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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 8, 2020 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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tonight, the breaking news as we come on. massacre at the mall. the man police believe is a soldier, armed with an assault rifle on a wild and deadly shooting spree. storming a popular shopping center overseas. posting the attack on social media. at least 20 people killed. police trying to take down the gunman. the health emergency aboard a quarantined cruise ship. the virus spreading. at least 12 americans on the ship infected with coronavirus. this as we're learning about the first american to die from the deadly global outbreak. >> also tonight, the democratic candidates clashing just before new hampshire heads to the polls. this as senator joe biden goes on the attack tonight. who he says is untested to run the country. tour bus inferno.
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the award-winning country star on his way to a show. his tour bus, known as old glory, bursting into flames on the side of the highway. the president's pay back. firing e.u. ambassador gordon sondland and lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, key impeachment witnesses who testified against the president. democrats outraged. the raging fire tearing through a condo and townhouse development. flames enveloping the construction site, shutting down highway traffic in both directions. gusty winds challenging firefighters on the scene. >> and oscar night countdown. history in the making. the records poised to be broken. we're on the red carpet. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with the mass shooting at a popular mall. a horrific shooting rampage overseas. officials say a soldier in northern thailand armed with an
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assault rifle opened fire in a must be of locations. this security footage revealing to sight of a lone gunman carrying a heavy weapon, stalking the floors of that mall. police surrounding the perimeter. an american among the rescued. at least 20 people are dead tonight. police say the suspect has been posting on social media throughout his killing spree. we want to warn you, some of the images are disturbing. abc's julia macfarland leading us off. >> reporter: tonight a massacre at a popular shopping mall. a man identified as a a thai soldier on a bloody rampage with an assault rifle posting about the carnage on facebook. shooting and killing at least 20 people and injuring dozens more in the city of nakon ratchasima. police releasing a wanted poster and naming the suspect as jakrapan thomma. a government official says this all began with a land dispute.
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the thai army sergeant reportedly shot a superior officer at an army base, shoppers running for their lives as the shooter opened fire. police warning people to stay focused, hide safely, and mute mobile phones. this security camera footage revealing the chilling sight of the lone gunman carrying a heavy weapon, stalking the floors of the terminal 1 korat mall. gunfire erupting as the troops push deeper into the mall. terrified passers by crouching for cover in the parking lot. tonight, the gunman is still at large. tonight, authorities say at least one u.s. citizen was rescued unharmed. the state department urging citizens to stay away from the area and to check in with loved ones. tom? >> julia macfarland leading us off. all right, julia. now to the desperation for quarantined cruise passengers. thousands stuck off the coast of japan. at least 12 americans testing positive for the virus.
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the state department evacuating 800 people from wuhan, china. that convoy in nebraska now facing a two-week quarantine. a u.s. citizen has now die in the wuhan, said to be the first american fatality. maggie rulei with the latest. >> reporter: tonight fear spreading on that quarantined cruise ship off the coast of japan. at least 12 americans are among the 64 people infected with novel coronavirus on board. rebecca frasure is one of them. >> i'm concerned because my husband is still on the ship. and what is he supposed to do if he's released and i'm not? >> reporter: for the first time an american has died from the virus. the u.s. embassy confirming the 60-year-old victim died at a hospital in wuhan, china, the epicenter of the outbreak. >> i want to send my condolences to the loved ones of the united states citizen who fell victim to the coronavirus in wuhan. >> reporter: new video showing hundreds of infected patients being moved into a new hospital in wuhan built in just ten days. so far, at least 723 people have
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died worldwide. more than 34,000 people infected. overnight, another flight filled we evacuees arriving in nebraska. you can see passengers leaving the plane with masks on their faces. convoys of busses transporting the 57 passengers to camp ashland where they'll remain quarantined for two weeks. some evacuees forced to split from their families. frank wucinski and his 3-year-old daughter quarantined in the california. but his wife is not a citizen and was forced to stay behind in wuhan. >> she's is getting worse. she's having problems breathing, keeping food down. and then now she's been diagnosed with coronavirus as well. >> reporter: off the coast of hong kong a second cruise ship carrying 3,600 passengers is also quarantined. >> frankly we are not feeling good, but i think -- in terms of the mood. but much better than the first day when we just arrived. >> maggie joins us from japan where the cruise ship in question is going to be docking soon. we know passengers have been
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staying inside the rooms, and you're learning more about how officials are trying to stop the spread of the virus on that ship? >> reporter: that's right, tom. passengers on board this cruise ship say they are checking their temperatures but unfortunately we are expecting the numbers of those infected only to grow. now, tom, the president of princess cruises came to japan to meet with officials here, and the company says they plan to work together to make sure the quarantine is as safe as possible. >> all right, maggie, thank you so much. back here at home to the presidential candidates clashing in last night's abc news democrat debate, one of the most contentious yet. senator bernie sanders and mayor pete buttigieg facing plenty of heat. amy klobuchar winning attention, reportedly raising $2 million in the hours after that debate. rachel scott reports from the granite state tonight. >> reporter: tonight mayor pete buttigieg riding his momentum from iowa, insisting washington needs a fresh perspective. >> we can feel how close we are, we can feel the wind at our back. >> reporter: at last night's debate he was targeted by his
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rivals. >> we have a newcomer in the white house, and look where it got us. i think having some experience is a good thing. >> how do you explain the increase in black arrests in south bend under your leadership for marijuana possession? >> and again, the overall rate was lower than the national -- >> no, there was an increase. the year before you were in office, it was lower. >> we adopted a strategy that said that drug enforcement would be targeted in cases where there was a connection to the most violent group or gang connected to a murder. >> senator warren, is that a substantial answer from mayor buttigieg? >> no. >> reporter: vice president joe biden releasing this stinging ad attacking the former mayor of south bend's lack of experience. >> under threat of a nuclear iran, joe biden helped to negotiate the iran deal. and under a threat of disappearing pets, buttigieg negotiated lighter licensing regulations on pet chip scanners. and even when public pressure mounted against him, former
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mayor pete fired the first african-american police chief of south bend. and then he forced out the african-american fire chief, too. >> reporter: today in an interview with george stephanopoulos for "this week" biden was asked about this line of attack. >> you're gonna have to be able to win florida. you're gonna have to be able to win a lot of places that in fact have very diverse populations. and so the assertion that he's ready across the board, i don't see it. i haven't seen it yet. >> reporter: but last night biden conceded he does not have a strong chance in new hampshire. >> i took a hit in iowa, and i'll probably take a hit here. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders betting on his backyard advantage. the vermont senator won this state in the 2016 democratic primary. >> the establishment is beginning to get nervous. people want health care. how do we stop it? well, they ain't gonna stop it. >> polls still show sanders on top there in new hampshire. rachel scott joins us live from the state. tonight the buttigieg is team is out with a response to the biden attack ad?
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>> reporter: that's right, tom. the buttigieg campaign releasing a statement firing back, saying voters want something outside the washington style of politics. they say the vice president's decision to run this ad is much more of a reflection of where he stands in the race tonight. tom? >> rachel scott on the campaign trail tonight for us. rachel, thank you. i want to bring in abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. he joins us now with more. jon, the former vice president out with a sharp attack ad, but you have to wonder why he didn't hammer it home last night with millions watching. >> reporter: it's a great question, tom. this is not the kind of campaign joe biden wanted to run. it's one thing to take somebody on, a fellow democrat who's standing next to you than go after somebody to pruf an ad run by your campaign.
4:10 pm
he wanted to be a front-runner saving his attacks for donald trump, but now he finds himself struggling to get back in the race with no choice but to lash out at fellow democrats. >> another big poll just ahead of the primary shows elizabeth warren in a distant fourth place. this is a stuff spot considering it's essentially her home turf. >> reporter: oh, it really is. she may not have to win here in new hampshire, but she has to come close. she is from right next door. same media market. it is not going to get any easier from here. >> all right, jon, thank you for that. this programming note -- tomorrow a big show on "this week." candidates biden, warren and, buttigieg go one-on-one with george. be sure to tune into our new hampshire primary coverage your voice, your vote, 2020. right here on tuesday and on abc news live with the in-depth analysis. next to the big storm set to sweep across the country. dumping more rain on storm battered washingtonle you see the high waters in walla walla
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where evacuations were ordered. let's check in with abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano tonight. >> reporter: good evening, tom. northwest about to catch a break. winter storm warning posted. dumped two feet of snow in the rock economies. minneapolis, 6 to 8 inches of snow in rochester and milwaukee. gets into chicago, milwaukee as well. a little bit of snow there. then into the northeast on monday with that front draping across the tennessee and mississippi river valleys that front stalls. tuesday and wednesday, more rain in mississippi and tennessee. they'll get another four to five inches with the rivers already swollen there. tom? >> all right, rob. thank you. let's head to washington now and the aftermath of president trump's impeachment trial, and the rapid-fire dismissal of key witnesses in that hearing. gordon sondland the latest to be shown the door, fired last
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night. hours earlier, lieutenant colonel alexander vindman and his twin brother were both removed from their national security posts. moves that appear to be retribution. here's david wright tonight. >> reporter: tonight president trump defended the white house purge of people he says were disloyal during impeachment. >> everyone was in the loop. it was no secret. >> reporter: among them, ambassador gordon sondland recalled late last night. and the national security council staff member kicked out of the white house friday. >> lieutenant colonel vindman and his twin brother, right? >> reporter: alexander vindman testified about trump's july phone call with the ukrainian president, in which trump brought up investigating joe biden. >> i was concerned by the call. what i heard was inappropriate. >> well, i'm not happy with him. you think i'm supposed to be the happy with him? i'm not. >> reporter: trump said vindman was very insubordinate, reported contents of my perfect calls incorrectly and was given a horrendous report by his superior.
4:13 pm
vindman's lawyer accused the president of lying, insisting trump's accounts conflict with the clear personnel record and the entirety of the impeachment record. >> when the white house speaks it words weigh a ton. >> reporter: earlier, house speaker nancy pelosi objected to white house threats of pay back. >> what they're saying is there's going to be pay back to us for holding the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: last night in new hampshire democratic candidates objected too. >> stand up and clap for vindman. get up there! >> reporter: but at a trump campaign office in new hampshire today, no regrets. >> you know what he did yesterday? he fired a couple of bad hombres in the building. right? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: of the 12 witnesses who have testified publicly, only four are still in their jobs. the rest have left or been reassigned. tom? >> david wright for us tonight from the white house. david, thank you. now to the 2020 oscar race. the 92nd annual academy awards about to get under way in
4:14 pm
hollywood. kayna whitworth is there with some of the historic records that may be shattered. >> reporter: tonight, tension is building on the eve of the oscars. nominees white-knuckled on what could be a historic night for hollywood. >> they are nervous and exhausted beyond anything you could possibly imagine. >> reporter: korean film "parasite" potentially the first film to win best picture and best foreign film. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the nomination also a first for the director. and cynthia erivo receiving acclaim for her film in "harriet." >> would you like to pick a new name to mark your freedom? >> harriet tubman. >> reporter: she could be the youngest person to win the egot a grammy, an emmy, and an oscar, and a tony. scarlett johansson looking to become the first actress to win two awards in a year.
4:15 pm
up for best actress in "marriage story." >> i never come alive for myself. i was just being his aliveness. >> reporter: and best supporting actress for "jojo rabbit". also the first nominations of her career. among first-time nominees, president barack obama for the documentary "american factory." if it wins, he would be the first u.s. president with an oscar. tom, the final preparations are under way. they're adding lighting and greenery to the red carpet and this year they've done away with the bleachers. instead they'll have fan pods along the 900 feet of red carpet, tom. it's the longest red carpet in oscars history. >> that will be exciting for them. kayna, thank you so much. be sure to catch all the academy award action right here tomorrow. the oscars countdown on the red carpet beginning at 1:00 p.m. eastern, and you can catch the big show here at 8:00 eastern. much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the tour bus inferno. country music superstar and his crew forced to escape the flames. plus, a recall alert. an infant carrier pulled over a safety hazard. what parents need to know.
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memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. next tonight to the tour bus inferno. the award-winning country singer recording video as he escaped the flames. here's abc's diane macedo. >> reporter: tonight this frightening scene south of shreveport, louisiana. >> our bus is burning to the ground. >> reporter: flames leaping into the air from the tour bus of country music singer neal mccoy. >> oh, wow. some shooting out of the side. >> reporter: mccoy and his team were on interstate 49, heading to perform in alexandria, when the bus suddenly caught fire. >> good saturday morning. >> reporter: with all six on board safe, mccoy goes live on facebook, documenting the whole thing. >> there's darrell and perry. we're just we're just grateful that everybody is okay and got out. >> reporter: the bus, known as old glory, is a total loss.
4:19 pm
>> that is old glory, and she is gone. there's nothing you can do. absolutely nothing we could do. >> reporter: but mccoy thanks first responders. >> these guys and girls got out here this morning, man, got the fire out as quick as they could. >> reporter: and even continues with his long standing morning tradition of reciting the pledge of allegiance. >> amen. >> reporter: tom, authorities believe a mechanical issue likely caused the fire. meanwhile, mccoy's show tonight will go on as planned. tom? >> what a musician. thanks so much, diane. when we come back, the inside and wild scene at an ice cream store. take a look at this. a serial robber trying to steal cash from the register. how the owner's wife jumped into action to scare him off. and the tragic death of actor orson bean, the veteran entertainer killed while crossing the street. the latest from police. entertainer killed while crossing the street. the latest from police. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates
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4:23 pm
images. next to the recall for thousands of popular baby carriers. infantino has recalled 14,000 front-facing carries, the consumer product safety commission saying the buckles can break causing a child to fall out. they were sold at target and amazon from november to december. orson bean died following a traffic accident. authorities say he was stuck by two cars while crossing a street in los angeles. a staple on game shows and talk shows since the 1950s, he's made more than 100 appearances in televisions and films, including roles on "doctor quinn" and "desperate housewives". he was 91. and the husband and wife teaming up to stop a serial robber in houston. video shows a suspect attempting to lunge over the counter, attempting to grab cash. the owner fighting back. his wife gets a gun and fires multiple shots. the suspect then takes off. police say he is wanted for several robberies.
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nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! finally tonight, strangers and an airline working to make a soldier and his daughter feel a little closer to home. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: it's more than little kenley's favorite doll. it's the closest thing she has to hugging her dad brian, a u.s. marine deployed overseas. >> hi, kenley. i love you. >> reporter: that recording of his voice playing every time the 18-month-old squeezes what she calls her daddy doll's arm. >> in the middle of the night when she wakes up, she'll play it, and it kind of helps calm her down and get her back to sleep.
4:28 pm
>> reporter: so when it disappeared on a flight from hartford, connecticut, wednesday, mom ariel panicked. >> i guess he just got pushed under the seat, and so he was left behind on the plane. >> reporter: delta airlines and airport staff searching everywhere. ariel turning to social media pleading for help. the post going viral, but still no luck. until that call that it was finally found by a cleaning crew. >> it's just mind-blowing how -- how everybody just came together. >> reporter: delta tweeting this picture of daddy doll on its way home. and then this -- two delta employees carrying it back to kenley who immediately gives it a hug. dad on facetime sharing his gratitude, too. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: a big part of kenley and ariel's heart still so far away. this homecoming helping it feel a little closer to home.
4:29 pm
>> can you give daddy a kiss? >> reporter: marci gonzale
4:30 pm
on abc7 news, the latest cases of the coronavirus includes a family --on a ski vacation. >> we'll see if concern is keeping people away from chinese new year celebrations this weekend. and the vk lored carpet is looking oscars ready. i'm live in hollywood with your preview of the 92nd academy awards. we were, yeah, really hurt by it and feel for the family. >> a senseless death shakes an east bay community to the core. >> today a mother's plea after a hit-and-run driver kills her 4-year-old son. this happened in richmond just outside the family home on coalinga avenue near 23rd street. >> the boy was near his fathers when he was hit -