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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 28, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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breaking news in america this morning, coronavirus emergency. the focus on california right now. the first case of virus transmission with no clear connection to another sick person. the urgent effort to trace how one woman got infected and the new questions being raised about delays in testing. also breaking overnight, word of the first drug shortage stemming from this virus. and market jitters. stocks sharply lower once again overnight. president trump vowing the virus will disappear overseas. entire stadiums empty, schools shut down, concerts canceled. what you need to know about the new precautions and tips for travelers on insurance and refunds. also this morning, presidential candidate michael bloomberg under fire. this time for a surveillance program that targeted muslims. how he's respondg and whafodema
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in e n plan walmart to take on amazon and save you money. plus, the shocking figure. how much money americans are spending on coffee each year. and one new way to save big. cut off, the new cash crisis for prince harry and meghan markle. later, the new sport catching speed and you don't even have to stand up. good friday morning, everyone. we begin with several developments in the coronavirus emergency. stocks were down sharply once again overnight amid concern that this crisis could plunge the economy into recession. >> yeah, the focus right now is on northern california where officials are trying to figure out how a woman got infected with no known exposure to the virus. up to 100 health workers were exposed to that patient. >> concerns growing after a whistle-blower claimed more than
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a dozen workers sent by the u.s. government to receive evacuees from china did not have training or protective gear. the first drug shortage related to the virus outbreak comes as president trump promised the coronavirus will, quote, disappear one day like a miracle. >> abc's elizabeth hur has been tracking the latest and begins our coverage, elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: kenneth and kimberly, good morning to you. president trump says the response to the novel coronavirus here has been incredible despite continuing concerns in california over the first possible case of the virus spread within the u.s. this morning, disturbing allegations from a whistle-blower in the coronavirus emergency. a complaint reportedly filed claiming more than a dozen workers sent to receive the first americans evacuated from wuhan, china, the epicenter of the outbreak did not have proper training or protective gear. this as officials in california continue to try to figure out where and how a woman contracted
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the virus. her case believed to be the first spread through her community because the woman had not traveled to china and did not know anyone infected but also troubling for experts, even after being placed on a ventilator at a local hospital, she was not tested for four days. >> every single delay in testing means potentially the virus could go to hundreds or thousands more people. >> the california governor also concerned explaining the state is running out of kits to test for the virus. >> we have just a few hundred testing kits in the state of california and that's surveillance testing as well as diagnostic testing. that's simply inadequate. >> reporter: this morning, congressman john garamendi who represents the california district where the infected woman blames the cdc for the lack of testing kits. >> we know that korea has developed a rapid testing program. they're able to test thousands of people a day.
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there's a company that can produce 100,000 test kits a day. those test kits could be in california tomorrow if the cdc would allow it. >> reporter: the cdc promising more in the coming days with the virus spreading now to every continent but antarctica. in japan all schools are closed for a month and in south korea there are drive-through testing facilities. back in washington, president trump defending his handling of the situation and maintaining the u.s. is prepared. >> it's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle. it will disappear and from our shores it could get worse before it gets better. it could maybe go away. we'll see what happens. nobody really knows. the fact is the greatest experts have spoken. nobody really knows. >> the president really deserves incredible credit because he got on this within days and weeks of learning from china about this and took action that people attacked him for. people attacked him for these actions on controlling our
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borders and quarantining people but it's kept america safe. it's bought us time. >> reporter: and moving forward, we are told all statements about the virus from the cdc or the health department must now be vetted by the office of vice president pence, the new point person for the government's response. kenneth. >> all right. elizabeth hur, thank you. the fda has announced the first drug shortage in the united states related to the coronavirus outbreak. officials aren't revealing which drug is affected but they say there is an alternative. they also say about 20 drug products could eventually be in short supply because of the manufacturing slowdown in china which supplies many drug ingredients. we turn now to wall street facing the biggest threat since the great recession of 2008. >> overnight dow futures were sharply lower indicating another tough day ahead. the dow fell nearly 1200 points thursday which is a record. goldman sachs predicted zero growth for u.s. companies this year because of the coronavirus. abc's rebecca jarvis is crunching the numbers.
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>> reporter: since the highs which the market achieved about two weeks ago, stocks have now wiped out nearly $3.4 trillion in value. as a number of major u.s. companies have warned that the coronavirus is hitting their profits and will potentially hit issues -- make issues going forward, for example, marriott, apple, nike, microsoft, all major corporations saying that the coronavirus has impacted their business and will impact their business for some time to come. a number of factors weighing on wall street but the key question going forward is how severe and how long does this virus and this outbreak last? the longer it goes on, the more consequential the economic impact. and as people make choices about whether to dine out, to go on airplanes, to eat in restaurants to go to the movies, all of those things have economic consequences and impact.
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the longer it lasts, the greater the impact. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to rebecca for that reality check. more companies are banning travel overseas including cargill which is the largest private u.s. company. the food company nestle has also stopped business travel until march 15th. there is some encouraging news. apple ceo tim cook says his company is re-opening factories in china. he says the chinese are getting the virus under control with the rate of infection on decline. one stock that's up in the last 24 hours is clorox with investors predicting a surge in demand for disinfectant. we will have much more on the virus emergency coming up later this half hour including what you need to know about travel insurance and refunds if you have planned a trip overseas. turning to politics, presidential candidate michael bloomberg is under fire for another controversial policy. bloomberg is defending a surveillance program that targeted muslims when he was player of new york. it involved sending undercover
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officers to mosques to gather intelligence. but there were no arrests. in a new interview bloomberg said it was the right thing to do. >> you have to step back, judy, and understand we had 3,000 people killed in one -- few minutes. >> but it wasn't a religion that killed them. >> no, but all of the people came from the same place and all that came were from a place that happened to be one religion, and if they had been another religion, we would have done the same thing. >> meanwhile, bloomberg has reportedly spoken to former presidential candidate andrew yang about possibly being his running mate. yang would not confirm or deny the report. with only 24 hours until voters in south carolina go to the polls, analysts say former vice president joe biden needs a big win in tomorrow's primary to provide any momentum for super tuesday. biden is lagging far behind the other candidates when it comes to ad spending in super tuesday states. biden spending only $446,000 so far in south carolina. last night he went after senator
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bernie sanders. i like bernie. one reason i resent bernie, though, he wanted to primary barack in 2012. he said he should be primaried. people are disappointed. doing a lousy job. i fundamentally disagree with that. >> well, i would suggest to those people that think bernie can't beat trump take a look at the last 50 national polls. >> former vice president obama is now speaking out about the race. in a fund-raising email he said he will wholeheartedly support whichever candidate wins the democratic nomination and he said he's encouraged by the candidates. turning to the weather, a winter wallop could leave four feet of snow in part of upstate new york. lake-effect snow has been slamming parts of the state. that's north of syracuse. let's take a look at your friday forecast. well, good morning.
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we are talking about some very cold temperatures here up and down the eastern seaboard. take a look at this. buffalo, charleston. accuweather real feels well below freezing and even some spots below zero, so that's going to be some cold numbers with this northerly flow. we are talking about lake-effect snow that is going to bring in, get this, upwards of inches upon inches from erie back to watertown. get ready for it for your friday. for accuweather i'm meteorologist chris nallan. coming up, big news from walmart. the company's new plan to fight amazon and save you money. but first how george clooney is responding to claims that a coffee company he endorses using child labor. and corona beer versus coro
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back now with another cross border drug tunnel discovered in southern arizona. it's the third found in the nogales area since december. the 30-foot-long tunnel is about 20 feet under ground. we're learning more about that shooting rampage at a beer company in milwaukee. dozens of people attended a prayer vigil last night honoring the five workers at the moulson coors plant who were killed. police still haven't revealed a motive for the shooting. the gunman has been identified as a 51-year-old electrician who worked at the plant. a milwaukee newspaper reports he was involved in a dispute with one of the victims. the five victims were between 33 and 61 years old. they worked as electricians and machine workers at the brewery complex. actor george clooney says he's surprised and saddened by claims that coffee company nespresso uses child labor. clooney has served for years as the company's brand ambassador. he says the company clearly has more work to do. the child labor claims were uncovered by a british
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journalist. clooney is urging the reporter to continue investigating and report if conditions do not improve. nespresso says it has zero tolerance for child labor. walmart is launching a new membership program to compete with amazon prime. the retrail giant says it will be called walmart plus. the company also claims the program will offer certain perks that amazon prime can't offer. public testing is set to start in a few weeks. the coronavirus is taking a toll on sales of corona beer. a new survey finds that 38% of beer drinkers are refusing to buy the mexican brand fearing it could be connected to the virus. and corona beer is taking heat for its marketing campaign announcing new flavors of corona seltzer coming ashore. critics claim the slogan is in poor taste. coming up, some legal trouble for actor steven seagal. also ahead, a new challenge for prince harry and meghan markle, why some of their funding is being cut off.
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. we're back with more on the coronavirus emergency and the growing impact around the world. here at home many people are wondering if they should cancel travel plans. >> many are hoping warmer weather will stop the outbreak. meanwhile, overseas sporting events are empty. even the massively popular boy band bts is now canceling concerts. at a pro soccer match overnight in milan, italy. >> -- to strike back. >> reporter: -- the players' voices clearly heard on the field because the 80,000-seat stadium was empty. no fans, no reporters allowed as italy tries to contain the spread of the coronavirus. in china, the outbreak's epicenter more than 20,000 music events have been canceled. overnight in south korea the boy
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band bts canceling concerts in seoul scheduled for april. noble tourism is bracing for a major slowdown with airlines offering more waivers for flights to hot spots. travel experts say refund policies for airlines will likely change as the virus get you a refund even if you have travel insurance. >> the notion that i'm afraid to go on my trip, that's not something that's insurable and travel insurance doesn't cover that. >> reporter: one tip for travelers refusing to lose the entire cost, reschedule your trip and pay the change fee instead. you could also pay for premium insurance plans. >> it's generally sold as an optional upgrade, and it allows you to cancel for quite frankly any reason. >> reporter: many travelers are hoping warmer weather this spring will stop the virus but experts insist that's not a certainty. they say scientists still have a lot more to learn about the virus and how it's spread before they can make a prediction about the role temperature may play in stopping it. health experts say they're
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getting a lot of questions about imported goods and packages from china. the cdc says there's a very low risk of the virus spreading from a package shipped over a period of days. schools and many businesses in houston are closed today after a massive water main break. it flooded this highway and left people stranded in their cars. the aging water main runs from a plant that supplies half the city's water. it ruptured while workers were fixing a leak. actor steven seagal has settled charges with the s.e.c. that he failed to disclose payments for promotional work accused of promoting an investment in digital currency. he was alleg a million dollars in payments for work. seagal will now pay more than $300,000 in fines in retribution. canada is cutting off funding for prince harry and meghan markle. the couple's protection paid for the canadian government since their arrival but when they leave public life at the end of march that will end. it's unclear who will pick up the estimated $25 million annual expense.
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in sports, tom brady reportedlied preparing to enter free agency with the intention of leaving the patriots. sources tell espn brady is evaluating the nfl landscape but still a belief the patriots will convince him to stay. talks with other teams can't begin until march 16th. brady and the patriots haven't even started negotiations because of the uncertainty surrounding the nfl's labor agreement. all right. well, up next in "the pulse," a whole new kind of couch potato. also ahead, how much money the average american spends on coffee every year and a new offer to save you big money. plus, how to spend the night inside this elephant. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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more, more, more ♪ time to check your friday "pulse." and we begin with a new rebel yell from billy idol. >> that's right. the rocker is now the face of a new campaign. he's urging new yorkers to shut off their engines in a push for clean air and joined the mayor to spread the word that billy idol never idles and never should you. ♪ billy never idles billy never idles ♪ >> it's my privilege to be doing this. thank you, and shut it off! >> the campaign of part of new york's overall effort to cut emissions. now to a subject near and dear to those of us who work overnight. >> we're talking about how much we spend on coffee. a recent survey found the average american spends just under $100 a month. nearly 1200 bucks a year so one company has come up with a solution. >> the solution is from panera. they're launching an unlimited coffee subscription plan and it only costs about $9 a month. are you going to join? >> i don't drink coffee. >> neither do i. >> okay, but there are a lot of
4:24 am
people around here who do. >> i like tea. forget staying at a hotel. you could stay inside an elephant the next time you visit the new jersey shore. >> head to lucy the elephant. she's six stories high. six stories high. it opens for rent on airbnb next month at $138 a night. the same number of years lucy has been a tourist attraction on the shore. >> hey, guess what, lucy has central air but no bathroom. a trailer is set up outside for that. >> i might finally go to jersey for that. all right. finally a daring stunt that certainly could have ended in a wipeout. >> but it didn't. watch this guy go riding on a recliner on wheels down a big ramp at a show in australia. >> oh, my gosh. >> yep, he soars through the air and sticks the landing. the stunt is all part of a show by a group calling themselves action sports athletes. >> that's -- >> would you try it? >> never would i ever. >> grandma is like, bring my recliner back in the house. stop using it for your stunts.
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making news right now, there's a new case of coronavirus in san mateo county. parents get an email alerting them to a meeting today between health officials and parents. oakland's police commissioners meet for the first time since firing the police chief. critics demanding to know why they did it. and strike canceled. the last-minute deal averting a workout in santa clara county. it's friday, february 28th. >> 4:27 right now. we finlyfriday. we'rfeeling . >>e are. checking in with mike and our forecast. >> that canopy of cloud cover, that blanket that would come over us, it's out there. look what it's done to our temperatures, in the mid 40s to even near 60 in san francisco
4:28 am
and los gatos. off to a warmer start today but the cloud cover will reverse the warming as we head into the afternoon hours. probaby not record highs, but warm again. upper 70s in the east bay. low to mid 70s in the north bay. 69 in richmond. 67 in san francisco. 66 in half moon bay. low to mid 70s around the bay. we'll talk about a blustery weekend coming up. jobina? >> good morning. 4:28 right now. we are starting off in san francisco. there was an earlier crash that has cleared, this is northbound 101 before 9th street moving over to a live look of the san mateo bridge, traffic already this morning making their way towards the peninsula and east bay. speaking of the east bay, in emeryville, looking at 80. headlights towards the maze. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. commuter alert for the express lane construction project, this is where the san mateo 101
4:29 am
project is, expect lane closures on 101 between 380 and south san francisco and whipple avenue in redwood city. reggie and kumasi? >> julian. >> oh, julian. sorry. >> developing news this morning, the san mateo county office of education will meet with the health department and all of the school districts in the county. >> this is in response to a new case of coronavirus in the county. anser hassan is live in the san mateo county health department with more on this developing story. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're still trying to figure out who the patient is and where they're being treated. what we do know is that the county board -- or the office of education will meet with health officials and all the school districts later today. in a statement that was put out yesterday by doctor scott murrow with the san mateo county health department he says i share the concerns of the cdc. we all need to be prepared for covid-19 to spread within the
4:30 am
united states. the current covid-19 outbreak clearly has the potential to turn into a severe pandemic. this is a difficult message to share, but it is important to recognize how difficult the times ahead may be. the health department says state and local officials are working to manage testing and monitoring of people who have been exposed to the virus. dr. murrow says focus is changing from a containment strategy to one of community mitigation, which means taking steps to lessen the impact of the disease. he says what matters most is how well communities are prepared and that preparedness equals self-sufficiency. anser hassan, abc7 news. the trump administration's response to the coronavirus, the vice president is saying he's moving forward to control what information gets released to the public. senior white house sources tell abc news that all statement about coronavirus from the cdc or health dep


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