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tv   ABC 7 News 430 PM  ABC  February 1, 2020 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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on abc7 news, a gunman opens fire on a deputy in the south bay. what the gunman did seconds before the shooting that could indicate he targeted law enforcement. a super letdown as a super bowl gig. fans run for shelter in torrential rain. will the weather clear for the big game? the 49ers are hoping for a big win tomorrow on super sun y sunday. it's a stormy night in miami. one niner already came up with a victory. that story's coming up. >> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. a teenager is in critical condition tonight after a shooting outside an east bay high school following a basketball game. >> abc7 news reporter, with new details. >> no parent should ever have to receive this call. it was heart wrenching.
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>> reporter: mary says that call was from her dawe wughter who s there was shooting after friday night's basketball game against a rival. >> kept her on the phone whole time. don't hang up. at the side, back of the school. let's stick together. >> reporter: police say the game was letting out from the school gym a large group of teens started fighting in the parking lot when shots were fired. a 16-year-old boy, a a a a student, shot three times and taken to the hospital. >> i heard about it, sad discovering it happened especially at our school. >> >> reporter: this student and his cousin reacted to the news rnlgt. >> sad guns can come into the school. we pray for the people injured. >> reporter: the soccer coach worries about student safety. >> these kids are our future. we've got to find a way to keep them safe and protected. >> rep a motive for the fight is still unknown.
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for now, this parent is keeping her daughter home. >> not aloud to go night games. it's sad. >> reporter: so far no suspect identified in this case. the search continues. meantime, if you have information, call police. in antioch for abc7 news. the search is on for a gunman who opened fire if the south bay. a sheriff deputy recovering and expected to be okay after a shooting near morgan hill. a person drove three the deputy next to the reservoir. the lights got closer, shots fired. in a suspect drive way. the deputy returned fire. it is unknown if the suspect was hit. in east bay a man and his dog died in a fire near the creek. north civic drive at about 5:30 this morning. police found the man in a third-story unit. the fire contained to that unit. dozens of people evacuated from
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the building. they'd been let back in. no word just yet on what caused the fire. a huge tree toppled today in san francisco. the magnolia tree downed muni power lines affecting the 33 route that happened this morning at corner of mission deloris park at 18th street. street. st. pg & e power lines not affected. time has come. here we go after ga18 games mons of preparation, comes down to form and super bowl liv. >> our sports anchor is live in miami anchoring team coverage. larry? >> reporter: and enough talking already. let's play some football. right? hang on. a little more talking. the 49ers can win their sixth super bowl in franchise history tomorrow. turns out nick bosa is already a winner in miami tonight. bosa named defensive rookie of
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the year. bosa had nine sacks, 25 quterback hits in the regular season. number two pick in the draft, everything the niners hoped for. we ran into niners legend, hall of famer steve young at the nfl honors ceremony earlier today and asked about the 49ers chances tomorrow. >> i'm not nervous at all. so -- maybe that's a good sign. i've been saying that i can think about five or six ways the 49ers will win this game and i really believe that and one way the chiefs win it. patrick mahomes being mvp. if you say you have five of six chances and five or six ways to do it. the advantage. a better teerm and got am and gt prove it. >> meditate, punching walls, do it every once in a while. hoping that doesn't happen tomorrow. >> reporter: we happen to be inside our hotel location instead of hard rock stadium as planned because we had yet
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another florida storm come through today. that did not stop the loyal niner fans. the faithful, from turning outside at a rally in downtown miami. abc7's reporter is working rain or shine. >> reporter: the bay is in the area. cloudy sky koss hacould have foe biggest nfl fans, the faithful in the middle of the magic city. >> a lot of people in this world love to stand here regardless of rain. >> reporter: present. brought the whole game, too. niner game that is. sourdough sam, gold rush all here to keep the momentum going. >> miami knows how to deliver. >> excited, come out. support them. >> been around miami and seen more 49er fans than chiefs fans. >> get this w! >> reporter: officially one sleep away from super bowl
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sunday and 49er fans aren't waiting one minute. i asked fans for one word or one sentence to describe the excitement. >> contagious. you don't feel this you're not alive. >> enthusiasm corresponding through my veins. >> once in a lifetime. got to do it. >> whole new life. best thing in the world. >> reporter: last time the team took the field in miami, 1995. super bowl xxix. defensive end dennis brown stopped to chat about what goes through player's mind hours before a championship game. >> i remember the night before, 25 years ago. getting ready to play this football game. you got nerves. look through your playbook but excited. >> reporter: and reporting for abc7 news. >> reporter: we mentioned the bad weather. you see palm trees blowing in the wind. raining off and on. looks like it's starting to clear out a little bit, but the weather really impacted a number of super bowl events. want to show you concert video from last night.
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harry styles was supposed to perform, a washout. venue had to be evacuated. you see fans in the downpour leaving the concert. check in now with abc7 news meteorologist to see if the rain will dampen the game at all. >> larry, through the worst of it. you got walloped with wind, rain, thunderstorms in the past 24 hours. video from earlier today of soaking storms that went through parts of miami. a cold front. look at this. easily on the storm impact scale a three maybe even a four with a couple inches of rain, strong winds. the good news, that cold front's moving out. live doppler 7 along the satellite showing you rain that moved through earlier today is now pushing out. good news is, dry out our skies. look at futureweather over the next couple hours. clouds clear tonight and tomorrow. you'll wake up to tons of sunshine. great news there. for the game tomorrow, perfect weather, larry. tons of sunshine. temperatures in the 60s.
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put away the rain gear, larry, take out the sunglasses, enjoy tomorrow. >> reporter: that is the forecast that everybody down here wanted to see. we are about 23 hours away from kickoff between the niners and chiefs in super bowl liv. in fact, coming up, we have got a special toyota after the game super bowl preview show that will be right after the sixers/celtics game right around 8:00 here on abc7. for now, back to you. >> larry, thank you. don't forget, see more of larry, amanda and the whole abc7 team this weekend and in-depth super bowl coverage at our facebook page, the news app and also, a major player in the silicon valley is closing up shop in china due to the coronavirus. that's coming up. and another state in the u.s. added to the list of places with confirmed cases of the virus. the latest on this developing
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♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats. developing news. apple is temporarily closing stores in china amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak. at least 258 people died from the virus and nearly 12,000 cases worldwide. today a new case confirmed in boston. that's a total of eight cases inside the u.s. yesterday the first case of coronavirus was confirmed here in the bay area. a santa clara county man is being treated after returning from chine in. travis air force base announced they're one of four military bases housing evacuees from overseas due to the rap it
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spread of the virus. evacuees quarantined in assigned housing. the pennsylvania high school where kobe bryant went to school held a special tribute to the lakers legend. his daughter and seven others killed in the helicopter crash. over 1,000 people including bryant's former high school teammates showed up for the ceremony at lower merion my school in ardmore, pennsylvania. kobe's cousin unveil add framed number 3 jersey on the wall of the kobe bryant gymnasium and two portraits of bryant were
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there are a lot of predictions about the winner of tomorrow's super bowl. abc7 news reporter is in miami and spoke to two 49ers legends who truly know what it takes to bring home a w for the bay area. >> just one day out from the super bowl. so much excitement happening here in miami. actually got the incredible opportunity to catch up with jerry rice and steve young hall
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of famers and 49ers legends as they opened up a new east sports facility here in the city of miami. we got the opportunity to talk to them about what they expect to see in the big game tomorrow. >> yeah. this is a team that's grown astronomically from pre-seize ton today and feels like just road paving everybody they play. they seem like the best team in the league and now got to prove it tomorrow night. >> should be exciting. a good football game. two of the best teams, and you know, the best team is going to win. that's it. the best team is san francisco 49ers. >> reporter: go pick up a couple left behind. because we got some, but we left some behind. >> got to go pick those up. >> reporter: at one point in the interview jerry rise joked he ran 100 yards in the last game and the champion is game, saying he could be running 100 yards maybe more to get the crowd pumped up and exciting and hopefully that will bring good luck and a w tomorrow in super
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bowl liv. reporting from miami, julian glover, abc7 news. >> sure ran far wearing the uniform. another 49ers wide receiver is paying tribute to kobe bryant. emmanuel sanders tweet add photo of customized cleats featuring art honoring bryant. one shoe has bryant wearing a crown the other has bryant's numbers, 24 and 8. since the shoes are niners colors, sanders should be able to wear them in the super bowl. >> very cool. larry relieved at the forecast down in miami for tomorrow. >> indeed. find out more about the forecast. >> take the rain from florida, we could take it. it's about a warm start to the month of february. temperatures well above average this time of year. showing a dry sweep. the tower showing marine layer surging on back in this evening. indication of cooler weather coming our way for second half of the weekend. pretty nice now. look at this. near 70 in cloverdale and 63 in the city. a warm afternoon. 64 currently in oakland.
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6 in san jose. 68 in fairfield. winds right now they are calm. that will change overnight tonight with a strong cold front moving through. unfortunately, it won't bring us rain. what it will do, really going to kick up the wind. cold front live doppler 7 and cloud cover and a front swings through early tomorrow morning. as it does, our winds really ramp up. wind advisory will go into effect early tomorrow morning. talking about strong gusty winds, wind gusts could get close to 45 miles per hour at times. a really good idea today, if you have outdoor furniture that's nots secure. strap it down so it doesn't blow away in the winds. future wind gusts tomorrow morning, well over 30 miles per hour at the coast. wake up tomorrow morning, a blustery start to the sunday. winds out of the north gusting well over 30 miles per hour and that is going to drag in cool air tomorrow afternoon.
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overnight tonight, temperatures bottoming out low 40s to low 50s. those winds will ramp up early tomorrow morning. look at the highs tomorrow. 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow and that today. stuck in the low to mid-50s with gusting winds. accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days, wind advisory tomorrow, blustery and chilly. winds ease early monday morning. as they do, a cold start to the day both monday and tuesday. warm up mid-week and dry pattern next seven days. >> drew, thanks. chris alvarez joining us live in miami. one day away from the big game, chris? >> reporter: yes. finally after a long week. coming up in sports, finally super bowl eve. one more night sleep -- he we go. one more day until the niners and chiefs play. the red carpet nfl
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>> announcer: now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. welcome to sports here in miami. another rainy evening forces us into a could beered locati erco out of hotel. super bowl eve and niners got good news. rookie defensive star bosa earns rookie player of the year at nfl honors. getting ready for, of course, super bowl liv. man, and these parts without jimmy garoppolo should have won comeback player of the year. suffered against the chiefs last year. that honor goes to titan ryan
4:52 pm
tannehill. good news. jimmy and his team there in the super bowl. national narrative, niners a running team especially recent playoff success. former 49ers head coach mariucci dispelling that. >> jimmy g. has to throw more times. run the ball so darn well. i think depends on the score. if they're in control, or if it's close, think stay with the game plan. run the ball as they do. a lot of play action passes and do what they do that way. jimmy g.'s come from behind before. only guy in the league come from behind down by 10 three times. know that? >> i did not. >> now you do. he's capable. threw 400 yards against arizona. they'll see what the score is like, i think. >> got to love mucc dropping the facts. pro football hall of fame inducting five modern era players. 49ers general manager john lynch does not make it this time around and defensive lineman
4:53 pm
brian young also did not make it. other news on this day, big event, 33rd annual leigh steinberg super bowl party. patrick mahomes, a little busy today getting ready for the niners. star signings. tua tagovailoa was there. >> trying to have athletes be a positive factor and retrace roots back to high school, collegiate and professional community and try to trigger imitative behave perp it's really fun to see how successful they've been. >> i'd be honored, privileged, to play for a city like this. i mean, they love their football out here and really love their team. whatever team decides to draft me i mean, i'd be grateful as well. >> and be sure to stay with us after the basketball game.
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a special 49er super bowl preview of "after the game" after the nba coverage here on abc7. back to you. >> chris, thank you very much. the super bowl only big game tomorrow. >> yeah. up next, meet some of the star players in the upcoming
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today we are learning more about the star players in tomorrow's puppy bowl. >> nearly 100 puppies competed for the
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another puppy named raven gets a chance to represent operation paws for homes in alexandria, virginia. all puppies in last year's puppy bowl have been adopted. >> can we re-create that at the station jngts p station? >> yeah. pips on 7? why not. call us if y'all have some puppies. >> adorable. >> accuweather changes coming. wind advisory into effect early tomorrow morning. turns blustery tomorrow. first thing you notice. second thing, must cooler tomorrow afternoon by 10 to 15 degrees compared to today. >> drew, thanks, and didn't mean call us if you have a puppy. there's zillions of puppies out there. there. see you at 11:00. ♪
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delivered exclusively with uber eats. and larry bird stilln't was a piece of j. my goodness. >> the greatest game. >> what exactly is the recipesome. >> it's a rivalry that often feels like a rumble. celtics, sixers. no two nba teams have met more often with more on the line. 21 playoff series over 55 years. hundreds of gamesf t ytry --. started with -- >> he gets it out.


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