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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 18, 2020 3:30pm-3:59pm PST

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tonight, president trump on a pardon spree. commuting the sentence of former governor rod blagojevich, a one-time "celebrity apprentice" con tes about. his wife had made repeated pleas on fox news. also on the president's list, bernard kerik. as the president declares today, he is the cleef law enforcement officer of the country. the disaster at daytona. ryan newman flipping over, and tonight, news just in on his condition. the alarming headline on the crow oronavirus tonight. the lead doctor in wuhan dies from the virus at just 51. here at home, retracing the steps of vacationers who had coronavirus here in the u.s. but who are now gone. mayor bloomberg rising in the polls, now making the cut. he will be on the debate stage, as the other democratic candidates prepare to tame aim.
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the storm system moving through the northeast as we're on the air tonight. and the state of emergency in the south. bracing for heavy downpours and rob marciano times this out. harvey weinstein's fate now in the hands of the jury tonight. and possibly the first clues from those jurors. we have breaking news tonight in the search for a missing student. the discovery late this afternoon. and why authorities had pointed to the but per missing on her car. the abc news investigation tonight. we take you inside the amazon rain forest. dan harris witnessing an armed tribe chasing down illegal loggers. capturing them and turning them in. but later, they are let go. and those loggers come back with deadly force. the stunning images. the avalanche. two women buried. one pleading to rescue her friend. and tonight, we remember the actress from "good times" who also wrote one of the most famous tv themes ever. good evening and it's great
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to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin tonight with the flurry of pardons from president trump today, who declared he is the chief law enforcement officer in this country. granting clemency to 11 individuals and among them, commuting the sentence of former illinois governor rod blagojevich, who was a one-time contestant on the president's show "celebrity apprentice." the president said today he had seen blagojevich's wife and her pleas on tv. she had repeatedly pleaded for clemency on fox news. also on the list, former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik, appointed by then new york city mayor rudy giuliani, they are still good friends. and this all comes as the president has faced scrutiny for his public comments about the roger stone case and about federal prosecutors. the justice department reducing stone's sentence recommendation. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl leading us off tonight. >> reporter: the most famous name on president trump's clemency list today, rod blagojevich. the disgraced former illinois governor and one-time contestant on "celebrity apprentice."
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>> i'll do anything legal and ethical and honest. ♪ money money money >> reporter: blagojevich, a democrat, has served eight years of a 14-year sentence for attempting to sell barack obama's senate seat. his wife patti appealed directly to the president on fox news. >> the president is about justice and fairness and we hope that he looks at rod. >> reporter: the president was watching. >> he served eight years in jail. that's a long time. i watched his wife on television. >> reporter: the president also issued pardons to other high profile people at the urging of his friends and supporters, including the former new york city police commissioner, bernie kerik, a long-time friend of rudy giuliani's, convicted of tax fraud. another pardon went to one-time junk bond king michael milken, who served time in the 1990s for securities fraud. this comes as president trump is under fire for attacking federal prosecutors in cases against his political allies. today, he was at it again,
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complaining about the treatment of his friend roger stone and his former national security adviser michael flynn, whose case is now under special review by attorney general bill barr. >> i think roger stone's been treated unfairly. i think general flynn has been treated very unfairly. i think a lot of people have been treated very unfairly. >> reporter: these are just the kind of comments that barr told abc's pierre thomas are making his job impossible. >> to have public statements and tweets made about the department, about our people in the department, make it impossible for me to do my job. >> are you making his job impossible? >> yeah, i do make his job harder, i do agree with that. i think that's true. he's a very straight shooter. we have a great attorney general and he's working very hard. >> reporter: the president said he hasn't actually intervened in any of these cases, but he insisted he could if he wanted to. >> i'm allowed to be totally involved. i'm actually, i guess, the chief law enforcement officer of
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the country. >> all right, so, let's get to jon tathan karl, live at the whe house tonight. roger stone will be sentenced on thursday. and the president was asked today if he's going to pardon stone. >> reporter: he's been asked that before, david, but he says he hasn't given that any thought. even as he said that, he said stone has been treated unfairly and sounded like a president that will at least consider giving stone a pardon down the road. >> all right, we will see. jon karl live at the white house tonight. jon, thank you. and next, to that lor iic crash at the daytona 500 on the final lap. and there is news coming in tonight on the driver, ryan newman's, condition. he's alert and talking with doctors. he was in the lead, hit from behind, going airborne, then hit by another car, erupting in flames. crews rushing to newman's side, working to free him. millions of fans watching this. well, tonight, that news on how he's doing, and it comes 19 years to the day after dale earnhardt sr. was killed on the track. abc's victor oquendo at daytona.
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>> crash, into the wall, into the air! >> reporter: tonight, nascar driver ryan newman is lucky to be alive after this fiery crash at the daytona 500. >> next flag will end the race and newman is there. >> reporter: newman had just taken the lead in the final laps ford mustang spinning into the wall at 200 miles per hour. >> and a shower of sparks, on his roof. >> reporter: driver corey lajoie smashing right into him. >> i didn't even know who i hit. you're concentrating on trying to get a good finish. >> reporter: newman's car fin h finishing across the line in flames. silence in the stadium as emergency crews extracted the 42-year-old from the wreckage. >> he's in serious condition. doctors have indicated his injuries are nonlife threatening. >> reporter: denny hamlin winning the race in a photo finish. his teammates praying in the pits. hamlin telling kelly and ryan he didn't realize the crash was serious at first. >> wrecks are so common in these races anyway that you don't think anything about it. got informed in victory lane that it was something serious.
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>> reporter: newman, a father of two, flipped his car in a crash at this same track back in 2003. and 19 years ago tonight, racing legend dale earnhardt sr. lost his life at daytona after this crash -- also in the final lap. after that crash, nascar beefed up safety regulations. there has not been a fatal crash since. nascar is now investigating. they'll look into why his car was leaking fuel and if there were any other safety issues. we still don't know the extent of ryan newman's injuries, but again, the good news tonight, he is awake and communicating with doctors and his family. david? >> that is good news. victor, thank you. next, to the major headline in the coronavirus update, the battle to contain it. tonight, we have now learned the lead doctor in wuhan, china, has now died from coronavirus at just 51 years old. here in the u.s. tonight, we have hearing from the cruise ship passenger back home who is now sick and in an isolation unit at a hospital in nebraska. as authorities also try to retrace vacationers who had coronavirus here in the u.s. and who are no longer here.
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abc's clayton sandell from nebraska tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the race to contain coronavirus means many people aren't going anywhere. >> i am in omaha, nebraska, at a quarantine unit. >> reporter: jeri seratti goldman and her husband carl are two of more than 300 americans evacuated from that cruise ship in japan. both seemed fine before heading for the u.s., but mid-flight -- >> when he woke up and i woke up, he was burning up. i went and got the doctor and they put him in the isolated tent right away. >> reporter: carl goldman is now getting treatment in a specialized bio-containment unit and waiting for test results. the death toll now more than 1,800, including the 51-year old doctor in charge at a chinese hospital in the epicenter of the outbreak. more than 1,700 health care workers there have gotten sick. at least seven have died. in hawaii, a couple on vacation flew home to japan february 6th, later testing positive. health officials now retracing their steps and delta airlines
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alerting fellow passengers. in cambodia, a second cruise sh ship. officials now testing more than 1,000 passengers and crew. for some, the dark cloud of coronavirus has lifted. n burnett's wifeoras for two weeks, reunited today. and here in omaha, they say they are still waiting for the cdc to come back with some results from coronavirus testing. in the meantime, the cdc tonight says they are enacting a new travel restriction. anyone who was on that cruise ship is now barred from entering the u.s. until they are symptom free for at least 14 days. david? >> all right, clayton sandell tonight. thank you. next, to the race for 2020 tonight, and former mayor mike bloomberg, rising in the polls. he will be on the debate stage this week. the other candidates preparing to take aim. they have said he's trying to buy the presidency. we do have breaking developments in this tonight.
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what bloomberg is now promising to do if elected. abc's eva pilgrim on the campaign trail in nevada tonight. >> reporter: 24 hours before michael bloomberg takes the debate stage for the first time in this race, bernie sanders sounds ready to rumble. >> here is the message -- anybody here worth $60 billion, you can run for president! and you can buy the airwaves! my friends, that is called oligarchy, not democracy. >> reporter: bloomberg's campaign manager says the democratic primary is now a two-man race. the billionaire, former new york mayor versus the self-described democratic socialist senator. that doesn't sit well with pete buttigieg, who came out of iowa and new hampshire riding high. >> we're asking people to choose between a revolution and the billionaire who thinks you can just buy your way onto television and win that way. >> reporter: later, i pressed the former south bend mayor. do you think he's buying the
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race or do you think he's just trying to beat donald trump? >> no, he's definitely trying to buy the race. but here's the thing -- it's not that simple. you have to actually be willing to look voters in the eye, to take questions. at some point, you've got to be ready to be challenged. >> reporter: bloomberg's rivals making it clear that tomorrow night, the gloves come off. >> this is about our values. what kind of a nation we want to be? >> reporter: elizabeth warren tweeting -- "at least now primary voters curious about how each candidate will take on donald trump can get a live demonstration of how we take on an egomaniac billionaire." >> eva with us now. and michael bloomberg hasn't been on the debate stage since 2009. he's prepping with his team. but you learned some breaking news just before we came on the air tonight about a new promise from bloomberg, should he get elected? >> reporter: that's right, david. we are just learning bloomberg's campaign saying that if he is elected president, he will immediately put his company into
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a blind trust and then sell it. he knows his wealth will be an issue on the debate stage tomorrow night and they are trying to get ahead of it. david? >> all right, eva pilgrim, thank you. and next tonight, the storm system sweeping across the east. snow and heavy rain in the north as we're on the air tonight. and a new flood threat down into the south, where there is already a state of emergency in places. heavy snow and a treacherous drive to the airport, this is rochester, new york, today. new flash flood watches from mississippi to georgia tonight. several rivers at risk of flooding. tonight, the front stretching from the gulch all the way up into the northeast. so, let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it again tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. you said it right. this system is stretching out. unfortunately, the southern part of this front is slowing down and that's where we've seen the flash flood watches expanded for much of the southeast. there you see it on the radar. not just for that rainfall tonight, but for the rain that's going to come tomorrow and into thursday, as you can see the front sags across the gulf of mexico and a wave develops.
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this, while the next batch of arctic air drops into the midwest. temperatures will feel like below zero, minneapolis, chicago and des moines on thursday morning. the core of that cold gets here in the northeast on friday. david? >> rob marciano with us tonight. rob, thank you. next this evening, the fate of former mow vie mogul harvey wieinstein is now in the hands f a new york city jury tonight. twice in the first few hours of deliberations they sent questions to the judge, asking for the legal definition of the charges and for clarification, asking how to navigate complicated charging instructions. weinstein is accused of raping one woman and sexually assaulting another. he says any sexual ebb counters were consensual. if convicted, weinstein could face life in prison. and the boy scouts of america have filed for bankruptcy protection, as they face thousands of potential sex abuse lawsuits. the plan including a possible sale of campgrounds and hiking trails would help create a victim's compensation trust for payouts that could reach more than a billion dollars. scouting programs for their
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nearly 2.2 million members will go on. we turn next here tono weave idewhate arestigig n,ios. getting into. an indigenous tribe in the amazon, taking up arms, including rifles, knives, even bows and arrows, against illegal loggers destroying their land. we're right there as members a "oh my god," says one suspect, "he is going to kill me." all told, they capture seven loggers. there is abundant proof of the men's activities. even notes on how many trees they cut down. this wood goes to local cattle ranchers, who build fences around their area and they're selling the stakes for those fences. and it even shows right here how much money they're making. the leader, whose name is laercio guajajara, lectures the suspects.
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why did you agree to do this work? "because," he says, "i don't have anything." laercio says more than a third of his ancestral homeland has been destroyed. scientists now worry that the amazon may be at a tipping point. after raging fires and an increase in illegal logging, deforestation doubled in january compared to last year. after forcing the loggers to burn down their own camp, laercio's camp brings them to brazil's federal police. less than two months after we leave, laercio is ambushed and shot by loggers, his deputy killed. "thi "this," he tells us, "represents the beginning of the war." >> just the beginning. thanks to dan harris. and dan will have much more of this secret war to save the amazon later tonight on "nightline" and then on hulu. in the meantime, there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the stunning images coming in tonight.
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nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! next tonight here, the dramatic avalanche rescue in switzerland. two women buried. they frantic ally try to dig thm out. here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: terrifying video of a desperate avalanche rescue. >> help me. >> okay, you can breathe. >> reporter: this woman buried in the snow in sbits switzerlan. witnesses frantically digging to free her head. professional snowboarder victor liebenguth finding her beacon. >> it was pretty scary, to be honest. >> my friend! >> reporter: the woman asking about her friend, who is buried nearby.
3:49 pm
>> find my friend. >> reporter: her orange avalanche air bag deployed during the january incident. using shovels, they dig her out. others rescuing her friend. >> without the beacon or without the air bag, the first girl, at least, would not bve. >> reporter: here in the united states, ans t snow bike riders in colorado over the weekend. david, january and february are the deadliest months in the u.s. for avalanches and so farshi t winter, 16 people havekiee bed. david? >> all right, ynkaa, thank , and the theme song she wrote. so today i with my doctor, mane pl which includes preservision... because he said a multi- vitamin alone may not be enough. and it's my vision, my morning walk, my sunday drive, my grandson's beautiful face. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression.
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build a clear plan for retirement. one that covers health care costs, taxes, and any other uncertainties. because when you're with fidelity, a partner who makes sure every step is clear, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward. to the index. the search for a missing college student in georgia tonight. police finding her body, found partially covered along with a piece of her vehicle. no arrests have been made. the ghost ship washing ashore, drifting thousands of miles, landing on ireland's southern coast. the u.s. coast guard has rescued the crew more than a year ago.
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and ja'net dubois has died. she wrote the theme song for "the jeffersons." ♪ moving on up >> loved it. she was 74. when we come back tonight, the baby who came early. she wasn't the only surprise in the nicu. without the constraints of a full time job? you can grow your retirement savings with pacific life and create the future that's most meaningful to you. which means you can retire, without retiring from life. having the flexibility to retire on your terms. that's the power of pacific. ask your financial professional about pacific life today. >> man: what's my my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. ...with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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sore mouth, abnormalities in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, rash, and loss of appetite. be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. she doesn't sound like a friend. [ laughter ] finally tonight here, america strong. the father, his newborn son and the nurse who never left. zayne alexander caldwell was born ten weeks early at st. peter's university hospital in new brunswick, new jersey. his parents david and renata right beside him. zayne weighing just 3 pounds. his nicu nurse, lisa mcgowan, and she remembers trying to calm his father's nerves. >> bonded with dad right away.
3:57 pm
he was a very big guy. big teddy bear. >> reporter: that nurse, lisa, just was just trying to calm dad down. and that dad later went home and began looking through his own baby book. he wanted to know how much his baby looked like him as a baby. that's when he discovered something else. a nurse holding him when he was a newborn. he came early, too. in the very same hospital. and it turns out, the very same nurse. >> he said his mom had said a nurse lisa took care of him. >> reporter: three decades after watching over david, she was now watching over his son, zayne. >> they came in with this picture that they had found in his baby book, that i was the nurse who took care of him when he was a preterm baby, so, it was pretty remarkable. >> reporter: and tonight, they sent us this. >> hi, david! >> reporter: david and renata right there with zayne in the nicu. >> zayne is doing amazing. he's getting bigger and stronger every day. today, he is 4 pounds, 7 ounces, growing big like his dad. >> reporter: zayne is doing well, better by the day, he's a
3:58 pm
fighter. and who's championing him? that nurse, lisa. who helped care for his dad when he was a baby, all those years ago. >> it's really amazing and to receive it back 30-plus years later is -- i don't know if there's really any words to describe it. >> lisa and all of those dedicated nurses out there, we thank you. good night. huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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the this man has done so much in the community. so much in nfl football and today is a great day. >> great day for him indeed. as the former 49ers owner is pardoned by president trump. >> pardons from president trump included rob blagojevich, the former nypd commissioner bernard
4:00 pm
kerik, and financier michael milken. one of today's names hit close to home. trump pardoned edward debartolo jr. for his fraud conviction. >> chris has that part of story. >> reporter: outside the white house tuesday morning, a makeshift celebration of sorts for multiple nfl greats eddie debartolo jr. tell fanlt in the room is, we


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