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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 26, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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we're toward adapt and we're ready to do whatever we have to as the disease spreads, if it spreads. >> president trump's speech from the white house moments ago. his first public comments since the cdc announced it is not a question of if but when there will be a coronavirus outbreak in the united states. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> mr. trump made the remarks today after a briefing from health that's tofficials. >> we have through some very good decisions, dpigss were ridiculed at the beginning. we closed up our borders from flights coming in from certain areas. areas that were hit by the coronavirus and hit pretty hard had. and we did it very early. a lot of people thought we shouldn't have done that it early and we did and it turned out to be a very good thing. >> are trump announcing that he
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is appointing mike pence to lead to effort. today's announcement comes after the world health organization comes after the announcement of more new cases outside of china than inside the country where the virus first started to spread. >> chinese officials reported 412 new infections with 459 cases in the rest of the way including norway, pakistan and brazil. the total number globally has now reached 81,000 with more than 2,900 deaths. none so far in the u.s. where 57 people are infected. most are repatriated fraengs a cruise ship in japan. >> the question now is, is there anything had to do now? >> we went to the experts for advice. >> reporter: the coronavirus has infected people in 42 countries including the u.s. there is no treatment or vaccine. >> the citizens of san francisco, they'll have to prepare as well.
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and a big part of it is understanding how to prevent the transmission of viruses between people. >> he is a san francisco public health officer and epidemioligist. he said people can prepare now by planning childcare for potential school closures, creating contingency plans if you can't get to work, and thinking about how you might care for a sick family member or for yourself. >> let's say you are a contact to a confirmed case. you will be quarantined for two weeks. do you have everything you need for two weeks? who will bring you food is this do you have your medicines? >> so if you feel compelled to go to the store and load up on supplies to prepare, he recommends good old hand sanitizer, purell, whatever brand the store carries. you can see here, a lot of empty shelves where the purell and hand sanitizer usually is. the store says a lot of people are buying them up given that it is flu season. don't worry about buying masks.
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they're sold out and really need to be reserved for our health workers. the other aisle to check out, the cleaning i'll. he recommends buying the disinfecting wipes and sprays. you can see they're selling out here as well. anything that says it kids 99.9% of viruss and bacteria is a good thing. so load up for your home, work, car and stay healthy. it seems basic because it is. the other thing do you know to stay healthy is to wash your hands. count or sing a song and scrub those hands for 20 seconds multiple times a day. kate larsen, abc7 news. continuing with our coverage, now stocks gave up early gains and ended lower on the day extending the losses for the week due to concerns about the economic fallout from the coronavirus. the dow actually was up 400 early in the day. ended up falling 123 points or 0.5%. it had lost more than 1,800
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points in the previous two days of trading. the s&p 500 fell 11 points while the nasdaq edged up 15 points. >> italy and iran are reporting significant daily jumps in covid-19 cases. >> lauren martinez joining us now from north beach in san francisco with more. lauren? >> reporter: yeah, the cdc is suggesting older people and people with medical conditions hold off on traveling to italy or iran. meanwhile, people in san francisco are taking their own precautions, as concern over the virus continues. >> we had planned it for i am a. we decided to -- we had planned it for april but we are delaying. >> reporter: he owns a store in the north beach neighborhood that has been around since the 1940s. he recently postponed a trip to italy amidst the growing number
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of covid-19 cases. >> italy has the highest concentration so it is alarming. >> reporter: the cdc ranked itly and iran under a level two where people are encouraged to practice enhanced precautions. china and southern california are considered level three. avoid all nonessential travel. he says concerns over the virus is impacting the foot traffic. >> we have many tour guides who do tourism. they come to the shop and they said all the tours they would do in chinatown have been canceled. >> reporter: conventions in san francisco are feeling an impact. some of the biggest names are canceling their participation in this year's game developers conference at the moss kony center. >> it seems like good way to share germs. >> reporter: he is a game
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developer in san francisco and still plans on attending the conference mid-march but will take precautions. >> we will be making sure it stays clean. we will do our best to make it safe. >> reporter: those attending the morgan stanley conference that starts next monday in san francisco are being asked to confirm or report online if they've been to a country in recent weeks confirmed coronavirus cases. reporting live, lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> thank you. fears of the coronavirus in italy did not impact ash wednesday celebrations today at the vatican. you see the pope kissing at leaf one child. most of the thousands on hand were not wearing any masks. despite the outbreak in italy which at this point is contained to the northern part of country. we have an entire page dedicated to stories about the
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coronavirus. you can find resources and answers to your questions there. just to go the mayor of milwaukee says multiple people have been killed at a shooting today,today, the gunman. they say the shooter was an employee who was fired today and returned with a gun. we are sending updates as we get them through twitter feed and here on the air at abc7 news. a trial is underway for two bay area men accused of fatally stabbing an italian policeman during a vacation in italy. this is the story the i-team has been covering since it happened in july. finigan lee elder sat aside his attorney. prosecutors say the 20-year-old stabbed an officer 11 times in a drug deal gone bad in the night life district of rome. his friend gabriel scuffled with the slain officer's partner.
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tal yandle law allows prosecutors to charge accomplices to a murder with the murderer himself. both. they thought they were being attacked and acted in self-defense. dan noyes will join with us what happened in court today. barely a week after a controversial decision about a citizen police decision to fire ann kirkpatrick, there is an increa increase. >> this model in oakland needs to be repealed and replaced. >> reporter: in her parting words to the police commission that voted to fire her, ann kirkpatrick said she believes the powers of the citizen panel should be reined in. >> i think everybody is surprised at the level of that power. they're not elected. the city council is really the representatives of the community. >> but the city council president is proposing the
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police commission be given even more power. >> loosens the grip of the commission. >> in a proposed resolution, would it no longer include mayoral employees. prevent city administrators from investigating commissioners and immediately review finding and discipline in all cases of serious police misconduct. >> the timing is absolutely wrong of the. >> he supports the commission but not moving the increase the powers so soon after kirkpatrick's firing. >> for me, it is very clear at the end of the day, with any commission, committee, any action in thisty, the council should be at the end head responsible. >> the resolution set to go before the ruse committee hears just a draft at this point. it will likely go through many modifications and to the city
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council before being presented to voters. possibly in november. laura anthony, abc7 news. let's get a look at the weather. >> we saw many upper 70s around the bay. 74 in hayward. 60s on the coast and again, i should emphasize, still dry. 26 days through month of february. we've had zero rain. however, there is a little system showing up on our forecast that may produce a sprinkle or two. i'll give you a look at that in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. dear b.a.r.t. we're taking a closer look at b.a.r.t. including what would you like to see changed. b.a.r.t. buddies. not all bad. the people finding froenlds
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public transportation. and hiking with oprah. yes. we choose to go to the and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things,
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our efforts to build a better bay area are focused on b.a.r.t. this week. yesterday our crews spent the day riding b.a.r.t. all over the bay area looking at the issues both good and bad. >> we want to know what you think. dan ashley checking in with the riders. hi, dan. >> reporter: hey, larry, hey, ama. we're having a really interesting time at the b.a.r.t. station. we have waves of people that we've been speaking with.
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trying to get a handle as we focus this issue as part of our effort to build a better bay area. to understand in very real terms what the issues are, the challenges, where the successes have been, and where the failures and points of concern still exist. we're talking to people and asking then to participate by writing on our dear b.a.r.t. how would you make b.a.r.t. better white board. you hear less crowded. here's one. i would make b.a.r.t. free. i don't expect that to happen. stop fare evaders. i heard a lot of that. people concerned about fare evaders and cleanseliness as well. new and improved website is not better. go back to the old one. keep it safe and clean. make b.a.r.t. more comfortable for long commutes. better than driving in san francisco traffic. that can certainly be true. all things considered, it is true. better for driving, better than the environment.
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and i'm joined here by earl davis who lives in pleasant hill. thanks for stopping and talking to me. >> what are your impressions? you ride every day. >> i get out early in the morning. the trains are always on time. when i leave in the afternoon, they're very crowded. sometimes very uncomfortable. sometimes the air conditioning isn't working or the heater doesn't work in the winter time. but in general, i use it. it is very convenient for me. and i like it. >> okay, good. you've seen some improvements? >> i would like to see the new cars rolled out faster. you know, the noise, it is still very noisy. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. good to see you. >> we're asking people what they
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think. we're asking, let us know your thoughts. we'll be back as b.a.r.t. week continues. a little later in the hour. for right now, let's go back to you. >> if you ride public transit, do you like to read? how about talking to other passengers? as we strive to build a better bay area, we focus b.a.r.t. buddies. they're a group of passengers who took a chance. stuck up a strong and became friends. >> as far as b.a.r.t. stories go, this one is not about broken escalators or dirty trains. but it did start with a complaint about four years ago. >> there was an incident on b.a.r.t. and we were just sitting on the train here delayed. and we were all getting a little bit antsy. and i started talking with karen. >> diane and karen became friends. they started riding together every day from the concord station and they chatted the whole way.
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other passengers noticed. >> and then several months down the road, we were really engrossed in a conversation. she went right past her station. then matt came in. >> i got on the same train every day and i noticed that one of them had missed their stop. so i was like, do i say something? do i not? i kind of tapped they will on the shroud. i said i think you missed your station. >> after that, matt joined in and the group started to grow. >> diane would come up and greet people and say hi, i'm diane. then we would start chatting. we started sitting together more often. >> after kate, carolyn, russ and henry followed. they called themselves the b.a.r.t. buddies. >> i just kept listening to the conversations. i would smile and we would exchange knowing glances every now and then. i noticed they were talking about food a lot and movies and tv. that's it for me. >> it is certainly something to look forward to. it gives me a goal to be on the train on time.
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>> finding seats together takes some maneuvering. there's one train that usually has more empty seats. then the conversation begins. >> i was laughing the whole time. it was so ridiculous. >> you're my b.a.r.t. buddy. >> i can see why people move away us from. we talk a lot and we laugh a lot. and what better way to start the morning than laughing? >> if you had told me, i would be on coming friends, that i would become friends with people on b.a.r.t. no, way. these are some of the most, best friends that i've had. >> that friendship started to grow. soon the group was meeting on weekends for birthdays, or going to the movies. it has become their support neysed up her foot a while back. i would go and pick her up in the morning, tak her to b.a.r.t. i would arrange my schedule at night to where i could pick her up and take her home. >> a friend group that didn't start on facebook. it was started by strange here's saw each other every day and found the strength to say hello. >> if you look around, everybody
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has their head phones on. they're zeroed in on their phones. they don't look around and bother to see who is around them. >> it's really nice to just exchange conversation and hear about other people's lives. it takes me out of myself. >> i've had people tap me from behind as i'm exiting b.a.r.t. saying, your conversation was great today. i love on it. a couple people have said, how can i participate? >> ama daetz, abc7 news. >> i love that. other people are listening in. >> that might be the best b.a.r.t. story that we've heard. they need a reality tv cameras following them -- well, we did have cameras following them, obviously. how about everybody's buddy? >> that was a great story. i love that. i might just drive all the way out. just to ride out with they will every day. some good conversation unlike
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what we often hear. well, i won't get into that. here's tower. and it is 71 degrees in the city. redwood city, 72, 75 in san jose. 63 at pacifica. it has been one mild stretch of days this week. the view from emeryville looking westward under mainly clear skies. 77 in santa rosa. pet dloom and concord, 75. 71 in napa. one more live look from our roof top camera. we'll have two more days of this spring-like warmth. it will turn gusty a chance, slight though it may be, a chance for showers. we'll see some rain and snow but
4:21 pm
nothing will be happening, at least that's the projection in the immediate bay area until mabel sunday afternoon. we're not picking up anything would show measurable rainfall. march may begin on a dry note. always windy note. ranging from 25 to 35 miles an hour on the coast. and it will be pretty breezy. that's the big change we can expect this weekend. probably not much in the way of precipitation. the snow pack is now at about 47% of average statewide. so that's pretty thin. and we need more snow there as the bay area needs it. mid to upper 40s, tomorrow's
4:22 pm
highs. it will range from low 70s at the coast to mid 70s. to 80 inland. on friday, about as warm as tomorrow. not much change there at all but saturday, we have a shop drop in temperatures. about 12 degrees cooler than what we expect on friday. in some places, even a sharper drop will occur. the temperatures drop back a little on sunday. not very much. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooling down under gusty conditions on saturday and swunld that slight, slight chance on sunday. and then sunny, dry, mild all over again starting on monday. continuing into the middle of next week. >> on we go. earthquake safety or overreach? the concerns over calls to drain anderson
4:23 pm
vomike bloomberg has a recordgue of doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on
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health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a federal agency with oversight of dam safety has ordered the south bay's valley water district to start draining its largest reservoir for fear an earthquake could flood san jose and morgan hill. >> they said losing the stored water will not impact customes. abc reporter david louie are explains the potential risk to public safety of the. >> reporter: answederson reservoir's safety are important to two million customers in the santa clara valley.
4:26 pm
plans have been rway to prevent damage in a major earthquake. the risk is deemed so high that it is requiring trillions the gallons of water to be dranld. >> we want to make sure it is done in a speed and in a safeway, so not too quickly and to make sure there's no concern about the additional water that would not be behind the dam moving forward. >> reporter: i'm standing right on top of anderson dam. right beneath it are homes in morgan hill with many more under couldn't strugs. those are not the only properties at risk if there were a catastrophic event. this is showing a worst case scenario if it were damaged in a major earthquake or major rainfall. morgan hill would be under 35 feet of water. coyote creek will flood, chaneling run-off into san francisco bay, putting downtown san jose under eight feet of water. this is what happened when coyote creek overflowed three
4:27 pm
years ago this month. submerging cars and flooding cars and homes and apartments. john is the former mayor of morgan hill. their the message we received is really a positive message, to kick start this project and move it forward. we're all about public safety. and this is what we want to do. >> reporter: the projected cost runs over a half billion dollars. an assembly bill has been introduced to speed it up. abc7 news. >> all week long, we are taking a closer look at b.a.r.t. as part of our building a better bret baier. >> we're looking at what's next for the transit agency. i'm dan ashley live at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. we are asking commuters, dear b.a.r.t., what do they think of the
4:28 pm
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steyer: wall street banks took of millions of americans during the recession. so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory- give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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building a better bay area is about finding solutions. b.a.r.t. is making changes. is it making a difference? every b.a.r.t. line, every problem, every solution we can find. >> and we are live this afternoon at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, checking in with viewers to see what they think about b.a.r.t. and you can see a lot of their suggestions.
4:31 pm
a woman right there writing what she thinks. we'll get to that a little bit later. joining me now, thanks for coming in. >> it's good to be here. thanks for having me. >> so there's a big picture perception that b.a.r.t. equals bad experience. as the board president, you're relatively new to that position but you've been working on b.a.r.t. issues for a while. that has to bother you. >> the writers are so important. i'm an everyday writer. there is a big system. it is almost 50 years old. and we definitely hear folks. folks want a safer, ridiculously reliable b.a.r.t. want to get there at 9:00. these are all fair asks. as someone riding b.a.r.t. my whole life, i decided to run for the position because people want
4:32 pm
a safer b.a.r.t. we're going to do everything possible to make sure folks this year, not only understand that we hear them but putting boots on the grounds, unarmed folks. we have our ambassador program. a brand new police chief who believes in community policing and he believes in 21st century policing. >> chief alvarez was here yesterday. we want this to be the best in the country. that everyone can be safe on b.a.r.t. everyone. with a big e. that's the goal. >> so you mentioned the age of the system which is obviously a problem. you look at new york, washington, d.c., london, they have bigger systems and they're able to function more effectively. why? >> i think that's arguable. we're 97% on time. i also believe that with the system this big, we have over 120 miles of track.
4:33 pm
with our new gm, he's made a commitment. as has our police chief, our board, that safety, security, cleanliness, making sure that riders like myself. this is not my full-time job i got on the b.a.r.t. board because i believe, we have work to do. no doubt. i get on it on the weekends. i feel alone. i feel scared. i'm with my kid. people want to see b.a.r.t. attendance. they want to see more folks with uniforms on. we have new train teams, unarmed ambassadors. you will see people scrubbing the trains, on the platforms a lot more this year. we're deploying our staff making sure they're out front and center. i want this to be not only the system i enjoy riding but the person from out of town. they see what we're about. it is a new day for b.a.r.t. we want to be a world class
4:34 pm
system. i think we're all ready to go. >> i love your positive energy. i can feel it right here. you have so much conviction for this. the fact that you're doing this. this is not your full-time job. you took this on because you wanted to get it fixed which i find so admirable. >> there are nine b.a.r.t. board members total. the majority of us have jobs he have single day. but like them, i deeply believe transit access is a human right. b.a.r.t. should be excellent. with our new leadership, our new police chief, and i hope i'm adding some new energy, although our last board president was dynamic and amazing and i worked closely with him. we're listening close. we're at the b.a.r.t. stations every day. our staff is taking a lot of data in. we're going to be getting more trains online. more than you see now. we're investing literally billions of dollars to make sure our system safe, the tunnel included. that folks know where they're
4:35 pm
going are from way finding. you'll be seeing b.a.r.t.'s personnel and staff. not just in the tect booth buses throughout the system. if you haven't tried b.a.r.t. recently, try it again. >> that's what the chief said yesterday. >> every day i give it another chance. >> you're a rider and also in charge. i feel your energy and your positivity and i hope all of your aspirations for b.a.r.t. actually could that true. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. let's go. >> thank you. >> let's go to the b.a.r.t. station. we want to know what you think of b.a.r.t. dan ashley is live at the pleasant hill station. what have you been hearing from riders today? >> reporter: we've been hearing a great deal from riders. another train is pulling in. we'll hear from them right now. we're live at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. and it was interesting to hear what the incoming president is saying. you can feel her enthusiasm and
4:36 pm
passion for b.a.r.t. that's what it will take to fix some of the problems with the fifth largest mass transit system in the united states. there is a lot going right with b.a.r.t. but there is a lot to address. what we're asking people to do, as they get off the trains. dear b.a.r.t., how would you make b.a.r.t. better? we're asking them to share what they think about the system. you hear things like operate 24 hours. b.a.r.t. is very efficient. positive comment. more trains. more weekend schedules. need wi-fi. a lot of comments around safety and around homelessness and around fare anyone who comes here, we'll t scout cookies. just kidding of we're delighted to be sharing a space with the girl scouts.
4:37 pm
people with positive kolts but also negative comments. more places to sit. here's someone who says first time on a new train. that's great. so we're here at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. we'll have a lot more reporting for you at 5:00 is that 6:00. reporting from around the system as well. >> all right, dan. thank you so much. you can tell us
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we choose to go to the and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things, even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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time for the four at 4:00. 50% of those who have flown in the last two years think the process of buying tickets, packing, flying, is more stressful than going to work. others said it is more stressful than going to the dichbt or spending time with inlaws. can you manning how stressful it would be to travel to their in-laws? >> can we talk more about that? >> i happen to really like my inlaws. i will just throw somebody else under the bus. i did not write that script. so i wonder how they feel about
4:41 pm
their inlaws. >> it is stressful. the whole airport experience. >> would you rather to go work? >> sometimes i would rather hang around the airport than get on the plane. some of the lounges in the airport are nice and cozy. you get on the plane -- >> i was going to say. >> yeah! >> the rest of us are like fighting with our gloves on. >> you have some time waste. >> when you get there, that's the good thing. >> yeah. that makes it worthwhile. >> okay. >> drivers -- i feel like this is another spencer story. they're the worst! according to researchers out of unlv, they found owners of expensive vehicles feel a sense
4:42 pm
of superiority over pedestrians, thus less likely to yield to them. in fact, the likelihood that they'll yield decreases by 3% for every thousand dollars their vehicle is words. researchers found they're more likely to run red lights and drive recklessly or too fast. >> spencer, i don't see you doing that. >> would suggest that i drive an expensive vehicle. >> i was going to say, i feel like it is a nice car. >> i drive an american made car. but it is probably considered in the luxury category but it was not pictured in that video. >> his car is very comfortable. >> he's a great driver. smooth ride, stops completely. >> can we get back to -- >> this show is not the spencer show. >> are you sure? >> very true.
4:43 pm
>> i think people in gentle being from hawaii. they let people go through intersections. whereas in most cities, people are a target. >> at the risk of making some enemies, i'll bet the pedestrians are friendlier in hawaii, too. >> yeah. we have some pretty militant pedestrians around here. >> let's have our next spencer story. >> okay. a new twist to the bachelor -- [ laughter ] you were going to say something. there is a new spinoff for senior citizens looking for love. okay? >> i'm already married. >> and we all love you anyway. >> so during monday night's episode of the bachelor, they had a cast go call for people over the age of 65. they're looking for active outgoing single men and women in their golden years for a new exciting dating show. we're still waiting for
4:44 pm
additional details on a senior citizens spinoff. we'll have to wait and see. >> i want to see this show. >> i do, too. that would be entertaining. >> i know! >> such judgment. >> i'm strugging with peter the pil pilot. >> maybe a more experienced mature group of people will make for a better viewing experience. >> out for a casual sunday night stroll. stopping by a service station. the most surprising part is not that there's a hippo wandering. in south africa, that's a fairly common occurrence. hippos are known to wander around town regularly. >> hey, going my way?
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tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. get ready to go outdoors with oprah. they'll highlight their work to connect african-americans and nature. >> kumasi had a chance to tag tg along with oprah. >> welcome to oakland. >> watch your step. >> this is the moment she could only dream about 11 years ago when her group outdoor afro was just a blog. >> i love it. >> but now here she is. welcoming oprah to a healing
4:49 pm
hike she's leading at joaquin miller park. >> we like to ground oufs with outdoor afro but acknowledging what we love about nature. >> after sharing, they took us on a hike through the redwoods. after a moment she invited us to look up and to look within. >> the redwoods remind me of two things of the regeneration after being clear cut, and connection. >> and whenever anything is off or off balance in my life like last week, we had a crazy week. and i literally just go out under the oaks, which i call the apostles which form a grove for me. the redwoods in the front yard and i find peace and sanity there. so thank you for this opportunity. >> thank you for joining us. >> after the hike, excitement. >> oh, my god! i can't believe oprah just hiked with us. >> for nicole, confirmation.
4:50 pm
>> well, personally, i have some decisions in my life right now that i need to make. and that moment when we stood and we talked about the redwoods being connected, it kind of just happened right there. >> oprah had a good time, too. >> this is fun. >> this is so much fun! what made you want to come to oakland. >> first of all, when i heard there was something called outdoor afro, that it is breaking the illusion that people of color don't enjoy the outdoors and experience healing and empowerment from it, that's right up my alley. >> the experience she has is exactly the same experience we have you a over the country. >> she started outdoor afro for people who love the outdoors and
4:51 pm
wanted -- >> we were connected. we were outside. but we see ourselves in those magazines. we thought, we just didn't have that connection. so outdoor afro disrupted that. >> it has grown from humble beginnings in oakland to nearly 40,000 people in three states and she hopes this is just the start. >> what difference do you think having oprah here to shine a light on this will do? >> well, i think it has an opportunity to shine a light of hope, of connection in times when people may not feel as connected. in times when cities don't feel like friendly places. we can shine a light on a beautiful park, like joaquin miller park and let people know that nature is so close. right in your backyard. >> it is open for anyone enjoying it. they meet up he have month for different adventures around the bay area.
4:52 pm
we've put a link on our website, abc 7 >> what a cool program. i was thinking of the 15 of them walking along, not saying anything and oprah is all over there. once it's all over, we just went hiking with oprah! you've heard of pirates of the caribbean. are you aware there is a hidden treasure right here in the bay area? next, we walk the ploonk a
4:53 pm
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officially hitting the us.virus man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
4:55 pm
are you ready for an adventure? . >> you have to see it. it is too hard to describe. whatever i try to tell you. whatever hype that you hear, it will surpass it. this is like being at the pifrts caribbean in disneyland. but you can get out of the boat and walk around and touch it. >> this place is magical. as soon as you come through gates, everything changes. >> take one more step toward me
4:56 pm
treasure -- i be the captain of this ship. what is your story? you come seeking adventure. >> welcome. this is my crew. >> when we moved into this house, my wife wanted to tear had backyard down. it was just an overgrown mess. the guy doing the demolition told me, i have this vision for your yard. he had long hair. he had an earring with a hook on it. he had teeth around his neck. he was a real live daniel boone. he said let's go do it. so we built every day for three years. and we just created this tropical island, always evolving. every day, every week. all the props that you see the displays, they stay intact. they don't come down.
4:57 pm
>> rich was the character that identified with morgan. he acts the part in every way. he's big and burly like a big teddy bear. he loves everybody. he's a real good role model. >> he gives back more than he needs to. >> there was this news anchor that says if you own enough coin in your treasure chest, you can own this. he was from british columbia. he said has the one-third scale of the span he shall galleon. >> so i called him up. i said my name is rich. time pirate at morgan hill and i want to buy your ship. i've checked you out youtube. i know everything about you. i'm going to fly there and i'll show you how to put it together.
4:58 pm
>> do you think that you'll be done? >> pats good question. the answer to that is no. if you look behind us, we want to sell a million or 2 million books, it is just a note place. you don't see it. to go to morgan's cove, you have to go disneyland but you have to get out of the boat. my goal is to be the walt disney of my time. i want to pursue it to see if i can do it. i want it to be an historical site 100 years from now. i want people to be able to walk through and see it. if i make it really cool, authentic, they're going to want to keep it here. it will stay and become part of morgan hill. >> so cool. you can find localish.
4:59 pm
thanks for joining us today for ab
5:00 pm
a terrible attack seen countless times online. the humiliation man of an elderly man collecting cans. but even more anger tonight. combatting the coronavirus at home. you've heard the headlines. are there every day steps you can take to be prepared? >> what would you do to fix b.a.r.t.? the magic wish, if they could it. live from the gates. >> enjoy the beach weather in the middle of winter while it lasts. we have much cooler weather coming. i'll have the forecast straight ahead.


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