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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 29, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. we're following a breaking story overnight. several injured in a stabbing at a hanukkah celebration. at least five people injured inside a rabbi's home in a new york suburb. >> report of multiple people stabbed. >> a man with a knife going on the attack. >> i ran into the other room because i tried to save my life. >> the suspect arrested miles away in harlem. the fbi on the scene this morning. the attack the latest in a string targeting jews in the region. tragic crash. >> oh, my god. >> five people killed when this twin engine plane slams into a louisiana community on its way to the lsu football game. among those losing their lives a sports reporter with an lsu
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connection and the coach who carried on. dangerous roads, bad weather conditions across the country. heavy snow, icy roads. vehicles slipping and sliding. plus, this heart-stopping moment a tractor-trailer emerging from the fog barreling towards bystanders and flipping over. plus, the storm threat for new year's eve. attempted abduction. caught on camera, the scene inside a restaurant. a 2-year-old grabbed by a stranger. how his 12-year-old sister's quick thinking saved the day and the way to protect your own kids. and she's a champ. serena williams named ap's female athlete of the decade, winning titles and beating opponents half her age. the outstanding achievement for the queen of the court. and good sunday morning everybody.
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thanks for joining us. let's get right to the breaking news from overnight. at least five people stabbed at a hanukkah celebration outside of new york city. >> it happened at the home of a rabbi late saturday. the suspect stabbing and wounding several people before taking off in a vehicle. this morning police say they have one person in custody. the governor of new york has referred the case to the state police hate crimes task force for investigation. >> this is the latest in a string of attacks on the jewish community. abc's stephanie ramos is on the scene in monsey, new york. good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. last night was the seventh night of hanukkah. families here in monsey were celebrating at the rabbi's home when the police say a man walked in and started to attack. >> report of multiple people stabbed. >> right in front of the synagogue. >> reporter: police locking down the bloody crime scene at a rabbi's home north of new york city right next door to the synagogue. several families were celebrating the holiday at the
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home just before 10:00 p.m. when police say a man attacked them leaving several injured. >> there's five families that have family members that have someone that is really suffering tonight, seriously wounded. >> reporter: one witness describing the terrifying ordeal. >> he took out his knife from the holder and started hitting people back and forth. nothing, didn't say anything. he went into the dining room and hit a few people there, and then he went into the kitchen and hit one guy there. then he came back after the dining room. he screamed after me, and he said, hey, i'll get you. >> i ran into the other room. i tried to save my life. >> all units on scene extreme caution. unknown if weapon was recovered. >> reporter: the fbi among several agencies responding. crime scene technicians could be spotted collecting evidence and photos. police k9s also brought in. >> i ran after him. i took the plate number, and came back and gave it to police.
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>> reporter: police say the suspect is now in custody, a car believed to be involved in the incident found about 30 miles away in new york city. the attack leaving the community on edge. >> we were scared, but we were not surprised. >> these are terrorists in our country perpetrating terrorism on other americans, and that's how we should treat it. >> reporter: this comes after a series of anti-semitic attacks in the region within the last few weeks. the nypd investigating nine possible cases including this one where a group of teens can be seen on surveillance knocking a man of jewish faith to the ground. and earlier this month, a deadly shooting rampage at a northern new jersey kosher market that left six people dead. investigators blaming bias towards the jewish community and law enforcement as motivation for the attack. a community spokesperson says those who were attending the celebrations barricaded themselves inside of the synagogue. police say the suspect was not
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known to them before this incident. dan? >> so struck by the words of one of the men from that community. why is this happening? stephanie ramos on the scene in monsey, new york. thank you so much. we move on. federal investigators trying to crack another mystery why a small plane went down killing five people in louisiana. among the dead, a sports reporter who was on her way to the peach bowl where her father-in-law was one of the coaches. abc's kaylee hartung has more from lafayette, louisiana. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. carley mccord, that sports reporter filed a report friday night. saturday was supposed to be a day for fun. everyone on board the plane looking forward to cheering on the lsu tigers. now the wreckage of their plane lays behind me. this tragedy impacting the lsu football family and so many in the community. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a fiery plane crash in south louisiana killing five
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people and stunning a community. the twin engine private plane, bound for atlanta, fans on board for lsu's playoff football game. >> there was just this big flame that just went up into flames and the whole flame, like, rolled and tumbled, straight through the field. >> reporter: the piper cheyenne took off from lafayette regional airport just after 9:00 a.m. saturday with an experienced pilot at the helm. >> you can smell the fuel. >> reporter: barely a mile later, hitting these power lines just feet away from an apartment building. then bursting into flames as it crashed into this post office parking lot. >> the plane just blew up. that's when that cop came. the first cop came. >> reporter: the windows of the building blown out. a nearby car catching fire. one man surviving the crash, hospitalized in critical condition. three others on the ground injured. among the fatalities, gretchen vincent and her teenage son walker. today would have been his 16th birthday. and new orleans sports reporter carley mccord. the daughter-in-law of lsu's offensive coordinator.
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the coach seen emotional before the football game. after the tigers' win, the coach describing the moment he broke the news. >> told him what happened. here's what he said. coach, we're going to get through this. >> reporter: the ntsb has just arrived here on the ground in lafayette, sending as many as a dozen investigators who will try desperately to piece together what caused this crash with an experienced pilot at the helm. eva? >> kaylee hartung for us there. well, the winter storm is barreling across the country causing dangerous conditions on the road. more to come for the new year. rob is here with what's going on. rob, we're looking at the new year's eve forecast. >> some folks will have a hard time with it. i think most folks will see this thing clear up. it's been a slow go. it's growing in size now covering about a third of the country. we have had some severe weather down to the south.
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winds gusting 60 miles an hour across parts of the north. on the back side near blizzard conditions shutting down highways. >> reporter: overnight, a winter storm slamming parts of the midwest with snow and rain. in colorado heavy snow snarling traffic for miles in denver. low visibility and strong winds making the roads dangerous. cars sliding. some drivers stranded on the sides of highways. icy roads in minnesota sending this school bus pulling a trailer slipping and sliding in the middle of the road. authorities warning of extreme ice. telling drivers to stay off the roads. >> it's a tornado. >> reporter: in oklahoma a possible tornado touching down just outside oklahoma city. the powerful winds leaving a trail of damage. the roof of this home ripped off. in texas kcbd catching this heart-stopping moment as a tractor-trailer loses control plowing into a vehicle. state troopers responding to an earlier accident. watch again as the 18 wheeler slides on its side. two people were injured, including one of the troopers.
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both are expected to be okay. frightening stuff. in denver they've had a dry december as far as snow. it was going to go on record as the driest since 1906. this happened. a couple inches there now. slicking up the roadways and vans crashing into vehicles. dangerous go of it in denver. now with the storm expanding, look at over 20 states that have alerts including new ones in the northeast, including ice storm warnings. upper midwest heavy snow. near blizzard conditions. another stormy day in the warm sector. we've had all this warmth. that rain will stretch into the northeast tonight and tomorrow. a lot of pink. that's the ice storm warnings. interior parts of new england, and it continues through new year's eve night into new year's day. it will be windy and blustery. accumulations could see some power outages with this. whit, back over to you. >> rob, thank you. check back with you soon. in hawaii this morning, there are new calls for stronger oversight of helicopter tours after a crash killed seven
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people over the hold tay weiday. abc's will carr joins us from kauai. good morning. >> reporter: this crash took place in a rugged part of this island. the search has been hampered by bad weather since the crash happened as investigators search for answers. this morning new details into how that tour helicopter crashed in a remote part of the na poli coast. according to authorities, the helicopters with six passengers and the pilot was flying just miles inland when the pilot struck a cliff and then plummeted 100 yards down. all seven on board died including amy gannon and 13-year-old joslin gannon from wisconsin and a family of four from switzerland. the pilot, paul matero, had 12 years' experience according to safari helicopters. >> you could tell he really loved it. the knowledge he had about the island, he was very articulate and he was a very sweet man. >> reporter: in a statement safari helicopters said it's
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fully cooperating with the ntsb and the faa. kauai is known for its rugged, breathtaking landscape featured in movies like "jurassic park." tourists flock to hawaii to take in these majestic views from the air. according to the ntsb there have been 18 civilian helicopter crashes in hawaii since 2015. with that in mind, some lawmakers are questioning the overall safety of hawaiian tour helicopters and planes. whit? >> will carr for us, thank you. moving on now, the mother from austin, texas whose body was found in the trunk of her best friend's car has been laid to rest in her hometown of lake charles, louisiana. among those in attendance heidi broussard's 1-month-old daughter. police say the killing was part of a plot to steal that baby whose name is margot. she has since been reunited with her family, and the investigation into her mother's death is ongoing. her friend is in custody on kidnapping and other charges. alabama's governor doubling
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the reward money for any credible information in the case of a missing woman last seen more than a week ago leaving a bar. the reward to find paighton houston reaching $10,000 as the search grows increasingly desperate. the 29-year-old was last seen on december 20th leaving a bar with two unknown men before texting a friend saying she might be in trouble. to politics now. impeachment making headlines on the campaign trail in iowa. democrat joe biden trying to clarify his answer about whether he would testify in president's senate trial. rachel scott is in west palm beach where the president has spent much of the holiday week sounding off against democrats. rachel, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. president trump is heading into his second week in florida. lawmakers are still at odds. the longer the stand-off goes the greater the possibility of a senate trial starting further into an election year. president trump has been waiting
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to get what he calls a fair shake in the senate. he's accusing democrats of slowing down the process. in between rounds of golf the president has lashed out at house speaker nancy pelosi for withholding the articles of impeachment. pelosi has not budged on this. she says she will not take the next step until republicans reveal the structure for a trial. democrats want witnesses. they want documents turned over. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says lawmakers are at an impasse. little progress has been made over this holiday recess. he calls pelosi's decision to withhold the articles of impeachment absurd. whit? >> and rachel, biden out campaigning in iowa getting a question that's getting a lot of buzz about whether he would appoint former president barack obama to the supreme court. >> reporter: the former vice president said he would if he would take it, but joe biden is also getting some questions about whether he would testify in president trump's senate trial, and the former vice president has had to clarify where he has stood on this. first he said he would not comply with congress. after taking some heat, now he's walking this back and said he
7:14 am
would obey any subpoena issued, but insists the focus should be on president trump's conduct, not his. president trump has insisted he wants to hear from both joe biden and his son hunter in a trial. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hasn't made a firm decision whether witnesses should testify. the timeline, the scope, the structure of a trial still up in the air at this point as we inch closer to a new year. whit? >> rachel, thank you. dan? >> rachel, thank you. let's turn now to abc's jonathan karl, one of our chief white house correspondents. he's going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start with the promise that joe biden made to appoint barack obama to the supreme court. i got a two-part question for you. one, is this idea a political winner? and two, would barack obama even want this job? >> in terms of the politics of it, biden has done everything he can to embrace obama, pitching his candidacy as basically obama
7:15 am
2.0, but would barack obama accept a nomination to the supreme court? dan, i covered him in the white house. i have got to say that there's no way. i would be shocked if he would even consider it. remember, obama has his netflix deal. he's got a deal with spotify on podcast. he's enjoying life post-presidency. i think the last thing in the world barack obama would want to face is a senate confirmation hearing. the idea of going before the senate and answering questions and dealing with all that, i think there's no way he would want to go through that, even with a supreme court appointment at the end of the tunnel. >> fair enough. let's loop back. speaking of the senate, let's look at the issue whether biden would comply with a subpoena to testify in president trump's senate trial. theoretically i wonder, if biden were compelled to testify, how do you imagine that would impact his campaign? would that help or hurt? >> first of all, i think it is not likely. mcconnell has made it clear he
7:16 am
would like to see no witnesses at all, and i don't think he wants to see the senate trial turn into something of a circus which it would be if he started bringing in the bidens, but if he were to testify, look. this is not a good story for biden at all. even with no evidence of wrongdoing regarding ukraine on biden's behalf, at the very least there's the appearance of impropriety by seeing his son appointed to the position he had in the ukrainian oil company while biden was the administration's point person on ukraine. >> jonathan karl, great to have your analysis on a sunday morning. i want to remind everybody jon has a big show this morning. he's going one on one with the national security adviser, robert o'brien, plus 2020 presidential candidate andrew yang discusses the state of his campaign. it's all coming up on "this week" later this morning right here on abc. and time now for a check of the weather, and rob back in studio. >> what's up, guys? >> good to see you. >> yeah, the championship game is set for two weeks. >> we're going to see more of
7:17 am
you, aren't we, now? >> you say that with such disappointment. >> we're happy to have you here in the flesh. >> thank you for that recovery. ramsey, minnesota, this is what the more balanced people can do. not mentally necessarily, but physically. the ice on the driveway and he decided to salt it and slide down at the same time. that's pretty good. i got to admit. don't try it at home unless you're well-padded. slick across minnesota and minneapolis, had a difficult time yesterday because of stuff like this. now we have that big system moving to the east. let's talk about the next system coming up heading to the west coast. portland into medford. this one is a coastal rain event it looks like, but it is a cold storm. so snow levels with this are going to be on the low side, and because of that, mountain snows across parts of the los angeles county mountains and east of san diego as well. winter storm watches posted. we're not quite how much of that moisture will get inland. up to an i think of rain
7:18 am
expected. not flooding. 3 to 6 inches of snowfall. that will make it difficult to travel especially at the lower mountain passes. still mild here in the east. this includes some of your new year's eve and new year's day forecasts. no real snow south of i-90 we are almost done with 2019. you're going to be seeing a lot more of me in 2020. janai, you good with that? >> i'm good with it. >> i'm digging the v-neck look. >> makes me feel smarter.
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>> very mister rogers. >> i just want some patches on the elbows. robert, thank you. let's turn to sports and the tennis superstar named female athlete of the decade by the associated press, and we're talking about serena williams of course and janai, newscaster of the decade, has more. >> that's good, dan. sere serena's impressive athletic accomplishments matched only by your knowledge of sports. >> wow. >> reporter: it's no surprise at all serena williams has been a force to be reckoned with for years. from her accomplishments on the court to her personal life, even her own fashion line. to say she dominated the last decade would be an understatement. >> a hard-fought win for serena williams. >> reporter: she's regarded as one of the top athletes on the planet, cementing history on the tennis court again and again. now the associated press dubbing serena williams female athlete of the decade. consistently dominating on the
7:20 am
tennis court, williams has notched 23 grand slam singles, titles, 12 in the last decade, and more than anyone else since 1968 and securing 72 single titles in her career, 37 in the last ten years. she's also managed to transcend tennis sparking conversation off the court by speaking candidly about women's issues. >> don't wait to be told your place. take it. >> reporter: last year she made headlines by calling out what she thought was sexism during the u.s. open finals. >> there are men out here that do a lot worse. because i'm a woman you're going to take this away from me? >> reporter: the superstar athlete has been open about her journey becoming a mom to daughter olympia. >> i took some time off to have a baby which is, like, the best thing i have ever done in my life. [ applause ] you lose little things. still little lessons i'm learning and i'm happy for those. >> reporter: after nearly losing her life championing the issue of health care inequality facing black women writing in a cnn
7:21 am
op-ed, i consider myself fortunate. black women in the united states are over three times more likely to die from pregnancy or child-birth related causes. before they even bring a new life into the world, the cards are already stacked against them. >> all the advances in women's sports, it's as if they're personified in serena williams. >> and another highly decorated athlete, gymnast simone biles finished second as female athlete of the decade saying williams has been her idol growing up. she says she stays humble. saying she's a perfect example. williams posted on instagram writing thank you #ifeelspecial. >> true icon, that's for sure. >> yes. >> i wish we could get an air horn when you hit dan with a zinger. >> it's all love. >> i feel like the room is turning against me. >> no. >> we still love you. this is the way we love you.
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>> it's today's love language. >> smack, that's right. thank you, janai. we have a lot of other stuff this morning. stranger danger, how a quick thinking 12-year-old foiled an apparent abduction attempt. and the potentially dangerous rsv infection predicted to hit hard this year. dr. jen ashton is here with what parents need to know. and a big surprise. how nfl star j.j. watt made this 12-year-old fan's season. we'll be right back with much more "gma" including this great story. "good morning america" sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. what'd we decide on the flyers again? uh, "fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. instead of all this that i've already-? yeah. what are we gonna do with these?
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"abc 7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm amanda del castillo. a candle light vigil to honor three teenagers killed in a car crash on christmas. mark anthony and michael angelo
7:28 am
urista and javier died in the crash. all students were from dublin high school. the vigil is at 5:00. >> let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen for our weather. >> good morning to you. rain on the way. here's live doppler 7. notice showers well to the north along the coast. fort ross in gurionville and this all sinks to the south and east throughout the day with our level one impact storm and it is mild out there, 50 in oakland, 49 fremont, 50s with rain. >> all right. thanks so much lisa. thanks for joining us. the news continues right now with "good morning america."
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. a final gathering in support of the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge raising millions to fight als. more than 300 people taking part in the eighth and final plunge for pete massachusetts on what would have been pete's 35th birthday. this year's plunge raised close to $400,000 to help pay frates' outstanding medical bills. what an impact he's had on millions of people. it was a viral sensation. they've raised millions of dollars to help people around the world. >> and has helped so many people. let's look at some of the other big stories happening right now. a shocking stabbing at a hanukkah celebration in a new york suburb. at least five people injured
7:31 am
inside a rabbi's home. a man with a knife on the attack. the suspect arrested miles away in harlem. this attack the late nest a string targeting yojews in the region. also an avalanche in the italian alps. a woman and two young children who were skiing on a glacier there have been killed. authorities say the victims were german. avalanches have been reported in the alps in austria this week. a new space record is set. u.s. astronaut christina koch now holds the record for the longest single space flight by a woman. on saturday, she logged 289 straight days in space surpassing the record previously held by peggy whitson. when she leaves in february, astronaut scott kelly has the all-time record. she's just going to be shy of that. incredible accomplishment. >> a lot of time in space. we start this half hour with
7:32 am
the ohio doctor facing multiple murder counts trying to clear his name. dr. williams husel accused of intentionally causing fatal overdoses in his patients is taking legal action. abc's trevor ault has more. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, eva. this is one of the biggest medical murder cases in decades. 25 counts of murder. the ohio attorney general saying this doctor seemed to be a serial killer. the doctor's attorney says the allegations are wrong and have destroyed this doctor's life and the hospital made him look guilty to protect themselves. this morning, the ohio doctor accused of murdering two dozen patients is fighting back against the hospital. his attorney filing a lawsuit alleging this is the most egregious case of defamation in ohio's recent history. >> i don't think where you can take a young doctor with a promising career and outright call him a murderer, a mass murderer or serial killer and get away with it. >> reporter: dr. william husel is accused of intentionally
7:33 am
causing fatal overdoses in dozens of patients. he was fired and his medical license suspended. in june he was charged with 25 counts of murder. >> this breach of a doctor's oath is vile and worthy of today's actions. >> reporter: but dr. husel's attorney claims the accusations that his client is a killer are based on zero evidence and nothing but statements, and he says that the doctor was only trying to provide comfort for patients in their final moments. >> the prosecution's theory is these patients died in five minutes as opposed to ten minutes. >> reporter: the lawsuit goes further claiming the patients died from their illnesses, not the fentanyl he prescribed, and that the hospital knew no policies were violated because the policies encouraged the care dr. husel and the nurses provided to patients. the hospital has since settled multiple civil cases with patients' families for hundreds of thousands of dollars in
7:34 am
response to dr. husel's defamation suit, carmel tells us allegations are unfounded. we completed an extensive review of patient care and stand by our decisions. on top of firing dr. husel they fired 23 other employees who worked with him in the intensive care unit. ten of those employees filed their own lawsuit accusing the hospital of defaming the doctor and the nurses who worked alongside him. >> complex story. a lot to unfold here. thank you very much. really appreciate it. we'll switch gears. time for the weather. over to professor marciano. he's got the latest on the storm moving across the country. >> we'll stick with our theme of ice storm athletics. we take you to central wisconsin. this young man took advantage of the icy streets. got the blades out, laced them i and got the stick out and just skated on
7:35 am
you're missing the puck -- but for street hockey, i guess it would be a ball. dangerous conditions across parts of the upper midwest. little warmer in central wisconsin. you're in the warm sector. a lot of rain ahead of the front and severe thunderstorms with this. here's what we expect for snow. on top of what has fallen we could see another 6 to 12 inches from here to fargo and maybe a coating of snow on the ice in minnesota. then the ice storm for parts of central new york and western massachusetts. a quarter to a half-inch of ice. this could lead to power outages as we head into the new year. around midnight in times square 41 degrees clear with a light breeze. this weather report sponsored by blue buffalo. please send free food to feed
7:36 am
these animals on set. >> are you talking about us? >> what are you trying to say? >> you're like my pets. >> speak for yourself. thank you, rob. coming up on "good morning america" a 12-year-old girl springs into action when she says a woman tried to kidnap her younger brother. and the advice on how to keepure kids safe. then how a football super fan's christmas got even better. that's ahead in "pop news." stmas gotten better. that's ahead in "pop news." hey, great dog. what do you feed him? axel gets blue buffalo. i give frankie rachel ray nutrish. ever read the ingredients? oh yeah. could you read a few? sure. deboned chicken chicken chicken meal chicken meal brown rice dried peas barley soybean meal oatmeal whole ground corn corn? while both foods provide complete and balanced nutrition 7 out of 10 nutrish feeders prefer the ingredients in blue buffalo. love them like family. feed them like family.
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♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ look at this, a 12-year-ol look at this, a 12-year-old rescuing her younger brother after she said somebody tried to abduct the boy. it all played out on camera. abc's marci gonzalez has the story, as well as some expert advice. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan. good morning. this is a really unnerving reminder of how important it is to have that conversation with your kids about what to do if they're approached by a stranger. as you're about to see, this girl was not afraid to speak up when she saw something that seemed off. this morning this little boy is safe at home after his brave 12-year-old sister stepped in and stopped this attempted kidnapping. >> she was saying that my brother was her baby. i was yelling back at her saying it's not her baby. that's my brother. >> reporter: police say makayla phillips, her two siblings and
7:41 am
their grandmother were eating at this restaurant in oklahoma when a woman they didn't know walked up to the youngest two kids. >> she gave both of them a kiss. my grandma thought it was not right. >> reporter: moments later this surveillance video being reviewed by police shows the suspect grab 2-year-old brett as a second angle shows makayla take her brother back and confront the woman. >> i yelled at her and said don't touch my brother. >> reporter: makayla's quick reaction drawing the attention of employees. they forced the woman to leave. just the latest example of a child thwarting an attempted abduction. >> i was scared. >> reporter: 10-year-old madison says she knew just what to do when a man pulled up to her in an suv as she walked in this arizona park last year. >> he told me my brother was in a serious accident. he told me to come pick you up. >> reporter: her family taught her for a specific code word
7:42 am
before going anywhere with a stranger. >> i asked him what the code was. my family has a code and he didn't know it, so i ran. >> reporter: that man took off. madison like makayla praised for thinking fast and speaking up. and in this most cerecent case, police say they believe they know who the suspected attempted kidnapper in the restaurant was, but they've not yet made an arrest. it's an important reminder to talk to your kids about how to react to different kinds of scenarios with strangers. >> thankfully the sister was paying attention. thank you, marci. coming up on "good morning america" a health alert about a potentially serious viral infection that's putting infants at risk. the signs you need to know about. ealth alert about a serious viral infection putting infants at risk. the signs you need to know about. than rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis
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welcome back to "gma." it is shaping up to be a rough season for a viral infection that's especially dangerous to infants. it's called rsv. our chief health correspondent dr. jen ashton joins us. she has the best ways to protect yourself and your family. always a pleasure to have you. >> thanks, whit. >> for people who aren't familiar with rsv, what do we need to know? >> i'm glad we're talking about this. it's a reminder there are other circulating viruses making people sick now. it's not just about the flu. rsv is an upper respiratory virus. can give you symptoms like the common cold. can affect people of all ages, but infants and the elderly much more susceptible to complications of rsv. some statistics -- it's the most common cause of pneumonia in babies under the age of 1. by the age of 2 most babies have been exposed.
7:47 am
there are about 57,000 hospitalizations in in country every year in children under the age of 5 because of rsv. >> alarming statistics. you touched on this. rsv can mimic other illnesses. what are the symptoms? >> well, it depends mostly on age, whit. some people, especially older children and adults might get it and have mild or no symptoms. in infants things to watch out for usually starts with a runny nose, some sneezing. it then progresses to a cough. obviously inn older children or adults, it can cause a headache, fatigue, fever. most times symptoms last about five days. if hospitalization is required, especially for infants or the elderly, it's just really supportive care, intravenous fluids, and some supplemental oxygen. >> you're the doctor. we need the preventive information. what can we do to reduce the risk to ourselves and our families? >> there's no vaccine for rsv. it's common sense things.
7:48 am
avoid contact with people who are sick. wash your hands. avoid touching your face. we say that all the time. clean and disinfect surfaces, those hot spots like doorknobs. this virus can live on those areas. if possible, stay home if you're sick. >> dr. ashton, we're lucky to have you talking about this important information. truly appreciate it as always. thank you. >> thanks. we'll be right back here on "gma" with "pop news" including how your coffee cup plays a part in the flavor of your morning joe when we come back. the most awarded. the best, the fastest, the best and the fastest. it's too much. sprint's doing things differently. they're offering a 100% total satisfaction guarantee. i mean i think sprint's network and savings are great. but don't just take my word for it. try out the network and see the savings for yourself. switch and get both an unlimited plan and the samsung galaxy s10 plus included,
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7:53 am
fan's christmas present that just got supersized. 12-year-old luke mccarthy, a j.j. watt fan, was ecstatic and then overcome when he found out his parents got him tickets to watt's charity class six in june. >> yes! thank you. >> reporter: while watt himself was watching and he tweeted, man, this brought legitimate tears to my eyes. i'm truly thankful for every fan out there. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support. so watt going one step further and proving again why he's such a class act, sending luke and his family to the team's playoff game. >> ever since i've started playing football, he's the only player i have ever known pretty much. he's always been my hero, and he just -- he's just a great guy all around. >> really, really is. watt saying i know they'll enjoy the game. >> he has a heart of gold, j.j. watt, and looks for things where where he can insert himself and help people. remember after harvey. >> yes. >> all the good he did. >> huge effort there.
7:54 am
>> so genuine too. we're all about the kids today. now to the breath-taking rise of a princess. nba superstar lebron james posted this christmas tweet meet my princess through her eyes. all things zhuri coming soon. zhuri is his adorable 5-year-old daughter. here she is introducing her new youtube channel. >> hi guys. my name is zhuri james. welcome to all things zhuri. i'm excited to share my world with you. >> so stinking cute. the youngest member of the james family is set to release her first youtube video on new year's day. she's off to a mega start. on instagram she has 121,000 follows. 24,000 subscribers on youtube and hasn't even started yet. now to two of our favorite canadians. drake who had a bone to pick with justin bieber, and he did it in a hilarious way.
7:55 am
bieber first posted these photos of his day on the ice with the maple leafs, and he introduced his brother jackson to the local team. fellow canadian drake had a major case of fomo, fear of missing out. he did some creative editing there on bieber's photo, that's him on the right. he put in a picture of himself wearing skates. justin cracked up at the response. doesn't look like their relationship is on thin ice. >> love it. >> get it? >> see what you did there. >> i think drake could go to a game if he wants to. >> i think he could too. finally a closer look at your morning cup of coffee. a new study found the type of cup you get your java from affects your perception of the way it tastes. if we drink from a cup that's smooth, we think the coffee is sweeter than from a cup with more texture. >> yes. >> coffee has rated as more acidic from a rough feeling cup probably like the ones you get from work generally, noting
7:56 am
that -- >> they usually make us drink out of the palms of our hands. >> noting is that coffee is is -- truly a multi-sensory experience. >> this coffee is good. >> what happens if you drink out of a paper straw? >> we'll tell you next week. we're out of time. stay tuned for jon karl and "this week." have a great sunday. have a great sunday. "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm amanda del castillo. happening tonight the grand finale celebration for the eighth and final night of the hanukkah menorah lighting. abc 7 news was there this week. the holiday commemorates the redeck case of jerusalem's
7:57 am
second temple and celebrate for eight days because of the one day supply of oil found inside that burned for that long. tonight's union square lighting begins at 5:30. also happening today, cal and illinois fans will be taking part in a pep rally ahead of tomorrow's red box bowl. bands and cheerleaders from both schools will be there at noon at embarcadero plaza. there will be a fan fest which includes the opportunity to take a photo with the red box bowl trophy. the golden bears and fighting illini play tomorrow at levi stadium at 1:00 p.m. let's head over to meteorologist lisa argen for a look at our weather. good morning lisa. >> good morning to you. watching the rain sink south from the north bay a few showers towards santa rosa and gurionville but the many convenient event is to the north and most of the activity will arrive by the middle of the afternoon. a front and an area of low pressure to push through throughout the day today. it is 51 in san francisco, 49 in oakland, certainly milder but we have mist, drizzle and fog on
7:58 am
top of mount tam, 46 in napa and 42 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast our level one system today, late morning through the afternoon then we're dry by early tomorrow, dry for the end of the year, the new year and the next chance of rain possibly by next friday. amanda? >> thanks, lisa. "this week" with george stephanopoulos is next.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. new year resolution. >> we're going to have a great year. >> 2019 comes to a close whabita booming stock market. as 2020 gets under way the country faces bigger challenges at home -- >> this is a political exercise. >> -- and abroad. >> maybe it's a nice present where he sends me a beautiful v vase as opposed to a missile test. >> we turn the page to 2020 into what may be the most bitter, divisive election of our time. we look at the major issues of the


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