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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 10, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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tonight, bracing for severe storms hitting the evening. the storm system 1,700 miles long, slamming several states tonight and tomorrow. tornado watches up as we come on the air. texas to michigan and then right into the northeast. dangerous driving, hurricane-force winds, hail, flash flooding and, snow and ice and rob marciano on a long night ahead. new images tonight -- russians and their aggressive approach nearing a u.s. warship. the u.s. ship blasting its horn. the russians appearing to change course. you'll see it. there is also new video tonight under investigation. the passenger jet plunging to the ground, the flames. the jet it's believed hit by the missile minutes after takeoff in
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iran. . tonight, what u.s. officials are saying about this. the iranians saying that's impossible. deadly school shooting south of the border the shooter just 11 years old. the teacher killed, several students wounded tonight. there is no movement. when the senate impeachment trial will likely start now, but will there be any witnesses at all? the democratmatramatic resc. the tourists trapped on the glacier. the flu hitting children and young adults particularly hard this year. the alarming numbers. and concern over the second strain. duchess meghan in canada tonight with baby or which i. the queen seen driving here land rover. what the queen wants now and quickly. the volcanic eruption, spewing ash 20,000 feet into the air. good evening. it's great to have you with us on what could be a very long night ahead for millions.
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severe storms hitting from the south all the way north, and this system is 1,700 miles long. tornado watches up right now as we come on tonight. already dangerous driving conditions. this is from outside tulsa. this truck hydroplaning and sliding along the median. heavy rain turning streets and rivers. this is wichita kansas. fog making it difficult for drivers in missouri. right into the northeast as millions drive home and try to start this weekend. rob marciano with the new track tonight and the tornado worries as we come on. >> reporter: tonight, tornado sirens sounding the alarm across the southern plains. but that dangerous winter storm moving across the country. hail and blinding rainmaking for treacherous driving condition throughout oklahoma. >> i'm in the pouring rain. can't get out of it. >> reporter: watch as this dash camera catches this frightening
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crash south of tulsa, the truck hydroplaning. luckily, no one serious hurt. in wichita, kansas, drivers navigating through flash floods. the dangerous flooding extending into texas. that system spawning multiple reported tornadoes. >> tornado warnings are very life threatening. you got take them seriously. >> reporter: millions watching the skies. >> the bigs risk comes late tonight. even's sleep. dark. can't see what's going on out there. >> reporter: family in the storm zone facing a dangerous 24 hours ahead. hi, david. dangerous winter and spring conditions across the plains right now. look at the radar. icing and snow conditions across kansas and missouri where there's also a tornado watch that extends south through the evening. that's likely to be extended east as the line pushes east. memphis tomorrow morning, eventually here in baton rouge and then new orleans and then atlanta tomorrow night. snow and ice through st. louis,
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chicago, flooding rains in tennessee and ohio river valleys. accumulations anywhere from three inches to a foot in chicago. >> rob, thanks to you tonight. we are going to turn to the alarming images the russian navy ship in aapparent act of aggression with a u.s. navy ship. this is the view from the deck as that russian ship moves straight towards it. the american ship sounding the alarm, the russian ship appearing to stay the course. >> reporter: tonight, the u.s. military calling the close encounter aggressive. with five warning horn blasts the navy's "uss farragut" warning the russian warship approaching the destroyer to alter course. the russians appearing to refuse as it came as close to 60 yards
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from t from the farragut's stern. it's not the first time. just last june, u.s. and russian warships came so close. you could even see russian sailors appearing to sunbathe on the stern of their vessel. the u.s. had to perform an emergency maneuver to avoid a collision. the u.s. navy has been monitored the russians increasing prove kags telling david while on board the uss florida the russians are also making their prevention known in the mediterranean. >> the russians have found a way to signal to you, we are here in the mediterranean, too. >> definitely. they're here. >> do you let them know that you're here? >> that's why i'm here. >> that's what they told us. let's get to kyra live at the pentagon. >> reporter: sources tell me tonight david that these close encounters are just russia's way of sending a clear message to the u.s. that they are still a strong military power, not just in europe, but around the world.
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david? >> kyra phillips at the fg. thank you. also new images tonight and new reporting after the passenger jet crash after takeoff in tehran. a top u.s. official saying he believes it was hit by an iranian missile. this new video showing the jet plunging to the ground in flames. tonight, the black boxes from the airplane recovers. what the u.s. is saying. iran saying that it's not possible. david kerley who covered aviation, on this again tonight. >> reporter: two new pieces of video. each frame important for investigators. including this the moment a missile appears to fragment, hitting the jet liner. a growing body of evidence of a shootdown. >> if the iranians shot that plane down, will there be consequences? >> we believe it's likely it was shot down by an iranian missile. we are going let the investigation play out before we
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make a vital determination. >> reporter: iran insisting again today it did not shoot down the jet liner. it has invited western countries, including the u.s., which will be granted special waivers to take part in the investigation. those investigators used to probing in a debris field will find this -- all the wreckage removed 24 hours after the crash. the black boxes still have not been red out. should take less than a day to complete. iran says it could take months. >> everything seems to be to slow down the investigation to prevent getting to the real truth. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence captured radar signals which targeted the jet liner. a satellite saw two missiles fire. one exploded into shrapnel by the yet. what appeared to be ho holes. >> everyone was in tears. all this you experience, the
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faculty members, everyone. >> the iranians saying they'll release initial findings about what they claim caused the crash as early as tomorrow? >> reporter: a couple of days ago they said it was an engine matter. but with all this mounting evidence we'll see what story, what theory, the iranians have to present tomorrow. david? >> as you were first to show us last night they have cleared the crash scene already. now to the deadly school at shooing south of the border it will shooter 11 years old opening fire on his teacher and fellow students with two guns. the teacher killed and several students wounded. pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, horror at a mexican elementary school with stunned parents experiencing the same kind of gun violence we routinely see here at home. authorities there claiming an 11-year-old 6th grader fatally shot his teacher and wounded five other students before killing himself. the governor of the state coahuila telling reporters the
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student told a classmate, quote, today is the day, before asking permission to go to the restroom. he allegedly came out of the bathroom 15 minutes later brandishing two guns, firing away. then, the all too familiar images. the wounded carried away on stretchers. ambulances racing away. shaken parents reuniting with children. david, no clear word yet on motive, the student apparently had no history of behavioral problem but the governor said he may have been influenced by a video game. david? >> pierre thomas with us tonight. also news tonight on the impeachment standoff. nancy pelosi indicates she's ready to move. when could the senate trial begin? mary bruce on the hill tonight. >> reporter: tonight, speaker nancy pelosi announcing she is ready to turn over the articles of impeachment to the senate, setting the stage for just the third presidential impeachment trial in american history. >> are you satisfied, madam
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speaker, that there will be a fair trial in the senate? >> no. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell's response -- about time. pelosi's been holding up the process to pressure republicans to agree to additional witnesses. >> documents, documentation, witnesses, facts, truth -- that's what they're afraid of. >> reporter: witnesses like former national security adviser john bolton. he's ready to testify, and even some republicans say they want to hear from him, too. >> i do believe we should be completely open to calling witnesses. >> but mcconnell not budging and today president trump said he'd invoke executive privilege to block boll ton from testifying. >> i think you have to for the sake of the office. >> given what you know so far, mary, how long do we expect the trial to last?
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>> reporter: republicans want a quick trial and democrats are well aware we are coming up on the iowa caucuses. but there are a lot of variables here, and the big question, whether democrats with summon enough votes to call the witnesses. >> as the presidentle tos these witnesses in the senate trial, he moved forward with tough new sanctions on iran in the wake of their missile attack on american forces in eer forces in iraq. that attack for president trump authorizing the drone strike the killed qassem soleimani. the white house claimed sole soleimani was planning a imminent attack. >> don't the american people have a right to know what specifically was targeted without revealing methods and sources? >> well, i don't think so, but we will tell you that probably it was going to be the embassy in baghdad. >> did they have large-scale attacks planned for other embassies, and if those were planned, why can't we reveal that to the american people? wouldn't that help your case?
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>> i can reveal that i believe it would have been four embassies. >> four embassies. that was new today. let's get to jonathan karl. jon, president trump now says the iranians were planning to attack those four embassies. secretary mike pompeo we know with you also pressed today on whether or not that was what lay-ups we lawmakers were told in their classified briefing. >> reporter: secretary pompeo said the president was correct, there was specific information about an imminent threat and quote, those included attacks on u.s. embassies. period, full stop. he said that was shared with congress, but several senators say neither pompeo nor any other member of the president's national security team said negligence about embassies when they were briefed on this earlier this week. >> jonathan karl following this all week long. thank you. dufchess meghan in canada
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today as the queen was seen driving her land rover. behind the scenes, what the queen wants and fast. abc's james longman from london again tonight. >> reporter: the queen back in the driver's seat today near her country palace, seen for the first time since the royal scandal and meghan back in canada. as usual crisis talks continue, >> the queen has instructed senior members of the royal household, her most important aides, to get this sorted. she wants this sorted within days. >> reporter: and new details emerging on how the royal pair see their jobs. >> my understanding is that harry and meghan see themselves almost as dissidents, as these disruptors. that they're finding a new solution, a new way of being royal. >> reporter: the couple's latest instagram posts today reminding the public of the sussexes in royal duty mode during an undisclosed visit, but they now say they want to do more than
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this. traditionalists say britain's royals exist primarily to support the monarch, not to create their own independent platforms, but like diana before them, they have a huge public following, which could be a potential force for good, to be harnessed by a 21st century monarchy. the royal family will be looking for a way to navigate a path that allows them to harness that star power. david? >> thank you, james. here at home it appears the justice department's yearlong inquiry into hillary clinton is winding down with nothing found. the review at the urging of president trump back in 2017 reportedly looked at the clinton emails, and is not expected to file any criminal charges. the state department ended it own multiyear investigation with the same result. a headline on the economy and your 401(k) tonight. the dow broke the 28,000 mark
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just over a month ago. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. this dramatic rescue tonight -- nearly 40 tourists, including americans, trapped on a glacier during a blizzard. the big question tonight, why did the tour company take them out in the first place? we are learning more on board the delta flight. emergency landing in boston. and a spectacular sight, a massive eruption, spewing ash 20,000 feet into the air. a lot more news ahead. i'll be right back. of a lifetime. it's "progressive on ice." everything you love about car insurance -- the discounts... the rate comparisons... and flo in a boat. ♪ insurance adventure awaits at "progressive on ice." tickets not available now or ever.
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3:48 pm
blizzard. >> we were told it would be quick, but then it ended up being five and a half-ish hours, hiding behind the snowmobile. we did think that we were actually going to die out there. >> reporter: a team of 200 rescuers braving blinding snow and bitter cold to reach the snowmobiling tour group. a mother from brazil desperately trying to protect her two sons. >> my youngest was frozen. he was completely frozen. i just hugged him really, really close to me. >> i thought, i'm going to die. but i'm okay. >> reporter: some in the group waiting nine hours for their rescue with snow up to their necks. tonight that tour company is apologizing, saying the decision to go forward with the tour despite the storm warnings was a mistake. david several people suffered frostbite, but tonight we know everyone is okay. david? >> thank you. when we come back, the midair scare, the emergency laning in boston. alarming news coming in on the flu late today and children this
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to the index of other news this friday night, and a spectacular eruption at one of mexico's most famous volcanoes tonight. the time lapse video capturing the eruption. ash and rock soaring 20,000 feet into the air. that midair scare aboard a delta flight from las vegas to paris. pilots reporting a vibration before declaring a emergency landing at boston. a spokesperson says it had a mechanical issue. the nasa intern who shot for the stars and a found a planet. tasked with going through data on star brightness for nasa, discovered what turned out to be a planet nearly seven times the size of earth orbitting two stars. the teen says he plans to continue his research while he
3:53 pm
finishes high school. the cdc with the latest numbers on the flu. 87,000 hospitalizations, 4,800 deaths. cases of the dangerous "b" strain of the virus appearing earlier than normal. doctors say it's not too late to get a flu shot. we have a passing from the world of music. neil peart died after a three-year battle with brain cancer. he joined the band in 1974. he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. he was 67. when we come back can you guess our persons of the week? man: sneezes skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief.
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finally tonight here, our persons of the week and it was not difficult to choose. for weeks now, the brave firefighters in australia. tonight, more help from america. the u.s. forest service pacific northwest region. the bureau of land management idaho fire team too. michigan firefighter brian stearns on the right. holding the kangaroo rescued from the fires. a welcome to american
3:58 pm
volunteers. >> it's a great opportunity to come here and help our brothers and sisters from australia with their fire operations and just lend them a hand. >> brain tate, an animal trainer and his 4-year-old spanl taylor searching for koalas. in fact, dogs saved hundreds so far. wildlife centers like this one helped them once they're found. >> singing on the fur and a burn on the chin. >> dehydrated, burnt paw, but they say they'll be okay. the first responders still at in fight tonight. so we choose the firefighters the first responders, the volunteers, the tireless work they do. thanks for watching. i'll see you on monday. ?
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now, news to build a better bay area from abc 7. just a day after b.a.r.t announced big changes including a new ambassador program, today interim chief ed alvarez began his official tenure and a new train team program was announced. this comes as the agency makes a push to cut down on crime and improve rider experience. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. i'm dan ashley. he has served hins chief rojas retired last spring. he is a 22-year veteran of the team. live at walnut creek b.a.r.t with a look at the efforts to build a better bark, eric thomas. >> reporter: ed alvarez spent the last couple of years as the department's second in command, trying to make sure that officers like the trains run on time. b.a.r.t introduced him