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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 27, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the coronavirus and now an apparent hate crime. hello, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. oakland's lgbtq community center was vandalized this morning, leaving staff and volunteers stunned. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us live in oakland with more on this story. cornell? >> reporter: hi, dion. folks should be celebrating pride this weekend. instead, people here at oakland's lgbtq community center are just not feeling it after someone broke the windows this morning. mean gme,etti used to pridrtual. >> i'm just speechless. >> reporter: it's not what joe hawkins was expecting this pride weekend. >> they crashed that window, broke these completely out. >> reporter: most of the windows at oakland's lgbtq community center smashed on saturday morning. joe co-founded the center three
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years ago. >> we're supposed to be celebrating our empowerment and our community as queer people, that we wake up to finding that people are bashing our building and breaking our windows because of their own hate. >> swinging hard, as hard as he could and he was angry. >> reporter: cosmos was setting up his jewelry stand when he saw a young man breaking the windows with a golf club. cosmos started yelling. >> stop, stop, stop, as loud as i could. then he saw me. >> reporter: he says the man took off on a bike. joe hawkins was the first to carry the pink torch for this year's pride weekend relay culminating in san francisco and escorted by mayor libby schaaf who's outraged by the vandalism. >> and i am furious that anyone would find it appropriate to commit that kind of act on any building, but particularly this sanctuary.
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>> reporter: san francisco pride celebrations have gone virtual due to covid-19, and many say the castro district has lost its party spirit this year. >> because it's supposed to be pink saturday today. it's nothing near to a pink saturday. >> reporter: but many bars and restaurants say they don't want big crowds coming here. >> if people aren't distancing, we'll stop serving and close it down. we want everybody to be safe. >> reporter: back in oakland, joe says these shattered windows won't break his pride. >> we are going to be okay. this is going to make us stronger. so happy pride, everyone. >> reporter: and happy pride to you, joe. oakland police say they are actively investigating this incident tonight. we're live in oakland, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> if you're looking for other ways to celebrate, we put together a full list for san francisco, the bay area and across the country. i's up right now on
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abc 7 is airing a special on the changing look of pride this year. join us at 7:00 p.m. for pride 2020 on abc 7. new details and accusations against a group of san jose police officers accused of making racist posts in a closed facebook group. four officers are now on leave as the city investigates those incidents. we spoke to mayor sam liccardo this afternoon and he told us he has spoken to the police chief. >> he's furious as i am. he wants to get rid of any officers who are directly involved in this kind of racist kind of conduct. i expect he's going to fire any officers directly involved. >> liccardo is calling for reform to allow san jose to deal with this kind of misconduct. >> 37 police departments learned that more than 450 police officers who had been fired by their chiefs for severe and extreme conduct like this had been reinstated by unaccountable
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arbitrators. this has got to change, not just here in san jose but every police department in this country. >> liccardo says the incidents date back to 2010 and it's not clear what, if any, action could be taken against officers who have retired. now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and new numbers released for the state. another covid-19 jump. 206,433 cases yesterday. that's up more than 5,900 cases from the day before. the governor is pushing for imperial county to reimpose a stay-at-home order. the county has the highest rate per capita of coronavirus cases. san francisco's mayor rolled back planned reopenings of hair salons, nail salons and outdoor bars. marin county put reopening on hold for hotels, gyms and personal services, including tattoo shops and nail salons
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and/or hair salons and campgrounds can reopen. nationwide some states are sruggling to contain a rapid rise in covid-19 cases while two states seem to have the situation under control. karina mitchell has details. >> reporter: as the u.s. marks a new daily record of diagnosed coronavirus cases, 11 states now pausing their reopening plans. florida particularly hard hit seeing an increase friday of more than 9,000 cases in a single day. governor ron desantis trying to downplay the spike, not mandating masks statewide. >> and we're going to trust people to make good decisions. >> reporter: still floridians out of luck if they wa vit a nor now shutting theagai intexas, a similar situation. governor greg abbott in an interview with the abc station in el paso admitting, quote, in hindsight the state reopened too quickly. >> bars is a type of setting that's not made for a pandemic. >> reporter: restaurant capacity is now being scaled back and elective surgeries suspended as hospitalizations surge.
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icu units at capacity. >> seeing people die because of it and i'll be honest, i'm scared to death. >> this virus is out of control in houston. if we don't act to get it under control, very bad, extremely bad things will happen. >> reporter: businesses getting hit. >> you know, we were hoping it would turn around by may, but now that everything is going in the wrong direction, it doesn't look like we're going to be over this any time soon. >> at the first white house coronavirus task force briefing in almost two months, vice president pence defending the president's recent rally in arizona with thousands of >> and even in a health crisis, the american people don't forfeit our constitutional rights. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci instead delivering a wake-up call saying more people will die. >> if we want to end this outbreak, we've got to realize that we are part of the process. >> reporter: meanwhile in new york and new jersey, confirmed cases continue to subside. new jersey announcing plans to
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reopen schools this fall and new york city on track for phase three reopening july 6. karina mitchell, abc news, new york. new developments now. state officials have halted a scheduled transfer of at least 100 inmates from san quentin to another prison after two of the men tested positive for covid-19. right now san quentin has about 500 inmates who have tested positive for covid-19. the virus has also sickened dozens of staff members. during an online discussion on the subject this afternoon, one former inmate worried about off-duty guards and other san quentin workers who could unknowingly spread the disease to people in marin county and beyond. >> as soon as you come off work, you take off your little jumpsuit, maybe stop at a gas station, maybe stop at the local trader joe's. and so these people, they're in your community no matter what. and even if they're not actual residents. >> prisoner advocates claim covid-19 spread to san quentin
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because the state transferred inmates from a facility with a high infection rate. happening right now, it is the first day hayward has shut down its downtown to cars to allow for more al fresco dining. the heart of downtown is now only open for walking and, like we've seen in other bay area cities, restaurants are pulling tables out onto the sidewalks. customers will need to wear masks and socially distance still. the streets open back up to cars at 10:00 tonight. and it can be confusing keeping up with what's allowed to open and exactly where. we do have a full guide of restrictions where you live. it's all at our website, you'll also find a list of resources related to the pandemic. airlines are making some changes in their social distancing measures. coming up, the airlines that now say they're going back to fuller flights. also a major cosmetics company that has faced criticism about racial issues in the past
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is removing certain words from its products. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we've got a foggy night on the way. it turns windier tomorrow and it's also a cooler day to fin ush out the
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fire crews have contained a 12-acre brush fire in solano
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county. it was reported just before 3:00 this afternoon northeast of benicia near grizzly bay. at one point aircraft had to be grounded because of a drone flying in the area. the chp ordered evacuations for people living on oak ridge lane. those evacuations have been lifted. crews will stay on the scene and monitor hot spots the next few hours. say so long to social distancing and the empty middle seat on at least three airlines. american airlines says it is going to start booking flights at full capacity next week, that is joining united. american says it will notify passengers when a flight is full and allow them to rebook at no cost. >> i do think it's going to get worse again so it is a little concerning to me. >> i don't have a problem with the middle seat. i feel like they're probably going to have to because the flights are picking up. >> united and spirit airlines are already booking flights to capacity. jetblue is blocking middle seats
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and some aisle seats through the end of july. delta and southwest say they are still blocking middle seats through the end of september. airlines are moving forward with a contact tracing plan for passengers. following a meeting yesterday with vice president mike pence, airline executives got the go ahead to use a third-party app and website to keep track of all of their passengers. the airlines were reluctant at first to meet the government's demand of collecting passenger information and hand it over to public health officials whenever it's requested. french cosmetics giant l'oréal said today it will remove words like "whitening" from its skin care products. they released a statement saying they decided to eliminate the words white, whitening, fair appeared fairness, light and liedening from its products. l'oréal's decision follows a similar decision by unilever.
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they have recently faced accusations of racism. change is coming to the hit stv show "the simpsons." the show will have the familiar characters of bart, homer, marge, lisa and maggy. but going forward white actors will no longer voice non-white characters. hank azaria has announced he will stop voicing a character. the show will recast the voice actors. >> eric, you practiced his last name during the commercial break, didn't you? >> now what would make you think that? >> nice try. coming up, a local group of new high school grads got to cheer on their classmates in a whole new way. check it out, they made it onto the big screen with a big assist from the san jose earthquakes. we'l explain that straight ahead. and if you were tired of our hotter temperatures, you will like what's ahead in your accuweather forecast. coming up in sports, the pga tour implements new rules for
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entering the bubble. plus with baseball season about a month away, brandon belt of the giants tells us w
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in the east bay a class of
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engineers in oakland have designed face shields to be donated to hospitals across the country. madison park academy students created more than 700 face shields on 3-d printers as a way to give back during the pandemic. they did it with the help of 3-d printing friends, which has already made 5100 shields that students cleaned and packaged. some of the hospitals receiving this batch included ulta bates in berkeley and st. mary's medical center in san francisco. los altos high school celebrated their 2020 grads today using a drive-in. take a look. abc 7 was in san jose today where a series of graduation videos played on a big screen for dozens of families. the ceremony was held at the san jose earthquakes stadium, which the team donated for the event the videos showed footage of graduating seniors as they collected diplomas in caps and gowns earlier this month. mountain view's graduation ceremony is tomorrow. the young vote may expand to
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include 17-year-old's in the state's primary. you'll be voting on that question this november. the bill carried by democratic assemblyman kevin mullen of san mateo won final approval yesterday. if voters approve this in november it will allow 17-year-olds to vote in the california primary elections only if they turn 18 by the general election. currently 18 other u.s. states allow younger voters to cast primary ballots. shifting gears now to the weather, drew tuma is standing by. is it too early to look ahead fourth of july? >> you know what, never too early but it looks like right now we will be dealing with some fog next week on saturday if there's any fireworks to be seen. that's how it looks right now, we'll keep our eye on that. the fog is already surging in today. live doppler 7 along with satellite got a pretty dense marine layer along the coast. look at the emeryville cam right now. the live picture showing you it's a pretty gray-looking afternoon out there and temperatures are really cooling
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off pretty quickly around the bay shoreline thanks to pretty gusty winds right now. in fact the winds are strongest through the delta, but everywhere you can see the winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. right now fairfield is gusting close to 40 miles per hour. it looks like those winds will remain pretty active in solano county over the next several hours. so it's for that fact, a wind advisory does continue for parts of solano county including vallejo and fairfield until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. pretty strong wind gusts frequently over 35 miles per hour. so it looks to be a pretty breezy night ahead for some of us. we're down 57 in the city with that fog coming on in, 67 at oakland. we're at 76 in san jose, 80 in cloverdale and concord right now pretty comfortable but breezy, 78 that current temperature. so tonight it's all about that fog continuing to move on in. numbers will continue to fall into the 50s across the board, so a pretty typical june evening
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on tap tonight. tomorrow what you will notice, it's a pretty windy day, especially close to the coast. it is a cooler afternoon tomorrow compared to today. so a high of only about 67 in san mateo. 78 in san rafael, 70 the high in oakland, which is below average for this time of year. 82 in antioch. you see no 90s on the board tomorrow. it's pretty cool especially in the inland east bay. we do have a lot of sunshine, winds will be an issue. future tracker wind gusts tomorrow afternoon and evening, strong wind gusts on the coast likely over 30 miles per hour. and even around the bay it's pretty gusty between 15 and 30 miles per hour. we'll watch those winds continue, especially into the north bay overnight into early monday morning and we'll keep our eye on those wind gusts. it looks like wind gusts between 20 and 30 miles per hour. but a red flag warning goes into effect for parts of solano county lasting through monday evening skretretching into the sacramento valley as well. those winds combined with pretty
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dry conditions at the ground could lead to any fires that do start to spread pretty quickly so we'll keep our eye on that. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooler tomorrow. it's windy on the coast. then it's windy in the north bay monday. winds subside midday. no intense heat. our hottest spots in the upper 80s to lower 90s. major league baseball set to open the season 60 games in late july, just over a month. the defending world series champion nationals will host the yankees in the first series of the season. as for the rest of the schedule, yet to be released. probably wondering about the giants and a''l report toheir respective cities at home ballparks july 1st as they get ready for the season. giants first baseman brandon belt entering his tenth year and is feeling great entering this shortened sprint of a season. >> for me going into spring training earlier this year, this is probably the best i've felt in two or three, maybe four
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years. so physically i feel great. for some people that feel it a little bit more the 60-game season should help but i guess we'll have to see. >> to help stop the spread of covd-19, beginning next week the pga tour will have new rules. you will have to have a negative test before entering the next tournament site. today dustin johnson shot a 9 under 61, rolls in a birdie here on 12. he's in second place, 16 under par. brendon todd says, hey, i can do that too. he'll also roll in a birdie at 12, also a 9 under61. he's your leader at 18 under par. san jose earthquakes were the first mls team to arrive in the orlando bubble. the league is housing all the teams at the disney worldcom plex and all games are played on that site. the first match is july 10th against seattle. >> it felt great to be back on the field. when we all took that bus together for the first time and
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were able to train with contact, to be able to play small-sided games again. it felt really good because back in california, we weren't able to do that. so i'm happy to be here. i'm looking forward to the rest of this preseason process and i'm looking forward to the tournament as well. national women's soccer league resuming today. the players kneeling for the national anthem. north carolina courage taking on portland thorns. in the 80th minute simone charlie ties it. it's fresno native lynn williams, the header for the goal. north carolina picks up the win grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. get 'em now with no contact delivery.
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grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. get 'em now with no contact delivery. reports say hackers are uploading fake tonight on saechabc 7 news 11:00, hackers attacked servers in the school of medicine. why the university says they had no choice but to pay a more han $1 million ransom. plus the san francisco lgbtq bars hit hard by the coronavirus shutdown, some closing for good. what it will take for others to stay open. well, a group of whale watchers got a treat this week. check it out. >> yeah, they had their cameras rolling when this humpback whale repeatedly waved and slapped its tail during a close encounter on
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thursday. whale watching boats are sailing again along our coast. princess monterey whale watching provided this video you see here. the company tells us passengers are required to wear masks and take other steps to avoid the spread of covid-19. what a treat that must be to see. all right, that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00 everybody. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. we'll see you right back here at 11:00.
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