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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 30, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i know. it's monday, december 30th. two more days left. >> almost there. let's get a check of the weather. seems like it will clear up just in time for new years. >> yes, that's right. good morning. checking out some cloud cover in the east bay. the north bay is getting cool. the clouds have cleared. the rain is out of here. notice the shaking camera. we have some wind out there. in fact, gusting to near 30 m miles per hour in mount diablo. oakland, 50 for you. the golden gate bridge, it's quiet with temperatures cool, though north of the golden gate bridge, 38 in santa rosa, 46 in concord. winds gusting to 31 miles per hour in mount diablo. this is above 1,000 feet. we have lighter winds at the surface today. temperatures will climb through the 40s and 50s by 10:00. by the afternoon, we're milder. upper 50s, sunny skies to near 60. throughout the afternoon, temperatures dropping off. not as cold as we have been.
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>> good morning. thank you, everyone. no issues right now on our roads. that is what the chp is telling us. live look now at san rafael, 101 here. moving nice and smoothly this morning for you all. starting off the morning commute. if you're going to work, i'm assuming a lot of people are staying home. metering lights are not on at the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, smooth ride as well. no problems there. no fog either except for portions of the north bay and through the altamont pass. not causing any manjor issues. we have a mass transit alert for you all. light rail service was introduced on saturday for a new orange line and redesigned blue and green line. check it all out and see if it works for you. developing news, northbound highway 101 through san jose is back open after someone was hit and killed late last night. it happened south of brokaw road just before 11:30. all lanes were closed for two hours while the chp investigated. police say the driver did stop.
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no word on why the victim was on the highway. police in novato are looking for witnesses or surveillance video to help them find a man who attacked a woman. it happened saturday night when the woman got out of her car on olive at 3rd street. the man grabbed the victim and put an object to her back, possibly a knife, and demanded money. the attacker is described as being 5'9" to six feet tall weighing 200 to 240 pounds. he was wearing black clothing and black leather gloves. the woman got away when another car drove by and she screamed, startling the suspect. police say they're increasing patrols in the area. >> thanks, jobina. in the east bay, smash and grab suspects didn't get far with their stolen loot in concord. police posted these photos on social media after they were caught stealing from the jcpenney's at sun valley mall. you can see some of the items
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recovered in the car. the thieves led them on pursuit and police used spike strips to stop the car on highway 4. steven mills was arrested late saturday night. a woman called police saying she saw him breaking into her car. mills was booked three weeks ago on grand contempt charges. a small space heater may have sparked this house fire. crews responded just before 5:00 last night. one person who live there's was trying to put out the fire with a garden hose. that person was treated for possible smoke inhalation. the fire caused $250,000 in damage. now to the developing impeachment showdown. >> republicans and democrats are facing off over how president trump will be tried in the senate. days after the house voted to impeach him, the president and republicans are lashing out at
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house speaker snowscy f nancy p withholding the articles of impeachment. nancy pelosi is standing firm concerned about what senate proceedings would look like after mitch mcconnell said he wants to work in total coordination with the white house. >> we keep hearing president trump saying you're going to be exonerated if you have a rigged trial, there's no exoneration in acquittal. >> it's not a criminal trial. the senate is not really a jury. it's jury and judge. there are no rules here. >> a new sunday night report from the "new york times" says white house officials had urged the president to release the withheld funds to ukraine. >> a major part of our commitment to building a better bay area is, of course, homelessness. today the court battle continues for a group of mothers occupying a vacant home in oakland, trying to challenge an eviction order. the group moms for housing moved into the magnolia street home with their children last month to draw attention to the bay area homeless crisis.
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a judge ordered them to leave but he has given them a chance to make their case for staying. the real estate firm wedgewood says it wants to sell the home to a first time home buyer. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our building a better bay area group on facebook. wildfire victims have until tomorrow to filed a claim against pg&e. it is part of the utility's bankruptcy process. claims can be submitted for fires that occurred before january 29th this year. it means those affected by the camp fire and north bay firestorm can file. people can submit a claim in person at a claims center or online. if you missed a deadline, that means no compensation from the utility. a plan to expand the airport in the south bay. the proposal that would mean a dramatic difference to san jose airport. the best glow up in the bay area. the festival happening now that will show your sides some i could ye kids some
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the rain has pulled away. looking at live doppler 7, there's some showers, if you're heading down towards the central coast and cloudy skies from san bruno to san mateo, 51 degrees, bell monday and redwood city in the upper 40s. fog forming in the north bay by santa rosa, it's chilly, 38 there. 44 in the east bay, 45 in san ramon. those winds around mount diablo gusting to 31 miles per hour. lighter winds throughout the day today, you can see the camera shaking here. if you're headed out, conditions good at our beaches tomorrow. the swell really increases through new year's day. the waters will be calm today, and it's going to take a while to warm up. when we do, we will be warmer than we have been. 57 in oakland. 59 in san jose. 630 60 in concord. tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 40s. a few low 50s. through the overnight hours, increasing clouds will keep us on the mild side in the mid to
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upper 40s. jobina? >> thank you, lisa. good morning. we're following a crash right now in sunnyvale, serious injuries may be involved. this a two-car crash blocking three lanes. this is southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. emergency crews are on the way to the scene. it looks like a backup is beginning to form. we'll keep you posted on how things progress. moving up to the golden gate bridge, live look there, things are looking good. the road is still a little damp. be aware of slick conditions possibly as you head out the door. in san francisco, 280 at king street, nice and clear as well. you can see the caltrains sitting there ready to go for the morning commute. >> the countdown to up with of the most legendary new year's eve parties begins. the important test to make sure all the pieces work together as planned. >> we'll have that in a second. as we head to break, a live look outside here at the airport.
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welcome back. the ntsb is investigating the helicopter crash that killed seven people in hawaii. the pilot and six tourists were visiting a remote part of the coast on a tour. they were a mile inland when they struck a cliff wall and plummeted 100 yards down. those killed include a 13-year-old boy and a family of four visiting from switzerland and the 69-year-old pilot. the crash is raising questions about oversight of helicopter tours. a >> tourist helicopters may or may not be held to the highest maintenance standards. they may or may not have the best pilots. do they have a good reputation? do the helicopters look new and well taken care of? these are some things they can do to take care of themselves and prevent these mishaps. >> just how dangerous are these tours? that's ahead on "gma." this morning, there's a proposal to dramatically expand mineta san jose international airport.
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the plan includes adding a concourse with 14 new gates, building a hotel and a 5,000 space parking garage. partners at the "mercury news" worthwhile this would boost the number of passengers in silicon valley, the additional pollution is a concern. there's an environmental report going through public review. san jose leaders will take up the plan in the next two-ways. ac transit transbay bus fares are going up in the new year. if you take the bus across the bridge, you can expect to pay 50 cents more a trip starting on wednesday. the adult transbay fare jumps from $5.50 to $6. discount fares for youth, seniors, disabled passengers remains at 3. the increase is part of a five-year plan to pay for the salesforce transit center. the clock is ticking to the annual ball drop in times square. >> this weekend the annual confetti test was held ahead of the celebration. take a look. >> three, two, one!
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>> i feel for those who have to clean it up. >> the test was a success. 3,000 pounds of confetti will be released new year's eve. the ball test is said to take place today. the famed crystal ball will be lit up and sent up the 130-foot pole atop times square. you can watch dick clark's rocking new year's eve tomorrow on abc7. >> that's one of those things you have to get it right. >> you have one job. >> we didn't test it. we don't know. sorry. >> i wonder if that ever happened. three, two, one, and nothing happens. >> we're looking at a weather change. yesterday was rainy and cool. today is starting out with dry conditions. the rain has ended. the north bay picked up over an inch. the rest of us anywhere from about 0.2 inches to a third of
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an inch. right now you can see we're in between systems. that system pulling away into southern california. another one blocked by a ridge of high pressure building in. 39 in santa rosa with fog. 50 in oakland. that's where clouds are hanging on. keeping it milder out there. 57 today in oakland, 60 in concord. in the upper 50s for you on the peninsula. 59 in san jose. another look at a big party night tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. the clouds thicken by 4:00. heading out, partly cloudy and cool. by midnight, some fireworks. you may have cloud cover here in the city. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. the accuweather seven-day forecast. dry today, sunnier today and looking at january 1st to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with milder conditions.
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low 60s through thursday. we were thinking about some rain, now looking like the work week is dry for the next seven days. jobina? >> good morning, everyone. we're continuing to follow a crash in san jose involving two cars blocking three lanes. this is southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. you can see now that orange line earlier has turned into red and yellow as it gets closer to the crash site there. injuries have been reported. emergency crews are on the way. we'll follow this throughout the morning. hopefully those people are okay and those injuries are minor. looking live at the bay bridge. metering lights are not on this morning. it is 6:18. i'm willing to bet they will not come on this morning. the ferries are running on a reduced service schedule for today and tomorrow due to the holiday. b.a.r.t. has 49 trains running now. all of them are on time.
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all ace trains are operating with no delays. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 on abc7. >> ginger zee has a live look at what's ahead. >> good morning liz and kumasi. nice to be with you. g coming up on "gma," we have more on the texas church shooting and the hanukkah stabbing in new york. we'll have more on the investigation and the heroes who helped save lives. and the holiday storm alert. so many folks with those blizzard conditions over the holiday weekend, now that foot and a half of snow plus the ice and a tornado potential, they had seven reported tornadoes in mississippi moving through the east coast. we'll tell you who has to be on alert. ohio this morning, 100,000 customers already without power from the wind from the storm. you'll want to see my new year's eve forecast. a medical emergency for zac efron. reportedly facing a life threatening illness. had to be airlifted and stuff. wait until you hear this story.
6:20 am
we'll tell you about his recovery and his message for everyone. and i have some sparkly stars and pants on so you know we're close to new year's eve. we counting rocking new year and 2020 just around the corner. >> i'm loving the jacket. >> somebody said i looked like a magician. i was like good. >> fine. >> that's how i want it in 2019. magically making your opinion your opinion. >> love it. bye. coming up, elon musk's big project that he says will be ready next year. the road to the super bowl will go through san francisco for the first time in more than 20 years a look at the game that made the niners the nfc west champions.
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. good morning to you. waking up to fog in the north bay. later on, one of the milder conditions, santa rosa, 61. 58 in sausalito. looking at some clouds now in the east bay, it will be 57 by 4:00, 3:30. hayward in the upper 50s as well as richmond. so, the clouds clearing the south bay.
6:24 am
we're left with sunny skies, a mild afternoon with morgan hill at 60. 58 in gilroy. and if you like today, the dry weather will continue. we'll increase the clouds throughout the next couple of days. for now, we have a lot of sun on the way. liz? >> that sounds good. happening today, cal will play in their third bowl game in the last five years. this one is right here in the bay area. the golden bears take on the fighting illini of illinois in the red box bowl this afternoon at levi stadium. cal is looking for its eighth within of the season as they compete against circumstancsix-s out of the big ten. elon musk says his underground transit system with self-driving vehicles underneath the los angeles convention center could be up and running by 2020. the self-driving teslas will transport up to 16 people at a time through parallel tunnels. each running in a single
6:25 am
direction. for a lot of people their inner child will have to wait until april to enjoy sights brought to life by a group of model railroaderers in the bay. one model train enthusiast explained why he thinks the place is so special. >> i think they're in awe when they walk in and see all these different trains. you never know what you'll see. you might see old steam. old passengers, old diesel. kids will come and they don't want to leave, kicking and screaming at the end of the day. >> one layout simulates the journey taken between the bay area and donner summit. the museum reopens in april. >> that's pretty cool. happening today, a dazzling display of lights is letting the imagination run wild at the exploratorium. >> the annual glow festival of lights exhibit just kicked off.
6:26 am
the glow festival of lights is taking place through january 26th. this is one of the many special illuminated installations and kinetic sculptures. there are light tables that respond to touch, software programmed light displays and a 26 foot exhibit. the globe festival runs through january 26th. tickets start at $25, they're on the exploratorium's website. all northbound lanes of highway 101 are open this morning. it was closed down for several hours as chp investigated a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. abc7 news has the latest on the investigation after this. also ahead this morning, riley curry had some pretty adorable moments with her dad over the past few years. now they have a new father/daughter handshake. as we head to break, a live look outside here. gorgeous view of the san francisco
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now at 6:30, a deadly crash on highway 101 in the south bay overnight. all traffic forced to exit as investigators try to figure out how it happened. what we know this morning. >> he was my best friend. it's hard. >> remembering the three teens
6:30 am
killed in the christmas night crash. the emotional vigil at dublin high school. rain dampened the weekend. will we see more rain this week? >> i believed in our team. our team believes in each other. >> the 49ers are the nfc west champions. a look at the road to the super bowl. good morning, everyone. it is monday, december 30th. >> i know. hope y'all had a good holiday week. some of you are probably still at home, sleeping in, enjoying a few days before going back to work. if you're hitting the road, you're with us. >> this is beautiful. i hope you all are sleeping. >> go back to bed. there's a lot of people out looking for things to do. today is a good day to maybe go to the coast. it will be sunny, just to enjoy the sun. there's live doppler 7. looking at the clouds pulling away, yeah, roof camera showing
6:31 am
that we are looking at good conditions here in san francisco, 49. 50 in oakland. the clouds linger through much of the night. that's why we're so mild. the breeze, look at our east bay hills camera. it's shaking there. above 1,000 feet. the winds are gusty. it's 39 in napa. 38 in santa rosa. fog in the north bay. these breezy winds in the upper elevations backing off. we'll have west winds today up to about 15 miles per hour. mid 50s to near 60 today. plenty of sun. we'll talk about a few more clouds for our new year's eve and new year's day forecast. jobina? >> good morning. i want to get to this crash we're following in san jose. it involves two cars, three lanes still blocked. this is southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. you can see that backup is forming there. we've been watching it grow throughout the morning here. injuries have been reported. emergency crews are there. we are waiting to hear more about this cleanup effort. again, three lanes blocked now. southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. moving up to orinda, we were following a solo car crash, this
6:32 am
is at the off-ramp, it has cleared. it has cleared up there. so things should get moving shortly. 880 at the coliseum, things are looking good. >> we are following developing news. right now police are investigating a crash that left a pedestrian dead. >> this is all happening on the northbound side of 101 at brokaw road in san jose. all the lanes are back open now. julian glover is live there with what we know. >> good morning to you liz and kumasi. the good news this morning is all of the northbound lanes of highway 101 are back up this morning. chp had several northbound lanes closed for hours overnight as they were investigating this deadly crash involving a pedestrian, struck and killed in the northbound lanes. here's some video of what the scene looked like last night. this happened around 11:30. we are told by chp that the driver of that car did stop.
6:33 am
it is unclear if the driver was cited or will be facing any charges. you'll again notice in the video that this all happened just steps away from bay 101 casino. chp telling me it's unclear where the pedestrian might have been headed. again, crossing those northbound lanes of 101. the big picture this morning, this latest deadly crash making it the deadliest year on record for the bay area's largest city when it comes to traffic fatali fatalities. now making 30 fatalities involving pedestrians. i'm julian glover, abc7 news. three teens killed in that christmas night crash are being remembered as well. >> classmates and family members turned out to dublin high school for a candlelight vigil. javier ramirez and mark anthony and michelangelo urista died in the crash in pleasanton. according to the chp, the car they were in veered out of control and hit a utility pole
6:34 am
and a tree. the twins mother said they went out that night to console a friend and never returned. >> it's going to be hard going to school not seeing him. you would walk on to campus, he would be there to make you smile. >> grief counselors will be at the high school on january 7th when students returned. the two students who survived have major injuries. we have links to their gofundme pages on this morning the university of kansas men's basketball team is waking up in the south bay after their plane was forced to turn around. one engine failed after taking off. emergency crews surrounded the boeing 737 after it returned yesterday around 5:30 p.m. the jayhawks beat stanford over the weekend. the kansas team says they will head back home when they're able
6:35 am
to do so safely. football is said to be a game of inches, there's no better example of that than the niners game. >> the niners secured home field advantage by a matter of inches against one of their most hated rivals, the seahawks. jobina is here to tell us all about it. >> this is so major. i tweeted about it. i asked people on twitter, do you think they can pull this off, take it to the super bowl? the answer is yes. obviously a biased crowd, but okay. the 49ers fshf first nfc title win since 2012. the niners made a huge stop at the goal line to win the game, 26-21. quarterback jimmy garoppolo says the team was full of emotion. >> nerve-racking. anxiety. every game we've had lately seems like it has come down to the last play. this is no different. we're resilient. the last two years it wouldn't
6:36 am
always turn out the best for us. this year we had a couple tough ones, but for the majority of them got mentally tough and sticking with it. it paid off for us. >> definitely has paid off. the niners have a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the nfc playoffs. they only need to win twice at levi stadium to make it into the super bowl. their first playoff game will be january 11th. kickoff is at 1:35 p.m. i know we will all be watching and pulling for them. >> belated christmas gift for everyone. >> sure. >> especially because the 49ers faithful have been waiting for this for such a long time. we're happy about this. >> yeah. look, they were in the bar packed. >> kate is a pro. i don't know -- covering something like that is crazy. >> let's go niners! let's go niners! >> yes, this is what was going
6:37 am
on. everybody really excited. kind of tense watching the game leading up to the last few moments. this was in kezar pub which is across from the stadium where the 49ers at one time played. >> special night. number one seed. getting to the super bowl this year. >> people are excited. the 49ers bring that excitement to the city. >> right now on the official ticket exchange, the cheapest seat for the january 11th game is 290 bucks. >> my gosh. there's a lot of excited people getting ready to go to that game. some 49erers fans are stocking up on more merchandise for the playoffs. >> it's not just about shirts and jerseys. >> i'm looking for a 49ers necktie to wear to a wedding. because when is the wedding? >> over the divisional weekend. i didn't expect playoffs. >> so are you having second thoughts about going to the wedding?
6:38 am
>> i have to say no. i have to say no for people watching. >> i have to say. i will be unfriended if i say anything else. >> we know what he's thinking. >> we checked out dick's sporting goods in daly city. the last time the 49ers won the nfc west was in 2012 but they went on to lose to the ravens in the super bowl. >> i hope he finds his tie. this morning the raiders no longer exist or at least as we have come to know them for the last 24 years. the team didn't have any spark yesterday losing to the broncos. with the loss and other nfl results from yesterday, the raiders were kicked out of playoff contention. we're entering the era of the las vegas raiders. new numbers out showing if b.a.r.t.'s new fare evader
6:39 am
strategy is pulling off. >> and steph curry greets his daughter with a handshake. how cute. that's coming up. >> we are looking at wet weather pulling away from the central coast. a big ridge of high pressure deflecting these clouds away from the bay area. much of california giving us a sunny day. we are looking at cool numbers in the north bay. nice view here from our roof camera. temperatures are in the upper 40s for you in san francisco. 47 in gilroy. 50 at the coast. and for mount tam, looks nice to the north bay. it is chilly. santa rosa is at 38. 39 in napa. 44 in livermore. the clouds have lingered a bit in the east bay and south bay. a little warmer there. we lost some of that insulation in the north bay. today will be a good day on the water. tomorrow the waves kick up. it's getting dangerous at our beaches. new year's eve into new year's day, northwesterly swells.
6:40 am
today it is calm out there. 57 in oakland. 59 in san jose. partly cloudy tonight. patchy fog mainly in the low to mid 40s. we're looking at increasing clouds new year's eve. new year's day, milder with some 60s arriving. jobina? >> thank you, lisa. good morning. i want to get back to the issue we're following in the south bay. chp updating this location. it's in sunnyvale, southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. two cars involved in the crash. three lanes blocked. we will continue to follow this. injuries have been reported. san jose, 87 here looking good this morning. no problems that i'm seeing over there. nor am i seeing issues on the richmond-san rafael bridge. you can see a slight backup there. once you get on the bridge, you move over quickly. we have a service alert for you for mass transit. new and discontinued routes for the vta, light rail service was introduced on saturday for a new orange line and redesigned blue and green lines. check out that information on
6:41 am
their website and see if it can wo
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[ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
6:44 am
good monday morning. showers pulling away from the coast. could see a few around los angeles early, but then mostly cloudy there. 65. 60 and sunny in sacramento. headed up to the sierra nevada, upper 30s today. queue yet. tomorrow, more sun, lower 40s. getting slightly warmer through the new year with mostly cloudy skies. lower 40s on wednesday. looks like no new snow in the forecast for the week ahead. >> thanks, lisa. developing news this morning, we're learning more about the gunman who opened fire inside a texas church killing two people and hurting three more. the shooting was captured on the
6:45 am
live stream of the service. armed church-goers fatally shot the man after his short spray of gunfire. police are calling in the fbi to determine what the motive was. the identity of the suspect and the victims have not been released. new york's governor is calling the attack on a rabbi's home an act of terrorism. five people were stabbed during a weekend hanukkah celebration and among them the rabbi's son. the suspect is 38-year-old grafton thomas. he was later caught in harlem. the suspect's family released a statement last night saying thomas has a long history of mental illness and hospitalizations. back here in the bay area, the jewish community is reacting to the violence back east saying it has to end. the location on sixth street is visible and has increased security since last year's shooting at a synagogue in pittsburg. many locations have increased security after seeing an increase in anti-semitism. >> we are seeing just some people out of touch and a lot of
6:46 am
hatred, a lot of heartache, and they go out and raise havoc. >> despite the anger, the rabbi said it's important to focus on the meeting of the eight little candles pushing out of the darkness. police are investigating an act of vandalism targeting the area's oldest african-american church. someone sprayed angry messages on the restroom doors and in the breezeway of the ame zion church. police say the vandalism happened sometime saturday morning. officers believe the suspect is a white man between the ages of 35 and 45 years old with blond hair. the church is the oldest african-american christian-based church between san mateo and san jose. a new york university doctor is suing cupertino based apple. he claims the company stole his technology. >> the cardiologist says apple used his patented heartbeat monitoring technology. he said he sent a patent and sent the text to apple after
6:47 am
releasing their series 3 smart watch. a year later they launched the series 4 with fib detection. a company that makes in-home smart devices confirmed a data breach affecting 2.4 million users. wise labs says the information was left exposed between the 24th and the 26th. exposed information included names, email addresses, wifi names, camera names, personal health information, too. luckily no passwords or financial information was exposed. just when you think you couldn't get enough of the curries, warriors star steph curry shared this super sweet moment with his eldest daughter, riley. >> check it out. curry was courtside before the game at chase center. he stopped by to say hi to his family. that's when this went down. 7-year-old riley planted a kiss on her dad's cheek. he was like okay, we did that. high five. >> too cute. >> he's been out since late october because of his broken left hand.
6:48 am
that didn't stop him handshake. >> i love the whole family still shows up to the games to support and be there. >> i want to know who came up with the shake. something tells me it's riley. who knows. very cute. >> he goes along with it. >> looks good. weather looks good out there today with a lot of sun arriving. we're looking at the showers and the clouds sinking south. they are moving out of california. we picked up an inch plus in the north bay to 0.2 on the peninsula. maybe a third elsewhere. here's the exploratorium camera. beautiful out there. 49 in san francisco. 47 in san jose and gilroy. 50 on the coast. the cool numbers in the north bay. clouds cleared here earlier. upper 30s from santa rosa, napa, fog through petaluma. mid 40s for you in the inland east bay. today, upper 50s to near 60. we start a very slow warming trend in the next couple of days. mostly sunny skies, westerly winds throughout the day today.
6:49 am
tomorrow the swell builds. if you have the day off, many of you do looking at some dangerous conditions at the coast. the clouds increasing a bit throughout the afternoon. nighttime temperatures upper 40s to near 50. by midnight, we're in the 40s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. accuweather seven-day forecast, new year's day, in the 60s. milder with clouds. the rest of the week into the weekend looking at a mix of clouds and sun with milder readings out there. jobina? >> thank you. good morning. we're still continuing to follow this issue in sunnyvale no changes at this point. southbound 101 at lawrence expressway. a two-car crash there blocking three lanes. injuries have been reported. emergency crews are on the scene. there's a slowdown in the area. i'll update you as soon as we hear those lanes have been reopened. hopefully it's not too serious. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are not on. you can see the traffic is very light this morning. so, i'm thinking people are
6:50 am
still enjoying their holiday break. much busier in emeryville on 80. the headlights moving in towards the maze. and a quick peek at our mass transit updates. ferries are running on a reduced service today and tomorrow. it's also on the winter schedule. b.a.r.t. has 58 trains running now. all ace trains are on time. hard to believe we're entering a new decade tomorrow night. if you're celebrating there's plenty of help to get you where you want to go. >> several bay area transit agencies are providing free rides. in san francisco you can ride muni for free starting at 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 in the morning on new year's day. muni will double service for its late night owl routes. samtrans and caltrain will be free starting at 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve. free rides last until 2:00 a.m. when the last southbound train leaves san francisco. >> all rides on vta are free now through new year's eve night. vta changed several routes to attract new users. b.a.r.t. will not be free and they will be skipping some san
6:51 am
francisco downtown stations to deal with crowds. check the website for those details. b.a.r.t.'s early morning sweeps appear to be working when it comes to stopping fare evaders. phil matier wrote about it in the sunday morning chronicle. b.a.r.t. began the sweeps on eastbound bay trains in september. as we told you before, b.a.r.t. began the sweeps on eastbound trains from the embarcadero station in september. last month b.a.r.t. said complaints for quality of life issues fell 5% compared to november 2018. b.a.r.t. plans to expand the sweeps. as a reminder, you can read phil matier's columns in the "san francisco chronicle" every wednesday and sunday. look at this gorgeous picture from the grand con oany. some of the roads in the area had to be closed. they have since been reopened and cleared giving visitors this spectacular view. >> look at that. >> gorgeous. so nice. next, 7 things to know before you go.
6:52 am
>> and as we head to break, a live look outside. look at everybody just driving along. no drama, no traffic. we like it like that. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's 6:54. let's start by getting another check of the weather. we have some good weather to look forward to leading up to new years. >> we do. we don't have any rain. and we're talking about dry conditions. >> yeah. seven sithings to know now. >> number one, a pedestrian was hit and killed overnight on highway 101 near brokaw road in san jose. the chp says the driver stopped and cooperated. there's no word on why the pedestrian was on the highway. number 2, friends and family held a vigil to remember three teens killed in a christmas night crash. javier ramirez and michael and mark anthony urista died. two others are in the hospital with major injuries. number three, the bay area jewish community feeling angry after a stabbing at a rabbi's home in new york left five people injured. places of worship here have
6:56 am
increased security in the wake of that violence. number four, congressman john lewis has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. he says he plans to continue working while receiving treatment. number five, 30s and 40s now. sunny skies, upper 50s to near 60 today. number six, following a two-car crash blocking three lanes in sunnyvale. this is southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. injuries have been reported. we're getting word that one car hit an electronic highway sign. now fire is on the scene because smoke is coming from that sign. and number seven, the 49ers have clinched their first nfc title win since 2012. their defense made this huge play at the end of the game to beat the seahawks. they only need to win twice at levis stadium to make it to the super bowl. i have full faith that it will happen. >> feeling it? >> yes. >> you said it a while ago. >> i sure did, liz. thank you. >> we have to give credit where credit is due. not there yet. >> that's okay. i'll be that overly excited
6:57 am
person. i'm pumped. i'll be on this end of the table with all the excitement for everyone. >> well, "good morning america" is coming up next. thanks f you work hard. you play hard. a drink with friends can turn into two. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought.
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stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. good morning, america. as we join you this monday morning, the search for answers after tragic attacks on two communities of faith. church shooting horror. a gunman opens fire on parishioners in texas killing two before fellow churchgoers take him down. >> we're going to need help. >> the attack caught on the church's livestream. the heroes who jumped in to help stopping the shooting in just six seconds. also this morning, new details on that horror at a hanukkah party. a man stabbing five people at a rabbi's home before escaping. the moment he's finally arrested as new york's governor calls this an act of domestic terrorism. holiday storm alert. as millions get ready to travel for the new year, blizzard


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