. thanks. the organizers of burning man are suing the federal government for almost $3 million. black rock city claims the bureau of land management overcharged them for fees associated withholding the festival on federal land in the nevada desert. that group filed appeal force appeals for four years. the federal government has not commented on the lawsuit. online sales surged this year and having a shorter holiday shopping season than usual might be one of the reasons. overall spending rose 3.4% between november 1st and christmas eve. online sales grew more by nearly
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19%. and that is about 15% of all retail sales. there were six fewer traditional shopping days compared to last year. many people went online to order gifts as a result. mastercard reports last saturday set a record for being the busiest shopping day in u.s. history. >> wow. happening today, officials in san francisco will work with ricology to show how they recycle christmas trees. people in san francisco can put their trees on the curb between january 2nd and january 15th for pick up. be sure to remove the stand and all the decorations. if your tree is taller than six feet, you have to cut it in half before putting it on the >> let's look at what's going on with sunday. sunday into monday, light to moderate rain. a thunderstorm is possible.
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snow level down to about 4,000 feet. here's future radar. you can see we wake up at 7:00, sunday morning, just mainly increasing clouds. some drizzle to light rain starts to move in as we head into the afternoon hours. and then the steadier, heavier rain will move in during the evening hours. you can see around 6:00, moving through the heart of the bay. that falls through. we wake up to a chance of drizzle monday morning with increasing sunshine during the afternoon hours. a very fast moving storm that will not leave much moisture behind. rainfall totals up to a third of an inch. that's our next weathermaker. until then, enjoy a dry pattern for today and tomorrow and this morning. here is sue with the commute. >> we're going to the bay bridge. reports of a car fire or a car smoking west of treasure island on the bay bridge blocking the lef
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left lane. we're going to check back with chp on that. for now, expect some delays coming into san francisco from the oakland side of things. also on 880, looking good, headlights headed in the southbound direction past the oakland coliseum, heading towards the airport you are not experiencing any delays at this hour. we'll check back on that bay bridge car fire in a few. one of san francisco's iconic cable cars is about to get more expensive. starting january 1st prices to ride on any of the lines will go up from 7 bucks to $8. there is a silver lining, you can catch a ride for free all day on new year's eve. >> i don't think i've done it. maybe when i was four or five years old. i think there is a photo of me as a toddler doing it. maybe new year's eve. >> ride it all day long. >> back and forth, back and forth. ts a man on an electric unicycle joined holiday
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commuters on the lower deck of the bay bridge. >> don't do this. >> please don't. >> this photo was sent to abc7 news on strainstagram yesterday. it shows t rider holding a cup and what looks like a gopro camera. he wasn't wearing a helmet. the chp says they were not aware of reports but officers remind people riding one of these on the bridge is against the law. >> thank you. people on instagram always capturing things. >> sir, sir, this is a bridge. president trump's new twitter insult aimed at nancy pelosi and democrats. and the challenges posed by jammed, stuck and broken parking meters in san francisco. more trouble for disgraced hollywood producer, harvey weinstein. the new assault cases prosecutors are look at. first a live look outside. it's 4:57. that's what the city is waking up to this morning. we'll be right back.
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good morning. it's friday, december 27th. we're almost to


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