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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 10, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. as we join you this friday morning, iran pushing back hard against growing evidence that their own missile brought down that passenger jet. the new evidence an iranian missile brought down that passenger jet killing all 176 on board. this new video shows what appears to be the moment the 737 is hit, just hours after iran fired missiles at u.s. forces in iraq. iran's angry response this morning. now the u.s. is joining the investigation. bracing for impact. millions now in the path of a major storm on the move from texas to maine bringing snow, ice, flash flooding and tornados. ginger is here tracking the latest. royal rift. queen elizabeth calling an emergency family meeting after that shocking announcement from
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harry and meghan, defying the monarch, saying they're stepping back from being senior royals. now meghan heading back to canada to reunite with baby archie. our royal insider here with the very latest. raging wildfires. conditions worsening right now in australia as those dangerous winds pick up. the new hazard for firefighters on the front lines. glacier rescue, 39 tourists including children, some buried up to their necks in snow. nearly 200 rescue workers racing to save them. body shaming backlash. what superstar singer lizzo is saying after trainer jillian michaels questions her weight and her health. ken jennings taking the lead overnight. we're behind the scenes. who will be the last champ standing?
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good morning, america. happy friday to everybody out there. the battle to be the best is under way on "jeopardy!" ken jennings just one win away from claiming the title of g.o.a.t., greatest of all time. but as we know, anything could happen. >> he's going to be in the hall of fame for that. >> good music choice this morning. >> that was good. we have a very busy friday. we have a lot of news to get to and we begin with new developments in that deadly plane disaster in iran. growing suspicion this morning that the ukrainian airliner was brought down by an iranian missile. >> iran is still denying responsibility but new video has surfaced appearing to show the moment a missile hits, downing the jet, killing all 176 on board. our senior transportation correspondent david kerley starts us off with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. despite the growing chorus from national leaders and a growing body of evidence from the intelligence community, iran continues to deny that it shot down that 737 with 176 on board,
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and that despite this latest piece of evidence, that video apparently showing a direct hit. iran this morning denies this is the moment of impact a skyward missile hitting that 737, a momentary flash of light and seconds later, an explosive sound. taken from a neighborhood where the ukrainian jet was last tracked, the video appearing to confirm what a u.s. source tells abc news, that intelligence sources are confident an iranian anti-aircraft missile hit that jetliner. this video of the crippled jet captured in this tehran neighborhood, the jet in flames breaking apart and exploding three miles away. the power of that ground impact captured by a cctv camera and shown on iranian media. this morning, national leaders from britain, even ukraine echoing what canada's prime minister first declared. >> the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an iranian surface-to-air missile. this may well have been unintentional.
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>> reporter: 63 canadians were among the 176 lost in the crash. the american intelligence community believes that iran turned on and aimed a radar at the jetliner. a radar signal to guide anti-aircraft missiles from a mobile launcher. a u.s. satellite saw the firing of two missiles at the 737. the warheads of those missiles would explode near the aircraft, spraying shrapnel that would pierce the aircraft in multiple locations. pictures of the wreckage seem to highlight holes blasted through the jet, shrapnel holes. experts suggest that just less than four hours after iran had fired missiles at american targets in iraq, tensions were high at the iranian anti-aircraft batteries and a mistake may have been made which killed dozens of iranians as well as canadians. >> they were basically the kindest souls that i knew. >> reporter: many of those canadians on board were students. >> words simply cannot express the grief that we are feeling on campus.
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we're a close-knit community. >> reporter: the ukrainian president paused for that loss as he called for an open investigation and for the west to share that radar and satellite data. iran has been defiant, an official claiming it was scientifically impossible to shoot down the jetliner, but look at what the iranian government did. this was the scene just after the crash. abc news obtained this exclusive video just about 24 hours later, and the wreckage has been cleared, the evidence gone. iran again this morning showing off the black boxes, but apparently has not pulled the data from either one. the answers to this tragedy are in those boxes. and that cleaned up wreckage. iran has now invited western countries to take part investigate investigation including the u.s., but because of a technicality, the ntsb can't accept it until the trump administration says so because of sanctions. if the ntsb is allowed to participate, it's most likely able to invite boeing as well. cecilia? >> david kerley, thank you.
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there are still so many questions about this so let's bring in steve ganyard. good morning. assuming this was an accidental shoot-down, how could something like this happen? >> it's inconceivable, isn't it, cecilia? how could you shoot down an airliner with innocent civilians. but think about it, you had a poorly trained crew in the middle of a field, in the middle of the night thinking that they were about to get attacked and they see an aircraft. they lock it up. they pull the trigger and they shoot. a terrible, terrible mistake, and it's happened before. you remember the malaysian air shoot-down just five years ago in the ukraine. in 1988 a u.s. navy ship shot down an iranian jet. in 2001 you had a ukrainian battery shoot down a russian airplane, so unfortunately, these terrible mistakes have happened in the past. >> we saw that video as you were talking now and in david's piece that seems to show the crash site already cleared. what happens to this investigation now? >> well, as david said, we need
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to get international investigators in there as soon as possible because when you ball up all the wreckage like that, think of it like a crime scene. you're contaminating the crime scene. you're not able to piece together what actually happened based on what's remaining. we need to get international investigators in there and be able to look at the wreckage and piece together and find out what really brought this down and prove that it was a missile that the iranians shot at this airplane. >> if there is no crash site, the iranians are now saying that the black boxes were damaged, is all the evidence gone? >> cecilia, actually in this case i don't think the black boxes will be helpful. they will show this was a perfectly good airplane right up until the moment of impact. what we need do is look at the metal of that aircraft, look for things like residual powder,
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look for slhrapnel, the kinds of things that would prove that this actually was brought down by a missile. the iranians are doing their best to cover that up and so getting international investigators in there as soon as possible so we can tell the truth to the world is the most important thing that needs to be done now. >> so many questions. steve ganyard, thank you. michael? these developments come as an iranian general now says that missile launch on u.s. forces in iraq was just the first stage. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is in erbil, iraq with more. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, michael. overnight new threats from iran. a top iranian revolutionary guard commander general calling on all their proxy groups throughout the region to take action saying the missile strikes were the start of, quote, big operations that will continue. the commander saying that they could have killed hundreds and thousands of u.s. troops if they had chosen to. now, the flags behind the general interesting represent various pro iranian militias from iraq, lebanon, even afghanistan, some described as terrorist organizations by the u.s., and of course this is a sign of how far and wide iran's influence stretches. what it shows is we're not out of the woods yet, and tensions
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are really going to persist as long as this threat goes on, and as long as u.s. forces remain in the region, george. >> ian, thanks very much. the iran crisis front and center of president trump's campaign rally in ohio overnight as he faces a looming impeachment trial and growing questions about the evidence used to justify the killing of iran's top commander. our senior national correspondent terry moran is tracking it all at the white house. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. today the president is going to announce new sanctions on iran in the country's ruling elites and non-oil industries while many here in congress are pushing for some kind of new check on the president's war-making powers. with growing calls from congress to provide the actual evidence used to justify the u.s. strike on qassem soleimani, secretary of state mike pompeo stopped short of sharing specifics. >> there is no doubt that there were a series of imminent attacks that were being plotted by qassem soleimani. we don't know precisely when and we don't know precisely where, but it was real. >> reporter: but at his rally last night, president trump continued to claim there was a
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plot to attack u.s. embassies. >> soleimani was actively planning new attacks and he was looking very seriously at our embassies and not just the embassy in baghdad, but we stopped him and we stopped him quickly and we stopped him cold. >> reporter: democrats and some republicans have criticized the administration for offering contradicting information and still no hard evidence that an attack was imminent. >> with the president's actions last week, he endangered our servicemen and women, our diplomats. >> reporter: the house delivering a sharp but largely symbolic rebuke on thursday, passing a nonbinding measure on a mostly party line. >> the bill has passed. >> reporter: demanding that unless president trump receives congressional approval, hostilities against iran must end within 30 days. but the president says in some circumstances he cannot wait on congress. >> they want us to call -- can
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you imagine calling crooked adam schiff. say, gee, adam, how are you doing? listen, we have the world's number one terrorist, killed thousands and thousands of people. we'd like to set up a meeting so we can discuss his execution. >> reporter: many lawmakers are fuming over what they say are inadequate briefings about the attack on soleimani. they say there was no mention of any evidence of attacks on u.s. embassies. george. >> the impeachment trial still looming, but nobody knows exactly when. nancy pelosi still holding onto those articles of impeachment, and all she is saying is she will send them soon. >> reporter: soon. she's still looking for leverage, trying to get mitch mcconnell to call witnesses in the trial of the president and the senate. she risks losing momentum with this impeachment, and it feels now more like a highway bill than a constitutional process. >> okay, terry moran.
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thank you so much. the speaker will be my exclusive guest this sunday on "this week." ceci cecilia? we turn to the storm barrelling across the country with severe weather starting today, bringing snow, flash flooding and tornados. ginger is back with all the latest. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. an abundance of dangers across the map here. you can see ice from kansas city to west michigan, floods all the way to vermont and then severe storms and that's where i want to focus on, the deep south, from texas the through oklahoma into the plains, arkansas and louisiana. we're going to see this front come through. you can see the stream line here. we have the moisture and heat coming up against that much colder air. you know there are going to be storms and this is a sobering severe weather episode that could happen today because we're going to see these start to erupt in a couple of waves. within those waves you could see isolated storms probably not ahead but within the storm structure, the damaging wind line. that's west of i-35. then look at this, it all becomes a 75-plus mile-per-hour wind gust possibilities, hail could be in too. this goes all the way east into
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western tennessee by tonight, michael. >> a little bit of everything. ginger, thank you so much. now to those explosive newly released messages from boeing about the now grounded 737 max jets. in internal documents employees mocked the faa and even appeared to conceal problems from regulators before those two crashes that killed 350 people. whit johnson has the details. >> reporter: a trove of documents released overnight paint an embarrassing picture for boeing and its handling of the 737 max. hundreds of emails and instant messages show employees mocking the faa, the company, and problems with the airplane. in one exchange, a boeing employee asks, would you put your family on a max simulator-trained aircraft? i wouldn't. another apparently joking says, i still haven't been forgiven by god for the covering up i did last year. several others blast the aircraft's designers. one writing, this airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys.
7:14 am
>> the question is whether or not it reflects the attitude of a wider group of people at boeing. that would be very difficult for the company to overcome without doing a lot of housekeeping. >> reporter: still others are slamming federal regulators, claiming the faa were neither thorough nor demanding and failed to write up many issues. >> after all, boeing has nothing to gain and everything to lose by being slapdash in safety. however, if the attitude is we're going to mislead the faa, that's something that has to be addressed. >> reporter: the fastest selling jetliner ever for boeing, it was grounded following two deadly crashes, killing nearly 350 people. boeing released a statement apologizing saying in part, these communications do not reflect the company we are and need to be, and they are completely unacceptable. the faa called the tone and content disappointing but said there's nothing in these documents that points to any new safety risks, in other words, something they didn't already know about. >> these emails just blow you away. >> absolutely. >> so much trouble for boeing.
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okay, whit. thanks very much. we move on and switch gears. blockbuster "jeopardy!" showdown after last night's match, ken jennings now just one win away from the greatest of all time crown. our "jeopardy!" correspondent t.j. holmes is here. thank you, t.j. >> thank you for that title. first two nights of this competition came down to the very last clue so a lot of suspense. last night wasn't the case. night three was different, but it was the shock of the tournament because of james holzhauer. the phenom was blown out. yes, the guy known as "jeopardy!" james was just plain old james last night. >> the battle to win $1 million continues on "jeopardy!" >> reporter: night three of "jeopardy!'s" greatest of all time tournament and james holzhauer looked mortal. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> reporter: at one point losing everything in one of his famous all in daily doubles.
7:16 am
>> presto chango $5,000. >> all right. >> what is diamond? >> no. what is garnet. all right, you're tied with ken and brad. >> reporter: and look who decided to show up, brad rutter. after rough showing his first two nights of coming in last, rutter showed signs of life and was in it for a stretch. >> who is john irving? >> reporter: instead, ken jennings dominated, building a lead by betting it all "jeopardy!" james style. >> i have to do it all, alex. 900 points. >> reporter: it was a move that was too risky for comfort. >> i don't want to do that again. >> reporter: but it was enough to give the 74-game champ a comfortable lead and he coasted the rest of the way. >> this two-word phrase marks the end of friendly generational relations. ken? >> i get to say it to alex. what is okay, boomer. >> reporter: jennings told me at the tapings he was ready to turn the tables on holzhauer. >> i'm not an aggressive "jeopardy!" player by nature. i like to play comfortably out
7:17 am
there but i think there's going to be some big bets. >> reporter: and a win last night for "jeopardy!'s" writers. they stumped all three on the final "jeopardy!" clue. >> who are ang, lee and gonzalez. >> reporter: holzhauer decided to be funny. trebek not amused. >> you started to write pat sajak. is that right? i wish you had risked more points. ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to welcome you to the "jeopardy!" comedy hour. >> so a little fun last night with these guys, but yes, brad rutter, show me something. brad rutter, he still came in third, just not as distant of a third, so we will take it. >> but he's still got a shot. >> still got a shot. start again on tuesday. >> it would be the greatest comeback of all time. >> it would be. >> okay, t.j. thanks very much. we are following a lot of other stories this morning including the queen calling an emergency family meeting after harry and meghan publicly defy
7:18 am
her. this as duchess meghan flies to canada to be with baby archie. first, ginger is back from covering those devastating wildfires in australia. >> this morning, credible outlets are saying up to 25 million acres burned now. that's a huge jump but i anticipated it because while we were there, guys, we drove the distance as if we drove l.a. to san francisco and it was all burnt and that's just the part i drove. you can imagine that blackened earth just never ending, right. so that's what we experienced but you know that there are more than a billion animals dead. they're worried that some of those species are now going to be extinct. we also worry that it is far from over. if i can show you the forecast, the temperatures there have been 102 in places that still have the potential to burn. so we're concerned about that and the wind today but we're happy more than 100 firefighters showed up and more than 100 coming from the u.s. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, the weekend getaways sponsored by planet fitness.
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we'll be right back.
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the unbeatable strength of advil. what pain? s. and good morning, it's 7:23, i'm reggie aqui. palo alto police are looking for suspects who robbed a pharmacy inside a safeway store overnight, shattering glass to get into the pharmacy. they took pills and ran off. thankfully no one was hurt. police are reviewing surveillance video. the supermarket is back open to customers. let's take a look at traffic, hi, jobina. >> good morning, everyone. we're following a crash in san jose, westbound 237 past zanker road. one lane is blocked. two tow trucks have been called
7:24 am
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good morning. have you stepped outside yet? temperatures up to 17 degrees colder than yesterday. look at those frosty numbers inland. we have fog around novato and livermore. a 1 on the storm impact scale for tonight. light and scattered showers into the north bay, into the heart of the bay at 3:00 a.m., exiting the south bay by 8:00. we'll have a few scattered showers possible until noon and increasing sunshine in the afternoon. heavier rains coming at us next week. >> thanks, mike. coming up, the queen calling an emergency family meeting after harry and meghan defy her
7:27 am
wishes. the latest from the palace this morning. another update in 30 minutes.
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for a lynx this need is satisfied by what the wild provides. for your cat it's meat rich blue wilderness. because your cat is wild inside. ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is lizzo. she's opening the stage at this year's mtv and movie awards. this morning fans are racing to support her after jillian michaels criticized her body. we'll have more on what both of them are saying and the conversation that opened up. >> that's coming up of course. first the top headlines that we're following right now. iran is pushing back against growing evidence that their own missile took down that passenger airplane, killing all 176 people on board. this new video shows what appears to be the moment the 737 is hit. also right now, that major storm we told you about, it's barrelling across the country. texas to maine are on alert for
7:31 am
snow, rain, ice and tornados throughout the weekend. look at this one, guys, a coyote on the loose causing chaos in chicago, attacking two people. thankfully, residents can now rest easy. overnight officers say they tracked it down and brought it to animal control, but wow. >> hard to imagine in chicago. we turn now to the growing fallout from harry and meghan's royal exit. queen elizabeth called an emergency family meeting. meghan is flying back to canada where they left baby archie with a nanny. james longman is at buckingham palace with the latest. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, george. this royal crisis rumbles on. meghan has left the country while her husband deals with the fallout. the most senior members of the royal family in ongoing talks about just how harry and meghan can step back from royal life. this morning, the duchess of sussex is back in canada after she and harry dropped their royal pullback bombshell. baby archie remained there while
7:32 am
his parents were at on appearance. harry still in the u.k. where his grandmother, queen elizabeth, is leading crisis talks with charles and william. the queen and three princes looking for a workable solution. abc news has learned prince harry defied a direct order from the queen to keep discussions about taking a step back private until the family had come to an agreement about the future, and that neither william nor charles were to send a statement ten minutes before it was sent out to the entire world. >> the discussions were in early phases so the royal family was not prepared and not ready to have to announce the outcome of what their new roles might be, but clearly the sussexes very much wanted to press on and put out what they hoped would happen. >> reporter: in their announcement, harry and meghan say they intend to work to become financially independent while continuing to fully support the queen. this morning questions over exactly what that means, what sort of jobs they might hold and who will pay for their security, travel and homes. >> the reality is even if they
7:33 am
can free themselves from public funding which is logistically quite tricky, even if they can do that, will the royal family and the british public accept a setup where they are at times representing the queen, they are hrhes, and then at other times they are taking a private income, operating autonomously. >> reporter: being a royal is big business for the family and the country. the royals generating an estimated $2.3 billion in tourism revenue each year but running a monarchy is costly. harry and meghan's 2018 wedding watched by an estimated 2 billion people around the world cost a reported $40 million, much of it spent on security. just last year, the couple used over $3 million to renovate their home, frogmore cottage. they say they want to earn their own money and give up the public fund that pays for britain's royals, but they've been criticized for their plans for prince charles to continue bankrolling them with 95% of their expenses paid for by the heir to the throne.
7:34 am
>> i think they have let the queen down. >> they have to do what's best for them. >> reporter: it's that question of money that continues to hang over all this. the primary purpose, remember, of royal family members is to support the monarch. if harry and meghan are not going to spend as much time doing that, who's going to pay for them? if they earn money privately, who decides what's appropriate? there is still so much that is still unclear. >> sure is. james, thanks very much. let's bring in our royal contributor robert jobson. he's also at buckingham palace this morning. boy, robert, talk about tense. try to take us inside what that family meeting is going to be like. >> reporter: well, typically royal, they won't be in the room together. they're all doing this on conference call. the queen is in the east of england and prince charles is in scotland, and harry in windsor and william in london. this will be as they discuss exactly how the future of the
7:35 am
monarchy and the future of this particular wing of the royal family will continue. >> is it fair to say that prince charles is kind of running the show right now? >> yes, it is. we've been in a transition in the monarchy for some time. you can't expect the queen in her mid-90s to be doing the same level of work and commitment as she would have done say, 10, 15 years ago. and also, prince charles is planning for the future, so this has come as a bit of a bombshell for him because he's been trying to deal with his youngest son who sees himself, as we revealed this morning, about being a disrupter and innovator of the royal family. he sees himself as wanting to change the royal family and prince charles is having to deal with all that. >> prince charles certainly holds the purse strings. could he end up cutting off meghan and harry? they rely on him for funding. >> they totally rely on him for funding. the profit from cornwall estate is there for him to use, around about $32, $35 million a year that he has. now, it's a question for him what he does for that.
7:36 am
the way that harry and meghan have behaved in this, almost holding a gun to his and the queen's head, will not be going down too well. i'm sure that he will be looking at financing his son. he loves his son, and these discussions, i'm told, have been very calm and pragmatic, but ultimately he does hold the purse strings and it's a question of whether he decides to continue to keep paying. >> robert, you mentioned $35, $40 million, but when this decision comes down to if they're going to move on or not, who makes the decision? we say it's a family meeting but does that include advisers, pr people? what does that actually include in this meeting? who's on this call? >> at the moment it's only the senior members of the royal family. that's the queen, charles and prince william, the future heir to the throne that are involved in this meeting along with harry. what's happened so far is the queen has instructed royal aides to liaise with government to try to work out a deal that would be
7:37 am
satisfactory for harry and meghan. whether or not that can happen we'll wait and see but they have been told to work this out, but ultimately the decision will come down to the queen and charles. >> to be a fly on the wall of that phone call. >> we'll see. i'm sure it will be handled soon. robert jobson, thank you so much. we're going to turn now to the race to rescue dozens of tourists trapped on a glacier in the middle of a blizzard in iceland. some of them stuck more than 11 hours, and linsey davis is here with this incredible story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, michael. 39 people were on that tour. a blizzard was in the forecast and all but one of the snowmobile tours was canceled that day and it ended with some fearing for their lives. a wild rescue in treacherous conditions. 200 emergency personnel braving a blizzard to rescue a tour group including three americans on this icelandic glacier. barry and his wife michelle were
7:38 am
looking forward to a fun-filled snowmobiling excursion when the wind picked up. >> it was blowing into us all the time, and up into our visors, and the visors were solid with ice underneath. we kept having to pull the ice from underneath the helmets. our eyes were icy cold. >> reporter: as the blizzard set in, barry and michelle became increasingly concerned about antonio, a teenager in their group. >> he was drifting in and out of consciousness and he had one hand on the guy's back and one hand on barry's chest to try and stop the frostbite getting to him. >> i thought, my god, i'm going to die, but i'm okay. >> reporter: the minister of tourism expressed concern about why the company, the mountaineers of iceland, went forward with the tour despite weather forecasts warning of a severe storm approaching. the manager of operations for the company admitted it was a mistake. the company said a delay in the tour caused them to run into the bad weather. >> if it wasn't for the icelandic search and rescue, i
7:39 am
think we probably wouldn't be here. >> the company went on to say that a visit to an ice cave is what caused the group to be delayed on their way up the glacier but aside from some frostbite, fortunately no one was hurt, a far cry from some people who as you heard here feared for their lives. >> lucky. >> terrifying. linsey, thank you. coming up, that body shaming backlash. lizzo criticized by celebrity trainer jillian michaels for her size. we'll tell you about the size this morning.
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all right, we are back now with that body shaming backlash. celebrity fitness trainer jillian michaels under fire for the comments that she made about lizzo's size, saying we should be celebrating her music and not her body. adrienne bankert is here with more on this. this is a big controversy. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about this. good morning to all of you. jillian michaels says she loves lizzo's music but that obesity is dangerous, even if saying so is politically incorrect. ♪ >> reporter: this morning a social media firestorm after celebrity fitness trainer jillian michaels spoke out about pop star lizzo's weight on buzzfeed's "a.m. to d.m." morning show. >> i'm sure she's a cool, awesome chick but why are we celebrating her body? why does it matter? that's what i'm saying. like, why aren't we celebrating her music? >> reporter: michaels, the former host of "the biggest loser," isn't holding back. >> it isn't going to be awesome if she gets diabetes. >> fans jumping to lizzo's
7:44 am
defense. one tweeting, she holds concerts that involve hours of singing, dancing and athleticism in a body that society has long profited off hating and stereotyping. lizzo's known for her high octane concerts and her signature flute performances. off stage, the 31-year-old famous for bearing it all like on the cover of her grammy nominated album "because i love you." following michaels' comments the "truth hurts" singer posted on instagram, today's mantra, this is my life. i have done nothing wrong. i forgive myself for thinking i was wrong in the first place. i deserve to be happy. the artist is often on social media to promote self-confidence no matter what critics might say. >> never ever let somebody stop you or shame you from being yourself. >> reporter: michaels explaining her stance to wendy williams. >> there was so much fat shaming for such a long time that now the pendulum has swung to a place where it's like, you are 250 pounds and you're owning it, go.
7:45 am
i'm like, wait a minute, no, no, no, no. it's like, when you start to celebrate that, it's not about shaming, it's not about excluding anyone but we also don't want to co-sign cancer, heart disease, diabetes. >> now, they may have different ideas about what body positivity means, but this is getting a lot of people talking. lizzo is "time's" entertainer of the year with eight grammy nominations and she will be performing at the award show so she seems to be feeling good as you-know-what right now. >> fill in the blank. >> no. i think you filled it in for me. >> this is a conversation that can keep going around and around. >> yeah, and it's been a conversation for years. >> no doubt. thank you so much. appreciate that. coming up, the "sleeping beauty" surprise. you're going to love this. it's our "play of the day," one of my favorites. we'll be right back. ♪ what is love
7:46 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what is love we're about to find out, what is love. back now with our "play of the day." if you're wondering what is love, you're about to see it because we all know the classic disney movie "sleeping beauty." well, a guy from boston, he knew it was his girlfriend's favorite film so when he took her to see a screening of it, he had a surprise for her. he changed the ending and had them animated into the movie. check it out. she's looking. >> oh, my god. >> she's recognizing. kind of looks like you and me.
7:50 am
>> whoa. >> the ring comes out. one of my favorite parts is coming up. throw it up in the air. he catches it. >> come on. >> that's cute. >> how did he do that? >> i have no idea. >> that's a lot of effort. >> we're going to see what happened next, george. it's not over. check this out. >> oh, my god. >> excuse me, do you mind. this is kind of a big moment. m.d., will you live happily ever after with me? >> yes. >> now, that is a fairy tale ending. that is awesome. have no idea how he did it. i'm sure other people are going, i wish i could figure that out. it's really great and so many people in the movie are going, that's not how it ended. >> that raises the bar for proposals right there. that was fun. coming up, will smith and martin lawrence, no introduction needed here, they're here live.
7:51 am
>> they raise the bar too. >> they sure do. needed here, they're here live. >> they raise the bar too. >> they sure do. s why i've got r of 1, 2, 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved once-daily 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy ♪ the power of 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy ♪ 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy woman: with trelegy and the power of 1, 2, 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works three ways to open airways, keep them open and reduce inflammation, for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. think your copd medicine is doing enough? maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1, 2, 3.
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milk. o is sponsored by blue diamond almond breeze almond milk. >> announcer: good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. this is "abc 7 mornings." first of all, it's friday. second, it's 7:56. and third, here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> all good things, i hope. we're looking at mid- to upper 50s for highs today, hi, everybody, under a mostly sunny sky. showers in the heart of the bay by 3:00 a.m. and out by 8:00 a.m. heavier rains coming at us tuesday through thursday. hi, jobina. >> my, mike, good morning, everyone. the ferries are operating on a winter schedule, on time. 63 trains are running on bart with no delays. the three-car crash blocking a
7:57 am
lane in san jose on westbound 237, thumbs up because it has cleared. >> we like that, thanks, jobina. coming up, brad pitt opening up about his sobriety, saying bradley cooper helped him out and how you can change your relationship with drinking. another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes. we bet you know this place. you know, the happiest place on earth, but... have you flown the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? or channeled your inner jedi? you gotta love that... have you raced through radiator springs? or struck a power pose with them? now is the perfect time to feel like this... and this... and definitely that. kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. iran pushing back on growing evidence that their missile brought down that passenger jet killing all 176 people on board as the u.s. joins the investigation. major storm on the move. millions now in the dangerous path. 19 states on alert. the powerful system bringing snow, ice, flash flooding and tornados. ginger is here tracking the latest. royal rift. queen elizabeth calling an emergency family meeting after that stunning announcement from harry and meghan, and now oprah weighing in on the decision as meghan heads back to canada and baby archie. ♪ good to be alive how bradley cooper saved brad pitt, helping him finally sober up. >> every day has been happier ever since. >> dr. jen is here on how to
8:01 am
help friends and family who are struggling. salary secrets. why sharing how much you make with a co-worker could help both of you get a boost in pay. what you should and shouldn't do when asking for a raise. and the "bad boys" are back. >> one last time. >> will smith, martin lawrence, 25 years later. >> "bad boys" for life, baby. what you gonna do when we come for you. >> they're here live in times square as we say good morning, america. ♪ bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do ♪ good morning, america. you heard it from them, the bad boys are here for a great morning, will smith, martin lawrence, cannot wait. thank you guys for joining us this friday. >> it's going to be a great friday and especially great for one young man in particular. he's about to get an amazing surprise. he thinks he's about to be a finalist for our super bowl kid
8:02 am
correspondent. what he doesn't know is that he is actually the winner. >> oh yeah. >> he can't hear us obviously right now. that's coming up. >> calm and confident there. we have a lot of news to get to starting with the latest on that deadly plane disaster in iran. growing evidence that the ukrainian airliner was brought down by an iranian missile. the iranians pushing back. let's go back to david kerley with the latest on the investigation and new video showing what appears to be the moment of impact. good morning, david. >> good morning, george. this morning, as you mentioned, growing evidence that iran denies though that it shot down that ukrainian 737 with 176 on board, but the latest piece of evidence is this video apparently showing the moment that the warhead exploded and another piece of video showing the jet on fire and falling from the sky. both videos from tehran neighborhoods near where that jet was last tracked. u.s. intelligence community is confident this was a shoot-down, a source tells abc news. canada's prime minister says it may have been unintentional, but look at this, the scene shortly
8:03 am
after the crash, and exclusive video we obtained from the same site less than 24 hours later. the wreckage has been cleared, the evidence gone. it is that evidence and the black boxes which the iranians have that should confirm whether this was a shoot-down. the iranians though have now invited the u.s. and other countries to be involved with the investigation. george? >> we'll be watching. david, thanks very much. michael. more now on that major storm moving across the country threatening to hit millions with severe weather starting today. ginger is tracking the latest is usual. good morning, ginger. >> this is a serious threat for parts of texas, oklahoma, louisiana and arkansas. 7:30 p.m., just after dinnertime, west of i-35 this line is going to blow up. we call it a qlcs. quasi linear convective system. that means you could see 75 mile-per-hour winds and also tornados. look at that, flood watches, winter storm warnings on the northern side of this. that means that you could see power out from west michigan through wisconsin.
8:04 am
kansas city even going to get some ice. some of the northern cities could get up to an inch of ice. >> going to be rough out there. thanks. we turn to the growing fallout from harry and meghan's royal exit, queen elizabeth calling an emergency family meeting as meghan flies back to canada to be with baby archie. let's head back to james longman at buckingham palace. james, oprah is weighing in now. >> reporter: that's right, cecilia. crisis talks are ongoing this morning. the queen and princes charles, william and harry all in discussions trying to find what the palace is calling a workable solution to meghan and harry's hopes of stepping back from royal life. we now know harry defied an order from his grandmother to not go public before the family had agreed. there's a lot to be worked out concerning funding. will charles continue to pay for his son. while her husband deals with fallout, we know that
8:05 am
meghan is back in canada reunited with baby archie. canada of course one of the places they plan to spend a lot more time. oprah has been forced to weigh in, responding to tabloid claims that she had advised the couple to step back. she told "entertainment tonight," meghan and harry do not need me help in figuring out what's best for them. i care about them both and support whatever decisions they make for their family. this royal drama just rolls on and on. >> you know it's a big story if oprah is weighing in. >> how did oprah get involved? it's not oprah's fault. come on now. thank you so much, james. coming up, how bradley cooper helped brad pitt get sober and how you can support someone who's struggling. plus we are talking money this morning, how sharing your salary with a co-worker might help both of you get better pay. we'll tell you about the right way to have that conversation. and the "bad boys" are here, martin lawrence, will smith. they're going to join us live. cannot wait for that. we'll be right back. ot wait for that. we'll be right back. what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like this. ♪the beat goes on entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. ♪la-di-la-di-di
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." as you can hear, we have a fantastic friday audience with us. thank you guys for joining us. and tomorrow on saturday "gma" we're going to show you how to get your best night of sleep yet. here's a little hint for you. your phone may not be helping, okay? now it is time for "pop news" with sara haines. [ cheers and applause ] take it away, sara. >> happy, happy friday. we begin this morning with selena gomez. she just dropped her brand new album overnight called "rare" and we have a rare treat for you, a sneak peek at the music video for the title track. check it out. ♪ it feels like you don't care ♪ why don't you recognize i'm so rare ♪ ♪ so rare
8:11 am
♪ always there, you don't do the same for me ♪ ♪ that's not fair >> like it. >> it's cool, right? it's got a cool vibe. now, the rest of that music video comes out at noon eastern today. this is selena's third studio album and her first in four years. the singer saying this album, quote, represents a look into my journey of healing and growth. it's by far the work i'm most proud of to date. >> congratulations. >> very personal. here's a moment you might have missed at the golden globes. turns out that reese witherspoon, my personal favorite, asked beyonce and jay-z to share some of the champagne they brought to the show. jennifer aniston shared the moment enjoying some of queen bey's bubbly on instagram and posted this photo writing, quote, reese, this is one of the many reasons i love you. we ran out of water at our table so naturally she asked jay-z and beyonce for a glass of their champagne.
8:12 am
>> as one does. >> that's adorable because that's a natural linear progression. to make sure reese stays hydrated and never runs out of bubbles again, bey and jay took it upon themselves to send reese a whole case of the famous champagne called ace of spades with a simple -- a note that simply said, more water. reese had someone special at her home to share it with. take a look. >> 11:30 i'm drinking champagne. >> is it too early to drink? >> who cares. it's from jay-z and beyonce. >> that's right. let's have it for lunch. >> here it goes. be ready. >> this is an explosion. don't look at it. >> whoa! [ applause ] >> mama has some experience popping champagne bottles. >> i love that, don't look at it. that was a psa for "good morning america." don't shoot your eye out. that was reese's mom betty. the story here, when beyonce and jay-z send champagne, you drink it. doesn't matter what time it is, drink it.
8:13 am
>> that is true. >> 11:30 is not too early. >> no, it wasn't. i was like, is that supposed to be early? finally, one tiny dancer who basically has all of us on a friday. take a look at this. ♪ >> wow. >> get that kid -- >> that is brody or as he's known on instagram, boss baby brody. he was practicing extra hard because he was debuting in "the nut cracker" this past christmas and that video went viral. brody doesn't need a holiday to get down. he dances all year long. here he's doing the conga. [ applause ] and, sometimes dad gets involved too. the famous dancing scene from "dirty dancing" and he's just
8:14 am
four years old, but how impressive is this? >> i love that. great. [ applause ] >> so, it made me laugh because alec is in dance in ballet and in six weeks all he's learned is first position except he calls it duck feet. i said i clearly need to get him into a better school. michael, we also have a great show coming up. >> i get to sit down with three of the biggest stars in hollywood, michael b. jordan, brie larson and jamie foxx. and we're going to talk about their new movie "just mercy" and jamie oliver is going to be here so we get to eat on the show. we always love that. >> mandatory. >> yes, mandatory. make sure you tune in to watch us eat obviously. all right? >> i'll watch that. >> thank you so much, sara. we're going to turn now to the "gma" cover story about brad pitt who is opening up about his sobriety during an award ceremony, thanking bradley cooper for helping him on his journey. amy is back with more. good morning, amy. >> good morning, michael. yeah, this isn't the first time
8:15 am
that we've heard brad pitt opening up about his sobriety but we are now learning about how he used the power of connection and friendship to fight addiction. >> reporter: this morning, brad pitt on the awards trail for his performance in the film "once upon a time in hollywood." >> are you an actor? >> i'm a stuntman. >> reporter: is now revealing that his friend bradley cooper who has been sober for over 15 years helped him get sober. at the national board of review gala where pitt was honored wednesday he thanked cooper who presented the award. >> thank you, bradley. bradley just put his daughter to bed and rushed over here to do this. he's a sweetheart. i got sober because of this guy, and every day has been happier ever since. >> reporter: pitt first opened up about getting sober and his past struggles with alcohol abuse in an interview with "gq" in 2017, a year after his split with angelina jolie with whom he shares six children. he told "gq," i stopped everything except boozing when i started my family. i was boozing too much.
8:16 am
it's just become a problem. then in a "new york times" interview last year, pitt opened up about spending a year and a half in alcoholics anonymous. it was the safe space where there was little judgment, and therefore, little judgment of yourself. pitt's revelation comes at a time when new research shows that alcohol-related deaths are on the rise, more than doubling among those 16 and over since 1999. these alarming numbers released just as many americans are rethinking their relationship to alcohol, either trying sobriety challenges like dry january, a month-long break from alcohol, or even becoming what's called sober curious. author ruby warrington wrote a book titled "sober curious", the experience leading her to sobering realities. >> i actually have deeper connections in my relationships now. my sleep is better, my gut has healed and now i'm saying all of this. yeah, life is better without alcohol. >> and the sober curious movement is growing with so-called sober bars or bars
8:17 am
that don't serve alcohol popping up in cities all around the country. michael? >> thank you so much for that, amy. we're joined now by dr. jen ashton. doc, first question, how do you know if someone has a problem that requires total sobriety, and what kind of treatments are out there? >> you know, i think it's really important when we talk about alcohol it's not all shades of gray here. there is a significant and serious life-threatening problem, alcohol use disorder, and there are criteria for that diagnosis. if you take a look at this list, and this is a partial list by the way. two or more of these, drinking more than intended, you're unable to cut down or stop consuming alcohol. it's making you sick on a regular basis, you're becoming involved in dangerous situations, driving while intoxicated, or obviously if you're having memory blackouts. the list by the way, that's only part of it. if you meet criteria, that is a life-threatening situation. you need to seek professional help. >> how can you support somebody if it's someone in your family, one of your friends?
8:18 am
how can you support them if they have a moderate problem, possibly abuse? >> i think the point -- the really inspiring thing with a story like this is that it increases awareness and it destigmatizes a problem that could potentially affect 5% of americans. an individual, whether it's a friend, a partner, a spouse, relative, can be incredibly supportive and really inspiring in getting that person to seek professional help, but i want to be clear, it's not that person's responsibility. ultimately the decision to seek help rests with the individual. >> we saw the piece there talking about sober bars, people going sober curious. >> yeah. >> also, people take sober months. >> exactly. >> is this a real thing or a fad? >> it is popular but it is a real thing and there's data that supports the fact that even abstaining from alcohol short term -- and again, these are not people with serious alcohol use disorders -- that can have some impact. data has shown that people tend to lose weight, sleep better, look better, blood pressure
8:19 am
improves and guess what, they save money obviously. so there's reasons why this is becoming such a popular phenomenon. >> all right, doc, thank you for always answering the questions. you can get dr. jen's guide to dry january on our website. cecilia? >> michael, thank you so much. we've got an important story to tell you about now. it's about how much money you make and the question that so many people are asking, should you keep your salary a secret. this is a story that was in "the new york times." it highlights this issue, especially for women, knowing how much your colleagues make, and could it help you boost your own pay? rebecca jarvis is here. we've talked about this ourselves. i was so interested in this story i blasted it to a bunch of girlfriends. i want to start by asking the audience a question, show of hands, guys, how many of you in here know how much your co-workers are making? very, very few. how many of you would be willing to ask how much your co-workers are making? would you be willing to have this conversation? no one. >> interesting. >> wow, okay.
8:20 am
so let's break this down. what are the risks in asking how much your colleagues are making? >> so, as the daughter of a mother who pushed me to negotiate my salary from the very are first summer job i had, i love that women are having conversations about money. that's such an important thing to understand money and to be thinking about it from an early stage, but it's a delicate thing. as you saw from our audience, a lot of people, frankly no one here, is willing to ask their friends about how much money they're making. the good news is there are a lot of places that you can actually go and find out about how much money people in your job are making. for example, linked in, pay scale, glass door and the career contessa, those are all websites where you can search by your experience level, the job, how much time you spent in that company, also how much -- what your location is and it will tell you what the average salary is. that's very useful information when you go to negotiate. but i would say the most important time to negotiate is before you get your job.
8:21 am
that is the time when you have the most clout and power to get the highest salary. >> okay, so not before you get the job, you found out how much your colleague is making. this is the hardest part, especially for women, you got to negotiate and talk money and self-worth. >> yes, which self-worth is such an important thing. you want to go into that conversation with some winds at your back. the best time to negotiate for a raise is after at least a year within a company when you're ex keyeding expectations, you've taken on responsibilities and you've had a couple of wins very recently. that's a good time to go in and have this conversation. make the conversation not about other people. make it about you, the value that you bring to the company. make it about the fact that you love your company, you love the person that you work for, that supervisor you're having a conversation with. you want to continue to add value to the company and you believe that you are worthy of that higher salary. >> that's my big question though is do you go in and say so and so makes x, why am i not making
8:22 am
this much? >> no, that is the absolute last thing you do because then it's an adversarial conversation. you want this to be a conversation with the person sitting across the table from you knowing your value, appreciating you. you want them to feel like you appreciate them and it's a work together to get to that number and i think it's important that you put a number out on the table. that's a good place to negotiate from. think of something at least in the 10% higher from what you're making range generally speaking. obviously it's not one size fits all, but 10% higher, and go for the higher number. say a higher number because that is the place from which you will negotiate and know in that conversation or any level of pushback, you should expect it, always news no as a jumping off point to continue the conversation. >> see why she's my life coach? ginger, over to you. i'm following. okay, how about a "gma" moment from philadelphia, pennsylvania. y'all want to do some toddler math? what do you get when you have a 3-year-old and two minutes unattended?
8:23 am
>> all over your hands? >> so yeah, some marker on the hands. but watch. >> oh! >> that is marker all over iman's legs. we love that. thanks for sending it, theresa. [ cheers and applause ] simple ways to improve your
8:24 am
life in the new year and today we're going to take a look at apps that can help make our relationships better. becky worley is in san francisco with the details. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, george. we know people are meeting and dating through apps but now a new genre of phone-based tools that make your marriage, your partnership sweeter and more rewarding. matt and charity are doing it all. she runs her own business. he has a big-time office job and coaches football and, oh yeah, they have four kids. >> the craig clan is a three ring circus. >> reporter: we asked them to try out love nudge, a communication tool that determines how people feel loved. is it through verbal appreciation, touch, little gifts? once that's established the app nudges each partner to reach out in those specific ways. >> he's going to, like, set it all up and answer the questions on his side and then we're going to set goals to do little things for each other to fill our love tanks. so we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: matt's not so sure.
8:25 am
>> we text each other pretty much all day so i don't know if this is going to overcomplicate things because it's going to add something else to the mix. >> reporter: love nudge is one of a growing body of apps that coach people through interpersonal dynamics and help couples feel truly connected. >> all relationships need work and they need tweaking on a daily basis. you have to be mindful about reaching out to each other physically, verbally, emotionally to keep those bonds strong. >> reporter: so an app could help. besides love nudge, this one, between, is an intimate space for being silly, romantic and setting reminders of upcoming date nights. but do our busy working parents feel like the love nudge app actually brought them closer? >> i would just call it a great way of bringing us back together but there are certain things that she needs and certain things that she loves. this was a great way to remind me of that. >> it made me more aware and want to be intentional to make
8:26 am
sure that, like, i was doing something thoughtful and intentional to make him feel like -- words of affirmation. >> i've definitely received a lot more words of affirmation. my love tank is full. >> oh, my love tank is full for these apps. marriage counseling is one of the best things i've ever done. we want to give you another app to strengthen your relationship, called lasting, based on science from decades of research. it's like marriage counseling on your phone. that's a good thing. >> a lot of great tools there, becky. thanks very much. coming up here, will smith, martin lawrence, they are here.
8:27 am
>> announcer: going, north bay. this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, i'm kumasi aaron. palo alto police are looking for three suspects who robbed a pharmacy overnight. police say they shattered gas to get into the pharmacy on if i had -- middle field road. pharmacists will be doing an inventory to determine what was stolen. it is open to customers. we have a live look at the golden gate bridge where things are moving smoothly. i'm not seeing major issues right now, that's great. we had an earlier incident in san jose but it's cleared up. drive times are looking good. san rafael to san francisco, a
8:28 am
slowdown, it will take you 22 minutes to get
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8:30 am
than random showers during the day tomorrow. nothing to cancel plans over. next week it will be really wet. we'll have another update in 30 minutes or so. you can always find us [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma," and you know what that song means right there, yeah. the bad boys are back, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] reuniting for the third installment of the blockbuster franchise "bad boys", give it up for will smith and martin lawrence. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. >> yeah. >> people never get sick of hearing that song. they're going to play it again. the first "bad boys" was 25 years ago. >> 25 years ago, yes, exactly. >> so when you hear that song,
8:31 am
what do you think when you think back to the first "bad boys" film? >> those are the days. those were the days. >> we had a lot of fun. it was our big first movie, kicked us off. >> yeah. you know, martin actually gave me the job in "bad boys." martin had the script and it was his movie. he was making it, and he was -- >> my sister told me about will and said i should pick will. we had a dinner and after five minutes of talking to will, well, the rest is history. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> listen to your sister, man. >> i was really surprised to hear that this is the first time that you've been here on "gma." i can't believe that. >> it is? >> that's what they tell us. [ applause ] >> i'm glad to be here. >> because of that we want to welcome you with an inaugural visit to "gma" with a welcome basket. everything you ever need to remember that you were here this
8:32 am
morning. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. >> what y'all got for people who been here a lot? >> we got a few questions we're going to ask you. >> you were talking about the fans. the fans love this franchise. >> oh man, yeah. >> so much. [ applause ] and before we came out of break you were talking about all the travel you've been doing. you were in berlin -- >> paris, madrid. >> you're going to miami where you shot a lot of the movie. >> yeah, yeah. >> what's it like for fans when they see you out there, the reaction when they see you guys together again? >> it's really fantastic. we were talking about that the other day, you know, because we've been overseas and it was -- you know, it's a big deal when we show up overseas. it's great, but we landed in new york and it was the first time people were seeing us together as the "bad boys" in new york. >> certain kind of bravado. yeah, bad boys. >> put your chest out. >> do your lip like that, like
8:33 am
yeah, yeah. >> and the head nod. >> there's a real love for this franchise. we were talking about that. it's like on the street people walk up and of all the movies that i've made, there's nothing as much as "bad boys" when people say when's the next one, when are you going to do another one. there's not a lot of, hey man, when are you going to make another "pursuit of happiness"? when are you doing part two? >> everybody in my barber shop has been waiting for this movie. it looked like you had a lot of fun. you can see the love, the fun on set. then there was a picture on social media that eddie murphy was there with you guys, wesley snipes. >> that was a big day. that was at tyler perry's studio. they were shooting -- eddie murphy and them were shooting "coming to america" and we were shooting "bad boys." so we walked down to each other's set and took a picture. >> that was a really big moment. >> special moment.
8:34 am
>> yeah. we came out and wesley knocked on the door and it was like, ahh! you know, it was just a beautiful thing also to be at tyler perry's studio, to have that moment, you know. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> you guys know there's got to be a car chase. >> yes. >> and there is a big car scene, car chase scene in this movie but i'm going to tell you guys it's not your typical car chase. >> toe yeoh yeah, it's a specia >> you guys want to see a clip? >> what we got? >> here we go. ♪ >> i'm about to throw up. >> oh, you better hell not. that is hand stitched loateathe. you better drink it. >> mike, mike! >> relax. whoo. >> make a hole, make a hole.
8:35 am
miami pd. go, go! >> daddy. >> you're a pop-pop. [ applause ] >> that's one of many great chase scenes in that movie. you guys were in your 20s when you made the first movie. now being a little older, what has changed? >> i'm a lot heavier. i put on more pounds, but it's for the role. it works for the role. i ate a lot of pudding. >> yeah, yeah. >> method acting, man. >> method acting. >> i was like, martin's really into this character. no, the big change for us was probably the amount of stunt work, right? you know when i started i was like, we doing all the stunts, we doing everything, every one of these, you know, bad boys 25 years later, all the stunts.
8:36 am
then like, you know, probably three days in i looked over to him, i was like, hey, what you thinking? he was like, we should probably let the stuntmen do that. >> we can feel it here with you guys. you guys really seem like you're good friends. >> yeah. >> your co-star, van ness essa ens said the chemistry is unreal. is it true that you were concerned about having two comedians? >> yeah because we started up -- the fresh prince and martin were at their peak at that time so for us to come together and make a movie was a big thing. when we first got there michael bay was saying, okay, will, i want you to bring it down a little bit. i was like, bring it down? no, but martin is going to steal all the scenes. i was like, martin was just
8:37 am
killing and michael bay kept telling me, no, no, that's not your character. i was like, but it's my career. but we really found a great comedic energy and balance, and martin has the really unique comedic skill where he can be funny and you can laugh as loud and as hard as you'll laugh but he doesn't break the reality of the scene. it's a very special, unique acting skill. >> i do that? >> yeah. >> and i read where, martin, you said you were worried about it not being the same after all of these years. >> well, i just was wondering if the chemistry was still there and we would pick up where we left off. once we did the first scene, it was like a bike, riding a bike all over again. >> tell you what, watching it, it's like riding a bike for the viewer. the chemistry is there, the love is there, the humor is there. it's all there, man. [ applause ]
8:38 am
everybody, do yourself a favor, go out and see "bad boys for life." it's in theaters next friday ♪ bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you ♪ coming up, half their size dogs. wait until you see these pups now. we'll be right back. we bet you know this place. you know, the happiest place on earth, but... have you flown the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? or channeled your inner jedi? you gotta love that... have you raced through radiator springs? or struck a power pose with them? now is the perfect time to feel like this... and this... and definitely that. kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket.
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we are back now with an issue a lot of americans care about, your dog's health. "people" magazine's new issue half their size pets features two dogs that made incredible trance magsformation transformations. >> we are going to meet them live in just a minute but first, here are their stories. meet pearl, a 12-year-old beagle who had ballooned to 50 pounds when she was surrendered to a montana humane society. at the time pearl was uncomfortable and couldn't walk. she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip and curbing's disease, a chronic condition that can cause weight gain. her adoptive owner, jesse, took action immediately, bringing her to a hydrotherapy facility. for dog lover carly cahill, adopting an 8-year-old chihuahua mix shorty was a labor of love. >> what's up? >> reporter: at 18 pounds, shorty was twice his ideal weight and had a thyroid
8:42 am
condition. he could barely move. with medication and a new diet. two furry friends on an epic weight loss journey to shed those doggone stubborn extra pounds, proving anything is paws-ible. >> i see what you did there. we are joined by "people" magazine editor wendy nogle. good morning. >> thank you. >> we were just chatting, your half their size pets is so important to tell because, again, obesity in dogs determines their longevity. >> that's right, and 55% of dogs are overweight or obese so it's important that people pay attention to this issue. it's hard to find dogs that have lost half their size. >> how do you find them? >> we searched high and low and found these two on instagram. kudos to their pet parents for sharing their stories. >> i love that. >> are you ready to see some cute puppiepuppies? i think we're going to bring them out. >> first we have to do the
8:43 am
before. >> that is shorty the chihuahua. don't lose it, sara, i know you're a chihuahua person. that's the before. okay, shorty, where are you? come on out. [ applause ] this is shorty. hi, shorty. and you're carly. good morning, welcome to you. all right, are you guys ready for a drum roll? we're going to see how much weight shorty lost? i think this is where i do this. nine pounds. half his original weight of 18 pounds. >> and when you first adopted shorty, he could barely walk. >> he just kind of waddled. >> how did you get started? >> i got him from pitiful pups and i started feeding him less and replacing extra food with green beans. i got his blood work done and found out he needed to be on medication twice a day. then when he lost a few pounds we just started taking him to the dog park and he can run around and play, so that helped. >> aw.
8:44 am
[ applause ] >> now, what drew you to shortiy story? >> shorty was amazing because this was a rescue pet and they thought maybe they won't take him to adoption day but it's so good that they did because clearly he melted carly's heart. >> i love that. >> more cute puppies. are you ready? we have a second one. take a look at pearl's before photo. there's pearl. okay, pearl, come on out, girl. [ applause ] hi, pearl. and this is her owner jesse. pearl, that is quite a transformation. >> let's get pearl up here because we want to see the magic moment, guys. >> drum roll. >> let's see how much pearl lost. 30 pounds. [ applause ] >> now, similarly, pearl had a hip dislocation? >> yeah, yeah, due to her weight one of her hips had just come out of its socket and she was
8:45 am
walking around on a dislocated hip. >> oh. >> you made the very smart decision, is you took pearl swimming. >> yes, that was the biggest impact, i think, for pearl. she swam like 55 times. we swam her six days a week and i think that was the biggest contributor. >> you saved her life. >> they look fantastic now. thanks to you guys. "people" magazine's half their size pets issue is out right now. ginger, over to you. if pearl and shorty want to go for a walk this weekend, perfect mild weather along the east coast. it's going to be so warm that we'll approach records. look at some of those numbers, close to 70 in washington d.c., the big surprise we pulled off
8:46 am
earlier this week with tiffany haddish. two best friends won tickets to a vip screening of tiffany's new movie "like a boss." then he sprung that on them live on "gma." the screening was last night and we were there for all the fun. ♪ >> good morning, america. it's your girl tiffany haddish, and we're in d.c. for the special screening of my new movie "like a boss." >> witness my tragic moment. >> i'm super excited to be here because on wednesday we announced the "like a boss" contest winners. >> that's jennifer, that's candice, right? >> yes. >> how do we know that, tiffany? >> we know that because y'all won. >> we here in d.c. now. i'm here with the contest winners and i'm going to show them how to work the red carpet. because that's important to do when you're a boss. y'all ready to work this red carpet? >> we are ready.
8:47 am
>> she ready? >> she ready. >> let's go. let's go. let me give you a few red carpet tips, all right. when working the carpet you want to keep your shoulders back, confident, smile, and then sometimes don't smile. look at the camera like, what you want, my body? hm. >> how do you feel? >> not like a mom. like a boss. >> like a boss, baby. friendship is something that can last forever and these two right here, they are the epitome of what i think a friendship should be. are y'all ready to see "like a boss?" [ cheers ] >> i can't hear you. are you ready to see "like a boss"? turn out the lights and get this movie started. >> this has been amazing and tiffany is a serious boss. >> she sure is. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> so much fun. i love that. sometimes don't smile. "like a boss" is in theaters today. coming up on "gma" though we have another epic surprise for that young man.
8:48 am
you got to see his reaction. we're about to tell him he's going to the super bowl, yes. stay with us. going to the super bowl, yes. stay with us. when we were looking he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪ yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be.
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[ cheers and applause ] we are counting down to super bowl liv in miami and we're about to announce our "gma" kid correspondent. for five years we've teamed up with nfl play 60 to reveal the lucky football fan who will go to the super bowl with vip access. 13-year-old quentin corr is backstage. he thinks he's here as a finalist but he's about to get the surprise of a lifetime. that's right. but first, let's hear his story. >> hi, my name is quentin and i should be your next play 60 super kid. >> reporter: meet 13-year-old quentin corr from seattle, a golf fanatic and diehard seahawks fan. he's an mvp in the making. >> i believe that moving 60 minutes every day is key to everything.
8:51 am
>> reporter: quentin is among thousands of young football fans who entered to win the nfl play 60 contest, pledging to move 60 minutes every day in hopes of scoring a seven-day action-packed football adventure to miami. >> if you live a healthy life-style, you can extend your lifetime. all we have is today, so shouldn't we make the best of it? >> reporter: quentin doesn't know it yet but he's about to win the hottest ticket to the biggest game of the year. >> go hawks! [ cheers and applause ] >> it is time to meet quentin. so quentin, come on out. ♪ can't touch this >> hey, how are you doing, young man? >> great. >> come on over here. give it up for quentin, everybody. have a seat, bud. have a seat, have a seat. have a seat. are you surprised? >> yes. a lot. a lot. >> yeah, a lot. i saw you earlier and i was like, oh, you're a finalist. you didn't know you were the winner. >> no. >> but you're the winner and i
8:52 am
know you're a big seahawks fan. that's why you said go seahawks. so russell wilson, have you heard of him? >> yeah. >> me too. he heard about that and he has a message for you. check it out. >> hey quentin, it's russ, man, your buddy. you're not just a finalist but the 2020 nfl play 60 super kid. you are a super kid. i appreciate who you are and i just wanted to let you know you're heading to miami next month as "gma's" kid correspondent. hopefully i'll get to see you at the super bowl, bud. >> that's cool. >> so you're not just a finalist. you are the winner. russell, being that guy, he's so nice, he sent somebody here with a few gifts for you. we want to make sure you're in miami and they want to celebrate for you. so blitz, the mascot, come on out. it's the seahawks mascot. come on out, man. ♪ he has a few gifts for you.
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> that's cool. >> how do you feel, man? >> it's crazy. it's crazy. it's -- wow. >> are you nervous, excited? how are you feeling? >> a little of both honestly. i didn't think it would happen. >> you got your questions ready? >> mm-hmm. >> all right. got to make sure you have questions ready. if you need some help, call me, i'll help you out. but remember, they're just like us too. they're normal guys. they just happen to play football. you're going to crush it, man. congratulations. quentin will be our kid correspondent at the super bowl all week long, so be sure to tune in. say it for your team. go -- >> go seahawks! >> go seahawks! >> we'll be right back. upbeat music♪ no cover-up spray here. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors in a flowery fog. but febreze air effects eliminates odors. with a 100% natural propellent. it leaves behind a pleasant scent you'll love. [ deep inhale]
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your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. "good morning america" is sponsored by swiffer. stop cleaning, start swiffering. >> congratulations to our kid correspondent quentin who's going to take his granddad to the super bowl with him. thank you for watching. have a great weekend, everybody. to take his grand dad to the super bowl with him. thank you for watching. have a great weekend, everybody.
8:57 am
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>> announcer: good morning bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, i'm kumasi aaron. here is mike nicco with our forecast. >> good morning, kumasi, hi, everybody. enjoy our sunshine and our brief break from wet weather that returns tonight. 55 to 60 this afternoon. it's a 1, and you can see at 11:00, sttered showers in the north bay. 3:00 a.m. moving through the heart of the bay. this round is out by 7:00. still a chance of a random shower saturday afternoon, nothing to cancel plans over. have a great weekend. good morning, everyone. everyone has that friday feeling because it is just smooth on our roads this morning. san mateo bridge, you can see the traffic flowing very nicely. our drive times have only one slowdown, highway 101 to cupertino, a 22-minute trip. now time for "live with kelly and ryan."
9:00 am
we'll be back at 11:00. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, bad boy, bad boy. from the new movie, "bad boys for life," martin lawrence. and star the new series, "outmatched," jason biggs. and check out our new "jan-new-ary" series. plus, the scott brothers, drew and jonathan joining ryan at the co-host desk. and now, here are ryan seacrest and drew and jonathan scott! >> ryan: here we go, boys. [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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