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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 29, 2020 1:07am-1:42am PST

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america's getting sicker. sick of donald trump, there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping fees to lower costs. as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give access to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a major corruption scandal in san francisco, the high level
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city hall official and well-known restaurant owner at the center. car burglaries are spiking in the east bay, it. >> red and gold, the colors of the 49ers and chief, but can fans in south florida tell the difference. abc 7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area from abc 7. new developments tonight. for the first time, we are hearing audio of the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter, and seven others. >> investigators have a copy of the audio, and let me warn you, you might find it disturbing. >> a homeowner living next to the crash site in calabasas shared her doorbell security video believed to be the final moments of the doomed flight. another new video shows the for.
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>> all nine victims have been removed from the crash site, the wreckage driven to an undisclosed location. federal investigators say the helicopter was about 30 feet from clearing a ridge when it crashed. >> the descent rate for the helicopter was over 2,000 feet a minute. so, we know that this was a high energy impact crash. >> kobe bryant's former teammates still coming to terms with all of this are now speaking about the loss. >> lost probably the world's greatest laker, world's greatest basketball player. listen, people say take your time and get better, but it's going to be hard for me. >> coming into this league, it was one person that i wanted respect from, one person i wanted to look at me as his equal and look at me eye to eye, and it was kobe bryant. >> we have the very latest on the crash investigation. tributes for kobe bryant and the
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other crash victims on our website >> such a sad story. new details. one of san francisco's highest ranking officials is facing federal corruption charges. >> san francisco director of public works mahamed nuru is said to have provided nick bull bass an unfair advantage in awarding contracts. kate larson joins us with the story. >> i interviewed ma'am med just last friday three days after he was first arrested. he was able to tell me his plans all while knowing he was deeply embroiled in a corruption scandal. this complaint was sealed at the time and the fbi said he violated the agreement so, they took him into custody yesterday. he's accused of taking bribery,
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kick backs, and side deals according to david anderson. well known restaurant owner nick bullbas was charged with wire fraud. >> the complaint alleges corruption pouring into sf from around the world. >> it alleges they were involved in a scheme to bribe a san francisco airport commissioner in exchange for the commissioner's assistance to win a contract for a restaurant lease at sfo. abc 7 learned that sfo commissioner is linda craton. according to the compliant, he turned down a $5,000 cash bribe. they were accused of multiple additional schemes to benefit their businesses and personal lives a. cording to transparent california, nuru's bay apay an d benefits total $320,000. his buy up has been taken off the dpw website.
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>> him and i have been butting heads for the year i've been here. >> matt hany says the department of public works needs to be overhauled. >> you if give somebody that much power where they can do whatever they want without any oversight, it's unacceptable. i think he needs to be fired and potentially spend time in prison. but on top of that we've got to reform this department. >> fbi investigators came to city hall on monday to gather documents from his office. the statement says our number one priority is to ensure all public works staff stay focused on their jobs of providing critical services to the people of san francisco. >> they were both released on $2 million bonds and are due in court february 6. i spoke to his attorney that says in part, the father of five and dedicated public servant looks forward to addressing the charges in court. i also spoke to boef is's
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attorney. >> we started sending out push alerts through the abc 7 news app. download it now. it's the easiest way to be the first to know what's going on where you live. happening now, a flight carrying americans from china hubei province has just arrived in anchorage, alaska. this is video taken at the anchorage international airport. evacuees will be screened for the coronavirus, then go through customs while the plane refuels. the plane will be redirected to march air force base here in california. so far the outbreak has killed 132 people. there are more than 6,000 cases reported, 5 confirmed cases in the u.s., 2 in california, none here so far in the bay area. we are just hour asway from san francisco's market street going car free. here are live pictures from market street right now. starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, all private vehicles will be banned. the no vehicle zone is between
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van hess down to the ferry building. cars can cross market street at intersections, just not drive down it. it applies to private cars and ride share companies. taxis, public transit, and emergency vehicles are exempt. it is to make the street safer for pedestrians and cyclists. focusing on crime prevention is integral part of building a better bay area and that includes frustrating car break ins. in the east bay, police in several cities are joining forces to combat a recent spike. >> i was cleaning up glass out of my car last night. >> reporter: we found hannah at this auto glass repair shop after thieves broke the door of her honda and ransacked the car. two days earlier, her boyfriend's car got hit. >> same thing. someone broke into the backseat of his car. this is the third time for us.
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police say it's a story that keeps repeating. auto burglaries are spiking by double digits in oakland and other east bay cities where smash and grabs are often caught on security cameras. >> this is the wild wild west. there's no law and order. >> reporter: car burglaries are out of control. >> the thugs have more rights than the victims. >> reporter: now law enforcement is joining forces creating a roving task force cracking down on high crime areas one city at a time. >> the main goal here is not just to encars rate people in general but to get the right people, people involved in these crimes have a strong case. >> reporter: police will also target laptop thieves. on new year's eve, a man was killed trying to stop a thief who stole his laptop. >> we'll be doing surveillances.
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>> reporter: while police ramp up enforcement, they urge people to avoid being a victim. don't leave valuables in plain sight in your car. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our group on facebook. new developments in the impeachment trial, a possible hurdle for president trump's hopes of a quick acquittal. mitch mcconnell told senators tonight that he does not yet have the votes to block new witnesses. the senate was set to vote as early as friday on whether to have new witnesses and allow new evidence. today, the president's attorneys wrapped up their opening articles. >> these articles must be rejected. the constitution requires it. justice demands it. >> senators now get up to 16 hours over two days time to question house impeachment managers and president trump's defense team. abc 7 news will bring you live
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coverage throughout the trial. you can get all the updates on air, online, and of course through the abc 7 news app. survivors of the north bay wild fires victimized again. see what a group of teens did in their newly rebuilt home. larry biel live in miami where the 49ers super bowl covers the nfl party tonight at the port of miami. take a look at the skyline, the backdrop, spectacular. i wasn't expecting myself to be in the shot. but we're going to have a color test for football. >> great shot. >> i was hoping we would just show the scenery dan. >> no, it's nice. >> larry looking like he's having a great time there. i have a super forecast for the super bowl in miami plus a look at the changes setting up for us here in the bay area coming right up. >> he looks like it's his town. first here's a look at what's
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coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks dan and liz. tune in tonight or miss the magic. >> every night you came to staples center you knew you were going to see something special, something great that you've never s
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welcome back. in the north bay a house being rebuilt after the 2017 tubbs fire was broken into and trashed just weeks before the family was set to move back in. the owner, rosemary, says this surveillance video shows teens entering her empty santa rosa home for a party friday night. and the next morning she found this, bottles and broken glass everywhere, furniture destroyed, and walls with holes in them. >> just looking at, you know, the dream of my beautiful finished house being just -- it's that feeling of doom. it's like someone pouring gasoline. >> rosemary says they were able to find a video of the party publicly posted on snapchat but that police -- they have yet to make any arrests.
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>> that is so mean. what a shame. >> i know. so sad. we are counting down to super bowl sunday when the 49ers take on the kansas city chiefs. >> what is everybody doing in the days leading up to sunday. larry beil is live in miami. he's having a pretty good time. >> oh yeah. a lot of people are just standing around like this taking goofy photos. the dangers of social media. anyway, there's a handful of 49ers who have previous super bowl experience and emmanuel sanders happens to be among them. sanders was with the denver broncos in super bowl l. i spoke with sanders last night when i noticed he resembled a walking jewelry store. >> got a cuban wrist link. i got a custom made superman piece. but the s is really for sanders.
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and i got a up canal tennis chains. >> i think you need a body guard. >> nah. >> you sure? >> we got plenty of security. we've got plenty of security. >> tell you what, he was looking good. and speaking of wardrobe choices, you walk around miami, you see a lot of people who are wearing red and gold. and that's because the 9ers wear red and gold and the chiefs have exactly the same colors. abc 7's amanda see if fans could determine the right red. >> we know the 49ers will be donning white and gold uniforms for sunday. the similarities have some doing a double take. so, we hit the streets of south florida to ask football fans. >> tell me the difference
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between the chiefs and 49ers red. >> the chiefs red is a little bit lighter. >> our red is very specific. >> the stripes are different on the sleeves. you know the difference if you're a fan. >> according to team color, here's the one. 49ers red is pantone chiefs, 186c, essentially just one shade off. we put fans to the test. >> looks like san francisco red. it's a little bit lighter. >> little bit lighter. >> ye. >> that one looks like the chiefs. >> wrong. >> kc. >> kc? i'm going to show you the second one. you standing by your answer? >> shoot. >> he eventually got it right. >> that's chiefs actually. that's 49ers. >> got it. you're right. >> if there's any confusion, one fan put it simply. >> it's 49er red and it's a gold rush red. their red and gold is like mcdonald's, just saying.
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>> hey, he said it. we didn't. >> the question is can you spot the difference? head to and click on the story to click the correct red. in miami, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> that mcdonald's line, that stings for the chiefs fans. more from miami coming up. the message that tom brady left for his former understudy jimmy garoppolo later in sports. >> oh! >> strike a pose there. >> good stuff. >> thanks larry. all right. checking the weather now with the super sunday forecast. >> absolutely. it is going to be a super super bowl forecast, liz and dan. take a look at the forecast for sunday, 62 degrees, mainly clear in miami, bright skies for the afternoon getting up to the low 70s and then clear and starry by 7:00 p.m. we're talking mid-60s. it's a beautiful night tonight. look at the sun set, 5:28 when
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the sun went down. we did have showers earlier in the day but they were pretty much a light storm that came through the bay area, didn't get a whole lot, but just enough to dampen the roadways. let's they can out what's ahead as we fast forward to thursday, not tomorrow, but thursday. you're going to notice it's a little warmer. signs of spring for friday, saturday, low 70s for the warmest spots. we are going to be getting a break from the wet weather. here's a look from the emeryville camera as we look at the view from san francisco. look where the rain is going. as we check out high pressure building in over the next couple of days, a storm track will be diverted staying well to our north. so, we are not expecting any rain any time soon. as amatter of fact, what we're tracking is fog on live doppler 7, very thick fog in some parts. visibility is fluctuating in napa. take it easy tomorrow morning. temperatures right now anywhere from the 30s to the 50s, wide variety, beautiful view from our
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exploratorium cameras as we look at the bay lights, areas of dense fog for the morning commute, warmer pattern thursday through saturday, much cooler weather starting on sunday. definitely watch out tomorrow morning, the fog will be thick across valleys and along the coast. 30s, 40s for your temp, san francisco 50 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in the low to mid 60s, beautiful wednesday, high clouds filtering the sunshine. look at the accuweather seven day forecast, we're going with a foggy morning, rising temperatures, thursday feeling like spring, friday, saturday, bringing in the 70s, well above average for this time of year. it will turn breezy and cooler for the super bowl sunday. still pleasant while you're watching and the game and out and about, definitely expecting plent weather and monday and tuesday, back to winter. back down to the average winter range. >> normal winter service rezums.
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al. the 49ers are already
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beating the kansas city chiefs, at least the team's fans are when it comes to a fund-rais children's hospital has launch a fan challenge. all donations go to support patients and families. so far packer children has a commanding lead with just over $5,000. >> let's go back to abc 7 news sports director larry biel. larry. >> all right. thank you, dan. super bowl liv will be the biggest game of jimmy garoppolo career. he watched tom brady win two super bowls with the patriots. so, what did brady tell his former understudy about
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hurricanes. tornadoes. donald trump is making it worse. trump:"all of this with the global warming. a lot of it's a hoax." vo: mike bloomberg knows the science and understands the challenge, he's led an effort that has shut down half the nation's dirty polluting coal plants so far. as president, a plan for 80% clean energy by 2028 - cutting carbon emissions and creating millions of clean energy jobs. mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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now it's jimmy's time and jimmy garoppolo will make his first start? a super bowl the on sunday against the kansas city chiefs. he revealed brady telksed him a message of support saying good luck, handle business, and win. here's richard sherman on his humble qb. >> he doesn't really want it. i don't think he wants credit. if we win the super bowl and he gets mvp, i don't know if he'll go up to the stage. he'll be like oh my god, you guys, you guys, come on. >> everyone has a different story in this league how you get where you're going. i'm happy with my story and how everything's worked out. >> let's make the transition to the warriors in philadelphia, kobe bryant's hometown, his low merion jersey in the rafters as both teams had a moment of silence. the sixers won the tip and took
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a violation. the warriors inbounded placing the ball down. they took a shot clock violation, a standing ovation from the fans for both efforts. how about the numerology. he changed his jub to 24 tonight. he had 24 points tonight and 8 defensive rebounds as philly won the game 115-104. >> former giants manager dusty baker could become the new magg manager of the houston astros. the astros fired their manager in the wake of the sign stealing scandal. dusty is 70 years old. he is a man who still has a great passion for the game. look at this, the nfl threw a big party for the port of miami. that's abc 7 sports producer
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inspired by the music on the dance floor. we are hoping that j.lo and shakira might consider including casey in their halftime show because it don't lie. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. the best thing about video tape is it lives forever and that clip certainly will. >> i think we're going to
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♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ shine every day and night ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever [cheers and applause] hi! hello! hi! hi! hello! welcome! welcome! welcome! hello! how are you? welcome, welcome! how are you? thank you so much! thank you, welcome, have a seat! we have a big show for you today, a lot to unpack, a lot to
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talk about, it is tuesday. happy to be alive, happy to be here with you! we have a lot to talk about today. i went to temple university, god bless. from my dorm room to my parents house, 1,528 miles. how do i know? because i drove it by myself with my dog louis. going to college, i was the first in my family. for my family to see me go off to temple university was a big moment. see you know what it feels like when your kids gets that "yes" but there's always, as we know, a challenge inside to everything. we are going to go inside this prep school who had incredible results with students. the videos went viral of the kids at celebrating, they got into these huge ivy league schools,


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