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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 10, 2020 3:00am-4:00am PST

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and the oscar goes to -- "parasite." >> this morning on "world news now," "parasite's" big night. the korean thriller wins big at the oscars. it's also a night for "joker" and "judy." brad pitt winning his first oscar for acting. >> "once upon a time in hollywood." ain't that the truth. also this morning, countdown to new hampshire. the first primary just hours away. see who has the momentum after friday's debate. plus a special "kids news now: oscar fashion edition." >> and the oscar goes to -- >> it's monday, february 10th. the "world news now" oscar after
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party starts now. good morning, everyone. oscar morning. the morning after. and we came dressed to impress. elizabeth hur is here. >> good morning, good morning. i feel underdressed next to you. >> i decided to have my little black tie. well, there's no black tie. >> but no, looking good. >> i am. obviously "world news now," i can't wear a tie. >> wow. >> you know. but it was a big night. >> it was such a big night. >> what'd you see? >> "parasite." >> go ahead, go ahead. >> if i may. >> my korean sensation, elizabeth hur, everybody. >> thank you so much. for those who might not know, i was raised in philadelphia but born in korea. i was so, so, so excited for "parasite" to get that honor. but for the record, i always root for the underdogs. >> yes, yes. >> and for that category, best picture, "parasite" was not supposed to win. >> it was a historic night. >> "1917" heavily favored.
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it's like we planned it, having elizabeth hur here. i can't wait to hear your excitement throughout the morning about it. we do begin with a historic night in hollywood. >> only english language films have won best picture until now. "parasite," a film about class inequality, won the top prize and three other awards during a night that was otherwise fairly predictable. >> let's bring in abc's marci gonzalez, who is dazzling on the red carpet for us, marci, what a night. >> reporter: what a night, everyone is buzzing about "parasite." there was an audible gasp here on the red carpet when they announced they were taking home top prize at the oscars. the first time ever for a foreign language film, as you just mentioned. really just capping off a very entertaining night. >> welcome to the 2020 oscars!
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>> reporter: the 92nd academy awards kicking off with some serious star power. >> we both have hosted the oscars before, and this is such an incredible demotion. they don't really have hosts anymore, why is that? >> twitter! >> reporter: the first category of the night packed with hollywood heavyweights. >> and the oscar goes to -- brad pitt. >> reporter: sending brad pitt home with his first acting oscar ever. >> they told me i only have 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the senate gave john bolton this week. >> reporter: the night filled with some political moments as well as -- ♪ >> reporter: -- powerhouse performances. ♪ into the unknown >> reporter: and an all-out celebration of the best of the best in film this year. laura dern winning her very first oscar for best supporting
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actress. >> thank you all for this gift. this is the best birthday present ever. >> reporter: and the show closing out with the biggest awards of the night. >> and the oscar goes to -- joaquin phoenix, "joker." >> i've been a scoundrel in my life. i've been selfish. i've been cruel at times. hard to work with. and i'm grateful that so many of you in this room have given me a second chance. >> and the oscar goes to -- renee zellweger. >> cynthia, scarlett, charlize, saoirse. i have to say, boy, it is an honor to be considered in your company. >> and the oscar goes to -- "parasite." >> reporter: and behind me you
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might see some stars and guests walking past. i'm guessing a lot of them are not heading home. they're clearing out from the governor's ball which is happening right upstairs. that's where the winners get their oscars statuettes engraved. they're having some amazing food by wolfgang puck. then i would imagine many of them heading out to some of the other very glitzy post-oscars parties. >> marci, we know how much you love covering the oscars, and you look incredible every single time. this year you're glowing on the red carpet. >> thank you, my friend. >> since you're expecting. and that dress. >> the baby bump. >> baby's first red carpet, baby's first oscars. thank you, friend, we appreciate it. let's get to the view from the backstage. >> jason nathanson covers hollywood for abc and joins us now by phone. jason, first you know we have to go there, "parasite."
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are you surprised it did so well? >> i am not surprised, no. i think everyone in the press room backstage was a bit surprised. i've never heard a cheer like that when a film won best picture. it was amazing, deafening. this gets a little technical. but because of the preferential ballot which is the way the oscars, they do the best picture, rank your pick in order from 1 to 10. there was nobody that i talked to that didn't love "parasite." not that they didn't vote for it necessarily for number one, but they, on most ballots that it wasn't number 1, it was number 2, and that's how it got that way. >> you've been covering the oscars in hollywood for quite some time, jason. the academy under intense pressure when it comes to the amount of women nominees, especially in directing, when it comes to the people of color who are nominated. they've been under pressure to produce a more inclusive show. how did they do overnight?
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>> reporter: yeah, not just a more inclusive show but a more inclusive industry on the whole. we saw the show open with janelle monae, a fantastic actress, a fantastic singer, doing the opening number. we were told we weren't going to have a host, then steve martin and chris rock doing some jokes, chris rock with very pointed jokes about the lack of diversity and the lack of inclusion in a lot of that. the show did cater to that. we saw great moments for women. we saw elsa out there, idina menzel, nine elsas from all over the world. a female composer do a musical tribute as well. they tried to get a lot of women out there to try to get involved in the show. >> yeah, it was a pretty fun show. jason nathanson, thank you for your time there in hollywood, we appreciate it. we will have much more from the oscars ahead in this half hour and some surprises here on "world news now." for now turning to the race for the white house, senator
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bernie sanders is planning to request a partial review of iowa caucus results on the eve of the new hampshire primary. >> former mayor pete buttigieg received two more delegates than sanders but many news organizations are not declaring a winner due to voting discrepancies. here's abc's mona kosar abdi. >> reporter: with a high-stakes new hampshire primary a little over 24 hours away, candidates making a last-ditch effort to win over voters. minnesota senator amy klobuchar feeling the boost from her performance in friday's debate brought in her largest crowd to date sunday in the granite state. >> every step of the way, we >> every step of the way, we have def ied expectations. we have met every merit. >> reporter: meanwhile, neighboring senator bernie sanders looking for a repeat victory that will spark a chain reaction. >> if we win here in new hampshire, and with your help, i think we can win -- it will make it easier for us to win in nevada and in south carolina and
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in california. >> reporter: a new cnn/university of new hampshire poll shows sanders topping the field of democratic candidates. as pete buttigieg surges into second place, the former mayor taking a swipe at his 2020 opponent. >> i respect senator sanders. but when i hear this message go out that you're either for a revolution or you've got to be for the status quo, that's a vision of the country that doesn't have room for most of us. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden declared a win in new hampshire an uphill battle, but launched new attacks on the frontrunners, ridiculing buttigieg's modest resume on abc's "this week." >> what has he done? who has he pulled together? does he know any of the foreign leaders? >> reporter: casting sanders as a risk to the democratic party for being too left. >> i think i'm more ready to be able to defeat donald trump, and equally importantly, george, elect a democratic senate. >> reporter: no democratic candidate has won the nomination without placing in the top two in iowa and new hampshire, but both biden and warren have their sights set on going the distance and holding out for the other 55 states and territories.
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elizabeth, kenneth? >> mona, thank you. abc news will bring you the results of the new hampshire primary tomorrow when we get them, and we will have complete coverage throughout the night on our streaming channel "abc news live." coming up, our pint-sized fashion critics weigh in on this year's red carpet. plus the competition is under way already at the westminster dog show. and a russian plane crashing on a runway. you're watching "world news now." westminster dog show. and a russian plane crashing on a runway. you're watching "world news now." crashing on a runway. you're watching "world news now." back to the mirror. you've got this, john. .and on demand. it's boxing, cardio, yoga, and more. it's an interactive, goal crushing, whole family, whole body fitness machine. it's so
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is we are back with a russian passenger jet that crash landed on an icy runway. authorities say there were problems with the plane's landing gearing. none of the 100 on board suffered serious injuries, and everyone evacuated the plane on its emergency slide. a suspect has been arrested for shooting new york city police officers in two separate attacks. >> he was captured after he walked into a bronx police station and started shooting. one officer was wounded in the arm. about 12 hours earlier, the man
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allegedly fired at two cops in a parked police van, wounding one of them. the suspect has a lengthy record. another suspect with a long record under arrest in florida for an attack on a police officer. the cop was checking on two people sleeping in a car at a gas station north of daytona beach. it ended with a high-speed chase and a standoff. the s.w.a.t. team threw a swing ball grenade into the suspect's vehicle. he was pulled out by police after the car caught fire. competition is already under way at the most important dog show of the year. we are talking about the westminster kennel club show here in new york. >> sunday, heart won the master's obedience championship. that's the fifth consecutive win for the 7-year-old heart and trainer linda brennan from new jersey. the big prize, best in show, is tuesday night. passengers on one flight over the weekend experienced something rare. the flight arrived two hours early. >> the british airways 747 broke the transatlantic speed record, pushed by high winds in the atmosphere.
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the new york to london flight took 4:56. >> that's it? that's more than a quarter hour better than the previous record. it should have taken like 6:30 or something. >> you know, i don't know how often you take those flights. >> i don't. i got to do those more. >> but i will take that flight. >> yes, that's a quick one. coming up, our latest installment of "kids news now." >> and their assignment, greeting the stars on this year's oscars red carpet. on this year's oscars red carpet.
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♪ ♪ right now they are partying in hollywood in these wee hours of the morning, but the red carpet is being rolled up. >> and 3,000 miles to the east we had our own little red carpet event right here in our "kids news now" studio. will is here to tell us all about it. who knew we had a "kids news
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now" fete. >> we knew. >> the person who's never here, liz hur. >> all my favorite things, "kids news now" and the oscars. janelle monae stunned. we called in the pint-sized fashion police to give us their take on oscars fiercest fashion. >> let's drink our cocktails. >> these aren't cocktails, this is cider. >> let's go down the line. tell me a little bit about the outfit you're wearing tonight. deanna, do you want to start? what are you wearing? twirl. gorgeous. >> i'm wearing something i wore in london for a bar mitzvah. >> i'm wearing a bowtie, and i'm going to the oscars. >> we see billy porter there. okay, so what will you remember about billy porter's outfit? >> dress. gold. >> what do we think? let's talk about janelle monae. >> sparkly. >> yes. oh the back. >> oh my god, that was horrible, the back was like disgusting. >> too much skin for you? >> yeah. >> what do we think of rebel wilson's outfit with the gold?
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>> i love it. >> i love it. i love it. i love it so much. >> who knows a lin-manuel song? ♪ i'm not throwing away my shot i'm not throwing away my shot ♪ >> what do you think of regina king's dress? >> i like it. >> nah. >> it's good, the details. >> i like it because i like all the sides with the silver and all pink at the bottom. >> guess how much the most expensive outfit in oscars history was? >> $1,300. >> a little more than that. $18 million. >> what? >> one person's dress and jewelry, and it was $18 million. >> what? >> what could you do if you had $18 million? >> i'd buy one house with five bugattis. >> nice. how about you, alison? 18 million bucks, what are you going to do? >> i don't know, maybe i'll just give to it charity.
3:20 am
>> who's charity? >> so look at cynthia erivo. look at her nails. look at all of her rings. do you like that much bling on somebody's hand? >> wait -- that has to be -- that has to be the $18 million. >> the dress has diamonds all over it! and it sparkles! >> wait. i think scarlett's probably going to be in this. >> scarlett johansson? >> if we don't see her, i'm going to flip the tables. >> okey-dokey. >> i'm going overboard on the sour patch -- >> stop, we're not opening two boxes. >> i'm not eating that, i was just checking the calories. >> are you guys going to be crazy after eating all this candy? >> we'll definitely. >> what's wrong with my body? >> it's going to be like tom hanks doing pushups in front of the screen. >> i can't do it, it's way too big. >> guys what do we think of brad pitt's hair? there he is right there.
3:21 am
>> i like his hair, it's slick and shiny. >> deanna, what do you think of brad pitt's hair? >> i don't really like it. >> you don't? a little too long? >> yeah. >> what would you have done differently? >> i'd curl it. >> oh, curly. >> oh, really? that's billie eilish again. >> it is billie eilish. what do we think of the nails? >> cool. i like those. they are cool. but they are way too long. >> way too long. >> way too long. >> do we like the green hair? >> nah. >> nah. >> not a big fan? >> she's like a rock star in a dress, the combination looks weird. >> she went overboard. >> would you say the best part of tonight has been the fashion or the candy? >> candy. >> candy. >> fashion. >> thank you, alison. thank you, alison, and a major thanks to our friends from basis independent manhattan for staying up late on a school night to impart some of their fashion knowledge onto us. i think those three were my best dressed. >> i agree. two things, how much junk food did you give them? also, week two in our production studio.
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we should give our production staff an award for doing the most with this little studio. staff an award for doing the most with this little studio.
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on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. ♪ time for your "mix" on the morning after the oscars, and it's an oscar-theme "mix" this morning. starting with what do you do with your oscar after you win it? where do you put it? well, taika waititi here from -- of course he got the screenplay for "jojo rabbit," put it right under the seat. >> that will fit right in there. >> right in this little spot right there. captain marvel actress brie larson posted that funny moment there after he hid it after winning best adapted screenplay. i just think sometimes you got to just want to put it in a safe place.
3:26 am
>> i feel i would hold on to it. >> i would cradle it, maybe put it in one of those baby things that you put on your chest. >> a carrying -- we're both like, you know, those things. >> put it in there. >> i know what you're talking about, yes. but he did that, and now -- >> i don't know, last year somebody like took someone's oscar or stole it? they finally got it back? you all remember that story, right? i think that happened. >> i believe you, okay. shall we move to the next one? a cute little story where, you know, we talked about the swag bag. >> yes. >> not only do they get tons of cool prizes for becoming a nominee, they get fed well too, you would think. 10-year-old actress julia butters from "once upon a time in hollywood" actually packed turkey sandwiches to the event. >> yeah! >> just in case she got hungry. way to be prepared. >> you know what? a lot of people spend a lot of a lot of people spend a lot of time getting ready for that red carpet event. this little one here, she knows there's no diet, just enjoy it.
3:27 am
feed yourself. nourishment. you go to those things, the food might not be good, you might have to wait forever. >> i love it how she's like in my little baggy here, among lip gloss, powder, turkey sandwich too. >> yeah, sometimes they bring alcohol on those red carpets as well. i've seen that before. >> not bad. >> or you bring your mother. like keanu reeves did. winning best son. >> aww! >> the "toy story 4" actor there, he made everyone say aww together on twitter when they posted all these images of his mother, patricia taylor, with him on the red carpet. >> you know what i love, the lost note. getty images mistook the mommy for his girlfriend. >> you know what that's a compliment right there. >> exactly. i want to say, speaking of past oscars, didn't pennsylvania native bradley cooper also get a lot of praise for bringing his mom as a date? >> oh, that's right. we love our folks from
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and the oscar goes to -- "parasite." >> "parasite." and the oscar goes to -- "parasite." >> "parasite." >> "parasite." >> this morning on "world news now," "parasite" makes history at the oscars. we're talking to the winners backstage plus who stunned on the red carpet. we have complete coverage from the oscars. also this morning with the high-stakes new hampshire primary a day away, democratic candidates are sharpening their attacks. new poll numbers show bernie sanders and pete buttigieg leading the pack. new this half hour a sto that dumps heavy snow in the midwest is barreling into the northeast. and michelle obama opens up to oprah about what it was like being first lady and her life after the white house. and the jaw-dropping fashion statements made on this year's red carpet and what our own robin roberts told billy porter
3:31 am
about his dress. that's in "the skinny" on this monday, february 10th. good morning on this monday after the oscars. it was such a big and fun night, i loved the show. >> it was absolutely such a thrilling show to watch. >> hollywood's biggest night from the red carpet to the main stage, your favorite stars pulled out all the stops. >> all the stops. but the fun did not end with the show. brad pitt and joaquin phoenix cut loose at the governor's ball where the big winners are celebrating their victories. and marci gonzalez can tell you that there was a lot to celebrate. >> reporter: hey, kenneth and elizabeth, good morning. yes, this was absolutely "parasite's" night. but so many people are also buzzing about the performances and the presenters who again this year took the place of host. >> welcome to the 2020 oscars!
3:32 am
>> reporter: the 92nd academy awards kicking off with some serious star power. >> we both have hosted the oscars before, and this is such an incredible demotion. [ laughter ] they don't really have hosts anymore, why is that? >> twitter! >> reporter: the first category of the night packed with hollywood heavyweights -- >> and the oscar goes to -- brad pitt. >> reporter: sending brad pitt home with his first acting oscar ever. >> they told me i only have 45 seconds up here. which is 45 seconds more than the senate gave john bolton this week. >> reporter: the night filled with some political moments, as well as -- ♪ >> reporter: powerhouse performances. ♪ into the unknown >> reporter: and an all-out celebration of the best of the
3:33 am
best in film this year. laura dern winning her very first oscar for best supporting actress. >> thank you all for this gift. this is the best birthday present ever. >> reporter: and the show closing out with the biggest awards of the night. >> and the oscar goes to -- joaquin phoenix, "joke" >> i've been a scoundrel in my life. i've been selfish. i've been cruel at times. hard to work with. and i'm grateful that so many of you in this room have given me a second chance. >> and the oscar goes to -- renee zellweger. >> cynthia, scarlett, charlize, saoirse -- i have to say, boy, it is an honor to be considered in your company. >> and the oscar goes to -- "parasite."
3:34 am
>> reporter: now it's not just the post-oscars partiers and all of us who are up this early in the morning. the crew who set up the red carpet, they spent -- congrats, congrats! a little cameo by some of the "parasite" winners. it took 16 days to set up this red carpet. and we're told it will take just two to break it all down. crews are busy right now and they say most of this will be cleared out by 6:00 this morning. kenneth and elizabeth? >> just incredible. a stunning marci gonzalez there on the red carpet, thank you so much, getting some moments there. >> yeah, little cameos. let's get the view from backstage. >> leslie mester covers hollywood for abc and joins us now by phone. leslie, when we talk about snubs, we're hearing some stars were left out of the in memoriam segment? >> reporter: there's buzzing on the internet, people upset luke perry wasn't in the segment, in
3:35 am
the montage, that cameron boyce wasn't in the montage. i think the tricky part is the academy has to first and foremost honor members of the academy, which has a number of departments, actors just being one of them. from what i can tell, i don't think those two stars were members of the academy. and there were so many others to honor. this year very notably the montage kicked off with kobe bryant and ended with kirk douglas. >> yeah, it was quite touching there. leslie, as you know in a season that was this predictable when it comes to -- i mean, "judy," renee zellweger for "judy." "1917" was getting all that acclaim throughout all the awards season. so people say it was pretty predictable, but what surprised you about the show? >> reporter: i really didn't know what was going to win best picture.
3:36 am
i thought "parasite" might have a shot. but as you just said, "1917" had so much momentum throughout awards season. i thought sam mendes had a very good shot at winning best director. i thought "1917" had a great shot at winning best picture. in an oscar ballot, that's what i would have picked. it was a big surprise to see "parasite" win. but also so much fun, there was so much joy when they came backstage, they were so thrilled. not just for themselves but also what this could mean for other foreign films. >> just incredible. leslie, i get so excited for all my friends over there in our l.a. bureau for abc news. i know that you love, love, love, love the academy awards. and obviously it's a lot of work leading up to it, so we appreciate you. i felt like you should go party, right? i hope you -- you got "gma." maybe no partying for you. >> i was going to say, i think for me partying is going to sleep. >> for a couple hours.
3:37 am
>> i really appreciate talking to you guys. exactly, it's always so much fun to talk to you, thank you. >> thank you, we appreciate it. we'll have much more from the academy awards ahead in "the skinny." now to new hampshire where voters will head to the polls tomorrow for the nation's first primary, even as a question mark hangs over the iowa caucuses. >> former mayor pete buttigieg is leading bernie sanders in iowa by two delegates but errors in the vote count have prompted sanders to request a partial review of the results. >> in new hampshire, sanders is ahead of buttigieg in a new poll, followed by elizabeth warren and joe biden. abc's rachel scott has the latest. >> reporter: with just hours left to make their case, the democratic candidates in a mad dash crisscrossing new hampshire. senator bernie sanders, the long frontrunner here, confident he can turn out a repeat of his 2016 victory. >> if we win here in new hampshire, and with your help, i think we can win -- it will make it easier for us to win in nevada and in south carolina and in california.
3:38 am
>> reporter: the former vice president, joe biden, admits winning new hampshire will be an uphill battle for his campaign. facing a question from a voter who turned out to be an andrew yang supporter about his poor finish in iowa. >> i was a democratic caucus -- you been to a caucus? no, you haven't. you're a lying dog-face pony soldier -- >> reporter: biden's answer meant as a joke, but he's going on the attack. taking on pete buttigieg in a new ad. >> under threat of a nuclear iran, joe biden helped to negotiate the iran deal. and under threat of disappearing pets, buttigieg negotiated lighter licensing regulations on pet chip scans. >> reporter: buttigieg now surging with momentum from iowa, fighting back biden's charges he's trying to brand himself as the next obama. >> oh, he's right, i'm not barack obama. neither is he. neither is anyone running for president right now. this isn't 2008, it's 2020. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren finishing a distant third
3:39 am
in iowa, dropping in the polls. now looking to break away from the pack. >> i didn't start by doing polls a year ago, i still don't do polls. for me it's about having a chance to get out and talk to people. >> reporter: senator amy klobuchar appears to be getting a boost from her debate performance. she raised more than $2 million following the debate, and this weekend at one of her events more than 1,000 turning out, the biggest crowd she has seen in the state so far. tuesday will be a true test for any new sign of momentum. rachel scott, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> rachel, thank you. abc news will have the results of the new hampshire primary as they come in tomorrow. stay with us for complete coverage throughout the night streaming on "abc news live." a major storm is arriving in northeast. >> that same storm system brought so much snow to the midwest over the weekend, they are still digging out in the twin cities. >> accuweather's adam del rosso has the entire forecast. adam, good morning. >> kenneth, elizabeth, good morning.
3:40 am
that snowy weather we saw across the upper midwest over the weekend moving through northern new england as we head through our monday. rainshowers through the mid-atlantic and along the coast of new england, we have the snow 3 to 6 inches across some of the higher terrain through northern vermont, new hampshire, northern parts of maine. for the southeast, heavy rainfall as this boundary gets hung up. those flooding downpours a possibility all the way through wednesday. we've got wet weather across southern california as well with mountain snows and strong winds. coming up, what former first lady michelle obama just told oprah about life after the white house. later in "the skinny," we'll check out the highlights from the red carpet, including spike lee's tribute to kobe bryant. and janelle monae literally covered in crystals. literally covered in crystals. ed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget
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a monster storm is attacking a monster storm is attacking northern europe, including the netherlands. you can see how strong the winds are on the dutch coast. at amsterdam's airport about 11 miles away, 200 flights have been canceled so far today. here at home, former first lady michelle obama has been talking about her time in the white house and what's come after. >> in an interview with oprah,
3:44 am
mrs. obama said being the first lady was the biggest privilege of her life but called it a hard job that takes a toll. >> mrs. obama said life at home while her daughters are in college is really good, and she talked about the marriage counseling she attended with her husband, saying it helped her discover she was responsible for her own happiness. the obamas attended counseling sessions after their daughters were born. prince harry and meghan have made their first public appearance since stepping back from their royal duties. >> both attended a jpmorgan event in miami. the prince reportedly told the audience he struggled with mental health while trying to overcome the trauma of losing his mother, princess diana. the couple have been spending much of their time in canada, but they could have been -- they could be heading back to britain next month. queen elizabeth has reportedly asked them to attend commonwealth day on march 9th. when we come back, we go backstage at the academy awards. and some of the biggest moments on the red carpet. "the skinny" is next.
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" and it is a special one because we are starting with the oscars. >> that marathon 3 1/2-hour show was jam-packed with big moments, and we're talking about not just the show itself, but the head-turners even before the show on the red carpet. including tom hanks right there dropping to the ground and doing some pushups alongside a u.s. army sergeant. >> mr. hanks and that army sergeant there can do it all. >> good for him. another big surprise, eminem. twitter went wild over this moment. performing his hit "lose yourself" from the movie "8 mile" for which he won an oscar back in 2003. >> i'm like, where did this come from? >> everyone is asking the same question. >> the producers, they had some surprises in store for us. renee zellweger won her second oscar, a best actress award for her portrayal of judy garland. our lara spencer caught up with zellweger backstage after her win.
3:48 am
>> last night i got home very, very, very late. and i kind of put some thoughts together. and i thought, you should really stay up, you know, and -- you know, collect those thoughts. you really should. and i know, yeah, i was right. i really -- >> you really should have. >> i went to bed at 4:00, wake up at 6:00, put on a dress, it doesn't look that good, you know what i mean? >> zellweger won a best supporting actress award back in 2004 for "cold mountain." next to the show that played out before the big show. >> the fashion, y'all. we got to talk about the fashion. it really was some head-turning fashion on the red carpet outside the dolby theatre there. >> perhaps the most heart warming look on the red carpet was director spike lee paying tribute to kobe bryant by sporting a custom purple gucci suit with gold trim and bryant's jersey number 24. he even finished off the look with a pair of orange nike kobe
3:49 am
9 elite strategy basketball shoes. >> i saw a post-oscars interview. he said he called his friends at gucci, they were able to make that suit within a day, he said. a day. next to our very own abc's best dressed with "gma's" robin roberts and michael strahan. robin dazzling in top to toe teal blue sequins and revealing that by coincidence michael showed up on the red carpet also dressed to impress in teal. one of the big stars they met up with, billy porter. and robin had just one thing to say to him. >> thanks for stopping by. >> i was going to wear that. >> we'll flip. >> thank you, billy. >> have fun, you guys. >> thank you. >> of course billy porter stealing the show there in a sleeveless high-neck gold foil feathered bodice and billowing wrap skirt reportedly inspired by none other than kensington
3:50 am
palace. >> it was a great, great awards season in fashion for billy porter. every single time he came, even had battery-powered hats. i mean, yeah. it was extremely impressive. and his performance on the stage as well was also great. giving porter a run for his money, janelle monae in a sparkling hooded ralph lauren gown dripping in 168,000 swarovski crystals. >> just dazzling. >> look at that, i mean, from the hoodie right down to the toe. >> bravo. >> that's impressive. >> absolutely. and then there was natalie portman making a statement in more ways than one, sporting a cape embroidered with the names of this year's snubbed female directors in gold script. >> so everybody's talking about kristen wiig as well. we don't have that there. i was reminded on social media
3:51 am
that they said her dress looks like lasagna. you're going to laugh later when i show you the dress. >> will do. and the oscars continued during the commercial breaks. >> "the bachelor's" pilot pete got a few helping hands in a homage to "ghost" with "unchained melody." >> things get out of hand. we can't wait to see what happens on "the bachelor" and come back tomorrow when jack sheahan, our senior chief "bachelor" analyst, breaks it all down. and finally, it is bill nye, the fashion guy. >> the popular tv science guy strutted his way down the runway at new york fashion week. >> nye walked the blue jacket fashion show benefiting the cancer foundation rocking a blue floral jacket and rocking to lizzo's "juice." >> i love that guy so much. in the fashion department i think we did pretty good too. >> i was just going to say.
3:52 am
doesn't he look nice? >> wearing the hugo. that's who i'm wearing. >> i'm wearing something from macy's.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ the dolby theatre's empty in hollywood but the oscar after parties are still in full swing at this hour. as the stars celebrate hollywood's biggest night of the year. >> among them former nfl player matthew cherry, who won his first oscar for best animated short film "hair love." >> it follows the story of a man who must do his daughter's hair for the first time. this is what cherry said when he accepted the award. >> "hair love" was done because we wanted to see more representation. we wanted to normalize black hair. >> in 2012 he tweeted, i'm gonna be nominated for an oscar one day, already claiming it. of course we know when it comes to that story, from kick starter
3:56 am
to winning best animated short there at the oscars. i just found -- this was my moment here at the oscars. and the guests of matthew cherry there was deandre arnold, that texas teen who was told he had to cut his dreadlocks to walk across the graduation stage. quite a night for them. also laura dern. laura dern taking home best actress oscar for "marriage story." >> she claimed her prize not long after she and other nominees sat down with abc's chris connelly as he asked them, what would you tell your younger self? >> what would you like to tell this young woman if you could speak to her now? >> oh my god, you -- i mean, you are hilarious right now. >> oh my good lord, that is me. look here, wow. >> oh, look at that guy. >> i'd say, nice hair. >> stop wearing hawaiian shirts,
3:57 am
no one thinks it's cool, that's in your head. no one likes it. >> i would tell her that she will still wear eyeglasses when she's 50, and not to feel uncomfortable about it. because this year she was really uncomfortable about wearing eyeglasses. although they're in my bag, they're not on right now, still i have an issue. >> probably i would say, don't sweat the small stuff, and never wear your hair like this again. >> don't worry that you don't know what your path is yet. >> what would your 10-year-old self have thought being at the oscar luncheon? >> it would be very entertaining for her. i think she'd be jumping up and down. probably very, very happy. >> what would i tell this kid? just keep going, mate. just keep going. there's -- it's obviously i didn't quit because i'm still here. >> i would say, keep what you're doing, keep writing songs, keep shutting the worldut, keep not listening to anybody that tells you you can't do this. >> there's a lot i would tell
3:58 am
this girl. >> there's a lot i would tell
3:59 am
4:00 am
america this morning. >> have a great day. making news in making news in america this morning -- >> and the oscar goes to -- >> hollywood's biggest night from notley portman's statement on the red emotional acceptance speech from joaquin phoenix. >> run to the rescue with love and peace will follow. >> and "parasite" coming out on top, smashing 92 years of history. the biggest moments from the academy awards, plus the after parties and one-on-one with renee zellweger, describing what it meant to play judy garland. breaking overnight, a new surge in the cases of the coronavirus. the number of patients nearly doubling on that quarantined cruise ship. we hear from an american who has been diagnosed. she describes the symptoms. weg


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