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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 26, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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but as we start out this morning, looking at low clouds and fog, a beautiful view from east bay hills camera. 61 in oakland, 62 in mountain view. and it is gray from our exploratorium camera, 55 petaluma, 60 about the southwest wind increasing today. so a few degrees cooler for our friends in the inland valleys. by noontime, 70s and 80s. bay side, inland communities. but as we get towards 4:00, we'll shave off some of the 90s and look at temperatures still warm, but not as warm with some breezy winds. we'll talk about much cooler weather for the weekend. a drug already used to treat vid-19 patients i the u.s. has now been approved to treat people in the europe. >> good morning, yes, remdesivir is made by gilyard sciences, a company based in foster city. several studies have shown that it can shorten the recovery time
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of people hospitalized with coronavirus. the drug which is already used in the u.s. has now been approved in the european union. they will give it to patients who suffer from that pneumonia and require oxygen. several weeks ago, the department of health and human services said the u.s. is at risk of running out of remdesivir by the end of the month. at the time gilyard sciences planned to ramp up their production, so we'll see how that goes. in developing news, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus is exploding at san quentin prison. it jumped to 48 cases on june 14 and then 499 cases last friday. at last check, there are 523 active cases among inmates. and inmates are telling abc 7 news that the prison is rotating guards from infected areas to uninfected areas daily. and officials are even investigating if a death row
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inmate has died from the virus. meanwhile, a team of uc berkeley and ucsf health experts told the "chronicle" they are worried that an outbreak inside the prison could lead to a spike in covid cases across the bay area as workers return to the community. good news for new drivers. the dmv will start offering behind the wheel driving tests again today. the economy including a reopening is one of the main things we're following in our evident to build evide effort to build a better bay area. and kris reyes is live in san mateo with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. you can expect to be a very busy day here at the dmv all over the bay area as driver tests resume. now, like everything else in this new reality, it won't be business as usual, so what can you expect? good news, it will be a faster
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experience. the dmv will be doing shorter routes, they will also increase the number of tests each day and in some locations they are adding saturday tests. silver lining is that more examiners are being brought on to handle the backlog. and here are new guidelines to take note of. drivers must wear a face coveri covering, they will answer a screening test, at least two windows in the car will be lo r lowered to increase ventilation, instructors will limit in-car activities and will be wearing protective gear and the seat and floor board will be covered. now, if it was canceled, the dmv will automatically reschedule it and if your permit has expired, also something to note, you have to fill in another application online and you have to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment. i'm kris reyes for abc 7 news. san francisco businesses will be busy this weekend getting ready to reopen on
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monday. the state granted the city's request yesterday allowing to move ahead with the next phase of reopening, that means a haird nail salons and tattoo parlors did welco can welcome back customers on monday. and museums and outdoor swimming pools can reopen with approved plans. in about two weeks on july 13, if cases remain low, they will open up indoor dining and real estate openhouses too. and developing news in north carolina, three wilmington police officers have been fired after a video revealed a conversation of them making inappropriate comments. one of the officers is heard saying a civil war was necessary to wipe black people off the map. a police dash cam recorded the video. a sergeant was conducting a routine video audit when the conferences were discovered. the police chief says that the conversations include disrespectful language, hate
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speech and the "n" word. > there are new ds on thethe federa lev democrats in the house passed a will to ban chokeholds and no knock warrants. it was named in honor of george floyd. it now moves on to the senate. the oakland police chicago is including possible reforms including banning chokeholds and tear gas. they met via zoom yet. both initiatives will be discussed more at latest meetings. the oakland police department is currently under a temporary restraining order that limits their use of tear gas. officers face criticism over their use of tear gas during the recent george floyd protests. president trump is calling out cities with violence and looting during protests for racial justice. at a town hall on fox news, he specifically mentions rioting in oakland. >> take a look at what is
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happening in oakland, at what is happening in baltimore and everyone says, oh, is that a racist statement. it is not racist. frankly, black people come up to me say thank you, thank you, sir, for saying it. they want help. these cities, it is like living in hell. >> the president also addressed the vandalism and tearing down the statues of controversial figures. he says people ought to take them down legally and move them to museums. oakland mayor schaaf responding to the president's statement, saying, quote, hell is another four years with this racist in the white house, end quote. as the bay area meets the challenge of equality, justice and race, we have resources to help. question to slash take action to find your ally. new departments in a video showing a woman intentionally coughing on an infant. that child's mom now has a message for the woman.
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good friday morning. starting out with low clouds and fo fog in the east bay and north bay. the summertime pattern continues with a 2,000 foot marine layer that pulls back to the coast. we will be breezy today and getting windy as the clouds pull back into your saturday and even windier on sunday. so we are looking at those wind gusts as we fast forward to saturday over 20 miles per hour. right now, we have gusts up to 32 miles per hour by the delta. and then by the afternoon, you can see at the coast you will edou go there and into sunday as well. temperatures dropping each and every day. just a little bit today, taking the edge off the heat for 90 in concord. 91 in livermore. 87 in san jose.
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good morning, everyone. so we'll briefly check in on the golden gate bridge and then i'll show you some graphics. we did hao have a fog advisory especially if you are coming out of the north bay into san francisco. you can expect low visibility, but once you make it into the city, you should be pretty good. as far as the maps here, look at this, we have pretty much all green lines across the board here. so no major slowdowns. you can see a little bit near the bay bridge tolle plaza, b po metering lights on yet. out of tracy, speeds down to 18 miles per hour and they pick up through the alma and there are new developments in the investigation into a man and woman who harassed a twrnransger
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teen and there could be criminal charges. and plus the reason you should not be surprised if
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we're back with breaking news just into the abc 7 newsroom. american airlines just announcing that it will start booking flights to capacity beginning july 1. that means starting next week, do not expect those empty middle seats to maintain social distancing. in the statement american said it will continue to notify customers about packed flights and allow them to move to more open flights when available at no cost. american says travel waivers are also available. and new developments in that story of the woman intentionally coughing on a toddler.
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the boy's mom has a message for this woman. moreya mora is asking her to turn yourself into police. police say the woman was upset that the mom wasn't maintaining proper social distancing so she took off her mask, got close to this toddler's face and then coughed two to three times. this woman has since been voluntarily identified by her employer at the oak grove school district. >> i don't understand why you are not turning yourself in knowing that you did something wrong. oak grove school district is saying that their priority is the children, their safety. and they won't tolerate this kind of behavior from any of their employees. so she needs to be fired. >> the district released a statement saying that if it receives confirmation from sjpd that the individual involved in the yogurt land incident is its employee, they will take immediate action. police are requesting criminal charges be filed against the man and woman in this video.
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they harassed a transgender teen at a bake sale in fair fax including making comments about his appearance. police are recommending hate crime charges and charges involving using offensive words to provoke violence. in southern california, there was a concert but with a twist of course. ♪ rather than crowding in a sweat i venue, concert growers drovee. remi wolf hopes this is not the new normal. the concert was in support of the black lives fund. drive-in movies are also getting a lot of love. you can find a guide just in time for summer, check out now let's check in with lisa argen for a look at the forecast on this friday. >> good morning. we have our typical low
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and fog, a thnd here you see it from the east bay hills camera. several changes today. 61 in oakland, 55 san francisco, gilroy and half moon bay. and you see how gray it is here in san francisco. a lot of fog right at the coast, maybe even mist and drizzle. you may need to use your wipers if you are coming in early. and then the fog pulls back. 59 by the delta with a stronger southwesterly wind. it is 55 here and later on today, just low 70s, partly cloudy santa cruz. so we'll get into a cooler and windier pattern over the weekend and looking at high fire danger come late saturday into sunday. low 60s, breezy today. half moon bay, 65. how about 74 in oakland. walnut creek, upper 80s. 93 by the delta. so the 90s here, but that delta breeze will be with you cooling off around 3 to 5 degrees well inland today. we're talking around antioch and
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pittsburg. but then by saturday, that cooling trend is more significant and we're talking about low to mid 80s inland, sunday it will feel le fall. and the accuweather 7 day forecast, we're featurine ining warmer day today, but still taking the edge off the heat. heat advisory lake county, solano county, and cooler and i wi see windier on sunday. and a pretty nice pattern as we get in to july with numbers 30 to 35 degree spread, that typical summer pattern. now here is ginger zee with a look at what is ahead on gma. >> good morning. great to be with everybody this morning. coming up here on xwchgma, a re number of new coronavirus cases nationwide for the second stig day. and arizona both
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announcing plans to hit pause as they try to get it under control. one of the leading public health experts will join us live to discuss. also this morning, as the virus accelerates, new travel restrictions are up ending summer vacation plans for some families. what you need to know before you go. and then the new concern about women and coronavirus. the cdc is warning that they face increased risk of severe illness. dr. ashton will be here. plus it is friday, time for some fun and games. we have the family that has become a youtube sensation thanks to their love of board games. we'll get to meet them and see a performance for our summer concert series. and we name our inspiring pet of the week. and you know it is bring when you can hear my children yelling in the background. >> what do they want? it doesn't sound like a doughnut this time. >> sounds like there is an
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instructional thing happening between the orderer oolder one younger one what he needs to do. yeah, that's it. >> thank you, ginger. the fourth of july is still more than a week away, but it is not just people losing sleep over the nightly noise from illegal fireworks. oakland zoo officials are very concerned about the impact it is having on the animals. they say the loud booms are sdaring their sdar i scaring their animals. >> giraffe, we'll see that startled response where they will take off across the exhibit. j chimpanzees, they are making ork fodogs andat hainud lviios on for background noise. coming up, the county that
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has decided to give up on coronavirus beach closure starting today after people just refused to stay away. plus going into the unknown. we're taking a look at what went into creating frozen 2
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by about 9:00. it will become breezy and we will look still for that heat advisory in our inland valleys. we're talking about lake county and also out towards the east solano county. you may see or smell smoke near santa theresa county park again today, but the fire department says they are just training right now. it is day two of training. recruits are learning wild land firefighting practices. the fires that were intentionally set also help out the park. >> we're reducing fuel loads so if they have an uncontrolled fire later in the season, it will have less of an impact on the park and we're removing with fire nonnative invasive so they don't take over the park. >> some park trails are closed
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during the training. it runs from 8:00 to 6:00 today. the stay-at-home order was apparently good news for animals if you want a silver lining. uy davi uc davis researches found that wildlife and vehicle incidents desclined n say ifs trend conti, up to 13,000 large mammals will live each year. and a new docu-series takes you behind the scenes of frozen 2. ♪ into the unknown >> and it is out right now on disney plus. it gives viewers the inside scoop on the story boarding, the songing writing and the animation process. >> if you don't want to see how magic trick happens, then
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maybe -- but who doesn't want to know how the magic trick happens? it doesn't make the magic any less. >> disney is the parent company of abc 7. it will be good to see the magic. >> i would think so too. i think the kids will like learning how some of their favorite princesses are made. and coing up next, the local school district that is about to help hand out hundreds of tools to help slow the spread of covid-19. and more people are pushing back against wearing a face mask. >> reporter: and b.a.r.t. has
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how they are responding. and coronavirus impact on b.a.r.t., the agency approves a new slimmed down budget. they promise no layoffs, but there will be an impact on riders. and santa cruz officials give up on the beach closures as people continue to hit the sand. the order that will be enforced. san francisco unified new effort to slow the spread of covid with thermometers. >> i think this is an easy tool. plus an iconic display in
6:31 am
san francisco. it is a modern upgrade just in time for pride. yesterday when i spoke on the floor of the house talking about justice in policing, i -- >> well, good morning. i don't know who that is. but focus on us for this friday, it is june 26. and we'll get to all those stories in a few minutes. but first, lisa, i want to check in with you because as always, i'm looking at the weekend. >> yeah, and we have the holiday to look forward to as well. the weekend, looking a little bit on the chilly side. live doppler 7, the fog, the marine layer blanketing the north bay, parts of the east bay and peninsula once again. isn't that beautiful view up above that 2,000 foot cloud deck with 55 in san francisco, 61 in oakland, 62 in mountain view and
6:32 am
looking here live at walnut creek, they have just a little bit of fog. 53 santa rosa, 59 by the delta. but that is an indicator that the edge will be taken off of that heat for you today. instead of the mid-90s, more like lower 90s. so as we go through about 10:00, it is warming up. in the 50s at the coast. you will get the breeze throughout the afternoon. so just a few low 90s out by pittsburgh, antioch and fairfield. and then by 6:00, that fog keeping it cool. and at the shoreline, spreading back across the bay and we're talking more wind and more cooling over the weekend. but then we have better news for the 7 day outlook. stay tuned. two south bay school districts are severing ties with san jose police. the east side union high school district is terminating a contract.
6:33 am
the superintendent says there hasn't been enough activity to warrant having officers in schools. the district had set aside $700,000 for security in the coming school year. students, parents and community members spoke out about removing officers during a virtual meeting last night. >> in my 12 years, a cop has never positively impacted or empowered me to become the individual i am today. i ask that you commit to removing the police not only in the coming school year but truly forever. >> the money saved by ending the police contract and strong feelings also echoed at last night's meeting of the alum rock union school district board. board members voted to also cut d es with n scol view a student as part of a criminal investigation.
6:34 am
♪ that community event in oakland aimed to bring more awareness to the "black lives matter" movement. people gathered yesterday to honor the life of oscar grant. a b.a.r.t. police officer killed grant on new year's day in 2009. the purpose tour is now traveling across the country through the fourth of july to call people to action. like the travel industry, b.a.r.t. is taking a huge hit as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. ridership is down and their new b.a.r.t. survey reflects that. ansar hassan is joining us live with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. bartch says they are starting to see a small increase in the number of passengers, but overall, ridership is still way down. according to a new survey, most riders say they won't use public transportation until next year. because of concerns over covid-19. b.a.r.t. says the pandemic has created unprecedented challenges
6:35 am
and uncertainty for b.a.r.t. on thsday b. passed a $2.4 billion budget which allows $146 million in cuts. and that includes cuts to service. >> you will notice things like the 9:00 p.m. closure in the middle of the day, you should expect 30 minute frequencies. >> reporter: the new budget also includes an extra $40 million to be put toward cleaning trains and stations. but the extra cleaning may still not be enough to bring passengers back. b.a.r.t. says daily ridership has dropped from 405,000 to a low of just 24,000 passengers. 88% say a lack of social distancing and 80% say that they are concerned with other people not wearing masks. b.a.r.t. says the drop in passengers is critical because about 60% of their operating
6:36 am
budget is based on revenue. ansar hassan, abc 7. beaches in santa cruz are reopening this morning. they were set to be closed until after the july 4th holiday, but people were ignoring the order. and police are having a hard time enforcing the restrictions. the county has 32 miles of beaches and visitors have mixed reactions. >> i think my kid will be excited. we made the trip all the way out here for a surf camp that happened at the last minute. >> i'm happy in one sense because i've got a son who would like to go use are it, i like surf. on the other hand, makes me a little nervous to have lots more people coming by. >> a mask o requiring anyone over 2 years old will still be enforced. there are 23 new coronavirus cases on tuesday and that is the highest daily spike.
6:37 am
governor newsom will provide another covid-19 briefing at noon today. he says the number of new daily coronavirus cases in california is still higher than what it should be. after a record high day on wednesday, new cases dropped to 5349 yesterday. there are just over 4,000 hospitalizations, and testing has been on the rise with 100,000 done wednesday alone. >> we're still in the first wave of this pandemic. we're not in the second wave. >> marin county in particular is seeing that increase in spread an epidemiologist says this is likely due in part to the outbreak at san quentin. and the number of covid-19 infections has climbed t nearly 2.5 million cases in the u.s. and today we're expecting to hear from the white house task force on coronavirus for the first time in months. jobina has what we can expect.
6:38 am
>> good morning. yes, vice president mike pence will lead the white house coronavirus task force briefing today. this will be the first time they have had a public briefing in about two months. and we're learning that states are finally responding to the surng surge in case cass. texas, arizona, delaware and new mexico have hit pause on plans to reopen, yet the debate continues on whether masks shatory. >> are you going to allow the government to tell you you have to wear a mask? >> no! le. >> i can't breathe! >> it is our bodies, our choice, whether we will wear them, no the wear them, you guys are overstepping your boundaries. >> masks are an absolutely critical component to really ending this pandemic. new model university of washington predicts that 33,000 lives could be saved by october if nearly everyone wears a mask. the cdc estimates 20 million americans or 6% of the
6:39 am
population here in the united states have been infected with covid-19. on monday, students at san francisco public schlsil ble thermometers. 8800 devices will be available at the 18 locations where school districts distribute food for families. another giveaway of the devices was conducted pittsburg in mid may. they hope that that they will help identified symptoms and stay home if they are sick to slow the spread of the virus. a confrontation gets physical inside a san francisco parking garage. abc 7 tracked down the people involved after accusations that it was racially motivated. and a preview of the pink glow that will light up san francisco starting this weekend. we're talking about the symbolism behind it. and good morning, we have low cloudsfog, a mile and a
6:40 am
half visibility half moon bay and the fog extends over into oakland. and down the peninsula, it is 60 in san bruno, 53 in santa rosa. so headed into the city, it will be cool and breezy, highs maybe upper 60s, but the wiptd he wine up to 20, 25 miles per hour. and santa rosa will see the mid-80s. and on the peninsula, the sea breeze will keep it comfortable in the low 80s down towards redwood city, san carlos and belmont. but we'll take time to get there. elsewhere around the bay, looking at about 80 in napa, 91 in livermore. so numbers have been coming down a little bit, but we still have the hot weather up towards lake port. you go out towards fair field, you have a pretty good breeze out there this morning.
6:41 am
that will continue to cool you down just a little bit. and as we look at the weekend, notice the trend, it will be cooler days saturday thanks to gusty on shore winds and we elevate the fire danger with windier weather on sunday. hi, everyone. and the metering lights came on at the bay bridge toll plaza around 6:31. we'll show you what is happening. a bit of backup. once you make it through the light, you will also be a little slow on the bridge. for highway 4 to the maze, it will be about a 16 minute ride. and then for the bay bridge, getting across there, westbound it will be 19 minutes. and san francisco to sfo, 9
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when we closed our wynn committed instantly to keeping all 15,000 team members on-board. we then focused our five-star level of service to all who needed it. we made improvements to people's lives. we strove to be better and we made people happy. this closure may have temporarily taken us out of wynn and encore, but it couldn't take the wynn and encore out of us. and now, we are proud to welcome you back.
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good morning. higher pressure is pushing down
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on the atmosphere allowinge fog. and we're looking at the heat advisory still for clear lake, lake port, where temperatures will be over 100 degrees. coming down a few degrees but still hot, fairfield you will my the delta breeze moving through. so slightly cooler weather for our inland valleys today. and then cool to windy weekend on the way. only on abc 7 news, a san francisco couple is responding after being caught on camera blocking a latino man from ortm building. >> immediate reaction was to say hey youcriminal, you're not coming in here. >> and michael barajas pulled in and a man and a woman in a whites suv blocked him from
6:46 am
entering the building. the man william beasley is heard asking michael where his key fob is. even though michael said he had one, the man escalated the situation to a point whereby stand ders jurmged s jumped in help. and he at one point feared for his safety. and our photographer noticed the couple loading up a car block belo belongings. >> and i asked him nicely. >> for those saying that may, maybe you are racist, is that not true? >> completely not true. why are you attacking me? >> i'm with abc news. >> apex systems where beasley was employed issued a statement saying that they conducted an internal review and they made a decision to terminate him. and today california takes another step in getting the economy back open.
6:47 am
the dmv will start offering behind the wheel tests again. kris reyes is live with what you need to know. >> reporter: if you are just hearing about this now and your drivers test was canceled, the dmv will automatically reschedule it. if you are coming in to a driver's test today or over the next few days, just know that it won't be business as usual. here is what to expect. if you are the driver, you must wear a face covering. you will also have to answer a screening test and at least two windows in the car will have to be lowered for increased vepts lags. in-stwrukts to structu instructors will be wearing protective fear and the seat and floor board will be covered. they will be making changes to tehathey are doing each day and in some locations they are adding saturday tests. because of that, you can expect a shortened test route in many locations. silver lining is that more
6:48 am
examiners are being brought into handle the backlog. if your permit has expired, you have to do another online application and then you have to show up 30 minutes before your appointment. i'm kris reyes for abc 7 news. kanye west has signed a multiyear deal with san francisco based gap. the rapper will debut his clothing line there. >> i hope it is not like a sweat shirt for $300. and you will see a pink light glowing in san francisco soon, a modern twist on a pride tradition. take a look at what it will look like. people looking toward begin peaks got a sneak peek last night. 2700 pink l.e.d.s have been installed in the form of a pink triangle. organizers it a test run last night to make sure everything works.did a te4st run last
6:49 am
night to make sure everything works. >> we've been through the hiv/aids crisis and now the covid crisis. so san francisco has lessons to teach the rest of the world about persevering and resiliency and this is a symbol of it. >> and i warrant to a-- want to ask you why you don't want to spend $300 on a sweat shirt? >> i don't have it. and it has holes and stuff in it. i don't get it. >> that is characters. >> and you will need this weekend. we're talking about fall-like weather returning by the end of the asoo l at l
6:50 am
doppler 7, that is the fog. it has grown to about 2,000 feet so it will take time for it to erode and scour out. 61 in oak land where it is cloudy. and you just a little bit of the fogs here fog here in walnut creek. but 54 in santa rosa and gray conditions out by the kedelta - should say windy conditions. waef had t we've had the fog day after day. but later saturday, a system will be moving into clear out the marine layer and it will shift the winds. so they will go slightly offshore and that will mean increased fire danger even though the temperatures will be coming down. the winds will be quite gusty right on through the weekend. in you in we look towards your
6:51 am
saturday forecast, you will notice that the cloud cover thins out, we're cooler, breezy, windy on sunday. monday temperatures rebound and we're getting back into a familiar pattern with more sunshine and the temperature, the summertime temperature spread into the middle of next week. great news for mlb mascots. the characters will be making a comeback when the game resumes next month. but they will have to get creative because no fans will be attending the games.first person to portray the phillie phanatic says that shouldn't be a problem. he is confident that the mascots will come up where routines to entertains fans watching from home. and the giants are launching a fan cutout program to make oracle park feel somewhat normal. season ticket holders are
6:52 am
getting invitations to send in a picture of themselves and then those pictures will be used to create cutouts and they will be placed near the fan's seat during home games. it is free for season ticket holders and if you are not, you are just a fan, you can have a cutout made too, but it will cost you 99 bucks. so cool it gto get to see yourself on tv. >> yeah, and you can be creative with the you must be sending picture. >> maybe. up next, the 7 things you need to know to start your day. and also abc 7 has launched a new streaming app, so wherever you are, you can get our live newscasts, breaking news, weather and a lot more with our new abc 7 bay area app. you can find it on apple
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. here are 7 things to know. the beaches in santa cruz county are back up even as coronavirus cases are surging. the beaches were set to be closed until after the july 4th holiday, but people were just ignoring the order. number two, starting today you can get behind the wheel and go do a drives test. they had been suspended because of the pandemic. face masks will be required. provide another covid-19 briefibrief ing today at noon. after a record high day on
6:56 am
wednesday, new cases dropped to 5349 yesterday. number four, vice president mike pence and the white house coronavirus task force will provide an update, it will be the first public briefing in nearly two months. number five, 50s and 60s to start out with low clouds and fog, patchy, but as we go into the afternoon, it will be a sunny day. a few degrees cooler with numbers from the 60s at the coast to the low 90s inland. number six, we'll check out a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 6:30. you can see it is looking good there. number seven, costco has apparently discontinued its popular half sheet cake. they did nk time repoing that the company is working with reduced service in some departments in order to maintain social distancing. julian, you were sad about this like that was your favorite cake
6:57 am
in the world. >> it is good. for being a relatively inexpensive treat, at the office try nature's bounty hair, skin and nails gummies. the number one brand to support silky hair,
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glowing skin, and healthy nails. beauty comes naturally, only from nature's bounty. beauty comes naturally, sfx: dog bark sfx: confetti popper popping sfx: bubbles when we can't be close, we can still be close. good morning, america.
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record rise. the u.s. hits a daily high for the second straight day. more than 39,000 new covid cases. overnight, a startling headline from the cdc. the number of total infections could really be 20 million, 10 times higher than reported. texas and arizona slam the brakes on re-opening as these alarming images emerge from overseas. packed beaches in the uk as they begin to re-open. doctors here at home sounding the alarm. new highs in hospitalizations. in california, florida, alabama and texas. one of the nation's leading public health experts joins us live. on the offensive, former vice president joe biden says president trump needs to face the reality of the pandemic.


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