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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 3, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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their record tying sixth super bowl championship was in their grasp but the chiefs outscored them 21-0 to win. george kittle talked about the game and the disappointing loss. >> honestly sucks. not anything you can wrap your head around. i wish i had another half to play. we don't. we didn't take advantage of our opportunities. i can give you every cliche in the book. we just didn't get it done. >> final score, 31-20. chiefs quarterback, patrick mahomes, was named mvp of super bowl liv. >> whether you watched the super bowl at your house, at a watch party, it was a good game until the last quarter. >> mm-hmm. >> lauren martinez went to a watch party in san jose and has more on how fans are dealing with the loss. [ cheers ] >> reporter: faithful fans watched super bowl liv watch parties in san jose as the 49ers took on the chiefs.
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>> running game is coming out. they look good. >> reporter: niners were up and then lost the lead in the final few minutes. arthur flew in from denver to watch the game with his family. >> i feel like everybody. i'm disappointed, you know, like the last two minutes was our game to win. we didn't get it done. >> reporter: we managed to find one chief fan celebrating a win. >> our offense was amazing. the defense shut down jimmy g and they thought they couldn't. >> reporter: despite the loss, they're grateful for the season. >> they made it to the nfc championship and did an excellent job. hats off to the niners. all love for the niners. >> we did one too many mistakes and it caught up with us. you can't get mad over the loss. we made it really far and we did a really great job. >> reporter: we had a great season and fans tell me, we'll get them next year. lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> lauren looked cute in her jacket. >> yep.
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i remember when she got that jacket. >> you can go to to share the 49ers badge with your friends. this morning a woman was killed in vallejo. officers got calls about a woman running in the lanes of i-80 near tennessee street. several cars hit her and she died. the chp says the drivers who hit her did stay on the scene. new flight restrictions at sfo means travelers are dealing with delays. >> it's all because of coronavirus. there are two cases in the bay area. amy hollyfield is at sfo with more on what's happening. >> hi, reggie. passengers are saying it's taking them hours to get through customs here at sfo. this is new. there's new restrictions that went into effect yesterday as the u.s. tries to keep coronavirus from spreading here. u.s. citizens who have been in china face a health screening. listen to one traveler who
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arrived here at sfo describe going through customs. >> it was quite long. >> how many hours were you in line? >> six hours. >> a section where they were doing some tests. selecting people. i'm not sure. >> the u.s. is routing all flights from china to 11 airports where extra screening has been added, sfo is one of those airports. they say the overall risk to americans is low, but they're saying funneling all these flights to these specific airports is an important step. so if you have plans or know someone who will be coming through customs here at sfo, just beware that this is the sit weights he situation here now. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. at the live desk, i'm tracking the spread of the coronavirus worldwide. more than 360 people have died including a man in the
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philippin philippines. his death is the first outside of china. the city of wuhan opened a new hospital that specifically treats coronavirus patients. look at this facility which was built in one week. patients began arriving today. nearly 60 million people in china are on lockdown in an effort to contain the virus. researchers are trying to develop a vaccine. >> thank you. in the east bay, grief counselors will be at deer valley high school after the shooting death of a student. family and friends got together to remember the 16-year-old last night. police say a fright broke out in the school's parking lot on friday. deer valley just hosted a basketball game. investigators have not say what started the fight and have not made an arrest. >> my nephew didn't believe in all this evil stuff. my nephew would see somebody, give them food if they were hungry. he was an extraordinary little
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boy. >> police have not released the victim's name. deer valley plans to have extra security at school as well today. in the east bay, the third suspect arrested in the deadly laptop theft in oakland's montclair district will appear in court today. oakland police announced the arrest of 18-year-old kawan wiggins on friday. shuo zeng died outside of a starbucks from injuries he suffered while trying to chase down thieves who stole his laptop. happening today, we're expected to learn more about a plan to turn pg&e into a public utility. scott weiner will lay out the details of the plan at a news conference this morning. he said pg&e has been irresponsibly run for a long time and he wants to refocus it. pg&e repeatedlyefforts to turn a public cruelty iyou'l utility.
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a thief caught on video inside a san francisco restaurant, what he tried to break into and what happened when he failed. also, j. lo and shakira deliver a red hot halftime show. the history they made and the moments that caught everyone's attention. >> that's what i feel like we should focus on. the best parts of the game. >> you think the halftime was the best part of the game? >> i didn't say that. >> the most positive part. >> i can't. i'm trying to keep my energy up. >> i understand. >> it was disappointing. >> to lose a game in the last 6 1/2 minutes, a game of that magnitude, i understand why people are upset. >> we'll keep the energy high today. >> you have to remember they have the youngest team in the nfl, one of the best coaches and one of the best gms, they'll be fine. >> i believe it. >> i promise you. >> let's look at what's going on weather-wise. on the peninsula, flirting with frost around menlo park, 37.
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everyone else 37 to 39 degrees. let's see what we're doing elsewhere. 40s. san jose, 41. oakland, 43. san francisco, 44. san rafael, 42. then we have freezing cold temperatures, napa, fairfield, san ramon and livermore. pretty close in los gatos at 33. palo alto at 34. when the winds calm down tonight, expect more freezing temperatures. here's a look at south beach. here's your commute. frosty spots, if you didn't cover your windshield last night and you live in one of those areas, you'll have some frost. cold this morning to cool this afternoon on mass transit. sharp breezes out on the bay. 39 at 7:00. 55 at 3:00. that's all we get in the peninsula. the east bay valleys, 39 this morning 4. 4 at 9:00, low to mid 50s from 11:00 to 5:00. south bay, 36 at 7:00.
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40s at 11:00. low to mid 50s from noon to 5:00. temperatures below average, not only today but a couple more days. jobina? >> good morning. we're following a crash on the caldecott tunnel. bore three is blocked, westbound 24 inside the tunnel. we see there's a crash between a big rig and a pickup truck. looks like the fire department is blocking a lane there on the scene. so slowdowns there. emeryville, 80 here, headlights making their way towards the maze and the bay bridge toll plaza, there's a high wind advisory on the bay bridge and several other bridges. live look at san jose, 87 for you all, things are moving smoothly. aside from the issue in the caldecott tunnel. we for all out confidence... ...depend® silhouette™ briefs feature maximum absorbency, beautiful colors and an improved fit for a sleek design and personal style. life's better when you're in it.
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be there with depend®. actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs
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more than words. we need action.
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here's a look around the state. just not much going on. in the higher elevations, around san diego, out near vegas and eureka, a few light showers. mid 50s through the central valley. 62 to 66 is what we get for southern california. tahoe, 25. that's a string of at least two days where we stay below freezing. freezing cold today.
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freezing cold tomorrow. near average wednesday. no snow all week. >> it is your voice your vote. the first crucial contest of the primary season is just a few hours away. people attending the iowa caucuses will cast their votes. >> >>ines de la cuetara has mor on the tight democratic race. >> good morning. there's a real sense of unpredictability here. four candidates are locked in a fight for victory but others are still in position to pull off surprises. after more than 2,000 events, months of campaigning and millions spent on ads, democratic candidates gearing up for one final push before the first major voting contest of the 2020 primary season. >> there are still undecideds out there. >> reporter: thousands packing events across the state.
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>> the bad news is there's no more room inside. the good news is, there's still more room inside. sounds to me like iowa's ready for some big structural change. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden drawing what his campaign says was his biggest crowd ever in iowa. >> you set the nation on a path to determine who their choices are. >> reporter: joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg all locked in a four-way battle after trying to make the most of their weekend. the senators in the race now having to leave the hawkeye state and rush back to the capitol where the president's impeachment trial resumes. >> i'm asking you to take this over the goal post for me. >> reporter: the closing arguments, zeroing in on electability. >> we believe we're the best campaign to go out there to go
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out and defeat the most dangerous president in modern history. >> reporter: but not all candidates are competing for iowa. there are some like mayor michael bloomberg who have decided to focus instead on states that are voting in a few weeks, and as for those senators who have had to return to washington, they've all said they plan to be back in iowa this evening. ines de la cuetara, abc7 news. >> thank you. californians can start casting ballots today for our march 3rd primary. there's about 20 million registered voters in the state. for the first time people will be allowed to register on election day. that could mean a potential surge in last-minute ballots. factor in provisional ballots and the counting could take longer than it normally does. by the way, if this seems like we're voting earlier, we are. california moved its primary from june to early march in order to have a bigger say in deciding the presidential race. san francisco police hope
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video will lead them to a suspect in a daring theft at a san francisco restaurant. the thieves stole the entire safe when they couldn't crack the lock. there were security cameras in the office so all of this was caught on camera around 4:00 yesterday morning. this guy is struggling, trying to get that safe open. it's under the table. finally gives up, picks up the whole thing and takes it out of the office. the gm estimates there was about $5,000 in the safe. he considered going cashless but san francisco banned cashless stores and restaurants last year. jennifer lopez and shakira made history at the super bowl in a halftime show that's also sparking debate. ♪ the singers are the first latinas to headline the show. j. lo's outfits included a cape with a puerto rican flag on one
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side and the american flag on the other. ♪ ♪ born in the usa ♪ i was born in the usa >> i don't think a lot of people realized that was j. lo's daughter. the performance was an apparent political message. j. lo's daughter emerged from what appeared to be a cage with other kids in similar cages. people in social media fer pretpret interpreted that to be a stand on trump's immigration policy. >> she did say they would have messaging in their performace, i don't think that was a surprising route. provoking this conversation. >> yes. mm-hmm. that's what art is supposed to do. the form man was fire. >> it sure was. >> it did not disappoint. exceeded my expectations. >> really? >> i thought so. >> what's happened over here?
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>> no. i thought you expected it to be great. >> we knew you expected a lot. >> i thought it was so tightly choreographed. neither one of them missed a single step. >> well produced. >> and there was some actual singing, too. >> one or two notes. >> i heard some live mics. >> i was impressed. >> america the beautiful to the star spangled banner to that. all great. let's talk about the weather. it will be nice. we have a touch of winter out there. we're not dealing with snow or sleet or rainy conditions today. there may be some frost. walnut creek, 33 degrees right now. some of our early commuters, cars outside may be scraping some ice. sunny and brisk today. below average highs. winds will calm tonight. that will allow for more frost to develop. i don't see a chance of rain
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this week. let's look at the winds. at the surface they're quiet. novato at 24. santa rosa at 15. some of that is bleeding over the east/west bridges. you have to hold on to the steering wheel harder. jobina will talk more about that. in the higher elevations, 15 to 30 miles per hour. so when the sun comes up and starts warming the ground, those faster winds will come in and replace that air as it rises. expect winds to get faster during the morning and into the early afternoon hours. that will hold us around 53 in half moon bay, 57 in fairfield. for tonight, look at the freezing temperatures inland. even around redwood city, down to the south bay, inland east bay and the north bay. the only place safe is san francisco, parts of the peninsula especially at coast and over at oakland. seven-day forecast, below average again tomorrow. close to average on wednesday. anothe dry cold front ahead of
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us. jobina? >> good morning. a traffic alert because we are following a sigalert that is being called for the caldecott tunnel. there was a crash between a big rig and a pickup truck there. bore three is closed now. there's also a disabled car inside the tunnel as well. a couple different problems that will slow you down in that area. cameras are shaky on 101. we have high wind advisories to talk about for our bridges, including the bay bridge, dumbarton bridge and benicia bridge. 880 at the coliseum here, headlights moving south. smooth traffic there. we have our drive times, walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 47-minute ride, highway 1 to los gatos, 20 minutes. jeep is going from four wheels to two. >> and twitter reveals the most tweeted moments of the super bowl. in today's tech bytes, something new from jeep. >> it's not a four-wheel drive vehicle because it only has two
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wheels. it's an e-bike and who better to introduce it during the super bowl wuhhahn wuhahahn than bil. >> and the new hummer will be an all-electric pickup truck. the company announced an unveiling for the truck in may. and during a night filled with exciting football, it was the halftime show that lit up social media. >> according to twitter, the most tweeted about moment during the game was shakira and j. lo's rendition of waka waka. >> those are your detech bytes. >> i do like that song. okay. the plight of homeless people is a major challenge in building a better bay area. one
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the number of uninsurising.ricans, the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. i'm a journalist. -i am a singer.
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a businesswoman. -i am an artist. an educator. -a sister. an advocate. -a leader. a queen. -i am a friend. i am... i am one of more than a million people living with hiv in the u.s. we are not alone. we have a freeze warning in some areas, you need to protect sensitive plants, pets and pipes before you go to bed tonight. mike, thank you. berkeley city council is hoping
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to build a better area through a new measure. it would give up to 25 rv dwellers places to park at city-owned lots. the city is ready to offer social services and help to find them a permanent place to live. some council members are critical of the plan because they say it doesn't do enough to help people. a survey in 2018 found nearly 300 rv campers in the berkeley area. the council will take up the proposal next week. fremont plans to place boulders on a road outside of tesla's manufacturing pla stop the homeless from putting rvs there this will be along cato road. the area has seen a recent rise in homeless people taking up residence inside rvs. signs restricting parking for all vehicles including truckers will be put up and any remaining vehicles will be removed. happening today, if you're hungry for burgers and fries, get ready because shake shack is
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opening its first san francisco location this morning. this is the fourth bay area location on fillmore street. it is sharing the space with a hawaiian inspired health food market and cafe. this location will serve some california specific menu items including a cold rush frozen custard. if you want to get there early, doors open at 11:00 a.m. >> do they have a veggie option? >> i don't think do they? >> mushroom? >> i have to give that a shot >> nah. >> i'm saying we'll give it a shot. you can have meat all day long. >> you can give me a bite of yours. >> nope. >> kumasi, i'm not above trying. >> okay, mike. >> thank you. >> here is-week again. it will be chilly. temperatures 1 to 3 degrees below average. around 54 to 56 degrees. the winds will make it feel
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worse. they will kick up pollen. you have high amounts of tree pollen out there. if you have allergies, be prepared for a rough day. >> good morning. so i was just getting in word of a new crash we're following in oakland. i'll have to get to that in a minute. now we're at the golden gate bridge, we don't have a high wind advisory here. this is the only major bridge in the area without one. moving over to san jose, 101, nice clear ride there. we have a sigalert in the caldecott tunnel. bore 3 is shut down. westbound 24 inside the tunnel. we have a crash between a big rig and a car. there's also a stalled vehicle inside the tunnel. if you look at the speeds, down to 16 miles per hour in the main stretch here, backup is about a mile long. all lanes are blocked on 880 in oakland that i'm following. th is just south of broadway. i'll have more on that update
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shortly. coming up next at 5:00, demi lovato's super bowl dream comes true ten years later. the message she shared back in 2010. also -- >> i saw a bunch of people running. >> a scary situation at a san francisco bar during the super bowl. the shooting that happened right across the street from at&t park. legal teams presenting their closing arguments in the president's impeachment trial. when the final vote is expected to happen.
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a heartbreaking loss for the 49ers. super bowl liv came down to the final minutes in miami. we have reaction from the players. and a shooting outside a san francisco bar moments after the super bowl came to an end. the incident that ended in a crash and arrest. good morning on this monday, february 3rd. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> here's mike. a couple of breezy spots out there. mainly around novato and across most of our bay waters right now. so our bridges are still feeling the brunt ofunt of our winds. that's what you'll be dealing with the next couple of hours. it's significantly colder outside. most of us in the 30s. some of us frosty in the deepest valleys. that cold weather taking over. 35 to 43 degrees from


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