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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 19, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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feet in petaluma, so be careful there along the coast. and it looks like the fog is pretty much going to stay right in the north bay. but you can see the onshore breeze, and we were tracking this yesterday as it slowly migrated up from the south. now it is here, the marine layer. and look at this gorgeous shot. 53 at the coast, the rest of us around 60 at 7:00. that you will like this one even more. several counties are taking big steps forward to reopening. today in alameda county, you can expect to see indoor dine being, shopping and outdoor fitness classes. and amy hollyfield is live in
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dublin. and they have been a little slower than the rest. >> reporter: but today is their day, reggie. they can now sit out here at this table at this restaurant and have a meal. how does that sound? alameda county is slowly reopening. and you can also go inside a store and shop here in alameda county, no more curbside pickup. stores must cut their customers in half. the number of customers, not literally their customers. they will only be allowed to let in half of their capacity. so people can properly distance from each other. and also allow religious services with 100 people in attendance. and outdoor workouts can reopen and dog parks also are reopening. and alameda just now entering phase two of reopenig. and health officials say they had a surge of covid-19 cases that forced them to slow down on reopening, but officials say hospitalizations have stabilized
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over the next two weeks. they are emphasizing that we aren't out of the woods yet. this pandemic is not over, we need to be careful, washl o our hands, wear face masks and stay home when we can. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and other counties are much farther along. you can get a manicure or even a massage starting today. the counties are following the state's guidance for the next step of reopening puch under the new rules, a palette of colors that can be sanitized. and abc 7 news has a new interactive tool to help you figure out the risk of different activities from shopping to parties, going to the gichl ym going on vacation, you can check it out at or the
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abc 7 news app. and a judge granted a stemp area restraining order banning oakland police from using rubber bullets and tear gas. a suit says they want permanent changes. the topic of tear gas came up several times last night during oakland police commission meeting. >> i was in oakland three weeks ago gee aand was teargassed by that you chse to fund and i demand that they are immediately defunded. >> the police department released a statement saying that the parties agree to specific gidelines regarding the judicious use of chemical agents and managing threats to public safety that rise during certain gatherings. and /
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until july 2. and an east bay community college faculty member is accused of sending a racial message to a student. jobina fortson has details for us. >> good morning. yes, the president of laney college says that this staff member has been placed on administrative leave. the community college is vowing to investigate a claim that the faculty member sent racist and soo xenophobic messages to the student over how they pronounce their name. and they write this incident is obviously disturbing. and we do not tolerate racism, discrimination or oppression of any kind.
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and so as you can imagine, the responses have been very passionate. back to you. >> yeah, i'm sure we'll follow up on that today. and the bay area is marking juneteenth today with festivals, rallies and and it commemorates the end of slavery. there will be some marches and rallies today to commemorate it. a "black lives matter" rally will take place this afternoon at 1:00. and tesla employees will hold a "black lives matter" event at 1:00 this afternoon, a caravan will travel from a tesla factory to fremont city hall. today final preparations are under way ahead of president trump's first campaign style rally in months. supporters are already camped out in tulsa, the president will hold a campaign rally tomorrow
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at the bok center which can hold 19,000 people. tulsa is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. local health officials say they are worried that an indoor rally with thousands of people will only make matters worse. hand sanitizer and masks will be handed out, but no mandate to use them. amy klobuchar has removed mercy from consideration to be joe biden's running mate. she told msnbc that she hurricane irma to select him to collect a woman of color. some of the top contenders still there include senator kamala harris, atlanta mayor bottoms and congresswoman val demings. and protesters attacked a statue of george washington and set it on fire. plus an update on the mountain lion that we tracked yesterday as it was cornered in san francisco. where he is at this morning.
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and the marine layer is back, check out the temperatures along the coast in in in in in n
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welcome back. check out these temperatures in san francisco. fairly uniform with increasing clouds. we have 60s in the east bay valley, and check out this beautiful shot. the marine layer brings a small craft advisory and it will drop our heat illness risk down to low if you are out this afternoon. and we have 83 in the south bay at noon, but 75 at 8:00. north bay, 73 at 8:00. and east bay valleys are the warmest after touching 90 for a couple hours. weekend forecast less than 7 minutes away. good morning, everyone. it has been a very light day on
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our roads so far. a live look at the golden gate bridge because there is a fog advisory issued there. you can see that the advisability is low in the aer. so be kaef. t overnight road work has been picked up. and i'm not seeing any major issues on our roads, so good news. and next the local school district planning to have kids back in classes in the fall. and let's take a live look outside again. this is our sfo camera. and you can see that it is quite clear. much different than the golden gate bridge.
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some oakland mcdonald's workers are on strike. this rally was at the 45th and telegraph store yesterday. supporters painted a mural on the street and a group of workers filed a lawsuit against the franchise other than alleging poor policies that led to 116 them contra covid-19. and thousands were tested in the mission sdwrinkt for distri antibodies. about 6% had been infected by late april and early may. on top of that, around 2% were actively infected at the time of testing.
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latinos. and in marin county, they have released guidelines for school to the reopen in the fall with students physically back in classrooms. there is no mention of remote learning. the rules include new schedules for arrivals, classes, lunch and recess. and also maximizes physical distancing and time for the cleaning and prohibits large gathers like assemblies. and this mountain lion spotted in several san francisco neighborhoods this week is back in the wild this morning. we brought to you live right here on abc 7 mornings yesterday as officials captured the cat in the mission bay neighborhood, this was around 6:30 yesterday morning. and vets at the oakland zoo gave it a checkup and determined that it was healthy enough for release. and we have the gender as well. our friends at the puma project tell us that he is a male.
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>> yeah, we were asking people on twitter what we should name it and the winner is -- wrchlt embarqudaryl. >> and i'm sure that when you call him that, he will be very friendly. >> he'll turn around and go what's up? >> yeah, missed you on high walk. that is great news. hi, everybody, you can call it june gloom, but that sounds negative. so let's talk about the marine layer. and you can see the free air conditioning that is coming back from 35rparts of bay. mostly sunny this afternoon,
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we'll have a few passing high clouds. it will be a wide summer spread of nearly 30 degrees. seasonably cool tonight and the summer solstice is tomorrow. yeah, saturday at 2:43 p.m. look at the clouds quickly return to the coast and that is where they will stay for the most part. there may be a little bit of cloud cover at the golden gate bridge and during the evening it already starts to make a push to the east at 7:00. before it does that, how about mid to upper 80s during in the south bay. a little more comfort on the peninsula, especially around millbrae and san mateo. even either in t everybody else in the low to mid-80s. more sunshine on the bay side, so near 70 in downtown, south san francisco. and 82 at san rafael, but look at cloverdale, mid to upper 90s there. along the east bay shore, the marine influence felt most around richmond and berkeley, 73 to 74.
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everybody else to even a few mid-80s. and 88 in san ramon to 94 in brentwood. let's take a look at tonight, you can see the cloud cover is more extensive of and good sleeping weather with lows falling back into the 50s. and we'll let a little more heat out of the air mass for father's day and then it turns monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday with above average temperatures. starting to feel a lot more like summer. have a good weekend. here is liz and reggie. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 and ginger zee has a look at what is ahead. >> great to be with you. coming up here on gma, the latest on the coronavirus emergency, cases are climbing in 20 states now. and oklahoma is one of them and that of course is where president trump is heading tomorrow night for his first rally since the country essentially shut down. there is a lot of concern about the fueling the spread of the virus with that large crowd, so we'll have the latest on that.
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also this morning our abc news exclusive with john bolton. he is responding to president's attacks as we learn new details from his bombshell book, why he fears a second trump term as both sides get set it fight over the future of the book in front of a judge. and father's day is sunday, so we'll have a sneak peek at will smith's emotional conversation can with with his wife and how becoming a dad gave him emotion. and john legend the. only on gma. got change? the reason there is a coin shortage across america. plus the man kicked off an american airlines flight if refusing to wear a face mask has how been banned from the airline. the message for anyone planning to fly. and as you get your day started, here is a live look outside. it will be another warm one. and warmish in san francisco. ♪
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♪ yeah ♪ ♪ y-yeah ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ hey, hey
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let's show you the high temperatures. even cooler along the coast and around the bay. and inland 90s around antioch.
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everybody else in the 80s. and just a couple degrees cooler for sunday inland while everybody else remains the same. and you can see monday the weekend is over and so is our break from the extreme heat especially inland. new overnight, protesters took aim at a statue of george washington in portland. this is video showing what happened. you can see that they vandal lized the statue, it is falling over. some wrapped it in an american flag and lit the flag on fire. they then toppled the statue as you saw. we're told that there are up to 40 people there at the time. and the christopher columbus statue in front of coy tower is gone this morning. this is a photo of crews removing it yesterday. the mayor and arts commission say they decided to take it down because it doesn't align with san francisco's values. >> christopher columbus is a deeply polarizing figure in our history. and a deep symbol of pain, oppression, particularly for many indigenous people.
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>> and the statue was vandalized three times last week and a flyer encouraged situati flon stwrags scheduled for today. and american airlines says that brandon will not be allowed on anywhere of their flights for the duration of the coronavirus emergency. the political activist was taken off a plane wednesday after boarding his flight from laguardia can to dallas. chris mcginnis is the senior travel correspondent and he talked about the ban on abc 7 news yesterday. >> what ended up happening american airlines said that it may not be against the law, but it is against our rules and since we're a private company, if you want to, you know, be on our private property, you have to follow our rules. >> this is insane. >> american says he can flyer with them once face coverings are no longer required for customers.
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the economic shurt having sg an impact on coins. there is a shortage. some banks could run out in a few days. officials say many places where coins enter the ffinancial syst have been closed but they expect the shortage to be fixed in a few weeks. and there are community events around the area for juneteenth. it will include repainting murals and participating in music festivals and organized marches. and coming up next, the changes happening around lake merritt after a disturbing discovery. a memorial service for a federal officer shot and killed in the line of duty,
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when we closed our wynn committed instantly to keeping all 15,000 team members on-board. we then focused our five-star level of service to all who needed it. we made improvements to people's lives. we strove to be better and we made people happy. this closure may have temporarily taken us out of wynn and encore, but it couldn't take the wynn and encore out of us. and now, we are proud to welcome you back. honoring a federal officer targeted in a deadly attack in the east bay. family, friends and kick kndign come together to pay tribute. and a vigil for a man killed by police. >> i want the officers to be held accountability. >> his mother pleads for his death to not be forgotten. and new developments in the
6:30 am
death of rayshard brooks. an officer defending wro ing br behavior. >> just come to the point where urgency is where we have a call to action. to stop the oppression and the injustices. >> commemorating juneteenth, the end of slavery in america. the call to action for everyone in the bay area and what will be different this year. good morning on this friday, happy juneteenth or happy fri freedom day, whatever you call it, we are here to celebrate it with you. >> and mike, father's day is coming up too. i hope you have nice plans. and the weather will be pretty nice. >> yeah, the weather will -- i'll say it will be a little less hot. it won't be cool, at least not inland. but it won't be as hot as it has
6:31 am
been. let's take a look at the changes out there as our weather pattern is turning to the normal morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. a little bit of fog. so this is going to take some heat out of the air mass along the coast. 64 to 69 there. mid to upper 70s for richmond, oakland, san mateo. low to mid-80s for the rest of the bay. still hot inland, but just not as hot as it has been. low to mid-90s. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. mapping toda happening today, the funeral for and ansar hassan is live for us. >> reporter: and that mem or i can't go will take place at the theater here at pinole valley
6:32 am
high school at 11:00 a.m. and it is open to the public. officer under wood was a pinole recent and he was a good athlete who attended pinole valley high school. the 53-year-old underwood was shot and killed on may 29 while he was guarding the federal building in oakland during one of the demonstrations over the police killing of george floyd of. two suspects have been arrested in connection with this case. including the suspected shooter. he was an active duty u.s. air force sergeant. the fbi says that the gun man may somewhere thave ties to rig extremist groups. pastor vasquez is helping to prepare for his friend's funeral. >> i just fell to my knees and i said god of all people, why him? he was so good. to a lot of people. it was definite investigation stating. the family is broken because we know what kind of person pat was.
6:33 am
>> reporter: the acting chief of homeland security and other officials will be in attendance. the family is encouraging the public to come out, they say the message today is to stop the violence. ansar hassan, nbc 7 news. in the east bay, friends and families gathered to remember a man killed by a is san leandro police officer. they want police accountability. steven taylor was killed inside a walmart on april 18. taylor refused an officer's orders to drop a baseball bat. fael memb family members want the officer held accountable. >> it is hard to look at something when you see your grandson dying right in front of you on a dirty floor. >> is an lee an grow city council voted to reallocate $1.7 million that would have gone to the police department.
6:34 am
oakland police are stepping up patrols after someone found this under a tree, material stuffed in the shape of a human body with a rope tied around it. there was an american flag next to it. and the mayor is calling it a deliberate attempt to guide tdi community. and this is a day after ropes were found tied to trees at the lake. a mantles abc 7 news that he had set up the reasons opes as part exercise equipment. tells abc 7 had set up the ropes as part of exercise equipment. s f the fbi is investigating. and you can go to action. we don't have all the answers but we can help you find your ally. and this morning the former atlanta police officer who shot rayshard brooks is expected to face a judge. garrett rolfe faces 11 charges including murder.
6:35 am
jobina fortson has the latest. >> yes, the 27-year-old now former officer is being held without bail. rolfe is expected to appear before a judge this morning facing charges of murder in the death of rayshard brooks in a wendy's parking lot. the other officer to respond to the call, 26-year-old devin brosnan will testify against rolfe. he has been charged with aggravated assault. with his attorney, he did tvel interviews sgribidescribing the encounter. >> i felt he was friendly, he was respectful. i was respectful to him. and i felt like he seemed like someone who potentially needed my help and i was really just there to see what i could did, make sure that he was safe. >> officers say the shooting was justified. some officers have been calling
6:36 am
out sick but the department says that they can keep the city safe. the d.a. said that they won't seek the death penalty against rolfe. coming up nenktup nenktsupu, credited with the juneteenth cel celebration. and in several areas you can eat, shop and attend church services. and now it is a pretty warm week. which is nice. >> yeah, san francisco will be one of those that releases some of the heat today. about 69 for a high on the bay side. only about 62 on the coast side where the clouds will be a little more dominant. we have fog over the north bay signifying a bit of a change in our weather pattern. temperatures there mainly in the low to mid-50s until you get to places like novato. 51 in red wood city, you can see
6:37 am
the low to mid-60s in the east bay valleys. and so the bay bridge toll plaza, it is about 56 degrees with increasing clouds. a little bit of mist is possible this morning. choppy north of the bay bridge through the delta for the evening commute. and breezy on the bridges. so 61 at 8:00 on the peninsula, 77 at noon, low to mid-80s for the afternoon. a very nice 82 at 8:00. look at all the nine in the east bay, 63 this morning with clouds, but nine and 79 at noon. down to 71, very nice evening there. and for san francisco, can't get rid of the cloud cover and we'll stay in the 50s through 10:00. low to mid-60s from noon through 6:00. needing a jacket 59 this evening. now another look at the commute. thank you so much. good morning, everyone. i'm just getting some word in so i'm looking at my log here from the chp.
6:38 am
it appears there is a car fire on westbound 80 that is impacting the gill man on ramp. doesn't look like injuries are reported. but just a head's up if that is a part of your commute. and we do have a wind advisory for the venetian bridge. and we'll take a live look showing you the golden gate bridge where we have a fog advisory there. you can see visibility is low, so take your time this morning and be safe out there. and very quickly, our drive times, it has been super light for the most part this morning. so tracy to dublin, 26 minutes. antioch to concord, 15 minutes. and san rafael to san francisco, 16 minutes
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are several bay area counties are taking steps in reopening. one of the key things that we're following during the pandemic.a. one of the key things that we're following during the pandemic. so in alameda county, you can
6:42 am
see a lot of changes. amy hollyfield is live in dublin this morning. >> reporter: big news here in alameda county today. starting today, hopefully you will see people sitting at these outdoor tables at this restaurant. big changes are coming here starting today. you can now eat yut doors outdou can also shop inside a store. sitting outside, shopping inside, big changes here. the dog parks can also reopen and outdoor fitness classes are also now allowed. so are religious services with up to 100 people in attendance. this county has been behind and still is behind other counties here in the bay area. alameda just now entering phase two of reopening. health officials say they have a surge of covid-19 cases that forced them to slow down the reopening process.
6:43 am
but hospitalizations have stabilized, so they will allow this phase starting today. stores can only have half the number of customers inside that they usually can. and they need to everybody to have their masks on. they will have to socially distance. and pointing out that the pandemic hasn't gone away, they still need everybody to be on alert. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and today is juneteenth, oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the end of slavery in america. and san francisco began to recognize it in the '40s. and jobina has a look at how the bay area marks the day. >> as we know, juneteenth is coming on the heels of worldwide reckoning as millions of people fight for racial justice, police
6:44 am
reform and so many other things. so i took a look back at the history of the holiday here in the bay area just a bit and the shift that you can expect to see today. ♪ these are images from past je juneteenths. this image shows the vice president of san francisco's naacp. and on the left, his daughter, rachel town send. she kept juneteenth alive. >> she was the driving force and our mayor has made that statement. >> reporter: rachel's goal was to create a space for black people in san francisco. but the city's dwindling black population, the annual celebration is like a community watering hole of sorts. supporting black businesses, honoring history, fun. messages of hope for the future. rachel's eyes were set on a better future.
6:45 am
in 2018, she died suddenly at 38. >> for her to have that lasting lega legacy, obviously we didn't know she was going to pass, but since she did, and at such a young age, to have this to point to, i just cannot believe what she was able to do single handedly. >> town send's moved by the powerful push for racial justice we're watching unfold right now. and the movement is morphing juneteenth into a nationwide call to action. 6/19 was a planned demonstration at the white house that inspired events all over the country. and advocates are hosting one at san francisco city hall. >> it has come to the point where urgency is where we have a call to action to stop the oppression and the injustices.
6:46 am
>> this year we expect juneteenth to look and feel different. when asked what rachel would think? >> she would hope to see the same kind of thing for so long. i used to say to her jokingly and other young people, when y'all going to get mad. >> looks like now people are finally mad. and ready to join the fight that hs been going on for decades. >> today at noon, i'll be hosting a live chat about the significance of juneteenth with a national geographic reporter rachel jones. it will be streamed live and also on our news app, facebook page and all of our connected tv apps. so i hope that you will find us. i thought mike made an excellent point earlier that there are still many people that are not familiar with juneteenth and the history as well. so this is an opportunity for people to learn about it
6:47 am
because, yes, slavery was abolished in 1863, but it wasn't until good 2 1/2 yen about 2 1/s people in galveston learned about it. and that was the remote area of where slaves were. so there was no twitter or any way to know what was going on with the country. so i think it will be a great conversation. >> and i think now there is a push to make it a federal holiday with kamala harris announcing this push. and i think that is really important. >> absolutely. a lot of people call it the black fourth of july because we were not free in 1776. >> right. >> i like that. and i love that story. it is a heartbreaking story, but it was so interesting to learn about how juneteenth sort of was resurrected here in san francisco thanks to one person's efforts. one person makes a difference. >> absolutely.
6:48 am
>> just moves that, doesn't it? just one person can keep it going. can't wait to see that, jobina. let's turn to the weather and we'll take a look at what is going on outside. hi, everybody. it is friday. san jose, about 62 degrees right now under sunshine. and it will be mostly sunny today, maybe a few more clouds at the coast. 9 he the heat is easing a little bit, so we'll call it a temperature tug of war through the 7 day forecast. summer officially starts astronomically tomorrow afternoon. and you can see the clouds cover is pulling back to the coast by noon. and there it will stay. the greens are 60s, yellows wheare 70s. and 80s and 90s are the oranges and reds.
6:49 am
89 in san jose, 85 in redwood city. so a temperature spread of about 10 degrees in the peninsula. near 70 in downtown, more sunshine. and low to mid-60s north bay coast, definitely not as bright as it has been the last couple days. you can see 87 in sonoma, but along the east bay shore, most influenced by the marine layer, they will be in the 70s. and as you move inland, not much of an influence here. upper 80s to mid-90s. tonight look at the cloud cover spread and so do the wonderful 50s for sleeping. and so we lose a couple degrees tomorrow and more on sunday, it looks like father's day will be one of our milder days moving forward because the heat comes back away from the coast starting monday. have a great weekend. it is no longer just recommended. face coverings are now required statewide.
6:50 am
governor newsom made the announcement yesterday. face masks were already required in most of the bay area. and now face masks are required in any indoor are are on outdoor public spaces. and here is what he said, this is 100% the right moved. and anyone making it a political issue is an absolute more ron who can't read. >> arnold schwarzenegger going for it, i know. done all right. next, the 7 things that you need to know today. >> but first, we are celebrating the bay area's class of 2020. congratulations to all of you.
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here are seven things to know. president trump tweeted this morning that he will renew his effort to end daca. and a public memorial service will be held for the federal officer who was gth gun
6:55 am
last month. the service for patrick underwood will be live streamed. >> and a alameda is opening up outdoor dining and retail today. and some religious services will be allowed. and also nail salons can reopen, this is following new state guidelines that take effect today. and check out who came to visit us, yes, the marine layer is back and that means that we'll get a break at the coast and parts of the bay from the heat. but as you move inland, we're still going to have some 90s to deal with today. number six, we are checking out a live look of the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that things are pretty light. the only backup i'm finding is westbound 80 just before ashby. one lane is blocked. and today is yjuneteenth,
6:56 am
celebration of the end of slavery. all people were freed 2 1/2 years after the emancipation proclamation. several event are planned around the bay area. and don't forget jobina as an event that is happening at noon. tell people how they can see it. >> yes, you can see it pretty much everywhere. the website, the app, all of our streaming platforms. find us at noon, i'll be talking with a nat geo reporter rache jones about juneteenth and hope and all those great things. >> and one last thing this week, we can either do self care with lotion today or we can see woodstock at the end of the show. what do you choose? >> let's get woodstock in and i'm taking my hand sanitizer because that is all i have and let's bring in woodstock. >> woodstock is here.
6:57 am
>> happy juneteenth.
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good morning, america. resurgence at the rally. all eyes on oklahoma as covid-19 collides with the presidential campaign. 100,000 people expected to descend on tulsa, the state bracing for president trump's rally as it hits a record number of new coronavirus cases. 1 of 20 states seeing cases climb. florida with a new single day record and california mandating masks statewide. abc news exclusive. bolton book battle. the former national security adviser responding to president trump's attacks. >> the president isn't worried about foreign governments reading this book. he's worried about the american people reading this book. >> both sides get set to face a judge. this as the president tweets a doctored video red-flagged by


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