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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 29, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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here. a whole new week on tap and hopefully you've had a great weekend. >> i did. how about you, mike? >> yeah, i was helping my son move back from college. so i had to fly. and if you want to talk about that, we can at some point because it is getting crazy up in the sky. definitely getting a lot more crowded than it was just a few weeks ago. here is a look at your red flag warning as soon as tgraphics of load up there. it won't be quite as gusty, but it will be drier than yesterday. so you are substituting one for the other. still goes through 8:00 and it is above 1,000 feet. and you can see winds running from 21 at hood to the mid and upper 30s in st. helena and knoxville creek. where we live, yeah, it is below 10 miles per hour. so let's take a look at what is going on from san jose this morning where it is 54 degrees, temperatures will be a little
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warmer this afternoon, 60s at the coast, 70s to near 80 around i tbo d maybe a atioc showing their support for a black man who woke up yesterday are morning to find "all lives matter" spray painted on his house. he says that his family has lived there since the 1970s. ansar hassan has his story. >> this is my family's home and for me to wake up and see it attacked in this type of manner, like it definitely hurts. and this definitely is upsetting. >> reporter: this young man josh who didn't want to show his face is still trying to figure out why his oakland home was taxed wi -- tagged with grae fee feeity. >> it is like why? >> it said all lives martte alll
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marry. >> and josh's neighbor helped paint over the sgra fgraffiti.a marry. >> and josh's neighbor helped paint over the graffiti. josh says he saupt supports all matter, but it is not okay to spray paint his house. >> follow suit instead retal yarting. they want us to lash out. no, i'm not going to lash out. >> a block away neighbor's came out to show their support. >> this is terrible. a clear indication of where we're headed now. >> and families came out banging on pots a pd pae o rig now? and just you chill and understand that we don't want to hurt you. we just want to live with you. they don't understand that. >> reporter: josh says he filed a police report. some residents want it
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investigated as a hate crime are. >> it is still heartwarming and up lifting knowing that no one will stand for this especially in this neighborhood because it is like we didn't haon't have t this. >> reporter: ansar hassan, abc 7 news. and in alameda, neighbors helped clean upgraffiti tagged d on a black family's car and they started a go fund me campaign and wrote kind messages on the sidewalk. we reached out to the police, but we haven't heard anything back. a man was viciously beaten at a hotel sunday morning and now santa cruz police are saying the attack was an unprovoked hate crime. cody chavez yelled racial slurs as he talked the victim. he was from jamaica. he was hurt, but will be okay. chavez faces charges. starbucks and jim beam are
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growing the number of companies that have stopped advertising on facebook and other social media, part of a growing backlash against social media companies over hate speech on their platforms. the companies want to take a stand and are looking out for their own brands. >> we can't control what is going on facebook. they can't seem to control it either. so these brands are pulling back and saying before it gets worse, before people start connecting this activity to our brand, we're getting out. >> coca-cola is be ben and jerry's, levi and verizon are all stopped ad buys. mark zuckerberg says that they will boost standards for stop hateful content and begin labels posts that violate its rules similar to a move that fwirt made i twitter made in recent months. and we are focusing on the economy and of course your health. and governor newsom is reversing
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course and ordering bars in seven california counties to reclose. they include fresno, i imperial kern, tulare, kings, los angeles and san joaquin. this order applies to bars, breweries and pubs that do not serve sit down meals. the governor is also recommending but not ordering bar closures in the eight counties on this map. they include contra costa and santa clara counties. newso zsom suggests that they rn closed for now. and some counties are address gisting their reopening plan due to a case spike. san francisco delayed salons, outdoor bars and museums. they were originally set to get back to business today. marin county also put today's reopenings on hold for hotels, gyms, tattoo shops and nail
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salons. contra costa county officials are expected for announce today whether they will pause any reopenings. in the north bay, families of inmates at san quentin prison are least demanding that the state take more steps to stop the spread of coronavirus. they organized a weekend protest. 121 inmates were transferred to san quentin from a prison in southern california which has a large outbreak. >> we want them to number one stop all the transfers. anywhere in the state. and number two, we'd like them to be able release individuals is that should be n o prison. suspected to be the "golden state killer" is expected to plead guilty today. jobina has more. >> yes, joe accept seph deangel
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to confess to 13 murders and 13 rapes. what we also know, that deangelo is accused of crimes from 1973 through 1986. it started with early bedroom ransackings and a murder in the san joaquin valley. authorities spent 40 years searching for the golden state killer oig who was also known as the east a"east area rapist." deangelo is a former police officer and arrested in 2018 thanks to dna technology. he is expected to plead guilty to avoid the death court proceedings are expected for start at 9:30 this morning. more than 150 victims and their relatives are expected for attend this. the hearing will be in the ball room at sacramento state to accommodate all the people and allow for social distancing as well.
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back to you. and let's take a look at what is going on weather-wise. welcome to monday. we'll start with the peninsula where it is pretty clear on both sides. and look at those temperatures, 50 at half moon bay and pacifica, until you get to menlo park at 50, 49 at red wood city. rest of us in the mid-50s. up in the north bay, we're a little milder because it is still a little breezy up there. but the low for mid-50s elsewhere are cooler than yesterday. concord right now about we'll look at the three warmest microclimate, south bay, 77 at noon. we'll hang out in the low to mid-80s for several hours this afternoon. but already as we get back into 6:00, 17 6:0079. and how about the east bay valleys? 74 at 10:00.
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and this afternoon we'll hang out in the upper 80s. may get a little breezy around 6:00 and that will drop us down to 79 at 8:00. north bay, we jump about ten degrees every two hours. we're near 90 for a couple of hours this afternoon down to 77 at 8:00. back to jobina. and we have a live picture coming in from the scene in byron. our photo journ you journalist . this is about a half mile back from the area. this is westbound on byron highway just past the clifton court road area. we have a fatal crash in the area. 24 was repo this was reported around 2:00 this morning, a car landed on its roof and at least one person
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has died. this willen will be an extensiv investigation. and you will be diverted from the area. also for anybody else traveling around the bay area, we want to check in in oakland right now, looking at the 880 at the coliseum camera there, so far every else around the bay area except for this major area in byron has been clear. it is getting busy out there. back over to you, julian and kumasi. are and coming up next, the 7 things that you need to know as you start your day. and a california restaurant deciding to close again, but it is not because of slow business. and a community fights back after this cheeseburger is the best! it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. . per here are the 7 things to know. governor newsom is ordering 1e67b california counties to close their bars. here in the bay area, he is also recommending but not requiring bars to shut down or remain
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closed in santa clara and contra costa counties. and number two, san francisco is pausing plans to advance reopening today because of a spike in coronavirus cases. salon, tattoo and piercing studios, massage parlor, outdoor bars and museums will remain closed. number three, the man suspected of being the "golden state killer" is expected to plead guilty in court today. joseph deanx loet's court hearing will be held. and president trump says that he was never briefed on a report that accuses bounties on americans. and number five, fire danger in the north bay, but below that, calmer conditions and slightly warmer temperatures. number six, we will show you
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a live picture coming in right now from byron this morning, where we are following a deadly crash. this is for drivers traveling in the westbound direction. this is just south of clifton court road. there is an investigation under way. and number 1e67seven, you cn now eat shaq's favorite pizza. and it is available at papa john's starting today, it includes 66 slices of pepperoni. papa john's will donate a dollar from the sale of every pizza to a foundation that supports equality -- okay, maybe -- >> there it is. >> equallity, fairness, respect and opportnity for all. that is a lot of cheese and a 4r0 lot of pen reasof pen rennepepp. and shifting gears, martinez police are looking for a person who left racist hate filled flyers in the city's downtown area.
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investigators are saying that the flyers threaten to harm "black lives matter" supporters. they were handed out in the name of an organization called white pride worldwide. police call the incident a hate crime. and the detectives are vowing to work around the clock to find whoever left these flyers. and more fallout from the arrest of a black man who was dancing in the street in alameda. in response to the incident, the alameda city council will hold a special meeting tonight to go over police policies and establish oversight and anti-racism training. the abc 7 news ichlts teu ews i followning this story. and this video shows police tackling the man and handcuffing him. the meeting 5:30. the zoo is an indoor attraction even though most are actually outdoors. and the zoo is trying to brate
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operate as an outdoor museum. currently unclear when it can reopen. and marin county is still going ahead with reopening camp grounds today. there will be some limitations though. park rangers are limiting the number of daily reservations to 1700 vehicles a day and that is town from the typical 4,000. reservations are not required for anyone who walks or bikes in. a stack doutaco stand has c after run-ins with customers who refuse to wear masks. some unruly guests threw objects at workers after they were asked to wear masks. >> i think every business has been hard the last three months. but for us, the fear of the
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employee to work because they are afraid from ar people, that is the hardest part. we just want to be safe. >> they have set up a gofundme page to support employees during the closure. a creative legend from the bay area is retiring. michael tilson thomas is stepping down from the san francisco symphony. ♪ look at him work. thomas or mtt as he is called, he was a composer who was unafraid to break tradition and experiment too. his retirement season was supposed to be marked with several grand performances, but covid-19 changed all that. the performances are now streaming online.
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>> michael, you are an american treasure. your musical brilliance and visionary leadership has strengthened and enriched the artistic fabric of our nation. >> thomas' tenure is seen as one of the most successful and longest running partnerships is in the country. helpfully when all this clears can he get the recognition he deserves. >> i know online streaming is great, but nothing like being in there. >> especially with the audience. >> nothing like feeling all the love and the music and the appreciation. and it is deserved and should have. so i bet they have a special performance, i think you're right. i got to tell you, you ask sask about flying and the mask thing. we had one guy on the plane, one guy, who had to throw a fit and delay our plane because he
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woldn't wear the mask. but i will tell you this, i was a little down on southwest. last time i flew, they wouldn't force people to wear anywhere ma their mask and this time they did. and that is why we were delayed. >> yeah, southwest was like this flight is full and like half the seats were open. >> right. so very happy to see that. thank you southwest. let's take a look at the weather. extremely dry air, so the fire danger continued even though the winds won't be quite as fast as they were yesterday. and the slower sea breeze means warmer temperatures today. we have a summer pattern the rest of the week. nothing too extreme. you can see the orange, that is the driest of the air rolling down on top of us right now. and look what it does to our temperature, low to mid 80s, 81 to 85 down in the south bay. we have 70s t 8orheestf the 0s in downtown,
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south san francisco and salgsle lee sausalito. and along the east bay shore, definitely warmer. we'll hit the mid 70s to near 80. and inland east bay neighborhoods, 85 at san ramon, pittsburg about 91. with the dry air and light breeze, we're back in the low to mid-50s, a cool night is on the way. we will warm up a little bit tuesday and then temperatures will drop down through thursday. and then a slight warming trend for friday, saturday and sunday. but we're only talking about five to six degrees of difference the entire week in our high temperatures. looks good to me. >> me too. thank you. president trump is under fire for tweeting a video of one of his supporters chanting white power. he later deleted the tweet and the white house said that the president did not hear the chant on the video. the video appears to have been taken at a florida retirement community called the villages.
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it shows opposing demonraonsalw lles he deleted the post hours later. in the east bay, the oakland lgbtq community center is picking up the pieces after somebody smashed all the center's windows on saturday morning. the senator raised more than $4,000 to pay for the repairs and luckily a witness did get a description of the vandal. no word on an arrest. on pride weekend, for a, people? >> just unacceptable. let's talk about something better. up next, we'll have a sneak peek of beyonce. and several airline
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let's get an update on what is going on with the red flag warning that continues for the
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north bay above 1,000 feet. it goes through 8:00 this evening. and it does spill into the sacramento valley. winds right now are running at their fastest. about 25 to 35 miles per hour. you see through the day that them drop off and the dry air is our biggest concern. and this morning's "gma first look," so much for empty middle seats as the way to defend against coronavirus. two big airlines are putting every seat on their planes for sale. first look," as more passengers are heading to the skies, atlanta's airport predicting twice as many passengers to fly than it has seen over the past few weeks. and now two of america's biggest airlines are loosening social distancing restrictions. american and united telling abc news that all seats, including middle ones, are up for sale.
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something united has already been doing. american will open up those seats wednesday. and so is it safe to fly? >> it is a risk like anything. i think there are a couple things that you have to ask yourself before you fly. one, is it necessary. do you really need to take that trip? two, do you have any personal risk factors which put you at greater risk for covid-19? >> reporter: and coming up at 7:00, dr. ashton will weigh in with what you need to know before boarding a plane. with first loo"first look," i'm benitez, abc news. rolling stones are threatening to sue trump administration's re-election campaign for using their songs at rallies. the rock band claims that the campaign ignored their licensing agency cease and desist order. the classic you can't always get what you want is a popular song at president trump's events and recently used at his rally in tulsa. the group also asked the president to stop playing their music during his rallies back in
5:26 am
2016. michelle obama honored beyonce during last e's b.enighs b.e. b b.e.t. awards. and queen bey dropped a surprise teaser for her album. >> a journ you any ey is a gift. ♪ >> can we play the whole thing? it is beautiful. so this album is inspired by the lion king. beyonce provided the voice of nala in the hit action film and she said she reimagines the lessons of the lion king for today's young kings and queens in search of their own crowns. it will stream on disney plus starting is july 31. and disney is the parent company of abc 7.
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>> trying to get a sneak peek. >> that is the first thing i did this morning. so beautifully shot. i'm excited to see the whole thing. >> you know it will be well done when beyonce puts her name on it. and we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the return of major league baseball. and governor newsom is ordering bars to shut down in several counties. he is recommending that they close in two bay area
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making news, governor newsom is taking an aggressive approach to stopping the presented of coronavirus. he orders bars in some areas to reclose. >> they are not understanding that very live in a new world. and a customer who refused to wear a mask gets into a scary encounter with a bartender at a
5:30 am
local bar that ends in a cough. and happening today, san francisco schools are taking a big step to protect the health of students. they will be handing out a valuable tool against coronavirus. good morning, everybody. happy monday. it is june 29. >> yes, we are almost turning the page on a new month, believe it or not. july is right around the corner. want to check in with mike nicco to see what the weather will look like. it was gorgeous over the weekend. >> i enjoyed yesterday's cooldown. and the aggressive breezes weren't bad at times either. but they did cause the fire danger that lurks up in the authority bay once again above of 1,000 feet. but the winds aren't going to be the biggest issue, it is the dry air that is over top of this area right now. and that is why we have the fire danger through 8:00. you can see winds gusting 53 miles per hour on st. helena and that is up around 4200, 44004400 feet. where we live, it is pretty
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quiet this morning. so here is a look at our temperatures from 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s inland. a little bit warmer today. and as part of our effort to build a better bay area amid the coronavirus pandemic, we are focused on several different facets of recovery. this morning we are talking about the economy and your health. today bar owners in two bay area counties will decide whether or not to reopen after a new recommendation from governor newsom, this is after he ordered bars in seven counties to close. lauren martinez is live in walnut creek with more. >> reporter: contra costa county and st. clara are two of eight counties the governor is recommending that they close their bars. here is a look at all the counties that the governor has ordered they shut down bars, it includes fresno, imperial, kern, kings, los angeles, is an with keen and tulare.
5:32 am
bay area doctors say it is the indoor bars or even restaurant environments that they are concerned about. >> we've seen impressive spikes of cases here other the last few days. and it is not about san quentin and it is not about nursing homes. this is community transmission. >> reporter: and dan's irish sports pub here in downtown w l walnut creek, they are open outside like main other restaurants and bars. lauren martinez, abc 7 news. now to a stowe on the ry one peninsula. an incident was caught on video at a bar. ko cornell barnard has the story. >> she was upset that people were telling her that she had to play by new rules. >> reporter: this is the
5:33 am
customer that they hope to identify. a disturbs incident happened on the same day that they got the okay to start serving indoors. masks and social distancing required. >> she kept hugging people at the bar and not wearing a mask. >> reporter: and a bartender asked the woman to comply. and the woman leans in and appears to cough directly in the face of the bartender who steps back in disbelief. >> it was a very disgusting act. >> reporter: and he quickly told the woman to leave. she does, but not before a parting shot. giving bartenders the middle finger and then knocking down a barstool before heading out the door. >> that is so unacceptable. >> reporter: and the general manager can't believe the video. >> it is not nice do that to somebody. he was just trying to enforce the guideline and she would refuse to follow it. >> reporter: earlier this month,
5:34 am
a woman was caught on camera accused of intentionally coughing on a child at a san jose yogurt land. employees at saint james gate haven't filed a police report, they say it is not their sbinks to ha intention to have the unidentified woman cited, only to know that what she did is unacceptable. >> i think that if she reflects on this, maybe she can realize that she should be better. >> reporter: no one remembers seeing the bar before and they haven't seen her since. and the manager says that belmont police spoke with staff about the incident and the bartender involved in the incident is doing okay. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. and right now on, you can find a map of what is open and closed.
5:35 am
and 31 states are report gz an increase in coronavirus cases. as we look ahead to the july fourth holiday, more cities where closing their bars and beaches. jobina fortson is following this from the live desk. >> on sunday ploo, 42,000 new c of coronavirus. and seven states shattered case records this weekend including fl browardnd dade county are closing beaches for the upcoming fourth of july weekend. for nearly a week, texas has had more than 5,000 new cases a day. bars have been closed there and with more than 125 deat,000 dean the u.s. -- >> people have to act responsibly. we need to social distance, we need to wear our face covering. >> wearing a mask is a good idea. >> reporter: and meantime in
5:36 am
arizona, they have set back to back records for hospitalizations, only 13% of icu beds are available. cases in nevada are also rising three weeks after casinos opened in las vegas. a top u.s. health official is defending president trump's decision to not wear a mask despite the government urging people to do so. health and human services secretary alex azar says trump doesn't have to follow his own administration's guidance because he ises regular innique. azar are declined to say whether he has ever asked president trump to wear a mask. and happening today, students at san francisco public schools will be able to pick up free smart thermometers. 898 8800 will be available at the 18 locations where the school district distributes food for families. san francisco unified hopes that testing at home will help slow down the spread of the virus.
5:37 am
thermometers sync up to smartphones to help track the temperatures and if a child or family member has a fever, they are asked to give the app more information about their symptoms and then the app will advise them on what they should do next. baseball is returning to the bay this week. players finally allowed to start training, but there won't be any games just yet are. the giants will report to oracle park on wednesday, they will be teor covid-19. if results are negative, that means that they can return for the park friday to begin training for a 60 game season. games are scheduled to begin just under a month from now on july 23 or the 24th. according to the "chronicle," the oakland as are expected to open the season at home, players will report to the coliseum on thursday with their first workout set for sat # saturdurd. game schedule has not been released squlyet. and president trump is
5:38 am
reporting to a report that there were bounties against american soldiers. and a similar ebola that ma -- sim border patrol that many sym a racist past. and let's take a look at the temperatures. 49 in castro valley, the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s under clear conditions and much calmer conditions. 48 in novato, 64 in brentwood for the warm spot. most of us in the low to mid 50s this morning. and here is a look from the bay bridge toll plaza where it is 58. let's talk about that commute. we do have brie zir passes eezy. but everything pretty good with the commute planner today thank to the winds backing off. pretty go down to the south bay where sunshine and 60 at 8:00, 77 at noon, we'll touch the low to mid-80s from wiabout 1:00 to 5:00.
5:39 am
wall to wall sunshine in the aes bay valleys, but manageable temperatures. 82 at noon to upper 80s for a couple hours. and then 79 at 8:00. and in the north bay? of the warmest temperatures as the winds will downslope off the mountains and north/south wind that will bring us to 23450er 90 for near 90 for a couple good morning, everyone. so we will take you back to byron where i've been following a deadly crash throughout the morning. we have a live picture coming in from our photojournalist who is on the scene. so just in between these two tow trucks here, you can just make out the car that is involved here and you can see how badly damaged it is. so according to the chp,causfot.
5:40 am
the car overturned multiple times and the driver was ejected from the vehicle. and he died in the ambulance. this has been a process all morning long, this investigation, you are going to be diverted if you are traveling along byron highway. this is just shout along byron highway. this is just shou south of clif road. this is not a busy area thankful thankfully, but you there are emergency responders there and they are trying to get the vehicle towed and once they do, everything else will be clear and you will be able to get through there smoothly. the rest of the bay area, things are looking good on our
5:41 am
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check out how clear it looks from the exploratorium camera this morning. wall to wall sunshine today. and slightly calmer conditions means temperatures back closer to average. in san francisco, 72 today. but 62, 75, 80, those are the temperatures at noon. 62, 80 and 87 at 4:00. 58 at the coast. mid toperperperperperper us. we have blowing dust and so air an quality advisory. 73 in yosemite, not nearly as hot anywhere across the state today. sglooe and flig . and flight tests could be beginning today according to a letter obtained by abc news. these certification flights are a key step in the eventual ungrounding of the max plane. they are expected to take several days at boeing field near seattle.
5:44 am
it will include a range of flight maneuvers and emergency procedures. even if the test results are successful, it is unlikely the max will be ungrounded before september. you will recall the planes were grounded after two deadly crashes. > mississippi's governor says he will sign a bill in a removes the confederate symbol from their flag. they are are the last state to feature the confederate symbol on its flag. many people believe it sends a racist message in a state where 38% of the population is black are. >> because you do have the right to free speech, you can fly whatever flag you want. all we did today is say this is no longer officially representing all the people of the state of mississippi. >> a commission will design a new fwlag for mississippi which must feature the words in gourd gourd -- in god we trust and they will vote on it in november.
5:45 am
and this morning president trump is pushing back after a bombshell report accused russia of offering bountsziies on amer briefed on this matter and now congress wants answers. here is alex presha. >> reporter: the fallout has been swifts and bipartisan. we've seen democrats and republicans in both the house and the senate now asking for answers. overnight president trump pushing back on a bombshell "new york times" report accusing russia of offering bounties on u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. that same report saying the president was briefed on the findings. trump responded in a tweet that intel told him they did not find this info credible and dlfr did not therefore did not report to me or mike pence. the report says that the russians offered to pay the taliban to kill american troops. a military official did not know if the president had been
5:46 am
briefed. and the fallout is swift. liz cheney tweeting if the report is true, why wasn't the president or swrchlt president or vp briefed? >> this is as bad as it gets. >> reporter: anancy pelosi says that the president's response is ridiculous. >> you would think that he would want to know more. >> reporter: and pelosi saying top congressional leaders were not aware of the report but would investigate to determine if the president was briefed. last year 23 u.s. troops died in afghanistan. but whether any were targeted by taliban fighters paid by russian operatives is not known. a senior administration official told the associated press that the selebers of congress about the issue later candidate. alexpresha, abc news, washington. and people are still finding ways to mark the 50th year
5:47 am
the san francisco pride aevent. they had a march and rally. and it was a celebration of the lgbtq community and a direct acknowledgement of the "black lives matter" movement that has taken off after the death of george floyd. >> we have to be in the streets now. this is the time that will change. this is the rev ruvolution thatl change us. if we don't do the work now, we don't change now, this is never going to happen. when have you seen black and brown and white and others marching hand in hand ins start nobody hill and made its way to the civic center. and there is also free coronavirus testing. they wanted access for those lgbtq.
5:48 am
and helped make it and there are community organizers that formed it in march to provide testing in response to the pandemic. and mike, it is 5:48. and we're checking in with you because i know that you are looking at not only candidate, b today but the week ahead. >> yeah, not very often that i get to celebrate our country's e independence day because it falls on a saturday. here is a look at what is going on from is an hojose. we have dry air and the winds won't be as aggressive.san jose. we have dry air and the winds won't be as aggressive. slower sea breeze will allow the warmer temperatures today. and summer pattern the rest of the week. nothing really extreme coming our way except for the dry air. it is right on top of us today.
5:49 am
look at the result in the shoudt bay, low to mid-80s. on the peninsula, 73 at millbrae, 77 is san mateo. mid-60s along the coast. low to mid-70s in downtown, s s salsals wl sal sausalito. and we'll have mid-80s to near 90 in the east bay valleys. and look at the dry air and calmer conditions tonight, we're falling back into the low and mid-50s. so great sleeping weather once again. and we'll warm a little bit tuesday, but then we back off all the way to thursday. our cooler day. but only dropping 4 to 6 degrees. and we gain them back over the weekend. 70s and 80s, that s brmfortablf year. and big changes are coming to the colleged a missions process. hundreds of deans are revealing a shift in priorities in who is
5:50 am
actual pli going to get into college. so this is going to come as a big sigh of relief to all the rising misseniors who might be anxious right now. all the tradition 58 ways that they would strengthen their application has been up ended. and now homore than 300 taken 0 saying that the priority is caring for yourself and others. >> are you helping out is more at home, your responsibilities increased there, maybe you are taking care ofrly relative omaking care common pr at harvard. and if you bank with chase, you may have noticed an error in your account over the weekend. chase customers across the country posted on social media about incorrect account balances and including wrong charges and lost funds. in a tweet chase blamed it on a technical issue. the bank says the problem has
5:51 am
been fixed and the issue delayed updates on what was displayed on their mobile app and on their website. >> i need to check my account. hopefully it's been resolved. >> wouldn't it be nice if it was extra? >> no, because they always want it back. coming up, another disney park is getting readied to reopen. a demonstration of all the nude sa new safety measures. and coming up, the new evident a local library system is launching. and plus celebraing being pregnant. and abc 7 has launched a new streaming app. you can get our live new cast wherever you are on anal tv, an skroid
5:52 am
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if you stopped by the gas station, you have probably noticed that the prices are on the rise because of growing demand as states start to reopen for business. analysts say prices at the pump two weeks, average national price for regular went up by six cents, but that is 51 krints bel cents plbelow the price last ye. today is the first day of heyward public library's pickup program. you can request books or other sights online or call in by
5:55 am
phone. pickup is available mondays, wednesdays and saturdays. and you mist wear a face covering and follow social distancing. and you are about to see how covid-19 could not stop a new mother's generosity. more than 100 families picked up care packages. each of the boxes contained $350 worth of items like diapers, clothing, blasentials. a mom who gave birth back in april organized the go nations for the baby box giveaway. she envisioned it as a way to help families with newbornsgo n for the baby box giveaway. she envisioned it as a way to help families with newborns who must be struggling. that is beautiful. let's look at the weekend. i know it is monday, but i'm still looking forward to the weekend. and it is independence day
5:56 am
weekend and some of you will sneak out and try to have some picnics. so friday, you can see 60s along the coast. low to mid-70s around the bay. and mainly upper 70s to low 80s inland. but look at that, for independence day, it will get remember warm inland with 80s and 90s and they will hold through sunday. and coming up new at 6:00, s the message from a local fire department after a fire that could have been prevented. and a big change happening at a b.a.r.t. station. the plan the agency is speeding up because of the pandemic. >> and he was within of the first nba players to test for ♪ >> and he was within of the ♪ ♪ for 40 years you've helped make-a-wish, make the stars align. because when we come together,
5:57 am
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5:59 am
we've made to a new week and soon a new month. thanks so much for being here. >> and we're happy to kick off the week with you. and 3450ik kn mike nicco is looking at our forecast. >> hi, everybody. yeah, let's take a look at that
6:00 am
fire danger. the winds won't be quite as aggressive today, but the air will be even drier than yesterday. and so the fire danger continues above 1,000 feet through 8:00 this evening. lower, we were around 50 knoxville, but you can still see 20 to even here is a look at what is going on as far as what to expect today. a lot of sunshine and with the calmer conditions, warmer temperature, 70s and 80s today. the man suspected of being the "golden state killer" is expected to plead guilty in court today. jona


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