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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 25, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> i'll come back to visit you, but does that mean i have to stay? >> that's not nice. >> only if you want to. >> you guys would make the trip worth it, but i'll tell you what, that hour and a half commute i was starting to get, that was rough. i'm kind of enjoying the five minute walk. well, 30 second walk from downstairs. anyway, let's move on. let's talk about what is going on with the weather. you can see that we have the cloud cover once again. there is no fog out there. might be amounts mist in the hirer e er er er er er er the coast. and we'll be around 60 this afternoon at the coast. 72 to 83 pretty nice at noon, and then near 80 to 90 at 4:00. so a decent evening is on the way. we'll talk about a big break in the heat coming up this weekend. now back to julian for the news.
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this morning an update on that story about a woman caught on camera sbrenksintentionally g on a 1-year-old boy. police say that the woman is a teacher. lauren martinez is live at the yogurt land where it all happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, julian. this woman is intentionally -- or accused of intentionally coughing on a young child last friday over a dispute over social distancing. the boy's mother says police have shown her a photo lineup and she's identify the woman. in the surveillance video released by police, you can see the woman walk over to his stroller and cough at least two times over a young boy. the mother says the woman standing in front of her got mad that she was too close in line. the oak grove school district released this statement that says in part, we are aware of an incident allegedly involving one of our employees who was roe v. wade i don't taped coughing on a baby at a local eatery.
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the employee is currently off of work and not providing any services to our district students. now, the distrit did not release her name in their full statement. reporting live from san jose, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. abc 7 is working to build a better bay area. during the pandemic we're focusing our efforts on four main areas including health. governor newsom says there has been an explosion in new covid-19 cases here in california. and kate larsen spoke epidemiologists about what is not going well when it comes to containing the virus. >> remember, covid-19 didn't take summer recess. >> reporter: governor newsom warned that since sunday, new coronavirus cases have increased 69% in california and patients hospitalized with covid has gone up 29% in the past two weeks. >> it is our behaviors that are leading to these numbers.
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and we are putting people's lives at risk. >> this is getting much worse. right now we're reopening at a higher level than we were ever at. >> reporter: and this epidemiologist in washington, d.c. says -- >> if you were to choose between economic shutdown of businesses and schools versus simply wearing masks 95% of the time for everyone, i think that the choice is pretty clear. we didn't do the shutdown well and the mask compliance is woefully in-address yacht. >> reporter: one thing that has gone well here in the bay area, contact tracing.yacht. >> reporter: one thing that has gone well here in the bay area, contact tracing. >> rather than testing people at random, we're going into neighborhoods and setting testing centers. >> reporter: and dr. rutherford is at ucsm, he is in charge of training thousands of californians to track down covid cases. what have you discovered through
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your contact tracing 3r5ing pro? >> that the disease is concentrated in neighborhoods, being transmitted in densely populated households. you can look on a man and almost see where they are right now. the canal, the mission. >> reporter: both answered a few important questions fwlp we have not yet begun to see cases from businesses opening back up. >> the protests were not drivers of this new surge. >> reporter: kate larsen, abc 7 news. governor newsom wants to expedite the release of thousands san quentin is showing no signs of slowing. more than 450 inmates are infected with covid-19. 433 are new cases within the last two members have also tested positive. the marin county health officer says the surge started after inmates were transferred from a
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prison with an outbreak in chino. cvs health is planning to increase sights in the state. that you includes locates in san mateo, san pleasanton. and they are hoping to test 1,000 people a day at the s.a.p. center. testing is free. you didn't need an appointment and you do not need symptoms to get tested. testing runs fr 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. and new hot spots aop up ansome sta i trtions. is at the l w yes, starting today, people traveling to new york, new jersey and connecticut from states with a high rate of
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covid-19 will be required to self-isolate for two weeks. and this is what we're learning here, the quarantine applies to states with at least a 10% infection rate. as of yesterday, nine states meet the threshold. alabama, arkansas, arizona, florida, the carolinas, washington, utah and texas. this morning on gma, the governor of connecticut talked about what went into the tri-state area's decision. >> so back when the new york metro area including connecticut had a high infection rate, there were some quarantines down to places like florida. and today they have a much higher ten times higher infection rate than we do here. virus often travels by airplane and then it spreads. so we felt one of the best in we could do was to see if we can prevent that from happening in our region. >> the governor says while new york will fine people who break the rules, connecticut does not have a plan for enforcement, they may come up with one if the
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problem gets worse. you can hacan hear more on gma. let's talk more about travel here. the state of hawaii now has a new plan that could soon open up the islands for summer vacations. starting up august 1, tourists can avoid the 14 day quarantine if you get tested for the coronavirus no more than 72 hours before your departure. visitors would need to present negative covid-19 results when they arrive at one of the airports in hawaii. the 14 day quarantine rule was first imposed in march and now extended until july 31. there is still a lot of buzz this morning about a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the eastern sierra. it hit near lone pine. several after shocks came after that including one that measured 4.6. people across the c c c felt it.
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and some people also felt it in parts of san jose. there is in word of damage or injuries. that is impressive considering the amount of energy that thing unleashed. good news. let's take a look at the north bay temperatures there it is party cloudy. most of us in the mid to upper 50s. but we do have warmer spots, lake berryessa, mid to upper 60s. and clear lake still 76 degrees. so they will be another the heat advisory that lasts through tomorrow. and let's take a look around. mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. 60 in newark. tracy at 69. here is a look from the exploratorium camera. you can see that it is mostly cloudy. and so same results for your activity planner. try not to be out during the heat of the day especially if you w are walking your dog.
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east bay, 81 at noon. but we'll be in the mid to upper 70s for most of the afternoon. 69 at 8:00. very comfortable there. peninsula, 60s through 10:00 with sunshine breaking out. and 81 at 4:00. so a little bit later than across the bay. and san francisco will be in the 50s through 8:00, we'll see sunshine by noon. 68 by 2:00, but then look at the breezes kick in at 4:00 and temperatures slowly drop to 60 by 8:00. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. good morning, everyone. so if you are getting ready to head out the door, things are looking great out there. this is a live look in emeryville checking out 80 there. things are clear. traffic is moving. definitely busy as you make your way toward the toll plaza. and i have on my graphics here the toll plaza so you can see what is happening there. pretty nice ride, everybody. i love to see so that people can
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get where they need to go on time. and let's bring up the drive times. tracy to dublin, 32 minutes. antioch to concord, 13. and is san rafael to san franci, 17 minutes. oakland police are asking for help to find a 12-year-old girl. she was last seen tuesday afternoon leaving her home on 8th street in west oakland. police say she has only been in oakland for about a week and really could be at risk. police described her as by racial, 5'3", 130 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes and she was last seen wearing a black hooded sweat shirt and blue jeans. if you see her, please reach out to police. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. >> and a growing call to take a deeper look in on the death of this young man who died in police custody. his mother's message this
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here are the 7 things to know. number one, police say that man who tried to steal meat from a lucky's supermarket in antioch is dead after getting into a fight with an employee. at this point, it is not clear if he died because of the fight or a medical emergency. number two, the oakland unified school district board has voted to eliminate the district's police department. the move would do away with law enforcement and any armed security in oakland schools. number three, san mateo county supervisor is urging governor newsom to fine anyone who does not wear a face mask in public. he sent a letter to the governor proposing a warning for the first offense, a $100 fine for the second, and then a $500 fine for the third. number four, we've learned governor newsom is set to give another update on the pandemic today at noon. as you know, the state is dealing with a sudden surge in cases and newsome says he will not hesitate to go back to
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tougher coronavirus restrictions again. number five, temperatures anywhere from 2 to 10 degrees above average today from 69 in san francisco to 95 in concord. number six, for the most part our construction projects have all been picked up this morning. we'll take a live look now sowing you 880 at the coliseum. it is a clear ride for even this morning. and number seven, tickets for next year's outsides lands go on sale at 10:00 this morning. this year's festival was canceled because of the pandemic. tickets already purchased for this year will roll over to next year's festival. and at the live desk this morning, there are growing calls to revisit the death of an unarmed black man in aurora, colorado.
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elijah mcclain was beiwalking h and someone called 911 on him saying he was wearing a ski 3456k amask and he was not armed. police arrived and they got into a struggle. mcclain's mother talks about her son's death on gma this morning. >> for kill him because he was that bright and shiny, that different, hurts. >> reporter: mcclain later died. the district attorney says that he did not charge the officers involved because no criminal violation occurred. amid the "black lives matter" protests and the death of george floyd, there is now a petition with more than 2 million signatures on it calling for the officers involved in mcclain's death to be taken off duty. police are looking into a video of a young child apparently driving a car june 19. you can see the kid behind the
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wheel with an adult in the passenger seat. we're told the car is moving eventually in the video. police tells us that they received a report about the incident and they are now you investigating. no one has been cited so far. they say someone could face a child endangerment charge. and in the south bay, a super hero is walking the streets of san jose. his mission, to help the city's growing homeless population. amanda del the man. >> reporter: a familiar face is taking to the streets, but instead of fighting crime, h fe the homeless. >> people will see what i'm doing and notice the problem. >> reporter: under his makeshift costume, this 19-year-old is on a mission to connect with the city's homeless population. behind him, a wagon filled with food and water. known as batman of san jose, those living on the streets know his arrival often means a much
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needed meal. >> i get food a couple times a week from this guy. i don't even know how he does e nas uaiyiswn tpuhalies,utwi pnchao recoizing he is here to help. >> can i have some food today? >> all right. >> reporter: we watched as several people flagged him down in the downtown area and as he entered a nearby homeless encampment. >> this is my first meal of the day. i've already gone through the $189 in food stamps i have and that is 12 days early. >> reporter: and he also offers a friendly exchange. >> food, water and clothing are very temporary things. wrrt a >> reporter: and he says he's learned living on the streets has the potential to dehumanize someone. >> sometimes a conversation is more enough to help just because you feel human there is also a level of nostalgia. come on, it is batman!
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>> probably won't be hunting him down like i'm the joker he, but i definitely if i see him, i know it is somewhere that i can go to and it will be comfortable for me. >> reporter: after all, batman says it is not who i am underneath but what i do that defines me. in san jose, amanda delica cas o castillo, abc 7 news. he got our attention. so far so good. let's take a look at what is going on. we'll start with south beach where you can see clouds covk c the bay bridge. summer spread with increasing sunshine today. fewer clouds tonight, but we'll dip back into the 50s once again and the heat will break by a dry cold front this weekend, it will d we have drier air sliding in to our neighborhoods today and that will keep the pattern pretty of the same with a whole lot of sunshine this afternoon,
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that dry air will either eat away the marine layer. and mid to upper 80s in the south bay. in the peninsula, we'll drop down to the 70s in millbrae. along the coast, 63 to 65. near 70 for downtown. we have temperature in the mid to upper 80s through the north bay, but santa rosa, calistoga in the 90s. and yucaipa, easily the hottest and most dangerous temperatures today. 100 degrees. 74 in richmond, oakland 76. we have a few 80s like in hercules and fremont. and low to upper 90s, 91 at san ramon. and fewer clouds tonight thanks to the drier air and temperatures in the mid-50s to mid-60s. but up in hills, it will be in the 70s above 2,000 feet. tomorrow will be day five of this pattern and then it starts to break saturday. it is completely gone sunday with 50s, 60s and 70s for the most part our high temperatures. back to average monday and then
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another warming trend for tuesday and wednesday. have a good day. the eiffel tower in paris is back open for tourists. starting today there are changes. crowd control measures are in place. the public can only advivisiadve first and second floors. and they can oocan only take th stairs. and those over 11 years old, people have to wear a face mask. coming up on gma, they will take us to the second floor which is 377 feet above the ground. and look at this, disneyland has delayed its reopening. the mark was supposed to reopen in about three weeks on july 17th if it got state approval. but park officials now say that governor newsom is not expected to issue reopening guidance for theme parks until be tig of a
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turnaround for reopening. there is no word yet on a new reopening date. disney is the parent company of abc 7. and if you actually want to go anywhere or do anything, you are definitely not alone. according to travel experts, a lot of people are taking the wait and see approach when it comes to planning a vacation. it predicts about 123123123 less trips this year than last year. and they are more likely to just book a long weekend. aaa says based on searches, the number one destination is denver, followed by vegas and l.a. >> you know what, denver is a really good road trip city because city itlf is co and a you haveyou have all the mountain towns to visit.
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>> i've never gone to aaa to try to plan a vacation, so i don't know who is using that, but -- you never know. coming up, a push to keep passengers and operators safe on public transit, trying to pinpoint how the viruses can spread. and a really scary situation in the south bay. an
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let's get an update on the heat advisory. it continues for solano county through saturday, which is day six. an oppressively long week. and then up in the north bay where we have 100s today, noon through 10:00 tomorrow, lake and mendocino is under that heat advise aory also. not much cooling there. in today's xwchltfirst loo, search is under way for an amish
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woman. will reeve has the details. >> where is linda? the fbi now joining the search for the missing amish teen, she vanished sunday. they are investigating every lead. >> at this point in time, we don't have concrete evidence or something that is leading us down a specific path. so we can't rule out foul play. we can't rule out the fact that maybe linda left on her own free will. >> reporter: the community of lancaster county coming together, more than 350 people scouring farmland in hopes of findings teen. >> we've been sifting flew lthr hundreds of tips and trying to figure out what might have happened to linda. this is not a normal case. this is very unusual. we haven't had enough case like this. >> reporter: and we'll be live from pennsylvania coming up at 7:00. with your "first look," i'm will reeve, abc news. ikea has promised to
5:26 am
investigate after a video surfaced of a book case tumbling on to a pair of twins. this video may be hard to watch. but the kids are okay. >> oh, my goodness. a nest camera captured what happened in morgan hill, this was earlier this month. the parents say they bought this book case from ikea, they secured to the wall in the twins' bedroom. but, that is difficult to watch. they told "usa today" that the anchors actually did not line up and that is what happened. they screwed one into a wall stud, the other into drywall. ikea told "usa today" we're reviewing the video and need more time to get a better understanding of the details. we cannot provide any additional comment at this time. >> so tough to see video like
5:27 am
that. thankfully they are okay. researchers are studying how viruses can spread in public transportation vehicles, so they are using nontoxic smoke to try to understand the movement of air flow while they work on ways to keep passengers safe. >> masks decrease the odds of infection significantly, but there are still odds. and we see people when they cough, they release the mask which makes everything worse. >> as a part of the study, engineers are also working on a uv filtration system, it could change the way we go to public places all over again. we're coming back with home camp, the new trend that is taking off this summer. and the president heads to a crucial battleground state today, the new poll revealing which candidate is gaining more support. >> reporter: we all know we're supposed to wear these, we also know that if we don't, probably
5:28 am
nothing is going to happen to us. one local official
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now at 5:30, a fight at a local treasury store turns deadly. police just released more details about what led up to it. and a long battle comes to an end in oakland. when the school district's police department will be gone for good. and a debate over the mask mandate, the local lawmaker calling for a crackdown on people who are not wearing them. good morning, it is a thursday, june 25th. i cannot believe of we're almost at the end of the june now. >> i can't believe it either. but i'll just focus that we're almost to friday. >> there we go. i like that motivation. >> how about you, mike?
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>> yes, i am too because we're on day four of six, so we're getting close to the end of this pattern. let's take a look at what is going on. you can see 21 at napa, 21 at fairfield, so a pretty good sea breeze. you can see that the clouds are not nearly as stout as yesterday. we have dry air coming in and that will mean quick sunshine once again except the coast where we'll have mid-60s to upper 60s in san francisco, mid-70s to mid-80s around the bay. and you can see upper 80s to 90s south bay and north bay, but mid to upper 90s in the east bay. 100s in yucaipa and lake port.r. police in antioch are investigating a deadly fight at a lucky's supermarket. officers say they got a call around 10:00 last night about a fight at the on con
5:32 am
loma boulevard. a man was found dead at the scene and a boy was taken to the hospital. police say the man who died was trying to steal meat from the butcher shop and attacked an employee. the employee fought back and for some unknown reason, the man stopped breathing. at this point the investigators didn't know if the man died from the fight or a medical emergency. i'll continue it track the developments of this tr developments of this case. the oakland unified school district board has approved a measure that will eliminate the district's police department at the end of the year. oakland police department will now respond to emergency calls at public schools. there have been rallies and marches in favor of this. even steve kerr took to the streets. >> we don't need police, we didn don't need any law enforcement enti entity. >> i think it is a dangerous mistake. school zones will be a frae free
5:33 am
for all. >> and we reached out to the oakland police department and they said that they will continue to provide security to all of our community. >> in the north bay, the napa police department says it will limit the use of chokeholds. offices will now only use the technique in a deadly force situation. earlier this month, daly city said they would no longer use chokeholds. a san mateo c c supervisor wrote a letter to governor newsom suggesting people should face a fine for not wearing a mask in public. amy hollyfield has more on this. >> reporter: yes, a local official says he is seeing people not wearing their masks, he is tired of it, he thinks it is time to take it to the n lel. e supervisor sent governor newsom a letter calling for people to be fined if they don't
5:34 am
cover their face. and i think the first offense should be a warning, but he said after that, you have to pay $100 for the second offense and $500 if you get caught a third time. the governor has not responded directly to this letter, but he did say in his press conference yesterday that he does not approve of punishing people. >> so please, please, wear a face covering. we can slow down the spread by doing that. we've mandated it in the state, we want to see it enforced, but we don't want to see it punitively done, we didn't want to see people fined. >> reporter: and the supervisor says that he doesn't want to ge community officers be the ones who go out and enforce this and issue the fines. if the governor doesn't respond and doesn't take action, he won't give up, he will take it -- keep it local, he will ask local officials to take it to the board of supervisors to take action. he really wants people to wear
5:35 am
these masks or else. reporting live in redwood city, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. governor newsom is set to give an update on covid-19 today at noon. the state is dealing with a sudden surge in cases and the governor says he will not hesitate to go back to tougher restrictions again. he said the number of cases jumped 69% since the beginning of the week. california saw an increase of 7149 positive cases on tuesday, and that is the largest single day increase. governor newsom says this is due in part to more testing but the reopening is also playing a big role. t the governor warns that counties that don't enforce the rules could lose access to a $2.5 billion covid-19 assistance fund. as covid-19 continues to spread in the u.s., the
5:36 am
now predicting 30,000 people will die from the virus just in the month of july. and as you can imagine, that has a lot of government officials worried. jobina fortson has a look at the situation. >> yes, the u.s. reported nearly 35,000 new cases yesterday, that is the biggest jump in months. and the third highest single day increase ever that we're seeing. florida reported a record 5,000 new cases. the state was slow to close, but quick to reopen. in new orleans, half of the city's new cases involve people under 30. new york, new jersey and connecticut now playing defense. >> people coming in from states that have a high infection rate quarantine for 14 days. you can violate the quarantine until you're caught. and then when you get caught, you are in mandatory quarantine and fined thousands of dollars. >> governor cuomo says police
5:37 am
will stop cars with out of state license plates. coming up in the next half hour, i'll explain which states are considered to have a high infection rate. anxio east bay school sdribs has come up with a tentative plan for the fall. the superintendent of san lorenzo unified says that the school year will resume in mid to late october with partial distance learning. he says the goal is for 100% on campus once it is safe, but he position reminds families that this could change depending on new guidance. and we have put together a resource to help you track what is open and where. you'll find this map on happening today, president trump will be heading to wisconsin, a crucial battle ground state in the upcoming election. he will tour a ship building firm and then join a town hall with fox news. with just over four months until election day, the president is hoping to build support for his
5:38 am
re-election campaign. but the latest poll from the "new york times" shows joe biden is gaining support in several battleground states that trump won back in 2016. check out the numbers. biden lady byahead by 11 in mic and wisconsin, and position or students are back at one local cal state campus, but some wonder if it is jumping through so many hoops. and police in the east bay are joining forces, we'll tell you broke the undercover work to fight all of these illegal fire works. but first let's check in on the forecast. let's take a look at what is going on. we'll start with the east bay where it is mostly cloudy and temperatures from 55 to 60 degrees. and elsewhere, we have temperatures from 53 in santa rosa, pacifica 52 to mid and upper 60s around brentwood and antioch. we have 60 in oakland, san
5:39 am
carlos 59. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is gray out there once again. a little mist and drizzle possible in the higher elevations and also near the coast. small craft advisory out on the bay this afternoon. let's take a look at the microclimates. south bay, 62 at 8:00. sunshine and 70s through noon. mid-80s for several hours this afternoon. 73 at 8:00. even warmer in the north bay, 63 at 8:00, sunshine and 74 at noon. 85 at noon i should say, 91 at 2:00, and then mid to upper 80s the rest of the afternoon. even 74 at 8:00. and east bay valleys, we're 70 at 8:00 and then low to mid-90s this afternoon. you'll keep using the air conditioner today. 79 at 8:00. we do get a big break this weekend, it will be really interesting. we'll talk about that coming
5:40 am
good morning, everyone. if you are moving through san jose, i'm following a crash, this is going to be on southbound 101 at the oakland road off ramp. i'm learning that it looks like we have one car involved here overturned, injuries have been reported. at least one lane is blocked right now. you can see from the map here that we do have a slowdown as you approach, speeds down to around 35 miles per hour because at least one lane is blocked. ambulance and fire are on the scene. and richmond/san rafael bridge looks good, 6 minutes. san mateo bridge, 12 minutes. and dumbarton bridge, an 8 minute ride. and let's look in walnut creek. aside from this issue that i'm following in san jose, % everything else is looking good and i'll keep you posted o
5:41 am
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it is 5:42 on this thursday. san jose is looking partly cloudy and 58 degrees right now. we'll hang around 60 at the coast with the clouds there. sunshine elsewhere, 72 to 83 at noon noon. and a comfortable evening for most of us. look at the heat advisory, it has expanded across the northern part of the state. 100s through the central valley, thunderstorms around yosemite and tahoe, 89 and 79. breaking news at the live desk, the u.s. labor department has just released the latest weekly jobless report and what we're seeing in these
5:44 am
unemployment numbers is that last week 1.5 million people filed for new claims. that is slightly higher than projections. that means more than 47 million are people have filed for jobless benefits in the last 14 weeks. since the covid-19 pandemic caused massive layoffs and furloughs, this is the 12th straight week that weekly numbers have decreased. there are more than 19.5 million continuing claims. we'll see how wall street reacts when the markets open. right now dow futures are down more than 200 points. starting tomorrow morning, las vegas visitors and residents will be required to wear face coverings when indoors at a public place. yesterday nevada's governor announced the mandate because of the spike in coronavirus cases. clark county where las vegas is located has had 2100 cases reported in the last even seven.
5:45 am
cal maritime has become the first cal state university to reopen following the shelter-in-place order. seniors are already back on campus taking in-person me re questioning if the rules are just too strict. liz kreutz has the details. >> not quite prisoners, but it is that kind of vibe. >> reporter: cal maritime got special approval to begin in-person classes this month, but it is not normal university life. all faculty and staff were tested. and they wear face coverings. but the students under the guidelines 73 seniors now living back on campus are not allowed to leave. one student who reached out to abc 7 news and wished to remain anonymous says this is too restrictive. is this a fair bubble? >> absolutely not.
5:46 am
the bubble that is trying to be created doesn't exist. we see faculty, staff, contractors and everyone else coming and going from campus every day. >> reporter: we asked the administration about this concern. how is it a true bubble if you are having dining hall staff, other staff and faculty coming and going? >> it is a controlled bubble. we know that it is not a full lockdown type situation for everybody. >> reporter: the issue hits at the challenges universities across the country are facing as they try to find ways to begin in-person classes. cal maritime admits it is not a perfect solution, but the best one. >> benefit is that i'll have my degree. >> reporter: liz kreutz, abc 7. police are joining forces to tackle the problem of illegal
5:47 am
fireworks. san pablo police say they have an 81% increase in fireworks calls. and richmond's chief says that police face growing challenges. >> with this whole defunding of the police department, you know, there is the argument that should the police department be responding to fireworks. i say yes because it is having a significant impact on our community. >> departments are using undercover vehicles to focus to getting fireworks off the street. richmond is even offering rewards for tips that lead them to people selling or using them. let's talk about day four of this pattern and what it will mean for you. there are some minor tweaks, there is a little more sunshine trying to break out from the exploratorium camera. we expected the cloud cover not to be as thick this morning and there youn ba so far. that will change when the winds pick up this afternoon. a dry cold front will bring us cool and breezy conditions,
5:48 am
sunday the coolest day and breeziest day of the forecast. and that will just be a brief break from the heat as it returns again in the middle parts of next week. here is a look at the cloud cover and it may linger at the coast a little bit longer than it did yesterday with a f fewer breaks. but i think tonight will be a night of fewer clouds. mid to upper 80s in the south bay, we have 78 in san mateo to 83 in redwood city. 63 to 65, not much of a spread along the peninsula coast. near 70 downtown. mid to upper 80s through most of the north bay, but from santa rosa north where we have 90s and 100s. mid-70s to low 80s across most of the east bay shoreline. and the low to upper 90s, hot once again in the east bay valleys. tonight mid-50s to mid-60s with
5:49 am
fewer clouds. let's take a look at what will happen friday. it will be our last day and then you can see we've got the winds have changed for saturday and sunday and monday pretty close to average. new developments this morning involving the founder of crossfit. he is now selling the company after he made controversial comments about george floyd and covid-19. the move comes just two weeks after glassman resigned from his post as ceo. he is facing a lot of backlash. earlier this month he posted several tweets saying that the company is not mourning goieorg floyd and calling the current times floyd 19. hundreds of gyms have dropped their affiliation with the company and now we've learned a man in california is buying the dough. nasa is renaming its washington, d.c. headquarters in honor of mary jackson.
5:50 am
jackson was part of a group of women who helped nasa succeed in getting american astronauts into space. their story was told in the book and film "hidden figures." nasa administrator says that jackson helped open opportunities for black people and women in engineering and in technology. and i'm so happy that she's getting all the recognition. and this is not even all she deserves. >> love to see that. and so many people know her story. coming up new at 6:00, brand new cdc guidelines about reopening nail salons. what you need to though before you go. first up, a push to make sure your products are legit. the amazon counterfeit crackdown. and plus getting kids away from screens and out into the rentsre getting creative with at home camps this summer. and abc 7 is launching a new streaming app, so you can get the live newscasts, breaking news, wed and more with the new bay area app.
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it is on apple tv, android
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welcome back. amazon is trying to crack on noek joknockoffs. last year nike stopped selling directly on amazon citing concerns about imposter sellers. tesla has ranked dead last in a jd powers annual study. jaguar and mercedes-benz were among the other slow scoring luxury brands. all my dream cars there. and happening today, tictsf
5:54 am
will go on sale. organizers officially canceled this year's festival because of coronavirus. tickets purchased for this year will automatically roll over to next year's, but if you want your money back, you have until july 24th to request a refund. next year's outside lands is scheduled for august 6 through 8. the lineup will include lizzo and the strokes. tickets will go on sale this morning at 10:00. and there is a new summer trend out there, parents bringing the sleep away camp experience to their backyards after the pandemic closed so many. how do you do it safely? there is a program called summer camp to you. becky worley spoke to the camp's director on "good morning america." >> we produced a program that actually brings camp to kids' backyard. understanding the values, kids interactions and try to bring them to an environment that is
5:55 am
safe. >> it was awesome. >> they seemed to love it clearly. if you decide to host a small backyard camp with hiking and scavenger hunts, experts advise keep the group size small, 10 kids or less. i guess it is something to get the kids active and keep them engaged this summer, mike. >> yeah, i've got a whole house worth of chores to do. is that camp? >> no one wants to come to your cha camp, mike. >> blame them because i don't want to do it either. that's why they are still there. but it could look good on your college application. let's take a look at the heat advisory. most dangerous is up in lake, mendocino and solano counties. and tomorrow is day five of the summer spread.
5:56 am
this will be the longest consecutive day of heat inland that we've dealt with so far this year. you can see almost the 90s wiped out saturday and almost the 80s completely wiped out for sunday, our coolest day. have a good one. listen to this, burger king is offering people with self-driving cars a free whopper. after a tesla slowed down in front of several burger king restaurants, the car confused the restaurant logo if a sfor a sign. post a picture with your vehicle at a burger king. >> if you can afford a tesla, you don't need free burger king, but -- >> you have made a point. coming up next, the new states with travel restrictions as coronavirus cases spike across the country. >> reporter: san jose police are looking into social media posts claiming that the woman that coughed on a young boy at this
5:57 am
yogurt land last friday could be a teacher at san jose's oak grove school district. that is coming up next. and an nfl player gets a surprise of his life while
5:58 am
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a woman seen coughing on a small child possibly identified on social media and we're learning she might work at a school. and expanding coronavirus testing nlts bay arin the bay a move cvs is taking as we see a spike in cases. good morning, it is thursday, june 25th. hi all our friends in the quad box. >> happy to be here on this friday eve. >> mike is doing the brady bunch look. >> i am. let's talk about the forecast. a cooldown on the way? >> you are having nothing to do with my silliness this morning. appreciate that. hi, everybody. let's get to live doppler 7. still some cloud cover out there,


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