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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 9, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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when bipolar depression overwhelms, ask how vraylar can help. next at 5:00, search for a hit and run driver that ran over a welcome woman during a protest in oakland. the victim's mother telling abc je. she wants justice for her man people want to voice their opinion. a virtual standing room only. >> plus the road to recovery for restaurants. times are hard and only some are going to make it. >> and governor newsom comes to downtown oakland. what he's telling small business owners and what they are telling him. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7. >> thank you for joining us. >> we begin tonight talking about reopening and the aches and pains that go along with it.
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where out door dining has begun perhaps not a moment too soon and oakland where restaurants are still waiting and want more help from the state. abc7 is dedicating more resources to building a better bay area, including issues like this affecting our local economy. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley starts us off. >> there are so many obstacles. >> the owner and chef of ms. ollys in downtown oakland a popular caribbean restaurant said that being closed for months and then the curfew overwhelmed her. she was pleased when governor newsom met her staff and sat down to talk today. >> people need to hear how businesses are suffering. small business in general. so it is great to see him here. i hope he listens to what he we have to say. >> the black chamber of commerce told the governor it is one thing to open the doors again. it is another to have customers feeling confident and safe. >> business owner saying look i'm conflicted. i'm grate desperate to reopen my
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business. also desperate to keep myself, my customers, employers and family safe and healthy. at the same time pressure with other parts of the state reopening and then we're lagging behind creates additional anxiety. >> ultimately the talk turned to what the state, the governor could do to help these small businesses maybe defer fees, taxes, policy changes. some local lapped lords are doing their pard. >> with outdoor dining resuming soon there is hope in the air that when the dust settles in six months some places could end up closing permanently, impacting the quality of life and communities all across the bay area. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> in marin county restaurants have begun serving outdoors in
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several city, 14 in sausalito and almost the same in san rafael with other cities moving closer. wayne friedman found out they are trying to get back in business. >> reporter: it is the street where george lucas shot "american graffiti." fourth in san rafael. it is somewhat iconic and like a patient that's been ill it is recovering from the effects of covid-19. he moved furniture outside this morning awaiting customers. finally. >> if you are a straight up restaurant you are hurting right now. it is hard to make that. if you don't have outside dining it is not going happen at all. >> now it is. since covid-19 san rafael has gone out of its way to make resumption of business as easy as possible. if you own a store and need to conduct business you can do it in a sidewalk or a parking space out front. same for restaurants. all it takes is a simple permit. >> so you fill out your information online. you automatically have the
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permit. you don't have to come to a public counter or speak with anyone. you automatically have it for free. >> there is more to this than mechanics. eating outside has become symbolic. a waitress now recognizes how lonely she's been. >> after not working i realize i took for granted like the amount of people i interact with daily and just like the small conversations you have with someone. >> reporter: and then down the street we met beth and lou. >> that was very boring. because he's the cook in the house and we keep on having the same thing over and -- i mean he's a great cook. don't get me wrong. >> 35 years of marriage. have you seen enough of each other in the last couple of months. >> oh yeah. yeah. >> but, you know, we didn't have that many fight as i thought we would. >> nothing's perfect. >> and everything's perfect when eating lunch outside in a restaurant on a perfect late spring day in a pandemic. from san rafael wayne friedman,
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abc7 news. >> and restaurants can begin sit down outdoor dining this friday. and apply for shared spaces allowing them to occupy nearby sidewalks and streets. right now restaurants can only open for takeout and delivery. the decision follows similar moves by contra costa, santa clara and san mateo counties two days ago. >> in the east bay sun valley shopping center will reopen this thursday at 11:00 a.m. some stores remain closed. no trays in the food court and signs for social distancing. malice . also this thursday, all dmv offices in california will reopen with limited services. all 169 field offices will be open. the state has been opening dmv
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offices in stages since early may. they will serve customers who already have appointments. behind the wheel driving tests still aren't available. customers visiting the field offices are being asked to wear face masks and follow social distancing requirements. >> happening now, skai 7 live in san jose where there is a grass fire turning up a lot of smoke. as you can see on this warm day. people are seeing it from interstate 680. mabry road and educational park drive, close to independence high school. it is not big. we're keeping an eye on it. let you know if anything more significant happens with it. saturday police are adopting restrictions on the use of rubber bullets after a massive outcry from the public. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen spoke to the police chief about these next steps. >> reporter: protests against police brutality have dominated headlines nationwide but closer to home the san jose police
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department has announce ad new set of practices prompted in part by public backlash. >> we're human beings and we made mistakes. and i think the true measure of that is to see how question correct those mistakes moving forward? >> among the changes, projectile impact weapons such as rubber bullets can no locker be used to disperse crowds. they can however be used in those settings when a person is actively attacking an officer or another person or when an armed agitator poses a threat to others. >> let's sit together and figure where the blind spots are. because in the end the safety of the city and our officers is what's paramount. >> the policy changes as san jose city council members conduct a public review of the department's tactics during the recent protest with a focus on community policing sjsu justice studies professor greg woods says the chief's announcement is a step in the right direction. >> let this be a water shed event where we once and for all conclude that there are levels of force that are unacceptable.
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>> abc7 news reported on a number of peaceful protests who say they were targeting with rubber bullets for no suitable reason. one man who helped pull an injured san jose police officer to safety. another was a community organizer, who was hit in the groin and is now unsure if he'll be able to father children. >> we want to be with our community. we want to help our community. and those who think we don't. that sad pens me. >> reporter: paul kelly says he and the department's rank and file support the chief's policy changes, which also includes the accelerated adoption of a state directive requiring officers to intervene when they see another officer using excessive force. >> don't give up on your police officer. because at the beginning of the day. and at the end of the day we're still going to be there when the smoke clears. >> law enforcement, now coming to terms with what should happen next. >> w ourselves accountable, conduct more training and we'll get better as
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a department. >> chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> three san francisco supervisors are calling on the city to ban police officers from rubber bullets and pepper spray. the right to protest safely act would also ban chemical agents and other things in response to recent black lives matter protests. announce ad dramatic change to city policy. victims and witnesses o the police violence can get financial help with expenses. the policy to fill the gap between state compensation laws and people should not have to turn to fundraisers like gofundme to cover the cost of a funeral should a family member be killed by police. >> the search continues for a hit and run driver who ran over a 24-year-old woman during a protest in oakland last week. in an emotional interview. abc7 news iteam reporter stephanie sierra spoke with the victim's mother. >> reporter: 24-year-old lucy
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fl flynn is lying in an icu bed fighting to survive. still in critical condition. >> it is unbelievable they would do that to her and to see how she looks in the hospital and not be able to helper is maddening. >> reporter: it happened saturday may 30th before 11:00 p.m. at the intersection of 17th and telegraph. witnesses say this cell phone video shows lucy on the left side of the screen being hit by what appears to be a tan honda accord with black wheels. isabel saw it happen. >> she was hit by the car and was on the hood for a couple seconds. and then went under the front and back wheels. i thought there was no way she could be alive. >> reporter: says the driver and passenger took off immediately. >> the people who did this need
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to be found. they are completely aware of what they did. >> more than a week later lucy can barely stand up but doctors say she's lucky to be alive. >> her lungs were crushed. all her ribs broken. she has like metal, titanium plates in her insides. >> her diaphragm punctured, plus countless broken bones and the distance made it even more painful as covid restrictions didn't allow mcnally to comfort her daughter for nearly a week after the accident. >> trying to stay strong for her. >> reporter: abc7 news. the pandemic has shut down businesses, schools and every day life as we know tonight a non profit that helps cancer patients has evolved to still fight for their lives. >> targeting telemarketers. the sec is proposing a record fine for 1 billion robo calls. >> and a recent college graduate. >> recent college graduate getting
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a lot of local charities are struggling right now during the economic struggles created by the pandemic of course. but one organization that a cancer patient has been hit especially hard. that's because the industry that supports them has all been shut down by the covid crisis. abc7 news anchor deion lynn has a look at how they are looking to overcome this incredible challenge. >> reporter: a technology test here in the bay area has been life changing for thousands of cancer patients. scalp cooling allows patients to keep from loosing their hair during chemotherapy but when the fda cleared the first device in 2015 the insurance didn't cover it. >> in order to level the playing field we started "hair to stay" so we could fund.
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>> reporter: the hair care industry for help and said the response was overwhelming. manufacturers and salons in the bay area pledged money and support. >> what a fantastic, fantastic thing. to be able to use a machine so you don't lose your hair so you can feel better and get better. >> the group set a goal in january helping 1,000 new patients and then covid hit. forced to shut doors, events canceled but the need continued to grow. >> and if covid shut down salons and many other things but it hasn't shut down cancer unfortunately. >> reporter: while many small salons struggle to restart business, hair to stay has come up with a colorful alternative in the meantime. pop up cabarets brought right to a donor's home. >> they deliver to the home a meal from some of the top chefs in the city. and along with a bottle of wine and a gift from the hair care industry. and then we're going curate a
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show with magic and comedy and music. >> reporter: they are hoping the pop up cabarets which begin next month will bridge the gap while the salons ramp up for reopening. a slow return to normal that will hopefully put an industry and vital charity back on their feet. in san francisco, abc7 news. two texas based telemarketers facing the largest fine ever handed down fwri federal government. the fcc is proposing two fines for allegedly violating the telephone consumer protection act. regulators say the companies made a billion illegally in spite offed robo calls in 2019 and falsely claimed to offer health insurance plans through major health insurance companies. june tooent is a holiday now. tweeted today, june 19th will be a day for celebration, education
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and connection. he also says it should be a national holiday. june teenth commemorates the end of slavery in the united states. >> apple, amazon and google recently updated their smart voice assist assistants. siri explains the black lives matter now like this. >> do black lives matter? >> yes, black lives matter. >> do all lives matter. >> all lives matter is often used in response to the flaz black lives matter but it does not represent the same concerns. to learn more about the black lives matter human rights movement, visit black lives >> and merriam webster changing the defense of racism in its zix their. the definition defined racisms a believed thrace is the primary
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determinant --. and that differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. e-mailed the editors and suggested that the definition be changed. >> i basically told them they need to include that there is systematic oppression upon a group of people. it is not just oh i don't like someone. >> the editors agreed and say a revision is on the way. >> get outside t weather is warm and sun
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the san jose earthquakes returned to training today. the quakes are the last of 26 tea practice. there is an agreement to restart the season but the league has not officially unveiled a plan or schedule. we're staying on top of it and let you know. but it is warm out there to be practicing.
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now your accuweather forecast. >> it is really warm out there and find even warmer temperatures come our way tomorrow as our heat will peak midweek around here. live dop her seven. not a cloud to be seen on satellite. blue skies from this point towards the west of san francisco skyline. a gorgeous looking day but warm to hot out there. hottest spots going back into the 90s. concord at 90 right now. 92 in brentwood, near 80 in oakland. 88 in santa rosa. 77 in the city right now and san jose coming in at 85 degrees. i do want to zoom into the south bay because we are keeping our eye on that vegetation fire right now. intersection of mayberry roland and north jax avenue. this is right where independence high school is in san jose and we're watching those winds out of the northeast gusting close to 15 miles per hour.
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but the relative humid is dry in the teens. and it will stay warm and dry the next 24 hours thanks to high pressuren live doppls oe merhe forecast right now. bringing the heat today, and it will continue tomorrow as well. so overnight tonight very limited fog right up along the immediate coastline. otherwise plenty of stars out there and mild, in the upper 50 toss lower 60s over the next 12 hours and be tons of sunshine on the way those numbers will quickly warm. temperatures by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning well into the 70s and 80s. tomorrow afternoon another hot one. highs in our microclimate. 89 in san jose. sun veil -- peninsula, 86 mountain view. 81 for mill burg. --
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east bay it is warm on our wednesday, 82. 83 san leandro. and -- hot afternoon. 93 in walnut creek. accuweather forecast our heat will peak tomorrow. it will begin to ease thursday. turns rather windy around here on friday and much cooler as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday temperatures in the 70s and 80s. one more day of hot temps. >> great, thanks drew very much. let's take another live look from sky7. in san jose where there is a grass fire turning up a decent amount of smoke and some flames. happening on mabry road
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and abc7 has launched new streaming apps so wherever you can get our live streaming news, breaking news weather and more. just century abc7 bay area and download it for free. >> coming up tonight on abc7 news at 6:00, alameda county moves past santa clara with the as the county with the most coronavirus cases in the bay area. at 6:00 what expert and community leaders are say about this increase. plus. >> i'm dan noisy in shoiz san jose. i received complaint about this covid testing sight. looking into who owns it and why results are taking so long. >> those stories and a local law professor's claims that racism is baked into america's legal system. all coming up in half an hour at
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abc7 news at 6:00. finally tonight help is on the way for some homeless families in the east bay. >> today officials and community leaders celebrated the opening of the "family matters" sheltder. a partnership between emeryville and oakland. >> the facility in emeryville will provide safety and stability for some 25 families and up to 100 people. >> these problems are not going to be solved city by city. they must be addressed on a regional, state and then national level. >> the facility will be operated by the east oakland community project. the family staying in the shelter will also have access to resources and services that officials hope will permanently end their homelessness. all right. that is going to do it. thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. see you again in half an hour.
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bye for now.
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tonight, the stirring words inside this houston church. tonight, the stirring words inside this houston church. the funeral for george floyd. his family, many dressed in white, heartbroken, in tears, his daughter gianna among them. former vice president joe biden and his message to that little girl. the reverend al sharpton calling on families to stand one by one, their names now known. families who've lost loved ones to police. nfl star j.j. watt, from the houston texans, among those paying tribute. george floyd laid to rest next to his mother. and tonight, our interview with another mother, ahmaud arbery's mother, wanda. she's here in houston. and her message to so many in america tonight. also this evening, the newly released videos of deadly force. from austin, texas, to oklahoma city. a driver in austin accused of


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