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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 30, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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each blue bar represents the number of new coronavirus cases each day in the bay area. that yellow line is the rolling average calculated from the last seven days of data. right now that line is higher than it's ever been. take a look at this map of california showing where patients are hospitalized. you can see large clusters in the bay area and in the central valley but they are dwarfed by the number of patients in southern california. >> in the past 24 hours, california has recorded more than 6300 new cases of coronavirus. that is the second highest number ever. the record was set just one week ago. more than 5,000 patients are now hospitalized statewide, and that number used to average 4,000 two weeks ago. the positivity race, the percentage of cases coming back positive for coronavirus is climbing as well. the average from the past 14 days is 5.6. in the past seven days, up to 5.9. so let's go to chris reyes for a story that now goes beyond the numbers. >> it was reasonable to think of this as a california miracle.
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unfortunately, over the last two or three weeks, things have gotten out of hand. i think we let our guard down. >> reporter: dr. robert says the period after memorial day weekend was a turning point in that so-called california miracle. these are the charts that worry him. abc7 news analyzed the numbers and found that six cabrera counties saw a spike in covid-19 hospitalizations between may 22nd and june 29th. in the case of marin county, the hospitalization rate went from 1.15%. in san francisco, 4.94% to 7%. >> if we continue to see some of the surges we're seeing, there is no good reason to think we won't be packed with covid patients within two, three, four weeks. >> reporter: here are more troubling numbers. total covid-19 cases in the bay area on june 29th, almost 24,000. that's a 74% increase from may 29th when we were at just over 13,000.
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at ucsf, there are currently 20 in patients. 11 are in icu. >> we are double where we were two or three weeks ago. overnight, there were a bunch of people admitted. >> reporter: he's concerned that people are becoming less vigilant about wearing masks. he's notice go more and more young people are choosing not to wear them and women are not wearing them as much as women. he said we need to get back to the mentality we had at the height of the crisis. >> the 80 to 90% at the height and maybe 60 to 70% currently. >> a big concern right now is the sudden explosion of coronavirus cases at san quenin prison. it is more cases than any other state prison. more than 1100 inmates have been diagnosed there with coronavirus, and nearly all in just the past 14 days. san quentin didn't have any coronavirus cases, keep in mind,
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before june. 102 staff have tested positive. so far six have been well enough to return to work. there are about 1,400 staff at the prison and close to 4,000 inmates. some of them might be released early because of the pandemic. and luz pena found one woman today who is hoping that her husband would be one of them. >> reporter: san quentin is now the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. >> 20 people right now. it's bad in here. i fear for my life. >> reporter: behind bars, the inmate charles jones said he found out about the outbreak on tv. one inmate died last week. nearly 1100 have tested positive along with 100 staff members. jones was tested but has not received his results. >> i have headaches all the time. i'm in pain a lot. >> how is your respiratory
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system? >> bad, bad. >> reporter: outside of this gate is jones' wife who preferred not to be identified. she has been waiting for his scheduled release since 6:00 a.m. jones turned himself in a year ago tomorrow after his third dui. >> this is charles calling back. >> reporter: four hours later she got a call from san quentin's personnel that jones will not be released today. no future date was given. >> i want to know what's going on. >> as a former prosecutor, why do you think it is taking so long for these discharge orders to be implemented? >> well, i think i think tragic but i think that too many individuals are operating in a business as usual minds set. >> reporter: if someone has six months or less, to serve, there's simply no reason to keep them behind bars. >> reporter: the outbreak is taxing local hospitals, ma ridge county officials are urging
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governor newsom to intervene and set an incident commander at this facility. >> in 48 hours we expect to have a much more robust onsite presence for medical support so additional doctors, nurses, beds, and we also expect to see command structure. >> reporter: they're waiting. >> i feel like i'll come home in a body bag. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> today governor newsom came to the bay area to tout the success of the state program to house the homeless. parts of the speech were drowned out by protesters. >> reporter: this press conference at a motel 6 parking lot turned into a collision course over a homelessness stat and black lives matter. the governor staged things to talk about how successful california has been in getting te homeless housed during this pandemic. >> we worked with fema to develop a partnership under
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project room key that allowed to us move forward to procure hotel rooms, motel rooms like this here in pitsburg where we can get people off the streets. >> reporter: so far project room key has taken over 2 people in hotels in california. own 15,000 hotel rooms occupied by 14,200 of the formerly homeless. >> to get homeless people off the street and into a temporary situation is what we need. >> reporter: among the supporters was this dialysis specialist who interacts with several of the residents at this motel 6. >> when i've asked my patients who live here whether or not they have a cut-off date as to whether they'll be kicked out, they said no. they're just told until covid ends. >> reporter: but there were enraged homeless citizens who never got a covid hotel room. >> i'm asking for help because i'm homeless and they won't give me any help. >> if i was a white woman, would you have told me to go to the
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richmond system? i'm tired of this. >> reporter: she used a bull horn to get her message across as the governor vent you ared into grim statistics with hospitalization rates on a steep rise in california. >> in the end the governor said he'll be raising the alarm bells tomorrow, making an announcement about the upcoming fourth of july weekend. especially in regard to family gatherings. abc7 news. >> we'll definitely watch that. san francisco's top health official had a reminder, even with the holiday coming up, it is important to avoid crowds and keep social distancing. >> gatherings is a social phenomenon. this virus doesn't care why you gather. the virus has no values. it doesn't care why you're getting together. it will exploit any type of gathering, regardless of the purpose. >> one of the city's top economic officials stress that had simple tasks like washing your hands and wearing mask
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there's help local businesses recover as they reopen. and take a look. there are 19 counties on the state's watch list. that includes contra costa and solano county in the bay area. the governor said four more counties are likely to be add in the next 24 hours and some of the steps we've taken to reopen could be reversed. and the rules about what has opened and closed, we know that those can really be hard to track. it is sort of couldn't fusing county by county. they keep changing and that's why we made this ma'am so you can go county by county to see what's open. you can find on it if you were flying from the east coast to the bay area, be ready to quarantine. travelers will have to voluntarily quarantine if traveling to new york, new jersey and connecticut. at least one airline is now selling seats to capacity which means no more buffer between the passengers in those middle seats. and take a look at this. alaska airlines says passengers who refuse to wear mask there's get this yellow card from flight
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attendants warning of a ban on future flights. it goes into effect immediately. abc sufficent news report he is live with the story. >> reporter: good evening. a lot of passengers heading home to new york, new jersey or connecticut know they have to quarantine once they get there. but some passengers we spoke with going to new york city for business or pleasure were not aware of the sudden changes. he found out at the last minute at sfo. >> i'm not happy. >> reporter: he didn't know if he may have to quarantine once he arrives in new york city. he's only going for a few days but said he wouldn't have bought a ticket if he knew. >> pinlds texas, arizona and so forth. that i can understand. california, i don't get that. >> reporter: the governors of new york, new jersey and connecticut are asking travellers from states with a spike in covid-19 like california to voluntarily quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.
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this person is flying home to manhattan. he man's to self-quarantine. >> i think it would be effective to help new york. i mean, new york was hit badly at the beginning so i guess i totally understand they will have to quarantine. >> reporter: at a time when covid-19 is changing the reality on the ground, american airlines is its policies in the sky. beginning july 1st, they will sell seats to capacity meaning no more middle seat buffer. the decision is getting some pushback. >> i can't say this is you understand critical review right now by us at cdc. we don't think it is the right message. >> reporter: in an email to abc7 news, american airlines says they've add extra cleaning and safety protocols on the flights. they go on to say, quote, and we're providing additional flexibility for customers to change their travel plans as well. we know our customers are placing their trust in us to make every aspect of their journey safe and we are committed to doing just that. natalia is headed to boston. not the city that requires
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quarantine. she said she picked jet blue to avoid sitting close to others. >> i'm happy that i don't have to update and change. i really like jet blue so i'm really glad they're ad hearing to the semirags. >> reporter: not all flights are flying at capacity. american airlines is saying, if you don't like your seat, you can change without penalty on flights through september 30th. reporting live at sfo. abc7 news. >> thank you. the european union reopened its border to visitors to 14 different nations but the 31-nation e you were will not allow most americans to visit for at least two weeks. it is not admitting travelers from russia, india or brazil. they are basing their glinls on covid-19 infection rates on different parts of the world and they will revise the rules for visitors every two weeks. okay. students use distance learning to get to the end of the school year. fall isn't far away.
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at least one local school district is weighing in. we'll see what parents are asking for, next. envelop as college students consider returning to campus this fall, housing is a big concern. that story is coming up. a bit of a warm-up day. breezy and cool for the next few days but what about the fourth of july weekend? - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> when we talk with building a better bay area, education one of the big areas we focus on along with our health, economy and changing work places and they have certainly changed. dr. anthony fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, says children returning to school and administrators should base decisions based on what stage of reopening their region
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is in. >> if if you are in an area where you have a certain amount of infection dynamics, there are things can creatively be done about modifying things like the school schedule. alternate days, morning versus evening, allowing under certain circumstances, online virtual lessons. >> dr. fauci says we need to do whatever we can to get kids back in school. and oakland parents were asked to weigh in on the kinds of instruction they would like to see at their children's schools in the fall. the results of. survey are out tonight. >> reporter: 4,500 families in oakland participated in the survey offered by the oakland unified school district. parents were asked if given a choice, how should the district reopen in the fall? go public schools was one. many nonprofits that helped with the survey. >> they want more regular communication with their
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teacher. they want more instructional minutes with their teacher, and they want more small group and one to one instruction in particular. >> reporter: most parents were fine with half day in school and half day of distance learning. they also favored one day of in-school instruction, followed by distance learning the next day. others said they supported year-round schooling to catch up. she has an incoming kindergartner. she showed her daughter and a friend with backpacks, singing about going to school. >> reporter: she said her daughter may have to wait aier. she's undecided. >> they need contact. they need to sit together, touch each other. if they're not able to do that in school, it's not kinlds garten to me. >> reporter: oakland unified said it won't release its plans until july 10th. >> we're excited to hear that commit many, hearing from
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families and now we need to see action. >> reporter: today the american academy of pediatrics said evidence shows the academic, mental and physical benefits of in-person learning outweigh the risks from the coronavirus. one thing is cheer from this survey. the vast majority of parents said they didn't wants to see the same kind of distance learning their children experienced when the lockdown began. >> late this afternoon, santa clara county released the guidelines for schools to reopen there. adults must wear masks at elementary school but students will that be required to. students will need them at all times at middle schools and high schools and social distancing will be required in the doctor was asked about it and she gives fascinating insight into what has been learned about covid-19. >> the working hypothesis was that this virus was a lot like flu. when kids get the flu in school,
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it spreads and more of us in the community get it as well. what we're learning so far with covid, is that young children are not sort of the engines with transmission as they are with flu. in fact it is probably more likely that an adult would spread to a child. >> the guidance from the county is for public and private schools. it will be up to the school districts as to how they reopen. stanford university has announced its new model for reopening for students. and san jose state is still in the works. >> reporter: as colleges and universities reimagine what their campus there's look like in the fall, many students are feeling under easy about it. >> this is my last year at stanford. i would love to be able to finish my degree. >> reporter: we spoke with stanford leader, cricket who was forced off campus mid-march at
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the start of the pandemic. this week the university announced the reopening plans which calls for staggering students throughout the school year. most classes are going virtual and there will be limited student housing because of social distancing. freshmen, sophomores and transfers can live on campus during the fall or summer. juniors and seniors can apply for housing during winter or spring. that leaves upper classmen like her, who is also blind, out of luck for this fall unless she's able to get a special circumstance exemption. but she isn't hopeful and is worried about high rents in silicon valley. >> i don't have a place to stay. i've been living with friends, sleeping on couches. i've been trying to do what i can to have a place to stay. >> reporter: administrators are still working on their plans for reopening which will also include a mix of online and in-person offerings. >> i'm still very excited to meet other students online, even if we're not going. it will just be a whole new experience. >> reporter: incoming freshman
6:20 pm
will stay home to save money and is taking it all in stride. >> i was kinds of scared leaving my family at first. i'll be able to spent a little more time with them, which is great, and a couple of my friends. >> reporter: these students doing their best to navigate under certainty. >> students are struggling with personal life and not just housing or things like that. but just with the emotional emol impact of covid-19. >> of course, living with coronavirus means constantly investigating the risk level of activities from summer camp to shopping to going back to school. we put together an interactive game where you can guess the risk and see what medical experts think. you can check that out on thampbl was the warmest weather we'll see before the weekend. spencer chris
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hollywood is mourning the passing of one of its funny men and writer, carl rhiner. >> i bought a pair. this is the result. >> his career launched in the 1950s on your show of shows. his fame rose playing a second banana to sid caesar and mel brooks. many sitcom fabss know him best as creator, producer on the 1960s hit dick van dyke show. the 98-year-old world war ii veteran died of natural causes. when a life, what a legacy. mel brooks became friends many years ago. apparently they saw each other every day. they go to one another's houses. spencer, some of the classic skits of all time from carl reinor. >> oh, yeah. an absolute jean just. he and mel brooks.
6:24 pm
je geniuses both. let's take a look at our weather. we have sunny skies across the bay area. wind gusts, only in one spot, novato, but it is breezy everywhere. wind speeds of 28 miles an hour. it is a mixed bag, ten degrees cooler in san francisco right now than this time yesterday. some degrees are a couple of degrees warmer or cooler and tomorrow will be cooler across the board. it is 63 in san francisco. oakland, 69. 83 at mt. view. san jose, 88. 57 at pacifica. looking westward from emeryville, 81 in santa rosa. petaluma, 78. 90 in fairfield. 87, concord. these are our forecast features. the coast is relatively cool at
6:25 pm
the moment. cooler and breezier. it will be warming up for the fourth of july weekend. here's our forecast animation showing it will begin with not much of a marine layer. and what is there, it will reappear. there will be some areas of fog for the morning commute. overnight lows will be in the low to mid 50s. mid to upper 50s in some eastern locations. the highs will be low 60s at the coast to mid to upper 70s around the bay shoreline. it will be cooler tomorrow than today. we have to go really far north to finds a 90-degree reading tomorrow. tomorrow it will be a relatively cool and breezy day as well as tomorrow. we get to saturday, fourth of
6:26 pm
july. we'll see quite a warm-up with inland areas warming up to low to mid 90s. sunday will bring us similar conditions. mild at the coast. upper 70s at the bay. low to mid 90s inland. here's a look at the accuweather forecast. three days, wednesday, thursday, friday of cooler than we had today conditions. it will be breezy on thursday. a sudden and sharp warm-up on saturday and sunday with just a gradual timering off of temperatures going into early next week. a gusty day with highs i 90s. i home you're able to get out and do things that you enjoy on the fourth of july. despite the current restrictions. >> have fun and stay safe. >> yeah. coming up next, new at 6:00.
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coronavirus breaks out at a facility that has sickened nearly half its residents. midnight is the dead line to apply for a pandemic assi
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a hayward health facility is trying to stop the spread of covid-19 after several have died. >> melanie woodrow spoke with two patients from inside that facility. >> they need to help us. >> reporter: park view resident talking to us from inside the facility where nearly half the 118 residents have tested positive for covid-19. >> i'm afraid of catching it. it will kill me. and i have family and siblings that love me.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: a park view health care center confirming, 58 residents have tested positive for covid-19. of which six have died. 20 employees out of 164 employees have also tested positive for covid-19. >> this whole building is flooded with that. >> reporter: according to the spokesperson, eight residents are at the hospital. the others are in a separate unit for all covid-19 9 those residents who are healthy are at a loss for how they'll stay that way. >> i'm trying to put it in words. >> they're telling us they're trying to protect us. i don't think so. >> reporter: the park view health personal said they're following state and county health guidelines for covid-19 testing. also that all employees are screened daily with temperature checks. >> it comes in and out of our rooms with the same drugs, the same gowns.
6:31 pm
they're not changing their stuff like they're supposed to. so therefore, the infection is going around and around and around. >> reporter: park view health care central said it is following cdc guidelines for the reuse of ppe with gowns and gloves changed from room to room. and n-95 masks and face shields worn an entire shift unless they become solid. >> we need help here. we can't do it ourselves. >> reporter: the alameda county public health department tells the i-team it has a dedicated long term care facility that has been working park view health care central since early june to control and limit the spread of covid-19. for the i-team, abc7 for building a better bay area and midnight is the deadline for a loan.
6:32 pm
the senate just voted to extends program but now it's up to the house so we'll see. stephanie sierra found one local business owner who is still struggling to get some help. >> there are 25 major bay area companies that have received more than $70 million in ppe loans. but small business owner joe field just barely made the cut. >> wells fargo, keep on sending these emails saying you're in line, you're in line, you're in line. and nothing would ever happen. >> field owns a comic store. and despite having a veiled application, he tried to qualify through two different banks but had no luck for nearly three months. >> wasn't until just a few days ago when my wife ran into somebody at the store who knew someone at wells fargo and said, i can help you out. >> reporter: that's 85 days he had to wait just to get an application approved and he has yet to see a dime. yet the corporation had no problem landing a $10 million
6:33 pm
loan amir ten days after filing an application. >> the small business administration is managing the ppe loans. he didn't have the right filters in place to make sure that obviously inappropriate entities weren't getting these funds. >> reporter: he is the executive director of a federal government oversight group. >> treshlory has set a standard that says you have to certify as a company, receiving these funds, that it was necessary to have them to continue your operations. >> reporter: yet many companies ignored those rules. prompting a congressional select sub committee to send this letter to the sba demanding the agency make all ppeppe so i called the committee directly. >> what's the purpose of sending a letter if these agencies are going to refuse to comply? >> the committee chair was unavailable for an interview but told nbc 7 in a statement, the sba hand complied and repeatedly failed to commit to frame. there was $134 billion left in
6:34 pm
ppe funding. just minutes tag senate pass ad bill that would extends this program for small businesses. abc7 news. >> and researchers announced today they've started trials of a saliva test for covid-19. it is for a simpler and less invasive than the nasal swab currently in useful people would spit into a tube and then wait for the results which takes about five days. the university is using to it identify asymptomatic students and university employees and those who test positive would need to be checked again with a nasal swab. >> when students come back, we want to make sure they're not bringing more virus into our community. berkeley doesn't exist as just a university. we live in a local bay area community and we have to make sure we're protecting them. so it is key to make sure we're testing those students very quickly when they come back. >> reporter: the researchers home to analyze the results of the test and submit an application for emergency use authorization to the fda which would allow it to be used clinically. as new tests are being
6:35 pm
studied, there is a push to begin using existing covid-19 tests in new ways. the goal is to test many more people faster and at less cost. with so many campuses getting ready to welcome back students, testing for the covid virus will be central to safety. now a number of experts including dr. anthony fauci are pointing to a strategy known as pool testing. the strategy involves combining test samps. >> you don't dump them all together, which is what some people think. instead to reserve the possibility of going back and testing the individual samples. just take a little bit. >> reporter: he is an infectious disease special i have at ucsf. he said the concept is to combine a i will teeny portion of samples. by performing one test could you potentially determine the residents are clear of the
6:36 pm
virus. >> it no longer represents one individual. each sample can represent in the example i just gave, 100. >> reporter: if it is positive, they would test each individually to locate the infected personal. he said pool testing was used extensively in the wake. hiv aids epidemic but it does have limitations. the more samples added to the mix, the more each is diluted making it critical to detect smaller amounts of the virus. to blishl what that threshold is for covid-19, they examined reams of samples. their couldn't collusion, that it could be 20 times as efficient as individual testing and still remain accurate. >> we were pleasantly surprised and kind of excited. >> reporter: with the challenges of reopening schools and businesses looming, fast and affordable testing could be the key to a safe future. now this week one federal
6:37 pm
official estimated pool testing like the would crank up covid testing capacity in the use from half a million a day to 5 million. >> taking a group effort, see how local schools and students are going out of their way to help out. next, raise a glass to the wine industry which could use your support. certainly.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
building a better bay area is four main factors that affect all of us. we have a lks now at the economy and financially struggling
6:40 pm
businesses. they are sure hurting. the south bay community journalist dustin dorsey shows you the impact of closed bars on santa clara county could have on the local wine industry. >> the south bay has some of the oldest and best windories in the state including here in morgan hill. >> my grand parents founded it. came here and found the original ranch in 1925. everything comes from the grape. we have the environment here to grow world class grapes and turn those into wine. >> for the first time in 95 years, the grounds have been empty due to the shelter-in-place orders. >> we're a relational business. it will be really difficult to see how we'll be able to keep that relationship going as far as tasting and opening. >> reporter: the way they will do it is through the state and county guidelines that wineries must follow. these include changing wine glasses, social distancing tables outside and more. >> we just want to provide and create a place where it still feels like it did before all this happened. and provide a safe environment
6:41 pm
for people to come who might still be a little weary about going out in public and being around people but want to get out. want to support the community, those local businesses. >> the winery has already started putting in the work to make their outdoor tasting room covid-19 friendly. after recent recommendations from gachbl newsom, reopening may not be as soon as they once thought. health orders that would keep than clara bars and windries closed. the association president jeff says this could lead to further economic mack to the south bay wine region. >> as other counties are opening up, people are leaving and taking their dollars elsewhere into the neighboring counties. i think it is important to make the distinction between an indoor bar where you've got a lot of folks gathering, listening to music, talking loudly, compared to very quiet, relaxed wine tasting. it is not the same. we're hoping that our county officials will hear that and
6:42 pm
recognize that. >> he says all wineries plan on following the guidelines to ensure the safest return to tasting when that time comes. a new report out today by sonoma state university looks at the california wine industry by the pandemic. it estimates losses at more than $4.2 billion. the industry has lost more than 16,000 jobs and the losses could generate a tax loss of $586 million for state and local governments. and our wine loving meteorologist spencer christian will have the forecast coming up next, including a look at the weather. and the pandemic has forced many cities to cancel their fireworks events. some will carry on virtually. you can see a list of what is affected in the bay area by going to the
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geico. save an extra 15% when you switch by october 7th. whoever said manufacturing was dead in the bay area did not
6:45 pm
take into account a small army of people with 3d printers have been busy making personal protective quill for front line workers. at the central of this are bay area schools. >> reporter: when the college close in the mid-march, one room stayed open. >> for weeks now we've been running the printers 20 hours every day, seven days a week. >> reporter: the 3d printers are running almost nonstop to make face shields. the transition from classroom to production facility started three months ago. that's when maker nexus in sunny vail put out the call for everyone with a 3d printer to help out. so the department of design and manufacturing began making face shields and a hose adapter needed for medical body suits. a tray of 20 parts takes almost eight hours to make. >> even though the resources invested in our facility here are primarily for education, they can be pressed into service
6:46 pm
with the community very, very quickly. >> reporter: they aren't the only ones helping out. sudents at oakland's madison park academy meet in this which is a room twice a week to make face shields. >> we've been cleaning shields, hole packaging, also with the head wear. >> reporter: the teacher prints the parts out at home. >> for me to print two shields at a time, it takes each of my printers two hours. >> reporter: so far the students have assembled about 750 face shields. >> it feels amazing. both 600 plus masks have been to better someone's wellness. >> reporter: in san francisco, the school district allowed students to take 3d printers home over the summer to make face shields and ear savers. >> you can use this to wrap around your head so they don't damage your ears. >> reporter: 400 have been dribbled to nursing homes and schools. luis is also using his own
6:47 pm
printer to make gadgets that let people open doors and pregs buttons without having to touch them. >> it makes me feel happy that i can be helping people. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> just tremendous effort. >> maker nefls has received about 150,0003d printed parts. it still has thousands of face shields to donate to those that need them. we invite to you join better bay area project thanks and share your gratitude for everyone on the front lines of the covid-19 battle. use the #better bay area to show us how you're saying thank you and we will share with it the community. before we get to weather, we want to let bunk some breaking news that we're tracking. there is a brush fire in belmont in san mateo county that has shut down some lanes near ralston avenue. you can see from this street, from bell monday police, the smoke blowing across the highway there. only one lane is open right now.
6:48 pm
so take an alternate route if you are going that way. and if you can. no home are threatened right now with you there is a lot of smoke. >> we do have to worry about the winds in the last couple days. >> you're tracking that, spencer. >> it is pretty breezy. it's not hot but we have wind speeds of 18 to 22 miles an hour in that area. over the next few days, winds will be a little stronger. let's bear that in mind. let's skip right ahead to saturday. fourth of july. everyone is would understandering what it will be like. soinl across the bay area and quite warm to hot with inland areas warming up to the mid 90s. up to about 80 degrees, even on the coast. we'll see highs up to mid 60s. mabel even above. the entire fourth of july weekend is lucas nice as you can
6:49 pm
ask for. low 60s at the coast to upper 70s near the bay to mid to upper 80s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast after a few days. wednesday through friday. cooler than average weather and quite breezy as well. we'll have a nice warm fourth of july weekend temperatures beginning to taper off early next week. >> we're already at july 4th, 2020. going fast. >> time is racing by. >> time flies when you're sheltering in place. >> let's turn our attention now to sports. the sports director larry beil is here. it drags a bit when there are no sports to watch. >> yeah. you noticed that too, huh? >> we're hoping, we're praying. we had draymond green and the commissioner on the virus and the bubble. plus, cal football player
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good evening. the nba commissioner adam silver is cautiously optimistic about the restart in orlando. he did say today, if coronavirus cases spike inside the bubble, the league may not have a choice but to shut it down. he didn't give precise numbers on that. but we know it is out there. the warriors were not invited to orlando because they have the worst record in the league. draymond green was on espn. jaylen was on asked if he would be willing to go into the bubble. >> i would go to have the opportunity to play basketball. in saying that, i think there's a ton of concern. not only inside the bubble but in the country. we've seen cases explode once again. it's not just the nba. that's where our folks are. this is a country wide problem. not just the bubble.
6:53 pm
>> damian lillard has been chosen as one of three players to be on the cover of nba 2k 21. very appropriate. a budding musical career going as well. he's perfect for game here's love to shoot from half court steph range. now we'll go back in time to 19 people in. >> orlando -- >> 1993. >> orlando has traded the draft rights to chris webber. to golden state. in exchange for the draft rights to anthony hardaway and future first round draft picks. >> people were in shock. 27 years ago chris webber became a warrior.
6:54 pm
donnell nelson, to get c webb. i was covering the draft. i asked, any concern this might not work out in fans at the draft party at the arena and oakland, they booed me so loudly and vigorously. what happened? webber left after one year of feuding with don nelson and it took franchise years to recover. so boo me now. it was pretty funny. fans will not be allowed to baseball games once it starts but your face could be there. they will put cutouts in the stands. the prices will range from $49 to $129 which by the way is a lot more than it would cost to go to an actual game in personal if that was allowed. and if your ball hits the cutout in the face, you would get the wall. here's a great story.
6:55 pm
the cal running back started a go fund me page to raise money for an elementary school in oakland. he raised over $15,000 and the first round of supplies were given out today. >> the younger kids depend on the schools for it. especially low income. i was just brain storming and came one the idea, get a team around me from cal. just figure out how to ride out this moment. >> great job. >> soccer star messi has joined greats like christiani rondo scoring his 700th career game. he is from argentina, he turned 33 a few days ago. reaches 700 goals. that's 111 fewer games than reynaldo needed. all right. time for tonight's edition of call my play. you send me your video and i scream out the catch phrases. tonight a little man who is
6:56 pm
attacking the rim. the nba will be back soon and little rainier is ready. this 15-month-old is a lean, mean, dunking machine with lots of family support. whether it is one handed or with two, he throws it down with authority. it helps if you're as tall as the rim. >> we just called your play on abc7. >> how cute! send me your video and be sure to use the hash abc7 call my play so we can put you on tv. i'm at the point where that's the height of the basket i need to really hammer it home at this stage without destroying my knees and achilles'. >> me, too. dangerous at the page. >> oh, yeah. >> you can join us tonight at 11:00.
6:57 pm
san francisco churches violating the health order. how the archdiocese is responding. >> and it is all about design and material. which type of mask works best to stop droplets from spreading? >> that's it for this edition of abc7 news. >> for spencer christian, larry beil, we appreciate your time. we hope to see you again at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
alex trebek here. your favorite champions, their best wins, and how they get to this season's tournament of champions, coming up right now. this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a biomedical engineer from ann arbor, michigan... a librarian from troy, michigan... and our returning champion-- a sports industry consultant from atlanta, georgia... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. steven certainly made the grade yesterday on our program.
7:00 pm
pardon the pun. but he had the game, turned into a runaway. so, sarah and kenji, you're gonna have to be at your best today. but good luck. let's go to work and see how things work out. here are the categories... hmm. followed by... we'll deal with... and finally we want you to... r-i-n-g coming up in each correct response. steven, go. i'll take film directors for $200. steven. - what is "the searchers"? - that's it. directors, $400. perhaps tired of his old office job, in 2018, he branched out as the director of "a quiet place." steven. - who is krasinski? - john krasinski. correct. directors for $600.


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