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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 5, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a former army medic, made of the we maflexibility to handle members like kate. whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy.
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she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa with serious injuries after a ski crash. why his family is upset at a popular tahoe resort? and tracking a cold night on the way before we see a return of rain to the forecast. we'll have all the timing in the accuweather ahead. >> in san jose after thieves stole thousands of dollars for toys, this community came together. abc 7 news starts right now. now, news to build a better bay area, from abc 7 news. >> we begin this sunday night with iran and the u.s. on the brink. these are images from tehran where the funeral for soleimani has just ended and the president
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seen here returning to the white house tonight insisting that americans are safer with soleimani dead. but security remains on alert both here and a broad. thanks for joining us i'm dion lim. there were several new developments today. iran said they would no longer abide by the nuclear limits from the 2015 deal. it's a move that could put iran on the path to build an atomic bomb. also voted to exprel u.s. troops. president trump responded by threatening by what he called very big sapgss. president trump returned to washington d.c. tonight after spending the holidays at mar-a-lago estate in florida. has some democrats claiming the president might draw the u.s. into another endless war in the middle east. president trump has practically dared iran to retaliate informing congress by tweet should iran hit any u.s. target the u.s. will quickly and fully
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strike back. and perhaps in a disproportionate matter. that worries democrats. >> i worry the actions president took will get us into another endless war in the middle east. he promised we wouldn't have that and i think we are closer now because of his actions. called for ending costly wars. >> the plan is to get out of endless wars. to bring our shoulders back home. to not be policing agents all over the world. >> he said so as recently as new year's eve specifically in reference to iran. >> i want to have peace. i like peace. and iran should want peace more than anybody. >> but that night at mar-a-lago the wheels were already in motion. after the president saw the protests at the u.s. embassy in baghdad and blamed iran. according to "the new york times," aids provided president with variety of options.
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times reports he chose the most extreme one. at about 5:00 p.m. in the evening january 2 he made the final call authorizing the drone strike that killed soleimani. >> tonight house speaker nancy pelosi sent a letter to the colleagues in the house to limit the president's military actions regarding iran. there are reports from the counsel on american islamic relations that more than 60 iranians and were retained this weekend somas long as 11 hours reportedly happened at the blaine station in washington. but according to customs and border officials those reports are false. those making the claim were asked if they had been members of the iranian revolutionary gard. congressman sent out this tweet saying people of iranian decent including american citizens and green card holders are
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reportedly being retained by cdp officials. we can't let this stand. she posted a phone number. a group of american chanted this. >> abc7 news was in san francisco union square for this afternoon rallies. they believed soleimani's death may empower his loved ones and millions of others in iran. >> with the assassination of soleimani head terrorists people will have the upper hand. this is a good news for democrats in iran especially since people have risen. >> local iranian americans also blame iran as government and military for killing thousands of people who have pushed for change in their homeland.
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now the abc7 push alert sent out this, be the first to know and news sent to your mobile device through the abc7 news alerts. here in the bay area friends and family gathered to remember zeng today. held in the neighborhood where his laptop was stolen on new year's eve. he died chasing the they've. here is news reporter. >> montclair, he is a warrior. he tried to protect his items. he worked hard for that computer. >> reporter: this nearby business owners praise was met with applause for his courage by the huge crowd that came out for the vigil in his memory. >> the fact that he stood up for himself, i'm so deeply sorry that he paid the ultimate price
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for that. >> reporter: shuo zeng died chasing after the man who stole his laptop. his sister flew in. >> he was like my role model. i was always looking up to him. and he's always there for me to support me. like every every single time. i flo i know that i can count on him. >> reporter: shuo zeng was a top ten global leaders in science. >> took on and learning a basically a new field and became one of the very few expert in that >> reporter: for looking out for others.
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>> this was true, he was an amazing human being railroads his family flew in from china yesterday but didn't attend this vigil. this memorial made up of post it nets will give to his family before he leaves. abc 7 news. >> sad. they say he actually caught up to the they've and get away car waiting for him. investigators say there was a struggle and hit him as the suspects got away. two men have been arrested. lee charged with involuntary manslaughter. reed accused of being the get away driver charged with special circumstances and second degree robbery. on monday oakland is announcing violence prevention and introduce the person in charge of running it. city is also supposed to reveal latest crime stats from 2019. >> 10-year-old san francisco boy
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was seriously injured in a skiing accident at a lake tahoe resort and the family feels the resort shares some of the blame. here with the story. >> reporter: the boy's father took this photo of square valley patrol helping his son. they came back to the bay area and saw a spine surgeon who said the boy might have life long back issues. >> reporter: 10-year-old showed us his tem poback brace. >> a boy knocked the wind out of me. >> reporter: he was skiing on new year's eve when a ski team crashed into him. >> seeing your child being hit in high speed i was incredibly shocked, scared for his life. >> reporter: joseph saw the
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13-year-old speed down the hill with a friend before he crashed into his son. according to doctors, no lan may deal with some permanent height loss. >> i'm not that tall to begin with. and maybe even shorter that kind of upsets me. >> it is a dangerous sport. >> sure. >> reporter: and i would hope every skier knows that. does any part of you feel like this is an accident? >> i mean, clearly it was an accident. but very preventable. i think there was negligence and reckless ness on the part of the other two boys. >> reporter: mountain safety code is on the website. number one rule to always stay in control and be able to stop. as part of a lengthy statement, squaw said based 0en a ski control witness, they concluded this was not caused by recless skiing but rather inherent risk
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that they take on. they say the pass was suspended. joseph said for only a week. punishment that nolan says is unfair based on the severity of his injuries. >> that doesn't seem that bad. and i have to lose a season of two basketball teams. >> reporter: nolan and joseph both say they would see more pro-active. for abc 7 news i'm kate larson back to you. >> still ahead abc7 news at 11:00. the sudden side show in san francisco. our cameras are on the scene moments before police showed up. >> plus cameras catch the thieves taking church money that was supposed to buy presents for children. how the community turned it into ha new year miracle. >> and saw a lot of sunshine. now tonight cooler air moving in before we
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this dangerous side show ee rup erupted at mission district this afternoon. cars took over the streets spinning donuts with big crowds of onlookers cheering the drivers on. police responded to break up the demonstration of the officers pulled over at least one car. a san jose church celebrated something of a miracle tonight after thieves made off a box filled with donations. there was some dougt they would be able to hand out gifts at
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tonight's three kings celebration. but the local community was not about to let that happen. news reporter was there. >> reporter: tonight is an answer to many prayers. >> they ran because i wanted to be the first one to get it but then i saw a bunch of people already there. >> reporter: two weeks ago these images of joy seemed almost impossible after thieves stole these in celebration of at this church. >> for a lot of people sadness and anger. but i think that pretty quickly people simply said, you know, we are going to make it right. >> reporter: father says this was a blessing in unifying the community total
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$13,000 were donated surpassing this church's goal. throughout the day children got presents and said how thankful they are. >> i'm grateful for what i got. >> reporter: some even had had a message for the thieves that are still outstanding. >> you have to work for it. not just go to a random community and steal their money. >> reporter: now the church has plans for the money they have left over. >> with the left over money we'll help out kids that go to catholic schools. we are going to be able t give them scholarships. >> reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. >> it is enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy. shifting to the weather, we do have a cool down, right, drew? >> yeah, cold start to the day as many of us are back to work and school of a the holidays. but tomorrow afternoon we'll rebound pretty nicely with a lot of sunshine.
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live doppler 7 showing you we are dry. today was picture perfect. outside live look you can see from the roof top camera here at kgo you'll see dry conditions and it will stay quiet over the next 24 hours. so take a look at the accuweather what to expect in the near term. tonight what we are tracking. it is a chilly night on the way. but we will see a lot of sunshine tomorrow and the sun really febted us warming us into the 50s and 60s tomorrow afternoon. showers, they do return to the forecast tuesday night. right now looks like ts best chance of wet weather would be in the north bay. next seven days quiet week by january standards. this time of year significant storms. we are not going 0 see any sort of soaking over the next seven days. just some light showers out there. today temperatures in the 30s.
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50 in novato. 39 in livermore and san mateo currently checking in at 49 degrees. overnight the numbers continue to fall well into the 30s across many of our communities. 39 in fremont. dropped to 39 in santa cruz. we'll have foggy spots tomorrow morning. best chance of finding fog will be in the north bay and also in the inland east bay. otherwise a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon. again, mild afternoon for january numbers. mid-50s to lower 60s for high. so across the region enjoy this tomorrow. really nice start to the week. 57 in the city for high. 59 in oakland. same in san jose. touch about 61 in concord after the chilly start in 30s. 58 the high for palo alto. so the set up high pressure off our coastline supplying us with the sunshine in the afternoon after that brisk morning. but high pressure gives way to a storm in the pacific northwest.
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as that storm approaches thes west coast on tuesday, we'll find increasing clouds here at home. this hen we'll get scraped by the tail end of a front that will bring us the chance of a light shower. so tuesday you can see in the evening future weather by 7:00 p.m. there you can see the light showers mainly focused in the north bay. as this front sinks to the south, it really doesn't fall apart. so any wet weather less than a tenth of an inch, but some areas will need umbrella. a lot of sunshine tomorrow after the brisk morning. tuesday increasing cloud cover and chance of a light shower in the north bay. light storm on the storm impact scale. morning drizzle likely on thursday. then next chance of any showers coming next saturday during the niners game. keep your eye on that. but light to start out the weekend. >> we'll break the news. >> he's not happy about the
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low rider magazine founded by san jose state students 42 years ago published last paper edition. known from chicano and car culture. fans of the magazine say it was one of a kind. >> for me it's pride, you know, to see ourselves in this magazine and to check out what are the latest, you know, low riders that have been built outside of my area. >> the publisher says it will continue to publish articles online. it told the chronicle it made the tough decision to end print circulation because of more online leadership. today is unofficially known as dating sunday because it's a big day for singles to sign up. the website match expects 80% of
11:25 pm
jump of new users today the dating app coffee beats bagel says there was 75% increase in signups. there are a number of factors. post holiday break ups and valentine's day approaching. that's what you do when you are on football on commercial break. >> no, that's not what i do. >> totally. >> laser focus on the screen. >> i was talking in general. you just made that about you. >> wild week of football is over. nfl version of the elite 8. niners host the vikings. minnesota stunned the saints to earn a playoff date w
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abc 7 news sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> wild card weekend lived up to the name. three of the four road teams won. they'll watch the rest of the way from home. sent home the saints. niners will face kirk cousins that's because he upset the saints today. here is drew breeze fourth quarter down 10. up top to hill. 20-yard line connection. saints down just 3. 208 score and ties the game. and we are going into overtime. vikings won the toss. so bryees has to watch. and down at the 2 adam. brees hoping he can keep the
11:30 pm
game going. but third and goal cousins up top to rudolph. that's your ballgame. vikings win 26-20. third year saints won final of the game. after cousins first ever win. >> working your way up in the league, now you win a playoff game, guess what you look around and more mountains to climb. you want to get to the super bowl and keep chasing the next mountain. >> these opportunities are few. so, yeah, it's disappointing. if you are not the one holding up the trophy at the end of the year it's disappointing. >> eagles hosting seahawks. niners avoided this game because they won last week. carson wentz takes a hard shot and watch his head. he will leave the game and not return. late in the fourth seahawks head to oakland zone marshan lynch
11:31 pm
into the end zone. midfield now russel wilson airing it out to dk metcalf 53 yard gain touchdown. take a look as he stretches the ball against the goal line. pete carol fired up. they win and take on aaron rodgers and the packers next week. some hockey now brett burns and the sharks all smiles looking for third straight win today. where is his teeth? hockey, you negotiation it's okay they don't have any. >> three goals. a hat trick for evander kane. mouthpieces are good. sharks 4-2. beats martin jones with 49.2 seconds to go. then t.j. with 15 second going to overtime. could you believe that? sharks thought they had it won and ended losing on this. caps win 5-4 in overtime. multi goal lead with less than a minute to go and lose.
11:32 pm
abc 7 news sponsored by river rock casino. count down to niners game. >> weather wise, it's raining. >> get your ponchos. >> wow, these demanding. >> really wants sunshine. i'll try. >> thanks. >> much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, up next stark message from homeland security about the potential for attacking at home. >> and as rainfalls
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! live where you live. this is abc 7 news. once again, good evening i'm
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dion lim. in tonight's headlines, friends, family and strangers held a vigil today honoring shuo zeng in oakland's montclair district. he died after being dragged by a car while he tried to get his laptop after it was stolen at a starbucks. oakland police arrested two suspects. speaker of the house nancy pelosi says a vote will take place to limit president trump's military actions. this follows the air strike that killed a chop iranian general in iraq. he tweeted that they may respond in a disproportionate manner if iran attacks any americans. and protesters rally organizers believe the u.s. action may help millions of iranians seeking democracy. the department of homeland security has issued a new domestic terror bulletin. authorities across the country
11:37 pm
are on heightened alert. here's abc news reporter. >> reporter: tonight a stark message from the homelan security secretary about potential of attacks here at home. acting homeland secretary chad wolf telling the country in a rare saturday statement that in his agency is enhanced posture following the killing of the iranian general. warning that an attack may come with little or no warning. already evidence stepped up security in key locations like new york. >> heightened vigilance in terms of police officers many with long guns at sensitive areas. >> reporter: and while no specific threat has been identified, law enforcement officials telling abc 7 news iran does have potential assets inside the united states. and authorities say iran has significant cyber warfare abilities.
11:38 pm
>> they could do banks or financial sector or even u.s. government systems. >> reporter: abc 7 news, washington. in australia firefighters on the front lines of massive wildfires are getting some relief from light rain and cooler temperatures. but conditions will worsen later this week. the fire has destroyed hundreds of homes and burned millions of acres on the east coast of the country. teams of california firefighters have been dispatched to the fire zone to help. >> these folks we are sending are full time firefighters here locally and work on engines crews, aviation helicopter deployed crews so used to this type of diversity of mission. >> the skies on australia's east coast are ominous orange color caused by the smoke from the fires. meantime governor newsom are chairing the fires in australia to california. today in a tweet australia, california, we are experiencing
11:39 pm
a global climate crisis one that is happening right now. this is not something to deal with ten years from now or five years from now. or two years from now. we need action now. a horrific crash involving three big rigs, a tour bus and car on the pennsylvania turnpike left five people dead and 60 hurt. happened this morning in suburb of pittsburgh. say the tour bus was struck an em bankment. the big rigs behind the bus crashed into it. headed to new york city to cincinnati. bad weather is looked at as a cause for the collision. they say they logical investigate. in the south bay a fire overnight did extensive damage to a mountain view auto repair shop. it started in a vehicle that was inside the shop and spread quickly. firefighters managed to save the rest of the building but the damage is estimated at $300,000.
11:40 pm
no one was hurt and the cause is still under investigation. trial is set to begin tomorrow for a man accused of a deadly stabbing at a bart station. john lee cowl is charged in the death of wilson at the bart station in 2018. last week, cowl's lawyer fired a motion to move the case out of al me al a me n immediate a me da cou. that hearing is scheduled for january 15. >> abc 7 news is committed to building a berth bay area and house something one of the central issues. a pln to develop the concord naval weapons station faces an uncertain future tonight. on tuesday, the city council is expected to discuss a labor agreement being offered by the developer lennar. there has been a become and forth over how union labor should be used. len nar said it could drive up the cost and our partners at the
11:41 pm
east bay times reports the developer could back out of the deal all together. over in berkeley the chronicle reports plans to build a 18-story high-rise apartment complex downtown has been halted. says the developer refused to payout standing fees. project was slated to go on harold way and would have had 300 units plus retail police and movie theater. berkeley approved the high-rise in 2013 but residents went to court to stop it. a judge dismissed all the legal > now we do want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, it was a night of upsets at the golden globes. we have the big winners coming up next. >> meteorologist drew tuma we have a quiet start to the week tomorrow but showers return to the forecast shortly
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trumpand total disaster.mplete let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg
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helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care--- infant mortality rates dropped to record lows. and as mayor, mike bloomberg always championed reproductive health for women. so when you hear mike bloomberg on health care... mrb: this is america. we can certainly afford to make sure that everybody that needs to see a doctor can see a doctor, everybody that needs medicines to stay healthy can get those medicines. nurse: you should know, he did it as mayor, he'll get it done as president. mrb: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the oscars tonight with tonight's golde golden globes. 1917 a movie about world war i best drama. and hollywood legends east bay tom hanks received another honor. here's reporter. >> and golden globes goes to. >> surprises and upsets at this year's golden globes. >> 1917. >> reporter: 1917 the world war i drama winning best drama motion picture. sam mendez also winning for best director. >> and the golden globes goes to joaquin phoenix. >> and the golden globe goes to renee zellweger. >> reporter: among the early winners, russell krou for the "loudest voice." he did not appear to the wildfires in native australia but passed along this message.
11:46 pm
>> move our global workforce to renewable energy and respect our planet for the amazing place it is. >> quentin tarantino taking home three awards including brad pitt golden globe. >> reporter: for marriage story. hbo winning awards for their movies. and earlier in the night winning best actress in that same series. and tom hanks taking home the lifetime achievement award. elizabeth hur, abc news new york. now the attention turns to the oscars. i'll be covering from hollywood and you can watch the 90 second academy awards on february 9 beginning at 3:30 p.m. right here on abc 7 news. australia is in sore need of
11:47 pm
good news that's what beach goers got during this weekend. that is a dolphin going in new south wales south of brisbane. says the dolphin swam up the river and swam right back down with the tide. dolphins are frequent visitors to the area because it's a hot spot for catching fish. folks who visit the beach know not to disturb the wildlife. one last check with weather. better bundle up. cool down is on the way, drew. >> yes, 30s first thing out the door. so heavy jacket on the monday morning. but afternoon turning out nice. right now in the 40s and 50s for the most part under clear skies. and these numbers will continue to fall into the 30s. so we'll see those numbers well into the 30s in the north bay. 32 in santa rosa overnight. 33 in napa. about 39 in san jose. city 39 degrees overnight.
11:48 pm
as we move forward into the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. look at how you recover. upper 60s. 59 in san jose and oakland. 57 in the city. 58 in santa rosa. santa cruz about 60 degrees. turn our attention into tuesday night early wednesday morning chance of sprinkles. you can see where the rain moves through. very light in nature. most spots less than a tenth of an inch shall so not a huge spot. accuweather chance of rain tuesday night. then our next best chance of showers will come on saturday next weekend. a lot of dry periods. >> all right. no change on the saturday forecast since ts last time. >> no. >> did you check? >> i did. >> he tried. >> i appreciate it, drew. >> all right. we'll talk about that game deeper dives into the wild card games look at the vieks ings ki the bees
11:49 pm
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abc 7 news sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> earlier this week the niners were watched about watching the playoffs from home as they enjoy their bye-week. he said he would be watching this week especially tight ends from the other teams. no doubt saw next week's saw them big plays of the weekend. caught a pass from cousins. vikings walked off. afterwards he tweeted what a game. feed the tight end. here's cousins on the game winning score. >> i played a lot of basketball in my life and they brought out pressure and curt gave me a chance and i got up and get the rebound. go up and get it and help our team make a win. >> it's a game of inches and today we found those inches and
11:53 pm
great play and kept his feet on which is a big challenge. made a great play. >> seahawks brought back oakland marshan lynch to play ingrate moments. full beast mode. gave seattle the lead. five of them came on that play. seattle now travels to green bay for the divisional round. russell wilson and pete carol they are glad the beast is back. >> we have everything we want and need. marshan lynch is back. so we have a lot of things going for us. but have to stay the course though. he's great. it's a lot of fun having him on the team. >> great finish. that was a great surge and he wasn't going to let him stop him. fun to see. i know everybody is enjoying the heck out of it. you should. he's classic and doing his thing and helping our football team win. >> in expected move fired jason
11:54 pm
garrett as head coach. officially expires in a week. and team said in a statement they would not negotiate an extension instead of saying fired. cowboys replacement this week. cowboys made playoff three times during his tenure. >> tough time for the warriors. especially steph curry being out. here is sight for soar eyes. opinions removed in december and on the bench more rekrntly at the home games. plans to have him reevaluated in february. but sign of positive news. cleared to travel with the team road games. continue to rehab boost of energy to the young players fighting through this nba season. here's the coach. >> stef has been doing ball handling drills and passing
11:55 pm
drills. i have not seen him shooting yet but working with the hand specialist doing some passing against toss back and stuff like that. >> women's college hoops stanford hosting washington. picking up late stanford up two. great ball movement leads to jump corner. stanford up five. she scored 17. fourth cardinal up 10. hits jumper. game high 20 for her. she can play defense. watch this. great athleticism. jumps. gets the ball ahead to laycy hull for the layup. stanford wins big. 13-1 over all. conference play. head coach leading against washington state today. molina giving them an early lead. dribble drive. and layup gives the cougars up 26-5. she scored 28. second quarter watch her go backdoor. good offense off the glass.
11:56 pm
50-14 game. in the second. cal would show fight. that youngster had fun over all. 96-75. 0-2 in conference. did you see this paul george fresno state product, watch him throw it up there and gets it to go. woo. circus shot. dei deon n is seeing this right now. >> yeah. >> clipper beets the knicks 5-3. >> that was very nick flar in. >> abc 7 news sponsored by river rock casino. >> woo. >> how do you do that? >> they are very good athletes. i don't know if they practice that shot necessarily, but you have to throw it up. >> why not. >> shoot or shoot. >> i looic it. that's it for abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm dion lim for chris andrew
11:57 pm
and all ofs here at abc 7 news thanks for joining us. don't forget abc 7 news news continues tomorrow morning 7:30 a.m. better bundle up. >> yeah. >> no rain saturday. >> no rain saturday. >> no rain saturday. >> nice try, once again. have a great night. and we'll see you in the morning. >> no rain saturday. >> uh-huh. uh-huh.
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