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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 29, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PST

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better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. it's saturday february 29th. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. lets start with a look at the weather. good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you. as we look at live doppler. some cloud cover. also fog in to it north bay. throughout the day you'll notice winds kicking up and saying goodbye to the warmth of the past week. in fact the records long gone as we look at the satellite picture. there is a cold front. it's a dry one that will bring in much cooler air. blustery winds. right now 49 in sunnyvale with cloudy skies. 44 in novato and this morning cooler anywhee from four to five degrees cooler than we were running yesterday. so look what happens through the
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next several hours. here comes the front. it's a dry front. by the amp we have increasing clouds. and looking at a blustery day with highs only in the upper 50s at the coast, winds up for everyone and here is just an example of how gusty it will be throughout the morning hours today. . a wind advisory for sunday. >> lisa thank you. this morning the urgent rush continue foss contain the coronvirus something that's begun to spread in the bay area. doctors are concerned about how how a woman became sick in santa clara county. her unknown transmission is the third case of covid-19. two other confirmed cases in solano county. one from unknown transmission one aboard the diamond princess. abc 7 news spoke with robert young, a man testing positive while on the ship with his wife. he shared details of what it's like to be under indefinite quarantine. >> simple things like getting
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groceries and toil paper and sundries we're at the mercy of family and friends. put going in the driveway and we can't have direct contact. >> he says he and his wife feel great. the symptoms never got worse than allergiys. they are out from travis air base in fairfield observed under home isolation by health experts. in the south bay a third case of covid-19 in santa clara county that we mentioned. health officials say it's different not related to the others. the source of transmission is unknown. officials say now is the time to prepare for the possibility of widespread impact. our report amanda del castillo has the details. >> isolation, quarantine and travel restrictions helped to slow the spread of covid-19. but the second case of community transmission in the u.s. is heightening concern. cases without a recognized source. no known exposure through travel or close contact with a known infected person. >> the virus is here present at
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some level. but we still don't know to what degree. >> county public officials say an older adult woman was hospitalized with breathing issues her infect occupies decease physician reached out with concern. >> they seem to have illness compatible with covid-19. and -- and wanted to test. >> now the race is on to find anyone who may have been exposed. governor newsom recently called the number of test kits in california inadequate by friday the state's public health department assured that changed. >> as of today there are eight labs able to conduct the contesting. >> including in alameda and santa clara. for now santa clara county asked the state and the cdc for help evaluates what's happening within the community. >> we need everyone to start thinking about what actions neck take now so we can be prepared for the possibility of further spread of the virus in our community. >> doctor cody says the
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department is turning to community surveillance. it's a way of looking for a disease to understand the scope and magnitude of a health problem. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo abc 7. >> bernie sanders rally is on for tomorrow despite the coronvirus case. the mercur news reports the rally got the greenlight from local health officials. his campaign says the santa clara public health kpt did not have concerns about moving forward with it. the event starpts at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon at the san jose convention center. and we're talking about how to keep families safe from the coronvirus. washing hands frequently can help in the effort. but what should you tell kids about the virus? abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez talked with a doctor specialize in december. >> dr. sarah don't rk is a specialist as ucsf. she suggests parents don't
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stress children about the coronvirus. >> i've really tried to send them the message that i want not -- it's nothing to be panicked about, that it's causing some people to get sick and causing you know a lot of news currently. >> her advise is the same we've been hearing, tell your children to practice good hygiene. >> teaching your children to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with good scrubbing with soap and water. >> and as parents and guardians you should model that advice. she also mentioned covid-19 tends to affect older adults in countries that see more cases. >> while children can get the virus the more severe cases are in older populations that may provide reinsurance. >> her main advise stay calm. >> keeping yourself healthy, well rested wsh washing hands and really trying to avoid panicking about the situation. >> in san francisco, lauren
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martinez, abc 7. >> a union representing tens of thousands of nurses says u.s. hospitals are ill prepared to deal with coronvirus. the national nurse's united organization says hospitals need millions more n 95 masks more training for workers and better staffing. >> a plea, frankly isor hospital industry to get together, decide who is going to deal with the patienpad tn other months and similar amounts and coordinate the efforts. >> the organization says 124 nurses and health care workers at uc davis have been placed on self-quarantine after being exposed to the virus patient brought from solano county. abc 7 consulted with the medical director about patient obstetrics at ucsf saying while there are no domestic travel restrictions she recommends that pregnant women avoid all discretionary travel and limit
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contact with large crowds in public. she adds pregtd women should discuss with the ob rig provider before a trip. >> you are sidekick stoging up on essentials because of the virus shares were empty at the cost coin el camino real in south san francisco. toilet paper and non-perish foods like rice are among the most porp items. and it was another tough day on wall street yesterday as concerns over the coronvirus sent stocks tumbling again. the dow jones dropped another 357 points. look at in graph here showing the dow over the course of the week. it's the worst selloff since the 2008 financial crisis. since monday the dow lost more than 3,500 points. and to learn the latest auto about all this and coronvirus download the app to get breaking news armistice sent to your phone we let you customize the app for the topics and places you are interested in so that you only get the news you need.
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all right. moving on now new details in the insomnia pa deputy carr jacking arrest. the deputy is retiring after the suspect died from the ordeal. charles blount was seen on body kam video slamming and choking petaluma resident david ward. you can see this body camera video ward was mistakenly chased by deputies thinks he was someone else. deputy blount was expected to be fired but instead filed separation paperwork. i want a big day on the baseball diamond in santa clara county work finished on the park on miles an hour a mount avenue in mountain avenue. you get a look at the brand-new field and bark but it's not just for baseball. it acts as a last ditch flood space to protect the neighborhoods in case of emergency. you can go for the ribbon cutting first pitch and community celebration today at
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11:00 a.m. all right lisa, historic now that we have had not had any rain this month. >> yes, definitely tied with 1864. no rain and the longest stretch is 43 days. that would take us to march 13th. and it's possible but we are also looking at a few changes heading our way. in fact with much cooler weather today a live look outside. where we are looking at beautiful lit up city here temperatures cold in the 50s and we'll talk about a slow warmup with some sun, that's all coming up next. >> thanks thanks, lisa wrapping up the building a better bay area efforts on b.a.r.t. we take to you largest transit center in the western u.s. see what people deal with in millbrae. and extra magic at disneyland more on the parade in nearly ten ye
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ma the man who created the trader iehis son said it was la ni flowing a lg lness. he graduated from stand are stamford and opened the first trader joe's in 1967. he had a vision that college educated but less wealthy young woman people would flock to the store with healthiy foods at bargain prices. he was right. more than 500 outline in 40 states. he was 89. the largest transit center in the western united states in the bay area in mill bray brae. city leaders are fed up with dirty and dangerous conditions. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen shows the concerns and splants how they arabling a better bay area by holding the powerful
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accountable. >> reporter: in smat memo county many say the millbrae b.a.r.t. station has seen petitioning. >> eve seen people pee and poo. >> passengers are greeted bid trash and lots of it. >> there is no mance person visible around here at all. >> former mayor and current city council member wayne lee has had enough. >> in my view before they expand stations they need to take care of the stations they have now. >> city leaders brought concerns to b.a.r.t. leadership only to be given the run around any say. besides the trash drug needles can be found throughout the property. >> who is taking children on the train worried about getting pricked by a needle. >> the metropolitan transportation commissioner representation designateo county. >> b.a.r.t. is not doing enough. no commitment to the cleanliness and safety of each and every station. >> reporter: in fact we found human feces on sight during or visit. millbrae manager tom williams
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said he told b.a.r.t. about it pew weeks ago and followed up multiple times despite the pushes it there's been no response are from the agency. >> people commuting from redwood city, foster city, burlingame, other areas of san mateo county that use this station because it's a multistation for the daily commute. it's embarrassing. >> built in 2003, the millbrae b.a.r.t. station is the largest transit center in the western united states. bringing together b.a.r.t., caltrain, samtrans, corporate shuttles and the world via sfo. it's also a future high-speed rail stop. city leaders don't understand why the station isn't getting the tlc they say it deserves. especially since it's the first place visitors see taking public transit out of the airport. >> it's a detriment to the city. the quality of life, not only with millbrae citizens but throughout the region. >> on in day, the elevator was out of service.
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leaving some passengers 199a panic. >> i'm just so upset because i just can't go downstairs because there is in working. elevator to street. >> we shared some of the concerns with b.a.r.t. more specifically we wanted to know why it was taking so long for the staff to come and clean up the poop. a spokesperson sent the statement saying quote both cleaning staff and police staff do checks in the garage at millbrae and alert appropriate personnel to clean up messes. when a report is made, a rapid response people is pinged in the field and deployed to clean it up. again, that's after we said the biohazard had been there for two weeks. community members say responses like these imts how their concerns aren't taken seriously. >> we write letters, talk to staff things don't happen. i've had it. >> left to suffer are the thousands of passengers relying on public transit. >> when you come off the train there is nobody working in the booth.
5:16 am
so they might need to put more money into taking care of the place. >> some say they've simply come to expect the nasty conditions. >> it's getting you prepared for what you're going honestly in a sense so you have the idea of you may see what you see. you're going to see it inevitably especially going in the zblee what's next? >> what can be done to fix what some say is a broken system. >> as you can see here, pools of urine here in the rusted out section. >> cities officials say the state luthor needs to step up and provide oversight. >>s in a public resource and need to make the agencies accountable now. >> more accountability before the dirtiness turns to greater danger. in millbrae, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> b.a.r.t. says it met with city leaders in january to hear concerns face-to-face. and we always want to hear about your experiences on b.a.r.t. use the hashtag dear b.a.r.t. to tell your story online. in the south bay local law
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enforcement spend the day helping get unused or illegal guns off streets. their joint gun buyback event lets you drove on off guns anonymously you'll get paid, 100 for each handgun. 200 for assault rifle. no maximum limit. all guns must be unloaded and stored in the trunk of the karin and happening from 8:00 a.m. to noon at the sunnyvale presbyterian church on fremont avenue. new floats, stories and food. extra magic at disneyland and california adventure for the first time in nearly a decade a new parade will make its way down main street in disneyland. s in magic happens with moments from some of the favorite disney and pixar movies like "frozen." across the way at california adventure is the food and wine festival with cooking nssind
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get to enjoy california cuisine for looking to indulge the sip and saver process runs through april 21st. and disney is the parent company of abc 7. lets get a check of the weather with lisa argen. good day for wine tasting i'd say. >> we certainly won't have the heat. but should see sunshine and looking at pretty bluft bring conditions, looking at live doppler 7 right now you can see the cloud cover all around but it's really fog in the north bay that might be causing a problem. poise a cold front that's pushing through the bay area. now normally it's february. you'd expect rain with the cold front. but it's a dry one. and because of it we have a wind advisory for the north and east bay hills tomorrow. a kind of autumn pattern will be gusty. we saw the fire yesterday. believe it or not without rain in february there are concerns with the gusty winds and the dry terrain out there for the weekend.
5:19 am
right now we are looking at temperatures in the 50s. it's 50 out there in parts of the east bay. 46 for you in palo alto. looking at 50 in the pacifica. and in the 40s in the north bay. the fog to the norg from santa rosa up towards napa here. otherwise visibility five miles on the coast. and looking at the gusty winds upper elevations anywhere from 25 miles an hour wind gusts, mount tam and lighter winds in the south bay. but 24 miles an hour gusts around mount diablo. things getting windier throughout the day today and tomorrow. windy and cooler over the weekend. chilly mornings for sunday and monday. and then we'll be dry but milder weather will be arriving into next week. still no rain though as we're looking into those warmer days. as we look at the profile, the wind profile throughout the day today, check out the coast. the winds here, purple anywhere from 30 to 37 miles an hour. just 10:00 in the morning. and notice the colors really begin to move into the livermore
5:20 am
valley over into the east bay. it's a breezy cooler day, gusty along the coast today. and then tomorrow the upper elevations will see the wind advisory. so with this system we are seeing rain but look how it skips over the bay area. we're looking at a little bit of rain, a couple of hundredths, the central coast, southern california, a quick burst of snow in the sierra nevada. and looking at winter weather advisory there 6:00 tonight. look at the quick burst of snow anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow here. it may surprise you, we have been dry. but if you are headed up to the mountains for the weekend, be prepared, bring the chains. you will get some snow up there which is a little bit of good news that we can come out of february. as we go through sunday it's chilly. monday we warm up to the 70s and then by tuesday we're still wrm. but as for today we have partly cloudy skies, 58 in san francisco. 60 in fremont.
5:21 am
65 in morgan hill. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, gusty and cooler, blustery day for sunday with the winds in the hills. and then as we warm up on monday and tuesday, wednesday it's above average again and looking at cooler weather again just in time for the weekend. so we have managed no rain in february but much, much cooler weekend for you zwloo yeah, i mean it's hard we know we need the rain but last night, happy hour outside, beautiful weather. it sure is nice. >> yeah. >> thanks lisa just ahead a bay area supermarket chain is back from the dead. details on the rebranding next.
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male voice: grrr, feed me. come on! she won't mind! she won't mind at a... woman: richard? hey, sheila. silence your growl. just one bowl of frosted mini wheats and you're good till lunch. (sigh) (crunch) babybel: that snack just sounded boring. babybel: coming through. no photos, please. babybel: bye bye, bland. babybel: helloooo, delicious. vo: rich, creamy, 100% real cheese. vo: with mini babybel, snack time is saved. babybel: saved it!
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steyer: wall street banks took of millions of americans during the recession. so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory- give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. welcome back. if you ride public transit do
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you like to read, listen to music, scan social media. how about talking to other passengers. striving betto bea we focused on these buddy. they struck up conversation and became friends. here our anchor amma deeds. >> this is not about dirty escalators or broken trains. but it started with a complaint four years ago. >> there was of an incident on b.a.r.t. sitting on the train delayed and getting antsy. and i started talking with karen. >> diane and karen became friends. started riding together every day from the concord station. and they chatted the whole way. other passengers noticed. and then several months down the road we were really engrossed in a conversation. and she went right past her station. and then that came in matt. >> i got on the same train every day. and i noticed that one of them
5:25 am
missed the stop. i was kind of like do i say something? do i not? i kind of tapped them on the shoulder, i think you guys missed your station. >> after that matt joint joined in and the group grew. >> the diane would come up and greet people and say hi, i'm diane. we'd start chatting and we just started sitting together more often. >> after kate, carolyn, russ and henry followed, calling themselves the b.a.r.t. buddies. >> i kept listening to the conversations and i would smile and we'd exchange knowing glances every now now and then i noticed they were talking about food a lot and movies and tv that's it for me. >> it gives me a goal to try to get the train on time. >> finding seats to get takes some maneuvering. there is one train they wait for that has more empty seats then the cvebegins. i w lgh tle itas sidulous. >> you're my b.a.r.t. buddy. you're my b.a.r.t. budd peopl
5:26 am
t d lgh a lot. mo i'd be be -- a becoming friends with people on b.a.r.t. that i would ride with, no way. and yet it's been -- these are some of the best friends i've had. >> that friendship started to grow, soon the group was meeting on weekends for birthdays or going to the movies. it's become the support network. >> diane had actually messed up her foot a while back. i would actually go and pick her up in the morning, take her to b.a.r.t. arrange my schedule at night to pick her up and take her home. >> a friend group that didn't start on facebook, started by strangers who saw each other every day and found the strength tost hell orr. >> if you look around everybody has the head phones on, or zeroed in on the phones. and they don't look around and bother to see who is around them. >> it's really nice to just exchange conversation, and hear about herit tes of
5:27 am
>> i've had people tap me from behind as i'm exiting b.a.r.t.l how can i participate? >> ama daetz abc 7. the first sit down restaurant to open in the revamped ferry building will close doors for good. farm to table restaurant mechanic bar coasts in april. the lease expired and the owner couldn't negotiate a sensible number they said with the landlord. the last day will be april 22nd. and this supermarket is back after a rebranding by safeway. abc 7 news was in for a shot of the reopening when safeway bought the chain is change the name to safeway community market but decided to change it back because of feedback from customers and employees.
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we're three days away from the california primary. more than 1007 centers open to get voters informed. and are you looking for love in all of the wrong place sns one bay area woman is helping men find romance beginning with
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news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. if you're just joining us we start this half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz. a cooler morning, we have some clouds, fog. and it's going to be a blustery weekend. cold front on the way. the problem is it's not bringing us any rain. it's 39 in novato. 53 in oakland. 48 in fremont. so certainly chilly and fog in petaluma, santa rosa, and the winds kicking up in the north bay. 20 to 25 miles an hour. east bay mount tam up to 23 miles an hour gusts.
5:31 am
looking at the clouds increasing. and check it out, not many 60s by 1:00. here come the clouds. we'll have the winds as well out of the northwest, blustery and by 5:00 it's cloudy. the winds will be with us throughout the evening hours. and we're going to talk about very little chance of rain in fact. a wind advisory for sunday. and we're saying goodbye to the heat. we'll talk in detail about the rest of the weekend and the week ahead coming up, liz. >> thanks, lisa. this is the final weekend before the california primary. we're part of supertuesday this year when 14 states votes. and california is is the biggest. the secretary of state says about 10% of registered voters have turned in ballots early. new this year californians can register on election day wherever ballots are cast which could on a mean a surge of last minute ballots including provisional ballots taking longer to count. votes buy mail are valid if post marked by-election day and
5:32 am
received within three das. in south bay 110 vote clernts open today through election day. the centers use a new electronic system replacing equipment that's been used for 17 years. it operates off line to prevent tampering. voters needing to register can do so at the centers. these needing ballots in other languages can have them printed on the spot. the centers are open 9 a 5. 8:00 a.m. on monday and 7:00 a.m. on a tuesday. we've been covering the primary for month sloerg issues going one-on-one with candidates. so for of an in-depth behind the scenes look at the presidential candidates efforts to win here in california on supertuesday please join us on sunday for abc 7 originals documentary chasing california, the race to supertuesday. that is tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. and we're helping you to prept to vote by answering 7 questions with the primary. find if online and share it with
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friends. go to abc 7 frist' news district attorney laid out new policies saying the aim is to reduce racial disparties in the criminal justice system and mass incarceration. that will include not charging cases in which contraband was found during what's called a pretextual or stop and frisk traffic stop. today we take action. we send a message loud and clear to the police department and to communities of color. we will no longer participate in, condone, tolerate or amplify racist police tactics. >> the san francisco police officers association expressed concern over the new policies in a statement it said in part it pulled over and have an illegal handgun or ar 15, no problem, boudin though throes the out the case. we are paying a steep price for his absurd policies. the alameda community food
5:34 am
banks bank wants tofood waste. it has new wheels to do just that. state and civic leaders raise the curtain on the new hybrid truck. the truck will help the county expand food recovery efforts by one million pounds a year. it was paid for with funding from cal recycle. >> this is going to increase our capacity to collect food that might otherwise go to waste. and it's good wholesome food. >> it's a hybrid electric vehicle. so not only is it going to prevent some of the pollution out of the landfills, less pollution is coming out of the tail pipe of that truck. >> the food bank served as alameda's county's largest food recovery organization organizeerings say it collects more 10 million pounds of food from manufacturers appear retailers every year. >> are you lacking for love men from all over the country fly to san francisco to take megan he hadalson dating seminars helping men master the art of dating. take a look. >> the easiest way to make
5:35 am
someone smile is to pay them a sincere compliment. the best piece of dating advise for anyone is when you try to meet someone new make sure the intention is to be curious about them and not to try to get something. as a dating coach i actually help guys build the skills to go meet people. we teach them to build rapport, start a conversation, how to lead the conversation so that the other person feels comfortable opening up to them and even taught them to handle rerejection what if you do approach and someone responds horribly how do you recover from that? >> we know how challenging dating can be, right we're here to meet a dating coach for men who is currently counseling a group of guys how to date and interact with women. lets go. >> i put if off and put it on off and put it off. >> i would love to see you prompt a few more questions. >> h de got me interested we're
5:36 am
actually my psychology uncles classes at uc berkeley. i took classes on emotions and happiness. turns out what makes us happy is relationships. i knew i wanted to help people with that in some capacity. >> with technology it seems that so many people got involved in the phones that they're not trying to have the connections anymore. >> get off the cell phone. i can't tell you how many times i've seen people in a cafe both on dating siting sitting next to each other swiping away and if they put the phone down and look next to them they might meet someone growth. >> even friend relationships you can grow from. >> absolutely. >> there are opportunities in the conversation to take things deeper. in the workshops we come to the classroom with two really big days where the guys they learn a lot of different skills. learn about body language and all the subcommunications how they present themselves. the conversation quickly evolves to talk about things we actually care about. all because you related right away and made it personal. >> okay so so this is the part
5:37 am
of the workship wore women come in more mock conversations i'm doing it as well i'm a little nervous. >> nice to meet you. >> how it your day going. >> sit down. >> how is your day going. >> we bring in women to help them out and they practice building skills to feel confident on dates. the whole point is getting you to be able to build a connection with someone in under five minutes. that way any person you see is just a five-minute investment of your time. for you to find oud out if there is someone you want to have in your life in if. >> maybe it's not maybe it's something that would be a great friend or good business contact and that's fine too but at least they found out. >> excuse me. >> high, my name is jordan i saw your hat i thought you had great sfwliel you are a supergirl also just talking to the guys what did you think. >> i realize how difficult it is for guys to approach girls tp it made me more aware i whip wish the guys would approach girls in san francisco a lot of times i actually as a girl i'm like
5:38 am
maybe they're not interested. and i feel like the onus is on me to try and like make that first move. and so, yeah, i mean, i thought that this was great. >> what are the take aways you lrn from this workship eyed. >> shouldn't be afraid of going up to anyone in any situation. and starting up a conversation. >> i think a lot of men and a lot of my friends want to be a part of this because it's not just about meeting women. it's about connecting with people. >> it's really exciting to have people who go from feeling so close he had off and shy to being able to connect. that was really good. >> got to give props to the guys for opening that way for us and allowing us in there. >> you can watch local irk all day on the new localish network for details go to still ahead on abc 7 mornings, history is coming to the bay area this weekend. where you c find the nhl black
5:39 am
hockey history museum and why evader kane of the sharks hopes it inspiring hockey players. a live look from the exploratorium camera looking over the san francisco skyline this morning at 5:39 a.m. it's not going to be so warm -- or as warm this weekend as it has been. lisa argen has more on t vo:untrue attacks againstve, mike bloomberg. bloomberg has been praised by
5:40 am
president obama. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years. mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: mike worked with president improve public education. as president, he'll work to combat inequality by launching a new initiative to spur african american and latinoge. eshoonyoseolyou back. you inspired us to make your nhumira experience even better with humira citrate-free. it has the same effectiveness you know and trust, but we removed the citrate buffers, there's less liquid, and a thinner needle, with less pain immediately following injection. if you haven't yet, talk to your doctor about humira citrate-free. and you can use your co-pay card to pay as little as $5 a month. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
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frozen. and there will be crafts and activities throughout the day. and the zoo is open if you want to go from 10:00 until 4:00. that should be a fun event. only every four years. >> 10 to 15 degrees cooler today though. >> wow. >> a lot cooler and the blustery winds lasting all weekend. today the coolest of the weekend and looking at chifl overnight lows. a live look outside from the east bay hills camera. this will be shaking soon because of the winds kicking up. lots of 50s closer to the water. but 30s in the north bay. so you're feeling the chill this morning. and we'll talk about high fire danger sunday into monday. kind of unusual for winter time here in the bay area. but that's all coming up next. >> lisa, thank you. also next mo is ready for baseball season and more importantly from the giants perspective, coming back from tommy john's surgery. larry beil has more about
5:43 am
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available at walgreens, target, and ulta. with the nfl this weekend and draft coming soon we are learning a bit more about the 49ers hopeful return to the super bowl. the 2020 season schedule is being mapped out and the niners may being packing passports. yesterday the nfl chose the cardinals no hoeft a season game in mexico city. the 49ers have a decent shot of going being one of eight home opennenants for the cardinals. we'll know for sure in mid-april. in sports tonight the warriors try to snap an eight-game losing streak. taking on the suns at talking stick resort arena. tipoff at 6:00 p.m. this amp they play the angels i larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everyone.
5:46 am
18 months removed from tommy john's rpg process. johnny cuteo took the mound today. with bum barn garn he were gone. hope is cute of returns. that's bubbles cap letter in the dugout. cuteo two innings. only 7 pitches in the first inning. giants down 5-1 in the fourth. branden belt starting commentback. taking out the belt. deep into the arizona night sky, first of the year. maybe this could be his year. might have said that before. a highly touted prospect. ramos. that is gone. oh veteran bat flip that ball is crush. giants come back winning 9-6. the a's lose 10-1 to ante. we were anticipating a decision on steph curry yesterday. didn't happen. now a decision today? he wants to play tomorrow after missing almost four months with the broken hand. but stevr w like him to
5:47 am
practice more. there is a curry in the league lighting it younger brother seth on fire for the mavs in miami. 8 of 9 for from three. steph has never shot that well on eight 3s. third place in the curry family. dad dell had 38. way back when and steph's career high is 54. mavs lost the game on top of that 106 to 118. in the desert facing arizona straight to oversometime. stamford down 7. keena williams for three. she had 27. a 4-point game. 30 seconds left. lexi hall for 3. 8-0 run. cardinals leading by one. eight seconds stamford up by. down the lane. scores. arizona up one. williams down the door. could have been a fall instead the run is no good. arizona wins in ot 73-72.
5:48 am
first time beating stamford in five years and the cal women lost to asu. john gruden has made a new friend. the man who could imitate him perfectly john gruden having fun with jon gratituden >> yes sit something here at the aerosmith concert with my good friend john gruden how is it going johnny. >> good concert, man hasn't got started. got some picks. drum sticks. >> we got a lot of good times ahead fwoent don't we johnny. >>s that so ridiculous. and caliendo is so good. that's a wrap on sports. have a great weekend. >> a check of the weather now with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we are starting out with some cooler conditions. you may not feel it yet. but you certainly will this afternoon. compliments of gusty winds headed in. they'll be with us for the weekend.
5:49 am
then actually with those winds danger sunday into monday. the winds today, well they'll start out breezy in the upper elevations. and then out of the northwest 25 miles an hour to about 30 miles an hour 4:00 in the afternoon they'll be gusting higher at the coast and really throughout the day. it's going to be breezy everywhere from the east bay to the south bay but windy at the shoreline b feel the winds as t wind advisory goes up for the coast to the san mateo coast also the north and east bay hills. a look at emeryville looks equity. water is glassy that's about to change as we say goodbye to february. with no rain here is a look at the cloud cover all across the state. and we do have a vigorous system that's moving in through the bay area bring blustery winds. but the problem is it's not bringing any rain. maybe a couple hundredths south of us and burst of snow?
5:50 am
the mountains. 50 in hayward. 53 in oakland. the fog from novato to santa rosa. 48 pacifica and a look from the roof camera. windy conditions over the weekend. and looking at the wind advisory on the coast right through the hills into san mateo. the north and deebl ooh range, down through the santa cruz mountains and dry and mild getting back into your week. so as we look at the month in review, yeah, i don't have to tell you, no we have seen no rain at all tying 1864. and that stretch of 43 days of -- in 1864 went to march 13th. we are hopefully not going to break that record. we'll have to wait and see. 10:00 today. here are the winds. 26 to 37 miles an hour. we covered this earlier. but enough to know that it's going to be chifl out there. 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. and yesterday we did have a cooldown taking us through 10:00 tonight. you notice how breezy to
5:51 am
blustery it is out there. a lack at possibility of rain as the system comes through tomorrow. a couple hundredths here. pretty much nothing into march first. when we widen the perspective looking at southern california, a couple hundredths. but in the mountains, yes this is where we get the burst of snow from 6 to 8 inches. a winter weather advisory from 6:00 through tomorrow. be advised if you are headed to the mouns mountains. breezy in oakland. 57 in half moon bay. and looking at overnight lows tonight gusty out there with the winds all around the bay with that temperatures will be still chilly though in the 40s to near 50. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at coldest day today. even tomorrow as well. where we're looking at those winds knocking out any warmth that we felt. and as we go through the next several days monday we begin to warm up. but that sunday into monday time period that's when we look at the high fire danger. because those gusty winds will
5:52 am
be offshore. we've been dry. and we won't see the winds lighten up until we get to the middle of the week. a little unusual to have tcold weekend. >> we often talk about how there is no such thing as a fire season. and this is a prime kafrm. >> that's right we get like southern california. >> right. >> thanks. in celebration of black history month the black hockey history mobile museum will be in the bay area this weekend. offering fans the experience to learn about motorcycle's biggest moments, milestones and play makers. south bay community journalist dustin dorsey talked with easter kane of the sharks about the museum. >> history is coming to the bay area in celebration of black history month t nhl black history hockey meebl museum cmos to show hockey is for everyone. >> black hift history has a place in hockey. i think over the years it's been
5:53 am
overlooked. it's nice for it to be recognized in some capacity. especially with young minority groups that don't knowou hockey great lesson, them understanding that there were guys that looked like them that played 30, 40 years ago. just learning the history of the sport and the history of our culture as black people. >> the museum celebrates the pioneers who helped create the culture in hockey that continues to grow today. from the wall representing every black player in the nhl to notable sharks stars like evader kane and joel ward. it tells the stories that kane hopes inspire the next generation of players. >> in order to grow the game and the sport you have to have people from all backgrounds and places around the world. interested and a part of it. for us as hockey players as a sport, that's why it's so important. >> as one of the black players in the league kane has taken it on hip himself to a voice in the sports world to help the nhl be
5:54 am
diverse. he says the work he does every day to grow the game will continue throughout his career. >> seeing the different cultures and sports, and bringing a bit of that to hockey in terms of changing the old school nature of hockey i think it's important. helping to grow the game. more and more than just athletes and hockey players it's a cliche used in the past but it's a true in our sport. >> the mobile museum will be at the s.a.p. center sunday february 29th and sunday march 1st. abc 7 news dustin dorsey inkts next why some very brave people take part in the polar plunge by jumping in the chilly bay waters, the cause they are supporting this
5:55 am
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happening today some brave individuals will jump into the freezing bay for a great cause. the polar plunge is raising money for the special olympics in northern california pap check it out here. there will be costumes of five mpg 10 k even sf p. d. officers they have to raise $125 to before plunging. it's at aacquatic park next to fisherman's wharf. the plunge at noon. 6 am. developing news about the coronvirus. hear from a bay area man cooped up with the virus at home. and why bay area nurses claim hospitals are not ready for an outbreak. for sharing more vision to change the game. for use attention your voice to open new doors. for designing your dream so theirs can come true. for doing, seeking, trying,
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news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. it's saturday february 29th. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. lets start with the weather with lisa argen. >> hey, liz, good morning to you. it's cooler this morning. a little fog in the north bay. a look here at live doppler 7. a look outside. looks nice with a few clouds. 50 in san francisco. 48 in redwood city with upper 40s in gilroy and pacifica as we look towards our east bay this morning you can see another clear start out there. and t


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