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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 29, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking news in america this morning, anger in minneapolis. chaos erupting as tensions boil over. protesters storm a police station setting fires, dozens of businesses damaged. hundreds of national guard troops called in. >> the anger growing after prosecutors said they're not ready to announce charges in the death of george floyd. this morning, what we're learning about the officer seen with his knee on floyd's throat. plus, from new york to denver to los angeles, the violence, shots fired. >> watch out. >> a protester run over by a car. dozens of arrests and this morning president trump responding. his new message to minneapolis. our live coverage right now on "america this morning."
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thank you for joining us on this friday morning. let's get right to that breaking news, the most violent night of protests so far in minneapolis. >> anger over the death of george floyd boiling over as protesters gained access to a police station overnight setting fire to the building just hours after prosecutors said they are not ready to announce whether charges will be filed in connection with floyd's death. 500 soldiers with the minnesota national guard have now been activated to respond to the growing violence. >> at least 170 businesses have been damaged so far. this is video of a liquor store on fire. the fire chief saying, quote, we will aggressively fight these fires, but we'll retreat if it's not safe. demands for an arrest in the case have grown since video showed floyd moments before his death handcuffed with a police officer's knee on his neck. >> this morning we're learning more about previous complaints against that officer as protests spread to cities far beyond minneapolis. overnight protests in
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minneapolis turned violent. people storming an evacuated police precinct setting it on fire. the national guard activated after prosecutors say they're not yet ready to press charges in the death of george floyd. an estimated 4,000 people marched peacefully through minneapolis earlier. but as night fell, other protesters set fires destroying that third police precinct and businesses. more than 30 fires were set the previous night. target is now temporarily closing 24 stores in the twin cities after people were seen looting some of its stores in the area. >> hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: new video shows a woman in a wheelchaired pumped and sprayed with a fire ex-ti extinguisher after she tried to block protesters from entering one of those stores. >> leave her alone. leave her alone. >> reporter: the city is now suspending public transportation through the weekend.
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and now the protest spreading to more cities across the country including new york city where police arrested at least 40 people. in los angeles and in denver, dozens gathered at the state capitol. >> move, move. >> reporter: shots were reportedly fired, and one person was hit by a car. many of the demonstrators chanting "i can't breathe," some of the final words uttered by floyd monday night when video shows him on the ground handcuffed then losing consciousness with minneapolis officer derek chauvin's knee digging into his neck. transcripts from a newly released 911 call show police were called to the scene after a store employee accused floyd of trying to use counterfeit money. four officers in the video have been fired including chauvin. abc news has learned that chauvin had 18 prior complaints filed against him, two of them required discipline. thursday prosecutors said they won't rush to press charges in floyd's death. >> we are conducting a robust
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and meticulous investigation into the circumstances surrounding the events of may 25th, 2020 and the police officer's actions on that evening. >> reporter: the president says the justice department and fbi are investigating along with county prosecutor mike freeman. freeman later clarified this comment he made regarding evidence in the case. >> my job in the end is to prove that he violated a criminal statute and there is other evidence that does not support a criminal charge. >> reporter: this morning freeman's office says his remark on other evidence is being misinterpreted saying it was critical to review all the evidence because at the time of trial invariably all that information will be used. a former federal prosecutor says if anyone is charged in floyd's death, the announcement is likely months away. >> if they were to present a job that was, you know, maybe half done to a jury, they're not going to say, you know, please
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forgive some of the evidentiary holes in my case, i was really in a hurry. nobody is going to care. >> and a nightclub owner in minneapolis says chauvin and floyd both worked as security officers at his club last year but he says he's not sure if they knew each other. a major fire was also burning in the city of st. paul. reporter beth mcdonough from our minneapolis station was there. >> reporter: police officers out here at the scene tell us that rioters have essentially been torching some of these buildings. they've been going up and down university nsacking business, vandalizing businesses, looting businesses. we've seen a grocery store targeted, a target store targeted. we know that fires were set at a u.p.s. store, a verizon store, business after business, at least a dozen of them we know at this point, and just recently police and firefighters had set up a perimeter here on university, and that is to keep
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the suspected looters and rioters as far away from this fire as possible. >> and beth says a neighborhood nearby was evacuated because of those fires. president trump weighed in overnight on the protests in minneapolis criticizing the mayor calling him very weak. the president also tweeted, these thugs are dishonoring the memory of george floyd, and i won't let that happen. just spoke to governor tim walz and told him the military is with him all the way. any difficulty and we will assume control but when the looting starts, the shooting starts. moments ago, the mayor of minneapolis responded to trump's criticism. >> weakness is refusing to take responsibility for your own actions. weakness is pointing your finger at somebody else during a time of crisis. donald trump knows nothing about the strength of minneapolis. >> reporter: the mayor called for peace and calm in the city. meanwhile, twitter has now
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flagged the president's tweet saying his line about looting and shooting violates twitter seven peleershot da otesinlencel crowds were demanding jushootin taylor. she was killed in march inside her apartment by police during a drug investigation. we'll have more coverage of the protests in just a few minutes. but we turn now to the coronavirus cases that are on the rise in more than a dozen states. it comes as we enter another weekend with more cities re-opening, and now the cdc is offering new guidance for people returning to work. here's abc's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: this morning the cdc is issuing new guidelines on re-opening offices across america. they suggest desk shields, temperature checks and an end to communal coffee pots. the pressure to re-open more of america is growing. this tanning salon defying
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orders in new york city opening but then closing when the owner says police threatened to pull his license. >> keeps pushing it back to the goalpost. we don't know what to do. either shut down till question mark or you fight. >> reporter: as we enter another weekend, cases of the virus are rising in 17 states. many in the south. in alabama at least 14 people have now died in a rural nursing home. in minnesota, icu beds are starting to fill up in minneapolis, which is now projected to see a shortage of beds in three weeks. neighboring wisconsin also seeing a surge. now canceling the state fair for the first time in 75 years. and even though georgia is not one of the states highlighted with rising cases, a new virus cluster is linked to a private school graduation. >> which makes more sense is that it was after it was over and people went to parties. >> reporter: and more concerns at food processing plants. in washington state 70 workers at this fruit plant testing positive. 61 of them with no symptoms.
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>> i think to this process we learned that we didn't do enough and i sure hope that through our par many, thatich obviously has others will learn from it. >> reporter: in las vegas where the city's unemployment rate is now 33%, a new normal as casinos get ready to re-open. >> this is the new blackjack table. >> that's right, at least at an mgm reports property. you will see that we have put plexiglas in at each of our table games, especially with blackjack, and we've reduced the number of seats down from six to three. >> reporter: in vegas and across the country wearing a mask is becoming a flash point. new york's governor announcing an executive order allowing businesses to deny entry to people not wearing a face covering. >> that store owner has a right to protect themselves. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also wearing a mask in public saying there should be no stigma, but
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in texas a bar outside austin now banning masks altogether. this poster reading, sorry, no masks allowed. the owner says anyone who feels the need to wear a mask should stay home. and back to las vegas, those iconic fountains outside the bellagio hotel will pay tribute on june 4th, the day the strip re-opens with three water shows. the first song will pay tribute to those on the front lines. the second "the star-spangled banner" and the third will be "viva las vegas." kenneth, mona. >> thank you. pro-democracy activists say china's new security law aimed at crushing protests in hong kong paves the way for total domination by china. the local government backed by beijing claims the civil liberties of the prosecutors are not in jeopardy, but president trump now says he's weighing think sanctions against china. time now for a look at your friday morning weather.
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emergency crews in ksa cie spond tos calls om pple tra fast-moving floodwaters after relentless rains swamped the area. the storms are moving out of kansas city, but severe thunderstorms are possible from d.c. to pittsburgh and upstate new york and more rain is possible from the carolinas to the gulf coast. looking at today's high temperatures, humid and summerlike in the northeast. 70s in the plains where it's finally drying out, 111 degrees, a scorcher in phoenix today. 74 in los angeles. coming up, a new twist in democratic presumptive nominee joe biden's search for a running mate. but first president trump takes aim at a social media company trying to limit their legal protections. will it work? the overnight reaction. and later, where priceless art from ancient rome has now been uncovered.
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president trump has signed an executive order aimed at cracking down on social media sites for what he calls censorship. it comes after twitter added fact-checking labels on his tweets. abc's ines de la cuetara has more. >> reporter: this morning, twitter is hitting back at president trump's new push to curb the legal protections enjoyed by social media companies. >> they have a shield. they can do what they have. they have a shield. they're not going to have that shield. >> reporter: the president signing an executive order thursday targeting a law that says large social media companies can't be sued for much of the content posted by people using their sites. twitter calls the order a reactionary and politicized approach to a landmark law. former vice president joe biden also weighing in calling the president's decision an extreme abuse of power. the order comes two days after twitter's decision to put fact-checking labels on two of the president's tweets about
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voting by mail including when he declared there is no way, zero, that mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. overnight trump tweeted again on the issue writing, mail-in voting will lead to massive fraud and abuse. it will also lead to the end of our great republican party. according to numerous investigations, there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud in america. abc's jonathan karl pressed the president on his claims thursday. >> but when they send out like in california millions and millions of ballots to anybody that's breathing, anybody in california that's breathing gets a ballot. >> but, mr. president, that's not true. you know goffin newsom, governor newsom has not sent out ballots to everybody in california. they're only going to registered voters. >> how many are there? >> so what your tweet said was not wrong -- was not correct. it was wrong. >> oh, really? >> reporter: the president was then asked why he continues to use twitter while criticizing
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the site's policies. >> if we had a fair press in this country, i would do that in a heartbeat. there is nothing i'd rather do than get rid of my whole twitter account. >> reporter: it's not clear the president has the power to change liability protection laws. without congress even the president acknowledges the order will likely be challenged in court. kenneth and mona. >> all right, ines, thank you. now to the president's democratic rival. some advice for former vice president joe biden as he looks for a running mate. a top democratic pollster says senator elizabeth warren is the best choice for biden because she could help him gain millennials. biden hopes to name his choice around august 1st. well, coming up, new concern for those with diabetes and their risk for covid-19. but first the so-called murder hornet now showing up in new places. en every day. people are surprising themselves the moment they realize they can du more
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spotted in washington state. now they've been seen across the border in canada. scientists are worried more queens could be building their nests. they're trying to trace all of the hornets to stop them from spreading, but one expert says an infestation is possible. the hornets can be five times larger than a honeybee. their venom can also be fatal to humans. we turn now to new information about diabetes and covid-19. a new study warns just how deadly the virus can be. earlier i spoke with dr. laleh garabagian about several topics including that new stud by stu started asking about a new at home test just approved by the fda. >> the status of testing in general still largely depends on local and regional testing capacity and the ability for people to access those sites. so as you can understand, there's wide variability of current testing practice across the country and self-administered nasal or saliva swabs are still
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undergoing investigation to ensure its accuracy of test results when performed by health care providers but the fda seems optimistic and i think an accurate home testing option would be great for all. >> we have new information this morning about diabetics and this virus and a study finds one in ten diabetic patients with covid-19 died within a week of being hospitalized. what's the takeaway here? >> it's a good question and to some extent we know that anyone with diabetes is already at increased risk and may have difficulty fighting any infection because of their compromised immune system, so this study essentially confirms the same is true for covid. >> looking at washington state hit early on with the first confirmed cases, now we're learning about half of newly diagnosed coronavirus cases there are people under age 40. why are we seeing this? >> at the beginning of testing we had very limited and strict criteria for who we were able to test through the department of public health. most of those who met the
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criteria at that time had to be severely or critical ill and it continues to be to this day that the older or elderly population are those who are the sickest. so now with broader testing criteria and an increased testing capacity, more equipment, more are getting tested who have milder illnesses. >> our thanks to dr. garabogian there. still to come, big news about those free samples at costco. plus, the reunion between two cousins that you have to see next. than rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. it can reduce pain, swelling, and significantly improve physical function. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections like tb; don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. taking a higher than recommended dose of xeljanz for ra can increase risk of death.
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begins with ingredients from the earthn... to create fragrances infused with natural essential oils. air wick scented oils. connect to nature. when a stuffy nose closes in... (whimper) breathe right strips open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. (deep breath) breathe better, sleep better. breathe right. welcome back. the coronavirus lockdown in italy apparently delayed a major discovery. >> archaeologists find a prosaic tile floor which they say was part of a villa in ancient rome that dates back to the 3rd century. it was found below the surface of a vineyard in northern italy. now works at the site were
4:24 am
halted because of coronavirus and the mosaic was uncovered when work resumed. a big favorite is coming back to costco. free samples will return mid-june. shoppers will no longer be able to grab goodies with their bare hands. the freebies pulled in march over safety concerns due to coronavirus. now to key west, florida, and a high school graduation on jet skis dressed in caps and gowns and face coverings. seniors at somerset island prep jetted out one at a time to collect their diplomas. >> and two cousins from kentucky who have been inseparable their whole lives have been apart during these past two months because of the coronavirus. >> but finally the parents of rajai arnett and hucky collins allowed them to hang out. all smiles then couldn't hold back and started sobbing. >> just an incredible image. you hear those sobs. i'm not crying. you've crying, mona. >> oh, i'm crying. so is everyone else watching this apparently. >> hucky's mom said the lockdown has been tough on these kids.
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building a better bay area for a safe ask secure future. this is abc7 news. breaking news at 4:27 the national guard confronting the chaos in minnesota as protesters riot, president trump is under fire for his comments on this situation. and cvs expands coronavirus testing today to dozens of pharmacies here in california. many bay area cities are on the list. >> we are going back to the life we knew before, however, with some adjustments. >> san francisco tightening the rules on masks starting this weekend and we're getting aness dine-in restaurants and hair salons might open back up. good morning, everybody. we made it to friday. may 29th. first, checking in with mike nicco for a look at our forecast today. good morning, mike. >> good morning, kumasi. how was it last night?
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>> last night was good but during the day i sat out in the sun too long and now my skin hurts. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> it was so nice and i was like i'll just sit out here and then i looked in the mirror and i was like, wait a minute. >> let that be a lesson to everybody else. >> it still hurts a little. >> i'm so sorry. usually we do what kumasi does, but in this case, maybe wear some sunscreen. let's take a look at what is going on outside. the sun not as strong and it is pretty cloudy layer, low clouds and fog as you can see from the golden gate and eventually some drizzle late this evening and showers tomorrow. until then we talk about the lack of heat. mid to upper 60s from san francisco to half moon bay to richmond and 80s in the south bay and east bay and only mid to upper 07s in the north bay. the heat wave is over. let's talk about traffic, here's
4:29 am
jobina. >> thank you, mike. good morning, everyone. all lanes are back open in berkeley at university avenue because of a fatal crash that happened just before 3:00 this mrning. i want to take you right to the video so you can see the issue. at one point all lanes were blocked. drive coming down westbound 80 unfortunately hit a pedestrian that was in the middle of the free way just before 3:00 this morning. they shut down all the lanes and opened around 4:15. the coroner's office was able to get everything cleared up and also a crash just a little further back on westbound 80 because people were coming down too fast. remember, everybody, if you see flashing lights take it slowly because an suv flipped over there and this morning a deadly situation in berkeley. back over to you. breaking news this morning. more than 500 minnesota national guard soldiers have arrived in minneapolis in that area as
4:30 am
angry crowds are demanding justice after the death of george floyd the unarmed black man that died in police custody. here's a look at what protests look like at this moment. several locations at banks, grocery stores and pharmacies. the protests intensified yesterday after prosecutors said they hadn't decided whether to charge the officer who pressed down on floyd's neck for about eight minutes. last night, protesters set a minneapolis police station on fire as riots continued for the thud straight night. while this precinct burned city officials warn it may be in danger of exploding due to unconfirmed reports of explosive materials inside the building. the minneapolis police department said it evacuated staff for safety reasons and protesters remained. a cnn reporter who was there reporting on the rts


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