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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 18, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. happening saturday morning to you. thank you for being with us. i'm julian glover. it's january the 8th. if you are just waking up with us here at 6:00. we want to let you know what you can expect weatherwise on this weekend. we check in with lisa who has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. lots of cloud cover. you think it would be mild, right? relatively speaking it is. but looking here you notice we have 30s in castro valley. it's 45 in oakland. 40 in fremont. and some fog up in the north bay. 39 santa rosa. with 38 in pleasanton. los gatos in the upper 30s. quarter mile visibility santa rosa. and livermore. that's been getting worse the past hour. it's two to eight degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. looking outside here in the city, we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun today. upper 40s to the low 50s by noontime. partly cloudy skies through 4:00. it stays dry. it's cool in the mid-50s for
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most map li maybe upper 50s towards san jose. up in the north bay santa rosa and the sun setting at 5:17. we're keeping it dry all weekend. even a little warmer for your sunday. we talk about that in detail coming up. julian. >> all right, thank you. here we go. it's finally the nfc championship week weekend pl something a lot of fans have been waiting for. the bay area is budsing with hype. the 49ers taking on the packers at home to win the trip to the super bowl in sunny south florida. now if you remember the niner dominated the packers in the regular season matchup in week 12. today a couple of niners greats get ready for the nfc championship. roger craig and debo samuel holding a pep rally at dig's sporting vale in dig's sporting goods 9:00 a.m. great event for the kids. it's not just there. the gear is tough to come bay at this point. fans are ready to rock the red
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and gold. south bay community journalist dustin dorsey found out some popular items are already sold out. >> levi stadium, you know in place is going to be packed this weekend for the nfc championship game between the san francisco 49ers and the green bay packers. pu the team store has been packed all week long. friday no exception. everyone is trying to get the last-minute fan gear ready for sunday. lets check it out. gear has been flying of oh on the shelf at the stadium store with many items selling out. plenty of popular choices like jimmy garoppolo jerseyingings game helmets just about anything george kittel and of course cold weather gear to be ready for the game. >> what did you buy. >> key chains and got knee a debo samuel jersey. >> the boss asset and kittel penants. >> if all goes well for the 49ers, fans will be back at the store getting the nfc champion gear. if you are not lucky enough to be here on game day on sunday at the team store.
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you can go right down the road to select dig's sporting good locations across the bay area, including here at the great mall, grab your piece of 49ers history. >> we are starting to accumulate that now and hope they are going to clinch the victory. we won't sit until the actual win. we have to get the win first. >> somewhere between eight and ten stores will be staying open sunday night and opening early monday to get the championship swag. the dig areas stores have had their share of practice of championship excitement thanks to the success of the golden state warriors. >> is preps for the madness about to occur. we've been through this a few times. and it makes us that much more excited to celebrate a different team here in the bay. >> back here sunday night. back here monday. because we're having our friends come over and buy too. >> we'll be back. >> now all that's left to see is the if san francisco could give the fans what they want and bring the nfc crown to the bay area. dustin doors judge. >> if you hope to watch with the
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niners fans there is a watch party in the city. spin san francisco is hosting the team official party. look at the pictures. you can see packed last weekend for the divisional playoff game. imagine how packed it's going to be sunday. spin is a cool ping-pong bar. if you haven't checked it out. the watch party starpts at twourt tomorrow. across from the moscony center. raffle prizes and give aways. it's free and open to all ages. for some fans however they have to watch the game alone or maybe with just a very specific group of people, or you have a particular game day meal you have to have. there are plenty of fan supersigss out there. our reporter amanda del castillo at levi stadium with the many weird things the fans will do to try and guarantee the win. >> game day superstition we want to hear about it. what's going to keep them behind winning? i know you want to tell me about it. >> ha superstition without reason or proof some niner fans
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kwon convinced their routine is a reason for the success so far. >> all season long i've been wearing in re shirts on fridays. >> you try to do stuff as similar as you can, try to get the same result. >> i have all my gear on. if it's not working i'll change the gear and find something that works. that's what i stick with. >> we don't talk all sunday then on monday we meet again. >> you do not wash the jersey after they won. >> whatever the belief, it factors into the way the 49ers play. at least that's what i'm told. >> and it's been working, huh. >> it's been working. >> you kidding me? i've only been wrong three times. >> for agree bay it seems their fans keep the tactics close to the chest. >> no superstitions. >> for green bay any superstition. >> absolutely not. the packers win. >> hope she knocked on wood. whatever the belief something got the 49ers and green bay one game away from the super bowl. probably athletic skill. maybe superstition. >> it's just part of sports.
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you never know if it has the effect or not but it's fun to think about that way. >> now it's your turn if you have a superstition to share post it on the abc news facebook page. well unless you are too superstitious. in santa clara. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. bay area landmarks lighting up to the show the support. this is from last night. the international terminal at sfo glowing red and gold for the championship game. and if you look for an additional way to show off how proud you are of the niner all you have to do is head to the facebook page. factual 7 news and share the team badge. new this morning, one driver now in custody for a high-speed choose the bay bridge where speeds topped 120 miles an hour. we to we have brand-new video of the aftermath. you see the driver wiped out in the red mercedes and campbell street near 880 and grand. chp says some time overnight the
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drive was pulled over for speeding by the treasure island tumble and took off towards oakland. chp caughten a arrested the driver at the crash. now to some developing news here. starting today travelers arriving from a specific part of china near huan may undergo extra streeng screening because of a outbreak of a mysterious virus. the centers for disease control will have special health stations setup at ssfo and lax and new york's jfk. corona virus has symptoms like the common cold and lead to pneumonia. sreenings at sfo focus on a small group of travel zbleers we're really talking about a maximum of about 175 people that would be involved in this. and again they're going to be diverted into the separate area. >> the cdc says if the situation in huan gets worse than screenings will expand to more airports across the country. now to developing news in oakland. a mother killed by a hit-and-run driver on her way to pick up hup
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her daughter from skill. she is identified as miesha singleton. she lived in san >> our career lorin martinez has the story. >> it's just really sad though. it really is. >> rowe. >> reporter: 3:15 friday afternoon a mother walking across the crosswalk in front of elmhurst united middle school killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> the car sped off and left her, you know, on the ground. i don't know how many kids were outside. it could have been a hundred or more. and a lot of them saw what happened. >> reporter: now school staff says it's not uncommon for drivers to speed here on 98th avenue. >> and with traffic being up, you know, backed up, kids out, everything going on, you have to slow down. >> reporter: police are looking for the driver responsible. >> the vehicle is going to be a newer nissan maxima, it's white in color, going to have daniel to the passenger side windshield. >> we need people to slow down because it could be your friend,
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your child, your aunt, uncle, who knows. this could be someone that you love. and now their life is over. >> reporter: in oakland, lorin martin easy, abc 7. a skier is dead after a avalanche near tahoe. we learn new details from his wife about his passion for the snow. the avalanche happened around 10:15 yesterday morning at alpine meadows west of lake tahoe. abc 7 news reporter has the details from the resort. >> reporter: at alpine meadows the quiet broken only by the sound of grooming snowplows, bee lying the pain and drama of a day beginning with the best of times and finished with the worst. >> alpine meadow avalanche. >> when the alarm sounded it may have been too late for two skiers on the difficult section known as subway. witnesses saw both men racing to beat the avalanche. piling down. there was nothing they could do. >> looked to the right and saw the slide start toth. we yelled for anybody in the area to clear.
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but i guess you know some people didn't make it out in time. >> one unidentified skier survived with extreme injuries to lower body. cole comstock from blairsden, california perished. >> the information we have the area they were was not a prohibited area. but it's definitely an advanced area for skiers. >> later in the day cole comstock's wife caitlin spoke with reporters by telephone about how much he loved skiing and life and people. >> very savvy skier and strong skier. it was a complete fluke. >> reporter: in march of 1982 an avalanche here killed seven and left a woman buried alive for five days. alpine annually records the largest number of larges of any ski resort in the united states. and has an aggressive program to maintain the safety of these slopes. as to what triggered the avalanche remains under investigation. >> i want him here next to me forever. but i know he was doing the thing he loved. and i know that he didn't
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suffer. >> reporter: cole comstock was 34 years old. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. happening today, the annual women's marches take place in cities across the country, including here in the bay area. in san francisco, the rally starts at lurt this morning at civic center plaza. the march starts up at 1:30 at market street to the embarcadero. in oakland participants gather outside city hall at 10:00 a.m. the march starts at 11 broadway to gand and back to the plaza. and the san jose women's march beginning at 11:00 a.m. from city hall. from there they march to arena green park. the crowds are not expected as large in previous years but could disrupt traffic and transit. the first well women's march held shortly after president trump's inauguration in 2017 in protest of the trump administration and perceived threats to women's rights. they will love to hear what
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you have to say about the forecast this morning. >> well, i think a lot of people lke that storm on thursday. it would be nice. in january to get a couple of more of those. yes we are now in a dry pattern for the weekend. temperatures are cold though. how about 36 in san ramon. 35 by the delta. it's 40 in san jose with 39 in mountain view. partly cloudy over the week. temperatures coming up. milder for the second half of the week. we'll talk about the next chance of rain coming up with the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> also still to come a growing community outrage following an airline fuel dump over six schools. now teachers there are taking action. and with burglaries on the rise, a north bay home o
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we are back now with a new development in a story out of los angeles that is that has been getting a lot of national attention. parents packed a meeting to express anger and frustration after their children were doused with jet fuel while playing in a school yard. a delta airlines jumbo jet you see here dumped fuel before making a safe emergency landing on tuesday. a group of teachers are now suing delta. more than 60 adults and children needed medical attention. at first the airlines said the pilots followed normal procedures. now delta is not commenting now that a lawsuit is involved. in the north bay, neighbors are on edge after a sand rafael homeowner shot hat a suspected bearing li burglar.
6:16 am
happening after 10 yesterday on sand marine oi derive. cornell bernhard has the story. >> it's interesting the neighbor was armed and took defensive axe. >> some neighbors praising the action of the homeowner who called 911 to ror report a suspected burglar was trying to break in in. >> as we were responding to the call we received additional information that the homeowner had opened fire. >> police say the homeowner told them he had fired at a man who had broken a window at the rear of his house. the suspect described as a stocky man in his 50s took off. possibly driving a silver station wagon. it's unknown if he was shot. >> we did not see anything that would tell us that the suspect was injured. >> frightening. it's really frightening. >> marsha snyder was searching her garage for things out of place. while other neighbors worried about more break-ins. >> definitely makes me nervous. >> reporter: trouble is this isn't the first time.
6:17 am
police say they see an increase in home burglaries across the north bay. police say these men are wanted for a recent home burglary in novato. authorities believe the same group broken in marinewood. sand rafael police can't say if that crew is connected to this burglary here. neighbors are on in the alert. >> we know all the neighbors and fake a look out for each other. >> the homeowner who police say fired at the suspect is not expected to face weapons charges. he declined though speak with us. in sand rafael, cornell bernhard, abc 7 news. >> this morning an east bay town is named a top five town town and will be featured in a hulu tv show. venetiaa. hosted by amanda benning ton and ty brinkman. each year the winning town gets money to revitalize the main
6:18 am
street. you can vote online at small business you have until tuesday to make it happen. happening today a dance competition that could launch dreams is taking place on the peninsula. the youth america grand prix is holding the world's largest ballet competition. the dancers range in age from 9 to 19 years old. students with the highest scores this weekend will continue to the finals at lincoln center in new york city in april. when scholarships to the top schools will be awarded. you auditions are open to the public. they'll be held at the cappuccino performing center in millbrae starting at 11:30 this morning. and lots more happening to do today to tell you about. you're invited to learn about california sea lions and their arrival to san francisco. it's all a part of the 30th anniversary at pier 39. the animals started showing up shortly after the loma prieta earthquake. therlier in week 30 new statues were unveiled. after the weekend they will be
6:19 am
zplersed throughout the city at landmark locations. today there will be free tours starting at noon to learn more about sea lions. i think the forecast might be good to check out the sea lions today. meteorologist standing by with the answer. >> julian, you are right. we're starting out with cloud cover, fog. cold temperatures but the cloud cover thin timothying out throughout the day. here is live doppler 7 you can see the clouds extending back to the pacifica. weak storm system to the north and visibility reduced in the east bay and north bay valleys where we have a wind chill factor this morning. 39 in livermore right now. it's 43 in hayward with 35 by the delta. upper 30s in the north bay. 46 half moon bay and the visibility still just at a mile here in livermore. half a mile up in -- a quarter of a mile in santa rosa. a bit of a north wind makes it feel just around freezing in parts of the napa valley. here is san francisco, a chilly morning with the patchy fog. dry, partly cloudy, over the weekend. and looking at rain returning by
6:20 am
about early tuesday morning throughout the day. so nasdaq was the big day for us, right? the storm, the rain, over an inch of rain. translating to about 2 feet of snow? the mountains. tahoe, donner 26 inches. 25 inches at squaw and homewood. and 22 inches in north star with sugar bowl at 21 inches. looking good in the mountains. looking to monday night, just a chance of some rain. going into early tuesday morning, this is 9:00, look for light rain. the rain advances from the north, sliding into the east bay. the peninsula, then down through the south bay. right on through the later afternoon hours. and with this system we are looking at maybe a quarter inch. this is another model bringing us the 7-day rainfall totals. you can see in san francisco -- santa claus rosa a half inch. san francisco maybe a third of an inch. and the most rain falling in the next seven days in the pacific northwest. highs today under some cloud cover in the mid-50s for you in
6:21 am
oakland. san francisco 56. in fremont upper 50s. santa rosa, san jose, about 58. so that is slightly warmer than we've been. and we'll continue to see the trend into the second half of the weekend on sunday. 3:40, how about 60 degrees in santa clara with partly cloudy skyis. and the numbers drop through the 50s through about 7:00. so your accuweather seven-day forecast, looking at temperatures today in the mid-50s around the bay for the most part. upper 50s in the north bay. partly cloudy skies. we've got patchy fog. second half of the weekend looking slightly milder. 60 around the bay and inland with mid-50s at the coast. then we bring in the slight chance of rain into monday night. the next system is a level one on the storm impact scale arriving tuesday morning. pushes through the bay area, maybe a quarter to an third inch of rain. then back to sun and fog on wednesday morning looking at dra and milder weather with highs from the 50s at the coast to the low 60s on thursday. and friday.
6:22 am
so with san francisco at about 70% of normal, san jose at about 40% of normal. >> wow. >> we really do need the rain out there. and of course santa rosa leading the pack at 80% of normal. it's not great, doing better last year and this week doesn't look promising. >> keep that in mind when it rains tp it might be an annoyance but we need it. >> still to come this morning the latest attraction at disneyland. we give you the inside look at the immersive ride drawing large crowds, seven hours -- seven hours before the park even opened. back with that after
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all right we have your daley dose of cute here. you are looking at the newest additions to the giant panda family. you want to see this. 20 cubs making the debut in the sichaun province to celebrate the upcoming festival in february. all the cubs born last year. the oldest seven months old but the youngest 4 months old. the captive panda population reaching 600 worldwide in 109. "star wars" fans on the edge
6:26 am
of their seats and waiting in long lines. rise of the resistance is open and some people lining up at 11:00 p.m. thursday night, seven hours before the park was set to open yesterday morning. the fans look like they are enjoying the ride though. rise of the resistance is an immersive 15-minute ride that pits the resistance, good guys against the evil first order. visitors must sign up in advance using the park's virtual queue system. but the queue is only available when the park opens each day. disney is of course the parent company of abc 7. sever hours in line for 15 minutes of ride. must be real fun. still to come this morning on abc 7 mornings, speaker nancy pelosi appears in san francisco for the first time since signing the articles of impeachment. her thoughts as the senate prepares to put the president on trial. ando and going high-tech, the virtual
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6:30 am
it usually is cold. the east bay and south bay. current numbers in the upper 30s. castro valley. 45 -- doesn't the feel too bad in oakland. fog in the north and east bay. 39 santa rosa. livermore 36 degrees. you just hit a 40 degree mark in san jose. quarter mile visibility in the north bay. half mile in livermore. so do be careful out there. a lot of cloud cover to start out. as we go through the early morning hours we're in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees by 11:00. clouds thin out from time to time. so it's a mix of clouds and sun. by 2:00 mid-50s out there. maybe some upper 50s in the south bay and also up towards santa rosa. we are talking milder over the week. no rain we are dry. we have rain in the 7 had been day outlook. >> speaker nancy pelosi back home in san francisco. the democrat spoke in detail about the effort to impeach president donald trump. abc 7 news reporter chris reyes tells us more.
6:31 am
>> i would hope that the oath the senators took yesterday to participate in a fair trial would insist that there be eye witnesses and documentation which is very important. >> reporter: speaking at a joint event with mayor londed breed for the launch of siff counts 2020 census. the speaker was greeted with tears and applause. it's her first appearance since signing the articles of impeachment this week. formally opening the senate trial. >> people say vushd done it sooner. we think we timed it just right. >> reporter: this week saw a series of ceremonial events opening the trial including newly appointed impeachment managers marching across the capitol with impeachment articles. >> celebrately pens bumped out and fist bumping more like a victory party np any attempt now
6:32 am
after cheapening the the this to partisan issue to attempt to make it who look like you are listening to constituents is empty exercise. >> the speaker has another even on sunday. no word where she plans to watch the nfc championship game. just optimistic. >> i have my tickets. we have our discussion in our family about that. but i already have my tickets for the super bowl. my airline tickets and my tickets to go to the game. >>? san francisco, chris reyes for abc 7 news. >> perks of being the speaker of the house there. >> to your voice and vote this morning as the presidential candidates make stops to california. most recently it was michael bloomberg, the former new york mayor. opened a new oakland campaign office yesterday. he also spoke to supporters at evert and jon barbecue at jack london square before chatting with mayor libby schaaf. eric thomas spoke with bloomberg
6:33 am
one-on-one and asked about plans on winning. bloomberg says he believes he can reach across party lines and find what americans share in common. a recent poll showing bernie sandners the lead in california for the first time, focused on winning the latino vote and that could pay off big time. according to the new pew research center data, democrats hold nearly a two to one advantage among latino registered voters. a record number of latinos eligible to vote in the general election. and have a greater impact on the primary election because california which has the biggest latino population moved up the primary from june to march for this year. we took an in-depth look at sanders strategy and the first episode of our new series called chasing california. which leads up to the presidential primary. you can watch chasing california in its entirety on abc 7 and our digital platforms. well, it's a new year new you. you probably said working out would be a new year's
6:34 am
resolution. if you think fitness can be boring, there is a new modern option for you. abc 7 news anchor dion lima lim shows us how the virtual workout might change the way you look at going to the gym. >> black box is a virtual reality fitness gym. you put upon the headset. >> reporter: so not used to this. >> going into vr. >> reporter: whoa. >> and play the immersive video game. punch the red, the blue, karate chop. >> reporter: my god. >> your body is the controller. >> reporter: what. >> any exercise is an attack in the game. >> reporter: this is way better than dance dance revolution. >> it gives people a chance to find something totally different that can help them adhere to fitness goals. ryan dluka and preston louis have a barked from body
6:35 am came together and they're like there is something here with virtual reality and fitness and actually started out with at vr controller, duct taped to a dumb bell. we actually are a membership based. you come in like a regular fitness studio. you go into your own personal booth. and do a 30-minute resistance workout. >> reporter: ready for battle. >> here we >> reporter: so i'm in a giant futuristis arena in a cave. >> you're on one side of the arena and your opponent is on the other side of the how you do that is by your attacks in the game which are your exercises. you're shooting out a meteor every time you do the overhead press. >> reporter: i see. >> you do cardio resistance
6:36 am
training cardio. 30 minutes non-stop going. >> reporter: my gosh this is really a workout. >> it gives you an exhaustive workout in a good way. >> reporter: my god this is hard. >> it pushes you to the limit. your competitiveness tends to come out more so than you would ever expect. >> reporter: gonzo mode, double damage. >> you will push that extra little bit. it's the itching feeling, right of wanting to win. the large portion of what is so unique about black box is our data collection and our ai inside the game. >> maintain proper form. it knows i'm not using proper form. >> it did detect. >> let it go. good job our machine tracks everything you do inside the workout. you'll go to the stat section here. and then you can see your battle log. you could actually see how many reps you are do, sets you are doing in an instant after the workout then the next workout is
6:37 am
morp personalized >> there is so much happening around me. that i'm forgetting that heim exercising. >> that's the whole point, right. because you are so immersed, 30 minutes normally tends to feel like 10 to 15 for a lot of people. >> it goes by fast. >> what did you think about the experience as a whole. >> it was awesome. i felt like a superhero. >> boom! you did it. yeah you did it good job. >> reporter: as soon as i i was done i couldn't wait to come back to beat the other character. >> and you can check out more great stories at facebook and instagram too. still to come this morning on abc 7 mornings now we talked about working out lets talk about putting food back in the body. san jose restaurant week is under way. why organizers say it could bring them a big turnout larger than ever before. we want to leave you with the live look from the abc 7 roof cam in san francisco. we are looking at the exploratorium. a little bit of wind outside.
6:38 am
you can see the flag waving in the distance. we check in with lisa for
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to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. welcome back. happening today it's the competition you pretty much dream of as a kid. it's the leg ofr master builder competition and we hear a special guest will be there our own abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo emceeing today and tomorrow at the great mall in milpitas. now the two-day competition will
6:41 am
name the discovery center first ever master model builder. what does it mean? the winner gets a full-time position to build and design new store features starting at 10:00 a.m. and tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. i can't believe that's a job that someone gets to do right? happening today get the beard oil and creams out. the annual beerds by the bay competition. it's a facial hair contest for all ages. here are some pictures what you might be able to expect to see. it's at the dna lounge in soma. doors open at 2:30 p.m. beer judging under way at 4:00. tickets online, $20 for competitors. 10 for kids and spectators goes for the larkin street youth services in sf working to end youth homelessness. so a great cause and a pretty interesting competition. i wonder how many hours it must take for some of the guys to get the beerds to spiral like that. >> yeah. don't -- don't have much to say about that.
6:42 am
although a great cause like you said. good morning, everyone. enchts we are cold out there in the valleys in the 30s. and even to near 40 degrees on the peninsula. 47 san francisco. walnut kweek creek pretty shot with the clouds there, fog at a half mile visibility in livermore. so be careful out there. and we're looking at a quarter mile in the north bay. it's a dry weekend, a mix of clouds and sun. we have more rain in the 7-day outlook and milder temperatures it's coming up >> also next, a day just are for klay. klay thompson thompson in the stomping groun ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like james lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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? sports tonight, the wear warriors try to snap the 10-game losing streak. not pretty. golden state taking on the orlando magic at chase center. tip off at 5:30 p.m. everyone is talking about one day away from the 49ers hosting green bay in the nfc championship game. our sports director larry beil with the preview in sports. >> good morning, everybody. the 49ers demolished green bay meeting back in november. the final 37-8. aaron rogers spent a lot of time under pressure. they meet sunday in the nfc championship game. some think another niner route coming. but consider the packers have not lost since playing the niners in the game six wins.
6:46 am
much of the focus will be on the quarterback marchup. jimmy against aaron rodgers. jimmy g. fantastic at times. he throws a few passes a game that make you cringe. what are you doing? many fans believe the niners going to the superbowl and that's fine with coach shannon. he doesn't want the players to liz to the vibe. >> if you read your phone all week you might start to realize, my gosh, one of the only games on everyone is talking. and maybe caught up in the wrong stuff. but that stuff has nothing to do with football. >> four and 12, 6-10. that's hard to overcome. now we're what, 14-3. yeah, i mean, it shows the resilience we have and the belief we have. after nine years leading the dallas cowboys jason garrett's new job is to beat the cowboys going to a division rival, the offense every coordinator of the giants hide hired by the head coach joe judge. garrett you might recall was a backup kwb with the giants from 2000 to 2003.
6:47 am
big day in pullman today for klay thompson. look at young klay in college. going to be the first washington state hoops player to have his jersey number retired. thompson averaged 18 per game in the three years in pullman. he has been back only once since but when he showed up yesterday afternoon it was like nothing changed. yeah, back home, yes. yes. how like me now, pull zbloonl a dream of mine leaving pullman. i didn't think it would come true and it did. so it's exciting. >> do you like me now, pu and the debut soon. the nash rookie of the award may be out of reach luke of in electric trying performance as the griz won 113 to 101 over the
6:48 am
cavs. the bay view ymca in san francisco at a you a neek called beyond the baseline middle schoolers participated in workshops introducing them to sports related career paths, sports photography, creative design and marketing nike teamed up with warriors to make it happen. that's a wrap on sports. have a great weekend. >> looking like a great weekend so far. another check of the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. no complaints so far this weekend here, lisa. >> i'm sure we could find a few. but we like it dry especially tomorrow for the 49ers. today we start out with fog and certainly cold temperatures here in san francisco not bad. 47 degrees, the sun coming up at 7:22. in the inland valleys we look at 30s and even down around the south bay. temperatures are cold this morning. so we're looking at that sun coming up from from time to time today. and it that yous out a bit after the cold start.
6:49 am
partly cloudy nod not only today but into tomorrow. and temperatures getting milder not only the second half of the weekend but into the second half of the work week. then a level 1 storm system arriving, looks like on time for the morning commute on tuesday. a live look from the exploratorium camera. looks nice out there right now. and temperatures today slightly milder than they have been. live dplesh 7 high clouds here widening the view and a system to the north provides rain. but looking at the trail of cloud cover out towards the pacific. and this is a weak system moving in. but we are looking at the fog, visibility reduced in the north bay a quarter mile just over a mile in livermore. elsewhere really not an issue but looking at walnut creek you can see the cloud cover here. and throughout the day today. we will keep it with us. so we'll have the mixture of clouds and sun. it's 40 in san jose. 38 in gilroy on the coast 46. oakland checking in at 45.
6:50 am
a look at 280 in the south bay. and temperatures are certainly cold from petaluma to santa rosa. 38 there. 39 up in santa rosa looking at 35 by the delta. and you add in a bit of a north wind and feels even colder out there. we had all the snow in the mountains on thursday. up to two feet from homewood, 25 inches in jawo squaw with 26 inches tahoe valley. and looking added 20 inches sierra at tahoe. that was a good rain and snow maker. but what's on the horizon is looking weak. going to be a level 1 system. this is monday. partly cloudy skies, a chance of showers late in the overnight. waking up to go to work or school on school, back to work or school after the holiday you could be greated with wet pavement and light rain pushing through the bay. throughout the day it should be light to moderate and then out of here into the second half of the day, the evening commute. we're only talking about perhaps
6:51 am
0.19, maybe 0.2 of an inch in novato. and maybe 0.4 in santa rosa. not much from the system but at least a little rain. 55 in oakland for dry conditions. for plouk. 56 in palo alto with the warmer numbers on either end of the way with 58 in santa rosa and san jose. and looking at tomorrow's game in santa clara, 3:40, 60 degrees, mixture of clouds and sun. and throughout the evening hours we're into the mid-50s. overnight lows, another cold one with mid-30s to upper 30s in the valleys, th in oakland and the accuweather seven-day forecast it's cold this morning. and looking at just a little fog. then mid-and upper 50s. milder for sunday. increasing clouds on monday. level one system on tuesday and then back to dry even milder conditions as we get towards the end of the week. and even the end of the month is not looking particularly promising for rain. >> yeah, but it's been chamber of commerce weather for the big
6:52 am
football games last week with the divisional, this week the championship. >> we need the w, right. >> all we need. and hopefully heading to sunny miami after that. >> yes. >> calling all foodies this morning, ifs in you and this dish look good head to san jose soon to indulge with special menus and dining deals throughout the city for the annual restaurant week. it runs through the 26th of this month. organizers say it's bigger and better than ever. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen shows us the highlights. >> reporter:? san jose, a dynamic food scenes that constantly evolving. more than 30 restaurants offering deals as part of the city's annual restaurant week. lb steak at santana row has ha three course lunch for $50. >> we are offering a wedge salad, a filet minimum johann with potatoes and a chocolate fondant with cookies and cream ice cream.
6:53 am
>> and meso restaurant sees this as an opportunity to introduce modern mediterranean cuisine to a new audience. >> think of it as the time to get local and go support restaurants around you and explore the neighborhoods next door. >> san jose restaurant week is part of the california restaurant month created by visit california. the initiative encouraging post holiday travel to our state. >> last year visitors spent 560 million in san jose restaurants alone which generated $47.5 million in tax revenue. >> a chance to not only visit local gems but also discover brand-new favorite. especially since january tends to be a slower time for the zblee if you really look closely to your own neighborhood, you have found there is a restaurant like kazoo we have been here for, you know, the past 30, 40 years. and offer great, great food. and services. >> a citywide celebration of cull they're talent that aims to please everyone regardless of their budget. in san jose, chris nguyen.
6:54 am
abc 7 news. >> next up here on abc 7 mornings we're one week away from the lunar new year, the annual san francisco event to get families ready for the holiday.
6:55 am
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yes. with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. plus, free premium delivery on all smart beds when you add a base. ends monday. inks if you are looking for something to do with the fireman happening today. it's the chinese new year flower fair in chinatown. it's also in celebration of the lunar new year. featuring a colorful dpla. check it out, including a looin
6:57 am
li liane dance. this year is the year of the rat. this flower fair goes from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. there are several street closures in the area until ref "p" tonight. before we let you go a final check of the forecast. >> pretty. we're looking at not a drink of water for the plants out there today. it will be dry. we'll have vitamin d for you with partly cloudy stai skies. 55 in concord and napa as well as the city. how about 58 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast milder for the niners tomorrow and then the next chance of rain comes in early tuesday, a level 1 system. that's about all we manage and then mild are and dry the end of the week. >> we'll take it especially the game day forecast foam maybe throwing the packers off, too warm they're not used to that. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 morning, i'm julian glover
6:58 am
with lisa argen. abc 7 continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next see you for another news and weather update coming in 30 minutes. >> announcer: the affordability crisis hit teachers hard. >> today we cover a day on b.a.r.t. >> the bay area struggle with homelessness has been a big focused. >> we hit the streets to get an unscientific count on ride share vehicles. abc news is invested in building a better bay area. we are spending extra time looking at issues affecting quality of life. >> we dig into the issues noticeable where you live.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. we're tracking a deadly witness storm barreling across the country this morning. drivers dealing with treacherous roads. this close call captured on camera. alerts in 28 states from colorado all the way to maine. piling snow causing a deadly avalanche at one ski resort and thousands of flights canceled. we have team coverage of this dangerous storm. mysterious virus. the cdc concerns an outbreak in china could spread here. new overnight thousands of flyers being screened at three major u.s. airports. dr. ashton with what you need to know. impeachment battle, the president's men playing roles in his defense with his senate trial looming.


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