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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 10, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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long investigating this case. a section of medford was shut down, roped off with crime tape. they just reopened it. but this did happen about 10:30 last night. they say it happened inside a home, and it sounds like the two people were maybe roommates. it does sound like they knew each other, got into an argument. two people shot and taken to the hospital. they do expect them to survive. the neighborhood will be able to return to normal for the morning routine, sheriffs deputies just left the scene. reporting live in hayward, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. if you're just waking up, it's 4:30. here's mike with a look a the weather. >> the big story is the wind, the wind advisory. here's the areas most affected. wind advisory until 11:00 tomorrow for the north bay mountains, east bay hills and the diablo range. thankfully a lot of us don't live at this high elevation,
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there could be issues with downed trees and power lines. 29 in clear lake, 36 at santa rosa, mid 50s around san francisco, oakland, half moon bay, also san mateo, 49 at san jose, 41 in concord. this is where we end during the afternoon hours, warmer than yesterday. and not quite as breezy except in the before-mentioned areas. mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods. 70s in santa rosa, lake port, yucaipa and fairfield. jobina? >> good morning, everyone. a live look showing you emeryville. those headlights making their way towards the maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. things are smooth for the most part. no major issues coming in from the chp. san mateo bridge, people are making their way westbound towards the peninsula. our drive times, antioch to hercules, 25 minutes. highway 4 to the maze, 12 minutes. highway 85 to the san jose airport, 7-minute ride.
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>> thanks. as mike has been telling us, we can expect more high winds today. >> the bay area could experience the same problems that the gusts caused yesterday. the force of yesterday's wind shattered a window on the 34th floor of the millennium tower. nobody got hurt. one of the towers residents described what he saw from his window on the 22nd floor. >> shards of glass falling out of the sky. i was like, i'm pretty sure that's coming from our building or something just hit us. i looked down at the park and i see a bunch of kids running away from the area. >> wow. oakland firefighters shared this video, it shows an electrical transformer popping because of the high winds. the oakland fire department responded to more than a dozen calls dealing with downed trees. at the live desk, i'm tracking the power outages pg&e crews have been working to restore all night. at this moment, power is out to
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26,000 homes and businesses. the wind knocked down power lines here, and utility poles around the bay area. this utility pole came down in downtown sonoma. at one point more than 300,000 pg&e customers lost power. this is the outage map. you can see in the san leandro area, people are experiencing some outages. moving around here, several people are still experiencing this now, especially in the east bay hills. just want to let you know some of this is not due to the high winds, just want to make that clear, but the green means an outage affecting less than 50 people, red more than 5,000 people. we have orange, yellow and green visible on our map right now. >> thank you. this morning china is reporting a rise in new coronavirus cases. according to the chinese
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government, deaths on the mainland rose by 97 in the last 24 hours. now the number is 908. over 3,000 new cases were reported bringing the total to over 40,000 in china alone. japan's health ministry says 66 more people on a quarantined cruise ship tested positive. >> wuhan is ground zero for the coronavirus outbreak. while some americans have been evacuated, others are forced to stay and wait out this pandemic. eric thomas talked to a marin county man who teaches english in wuhan to find out what life is like now. >> you know, sometimes i do get scared. i'm not going to lie. it's a scary situaion. >> reporter: doug perez is a green bray native who moved to wuhan to teach english, math and science. he says that because of the outbreak, he and his girlfriend rarely go outside but when they do, the city looks and feels completely different. >> i went out walked on the street a bit, and it was
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remarkably quiet, like an absolute ghost town. >> reporter: and leaving the airport to buy groceries or walk their dog is no longer as simple as just walking out the door. >> we avoid everyone. we have a whole procedure, wear a mask, gloves, goggles when they arrive, and when we come back, we spray ourselves down with alcohol. >> reporter: doug says when the first coronavirus cases were rot reported he didn't think it would become a big deal. but now that it has, he can't come back to california because his girlfriend, a chinese national cannot get a visa, and he doesn't want to leave her behind. the city is under quarantine. they can't go to work. they have been paid through february, but few things are certain at the moment. >> we probably won't go to work until march, if we're lucky and things calm down, then maybe march but right now, not going to work. >> that was eric thomas reporting. scammers are ready to benefit from the coronavirus outbreak. the better business bureau warns
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that scammers are selling low quality masks. some online retailers will take your money and never sell the products, others just take your credit card information. masks don't offer much protection any way, but if wearing one makes you feel better, there's no harm in doing so. >> we're constantly updating our website as we get new information on the coronavirus. it includes the number of cases as well as what's being done to keep it from spreading. go to and you will find the link at the top of the home page. the oscars celebrated a first for hollywood. >> a foreign language film became the first to academy award for best picture. we are talking about "parasite." brad pitt won his first oscar for acting taking the honor for best supporting actor for his role in "once upon a time i
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hollywood." best actor went to joaquin phoenix for the title role in "joker." >> i do not feel elevated above any of my fellow nominees or anyone in this room because we share the same love, the love of film. >> best supporting actress went to laura dern for divorce to divorce attorney in "marriage story." stars also took center stage on the red carpet. dion lim was there to rub the elbows. >> reporter: after days of warmth and sunshine, relentless rain pounded the tarp over the red carpet but couldn't stop the stars from coming out to shine. we're starting to see a lot of
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people come down the line, a lot of sequins and bright colors, including janelle monae turning heads in a sparkling hooded gown. you never know who you're going to meet in hollywood, and i ran into one nominee's mom. she told me her daughter is nominated in two categories. tell everyone who your daughter is and what she's up for. >> cynthia ariza, an award for harriet. >> who was right by her side in the front row. >> the oscar goes to renee zellweger. >> reporter: one of the biggest surprises of the night, eminem who performed his 2003 oscar be winning song "lose yourself." ♪ we spotted keanu reeves on the red carpet after we saw him filming the matrix 4 in san francisco's chinatown last week. he played a role in the best animated feature toy story but could get an oscar for best son bringing his mom as his date. ♪ all my troubles seem so far
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away ♪ >> and billie eilish sang over the in memoriam portion of the show honoring those who have passed, including kobe bryant. >> dion will join us live beginning at 5:00 a.m. we have complete coverage on our website, a violent collision in the east bay leaves a vehicle overturned. what police said led to this crash. a plan to build a two-mile long gondola clears a major hurdle. and happening today, b.a.r.t. launches a new program to make riders feel safer. it's aimed at stopping trouble before it starts. >> we'll get to those stories in a moment, first we have to figure out about this wind. it was pretty strong. >> i had damage at my house, a 16-foot section of my fence came down. not immune to it. yeah. 209-mile-per-hour wind up in kirkwood? that's unheard of. the worst of this wind is behind
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us. we left it in the weekend. waking up to slightly breezy conditions. temperatures all over the scale. 40 in mountain view to just across the south bay to 55 in milpitas. 50 in campbell. 51 in cambria park. alum rock, 52. everyone else in the mid to upper 40s. 36 in lafayette to 52 in danville. 54 in napa. a quiet 37 in sebastopol. you will find many different temperatures if you're driving a far way during the morning commute. south beach, you can see it's breezy if you're driving. mass transit milder, free of fog if you're out on the bay. 49 at 7:00, 65 at 11:00. look at these upper 60s to low 70s from about noon through 5:00. here's a look at the east bay. starting off at 46. near 60 at 11:00. mid to upper 60s here from noon all the way through 5:00. our last stop will be san
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francisco, we have mid to upper 50s through 11:00, low to mid 60s with sunshine this afternoon. it will look good temperature-wise. here's jobina with a look at the commute. >> thank you, mike. just an update. b.a.r.t. service expansion starts day. for our regular b.a.r.t. riders, check the schedule because there are going to be some changes the earlier weekday service for some lines also, when you see on the weekend those two line services into san francisco on sunday. a live look at walnut creek, 680 looking good. no problems to report now. same thing for san jose, 101 nice and smooth this monday morning. nice and clear. albany to the maze, 4 minutes. fremont to san jose, 13 minutes. highway 101 to cupertino, 10-minute ride. i'm getting word of one issue at the moment, this is in san leandro, northbound 880 on the 98th street off-ramp there,
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report of a fire and it appears to be
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and i approve this message. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a north wind 10 to 16 miles per hour, that's not unusual for that area. look at the wind advisories across the state today. we're not the only one dealing with the high winds and the possible damage. check out the temperatures, 70 in chico, sacramento, 71.
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low to mid 70s for los angeles and palm springs. nothing wet or frozen up in the sierra. windy today. there's hints of snow and breezy conditions this coming weekend. that's something to keep an eye on this week. >> thanks, mike. a 16-year-old boy is in custody following a violent pursuit that left a woman with major injuries. the teen led officers on a high-speed chase after they tried to detain him on robbery warrants early yesterday morning. his car slammed into another vehicle at mowry avenue and farwell drive. the collisionov overturned both cars. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to rescue the woman in the car that was hit. san francisco police are investigating the circumstances that led to a shooting involving an off-duty fbi agent. it happened just before midnight
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on saturday. a man suffered several gunshot wounds and had to be taken to the hospital. his injuries are said to be nonlife threatening. the agent wasn't hurt. neither the police department or the fbi revealed what they believe led to the shooting. today b.a.r.t. will launch its new ambassador program in response to concerns about passenger safety. ten unarmed uniformed workers will walk the trains between 2:00 p.m. and midnight. the ambassadors are trained to answer riders questions. the focus on trains between 12th street and oakland and civic center in san francisco. the pilot program will be re-evaluated in six months. conservationists agreed to drop a lawsuit. squaw valley and alpine meadows have agreed to protect 27 acres of habitat for the sierra nevada yellow legged frog. they'll also contribute about $450,000 over the next decade
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towards land purchases in the tahoe national forest. the gondola will carry up to 1,400 people an hour between the two resorts. it's 4:46. here's a look at your weather. hi, mike. >> yeah. looking outside. we'll look down our roof cam. that's what we'll use for our highlights for today. as we head throughout the day, it will be milder, breezy in the hills, sunny and calmer for the rest of us. calmer and cooler tonight. through the extended, not a drop of wet weather any war. the breezes are significantly slower. 15 in napa is as fast as it gets now. still gusting around 30 to 40 in the hills. take a look at these temperatures. 72 in yucaipa. 70 in lake port. 71 in santa rosa. fairfield, 70. 64 in san francisco, antioch at 69. oakland at 66.
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san jose at 67. along the coast, mid 60s. tonight, you can see a little bit cooler temperatures especially in the sheltered areas. that's where you see more of the blue, which are temperatures that are dropping into the 30s. up in the hills where it's all green, that's where we'll be in the upper 40s to some upper 50s because the breezes will keep temperatures mild there. we have 49 in san francisco. 46 in oakland. san jose at 43. concord at 44. 38 in santa rosa. here's a look at the pattern. you can see high pressure over top of us. the jet stream going well up into the arctic circle, bypassing us. look at this warm weather. 60s to near 70 through wednesday. temperatures still above average but cooler on thursday and quiet for valentine's day. jobina? >> good morning. 4:48 right now. the chp canceled their high wind advisories for our bridges, they did add one for the altamont pass. heads up for the super commuters this morning who will be making their way through there.
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checking in on the drive times, san francisco to sfo, 9 minutes. highway 238 to the maze, 13-minute ride. highway 58 to the san jose airport, 11 minutes this. a live look at the golden gate bridge, the camera shows everything looking smooth for the most part on the bridge. and in san jose, this is a live look at 87. samsung used the oscars to unveil their new flip phone. and bill gates uses some of his billions to buy a yacht. in today's tech bytes, samsung jumps the gun on its galaxy z flip. the company is expected to show off the features at an event tomorrow. the oscars dominated social media last night. the third most tweeted moment was when
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and bill gates ordered the first hydrogen powered super yacht. >> it has five decks and can accommodate 45 people. the vessel will feature a hele pad, infinity spa and gym. it will feature a price tag of more than 6$600 million. give me a room. >> i saw the flip phone last night on the commercial, and for the first time i kind of wanted it. the power. >> see? >> the power of marketing. >> whatever it takes. food insecurity is a big roadblock to helping kids learn. santa clara county is ready to remove that obstacle for thousands. and if you're scrambling for a valentine's day gift, the san francisco zoo is ready to help.
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here's the winds up in the hills, that's where they're fastest now and where they'll remain fastest. st. helena gusting at 69. it was 40 last time we looked. you can see dangerous winds up there. that's why we have the wind advisory for the higher elevations of the north bay mountains, east bay hills and the diablo range. those areas in yellow. that's until 11:00 tomorrow morning. so, it would seem that the weakest of our trees should have taken the brunt of yesterday's winds, but there's still the possibility of downed trees and power lines. happening today, two santa
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clara county supervisors will unveil a first of its kind program in california to enable more kids to get free meals at schools. backers of the plan say reducing food insecurity can boost academic success for students and help them live healthier lives. second harvest of silicon valley estimates one-third of children face food insecurity. high winds challenged the world's best golfers at the at&t pebble beach proam along the shores of monterey bay. nick taylor faced off against phil mickelson during yesterday's final round. taylor finished at 19 under par for the tournament. this marks his second win on the pro tour. >> it feels amazing. again, i don't think it's going to sink in for quite some time. i don't know if i blacked out the last five hours, just played golf and now i'm here winning with a trophy. it's amazing.
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>> that said it, amazing. yesterday's victory will help taylor stay on the tour as one of golf's top 125 pros and qualifies him for his first masters in april and the pga championship in may. here's a look at what's going on with high pressure. still sitting over top of us. pushing the jet stream to the north. look at the chances of wet weather the next nine days. a few sprinkles possible around our neighborhoods, but the bulk of the wet weather is up van vooufe vancouver and in the southwest. the east bay hills still rocking, our temperatures will be 6 to 8 degrees, even 11 degrees warmer than average in santa rosa where we will hit 71. jobina? >> 4:55 right now, we're looking at oakland, showing you our 880 camera at coliseum. those headlights making their
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way south. so far this morning we are not seeing high wind advisories from the chp except through the altamont pass. our super commuters should be aware of that. san rafael, 101, live look here showing you everything that it is just a clear ride for this monday morning. drive times, walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 47 minutes. and highway 1 to los gatos, 21-minute ride. valentine's day is friday and the san francisco zoo is giving love birds a chance to adopt one of its zoo animals as a gesture of your love of animals? >> maybe. clearly reggie nothing says affection and love like the sight of a snow leopard cub or an orangutan. you can't bring the animals home. that is sad. >> they can stay there. this can stay there. >> keep him. it. hey, girl. keep them too.
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any way, for 50 bucks you will get a certificate of adoption, a collector's photo, not with the animal, candy and a plush animal. for more adventurous couples, there's scorpions and hissing cockroaches that you can adopt. >> what are you saying if you choose the cockroach? >> that's not a good sign. >> what's that message? that's not one i don't think you'd be happy to receive. next at 5:00, breaking news. a big fire burning in oakland. and wind wreaks havoc across the bay area and the east bay is still in the dark because of it. and you will be able to see at the top of pier 15 there, the flags are still showing us the winds that are causing some trouble. make sure you're aware of that as you drive across the brid
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now at 5:00, strong winds knocked down trees and power lines leading to power outages and a big cleanup today. mike says it is not over yet. he has our full forecast. good morning on this february 10th. >> we know a lot of you are wondering what you can expect with the winds today. mike has the answer. >> let's look at the wind advisory, this is what's left. it's mainly above 1,000 feet. it's the north bay mountains, east bay hills, the diablo range. all those areas in yellow where the winds today all the way through 11:00 tomorrow morning. we have more than 24 hours, about 30 hours worth of gusts. i think most of the trees that are going to come down have probably come down and most of the limbs,


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