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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 28, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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satellite radar impage. you can see the increasing cloud cover all ahead of a system that is going to bring us rain throughout the day tomorrow. on our exclusive storm impact scale, we're ranking the storm a one out of five. wet tomorrow through early monday morning, very early. light to moderate rain at times. it's a very cold system. we could see possible thunderstorms. the thunderstorms are more likely along the coast and snow level will be down to 4,000 feet. i'll let you know the timing and about how much rain to expect coming up. now to the quick thinking citizen who helped stop a suspected thief. he fought a big thank you from a woman who had her phone stolen and quickly returned. we are learning more about a nonprofit group that's helping to build a better bay area. we are joined now live from the news room with more. duane kemp is more of a city
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ambassador helping to keep areas safe. recently, he had no choice but to confront a suspected thief. >> this woman is thanking duane camp for stepping in and getting her new iphone 11 back from a suspected thief. >> how are you doing? >> that's my man there. >> most everybody knows kemp. he's a practitioner working for a city contracted nonprofit offering safety and service to the community. >> to me what practitioner means is i'm practicing being a good citizen. >> he helped catch a suspected thief. >> i heard a woman screaming. stopped the guy and he took my phone. >> he says he confronted the suspect running towards him. >> i just told her give me back the phone. he said what? i said give her back her phone. he handed her back her phone. >> the man got away, but minutes
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later the woman who said she just got the phone as a gift was overcome with gratitude. >> i had no idea. thank you. >> truth be told, duane does a great thing every day. >> duane's boss says the back story is almost as amazing. he he's an ex-con who is turning his life around by making connections with people on the street. the word alchemy means turning metal into gold. >> we're trying to make our spaces better. >> he is pretty modest about the role here especially how he helped stop that suspected thief. >> he is around my son's age. i just use that father voice. >> now, urban alchemy is partnering with police. the city says since practitioners have been visible,
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crime and drug use have decreased. the spokesperson says mayor will be informed about the acts of bravery. >> thank you very much. six people are without a home tonight after a duplex fire in east san jose. that fire started just before 2:00 today. the san jose fire department says crews put out the fire in 10 minutes. several people were displaced because of smoke and water damage. the cause is under investigation. there were no injuries. hawaiien authorities are beginning to identify the victims from a hawaiien helicopter crash. the chopper was set to tour the rugged and remote coast on thursday. investigators say the aircraft crashed at the top of a mountain. six of the people on board were found. a seventh is missing. the victims include a mother and her 13-year-old daughter visiting from wisconsin, a family of four believed to be from switserland and the
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helicopter's pilot, a local man. >> to do whatever it is we can in our power to go out and find the seventh passenger. >> the national transportation safety board is sending three investigators to the scene in response to the crash hawaii congressman called for greater regulation of that industry. five people including a teenager were killed when a small plane crashed in lafayette, louisiana this morning. sources tell abc news they were headed to this afternoon's lsu football game in atlanta. >> shortly after taking off, a twin engine plane crashed in louisiana one mile west of the lafayette regional airport. >> unfortunately, we have five individuals who are deceased as a result of the plane crash. there were six individuals on the small eight passenger plane. >> three other people injured as a result of the crash. >> we also have one individual
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that was in a car or near a car that was impacted by the event who is also being treated for their injuries. there were two other individuals in the post office who went to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. they have been treated and are doing fine. >> it was headed outside of atlanta. sources telling abc news the passengers were heading to the lsu oak college football game. among the deceased carly mccord, the daughter-in-law of offensive coordinator. it crashed in a parking lot of a post office. the impact of the crash blowing out windows. the faa and the ntsb will be conducting the investigation to determine the cause of the crash. >> at 9:00 p.m. tonight hopefully the ntsb will be here to take over where the feds are with the investigation. >> john bel edwards expressing
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his condolences asking everyone to pray for the family and friends of everyone affected by the terrible tragedy. a man who attacked two sonoma county sheriffs deputies has been sentenced to 29 years to life in prison. he was convicted of 12 felonies. officers say he attackd a barista in july of 2018, then tried to drag her into a bathroom. later in jail, he tried to stab a deputy with a home made shank. and on september 17, he attacked another deputy and tried to grab his gun. as of today, president trump has tweeted about house speaker nancy pelosi more than 20 times since he started his holiday break. today it reads crazy nancy pelosi should spend more time in her decaying city referring to san francisco. trump supporters say the president is trying to call into question the seriousness of
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democratic motives. former white house press secretary says pelosi is using impeachment as a political tour. pg&e bills are going up and the rates can climb higher in 2020. on average combined electricity bills will increase about $2.64 for most customers about a 1.5% increase. pg&e filed with the california public utility's commission intent to increase rates again. the increases come as the embattled utility tries to emerge from bankruptcy and faces liabilities. the electronics store has gone out of business selling electronics of all sorts, the store served its final customers yesterday. the company announced months ago it would close the location because the lease was expiring on january 31. the city is eyeing to redevelop the 60-acre site.
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it has five other bay area locations that are still open. up next, a san francisco institution is about to close. we'll check in on one of the final performances of beach blanket babylon. we'll look at the free transit options if you're heading into san francisco for new year's eve. and there is a new record in space. we'll tell you about the woman
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a san francisco institution is about to close after 45 years
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beach blanket babylon will draw the curtains a final time on new year's eve. abcp news reporter is at the theater. they named the street after this famous musical. >> reporter: that's right. so popular fans started lining up at 4:00 for tonight's first show. more than 17,000 people have come out for beach blakt babylon. many people we spoke to tonight say they are sad to see it come to an end, but are happy that they're here for this final weekend. the first in line tonight for the final weekend of beach blanket babylon. she's here from fresno. >> i wasn't going to miss this last performance. >> why is that? >> it's a special place. it's a san francisco institution. >> reporter: the show is known for its outrageous costumes and spoofs on pop culture and politics and says that's what makes the show so popular.
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>> there is something new with every show. they follow the current events and whatsoever going on in the world, they pull it into the show. >> the show debuted in 1974, making it the longest running musical review in the world. as the popularity grew, so did the fan base. lauren who has seen the show twice is here from florida. she says she's sad to see it all end. >> i'm super sad. i think it was such a great show. i know it's such a big part of san francisco. i am sad to see it go. >> reporter: now, there are four shows this weekend. the final two will be on new year's eve. we spoke to a stage manager who has worked on the show for 40 years. he reflects back. that's coming up tonight. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. whatever you're doing on new year's eve, there are plenty of free public transit options. muni service will be free from
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8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. new year's dave. buses will be free. bart will provide limited service until about 3:00 a.m. wednesday, but you'll have to pay. an astronaut has set a new record for the longest single space flight by a woman. u.s. astronaut christina cook logged 289 days on the international space station. that breaks the record of 288 days in space. the electrical engineer will stay on the station until february of 2020. this will fall just short of astronaut scott kelly's 340-day record for men. next at 6:00, it doesn't get much closer than this. the few inches between life and almost certain death on this snowy highway. and the rain is coming. how much and how long will it last? we have the accuweather forecast up next.
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coming up in sports, we preview tomorrow's show down. plus lsu lights up the
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look at this incredible
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close call on a highway. a tow truck driver is on the ground checking on a disabled car when he is nearly killed by a passing out of control suv. a police dash cam rucaptured the moment. an officer warned had any variable been slightly different, this could have been a tragic day, just three seconds between life and death for that guy. here rain is coming into our forecast, not snow or ice. let's check in. >> we are going to see rain very soon. the satellite radar image. clouds are increasing right now. they're going to thicken overnight. we will have some dry weather for you for folks heading out this evening. here's what you can expect with the forecast. it's going to be dry for the night. we will see mild temperatures overnight with increasing clouds. it kind of acts like a blanket. for tomorrow we have a storm.
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we're ranking it one out of five on our storm impact scale. if you have new year's plans, it's going to be dry and warmer for the beginning of 2020. as we take a look outside, you can see how beautiful it is right now in san francisco with the city lights there on the buildings and you can see the sales force tower. from emeryville we're looking out towards bay bridge. a lot of folks heading out this evening. you'll need a jacket. things with ilcool down, but you won't need an umbrella. oakland 52. san jose 51. half moon bay dropping into the 40s at 48 degrees. and this time we're checking out the golden gate bridge really pretty for folks heading into san francisco. lots of traffic. san francisco 51. napa down to 45 and livermore is down to 48 degrees. temperatures will continue to drop in the next few hours but it will not be as cold as this morning. get ready for a storm. it's a light storm. this will be throughout the day
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tomorrow through early monday morning. it should be gone by the time the monday morning commute starts. less than half an inch for most everybody. there is a slight chance of thunderstorms mainly along the coast. and this is a very cold system. so the snow level will be dropping down to 4,000 feet. you can see some small hail possible in some of our highest elevations. here's a look at the forecasten animation. people out tonight don't need to worry. 9:00 tomorrow morning will start to see light rain falling through parts of the north bay. not quite as far south as santa rosa. in the afternoon it slides south throughout the bay area. areas of orange and yellow. we will see that throughout the afternoon. we get a little bit of wave. another push through the evening hours. by monday 5:00 everything should be drying out and we'll wake up to some cloudy conditions and some cooler temperatures, as well. for tonight lows mainly in the
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40s with the fog developing, as well. some areas will drop into the 30s like santa rosa, napa. patchy frost is possible, but less likely for tonight into tomorrow morning. and then highs for tomorrow will be on the cool side. we're going to be in the mid 50s for many areas. some areas only getting into the upper 40s. we'll have widespread rain throughout the bay area. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. so rainy day tomorrow ranking one out of five on our storm impact scale. most temperatures in the low to mid 50s. we might deal with a few early morning sprinkles monday, then dry for new year's eve. looking milder for the start of the new year. now abc 7 sports. >> entire season led up to this moment. niners and seahawks kick off the nfc west title. for the niners a win will earn them the overall number one
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seat. final seconds back in november. seattle kicked this game-winning field goal. san francisco then challenged by some of the league pfs best in the second half of the year. they're ready for a playoff-type atmosphere tomorrow night. >> the level of intensity is real. i think if you don't know that going into it, you're going to be in a bad spot. i think our team's mindset last time we played these guys was monday night here, that was a hell of an atmosphere here, too. you kind of know what you're getting into. >> you remember that movie. etc. not the biggest deal in the world. not that it's -- not that we don't understand what's at stake and how exciting this can be and all that stuff. when you show up on sunday, you're so prepared. you're so on point. you're so on your details. you play to the best of your ability and wherever the cards fall, they fall. to make it about them is not the approach you ever want. >> would you believe the raiders have an outside shot of making
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the playoffs. they need a lot including a win. they also need the ravens to beat the steelers. that could be tough. texans to beat the titans. they need a colts win over the jaguars and they need to beat the broncos in denver. they're not going to have josh jacobs. lsu quarterback joe burrow won the heisman trophy and this afternoon he brought an historic first half enroute to a blowout win. big game for number 9. here we go to his highlights. 19-yard touchdown pass to justin jefferson. later in the first, 14-7. burrow up top to jefferson again. 21-7. dance on it. early second quarter. burrow steps up, rolls right. nfl scouts are going to like this. 42 yards. late second, play action pass
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and a wide open tarrance marshall junior for the score. 49-14. he had seven passing touchdowns and sneaks one in. 493 passing yards. eight total tds. lsu wins big. penn state and memphis in the cotton bowl. here we go to that game. down 3-0. you talk about not being denied. look at him break all these tackles. 7-3 after that score. what a run that was. late third quarter, memphis down two. the fumble and right into the hands of the opposing player. 15-yard. penn state wins. notre dame and iowa state in the camping world bowl. notre dame up 3-0. they're adding to it. ian book. look at that catch. 24 yards for the score. what a catch. 10-0, notre dame. they're running away with it.
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tony jones, jr. he's great. 84 yards to the house. notre dame wins big 33-9. did you see this? hey there. that's george kittle. can you smell what the niners are cooking? the team tweeting this video. they welcome in seattle. big game tomorrow against the seahawks. niners fans show up early. it's a big game tomorrow night. >> thank you very much. up next, the
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, there is another critical deadline for wildfire victims who want to go after pg&e. banned or not, california is facing a lawsuit. the state has challenged it. the argument is being made. hundreds took a chilly plunge into the freezing waters in massachusetts to honor the former college baseball player who inspired the als ice bucket allenge. a huge crowd entered
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he died earlier this monthism his fight inspired the ice bucket challenge. >> this community has lifted our spirits beyond anything we could ask. they have for eight years. and look at what they've done. i mean, this is amazing. this is such a tribute to my son. >> the organizers call today's event the final pledge. we saw all kinds of celebrities doing that back in 2014. >> that's it for abc 7 news at
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