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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 7, 2020 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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allergy relief. and relief from symptoms caused by over two hundred outdoor and indoor allergens. because to a kid, a grassy hill is irresistabale. children's claritin. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. new crest pro/active defense. you're doing more to keep your body healthy for the future. shouldn't your toothpaste do the same for your mouth? now with crest pro/active defense, future proof your whole mouth. its active defense technology neutralizes bacteria to shield against potential issues. crest. this is the cathedral of st. john the divine in new york, which is about to become a coronavirus hospital. nine climate-controlled tents are being erected inside the largest gothic cathedral in the world.
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the crypt will be used as a staging agent. its dean says cathedrals were often used this way during the plagues in the middle ages. for the third sunday in a row so many america's churches have been closed and it's particularly hard this week, holy week leading up to easter. not for one church in baton rouge, louisiana, where more than 1,200 people turned out for palm sunday services. the church's pastor, tony spell, spoke business abc's linsey davis, telling her why he believes his congregants are safe. >> we screen everyone who comes through the door. we check their temperatures. we ask them a series of questions that has been given to us from the center of disease and control, i believe. so we disinfect our building on a day-to-day basis because we operate seven days a week. so we would have to prove that people who have only left their homes and come to our church got the sickness here.
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we practice better social distancing in our sanctuary than is being practiced in the hundreds of stores that remain open in our city, which are mosh pits of violent people who are irate and fighting over rolls of toilet paper right now. >> a lot of churches have moved their worship services to online. so why wouldn't you do that? i mean, seems like something you could consider to do. that you're still able to get the word out about god. >> well, we have -- we have livestreamed our services as well. and we have about 300,000 viewers in those services, from what i gather. however, we still assemble because the word of god commands us to in hebrews 10:25, timothy
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3:15, psalm 33:18. it's not the same to sit behind a computer screen and worship as it is to go into a great congregation and feel the spirit of unity, one mind, one accord in one place. >> our thanks to linsey there. pastor spell is already facing misdemeanor charges for defying the governor's stay-at-home orders. his lawyer says the charges are unconstitutional. >> anyone gets sick, he'll have to answer for it. most of us never imagined living through a pandemic. imagine experiencing two more than 100 years apart. >> orell borgenson turns 103 next week and was a baby during the 1918 worldwide pandemic. she's in quarantine with one of her daughters. she's hoping for jus t or. i guess het g can wish for. >> me too. she's been spending time checking in on her two other daughters via facetime as well
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as knitting, reading, and playing scrabble. >> i love her. coming up, taking care of those other essential workers. >> how one woman's idea is serving up kindness and hot lunches to hundreds of doctors and nurses across new york city.
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baloney and tuna fish, but a hot lunch jam has been served under to doctors and nurses across new york city. >> and it all starts with just one lady with a big heart. our own will ganss is here to tell us all about her, welcome back, will. >> thank you, you guys. it started when katie finn asked her sister, a nurse treating coronavirus patients, one simple question. what can i do to help? as katie finn worked from home, her sister was going to work every day as an e.r. nurse in one of new york city's hard-hit hospitals. treating coronavirus patients 14 hours a day with no break and no end in sight. that's when katie decided she needed to help. >> i asked my sister, what can i do? she said, katie, can you make a ventilator? i said, no. she said, have you been hoarding n95 masks? i said, i have not. she said, can you buy lunch? i said, yes, that i can do. >> reporter: with that, katie cooked up an idea. >> i brought my sister and the nurses in her unit lunch. and they loved it.
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and i want to keep doing it. >> reporter: katie taking to facebook to ask for donations to help keep the gravy train rolling. >> delicious lunch. >> it was such a treat. >> can't begin to tell you how much these nurses appreciate this food. it is so rewarding to bring the food to them and see how excited they are and happy they are and really grateful they are for this food. >> reporter: in just one week, katie raised more than $10,000, delivering food to emergency rooms across the city. >> we fed 180 doctors and nurses today, i'm so excited about this. >> reporter: all the meals purchased from local restaurants that are struggling because of the pandemic. >> you're also keeping small businesses alive. we're trying to keep people in business. >> reporter: katie and her team serving up kindness and lunch to these overworked front liners. >> we are going to be able to feed multiple units of nurses for the weeks to come as this
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thing gets worse and these nurses' hours get longer and the supplies start to dwindle. these are the people that are going to be on the front lines. >> reporter: katie adding, if you're not able to donate, there's something else you can do. >> stay safe and stay home! >> since she started the project on march 21st, katie has raised nearly $20,000 and provided meals to more than 1,000 health care professionals and icus treating covid-19 patients as well as the e.r. staffs around the city, you guys. she's making two deliveries tomorrow, so this thing is still going so strong. >> there's nothing like a hot lunch, especially for those who are doing everything they can to save so many lives during this pandemic. >> like she said, we can't build ventilators. but what we can do, if you know a nurse, a doctor, a medical
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professional, just ask them, hey, are you okay? how are you doing? maybe they just need someone to talk to. again, they're seeing some pretty traumatic things, they're overworked, overstressed. even something as simple as that. >> can we get that hot lunch jam back as we go to break? and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? hd 5.m.foab restting at $95 a nt
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and i know what i'm made of. put your skin in the game. with a razor that puts your skin first. ♪ it's time for #goodnewstues. we all know i love some #goodnewstues. especially during this time. we're going to start with a pizzeria in chicago. they got that deep dish, i'm sure they got the good stuff. now they're putting that oven to some really, really, really good use. >> how so, ken? >> they are teaming up and making sure that those local hospitals get the protective gear. how can they use an oven for that? apparently they are using their big oven to put this acrylic-type material, it can be molded, melded, shaped and shifted to create face masks.
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>> that is awesome. especially because chicago is an area that is affected -- well, i mean now most places are affected by coronavirus, but particularly chicago. this is amazing because they're also one of the restaurants that are still feeding doctors and nurses as well. on top of using the oven for masks they're also using it to feed -- >> make sure i give a shout-out to them, dimo's pizza, they teamed up with avenue metal to do this, to produce these prototypes for the shields. >> we love it. some more good news here in new york city. staff cheer a new york mom who is leaving the hospital after beating coronavirus. this woman has been in there fo >>ow. >> her name is christina paz, 47 years old, she's been in there that long. i'm pretty sure at this point, that many days, she was one of their first patients.
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and the emotion just overtakes her there. for those of us who know a little espanol, paz in spanish means "peace." lord knows i hope we find peace during this pandemic very soon. happy for her and her family. >> silver linings everywhere. ♪ na na na na na na na na batman ♪ >> you are so out of tune. na, na, na, na -- i didn't do it any better. batman on the road there. this one community there, chris banner runs a lawn service. and he's helping by cutting weeds and clearing fire lines on their property. but he also likes to dress up like batman hitting the streets there. the kids are so excited about this. >> it is bruce himself. can you imagine as a kid looking out your window and seeing that? mom, it's batman! this is amazing. >> right. we do believe that this is san diego there.
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this morning on "world news now," a glimmer of hope in new york. this morning on "world news now," a glimmer of hope in new york. >> there are signs that the number of coronavirus cases has started to stabilize, but the state is still in crisis. new york city planning for temporary mass burials. plus the warning from the white house, getting back to the old normal may never happen. also this morning the british prime minister now in the icu after battling the coronavirus for nearly two weeks. and the show of support for his pregnant fiancee who is also infected. new developments involving that aircraft carrier captain removed after he sounded the alarm about the virus aboard his ship. the head of the navy is apologizing for calling him stupid in a speech to the ship's crew. the president said he's now getting involved. good news for the easter bunny. at least one country has now
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declared him an essential worker during this pandemic. mona, you know who else is essential? >> who would that be? >> we are. >> hey! >> will the bunny get that critical designation here in the u.s.? we're going to hop to it on this tuesday, april 7th. you know, he might be essential, but i'm not going to compare myself to the easter bunny. >> i mean -- we can't. big shoes to fill. >> i'm not putting out any eggs for the kids. i know that much. but here in the u.s., i hope he gets that. >> i hope so too. there are a lot of kids that are going to be bummed, easter's such a big deal for a lot of people. >> i'm sure a lot of families are going to have amazing ideas for kids when it comes to easter. we have to get to that blunt assessment from dr. anthony fauci, getting back to normal may never happen. >> he says we will eventually get back to a society without social distancing. the coronavirus has claimed the lives of nearly 11,000 americans
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and 368,000 people have tested positive across the country. new overnight, a top white house adviser warned administration officials in january that the virus could cost the country trillions of dollars and potentially kill 500,000 people. that's according to a report in the "new york times." at the time president trump was downplaying the virus. >> on a positive note, louisiana is among several hot zones reporting a slight dip in the death rate, a sign that they may have started flattening the curve. the outbreak is not expected to peak in california until next month, so the state is sending 500 ventilators to the national stockpile to help hard-hit areas. >> some of those ventilators will arrive in new york city where officials are considering temporary mass burials for those who died of covid-19. the nypd has announced the death of another police officer. and nearly 20% of the department was out sick on monday. but 200 officers are now back on the job after recovering from the virus.
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abc's tom llamas has more. >> reporter: a look inside the cavernous javits convention center in manhattan, now the largest hospital in the nation. teams of military doctors taking in patients, checking temperatures, monitoring ventilators. but new york governor andrew cuomo says even this will not be enough. he's calling for the navy hospital ship "the comfort" to start accepting covid cases. there are only about 40 patients of any kind on the massive ship. >> i'm going to call the president this afternoon and ask him to shift the "comfort" from noncovid to covid. >> reporter: in new york state, more than 4,700 have died from the coronavirus. >> it's very hard to see the number of deaths we're having. it's frightening. it's disturbing. that amount of loss. >> reporter: still, a glimmer of hope. the death rate here may be slowing. the rigorous social distancing possibly paying off.
3:04 am
the governor saying new york is nearing the apex and the curve may be flattening. >> total number of hospitalizations are down. the icu admissions are down. and the daily intubations are down. those are all good signs. >> reporter: but cuomo also warning -- >> we get reckless, we change or we're not compliant on social distancing, you will see those numbers go up again. >> reporter: but even so, hospitals here are overwhelmed. pushed to capacity and beyond. >> pretty much the entire emergency department's a hot zone at this point. >> reporter: dr. john marshall took abc news inside maimonides hospital in brooklyn. >> i s one of t hltcare workers as fart on the front lines, nurse mintz. her workday starts at 5:00 a.m., managing other nurses, caring for endless patients, work that stresses the mind, body, and soul.
3:05 am
>> has a patient with covid asked you, am i going to die? >> absolutely. absolutely, and it's scary. we don't know the answers. >> reporter: new jersey reaching a grim milestone, 1,000 deaths. >> this is not over. and not by a long shot. >> reporter: abc's stephanie ramos out with emts in teaneck, new jersey, working around the clock. >> this crew just picked up a person who has tested positive for covid-19. they tell me that person is having some trouble breathing right now. they're taking him to the hospital. they say they respond to calls like this every couple of minutes throughout the day. >> reporter: president trump approving governor cuomo's request that the "comfort" treat covid-19 patients. we have to remember that's 1,000 extra hospital beds that can treat patients in new york. the president saying patients from new jersey will also be brought in. reporting from borough park, brooklyn, tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> tom, thank you. the coronavirus task force
3:06 am
as some states report progress in the battle against the pandemic. the team is encouraged that certain hot spots were starting to slow the spread by following social distancing guidelines. but they're urging americans to continue to stay at home because the outbreak is far from over. >> it is our hope that what we have seen begin in the greater new york area and even in louisiana and elsewhere will become a trend. but it only becomes a trend if every one of us continues to take ownership and continues to do our part for this 30 days to slow the spread. >> so we just got to realize that this is an indication, despite all the suffering and the death that has occurred, that what we have been doing has been working. so the call that i say every time i get to this podium is, just keep it up. because this is going to get us out t. >> recent models show as many as 240,000 people could die even if americans adhere to the guidelines.
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but the head of the cdc now says he expects the actual death toll to be much, much lower than those projections. and president trump says the u.s. is offering help to british doctors treating prime minister boris johnson. he was moved into a london hospital's intensive care unit monday as his virus symptoms worsened. johnson tapped his foreign secretary to stand in for him if needed. officials say johnson's move to the icu was precautionary in case he needed to be put on a ventilator. johnson fiancee carrie symonds is receiving an outpouring of compassion. the 32-year-old is about seven months' pregnant, expecting the couple's first child. she says she's on mend after also battling the virus. plenty of twitter users are posting thoughts and prayers for symonds. one woman saying she hopes symonds has someone's hand to hold. breaking overnight, wisconsin's primary will be held today as scheduled with in-person voting. the state's supreme court said the governor did not have the authority to delay the primary until june. the u.s. supreme court ruled against a one-week extension for absentee ballots.
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those must be postmarked today. that means voters who have not yet obtained the mail ballots will have to to show up at polling places or not vote. new zealand is on coronavirus lockdown but the easter bunny is still on the job. >> at least according to prime minister jacinda ardern. yesterday she assured the nation's children that peter cottontail is an essential worker. ardern did caution that it might be difficult for him to get everywhere in the current situation. the prime minister also gave essential status to the tooth fairy. >> oh, okay, the tooth fairy as well. the easter bunny, again, i said here in the u.s., come to play, and will also adhere to social distancing guidelines. >> i think so. don't be surprised when you see
3:09 am
the easter bunny wearing a mask. also wearing gloves. keeping a six-feet distance. >> a meme of the kid who saw the easter bunny and freaked out in the costume? we do not want that to happen. do we have an easter bunny here at "world news now"? like where's our easter bunny? >> six feet away from us. >> essential personnel there. i'm sure there are going to be a lot of creative things families are going to do. one suggestion new zealand put out there, put easter eggs in the windowsill. so obviously those parade of cars, the kids can be outside, can spot at certain houses. >> that would be fun. that is one thing that we've noticed during this quarantine is people are really creative. >> they are. >> we saw the virtual birthday parties. i wouldn't be surprised to see a virtual easter egg hunt either. >> one guy's quarantine gym made entirely out of logs. plus prime minister boris johnson's coronavirus infection now landing him in the icu. why one doctor says it should be a warning to president trump. first the new development in the firing of the navy commander amid a coronavirus outbreak on his ship. what trump is now saying about that commander. did you know prilosec otc can stop frequent heartburn
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president trump welcome back. president trump said he had a wonderful call with former vice president joe biden, his likely 2020 ri welcome back. president trump said he had a wonderful call with former vice president joe biden, his
3:13 am
likely 2020 rival in november. biden's campaign said the 15-minute call was a good one. trump said biden shared some suggestions about what the administration could do in the battle against coronavirus but that doesn't mean he agrees with biden. and new overnight, the head of the navy apologizes for harsh comments aimed at a fired commander. acting navy secretary thomas modly blasted captain brett crozier telling sailors the commander was either too naive or too stupid to lead them. hours later modly apologized calling crozier smart and passionate. meantime, president trump has vowed to get involved in the firestorm. here's abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: these are the videos posted by sailors from the "roosevelt" just days ago, cheering in support of their departing captain, brett crozier, a scene causing a major embarrassment for the navy. the acting navy secretary who fired crozier flying to guam to address those same sailors. thomas modly's sometimes profane speech over the ship's public address system was recorded in
3:14 am
one of the rooms and shared with a military-focused task and purpose. modly belittling the captain. >> if he didn't think that information was going to get out into the public he was either too naive or too stupid to be the commanding supervisor of a ship like this. >> what the -- >> reporter: you hear voices on the tape sounding disgusted with the accusations, although he would not have heard them at the time. >> it was betrayal. i can tell you one other thing. because he did that, he put it in the public's forum. and it's now become a big controversy. so think about that. when you cheer the man off the ship. >> i did. >> who exposed you to that. >> reporter: modly said his comments were heartfelt, but that all-volunteer force aboard that ship is sure to remember one more line from the secretary, "you are under no obligation to like your job, only do it." president trump has been
3:15 am
critical of captain crozier for writing that letter as well, but he said he's going to look into all of it. >> so the letter shouldn't have been sent. with all of that said, his career prior to that was very good. so i'm going to get involved and see exactly what's going on there. because i don't want to destroy somebody for having a bad day. >> reporter: martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to martha there. during this outbreak, volunteer emts are stepping up more than ever to save lives. abc news went to hard-hit teaneck, new jersey, got an up-close look at the challenges some volunteer squads face. they say they're receiving double the usual number of calls and they have less than half their usual staff on duty. many of them have regular jobs, yet still giving up their time to help. we appreciate them. coming up next half hour, the checks aren't even in the mail yet but it appears another massive economic stimulus bill is about to work its way through congress. first, what we're learning about the growing racial divide in coronavirus deaths. one doctor weighs in on the reported surge in black
3:16 am
patients. one doctor weighs in on the reported surge in black patients. (dad) got it? (boy) got it. (dad) it's slippery. (boy) nooooooo... (grandma) nooooooo... (dad) nooooooo... (dog) yessssss.... (vo) quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is two times more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. (boy) hey look, i got it. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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rhode island now has its first drive-thru testing site rhode island now has its first drive-thru testing site just north of providence. it's operated by cvs health in the parking lot of a casino, and it can test up to 1,000 people a day. cvs also set up a similar site in atlanta and plans more around the country. as we mentioned, british prime minister boris johnson's covid-19 infection has apparently worsened, land be him in the icu. earlier i spoke with dr. imran ali. about johnson, as well as whether president trump should be taking extra precautions, dr. ali, thank you for joining us. the big headline across the globe, uk prime minister boris johnson is in the icu, announced he tested positive 11 days ago. 55 years old. we saw him just a few days ago. his condition worsened. consistent high temperature. his office said yesterday he's still conscious. of course you're not his doctor, but what do these things tell us
3:19 am
about progression here? >> it tells us the virus doesn't discriminate against anybody. this guy is fairly healthy, a nonsmoker, physically active. i mean, he loves to run and exercise. the only thing that i can imagine that is against his favor is he's a little bit overweight, but not so much so. >> johnson the first leader of a major power to announce he had contracted the virus. we expect he has top-of-the-line medical care. is there a cautionary tale for the leaders in the u.s., including president trump? >> the vice president and president may need to keep more distance from each other than they are right now, because just in the off chance that the president himself, god forbid, becomes incapacitated, we need to have an option to have somebody in charge of the government. and i know right now they have deputized one of the cabinet members to take more control of the day-to-day government activities in the united kingdom, but it's very important with any kind of infectious
3:20 am
disease that you have to plan -- hope for the best but plan for the worst. it's all about planning ahead. >> dr. ali, we're starting to see reports of a surge of black people and other minorities suffer from covid-19 and at a disproportionate rate. in michigan, black people, 14% of the population, 41% of the deaths. what's happening? >> well, there's a lot of variables here. we have to remember also that social distancing could play a role. like for example, louisiana, we do see that there is a lot of cases there because we had the mass gathering at mardi gras. also in georgia we also had funerals where a lot of people gathered together. and that's very important. you know, in any outbreak, social distancing is so important. if you look back to 2014 in liberia, how the ebola outbreak exploded, it was due to one funeral that actually caused a
3:21 am
rise in the cases in that epidemic. so it is reasonable to think that that may have played a role here. but also i have to say that in the african-american community and the minority community, just as a doctor who i've seen these patients all the time, we have higher rates of pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. and also we need to talk about access to preventive care. a lot of these minorities don't have access to preventive care, leaving them more vulnerable to any kind of illness, let alone an infectious illness. >> great points by dr. ali. we thank you so much. again, this virus does not discriminate. people need to practice social distancing. and remember, churches, funerals, all those things could have an impact on you and your health when it comes to fighting this virus. >> i wish he mentioned also inund ss. he mentioned access to preventative care, but access to
3:22 am
health care in general. >> you're right. >> it's not a surprise that some communities are seeing a certain spike. isn't
3:23 am
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♪ these days this is my favorite time. time for "the mix." because we get a dose of great these days this is my favorite time. time for "the mix." because we get a dose of great stories. and this one has a lot to do with people getting creative. we mentioned earlier that quarantine has brought out the creativity in a lot of people. this man is zachary skidmore from ohio. his gym closed so he grabbed a saw and decided he was going to create his own prehistoric-looking gym. >> wait. >> out of logs. >> those are logs? >> those are logs. he has leg press, shoulder press, dumbbells, all the above, everything he needs. i don't think you can do that in new york city but it's good to see that he's doing it in ohio. i swear, it actually looks like those people that share memes that say, what's your excuse for not going to the gym?
3:26 am
>> that is very true. >> we're lazy, okay? that's why. >> let me walk over to central park and get to chopping. ouiny edo watch out e hand blisters. >> sinosh.>> ohio, how about this colorado dad? i love -- i don't like the pandemic but i do like seeing inside homes and how creative y'all do get. we saw this log guy. we got this colorado dad who said, i got a lot of work to do and i got three kids. so he built a carousel. using the ceiling fan. >> oh, stop. >> he tied up the sheets, tied up the kids, and they got the stuffed animals. they are loving it. this is not child abuse, this is child creativity. because you got work to do, you're working from home. >> can you imagine when his wife turns the corner and he's like, what? >> whatever you got to do.
3:27 am
it's on a low setting. don't turn it on high! don't threaten them and turn it on high, you don't want to do that. >> a whole different carnival ride then. all right, so speaking of getting creative, people are using some skills they already have. the guinness world record holder for i guess biggest hula hooper if that even makes sense to you, she decided she was going to put a little social distancing spin on it. so here she is, her name is getty. getty decided to grab her big hula hoop. >> that's a big hula hoop. >> and go round and round and round. oh, my, i would have -- >> i can't do a regular hoop. >> would have been so dizzy. also, can you imagine happening in your neighborhood? this woman crazy. what she doing? >> she's making the kid back up too? oh, he's got a hula hoop as well, oh, get it, kid. >> do you know how to hula hoop? >> i do not know. >> i've got to teach you on the commercial break, it's in the hip. >> i do it on the dance floor, i've got a hula hip move, i'll show you later. how about the kittens in the georgia aquarium, the kittens
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athis moment is for our families and our communities. that is why our state is responding at every level of government to slow the spread of covid-19, while ensuring our most vulnerable californians have what they need. but we can each do our part. and it starts by staying home. i know this is a big sacrifice for so many, but staying home saves lives. learn more at bubbles at this price? is this for real? oh... it's real. believe me. i mean, this is unexpected. you say, remarkable?ieve me. wait what?! ♪grocrey outlet jingle wow... i think i'll take two. for the love!
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oh. this morning on "world news now," the crisis in new york. we go inside the manhattan convention center which is now the country's largest hospital. there is some hope as cases appear to stabilize. dr. anthony fauci explains what needs to happen to return to normalcy. also making news this morning, the kennedy family tragedy in maryland. there's new word from search crews looking for robert f. kennedy's granddaughter and her son. plus have we found the next netflix? we'll show you the brand-new streaming app bringing major stars like idris elba, j. lo, and chrissy teigen to your cell phone. and why this app might be the most bingable yet. could rita wilson be laying tracks for a brand-new career as a rapper? our coronavirus cover "hip hop hooray."
3:31 am
has just landed her a new dig. >> from naughty by nature themselves, this is hip-hop for today. i give props to hip-hop. so hip-hop-hooray. we'll smooth it out in "the i live and die for hip-hop, this is hip-hop for today, i give props to hip-hop, so hip-hop-hooray, oh man. >> i can't wait for that one. >> call me if you need any tracks laid. >> i'm not as stiff, i got all the stuff on, i looked stiff there, didn't i. >> is that what it is? >> i have rhythm. i'll show you later in "the skinny." good morning, we'll do whatever we can to lighten the mood here later on this half hour. but we do have to get to some signs of both hope and despair
3:32 am
in the battle over the coronavirus. >> so far 11,000 americans have died, but here in new york, the epicenter, social distancing appears to be paying off with new figures showing the death rate is starting to stabilize. and they're stepping up stay-at-home guidelines in southern california. this week officials are urging residents of los angeles county to skip grocery shopping altogether. >> despite the pandemic polls will open across wisconsin after the state supreme court rejected the governor's attempt to delay the primary election until june. in the u.s. the supreme court ruled against extending the deadline for absentee ballots. and new this morning, as the u.s. navy ship "comfort" prepared to receive coronavirus patients from new york, new jersey, we're learning that a crew member from the ship has tested positive for the virus. abc's andrea fujii has the latest. >> reporter: a look inside the now-largest hospital in the nation. javits center, once a convention center, now a hospital for covid-19 patients. new york governor andrew cuomo
3:33 am
says even this will not be enough. president trumprove the vy ship "comrt om noncovito hospitalinew york ate re than ae contemplating temporary mass burials for victims, some even in parks. but there is good news. the death rate here may be slowing. >> total number of hospitalizations are down. the icu admissions are down. and the daily intubations are down. those are all good signs. >> reporter: and news of a downward trend in hard-hit louisiana. >> we are starting to see real signs that the mitigation measures that we put into place weeks ago are starting to bear real results. >> reporter: but dr. anthony fauci warning we are not in the clear yet. >> i don't think that you're going to have to say that the country cannot get back to a
3:34 am
real degree of normalcy until you absolutely have a safe and effective vaccine. >> reporter: governor cuomo extending new york's stay-at-home order until the end of the month. >> we get reckless, we change or we're not compliant on social distancing, you will see these numbers go up again. >> reporter: hospitals here are overwhelmed. >> pretty much the entire emergency department is a hot zone at this point. >> reporter: help is on the way from california, the state sending 500 ventilators. and now, revelations from a report by the inspector general of health and human services. after surveying more than 300 hospitals, the department found hospital staff are concerned not only with the lack of personal protective equipment and ventilators but also about running out of necessities like food, thermometers, and cleaning supplies. not having enough healthy staff. and waiting up to a week for test results. the survey was conducted in late march by newly appointed inspector general christie grimm who has worked under four administrations. president trump questioning the report and who conducted it.
3:35 am
>> it still could be her opinion. when was she appointed? >> i'm not sure when she was appointed. >> would you do me a favor -- >> i'll have to check -- >> i have to know now. >> did serve in the previous administration. >> oh, you didn't tell me that, oh, i see, you didn't tell me that, john, you didn't tell me that, did serve in the previous -- you mean the obama administration, thank you for telling me that. see, there's a typical fake news deal. >> reporter: with more than 360,000 cases in the country, dr. deborah birx says we all must make sacrifices, describing how she couldn't visit her 10-month-old granddaughter, suffering a 105-degree fever, in fear of herself possibly getting sick and infecting others. dr. birx clarified a warning she gave about not going out at all in the n that haven't hit their peaks. she now says families should send just one person to do that necessary shopping in order to keep everyone safe. kenneth and mona, back to you.
3:36 am
>> andrea, thank you. the world's political leaders are sending best wishes to british prime minister boris johnson. he's being treated for the virus in an intensive care unit in a hospital in london. the 55-year-old johnson has asked his foreign secretary to take his place if needed. johnson's move to the icu was considered precautionary. he's been battling the virus for nearly two weeks. doctors are divided over an anti-malaria drug president trump has been pushing as a possible treatment for the coronavirus. medical experts like dr. anthony fauci say there's not enough scientific data to back up the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine when it comes to combating covid-19. but dr. deborah birx told fox news it's important we're doing clinical trials but not stopping doctors from trying out the drug on patients. people with lupus who depend on the drug say it is now in short supply. it seems another massive economic stimulus bill is going to work its way through congress. house speaker nancy pelosi says the bill could easily cost more than $1 trillion. she says her bill would provide
3:37 am
another round of direct payments to americans and assistance for small businesses including farmers. the president has signaled some support for those ideas. and search crews get back to work this morning in maryland's chesapeake bay hours after finding the body of robert f. kennedy's granddaughter. meave kennedy townsend mckean's remains were discovered a few miles from her mother's home. mckean and her 8-year-old son disappeared canoeing thursday. gideon mckean has not been found. turning to the weather, southern california's getting more severe storms, heavy rain and snow. but if the skies are clear in your area tonight, you'll be able to see the biggest and brightest new moon of the year, what's called a supermoon. the moon is at its closest to the earth at the same time as the full moon. the peak is at 10:35 eastern time. so be on the lookout there. internet stars are emerging from the crisis among politicians and public officials. >> recently we told you about bobbleheads and socks featuring dr. anthony fauci.
3:38 am
now randy rainbow is singing the praises of new york governor andrew cuomo. the comedian has come up with a "grease" parody called "andy." take a listen for yourself. ♪ you mind my state while i gain weight with grace and dignity ♪ ♪ oh please be my dad oh andy >> the song also includes the line "from now on i identify as a cuomo-sexual." the term was the number one trend on twitter. for the record, i read that off a prompter, didn't come up with it myself. i was allowed to say it. >> i guess this is the opportune time to talk about, you should take a look at chris cuomo's instagram. >> oh! >> when you get a chance. because brother likes to go shirtless and he's got some guns on him. >> i mean, i heard. >> it's the cuomo genes. >> i heard from the grapevine
3:39 am
maybe he does, what are those things called where you -- pull-ups? i mean, he does. all right, coming up, just what is -- what's this word, guys? quibi and why is everyone talking about it? i've never heard of it. >> yeah, he's too busy on tiktok. first the hospital on the front lines. we go inside one facility where 80% of the patients have the virus. one heartwarming scene inside a senior living center and the a-list actor who made everybody's day. all right, all right, all right.
3:40 am
3:41 am
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3:42 am
consider it a reminder from baseball legends like ted williams to wear a mask in public. the statues of four boston red sox greats outside of fenway park are all wearing boston red sox-themed face masks. >> definitely a sign of the times. every day we're being reminded just how extraordinary those on the front lines of this outbreak are. some doctors and nurses here in new york are working 16-hour shifts without a break. this morning hospitals in the epicenter of the pandemic swamped. >> so this is a pivotal week in a pivotal place.
3:43 am
this zip code you're standing in is ground zero. >> reporter: dr. patrick borgen says 80% of the patients at his brooklyn hospital are infected with coronavirus. >> i made rounds up on the eighth floor of the hospital. and it looks like a war zone. you've got the staff wearing ppes, you've got so many patients on ventilators. we move the iv fluids out into the hallway so that changing the bags, we don't have to go into the room as much. and it really does look like a scene from a war movie up there. >> like every day i wake up, is this nightmare going to end? >> reporter: this nurse works at the same hospital, managing other nurses and caring for an endless number of patients. >> when you think about it, it's depressing. i have many days where i walk home and i'm crying, i'm sobbing. what else can i do to make this better? >> reporter: as hospitals try to stay ahead of the flow of patients, the chief executive at
3:44 am
new york presbyterian predicts the peak will not come until the middle of next week. >> we're going to expand our icu capacity to 1,000 beds, converting ors into icus, anesthesia recovery areas into icus, ambulatory operating rooms into icus. that puts an enormous stress on the system. >> reporter: in new orleans where the convention center is taking in patients, doctors say the virus does not discriminate. neither by race nor age. >> we've intubated 23-year-olds. we've put 27-year-olds on the ventilator. one of the sickest people i've seen since this all began was the nicest 42-year-old manager of a hotel downtown. and he just came in feeling kind of tired. "i'm just tired, doc, i just feel tired." he was on a ventilator within about 24 hours. >> reporter: as the number of deaths increase daily, funeral homes are now also overwhelmed. >> normally three or four a week. you know. we're doing three or four a day. >> reporter: like the hospitals nearby, this new york city funeral home is growing more
3:45 am
worried about the lack of protective gear and space. they're using chapels of the funeral home to store bodies. >> we don't have refrigeration to that capacity. we have cold air conditioning in chapels. we've converted two of our chapels into cold air-conditioned rooms. >> reporter: meanwhile, two miles away, dr. borgen is vowing not to give up. >> we're going to absolutely keep going until this damn thing is over. we're not going to stop. we're not going to give up. >> if you see a first responder or medical professional, don't be afraid to say thank you. when we come back, jimmy kimmel's kids upstage their dad. >> and rita wilson becomes a rock star. "the skinny" is next. ruggle. there's an easier way. try mr. clean magic eraser. just wet, squeeze and erase tough messes like bathtub soap scum... and caked-on grease from oven doors. now mr. clean magic eraser comes in disposable sheets. they're perfect for icky messes on stovetops... in microwaves... and all over the house. for an amazing clean, try mr. clean magic eraser,
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and mr. clean magic eraser sheets.
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" starting with a rap remix from rita wilson. >> we want the mixtape. we all remember this naughty by nature cover she did while in quarantine with her husband tom hanks. ♪ ♪ drinkin' what you're thinkin' because i'm dancin' ♪ i give props to hip-hop hooray
3:48 am
hey ho hey ho hey ho ♪ >> the legendary hip-hop trio must be also going quarantine stir crazy because they've been looking at the remix. ♪ ♪ >> the content we needed. cardi b, 24 hours to respond. next, top this one. the remix will benefit members of the music community affected by the coronavirus epidemic. >> you go, rita wilson. next to another celebrity we love doing good things for other people. >> all right, all right, all right. matthew mcconaughey just hosted a virtual bingo night for a senior citizens facility in his home state of texas. >> mcconaughey and his family called out bingo numbers via video chat.
3:49 am
>> that's not all, the residents had a special surprise for the a-list actor who last week said, let's turn this red light into a green light and turn green they did with their own personal messages. >> okay. next to another a-list family opening up their home for a virtual tour. >> yes, kelly clarkson and her family have headed north from their l.a. home to their ranch in montana to practice their own social distancing. >> she shared this video showing off their efficiency cabin where she's sharing it with her husband, their two young kids, and his two teenagers. >> and as you can see there it redefines togetherness in just one room. >> a little small, don't you think? >> yeah, just a touch. meantime, talk about a modern family, their marriage ended decades ago but bruce willis and demi moore are still
3:50 am
friends even in quarantine with their adult children and their partners in matching pajamas, including the dogs. >> we love to see it. >> modern family. >> i thought that was kelly clarkson and her family. >> i know, whoops. speaking of having fun while isolating, jimmy kimmel is getting into the "who wants to be a millionaire" spirit. >> kimmel as we said is hosting the primetime return of the popular game show starting wednesday night. and he got a bit of a head start with his daughter jane and son billy with the million penny question. >> who is your favorite person? is it, "a," daddy? "b," daddy? "c," daddy? or "d," mommy? >> just because one of them is a million penny and home really isn't here, i'd have to say just for this game, dad. >> daddy is correct, you win 1 million pennies! >> jane is a smart one there. that 1 million pennies equals $10,000. they're going to give that to
3:51 am
charity to feed hungry children. billy also looking incredible there. he's so grown up. >> he is. >> it just feels like yesterday we were talking about his condition, his heart condition, and like look, he's looking amazing. "who wants to be a millionaire" returns to primetime wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 9:00 central, after the series finale of "modern family" on abc. we just have to get to this next story. it is the cutest thing you'll see all day. >> 97-year-old former world war ii navy pilot chuck franchky, while social distancing couldn't resist the opportunity to move with the groove. ♪ don't stop get it get it >> he shows off his impressive dance moves to justin timberlake's "can't stop the feeling" right there on his front porch. >> here's the best part, it caught the attention of j.t. himself who commented, "this just made my day." >> i thought he was going to say, it's gonna be may. hopefully, soon. kid number five for alec baldwin and his wife, 36-year-old hilaria ldwin idhowing o bareaby bu
3:52 am
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plus, it eliminates odors with a water-based formula and no dyes. for freshness you'll enjoy. ♪ i'm making it i've got the ♪ i'm making it i've got the chance i'm taking it ♪ there's a brand-new way to make it on to tv even in a small way. >> our own tv maven, will ganss, is here to tell us all about it. hey, will. >> it's me, your local tv maven. good morning, you guys. it's the new streaming service aimed at younger generations, each show available only on your mobile device, and it's recruited some big stars in an effort to take a bite out of
3:56 am
netflix, roku, and apple tv plus. >> you may be entitled to a cash settlement. >> reporter: chrissy teigen laying down the law in her brand-new show "chrissy's court." her new show one of 50 brand-new series you'll get on the new streaming app, quibi, stands for quick bites, short-form, snackable shows, like "fierce queens" hosted by reese witherspoon. >> meet the females who give new meaning to eat. prey. love. >> reporter: the shows all made to be viewed on your phone, switching back and forth between portrait or landscape mode, thanks to quibi's innovative turnstile technology. a brand-new way to watch all favorites like "punked" this time hosted by chance the rapper. >> where are you going now? [ bleep ]. >> quibi trending on twitter on its launch day. fans weighing in with mixed reviews. the good, quibi has been out for an hour and i'm already hooked. the not so good. do i really want to watch 10-minute tv shows on mobile devices? i'm in the family room and the
3:57 am
tv is right there, sigh. but if star power is what you're looking for, quibi proving you can squeeze some big names into bite-size shows. idris elba. sophie turner. kiefer sutherland. and jennifer lopez. >> you're a very special little girl. >> i'm very special? >> yes. >> so the app has two payment tiers. $4.99 for short ads. and $7.99 if you don't want any commercials at all. >> there's a short joke in here somewhere, will. >> hey, don't make it, don't make it. >> i'm trying to figure how i feel about ashton kutcher not being the host of "punk'd." >> chance is a good replacement, though. >> i know but does that mean i'm getting old? i'm like, back in my day ashton kutcher used to come out and yell punk'd. >> insomniacs, i'm going to let the kids talk here because i didn't know what quibi was before the show started. how about that. grandpa. >> yeah.
3:58 am
>> i'm going to turn into the grandpa.
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the coronavirus emergency entering a new chapter amid optimistic indications that we're starting to flatten the curve of new cases. >> but the hospital crisis in new york now escalate. word this morning a cathedral will now be used as a field hospital. plans are also being made for mass burials. also this morning, new information about when the white house was warned about the potential scale of this crisis. what a top adviser to president trump reportedly said months ago.e making a comeback sooner than we thoughty the major new plan for major league baseball. all the overnight developments right now on "america this morning."


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