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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 30, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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101 in the northbound direction closed for a number of hours overnight as they looked into the crash that happened right here, this was 11:30 last night. police tell me the driver did stop, but it's unclear if the driver was cited or will be facing charges. you will also notice in the video, this happened steps away from bay 101 casino. chp telling me at this time they're not sure where the pedestrian might have been going, if alcohol may have been a factor. this is very close to bay 101 casino. good news as the morning rush picks back up, all those northbound lanes are reopened. we're still waiting to learn the identity of that pedestrian who was hit and killed overnight. reporting live in san jose, julian glover, abc7 news. >> thank you. the time is 4:30. if you you're just joining us, good morning. we'll get you a quick update of
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ware and traffic. >> this is a picture of the cloud cover we'll see throughout the morning hours. 5:00, we have the clouds and the rain has pretty much disappeared. throughout the 10:00 hour, increasing sunshine, temperatures will even be a little warmer. winds are gusting to 25 miles per hour in the oakland hills. there will be a bit of a xhichi. 69 in san jose, on the coast, upper 50s for you. looking good today and in fact not that cold this morning. that's going to be the team as we get into new year's eve. temperatures will be comfortable. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> good morning. we'll start off with a look at walnut creek. everyone moving on 680. a nice clear ride for you all. no major issues throughout the
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bay area. the roads are still slick. we did see a spinout in orinda. golden gate bridge is nice and empty this morning. drive times here, tracy to dublin, 27 minutes. dublin to mission boulevard, 14-minute ride. also 14 minutes is the ride from highway 101 to cupertino. >> thank you. three teens killed in a christmas night crash are being remembered. >> classmates, family members turned out to dublin high school for a candlelight vigil. javier ramirez and twin brothers michael anthony and mark urista all died when their car veered out of control and hit a utility pole and a tree. the twin's mother said they went out that night to console a friend and never returned. >> it's going to be hard going to school not seeing him.
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you would walk on to campus, he would be there to make you smile. >> grief counselors will be at the high school on january 7th when students returned. the two students who survived have major injuries. we have links to their gofundme pages on this morning the university of kansas men's basketball team is waking up in the south bay if their plane was forced to turn around. one engine failed after taking off. emergency crews surrounded the boeing 737 after it returned yesterday a rouround 5:30 p.m. the jayhawks beat stanford over the weekend. football is said to be a game of inches, there's no better example of that than the niners game. >> the niners secured home field advantage by a matter of inches over their most hated rivals, the seahawks.
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jobina, break it down for us. >> yes. this is an exciting moment. the niners clinched their first nfc title win since 2012. the niners made a huge stop at the goal line to win the game, 26-21. quarterback jimmy garoppolo says the team was full of emotion. >> nerve-racking. anxiety. every game comes down to this. we're resilient. the last two years it wouldn't always turn out the best for us. this year we had a couple tough ones, but for the majority of them got mentally tough and sticking with it. it paid off for us. >> the niners have a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the nfc playoffs. they only need to win twice at levi stadium to make it into the super bowl. their first playoff game will be january 11th.
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kickoff is at 1:35 p.m. two games at levis is not a bad deal. >> you think they're going to the super bowl? >> i mentioned that on the show. for the niner faithful it's been a wild sensation. >> we sent kate larsen to the keyser pub. >> the game may be in seattle but niners fans were right here in san francisco. from the first quarter, 49ers fans let their red and gold gear fly, at least as far as they could in the packed bar. >> special night. number one seed. >> j.d. grew up in the bay area and his loyalty to the team goes back to the greas. >> joe montana, steve young, jerry rice, ronnie lott, the
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whole crew. this is it. it's been a while. since '94. we're ready. >> let's go! >> reporter: the pub owner and rally instigator cyril hackett bought the bar 28 years ago, and there has been a drought of championships since. t before levi stadium and before candlestick, the 49ers had several bad seasons playing across the street from the bar at kezar stadium. >> people think this is like the clubhouse for the players but the 49ers were so bad back then that the players didn't come in themselves. >> a few seattle fans brave the san francisco crowd. >> someone had to show support from afar. >> and it wasn't just niners fans rooting for the home team. >> i'm an eagles fan. but now since i live in san francisco, i have to be a 49ers fan. >> but what do you like about the niners? >> what i really like? jimmy g. there's no cuter quarterback.
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>> most of the game looked great for the 49ers until tend of the fourth quarter when it got a little hairy. >> my anxiety is through roof. i care about this game. i've never wanted the 49ers to win so badly. >> and with a touch and go finish the 49ers secured the home field advantage through the nfc playoffs and a possible ticket to the super bowl. in san francisco -- >> we'll see you in miami. >> i'm kate larsen, abc7 news. >> this whole thing was hilarious. especially that lady, jimmy jimy that's why i like the team. some 49ers fans are stocking up on more merchandise for the playoffs. >> it's not just about shirts and jerseys. >> i'm looking for a 49ers necktie to wear to a wedding. because when is the wedding? >> over the divisional weekend. i didn't expect playoffs.
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>> so are you having second thoughts about going to the wedding? >> i have to say no. i have to say no for people watching. >> we checked out dick's sporting goods in daly city. >> you know that guy, he just said he's having second thoughts about that wedding. good for him for saying that politically correct thing. this morning the raiders no longer exist or as we have come to know them for the last 24 years. the team didn't have any spark yesterday losing to the broncos. with the loss and other nfl results from yesterday, the raiders were kicked out of playoff contention. we're entering the era of the las vegas raiders. coming up, b.a.r.t. is bragging a big action when it comes to catching ferry evaders. we have new numbers showing if their strategy is playing off. >> and a gunman comes to church
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with a loaded shotgun. the bloodshed caught on the church's live stream. we'll look at the latest following a weekend of religious terror. and a cardiologist is taking apple to court. how he says the bay area giant is ripping off his healthy tech invention. and i had family in town this weekend, for the past few days it was so lovely, then yesterday we got that rain. >> yeah. it wasn't bad. it was kind of a good day to maybe take the tree down. maybe that's too soon for some. >> that happened for me. >> we have a lot of dry weather to enjoy for the week ahead. folks still off and trying to enjoy the weather. you will be able to get some son out there today. here's live doppler 7. you notice there are some returns offshore. you can see half moon bay here, a lot of this is just offshore and not reaching the ground with some cloud cover we're beginning to clear in santa rosa and napa.
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since we've been cloudy all night long, temperatures have stayed in the 40s. the clouds are being held at bay as a ridge of high pressure builds in today. right now it's chilly out there. in the upper elevations, mount diablo in the 30s. otherwise, 46 in san ramon, walnut creek, closer to the coast here. upper 40s in san francisco, and looking at numbers today from the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. if you're planning on new year's eve to midnight tomorrow, check out the numbers. upper 40s to near 50s. not too chilly, as we go through the early morning hours, we'll drop into the mid 40s. with some mix of clouds and sun, a little touch and go with the fireworks for the midnight hour. good morning, jobina. >> good morning, lisa. good morning, everyone. we are checking in on the altamont pass. the chp says they're issuing a fog advisory for this area due to low visibility. that is the news that they are
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giving us. in orinda, that solo car spinout on westbound 24 before fish ranch road has cleared. i'm giving you the thumbs up there. a live look at the san mateo bridge, no problems, smooth ride out there this morning. i'm happy to see it all for you on a monday. down in san jose, 280, nice and clear. no major issues i'm seeing on the road. we'll new tide power pods one up the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up spaghetti night? it sure can. really? can it one up breakfast in bed? yeah, for sure. thanks, boys. what about that? uhh, yep! it can? yeah, even that! i would very much like to see that. me too. introducing new tide power pods. one up the toughest stains with 50% more cleaning power
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monday morning, and we're waking up with cloudy conditions for most of you. it's beginning to clear in the north bay. it will be mild today, sacramento, sunny, 60 degrees. upper 50s on the coast and the rain is out of here. so, a little cool for tahoe, 37. but southern sierra, 52. and it looks like we'll see more dry weather. here is new year's eve. a few clouds around. partly cloudy skies into new year's day, another dry afternoon with a little sun and temperatures getting milder throughout the week. >> thank you. new york's governor is calling the brutal attack on a ro rabbi's home an act of domestic terror. five people were stabbed, and among them was the rabbi's son. the perpetrator was 28-year-old graften thomas. he was caught in harlem. >> these are domestic terrorists. they're trying to inflict fear.
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they're motivated by hate. they are doing mass attacks. these are terrorists. >> the suspect's family released a statement last night saying thomas has a long history of mental illness and hospitalizations. back here in the bay area, the jewish community is reacting to the violence back east saying it has to end. >> cornell barnard tells us many people are feeling angry. >> reporter: a menorah lighting in emeryville, where there was mixed emotions on this holiday. >> any more terrible tragic events throughout the world. >> we're living in very, very turbulent times. >> reporter: this rabbi lights candles on his menorah, but on this last night of hanukkah, there is little to celebrate during the festival of lights. >> what we just saw in new york is some people that are just out
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of touch. and a lot of hatred, a lot of heartache. and they -- they go out and raise havoc. >> reporter: langer is a rabbi in san francisco. he denounced saturday's violence. new york's governor says it's the 13th anti-semitic attack in the state in three weeks. the location on 6th street is more than visible. this place of refuge and worship has increased security since last year's shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh, so has this congregation on california street. david is security director and a member of this congregati congregation. the violence targeting jewish communities, sadly this house of worship had no choice. >> the anti-semitism angers me. it has to stop. and not only was it an attack against jews, it was an attack over one of the high holidays. >> reporter: the rabbi is trying to stay focused on eight little candles. >> we have to realize with the message of hanukkah that a little light pushes away a lot of darkness. >> reporter: rabbis across the
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bay area say their pray for the new year is peace. police in palo alto are investigating an act of vandalism at the oldest african-american church. police say the vandalism happened sometime saturday morning. officers believe the suspect is a white man between the ages of 35 and 45 years old with blond hair. the church is the oldest african-american christian-based church between san mateo and san jose. and that follows yesterday's deadly church service in texas. this morning we're learning more about the gunman who opened fire killing two people and wounding three more. it happened at the west freeway church of christ outside of ft. worth. the shooting was captured on the live stream of the service. armed church-goers fatally shot the man after his short spray of gunfire. police are calling in the fbi to determine what the motive was. >> the fbi dedicated resuources
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to aid in this investigation. we're working hard to find motive to get to the bottom of what happened. >> police have not yet released the identity of the suspect or the two victims. b.a.r.t.'s early morning sweeps appear to be working when it comes to stopping fare evaders. phil matier wrote about it in the sunday morning chronicle. as we told you before, b.a.r.t. began the sweeps on eastbound trains from the embarcadero station in september. last month b.a.r.t. said complaints for quality of life issues fell 5% compared to november 2018. b.a.r.t. plans to expand the sweeps. y time is 4:48. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's lisa. >> good morning to you. we're leaving the rain behind us for this monday morning. you can see live doppler 7 showing you a few returns off the san mateo coast. really we're talking about clearing conditions from north to south. you can see the rotation from
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that area of low pressure that counterclockwise rotation as it sinks to the south and takes the rain with it. temperatures this morning in the upper 40s for you in campbell, santa clara. 47 in sunnyvale. comfortable number. and a common number there. 50 in san carlos. cooler as the skies depart the -- the clouds depart the skies in the north bay. 43 in novato. we're looking at wet pavement, maybe some patchy fog out there. sunny conditions revealed today. a dry new year's eve. into 2020, looking pretty quiet. 57 today in oakland. 58 for you in fremont. 60 in napa and concord. looking into new year's eve. we have a few clouds to start out. 10:00, a few more clouds. plenty of 40s. by midnight, dropping into the low 40s and 2020 ushering in some clouds into the afternoon. the seven-day forecast, friday
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clouding up. a dry weekend at this point. good morning, jobina. >> good morning. we're looking at our board here. we're showing you all this green on our map. really it's all good. all green. no major issues on our roads this morning. we're showing you a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge, pretty empty for 4:50 this morning. i'm guessing that people are still on their vacations. i know i would be if i could. a live look at emeryville, here's 80, probably a busy spot. all those headlights moving towards the maze and the bay bridge. nice and smooth. our drive times here, santa rosa to petaluma, 13-minutes. castro valley to the maze, 13-minute ride. 280/680 to highway 85, 11 minutes. a doctor is suing apple claiming that the company used one of his patents in the apple watch. >> here's tech bytes. >> a new york cardiologist is taking apple to court. >> he is asking for royalties
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claiming the tech giant put his heart monitor iing information into watches without his permission. robots are expected to be a hit at the 2020 consumer electronics show next week. >> some robots expected to be on display include an e-sports fighting robot, a ping-pong playing robot. and nearly 500,000 people are telling target to stop using plastic bags. >> they signed an online petition. the year's largest environmental petition on target says it has taken steps to reduce its use of plastic and encouraging recycling. people are just trying to save the world one bag at a time. those are your tech bytes. the ball is already up as we say adios to the 2010s. if you're celebrating tomorrow night you know things can get expensive. >> we have a guide on how to get around the bay area for free on new year's eve. >> plus the best glow up in the
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duster extends to three feet to get all that gross stuff gotcha! and for that nasty dust on my floors, my sweeper's on it. the textured cloths grab and hold dirt and hair no matter where dust bunnies hide. no more heebie jeebies. phew. glad i stopped cleaning and started swiffering. good morning to you. we're leaving the rain behind. a little fog in the inland valleys developing from that wet pavement. six miles of visibility for you in livermore. well to the north of santa rosa, we have fog in petaluma. temperatures at 7:00, if you're stepping out in the low to mid 40s with some sunshine.
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hard to believe we're entering a new decade tomorrow night. if you're celebrating, there's some help for you. >> several bay area transit agencies are giving out free rides. in san francisco you can ride muni for free starting at 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 in the morning on new year's day. muni will double service for its late night owl routes. samtrans and caltrain will be free starting at 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve. free rides last until 2:00 a.m. when the last southbound train leaves san francisco. >> all rides on vta are free now through new year's eve night. vta changed several routes to attract new users. b.a.r.t. will not be free and they will be skipping some san francisco downtown stations to deal with crowds. keep that in mind. check the website for those detail details. >> we hope you have a great
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time. you can get ready for the fun and the ball drop on abc7. abc7c lisa, what will you be doing? >> i'll be doing something. i can't tell you. >> oh. >> i'm just kidding. i'm live doppler 7. >> usually don't do anything because i'm working, i am working, i am doing something. so it's got me a little, you know, a little nervous about it. going out and we have to get up the next day. that's on my agenda. looking at shower activity off the coast. it's not going to affect anyone. clouds will be holding on. as we get through the rest of the morning, skies will clear. because the cloud kcover has ben with us all night, low to mid 40s to start. 50s by noontime. a few 60s late in the afternoon. jobina, what are your plans tomorrow night? >> i'm going out, too.
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i'm not working the next day, though, thank you to the bosses. good morning. looking at the map, green across the board. no major incidents on the roads. the chp is warning of a fog advisory through the altamont pass. take your time for our super commuters. san jose, 87, nice and clear. hardly any cars down there. that's typical for this highway. 280 at king street here, just a couple cars i'm seeing in this area. i think everyone is still on their holiday break possibly. keeping our roads nice and peaceful this morning. >> i think we're just going to hang in our pjs and take it slow. that's the perfect new year's eve. >> mm-hmm. happening now, a dazzling display of lights is letting the imagination run wild at the exploratorium. >> the annual glow festival of lights exhibit just kicked off. this is one of the many special illuminated installations and sculptures there. light tables respond to touch.
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tons of light displays. the globe festival runs through january 26th. you have plenty of time to check it out. tickets start at $25, they're on the exploratorium's website. the exploratorium by itself is cool. that's just like -- yeah. today a group of mothers are teaming up to save their home. some say they moved in without a right to be there. >> what they're doing a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. now at 5:00, a deadly wreck on rain-soaked highway 101. >> we have the latest on the investigation straight ahead.


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