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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 30, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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plans to bring kids back to class but will it happen? >> and t
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covid-19 case numbers continue to rise at san quentin. and there is major concern, here, in marin county. > after a slew of complaints, san francisco city attorney says several catholic churches are violating the health order. what the san francisco arch diocese has said. >> santa clara county is uncertain schools will even return this year, but they're getting ready. >> warmup on a cool down this week. find out what's coming up. abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. governor newsom tonight drawing a line in the sand in the state's fight against the surge in coronavirus cases. >> the framework for us is this. if you're not going to stay home, and you're not going to wear masks in public, we have to
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enforce and we will. and we'll be making announcements on enforcement tomorrow. >> california now reporting another 6,367 cases today, and the positivity rate is, also, rising. over the last seven days, it's gone up to 5.9%. with fourth of july weekend approaching, one of the top health officials in san francisco has this not so subtle warning for those thinking of celebrating together. >> this virus doesn't care why you gather. the virus has no values. it doesn't care why you're getting together. it will exploit any type of gathering, regardless of the purpose. >> as for the governor, despite discouraging news, he is guaranteeing victory over covid-19. >> we bent the curve in the state of california once. we will bend the curve, again. mark my word. we will crush this pandemic. we will annihilate it. we'll get past this. >> right now, there are 19 counties on the state's watch list so we have a long way,
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perhaps, before we get past it as the governor says. these are counties where outbreaks are growing, at a concerning pace. really fast. including contra costa, santa clara and solano counties here in the bay area. the governor says four more counties are likely to be added in the next 24 hours. and local health officials say there is a good chance san francisco is among them. >> and we talk about building a better bay area after the pandemic. education of course is one of the big areas we are focused on, along with our health, economy, and changing workplaces. an idea of what the upcoming school year could look like for k-12 students and staff. this afternoon, public health leaders released detailed guidance, although there is no guarantee in-person classes will resume. how the pressure is on to prepare for the possibility of a return to the classroom. >> reporter: exploring in-person instruction, without increasing risk to covid-19. that's the goal behind this
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22-page guideline, released tuesday by the santa clara county public health department. >> it is up to us to adapt to this virus, and to do everything possible to suppress the levels. the better that we do that, the more sure w can be that schools can safely open. >> middle school and high school students are expected to adapt to physical distancing and face covers. kinder through elementary school students will remain stable cohorts. officials are learning young kids don't bring the same concern with covid-19 transmission that they do with the flu. >> in fact, it's probably more likely that an adult would spread to a child. >> according to new guidance, if a student or staff member tests positive, immediate actions could include an entire cohort be tested and quarantined for two weeks. for alum rock school district, that risk is reality. public health data shows several zip codes within alum rock register as having the highest
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case rates in the county. >> from the alum rock district perspective, we're not there yet. >> new guidelines also look at smaller class sizes, minimizing shared supplies, staggering schedules and activities. and removing furniture, to help physical distancing. in non-classroom settings, recommendations include assigned bathrooms, outdoor meals, and one-way walking areas. there will be no in-person extracurricular activities, like choir, band, or vocal cheerleading, due to risk. school athletics have yet to be addressed. so many questions causing concern. >> so what's going to happen in august 18th, first day of school for alum rock, is anybody's guess. >> there is much more to explore for the full document, visit abc 7 and click on this story. in an jose, i'm amanda, abc 7 news. >> tonight, san francisco city attorney is coming down hard on catholic churches in the city they say are gathering illegally
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indoors, without face coverings. abc 7 news reporter kate larson has the story. >> reporter: in a seven-page cease and desist letter, san francisco attorney dennis herrera said the arch diocese of san francisco is putting parishioners and the larger community at risk of serious illness and death. the letter says despite calls between a health officer and the arch bishop, multiple churches have held indoor gather that violate the health order and fail to follow common sense safety protocols. indoor gatherings are not currently permitted in san francisco. complaints were filed against st. frances of assisi for holding public masses in june. an investigator from the city attorney's office says a priest without a mask, held mass for 23 people at st. mary's cathedral. the city attorney's letter also points out a youtube video of the priest giving a sermon inside. and father joseph's blog that shows photos of church leaders
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and parishioners leading processions through the richmond district neighborhood, without face coverings. >> anything involving the holy mass, the priest and servers will not wear a mask. >> we met jared outside the star of the sea, where he is training to be a priest. >> we consider the holy mass be sacred and special, which shouldn't be tarnished by something that has a sort of human concern. and part of it, as well, is that we're just being rational about it. none of us have experienced any symptoms. so i understand if, you know, people are dying left and right. but they're not. >> as for the illegal gatherings. >> tons of people can go into grocery stores and be over 12 people indoors. is really insulting for practicing, faithful people. >> the city attorney gave the arch diocese one day to comply or risk restraining order. on tuesday, the arch diocese sent a letter saying the arch bishop notified his priests to comply with the health order. in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. >> and covid-19 cases are surging at san quentin state prison. and tonight, there is now a
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major concern for those living nearby in the county. hospitals there are getting to the point they can't handle many more patients. abc 7 news reporter jared stone has been digging into this. he is live for us at san quentin prison with details. jr. >> well, so many who live in this area are upset with the situation because they believe that it could have been avoided. and now, here we are, with a community threatened. >> i don't think there's any room, currently. but with pending discharges, there might be room again. >> marin county health officer dr. matt willis is referring to hospitals in the county that are dealing with, not only the community uptick in covid-19 cases but, also, san quentin state prison's huge rise in cases. >> we're really operating at that point where, you know, we got to wait for someone to go before you can bring someone else in. >> at san quentin, more than 1,100 inmates are covid-19 positive. more than 100 staffers and guards have tested positive as well. a group that goes from being
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inside the prison, to out in the community. >> it's just a little concerning because we don't know, you know, how quickly this is going to spread again in a second wave. >> tuesday, we talked by phone with death row inmate anthony jones, who says things don't appear to be getting better. >> evidence, there's at least three to five people that goes man down that have to be taken to the hospital to get their vitals checked. or, you know, can't breathe or whatever the case may be. >> while the outlook doesn't currently look promising, county supervisors have written the governor for help. supervisor judy arnold is optimistic but keeping a close eye on the situation. >> we want to get this under control, like we did before. the worry is hospitalization. >> and officials here in marin county would like to see the situation taken care of at this prison facility, versus hospitals and other locations.
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now, the death row inmate that you heard from there, in that story, has covid-19. he says that, in a number of situations, inmates are not being given medicine independsi facility. instead, when they get to a certain point, they are rushed to the hospital. reporting live from -- outside of san quentin prison, jr stone, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it was a record day for covid-19 cases across the united states. the fourth record this week. officials in eight states announced single-day record highs. with the nation seeing 40,000 new cases a day, dr. anthony fauci is warning that the case numbers could easily double. he offered his grim prediction, while testifying before congress today. telling senators that no area of the country is safe from the virus's spread. >> i would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day, if this does not turn around. and so, i am very concerned. i think it's important to tell
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you and the american public that i'm very concerned because it could get very bad. >> imperial county in southeast california, so overwhelmed, they hve air vacced patients. morgues are backed up and now the county is ordering refrigerated trucks for the dead. it's grim. in nearby riverside county, 99% of icus are full. even states that had reported improvements are starting to see the number of new cases rise. causing governors to rethink their plans to get residents back to work. now, the rules about what's open and what's closed and where you can find it can be hard to keep track of. and they keep changing, as you gather, with these numbers moving up so quickly now. it's why we have made this map. so you can go, county by county, in the bay area, to see what is open where you live. you will find it on our website abc 7 >> happening right now. a measure that would give san
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jose's mayor more power and shift election years to align with presidential elections is being debated at this hour, still. technically, it's called a strong mayor and would go before voters on the november ballot. the public meeting has been going on for hours and a lot of the feedback from the community was against the proposal. if it passes, the mayor would have his term extended until 2024. currently, it would end in 2022. researchers have discovered a new type of swine flu with pandemic potential. but no reason to panic just yet. we'll have the story. the senate has passed a surprise extension of the federal pandemic assistance loan program but hurdles remain and we're going to hear what the process has been like for one local shopowner. >> protecting you and others. which type of homemade mask is actually best at stopping the spread of droplets? >> i'm meteorologist sandy vitel. we are on the way to cooler days but will it last through the
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weekend? let you know. >> right after abc 7 news at 11. >> tonight show tested positive for everything. hi, howie. how are you? >> hi, jimmy. ten weeks. ten weeks. when do the salons open up? >> it is's getting out of contr >> oh, my god, it is. and look at my roo every year, you can see spectacular celebrities at aids walk san francisco. this year they are coming to you! join bette midler gloria estefan matt bomer stars of queer eye rupaul's drag race superstars. for aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on july 19 to benefit prc
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>> if the people choose to come to santa cruz, weq asking that they wearfáçó÷ mask thatñr they socially distance, d they useq good hygieneçófá prac. keeping our numbers low, here in the cityi]t(xd of santa cruz. lp residents toi] feel safe. >> the mayor says he expects crowds to caution. >> hurting businesses in onexdñn franciscoxm)(jjp)e getting a huge helping hand tonight. donor is paying for the barricades for businesses along t(ñrt(polk street. more prevalent, businesses are taking over parking spots asó u know. but it can add up between the fees to barricades to having to fence off those spots. not just weeks butjf we're talkg
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merchants which is so exciting. in a long fátime. >> there are a few clues aboutl= we're told it's a homeowner in the area, that wants to support local businesses. >> now,çó your accuweather forecast withçó sandhya patel. >> hi, there, everyone. today, we warmed'7! degrees. opposite direction. watch thew3 marineç"layer. it was just rushing in. you can seeq sutro tower shroudi by the fog tonight and that fog isñi advancinglp so as a result along with the seaxd breeze, the temperatures will be coming down tomorrow. it's worked its way up from the santa cruz coastline, all the way toñi the san mateow3 visibility in places like half-moon bay, kopacifica. temperatures anywhere from the
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50s to 60s for mostçóñiçóñ of yó camera showi#cyou a lovely view of the financial district there. cooler tomorrow. 94 in concord. you are going down 7e1 degrees tomorrow afternoon. san joseçó droppingo7bw3½¡l you will notice the difference. san francisco to from 73 to 66. degrees. lovely view from our san jose t(áy we're looking at foggy conditions forok the morning bayfá area. cooler andñifá breezier the nexo ourth of july weekend. in the fog fromxdññ to 8:00 a.m as we head toward the afternoon hours, the fog will p,ts back but it's going to hang around át while into the evening hours, and then advance back in. temperatures in the i]morning, 50s, 60s. think you should be able to get away with a light extra layer. and then, for the afternoon, here is the way it's going to look. it'sfá going to be beautiful, b
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just notçó as war as today. 88 for antioch, fairfield, unleñ3u you're toward cloverdal, low 90s there. 73 inñi oakland. mateo. 80 degrees in sanq jose. a look at the seven-day forecasç temperatures. 60s to 80s the next two days so it is going to be breezier or windier and cooler. then, for the fourth of july, we have the warmth coming your way with the mid-90s inland. low to mid-60s coastside. i think fore1 all of you doing some outdoor activitieslp on th fourth of july, socially distancing and safely of course, it is weather. so definitely, we're fortunate here, to have the nice weather for theçó upcoming holiday. dan and liz. >> we really are. it's going to be nice thisñi weekend. thanks. >> stay here with us, we'll be back in a moment. butq you should know tomorrow o "good morning america" this cheeseburger is the best!
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this was wild. a car jacking suspect led police on a high-speed chase down the santa cruz coast this afternoon. reaching speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. for safety reasons, police ended the chase at the santa cruz city limits. moments later, police got word the driver had plunged off a cliff. and right there, you see it, into the ocean. the driver reportedly climbed back up the cliff, where police were waiting, guns drawn, to take him away. >> another bay-area city could ban natural gas in new buildings. today, san francisco supervisor raphael mendelman unveiled the proposal and if approved, it would limit natural gas in all new buildings after january 1st, 2021. the
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now, abc 7 sports with laical laically biel. >> nba commissioner is hopeful the restart is going to work but he acknowledged covid-19 could very well burst the nba bubble and the season with it. the warriors are not going to orlando because they have the worst record in the league. draymon green was asked today whether he would be willing to enter the bubble. >> have an opportunity to play basketball and, you know, i think there's kind of concern not only inside the bubble but, you know, in the country. >> how about game recognizing game? oakland's own damien willard, one of the players to appear on nba '21. al also, got a budding musical career. perfect for gamers who love to shoot from way downtown. imagine watching an a's game on tv and seeing yourself on the
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stands. that could actually happen. the as are following the giants overseas. ob!,é0ásvno fans are allowed in. you said in your picture the teammates are cut out. they put you in the crowd. by the way, this is not free. prices range from 49 to 149 bucks, which is actually more than it would cost to go to an actual game. this is a great story here. cal running back started a go fund me page to raise money to buy food and supplies for students. raised over $15,000. the first round of supplies handed out today. >> just had me thinking, you know, this is what younger kids fend depend on the schools for they can't get right now. especially, low income. so i was just brainstorming. you know, get a team around me from cal. and just figure out how we can help these kids right now, at this moment. >> that is great. time for tonight's edition of abc 7 call my play. you send me the video. i yell out catchphrases.
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right now, a little man attacks the rim. the nba will be back soon. and little ranier is ready. this 16-month-old from oakley is a lean, mean, dunking machine. with lots of family support. whether it's one handed or with two, ranier throws it down. and helps, actually, if you're as tall as the rim. throw it down hard, ranier. we just called your play on abc 7.
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appreciate your time. right ow on jimmy kimmel, howie mandel. good night. ♪ ba, da, ba, da, ba, da, ba, da, ba, da, ba, da, ♪ ♪ jimmy kimmel live ♪ this is ridiculous. >> from his house! >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. welcome to my abode. hey, remember when marie condo made us throw out all our stuff i want those things back now. it seems like every day we're learning something new while we're in quarantine. for instance, this is something i learned over the weekend. did you know hitler had an alligator? well, he did, and now that alligator is dead. this is a gator named saturn who passed away at age 84. during world war ii, saturn was believed to have been owned by adolf hitler, which is crazy. who knew hitler had his own


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