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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 19, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this morning. and i'm sure mike is right there with us. >> i'm following right behind you. i'll be your backup. i'll just move my lips and let you do all the singing though. look at that, the marine layer is back, it is about 1,000 feet deep which means it is not reaching all neighborhoods, but as we head throughout the day, it will try to break the heat a little bit. you can see the 17-mile-per-hour wind at fairfield and a light wind around sfo. and here is a look at the clouds along the east bay shore and pushing into parts of san francisco. temperature 54 at the coast, 60s for the rest of us, low 60s through the morning hours. and then we'll have 77 to 84 at noon. 82 to 89, so not quite as hot as it was yesterday. and 75 to 80 at 7:00. now, there are parts like the east bay valleys that will be a little warmer than everybody else with low to mid 90s coming back at you. your weekend forecast is coming up. several bay area counties is
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taking big steps forward in reopening today. the economy verse one of the key things that we're looking at as we are tracking this pandemic. today in alameda county, you can see indoor dining, and outdoor fitness classes. amy hollyfield is live for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, this is big news for a shopping center like this one, has s has see entoday has a lot of stores and hopefully more people will be taking advantage of this reopening that is happening here in this county. starting today you can shop inside a store and you can sit outside and eat at a restaurant. dog parks can reopen and outdoor fitness classes are also now allowed, so are religious services with up to 100 people in attendance. this county is behind other counties in the bay area. alameda just now entering phase two. health officials say they had a
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search of covid-19 cases that forced them to slow down on reopening, but officials say hospitalizations have stabilized over the past two week. there are safety requirements in the new order, stores can only allow half of their capacity inside. masks and social distancing are required. reporting live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. people can now get a man any cure, a tattoo or enjoy a ma massage starting today.any cure, a tattoo or enjoy a massage starting today. natu nail salons can no longer display polish bottles on the shelf. and abc 7 news has a new interactive tool to help you figure out the risk of all these activities. from shopping to parties, heading to the gym or going on vacation, medical experts are weighing in on all of it.
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you can check it out right now at or news app. and oakland police are banned from using tear gas or rubber bullets. the suit was filed and they want monetary damages for people hurt by police violence. the topic of tear gas came up last night at the oakland commission meeting. >> i was in oakland and was teargassed at officers that you choose to fund instead of giving kids books or something. and i demand that opd is immediately defunded. you couldn't have thave the cha or you will be on the wrong side of history. >> the parties agreed to specific guidelines regarding the judicious use of chemical agents and firing projectiles in managing threats to public safety. and it delineates the uses of smoke and gas in regards to protecting lives, preventing injuries and for the prevention
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of imminent destruction of property with regard to critical fwr infrastructure. and in swin vallejo, police no longer use chokeholds. the chief says that it is the right thing to do. and the daly city police department is doing the same. officials are also discussing other possible reforms with nonprofit organizers and the officers union. the bay area is marking juneteenth today with festivals, rallies and even bloats. june tejuneteenth commemorates s end of slavery. port workers plan to march to oakland city hall. and in san francisco, a march will take place at noon, they will go from the ferry building to civic center plaza. a "black lives matter" rally will take place this afternoon at the lake merritt
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and tesla will also hold a rally this afternoon. president trump supporters are already camped out outside an arena in tulsa, oklahoma. the president will hold a campaign rally tomorrow at the center which can hold 19,000 people. tulsa is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. local health officials say they are worried an indoor rally with thousands of people will make matters worse. >> tulsa just had a record number of cases. in the last week, the number of covid-19 cases in tulsa is up 111%. >> when there was hearsay of trump coming in, now all of a sudden we have an up rise and a spike in the coronavirus numbers. and i question that. >> hand sanitizer and masks will be handed out at the entrance,
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but there is no mandate to use them. health officials are urging people to wear the masks and a poll of registered voters by the democracy fund and ucla nation state project, democratic rival joe biden holds an 11 point lead over president trump. reggie. minnesota senator amy klobuchar has removed herself from consideration to be joe biden's running mat inning mate. she wants him to select a woman of color. some of the top contenders for vice president are california senator kamala harris, wlaenatlanta mayor bott and also value demings. and governor newsom has
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signed a bill that will make it a law to be sent a hail-mail-in ballot. in-person will still be available. the legislation won bipartisan approval after a series of amendments. new overnight, protestors took aim at a strategy of george washington in portland. this new swrird i donvideo showy vandalized the statue. they lit the flag on fire. and toppled the statue. and the christopher columbus statue in front of coy tower is gone this morning. this is a photo of crews removing it yesterday. the mayor and the san francisco arts commission say they desire todd take t -- decided to take it done because it doesn't align with san francisco's values. >> clu christopher columbus is a deeply polarizing histofigure in our hy
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and a symbol of pain. >> it was vandalized three times last week. a flyer encouraged people to hold demonstration scheduled for today. the statue is in storage for now. and there are at least five fires in the bay area yesterday, this one in livermore was the largest, 28 acres. it burned about a half mile. it is now 100% contained. so hopefully no more of that, but i know it will be pretty warm today. >> yeah, almost as warm as yesterday except near the coast. really no heightened fire danger u out of the ordinary, just very dry conditions and the marine layer and the breeze that it brings today. the red flag warning did expire yesterday for solano county and there is not one across the entire state right now. so let's talk temperatures. mid to upper 50s with increasing clouds along the east bay shore. a little milder up in the hills.
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62 there. and you can see a lot of 50s out there. so pretty good sleeping weather. is a lot of low to mid-60s for the inland east bay neighborhoods. about 55 in san francisco. and we have a small craft advisory on the bay today. hot surfaces still inland if you are walking the dogging. and our moderate risk of a heat illness now moves done to low because the temperatures will he remain in the mid to upper 80s in the afternoon.done to low because the temperatures will he remain in the mid to upper 80s in the afternoon. and the last stop will be the east bay valleys where the warmest temperatures will peak in the low 90s for a couple hours and a very comfortable 78 by the time we get to 8:00. now a look at the morning commute.
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happy friday and happy june teen tth to you. coming from the north bay, we do have a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. and that is the only issue that is on the road right now. so we'll take a live look in oakland showing you 880, look at that, every day more and more cars. the nice thing is though it seems like people are being pretty safe. please keep it that way so we don't have any problems and our essential commuters can get in just fine. and i do have some drive times for you. tracy to dublin, going to be a 27 minute ride. antioch to concord, 23. and is an are a san rafael to s, a quick 17 minute ride. >> that is a lot of cars on the road. thanks. coming up next, the 7 things to know this morning. also arrested and charged, police say that this is the man who accosted a family at a restaurant while they were wearing "black lives matter"
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shirts. what his defense attorney is saying. and no mention of distance learning. th
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if you are just joining us, here are the 7 things to know. number one, a public memorial service will be held for the federal officer gunned down month. the service will be streamed. and alameda is catch up with the rest of the bay area opening up outdoor dining and all reta l retail. and number three, nail salons and other personal care services can start reopening in solano and sonoma following new guidelines. and number four, the former atlanta police officer who shot rayshard brooks is expected to face a judge. garrett rolfe faces 11 charges including murder. and number five, cooling hits the coast today, but it
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will still be hot inland. so check out the large summer spread from 64 to nearly 94. number six, it is getting busier on our roads. we'll take a live love look at a san mateo bridge. a good amount headed toward the peninsula. and today is juneteenth, a celebration of the end of slavery and announced all people were free 2 1/2 years after the emancipation proclamation. several events where planned arouare planned around the bay area today. and a san francisco man is due in court next week for felony threat and hart crite cre charges. kate larsen was there as the suspect walked out of jail. >> reporter: on june 7th, this
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man is accused of threaten going a family while they ate dinner at a restaurant. as the family recounted on abc 7 last week, they had just come from a protest in san francisco and the children were wearing "black lives matter" shirts. >> he said f black lives, blue lives matter. he said fu, b, i'll fing shoot you. >> reporter: and thursday the suspect was arrested on four counts of felony threats with a hate crime enhancement. do you want to say anything to the family? he said nothing to me as he left the jail after posting $150,000 bail. but his attorney did talk. >> he signed up for rehab because i said dude, you have a drinking problem. >> reporter: and the defense attorney says that he had too much to drink with his family while eating. does he believe black lives matter? >> i think he does. i think he does by his actions.
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>> reporter: why did he say that? >> i don't know. >> reporter: she described the man as just being fired at united airlines just over his matter. just a bundle of tears. >> super upset, super crying, super stressed out. >> reporter: and she dispurt pu that he threatened to shoot the family, but they had interviewed a dozen witnesses. >> according to the evidence, he said if i had a gun, i would shoot you. >> reporter: and he explained why he is pursuing felony threat and hate crime charges. >> this one has the added element, it is based on race at a time in our world where our community is very concerned about i this issue. all right a wrrt and the fami . >> reporter: and the family is relieved that the district attorney has filed charges. kate larsen, abc 7 news. in the east bay, a small group gathered to show their
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support for "black lives matter." several drivers honked in encouragement. the message from one woman, your battle is my battle, we fight together. [ chanting ] and mun hundreds marched demanding economic justice safety for the black transgender community. some mcdonald's workers are on strike, they want two weeks of quarantine pay. supporters painted a mural on the street near the drive-thru, a group of workers filed a lawsuit against the franchise owner alleging poor policies led to 11 of them contracting covid-19. and ucsf is now releasing
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findings after it tested thousands in the mission district for antibodies. the study shows about 6% had been infected by late april and early may and around 2% were actively infected at the time of testing. a disproportionate majority were among latinos who continued to work during the pandemic. and we're getting an idea of what the next school year could look like in marin county. guidelines say students will be physically back in classrooms. there is no mention of remote learning. the rules include new schedules for arrivals, classes, lunch and recess. and maximizes physical distancing and times for cleaning and prohibits large gatherings like school assemblies. >> mike, what did i call you earlier? miko? it is one of those days, reggie. >> i like it. you may not know this, but we
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have a long history of combining names. so that totally makes sense. >> so are you regki? >> i could be that, i could be like romasi. >> oh, yeah, i like that. >> yeah, i haven't done that in a long time thankfully. but, yeah. anyway, we shall move on. hi, everybody. it is friday. i hope you've had a decent week. if you haven't, let's try to get you a good weekend. at least weather-wise. here is a look, you can see that things are different this morning. the marine layer is back trying to hug san francisco and parts of the east bay shore and remind you that everything will be okay. the heat is going to go away for a little bit, at least in those areas while still inland it will be pretty warm today. more clouds, seasonably cool tonight. and summer starts astronomically at 2:43 tomorrow afternoon. and here is the cloud cover, by
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noon back to the coast. and we're in the mid-80s to near 90 in the south bay. mid-70s to mid-80s on the peninsula. low to mid-60s along the coast. we'll try to get to near 70 downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. low to mid-60s along the north bay coast. but mid to upper 80s for most of us inland until you get to cloverdale north where it is mid to upper 90s. 77 oakland to 84 in fremont. and 88 to 94 as you head into the east bay valleys. tonight's temperatures will hang out in the low to upper 50s. my accuweather 7 day forecast, the heat continues to ease all the way through father's day, and then it gets hot again next week. >> thanks, mike.
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jimmy kimmel is taking time off. his examination. and
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. let's take a look at our temperatures as we head through the holiday weekend. we'll start with saturday. cool along the coast, 70s around the bay and mainly 80s inland. and sunday afternoon, may see an uptick in temperatures one to two degrees in our inland neighborhoods all the way to san francisco about 63. and then you can see monday when a lot of people are heading back to work, temperatures will get hot again especially inland with 80s and 90s there. some of the 80s spreading into the bay and near 70 in san francisco. nice run of weather in san francisco. that is for sure the next several days. here is liz. happening today, the warriors will be on serve juneteenth by participating in community events around the bay area. yesterday the team announced that it is encouraging front office staff to take part in the ongoing "black lives matter" movement. this is video of players taking part in a march earlier this month. today's events include repainting murals and participating in music festivals, bike rallies and
5:24 am
organized marches. and in san jose, some people are fired up over fireworks. they say neighbors have been illegally setting them off weeks before the fourth of july. jeff levine has captured illegal fireworks on his home security camera for years. he says that he recognizeses t sounds and he does not think that city leaders or law enforcement will take action. >> it has never been a high priority anyway in a normal year. so i wouldn't expect any attention to this year at all. >> this week the city launched its annual fed up with fireworks campaign. more than 1900 reports were file order line oig last ye ed online last year but only two considers. and fire officials say many reports don't include enough information to warrant action. and the complaints aren't just happening here and in
5:25 am
daifddaif today's gma first look oig, eva pilgrim shows us a look. >> reporter: and it is not the fourth of july, so why are so many american cities seeing spikes in fireworks complaints? >> everybody has been, you know, locked down or shut in for, you know, 3, 3 1/2 months. and people wheare itching to do something. >> reporter: night after night, in backyards, and on street corners, that sound cutting through the darkness. >> we have the boom, boom, booms like at 12:00 at night. from everyone that i've talked to, they say it has to stop. >> reporter: and they aren't just loud, they are also potentially dangerous. we'll tell you what you need to know to stay safe coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look," i'm eva pilgrim, abc news, new york.
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>> how are we already at july 4th? >> i really don't know. all i know is as a kid, i was only allowed to play with those poppers. did you have those where like you throw them at the ground and they make that loud noise? >> yeah, i know what you're talking about. i don't think that i would have been great at them, but those are fun, right? >> they were fun you can unless you lived where we were, my dad would allow us to do it on like a 2 by 2 piece of konlg create a concrete and that is it because he didn't want a mess. yay, what joy! >> happy 4th. >> happy 4th, everyone. all right. coming up all new at 5:30, if you are itching to get away, one airline is offering a new service out of san francisco. and also the strong statement about the new statewide mask mandate.
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>> reporter: a memorial is set for a federal officer shot and killed in the line of duty.
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5:29 am
. honoring an officer killed outside the oakland federal building. family, friends and dignitaries come together today to pay tribute to pat underwood. and a vigil for the man killed by a police officer inside a walmart, his mother pleads for his death to not be
5:30 am
forgotten. the bay area is taking another big step forward in reopening. where you can finally get manicures, massages and at that time tur time -- tattoos starting today. ♪ yes, you may have heard this song, john legend out with an entire new album on today juneteenth. good morning and welcome to friday june 19. >> that is good news. anytime we wake up to a new john legend album or song, pretty happy. >> i'm here for it. >> mike, happy juneteenth to you. going to be warm today. >> yeah, it really is going to be. and we're starting off with a exit of a difference. north bay, advisability is down to a couple hundred feet.
5:31 am
and it is spilling across toward the east bay. liz ways ss saying she had to u the windshield wipers, so some moisture with it. and mid to upper 60s for half moon bay. mid to upper 1e69s arou70s arou beabear bay. and low to upper 80s through the north bay. farther north like baake port, upper 90s there. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast coming up. happening today the funeral for the officer fatally shot outside the federal building last month. ansar hassan is live outside the high school. >> reporter: that memorial will be held at the theater here at
5:32 am
pinole valley high school and it is open to the public. family and friends called him a good natured man and talented athlete who attended pinole valley high school. the 53-year-old was shot and killed may 29 as he stood guard at the federal building in oakland during a george floyd demonstration. two suspects have been arrested in connection with the case including the suspected shooter who is an active duty u.s. air force sergeant. the fbi says the gunman may have ties to a right wing extremist group. friends and family describe under wood's killing as sen sensele senseless. >> he was standing there, you know, trying to protect everybody. and he wouldn't have hurt anybody. he was close with his family and friends and would do anything for anybody. >> reporter: the acting chief of
5:33 am
homeland security will also be in attendance along with other state and local officials. the family is asking the public to come out, they say the message is to stop the violence. reporting live, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. now to the east bay where friends and family gathered to remember a man who was shot and killed by a san leandro police officer. they are demanding police accountability for the death of steven taylor who was killed inside a walmart on april 18. police say taylor refused an officer's order to drop a baseball bat family members want the officer who was fired held accountable. >> it is hard to look at something when you see your grandson dying right in front of you on a dirty floor. >> city council voted tuesday to reallocate $1.7 million that would have gone to the police department to other areas to help those in the community. the city spends more than $48
5:34 am
million to fund the department. florida a and oakland police have stepped up controls after someone found material stuffed in the shape of a human body with roach ti rope tied around it. and the mayor calls it a deliberate attempt to divide the community. and this is a day after ropes were are found tied to trees. a man says that he set up the reasons as part of outdoor exercise equipment. the fbi is investigating both as ma hate crimes. we have resources to help you, photo action and of course we don't have all the answers, but we can hopefully help you find your ally. and this morning the former atlanta police officer who shot rayshard brooks is expected to face a judge. garrett rolfe faces 11 charges
5:35 am
including murder. jobina fortson has the latest. >> good morning. yes, the 27-year-old now former officer is being held without bail. rolfe will be before a judge this morning facing charges of murder in the death of rayshard brooks. the other officer to respond to the call, 26-year-old brosnan 4described his encounte with brooks. >> i felt that he was friendly, he was respectful, i was respectful to him. and i felt lining he seemed lining someone who potentially needed my help and i was really just there to see what i could do for him, make sure that he was safe. >> officers say the shooting was justified and that the criminal charges are because of political pressure. some officers within the department have been calling out
5:36 am
sick but the department says they have enough officers to protect the city. president trump is trying to block the release of the explosive new book by his ex-national security adviser john jobolton. there will be a tele hearing later today. bolton called the president unfit for office and sounding the alarm about a second trump term. this morning bolton says he is not surprised that the president is taking legal action. and bolton tells he does not believe it contains classified material. >> i wrote the book to begin with, i was very conscience to avoid putting in anything that i thought could be deemed classified. the president isn't worried about foreign governments reading this book, he is worry d about the american people reading this book. >> the book is set to be released on tuesday. the full interview with john bolton is airing in a one hour special sunday night at 9:00.
5:37 am
and reggie, we have to acknowledge the room where it happened. >> yeah, i was fascinated that that was the name that he chose. >> quarter, not hap >> yeah, not happy basically using his song title. he is not happy. >> got it. and also a reminder that "hamilton" is coming to disney plus soon. am mid the coronavirus pandemic, we're working on working a better bay area with a focus on four key areas, health, education, changing workplaces and the economy. and starting today, napa is taking a big step allowing gyms, fitness studios, movie theater, personal care services to reopen and that does through yinclude n salons and tattoo parlors. and in the north bay they are allowed in sonoma county.
5:38 am
they decided to state's guide abc fance for the step because she sees a minimal difference between these businesses and hair salons which are already open. and san mateo county will also allow nail salons, tattoo parlors and other personal care services to reopen. solano also is welcoming customers back. ala ala me today county is not there yet, but they are allowing outdoor today county e yet, but they are allowing outdoor dining. and one important thing to keep in mind, face coverings and social distancing will be mandatory in all of these businesses no matter what county they are in. contact tracers tool in # stostopping the sprea
5:39 am
covid-19. and governor newsom makes masks a requirement across the state. the strong reaction that we're hearing from former governor schwarzenegger. and hi, everybody. welcome to friday. let's take a look at some neighborhood temperatures. we'll start in the south bay where we have a clear sky and upper 50s to low 60s in most neighborhoods. we are cooler in morgan hill, about 53. mid to upper 50s around the bay shore. low to upper 50s in the north bay. napa, 57. and low to mid-60s in the east bay valleys. we'll also be warmest this afternoon with low to mid-90s. as you cross the bridge, there will be colluloud cover as you into san francisco. choppy during the afternoon commute. peninsula, low to mid-80s during the afternoon hours under almost full sunshine. a very nice 72 though if you are heading out this evening.
5:40 am
for the east bay, 64 at 8:00, 79 at noon. low to mid-80s for a couple hours this afternoon. 71 during the 8:00 hour. and san francisco is going to be bes co the coolest. and you will somewhere thave th amount of sunshine. 59 this evening. the weekend is monday us, i'll have that forecast coming up. first let's talk about the commute. thank you so much. hello, everyone. so things have been awfully quiet on the roads. i hope they stay that way for you. so the only big note is fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. and then that is it. so a live look at walnut creek and show you what is going on 680. it looks pretty good. people are out and about, but no major problems. so happy to report that. and i do have drive times.
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grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. get 'em now with no contact delivery. for those of you wondering where it went and concerned and worried that it may never come back, it is back. take a look. there you go. look at the marine layer from the east bayhills camera. yes, relief from the heat for some of us today. but not all of us. 53 to 60 this morning. but the coast firmly entrenched most of the day. 76 to 84, a little milder at noon and 81 to 84 at 4:00. and 74 to 80, it will feel 23450is nice at
5:44 am
valley, 97 to 101. it is no longer just recommended, face coverings are now required statewide in response to rising coronavirus cases. governor newsom made the announcement yesterday. face masks were already required in most of the bay area. the new mandate requires face masks be worn in any indoor and outdoor public spaces when you are close to other people. >> and we're seeing a wave start to grow and that is with the social distancing that we're doing now which is i got to say a bit erratic. i secertainly saw last week tha masking fell by the wayside. >> and there are exemptions. for example children two and under, anyone eating or drinking at a restaurant, and anyone with a disability that prevents them from wearing a and arrest nonold schwarzen says that this is 100% the right move. anyone making it a political issue is a moron oig wwho can't.
5:45 am
>> oh, okay. very clear. sure. contact tracers are key to fighting the spread of coronavirus, but their efforts are being hijacked by criminals and they are trying to pretend like they are health workers. law enforcement officials tell 7 on your side that they are getting more reports of people being called by imposters. and they fear that this problem will only get worse. real contact tracers will ask about symptoms, talk about testing and quarantining. imposters are typically trying to get after your personal information. >> they are never going to ask for bank account information or a social security number or other personally identifiable information that could give rise to someone losing their money. when someone is asked those question, they should hang up. >> so this is really key. tracers will never ask you for
5:46 am
money, they will never charge for testing or any other services. so you should never click on links that they send to your phone or email. that is a big red flag. and do not give them any personal information. happy yerp nier news now. john legend is out with a new album. ♪ >> this is a celebration of love, of life, of resilience. and it is a celebration of my love for black music and all the music that inspired me and made me the artist that i am today. >> and you just heard the title track, bigger love. rolling stone describes the album as a bear hug that we need right now. and this morning on gma, he is talking about everything from juneteenth to father's day and the meaning behind his new music. >> it is an album full of love, a hopeful album, hopefully it will be inspiring for people. and, you know, with all the
5:47 am
tough times that this nation is experiencing, i felt like people could use it. >> legend will also be performing on gma as part of their summer concert series. love that. and coming up this weekend, he will host a father's day special right here on abc 7, called john legend and family, a bigger love father's day. so that is happening sunday at 8:00. >> and also happening today, our own abc 7 mornings anchor jobina fortson will be hosting a live chart about the significance of juneteen juneteenth. it happens at noon. jobina, we're so excited to watch that. >> thanks, guys. i'm very excited about it. i'll be talking with the other reporter you saw i eer there, r with national geographic. she wrote a great piece. we'll dig into the hisser to and
5:48 am
talk abo history and talk about the pivot that we'll likely see today. >> i'm so excited that you are doing this. and she got a shout out from the big boss yesterday. so -- >> thank you. >> jobina making things happen. we love it. it is an awareness that people need. i think a lot of people don't know what june teenth is or what it means. let's talk about the weekend. we finally made to friday. 62 degrees in san jose. let's use the backdrop to talk about our accuweather high lights. and that was too fast. there we go. all right. i don't know what happened there, but mostly sunny. heat easing today.
5:49 am
wavering marine layer means that we'll have a temperature tug of war the next couple days. and summer starts tomorrow. here is a look at the fog and you can see its influence, the greens along the coast are 60 degree temperatures at noon. yellows are 70. and they stay pretty much put as we head into the afternoon hours while the inland neighborhood is still warm into the reds and. and we'll have mid-70s to mid-80s on the peninsula. a little uncomfortable in some neighborhoods. low to mid-60s along the coast with stubborn clouds today. near 70 downtown south san francisco and sausalito. low to mid-60s north bay coast. inland, you have the sunshine and low to upper 70s. 70s. 70s. 8 87 at santa rosa. mid-80s fremont. and inland, temperatures in the upper 80s to mid-90s. tonight how about we drop back into the 50s with more cloud
5:50 am
cover. that will help ease the heat saturday and again father's day and then the marine layer backs off a little bit and we get warmer again starting monday. have a good one. san francisco bay company lyme is expanding its subscription service. prices will vary by location, lyme has scooters in oakland and san jose but paused operations because of covid-19. it is believed that daily pass will cost around 15 bucks. jetblue has announced that it will add 30 routes to its schedule, that includes new flights between san francisco and new airport. the airline says that the new routes reflect stronger demand for leisure travel. and new at 6:00, an east bay
5:51 am
college professor accused of a disturbing interaction with a student, and how the college is responding. also a traditional treat with a powerful message inside. a local fortune cookie factory
5:52 am
5:53 am
having conversations about race can be uncomfortable, but a company in the east bay is using their culture and craft to educate others. they developed a fortune cookie specifically for the "black lives matter" movement. there is more than what is on the outside, it is what is on the inside that is starting a conversation. >> when you open it, not only are you rewarded with a delicious treat, there is a thought provoking message on the inside. >> they include quotes from civil rights leaders and other
5:54 am
resources to get educated. the owners are handing out the solidarity cookies to protesters, in addition 50% of protesters wi proceeds will be donated to charities. 16 macy he's stores will ren for indoor shopping today where health officers have given the go-ahead. and they say that there will be increased sanitation. and stores in san francisco, contra costa, solano, san mateo and santa clara counties will reopen. macy's furloughed a majority of its 130,000 workers because of coronavirus. jimmy kimmel will take a break from his late night show. i've been doing this job for almost 18 years. and there is nothing wrong, my family is healthy, i'm healthy, i just need a couple months off.
5:55 am
>> there is matt damon creeping up behind jimmy during the announcement. he's wearing a bath robe. all right. it is part of a long running gag between the two. kimmel says that he will spend time with his family during his break and guest hosts will fill in. i'm not sure if i'm seeing things or if it is actually happening. or if it is just simply my fantasy playing out in front of me. but regardless, there you go. where he cou we could continue looking at this or mike nicco. >> matt damon is probably better, but i'll try to see you insi -- i'll try to see y to see y u little bit. the marine layer will get more he robust. you can see the heat is easing a
5:56 am
little bit more as we head saturday and into sunday.robust. you can see the heat is easing a little bit more as we head saturday and into sunday. among t monday the heat starts to build once again. have a great weekend, everybody. >> thanks, mike. next, a local police department now banned from using tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bangs at least for now. plus a look at the history of the bay area's juneteenth celebrations and why this year will be different from what we've seen in the past. >> reporter: ala 450e todmeda c today it is your turn. coming up next, we'll
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open for business, alameda is taking a step to reopen their economy. >> and it is friday, june 19. reggie, what is your friday dance, your friday, friday, friday? >> oh, it was my 5:00 a.m. like it is friday, it is friday, it is friday. >> ja yeah, it will be a nice weekend with the heat easing a little bit. let's take a look at a little bit of fog out there,
6:00 am
visibility down a couple hundred feet in petaluma, so be careful there along the coast. and it looks like the fog is pretty much going to stay right in the north bay. but you can see the onshore breeze, and we were tracking this yesterday as it slowly migrated up from the south. now it is here, the marine layer. and look at this gorgeous shot. 53 at the coast, the rest of us around 60 at 7:00. that you will like this one even more. several counties are taking big steps forward to reopening. today in alameda county, you can expect to see indoor dine being, shopping and outdoor fitness classes. an


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