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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 2, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and the weekly test positivity rate. that rate is now approaching 7%. last week it was about 5.5%. the week before that, practically 4.5%. you can see the trend. hospitalizations are up 56% in the last two weeks. more than half the states are rising. 15 states including california are ordered to quarantine upon arrival. about 4,000 new cases since yesterday. that's one of the smallest increases lately. as you can see from the state department of public health. it is one of the key components to building a better bay area. that's why we're concerned about enforcement measures are still in question. stephanie sierra is live with that story tonight. >> reporter: the governor mentioned 350,000 businesses
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across the state received a notice the public health mandate must be enforced. but how it will be enforced is still a question. what we do know is the state is not issuing a penalty for those who do not come my. ahead of the holiday weekend, governor gavin newsom announce ad new awareness campaign hoping to encourage compliance. >> messages that we think can hit home in traditional ways, emotional ways. >> reporter: while the videos may spread awareness, some criticize it is not enough to solve the problem. >> what do you say to critics who suggest that psas may be great but it's time for your office to get tougher on y imposinfi orter: the reon ptily answered the wiheld funng to thosemand but it is still foggy. what enforcement means. >> look.
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we're not going into people's back yards to enforce it. i encourage peopled the the right thing. >> reporter: even scientists say encouragement isn't going to cut it. >> if you want to solve this, we need to enforce it. >> reporter: dr. wit with kaiser permanente said there needs to be consequences. he said it worked for france. >> if they were on a street without a mask, they were fined. if they were out beyond one kilometer without a purpose, 150 euros first offense. 500 euros second offense. the curve went up and it went do you mean. and it is as low as it was in a busy holiday weekend, there are only a select number of counties across the state like monterey that will be issuing fines. >> a avoid crowds. >> reporter: he talked about strike teams today. this is his latest effort
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directing state agencies to help counties with enforcement. what exactly that help will be is still under clear at this point. we are looking into it. >> stephanie, before you go, enforcement makes you think there could be periodic compliance checks, doesn't it? >> reporter: a great point. it certainly raises that question. the governor didn't give a direct answer. we know the strike teams are working in six regions across the state which does include, of course, the bay area. we are waiting to see if in fakt compliance checks will be a part of. effort. >> thank you. some cities are now willing to issue fines for not wearing a mask. in santa monica and beverly hills, it is $100 for a first offense. in west hollywood, $300. >> i think the problem is people are not taking it seriously and it is a full blown pandemic. i'm a doctor covid patients all the time.
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so it's real. >> it's been two weeks since governor newsom mandated wearing masks across the state. many counties already had local rules to that effect in place. in napa, the city and county announced the formation of a compliance task force to tackle the issue of mask wearing. here's abc7 news reporter wayne friedman. >> reporter: in communities across california, places like napa, the change has been slow and steady. from never trusting people in masks, it is the other way around. >> i think a little irresponsible to be in places walking around without a mask. considering the infection rates and the advice from public health officials and the a oer coun now fe los of state funding if they don't get masking and social distancing under control. that is why napa's county health director and board of supervisors are talking about taking it to the next level. >> if education and outreach
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isn't enough, it will get to the point where we have to have more enforcement for noncompliance. >> reporter: you just heard the two new e-words. education and enforcement. now at add another for business owners, elation. >> it is not our job. no. >> it is really challenging to make the host at a restaurant be the enforcer of mask wearing. >> reporter: as in many communities, they've been through three excruciating months without income while investing for reopening. this owner has nut plastic barriers and still not opened inside to protect his staff. it is tough being tough, he says. >> if somebody comes in and they're not willing to wear a mask or get their temperature taken, we won't serve them. period. full stop. >> reporter: it remains unclear what measures it might take. fines? citations? >> if health officials can't change behavior, the governor can't change someone's behavior, if the data won't change someone's behavior.
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i don't know how effective a fine will be. >> reporter: we may soon find out. abc7 news. now in total, the bay area including snab cruz county has more than 25,000 diagnosed coronavirus cases now. this graph here charts the number of new cases reported each day. the yellow line is our rolling average calculated from the previous seven days of data. that rolling average continues to set new records. alameda county is the first to fast 6,000 case mark. the last county to allow for outdoor dining that started less than two weeks ago. santa clara county officials announced a new risk based framework to have the next phase of the opening. >> reporter: departing from the
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sector specific plan that has been used in santa clara county, sarah cody outlined a new order offering a long term containment pstrategy for covid-19. >> we need to adapt to a new way of being a new way of living, that keeps us all safe and that allows us to do some of the things we miss and that we cherish and find most meaningful. >> multiple activity that's were previously restricted can now resume including gyms, hair and nail salons and small gatherings. however the mandatory use of face coverings and capacity limits will be in place. >> it will come back with a vengeance if you let your guard down. >> indoor activity that's will require the removal of a face covering such as indoor dining or swimming pools will continue to be off limits. ples that eoura large crowds like theaters, nightclubs and arena there's stay closed under the new order.
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infectious disease experts say the county's approach make sense. the more air flow you have access to, the better. >> we have to double down and keep reminding ourselves that what we're doing is literally for the lives and well being of our community and our nation. >> reporter: employers must also alert the public health department of any cases of covid-19 that are directly tied to their work places. >> i want to say one big thank you to all of you who have been sheltering in place, for wearing your masks. join us. this is the only way to fight te t ord or ds afterer. the statepproveswhr date comes . abc7 news. in addition to health, education is a big part of building a better bay area. today we spoke directly with the head of california schools, tony
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thurman. >> we can't make a bunch of rules and then not supply support to our educators. this is all different and new. we've never had this level of online learning provided in california. or in the nation. so as we move to more of it, we have to provide professional development and training that focuses on quality for our educators and we will be pushing for that and with our districts to make sure our teachers are getting that training. titled getting answers. it is on tv and it is interactive so you can take part online through facebook live, on youtube live and the abc7 news app. next, we'll turn to the impact on our economy which is pro found, as you know. thousands are still waiting for unemployment benefits to arrive. what is being done about it? i'm spencer
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the nasdaq was up 53 points. the dow gained 92. and the s&p 500 rose 14 points for a four-day winning streak. unemployment was at 11.1% last month with the economy adding 4.8 million jobs. that was down from 13.3% in may. but it is still at depression era levels. the economy is part of building a better bay area. and called on california's employment development to reform its ways immediately as so many people deplete their savings.
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abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is on that story. >> reporter: california's development department says it is working around the clock, seven days a week, processing unemployment benefits during the pandemic. despite paying more than $37.5 billion in benefits over the past few months and processing more than 7 million claims, there are hundreds of californians who have told 7 on your side and state lawmakers that they've received only one payment or no payments at all. >> i've just been using credit cards and savings and my business isn't able to open. so yeah. i don't know what to do next. >> i've been paying taxes for my entire life. good upstanding citizen. i don't understand why i can't access these benefits. >> i've only received one payment in the last 15 weeks that i've been unemployed. >> the assembly member is calling on e.d.d. to reduce think response time, better manage the call centers and perform its online operations. >> e.d.d. is truly failing our
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state. people are suffering tremendously. >> reporter: in an email, a spokesperson says we are enhancing our technology systems to increase efficiencies and have already hired or have offers extended to more than 4,000 new staff needed. anna lou has been trying to help her parents whose names were incorrect on their claims. >> trying to call e.d.d. it has not been able to reach anybody. >> reporter: state senator scott -- >> people are not asking for any kind of special treatment. people simply want to be able to access the unemployment benefits to which they are legally entitled. >> reporter: he says the contractor is part of the problem. >> the fact e.d.d. has been relying on a contractor but has had a history of bungling projects is mystifying. >> reporter: a spokesperson says, the system we developed in 2013 and continue to help maintain has paid out more than $30 billion in state and federal unemployment benefits and
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processed more than 6.3 million claims from californians since mid-march. abc7 news. a lot of us are using these many months at home to finally clean our garages and storage spaces. but some are going too far leaving donations outside several good will locations even though most of them are closed and this has created a big problem. good will reached out to abc7 to let people know where to drop off their goods. here's more on this story. >> reporter: in mid-march all the centers closed. since then only one drop-off location has reopened in san francisco with limited hours. >> all the way up. >> reporter: from 9:00 in the morning to 2:00 p.m. tuesday through saturday. >> we started with getting over 100 per day. >> reporter: many people have been stuck at home so they've
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been digging deep. deep inside their closets and garages getting things they've years. >> our garage has never been cleaner. so yeah. obviously we're going for everything. we're donating what we can. >> reporter: good will wants everyone to know the portrero hill location is where you drop off donations. not here at the haight-ashbury and not here on fill more street. >> when they drop off, it gets exposed to the elements so moisture can damage clothing. sometimes people go through our stuff and styles it gets strunl throughout the street. >> reporter: so much was going on that good will retail store had to put an employee outside the store to people thattions a accepted. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: where are all these
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items going to? good will has reopened only 8 of the 19 retail stores in san francisco, san mateo and marin counties. so they say there's quality and quantity. >> it feels like you're in right now. it is great. it's really great. we have to manage it the best we can. abc7 news. new at 6:00, the solano district attorney said she is recusing herself and her office from reviewing two recent deadly officer involved shootings. the shootings are being referred to the state attorney general's office. last month, the office turned down a request to conduct an independent review saying the d.a. did not provide them with information indicating her office was not capable of a fair and thorough review. she was killed in 2018. social justice is one area that abc7 is focusing on as we
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focus on building a better bay area. few have been donating to social justice causes. a major exception is the levi strauss foundation and abc7 news reporter dade louie takes a look at how it is making a difference. >> reporter: the bay area has a long history as an incubator of grass ruth movements. of protests. calls for change. >> we are really at a cross roads as a society and what it mean to build a better bay area. >> reporter: the levi strauss foundation has been supporting social justice leaders for over a decade, recently donating close to $4 million to help several leaders of bay area groups to reinvent themselves. calling them pioneers. the black lives matter movement is intensifying the call for change. >> i don't necessarily feel pressure. i feel relieved that i think the entire country is seeing the depth of change that is
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necessary. >> reporter: zachary norris is the executive director. being a pioneer allowed him to write a become on justice reform and to develop restore oakland. a community resource central for job training and other services. the resources spent on locking down and locking down young people are instead spent on lifting them up and kegting them to opportunities that will ultimately make them successful. >> the pastor can be found holding a mega phone or challenging the status quo. one of the foundation goals was to encourage coalition building. >> we all have different roles to play. an alignment around a shared on, purpose and shared ideas. it takes a deep, deep love for the people most facts by the systems that are funded by our tax dollars. how do we show compassion and belonging? >> reporter: the levi strauss
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foundation hopes other companies let's where they invest their money. less than 4% goes to social justice causes. david louie, abc7 news. now when it comes to issues of racial justice and equality, you can trust abc7 news to be your ally. you go head to action to find a list of local resources on the topic. including guides for how to discuss these issues with your kids. stay with us. the summer heat returns for the holiday weekend. spencer ha - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference.
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so they can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most
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find out more at hugh downs, long time broadcaster and host 20/20 has died. >> we'll be in touch so you'll be in touch. >> he hosted with barbara walters from the late 1970s
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until his retirement in 1999. his career spanned more than 60 years. he once held the begin he is book of world record in appearing in more hours of u.s. television than anyone else. the record later broken by regis philbin. he died yesterday at his home in arizona from a heart ailment. he was 99 years old. just a remarkable tv broadcasting legend, who i and so many of us admired. >> i remember my parents told me to watch 20/20 so i could be inspired to learn about news and speak english without an accent. that's what they would say. so he'll be missed. >> i'm sure you have plenty of memories as well. >> do i. i met him, he was telling me once, he was in his late 70s. he had just had double knee cam replacement. he was waiting to get active
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with his water sports again. let's take a look at our weather as we wind down this week. breezy and gusty. gusts up to 28-miles-per-hour in napa. 38 in fairfield. and it's cooler in most inland locations now than this time yesterday. as you can see, one or two degrees. warmer at the shoreline. san francisco at 69, mid 70s in san jose. looking back toward san francisco, 66 degrees in santa rosa right now. 69 in napa. petaluma, 74. mid 70s at fairfield, concord and livermore. at goeg, this is the view. fog will expand rather forcefully tonight. it will surge from the coast across the bay and locally
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inland. there is a chance of some spotty morning drizzle. we'll be warming up significantly for the fourth of july weekend and then cooling down again early next week. i should point out that the surf at our bay area beaches is rough right now. wave heights are elevated. and as a result, we have a beach hazard statement that will be in effect from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. sunday for our south facing beaches, an increased risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. and on we go to our forecast animation showing that surge of low clouds and fog moving across the bay and locally inland. 5:00 tomorrow morning, as the commute gets underway. there will be reduced visibility and lots of fog. it will burp back giving as you sunny day away from the coast. hoe to mid 50s. up to about 60 on the coast. mid 70s along the bay shoreline and mid 80s inland. it will warm up rather sharply on saturday which is fourth of july. look for mid 60s on the coast, to about 80 on the bay
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shoreline. and we'll see some mid 90s in the warmest inland locations on saturday and on sunday. so it will be a nice warm-up for the entire fourth of july weekend a cooldown begins early next week. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice on monday, temperatures drop rather sharply under breezy conditions. we'll have a rather breezy pattern with temperatures below average this time of year. certainly in the comfortable range of mid to upper 80s inland. mid 70s around the bay the fourth of july weekend is looking sensational. dan? >> so many people appreciate that forecast. thank you. >> coming up next, the sinister nature of coronavirus. local researchers say they may be able to exploit it to find a drug to treat the disease.
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coming up on 7 on your side. and please join me monday for my tax chat with the irs and members of the tax preparation profession. we'll be answering your questions, beginning at 5:15 on the abc7 website. submit your questions in advance on my page at or use the #ask finney. those specific questions will remain anonymous. we'll protect your identical.
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if you've been waiting weeks or even longer for ups to deliver your packages, you are
6:30 pm
certainly not alone. hundreds of unhappy ups customers have been lining up at distribution centers in recent days, trying to find packages that are lost, unaccounted for and long overdue. >> it is frustrating and strange. complaints are pouring into 7 on your side and michael finney is live to explain what's going on. michael? >> reporter: i've been hearing from viewers all over the bay area desperate to get their gett packages, sometimes medication. they say they don't know where the package is and ups doesn't know when it will arrive. the line is long outside the ups distribution central. customers hoping to final their missing packages. >> i would be so much happier if i just knew why or where or what was going on instead of, i don't know? i was standing there with my eyes covered and shaking and
6:31 pm
trying not to cry. >> reporter: for eileen, it was crucial to find her missing package. it contained a live animal, or so she hoped. >> i drove down to the distribution central and i was crying and begging for help, asking anyone to please help find him. >> reporter: eileen had purchased a baby bearded dragon like this one. it was shipped by ups overnight to ensure it got there quickly. but days later, it was nowhere to be found. >> i finally wrote them an email and. if you don't deliver, you're going to kill him. >> reporter: she was stunned at this reply from ups saying, i understand your concern and that this may cause that your pet arrives dead. i am really sorry. >> i hope he arrives alive even though we won't help you. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday morning. exactly the same thing. >> reporter: david flower of concord was waiting, too. ups said his new can i haven sink was about to be delivered. he went ahead and ripped out his
6:32 pm
old one. and waited for that familiar brown truck. and waited and waited. >> i felt like a little kid watching for the ice cream truck. >> his sink never came. >> it's awkward when you realize, you can't wash your hands. you can't rinse something. >> he finally offered to go get it. >> he said there are 35 trailers out there. we have no idea where it is. >> they each kaktd 7 on your side. we asked yous to help. the next day it found his sink at the warehouse. ups also found the box with his lizard. >> i saw it drive up. >> reporter: but was he alive? >> we had already agreed that i was too scared, too emotional to be the one to tome box. >> her roommate opened the package. and then a scratching sound. >> he told me he was alive. and i have been trying to hold
6:33 pm
it together to not cry. because i'm so happy. >> reporter: here he is. a tiny dragon. apparently okay after almost a week with no food or light. >> i thank you so much. i can't even describe how much it means to me that you took the time to help. >> reporter: that's what i'm here for. ups blames the coronavirus and shipping issues. they don't talk about why they were not able to adjust. they are hiring more workers now. and viewers started telling us that they were getting packages from ups, not from brown trucks but from personal vehicles and ups has now confirmed to 7 on your side that they're hiring drivers in their own cars to deliver packages. so things could be getting better. if you're having an issue, let me know about it so i can keep track of this.
6:34 pm
>> wow, what great work there. i'm so happy to see that happy ending for that young woman. many thanks to you. happening right now, oakland mayor libby schaaf is talking about a universal basic pilot program similar to the one launched in stockton. one question is where would that money come from? >> absent the city council deciding this is something they would want to allocate funds for, this is something we believe will warn tremendous and frankly, already has warranted tremendous philanthropic interest. >> schaaf is part of a coalition of 11 mayors advocating for this garoned income. >> a bay area research team has unlocked some unnerving secrets about how the virus actually works. but time, they could provide a powerful strategy for disrupting it. >> reporter: the covid-19 virus
6:35 pm
isn't just devastating. it is devastatingly clever. hijacking the power of our own cells in novel ways to make itself more dangerous. now a team at ucsf is hoping to turn one of the virus's own weapons against it. >> in my opinion, you have to respect the virus. let the virus tell you its secrets. >> reporter: the research biologist and his team began spying on the virus as it infected human cells. paying special attention to how those cells were being exploited. using tools like mass spectrometers, they discovered something truly chilling. first it helps to understand that invading viruses like covid use material in our own cells to make companies of themselves. eventually stretching host cell like a balloon. when that cell or balloon finally bursts, the newly minted virus copies can then swim out to attack surrounding cells. the covid-19 virus is so devious, it doesn't even need to wait for that burst to actually
6:36 pm
happen. microscopic images captured by those in germany and montana show the cells infected had grown probe-like tentacles. they have the ability to pierce the surface of surrounding cells, providing the covid virus with a kind of invasion tunnel. possibly explaining how it spread so quickly. >> it is such a brilliant and devious strategy. >> reporter: but he wondered, could it also have an achilles' heel? his team learned the virus was exploiting a specific type of molecule to create it. it is from a family of cellular helpers. they're so critical to a cell's function that they've become a popular target for specialized cancer drugs, broadly known as kinase inhibitors. the question now, could one of those cancer drugs also be a covid fighter? >> we narrowed in on about a dozen. we highlighted about six or
6:37 pm
seven very potent ones and we're very, very excited to try to take these into clinical trials. >> reporter: the strategy would be to block the virus from creating those tentacles and perhaps slowing its spread. neutralizing one of the most poet ebl weapons with the goal of defeating it. >> reporter: really fascinating work. they believe it might be combined with another drug in a type of cocktail formula to treat the virus. this weekend's fourth of july will be yet another holiday to experience in these unusual pandemic conditions. we still have the fireworks but the reaction might be different. we'll explain. within days, you will get to see hamilton at home with a
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every year, you can see spectacular celebrities at aids walk san francisco. this year they are coming to you! join bette midler gloria estefan matt bomer stars of queer eye rupaul's drag race superstars. for aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on july 19 to benefit prc
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and their covid relief efforts all over the city. register now at
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jeopardy host alex trebek joined mayor garcetti to open a new homeless shelter today. he and his wife jane donated for people in north hollywood. they have lived nearby for 30 years. >> i'm not one of those people who thinks we cannot deal with the homeless near my house, because that's bad. i don't feel that way. i wish more people would react in a positive way. >> reporter: the trebeks also donated a half million dollars to a charity building another shelter. of course, you can see alex trebek host jeopardy every week night at 7:00 right after abc7 news at 6:00.oo him to support
6:41 pm
that. just in time for the fourth of july, hamilton comes to your home. it will debut on disney plus. the newest streaming service tomorrow. sand by why our sister station in new york has the story. ♪ alexander hamilton ♪ my name is alexander hamilton ♪ ♪ >> by changing the face of history, hamilton changed broadway. only a few shows have ever marked a turning point. even fewer have left a mark on the culture at large. but by speaking to so many, and to so many who felt left out. this musical became a true phenomenon. >> i am so humbled now when i see lyrics from the show popping up in black lives matter protests all over the country. ♪ no one else was in the room where it happened ♪ ♪ the room where it happened >> reporter: so many wanted to be in the room, there was no way to include everyone.
6:42 pm
so shortly before the original cast left the show four years ago, a couple of performances were tamed. then edited together. >> so that the world can see what that felt like inside the building, in that magic time. >> reporter: the feature film was supposed to stay in the vault until late next year. but with broadway closed down due to the pandemic, a decision was made to stream it now. >> i call at this time best seat in the house but it is actually better than the best seat in the house. no one has this seat. ♪ >> i was lucky enough to see the original production of hamilton before it reached broadway and i'll never forget the thrill of that moment. this version allows to you follow the action better and blds the meaning of the words a little more deeply. it is from disney plus, owned by the same apparently company as kgo.
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abc7 news. >> thank you for that. now disney plus costs $6.99 per month or you can buy a year's subscription for $69.99. a bundle of disney plus costs $12.99 per month. coming up next, bbut what if you couldg do better than that? like adapt. discover. deliver, in new ways, to new customers. what if you could come back stronger?
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whoa! my old hairstyle grew back. so did mine. [80's music] what? i was an 80's kid. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. six flags in vallejo officially reopened today. no rides are in service. expect an animals only experience. usually park capacity would be 12,000 visitors. now it is capped at 2,000. >> when guests come into the park, they almost have the park to themselves. it will be very unique but positive experience for the guests that do come because of. . visitors and employees are requiring to wear masks and get their temperatures checked. the park opened to members and season pass owners today and
6:46 pm
will open to the public on saturday, july 4th. alameda's crown beach is one of the few local beefs people can visit. due to the spike in cases, some people visited today to avoid this weekend's expected crowds. >> we thought we could be far enough from people before the crowds hit tomorrow. >> so far i felt very safe. people are keeping their distance. i'm able to park safely and walk oversa >> they say remain open as long as visitors follow some basic rules. that includes wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, no alcohol and no fireworks. every year we bring you the shelters around the area. animals get spooked. but this year with the shelter-in-place, the numbers
6:47 pm
may surprise you. south bay community journalist dustin dorsey has more on this story. the fourth will be very different due to shelter in place orders amidst the pandemic. for pets, it may be even worse with the number of illegal fireworks activity up. >> they don't know the fireworks will go off and they don't know where the sound is coming from. they just their boom. your pet if they're in your yard, they can run away, too, which can be dangerous and potentially fatal for them. >> reporter: this response leads to greaterlts 7 re brought to the shelter in the ten days following july 4th last year. even with increased fireworks activity, the numbers of stray animals are lower than usual this year.
6:48 pm
>> a lot of people are home so typically they can watch over their animals. they'll be able to deal with anxiety from the fireworks. as opposed to if they're working or celebrating on the fourth of july. >> reporter: that doesn't mean that your furry friends are out of the woods just yet. we asked a veterinarian to give you some tips to keep your pets safe during the fourth of july fireworks. >> reporter: you can get over the counter homeopathic remedies. you can get a thunder shirt which is a very tight shirt that goes around your pet. it has a natural calming effect. you can talk to your veterinarian about getting sedatives or anti-anxiety medication. >> we've provided information on what do you know if you find a stray animal. on our website. abc7 news doc. in san jose. abc7 news. >> some great times there.
6:49 pm
not to mention he has an awfully cute little yorkie there. as you make plans for the fourming, we've put together a guide on what's allowed and what's not. be sure to share it with your friends so we can all celebrate responsibly. >> speaking of celebration, the weather should be pretty seasonal. spencer? it will be nice. >> reporter: it will be very nice. just one word of caution. the wave heights along our beaches are elevated. the surf is rough. so a beach hazard statement will be in effect. there is an increased risk of sneaker waves. if you plan to be along the coastline, just keep an eye on it. don't turn your back to the ocean. it is a good idea to stay away from the coastline. lots of fog across the bay. overnight lows will be in the mid 50s. tomorrow, a sunny day after mid
6:50 pm
morning, highs ranging from 60 at the coast to mid 80s inland. here's the accuweather forecast. a big warm-up come our way over the weekend. look for soinl days with highs in the mid 90s inland. on monday we begin a cooling trends through all of next week. enjoy the weekend. happy independence day. >> will do. same to you. >> all right. let's move to sports now. a message from the 49ers. >> they want to you mask up but it is how they convey the message that i think you'll like. plus a game changer off the court. how maya moore usaa is made for what's next we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so they can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most find out more at
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good evening. this is truly an amazing story. an athlete at the peak of her career walks away from the sport
6:53 pm
to help a man win his freedom and actually wins the case. that is what maya moore did. she she was the face of the wnba. league chill, finals mvp, she had done everything. but in 2019, she quit playing basketball to help jonathan who was in prison for 23 years on burglary and assault charges. it turns out he was wrongfully convicted. freed yesterday thanks to maya who talked about it yesterday. >> i wanted to shift my priorities to be more available and present to show up for things that i felt were mattering more than being a professional athlete. so this is one of the biggest and most direct results. >> i want people to have hope from this story. we're in dark times. we've got to keep going. keep the faithful. >> incredible.
6:54 pm
we're getting our first look at the practice courts the wnba is laying down. they've actually flown in their own hardwood. i want you to look on the side. that's carpet. yes. that's carpet. fedex has asked the redskins to change their name. the skins opener daniel snyder has resisted efforts to change the name for many years. the 49ers with an epic tweet today, sending out this video of george kittle's game catching with this caption. be a same. grab a mask -- be a saint. grab a mask. whoever thought of. they should be promoted. it is part of governor newsom's new wear a mask campaign. one of the most incredible games in baseball history happened on this day at candlestick park in 1963. they each pitched into the 16
6:55 pm
inning. over 200 pitches each. spaun was 42 years old at the time. he wouldn't come out until the other came out. willy mays wins it with a solo home run. unbelievable. time for today's edition of call my play. you send me the video. i call the action. today it's a wonder dog. >> meet music, the wonder dog. >> get in your bed. good girl! >> this 2-year-old mini schnauzer closes doors, gets a treat, and is smart enough to know if she pulls the towel, she can get the door open. she has learned well. hey, music, we just called your play on abc7. >> use the #abc7 call my play. you may see your wonder dog
6:56 pm
right here on tv. and so if you search the pooch coach online, whether you go instagram or twitter, you will see beverly, who is the trainer for musik the wonder dog. she also trained rocco, klay thompson's dog. i wish she could train my kids at this point. that ship has sailed, i'm afraid. if they were as obedient as musik, i would really have something. >> what a cute dog! thanks so much. all right. well, join u a7 t 11:00. no path to restore service. that's the dire warning that cuts to muni lines during the pandemic that could become permanent. and thinking about heading to lake tahoe for the fourth? you're not alone. what to expect for the holiday weekend. here's the lineup for you. coming up tonight, it is holy
6:57 pm
moly. followed by don't. and then to tell the truthful then stay with us for abc7 news pat 11:00. and jimmy kimmel on at 11:3511:3511:35 "nightline." >> from all of us, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again tonight at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
alex trebek here. your favorite champions, their best wins, get to this season's tournament of champions, coming up right now. this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants. a user experience librarian from chicago, illinois... a senior research engineer from atlanta, georgia... and our returning champion-- a professional sports gambler from las vegas, nevada... ...whose 32-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you, johnny. well, as you just saw, ladies and gentlemen,
7:00 pm
a very impressive total for our champion, james. he is now just $60,000 away from ken jennings's record-setting total of many, many years ago. so we could see a new record set here today. but jay and emma maybe don't feel that way. they're not looking forward to that. perhaps they're thinking, "hey, enough is enough." all right. let's go to work. good luck, players. here come the categories for the first round of play. we start off with... followed by... name the artist whose songs are the focus of each musical. then... [ audience laughs ] james. literature, $1,000. answer... [ applause ]


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