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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 29, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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safety. see how they escaped but now are left without a home. one man helps stop a thief in the middle of a san francisco plaza and the man has a backstory. hear how the new hero is helping build a better bay area. it's curtain on a classic bay area staple. one of our final goodbyes to the magic of the beach blanket babylon. good morning. sunday, december 29th. i'm amanda del castillo. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. hi, everyone. thanks to the cloud cover, live doppler 7 looking at not only a few returns here, but the cold front well to the north of us. we have rain on the way a level one system, light to moderate rain throughout the mid to late morning hours in the north bay, the rest of the bay throughout the afternoon, a quarter of an inch to half inch. right now it is 51 in san francisco, san mateo, 54 along the coast, 40s elsewhere. pretty mild to start out your sunday. it's dry. the rain moves in late morning to the north of us and then
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sweeps through the rest of the bay area the rest of the afternoon and we'll talk about a dry start to your monday and also the new year coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. in the south bay, six people are displaced after a duplex fire the fire closed several roads for hours which have reopened. news reporter luz pena spoke with one family member who recalls a terrifying moments before escaping the flames. >> reporter: still shaken 17-year-old janet cruz describes the moments of fear she had inside her home with her family. >> it was really scary. i was scared for my sisters. >> reporter: according to san jose fire the call came in around 1:53 p.m. cruz says she saw the smoke coming in from her neighbor's home into their apartment. her first thought was to save her family. >> i had to take my sisters out and my mom. i mostly saw the other side and i took my sisters out and got them in the front. >> reporter: neighbors across the area saw a dark cloud of
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smoke and called 911. >> i couldn't see the fire. just smoke. black smoke. >> reporter: san jose fire confirmed the apartment is a single occupancy unit. this neighbor who decided not to show his face in fear of retaliation says the person who lived in the unit where the fire began is known to san jose police. >> sometimes i get up 1:00, 2:00 in the morning and i drink a cup of coffee and i just see people just stroll in. >> reporter: the cruz family says their unit sustained smoke and water damage. they're now staying at a hotel nearby provided by the red cross. a total of six people were displaced by this duplex fire. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. no injuries were reported and san jose fire confirmed that arson investigators were on scene. in the newsroom, luz pena, abc 7 news. new this morning, also in the south bay, a 63-year-old woman is dead after she was hit while crossing the street in san jose. the woman was lying reportedly
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in the street on oakland road at mckay drive around 5:45 last night. police say she was not walking in the crosswalk when the driver hit her. this is san jose's 29th death this year involving a pedestrian. last year the city saw 23 deaths. happening today, a candlelight vigil to honor three teenagers killed in a car crash in pleasanton on christmas. 16-year-old twin brothers mark anthony and michael angelo urista and javier ramirez died on foothill road. all three were students at dublin high school. two other teens are in the hospital with major injuries. families of the victims have been placing flowers and candles at the crash site. >> they were so positive and made everybody laugh and smile. they never had any problems with anybody. nobody ever had a problem with them. >> the vigil is tonight at 5:00 at dublin high school. grief counselors will be available when students return to campus on january 7th. the chp is investigating the cause of the crash. a quick-thinking samaritan
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helped stop a suspected thief in the middle of san francisco's crowded un plaza. he got a thank you from a woman who had her phone stolen and this morning we're learning more about the man and his non-profit organization working to build a better bay area. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> dewayne here is a hero. >> reporter: this woman is thanking dewayne kemp for stepping in and getting her new i phone 11 back from a suspected thief. >> how are you doing? >> i love you. >> love you too. >> that's my man now. >> reporter: most everybody between un plaza and civic center knows kemp, a worker for a non-profit offering safety and service to the community. >> to me what practitioner i'm practicing being a good citizen. >> reporter: friday night he helped catch a suspected thief. >> i heard a woman screaming as she was running after a guy, stop the guy, he took my phone. >> reporter: kemp says he confronted the suspect running towards him.
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>> i told him, give her back her phone. he says what? i said give her back her phone. he reached in his pocket and handed her back her phone. >> dewayne is a hero. >> reporter: minutes later the woman who said she had just got the phone as a gift was overcome with gratitude. >> i had no idea if someone would stop him. thank you. thank you. >> truth be told dewayne does a great thing every day. >> reporter: dewayne's boss says dewayne's backstory is almost as amazing as his act of bravery. an ex-con turning his life around thanks to urban alchemy, that's putting former long-term offenders to work by making connections with people on the street. the ancient word alchemy means turning metal into gold. >> instead of turning into gold we're trying to make our spaces better. >> reporter: kemp is modest about his role at un plaza, especially how he helped stop the thief. >> he was a 16, 17-year-old kid, around my son's age. i just used that father voice.
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>> reporter: now urban alchemy has contracted with the city for several years now. the city says the presence of the practitioners is helping reduce crime and drug use in civic center and un plaza. a spokesperson says she wants to make sure she knows the mayor knows about dewayne kemp's act of bravery. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. a major part of our commitment to building a better bay area is homelessness. tomorrow the court battle continues for a group of mothers occupying a vacant home in oakland trying to challenge an eviction order. the group moms for housing moved into the magnolia street home with their children last month to draw attention to the bay area homeless crisis. a judge ordered them to leave, but he's giving them a chance to make their case for staying. the real estate firm wedgewood says it wants to sell the home to a first-time home buyer. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better
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bay area group on facebook. wildfire victims face a december 31st deadline to file a claim against pg&e, part of the company's bankruptcy process. now claims can be submitted for fires that occurred before january 29th of this year. it means those affected by the kemp fire and north bay fire storm can file. people can submit a claim in person at a pg&e claims service center or on-line. a missed deadline means no compensation from the utility. happening today, some of you may be picking up your sunday morning edition of the paper for the final time. the "martinez news gazette" is one of the longest running papers in our state. today it's stopping the presses after 161 years. >> a good day but a sad day because the paper is going to be missed i'm sure. >> a group of current and former employees got together back on friday to say goodbye to what is a martinez institution. james buchanan was president in 1858 when the paper first started.
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its current editor says it's a true neighborhood paper. >> we don't rely on wire services or we're not covering san francisco area, we're trying to focus on things in our community. >> staff say the owner hasn't given a specific reason for the closure, but it's no secret that small town newspapers are losing money competing with on-line news and their big city cousins. >> lisa, what can we expect as we head into 2020. >> we will have to wait on the sun today. rain on the way. hope you enjoyed it yesterday. it turned out to be a nice day. the golden gate bridge, where is everybody? it is 51 degrees out there. you see bike riders. temperatures are milder for everyone. the cold front not moving through until late this morning north of the golden gate. we'll talk about timing in your area and amounts when we come back. >> all right. thanks. beach blanket babylon one of the best acts in the bay area but is becoming a thing of the past. we say farewell to the san
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francisco landmark. what's really going on when those ring doorbell cameras record. a lawsuit is claiming some serious invasion of privacy. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪
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♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. here is a live look at the sfo cam. be aware if you're catching a flight out there's plenty of cloud cover. we know there are many san francisco landmarks known around the world.
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the golden gate bridge, alcatraz and the wharf. beach blanket babylon. but after a 45-year run the show ends on new year's eve. reporter ansar has san talked with people who say it's sad to see it end. >> reporter: like so many of the stories told over the past four decades, finding true love and politics, center stage this the final weekend of beach blanket babylon. >> they're talented, a couple references, it just blew my mind. so clever. i didn't want it to end. >> where are you from? >> i'm from san francisco. >> reporter: the show debuted in san francisco in 1974 and has thrilled audiences with spoofs on pop culture and politics. and its signature big wigs and outrageous costumes. >> we have to admit the wigs were magnificent. the costumes are just terrific. >> reporter: it's the longest
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running musical review in the world and put on more than 17,000 shows, entertaining more than 6.5 million people. >> i wish someone would get down on one knee for me. ♪ >> i thought six weeks until i find a real job, right, and it turned into 40 years. just like that. >> reporter: stage manager john camajani said he never thought the show would run four decades. looking back he said the skits from the mid-'80s are his favorites. >> the music that was abounding everywhere and we stuck a lot of that in the show anything you see in the paper in the morning would end up on stage that night. >> reporter: he says he knows they've pushed boundaries and a lot of buttons. ♪ we've got our eyes on you >> reporter: he hopes fans will look back with praise. ♪ >> do remember us and speak kindly of us. >> i'm sure they will.
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>> reporter: the producer says it takes a lot to put on a production like this, and it was time to call it quits. the final show is new year's eve. in san francisco, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. muni will be offering free rides for new year's eve. all lines will be free from 8:00 p.m. tuesday until 5:00 a.m. new year's day. muni says you should board without tapping your clipper cards or activating tickets through the app. call train will be offering free trips during the same time frame. know bart will not be free but the agency is extending its service until 3:00 a.m. on new year's day. but take a look. the agency is telling passengers trains will skip some downtown san francisco stations to better handle crowds. the embarcadero station will be served by trains on the dublin, pleasanton and warm springs line. the montgomery station served by trains on the antioch and
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richmond lines. dublin, pleasanton and warm springs trains will not stop at west oakland. to the eye keeping watch over your front porch. ring and other doorbell cams seem to be the front line of protection for your family but who's watching? as marcy gonzalez explains, amazon is facing a lawsuit that claims the devices are vulnerable to hacking. >> reporter: those recent chilling invasions of privacy. >> that tree is looking really, really good, guys. >> reporter: played out in home after home. >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. >> reporter: with hackers peering in at times taunting residents through their ring camera systems. >> what's up? i still see you. >> reporter: prompting a class-action lawsuit. a father of three in alabama filing the suit accusing ring and its owner amazon of lax security standards. >> the allegation is that they have the tools at their disposal to make their system more hack-proof but they didn't do it. >> reporter: john baker orange
6:16 am
claiming the ring camera above his garage was hacked allowing a stnger to talk to his kids, encouraging them to get closer to the camera as they played basketball in the driveway. ring has stated the incidents across the country were in no way related to a breach compromise of ring security. the ceo sharing this explanation on the tamron hall show last week. >> what happened was, this came from an outside, someone is using the same user name and password elsewhere that had -- that was gained from that and then they logged into that user's account through that. >> reporter: but the lawsuit allegation -- alleges ring was blaming customers for failing to create strong security passwords to distance itself from liability saying the company failed to provide sufficiently robust security measures such as two-factor authentication. >> it really strikes a cord in the heart of everyday americans and i do think that they have leverage in that regard when it comes to any settlement negotiations. >> reporter: ring is staying
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silent on this saying the company does not comment on pending litigation. marcy gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. happening tonight the grand finale celebration for the eighth and final night of the union square hanukkah menorah lighting. abc news was there earlier this week. the jewish holiday commemorates the rededication of jerusalem's second temple and we celebrate for eight days because of the one-y supply of oil found inside the temple that burned for that long. tonight's union square menorah lighting begins at 5:30. snow in the desert, a winter snow brought 8 inches of snowfall in the high desert. take a look. this is the sun rising friday morning over the trees in pioneer town. a community in san bernardino's high desert near joshua tree national park. the weather service says a winter storm watch remains in effect for the area. travelers should expect to see some snow and difficult travel conditions. let's head over to meteorologist
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lisa argen tracking the forecast for us. i'm sure we're to the going to see that scene here in san francisco. >> no. but we are looking at some colder air behind the cold front. a look at live doppler 7 we can see a few returns up in the north bay around santa rosa and this is just the atmosphere moistening up a little bit, cloud cover, mild conditions to start out. we have a cold front and an area of low pressure moving in that's well to the north of us. raining in crescent city right now. so it all pushes through late morning in the north bay towards the middle of the afternoon for the rest of the bay area. your sunday is going to be cloudy. in fact, numbers reflect the warmth overnight from that insulation. 46 in fremont, 45 in novato, 51 in san francisco and 54 on the coast. compared to yesterday morning a good ten degrees warmer from oakland into concord with 16 degrees warmer in half moon bay. a look at the winds light right now, but as the front gets
6:19 am
closer the south winds will pick up at about 15 miles an hour and continue as the front progresses to the east and getting a little breezy in san francisco. this is 6:00 and then we get the wind shift and if there's any moisture leftover we'll see the lowering snow levels to about 4,000 feet around mount hamilton. look outside, still pretty dark out there, but cloudy not as cold this morning, rain returning and looking at dry for new year's eve if you have plans into new year's day, not looking at rain as well. with that level one system coming in, looking at the possibility of a thunderstorm as we get towards the later afternoon, that unstable air pushes through with the low and with that we could see perhaps maybe a thunderstorm but as we go through your hour-by-hour forecast, you will notice the yellows from about 11 to 1:00 in the north bay, so moderate rain here does hold together as it pushes through, 2:30 into 3:00, 4:00, the east bay and then as we get behind the front scattered showers.
6:20 am
here we are 8:30 and another line of showers continues to press to the south of us. early monday morning, if you're working or headed out looks dry, but rainfall amounts from san francisco from a quarter to a third of an inch, maybe a half inch to three quarters of an inch in the higher elevations. overall a quick mover and it will allow for a rainy sunday out there. highs in the mid 50s in oakland and fremont looking at that wet weather as we go through the rest of the day. if you want to get out for a bike ride or walk, morning time shub pretty good for most of you. by the time we get through the afternoon rain to scattered showers. tonight looking at the cloud cover, early tomorrow clearing in the north bay and that leads us to a sunnier afternon for your monday. the accuweather seven-day forecast that level one today, moving in and then behind it on monday a chilly start to the work week but the end of the year is dry, the beginning of the new year partly to mostly cloudy and then we'll see more
6:21 am
sun, milder conditions end of the week. next chance of rain just a chance on friday. so it's definitely an about-face. pfs pretty yesterday. by the middle a lot of sun. >> we have to get through today and monday. >> yeah. >> dry week ahead. it's not your typical polar plunge. this is a nod to a similar and cold challenge. we explain the emotional connection next. ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ you mighyour for your heart... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials
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dan harris joins us to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> coming up on "gma" a community in shock after five stabbed at a hanukkah celebration in the suburb of new york city. the latest in a series of attacks against the jewish community and treacherous weather leading into the new year. 18 wheeler smashing into cars before crashing on to its side on a foggy highway. the massive storm stretching across much of this country. serena williams named female athlete of the decade. the superstar and her winning streak on and off the court. we'll see you very soon. >> an astronaut has set a new record, longest single space flight by a woman. astronaut christina cook broke the record yesterday logging 289 days on the international space station. it beats astronaut peggy winston's record who spent 288 days in space. cook is an electrical engineer and will stay on the station until february that will fall short of astronaut scott kelly's
6:25 am
340-day u.s. overall record. a russian cosmonaut holds the world record at 15 months in space. you know him from the hugely popular "myth busters" series, much of which was filmed here in the bay area. but this morning adam savage is finding himself victim to a very familiar san francisco crime. he tweeted someone stole his truck yesterday morning. savage says he captured the coil -- crime on a surveillance camera. he would get his toyota land cruiser back. police found the vehicle stuck in mud. the same vehicle was targeted earlier in the year and someone else took a car he made for a "myth busters" episode focused on indiana jones. hundreds took a chilly plunge into the freezing waters off massachusetts to honor the former college baseball player who inspired the ice bucket challenge. a huge crowd was led by the late pete frates' fiancee. he died after a long battle with als. his fight inspired the viral ice
6:26 am
bucket challenge that went on to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to find a cure. this event was called a final plunge for pete to mark what would have been his 35th birthday. much more ahead on "abc 7 mornings." we look at the wildfires wiping out large parts of the land down under and it's making for some pretty remarkable images as wildlife is forced to flee. a big talker on this past week, we have your explainer on the brand new laws on the books as we approach 2020.
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news to build a better bay area this is "abc 7 mornings." happening now on "abc 7 mornings," a hanukkah celebration turns to chaos as an attacker targets a synagogue stabbing five people before slipping away. the toughest privacy laws in the country, some new california laws you need to know about. a young boy has a christmas barbecue. see what he did with his new present that sent his family running for the sprinklers. good morning. i'm amanda del castillo. we are starting with our look at a rainy forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning to you. our level one storm with us throughout the late morning in the north bay. the rest of the afternoon for the rest of the bay area quarter to a half inch and the
6:30 am
possibility of a thunderstorm later today at the coast. you can see returns up north picking up the moisture in the atmosphere. the rain is well to the north and northern california but as we go through the next several hours, you'll notice it arrives in the north bay, at noon you see the showers and moderate rain moving from santa rosa into the east bay and rest of the bay through the 3:00, 4:00 hour stay in the 50s, korld air behind it and talk about the rest of the year into next year when we see you next. >> thanks so much. we're following that developing news this morning, five people were stabbed at a rab beby -- rabbi's home a half hour outside of new york city. it's next to the rabbi's synagogue. police say a man entered during a hanukkah celebration and attacked people with a machete. all five victims are at the hospital in critical condition. police captured the suspect in new york's harlem neighborhood. the nypd
6:31 am
increase in anti-semitic attacks during the past week of hanukkah celebrations. tragedy hitting in louisiana on what was supposed to have been a day of celebration, a deadly plane crash killed a group going to see lsu play in the college football playoff game in atlanta. one of the victims was a daughter going to see her dad coach in the game. here's abc news reporter trevor alt with what we're learning this morning. >> reporter: a horrifying scene in lafayette, louisiana, a twin engine plane with six people on board crashing after takeoff saturday morning. >> we have five individuals who are deceased as a result of the plane crash. the sixth individual is in the hospital being treated. >> reporter: witnesses saw the plane struggling before slamming into a power line not far from an apartment building and then bursting into flames. as it crashed. >> went up into flames. the whole flame rolled and tumbled straight through the field. >> reporter: the fuselage nearly hitting a post office blowing out windows and setting this car on fire. >> also had one individual that
6:32 am
was in or near a car that was impacted by the event who is being treated for their injuries. there were two other individuals in the post office who went to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. >> reporter: the piper cheyenne was headed to dekalb peach tree airport outside atlanta. the passengers headed to today's peach bowl between louisiana state and oklahoma. among those carley mccord the daughter-in-law of lsu offensive coordinator steve ensminger. the coach wiping away tears before the game. lsu head coach ed oregon addressing the tragedy after the victory. >> he's getting the game ball tonight. what a tremendous lsu tiger. he called a great game tonight. >> reporter: killed gretchen david vincent and her 15-year-old son walker, robert vaughn crisp ii and the plane's pilot ian biggs. the ntsb is traveling to lafayette to lead the investigation hoping to determine the cause of the crash. trevor at, abc news, new york.
6:33 am
out in hawaii, officials are confirming no survivors in that sight seeing helicopter crash. the seven victims include a mother and her 13-year-old daughter visiting from wisconsin. also on board was a family of four from switzerland and the helicopter's pilot. the group was setting out to tour the rugged and remote coast on the island of kauai last week when things went wrong. >> the area is infamously known for having weather change in a heartbeat. it's mountainous. it's elevated. it's close to the cloud line as it is. >> this morning the ntsb and faa are investigating the exact cause of the crash. coming up on "this week" democratic presidential candidate andrew yang discusses the latest on his campaign and the 2020 race. watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopoulos" at 8:00 on abc 7. officials in south australia say there is catastrophic fire
6:34 am
danger for the state until tomorrow. the hot and dry conditions have led to several brush fire outbreaks and a severe heat wave. >> little thing. sorry. he's trying to lick my glove. >> a group of cyclists found this koala who climbed up one of the bikes for a drink. the heat wave conditions are forecast to be above 100 degrees this weekend with to relief until new year's eve. the new year is bringing scores of new laws in california. we've seen a lot of you talking about the story posted to in the past week. some newcomers include the toughest new data privacy law in the country. and a law of hairstyles. this morning we have a rundown of some of the more important new laws coming as we begin 2020. the snow snets ♪
6:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ we still have the story on-line for you. to learn more about the new
6:36 am
california laws and more, head to and click on the story. before we get to the new year, new policy deadlines to consider. the best tips to know before you go back to the store to get the most out of your holiday returns. we want to get you a live look from our emeryville cam. when the sun comes up it will be fighting some clouds. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes. kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures.
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here is a live look from the pier 39 cam. we are expecting a lot of cloud coverage and possibly wet weather on this sunday. we'll check in with meteorologist lisa argen in just a bit. happening today, cal and illinois fans will take part in a pep rally ahead of the red box bowl. fans and cheerleaders will be there. starts at noon at embarcadero plaza and a fan fest which includes the opportunity to take a photo with the red box bowl trophy. the golden bears and fighting illini play at levi stadium at 1:00 p.m. with the game at 1:00 we were talking about possibly some showers tomorrow. >> tomorrow looking better. today looking wet. the midday forecast like moderate rain around the bey. the exploratorium, 51 degrees, much milder than in the past few days. it will lead to rain.
6:40 am
and late morning rain for some of you afternoon for the rest. we'll talk timing amounts and when you can expect this coming up. >> all right. thanks so much, lisa. also ahead the golden state warriors going for five straight wins if you can believe it. see if the team was able to pick up their fifth victory in a row. things get heated in ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ it's the ikea winter sale. aka-the-up-to-50%-off- already-low-prices-sale. aka-the-look-we-can-touch-every thing-before-we-buy-it-sale.
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! in sports the final day of the regular season for the 49ers
6:43 am
and raiders. the silver and black need to defeat the broncos at empower field at mile high and have a slew of outcomes in other games go their way to clinch a playoff spot. if they don't make the playoffs it will be their final game as the oakland raiders. kickoff is 1:25. tonight the 49ers battle the seahawks at century link field with the winner earning the nfc west title. a niners victory would secure the number one seed in the nfc. kickoff is at 5:20 p.m. the warriors will begin a road trip in san antonio tuesday night. last night golden state faced the mavericks trying to stay hot. here's abc sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> the warriors are playing their best basketball of the season. a four-game winning streak from the comfort of chase center. they had a chance to close out a perfect five-game home stand with a win over the dallas
6:44 am
mavericks. this youngster prepared for the loud crowd at chase. russell pullup three, up six, had 30 points in the first half, eight three-pointers. speaking of threes, dallas made a franchise record 24. luca doncic team high 31. draymond attacks the rack, one-handed flush, ten points, eight rebounds, fired up and gets into it with chris porzingis. was chippy in this game. mavs in transition. dwight powell scores, he had ten and eight. late thursday. the unicorn porzingis with a slam in the lane and i mentioned it was chippy. chris shoves doncic as they get tangled up. that would earn him a technical foul. a scary moment as russell going for a loose ball, his neck head first into doncic he would walk off under his own power and later returned. diagnosed as a right shoulder contusion. bowman beating the buzzer. steph curry, he approves. fourth quarter, back and still splashing three ball is good there. seth curry scored 17, says hi to his brother after the game and
6:45 am
the mavericks win by 20. it has been a struggle for the sharks of late. san jose entering saturday with the worst record in the west and adding insult to injury in the last six sharks losses, san jose has led or been tied in the third period. not able to close. former defenseman justin braun returned and got a nice ovation. first period a new defenseman, getting on the score sheet, how about mario ferraro, first nhl career goal. congrats to him and his team. another first here, joel shellman on the breakaway, five hole for his first goal. 2-0 sharks. keep the puck. third period, evander kane, timo meier, and timo tips it in. that is a hat trick. sharks snap the four-game losing streak and san jose wins 6-1. what a matchup we had in the second college football playoff semi. a battle of unbeatens, clemson and ohio state, one win away from the national championship game.
6:46 am
defending champion clemson won 28 in a row, ohio state riding a 19-game win streak. this was just a classic, clemson trailed 16-0. lawrence to eaten. the effort, the tigers on the board. under 90 seconds, lawrence using the wheels, we know he can throw, weaves in and out of traffic and 67 yards later it's a touchdown. he had 107 yards on the ground. clemson down two at the half. fourth quarter, ohio state down 21-16, fields perfect pass, 23-yard strike and back and forth we go. under two to go, clemson down two, lawrence fakes the run and throws to eaten. what a play call that is. it's the go ahead touchdown. clemson makes a two-point conversion, 29-23. ohio state drives back down the field. fields, little miscommunication with the receiver and picked off by turner. clemson wins by six, 29 straight wins for the tigers and they will play the winner of this game.
6:47 am
heisman winner joe burrow and lsu taking on oklahoma, first quarter scoreless. burrow finds jefferson for the game's opening score. 19 yards. late first, 14-7, borough to jefferson again, drops it right in the bucket. 21-7. go ahead and dance. early second quarter, burrow steps up and rolls right. nfl scouts will love this. jefferson. look at that pass, 44 yards for the score. play action fake, put on a clinic, terrance marshal jr., red zone score. parents love that. 49-14 at the half and he rushed for a touchdown. threw 493 yards passing, seven passing touchdowns one rushing, eight scores, lsu wins 63-28. big day of nfl action, raiders need help and a win against denver to reach the postseason and the niners can clinch the nfc west and the number one seed with a win over seattle later tonight. have a great sunday. all right. we're getting a check now of the bay area forecast with
6:48 am
meteorologist lisa argen. good morning lisa. >> good morning, amanda. plenty of clouds have helped to insulate us. a warmer morning out there, 40s and 50s for your sunday morning instead of the 20s and 30s of yesterday. boy it turned out to be a nice day with all that sun. we'll have to wait another day for that because today rain is arriving and it could come down moderately at times. 49 in oakland, 52 san francisco, redwood city to san jose, 45 novato, 44 napa that is a lot warmer than yesterday, anywhere from 7 to 17 degrees warmer due to the little bit of a binds out there, but more so the cloud cover. that has acted as a blanket overnight. from our roof camera pretty quiet out there, cloudy skies, rain rooivg in san francisco probably after noon and looking at late morning for the rest of the bay. live doppler 7 picking up on not only the rain to the north of
6:49 am
us, but it will be scattered showers behind the front. it's not an all day event. we're dry for the next several hours. the winds are light. as the front advances and gets closer not a lot of wind it show you. it is interesting how we're at 2:00 when the front is moving through. you can see the colors highlighted. little breezy, 20 to 25 miles an hour behind the system west to northwesterly winds picking up and if there is any moisture leftover into the latter afternoon, the overnight hours, snow levels dropping to around 4,000 feet, could see a rain/snow mix around mount hamilton. the way it looks in santa cruz. by about 12:00, 1:00, a few showers, lingering through the afternoon and highs just in the mid 50s. plenty of clouds here along the coast to a cloudy start to the day. not as cold and the rain returning today. it will be dry for new year's eve into new year's day. another chance of rain could occur late in the week but doesn't look too likely at this point. the level one system, light to
6:50 am
moderate rain, slight chance of a thunderstorm as we get through the afternoon along the shoreline and then those lowering snow levels. just when it was getting milder we'll switch it up as the front passes. the timing, 11:30 in the morning from cloverdale to napa pushing into marin county and by 12:00, 1:00, looking at the rain pressing south into 2:00, we've got showers from 280 the east bay into fremont. just about into san jose. and then 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon the rest of the rain pushes to the south. here it is 8:30, little bit of a lull and then that low is going to travel to the south of us. that's going to usher in the cooler air. lingering showers and as we get to your early monday morning, looks dry. looks chilly in the north bay. rainfall amounts from about quarter of an inch for most of you on the peninsula, redwood city to san mateo, maybe a third of an inch half moon bay. upwards to a half inch in some
6:51 am
of the hills and higher elevations of the north bay. that's where the colder air is going to set until later this afternoon. you will feel the change out there. low to mid 50s today with that rain coming down throughout the middle of the day and then we're dry for the second half or i should say the early evening hours. the accuweather seven-day forecast that level one system for your sunday and then we're dry into monday afternoon. and looking at new year's eve and new year's day, looks quiet, still cool but slightly warmer conditions. the end of the week and looking at maybe that possible shower by friday. things are kind of settling down towards the end of the year. today it will be certainly rainy out there. a lot of folks enjoying the day. it was pretty. >> sounds like a good start to 2020. >> thank you so much, lisa. the post-holiday ritual we probably don't want to admit to. returning the gifts you didn't want. abc news reporter rebecca jarvis breaks down how to make the most of your returns.
6:52 am
>> reporter: it's the most wonderful time of the year for returns. this holiday season americans are predicted to return a record $100 it billion worth of gifts but not all policies are created equal. check the retailers website. some stores give you more time for holiday returns. you have until early january. so you can just double check ahead of time so you know the date you have to make your return. >> reporter: a number of the largest retailers including walmart, target, best buy, amazon extend return policies over the holidays some up to an additional 60 days. beware, not all products are included under that umbrella. one standout being electronics. what if you lost the receipt? try to make the return as soon as possible with another proof of purchase like a bank or credit card statement or try asking for store credit. >> at some stores they can look up the receipt for you and pull up the receipt in their records. the biggest trend this holiday season is more stores shifting to e-mailed revooetss and it can be helpful for consumers to
6:53 am
track their receipts that way. >> reporter: with after holiday sales gearing up if you see a better deal you might be able to get some cash back on something you already bought. >> there are some ways in certain cases to get a refund. for example, if you opted into a program like parabis or your credit card offers the price protection within the time limit, you can sometimes get a refund. it's always worth going to the store and asking because they might say yes, and give you the price difference. >> reporter: turn unwanted gift cards into cash with apps like race and cardpool, which has kiosks inside stores like target where you can turn your gift card into cash. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. next on "abc 7 mornings," take a look, it's a bit of a christmas catastrophe. see how one boy used his present to torch his front yard.
6:54 am
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♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ this next story will hit home for any parent who has had to scrub crayon off their wall or clean kitchens of spilled messes. check this out. a young boy in texas got a magnifying glass for christmas. he accidentally set fire to his entire backyard. the family says the 12-year-old son and his two brothers rushed outside to see if they could light a piece of paper on fire. well, it worked. wearing their pjs the family quickly turned on the sprinklers and got water buckets and put it out.
6:57 am
>> good science experiment. >> no kidding. a final check of our weather. >> we're cloudy and mild to start out. returns here in the north bay, likely not hitting the ground. rain is on the way, though. a level one on our storm impact scale. light to moderate rain throughout the middle part of the day for most of you. gets chilly behind the front. dry on monday and then new year's eve and new year's day looks dry. much of the seven day looking uneventful except for today in terms of rain. mixing things up. >> great start to 2020. thanks so much. thank you for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." i'm amanda del castillo. along with lisa argen, abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next.
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good morning, america. we're following a breaking story overnight. several injured in a stabbing at a hanukkah celebration. at least five people injured inside a rabbi's home in a new york suburb. >> report of multiple people stabbed. >> a man with a knife going on the attack. >> i ran into the other room because i tried to save my life. >> the suspect arrested miles away in harlem. the fbi on the scene this morning. the attack the latest in a string targeting jews in the region. tragic crash. >> oh, my god. >> five people killed when this twin engine plane slams into a louisiana community on its way to the lsu football game. among those losing their lives a sports reporter with an lsu


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