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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 3, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> >> -- >> silence. >> i think that we all had tsam reaction. reaction. >> no words. >> it is friday and mike has a great forecast for us. >> and we have lohave cloud cov there. it is 55 in the exploratorium camera from pier 15 looking back at the lowering base of clouds that will -- that and the sea breeze keep the temperatures proceed average one more day. we'll be hard to escape the 50s along the coast. and we'll get to 69 to 76 around the inland neighborhoods.
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we'll look at the weekend coming up. and governor newsom has ordered parking lots at the beaches to close to deter the crowds. and ansar hassan is live with more on this. >> reporter: and starting about ten miles were a away, there where signs warning that the beaches where clo are closed st. the governor didn't say they had to close, but some cities decided to close. and half moon bay says that it
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is a difficult decision but they are closing in an evident to keep people safe from covid-19. it is the same situation in pick came. >> and we traditionally allow fireworks in our parking lots and beaches and this year would he not. and so it just makes sense to close the beaches. >> backyard half moon bay pillar point harbor is closed through midnight on sunday. there will be no trail access parking, no beach parking, and also access to johnson pier will be restricted to residents. and alameda crown beach will be open in holiday weekend and some are getting an early start. >> we thought that we use still get out here and be far enough away from people before 9 croth. >> and i feel safe. people are keeping my distance.
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ican walk over safely. >> and crown beach will stay open as long as visadvice tore visitors follow the basic rules. and we have put together a guide on what is allowed and what is not. find it at abts oig. we just want to celebrate responsibilitybly. and president is kicking off the book weekend tonight by kicking off a show tonight that masks are option allege. >> we won't be social distancing i . we're asking to celebrate and enjoy the freedoms that we have in this country. >> and just over 7,0007,0007,000
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have been reported in south dakota. and governor newsom says it is important to wear a face covering. but critics a say that it is not enough. >> yeah, instead of just awareness, some people are calling for enforcement and say much more needs to be done here. during a press conference yesterday, governor newsom was asked why his office isn't imt poeding fines. the governor says that the state hats no plans into go into everybody owe back yards. experts say there needs to be consequences in order for it to work. >> if they were out beyond wonky local ter in france without a per, they had a fine. >> and the governor was asked
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what he tells people who can't see their grandfather when they turn on the tv and see news of people protesting together, he said just because you see everybody else do be it doesn't mean that you have to participate and he encourages people to do the right fr and the 49ers posted a tweet as a part of the wear a mask campaign. they sent out this video of george kittle game clinching catch with the caption be a saint, grab a mask. and there is a compliance task force. napa and others face a loss of state funding if they don't get coronavirus under control. the county is are considering enforcement of mandatory mask orders and making sure businesses are complying with the rules.
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everything is on the table from fines, citations and even getting law enforcement involved. they need to decide who will be enforcing the orders. and make giants and as will be reporting to sbripring train 2.0. and social distancing measures will be in place. and the players will be using both clubhouses. mlb has not released the official schedule just yet, but we know that the season is set to begin in about flothree week.
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moik conditiostly cloudy co along the east bay. you are can see 50s just about everywhere this morning. and we'll have strong sunshine this afternoon. a comfort onable day
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and a small craft advisory this afternoon. and north bay will be stuck with stubborn clouds. and 67 thevening. east bay, from 58 this morning to low to mid-80s this afternoon. enjoy it. there is light traffic, a few cars ansd peopd people will getting to work on time. let's look outside and see what is happening. for the most part, it is pretty clear.
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this is the san maeo bridge. and there is a clear ride there. but there is a bit of fog in the area but no reports of any serious low visibility for the area. so you should be in good shape. back to you. nearly 70 fraternity members at the university of washington have tested positive for covid-19. more than 100 others who self reported that they were positive. and residents of the houses are being asked z to quask asked qu self-isolate. and so far nobody has been hospitalized or experienced severe symptoms. and officials in italy rejected 11 american tourists after the group landed on a private jet. the european union has barred
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americans from entering because of the covid-19 outbreak. five people were ordered to be deported. and the others are under a two week quarantine before they can continue their tours of the island. the group said that they were already on the flight when they became a behaware of the policy. >> we got 134 questisome questi. >> i don't mean to judge, but they were like maybe on 24 jet there are no rules. >> no amount of money can protect you from this virus. >> if you want to travel and avoid the coronavirus -- this is so ridiculous. maybe outer space is the best destination. still ahead, a look at a high tech version of a hot air
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balloon. >> and guess who won't be on it.
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new details have been released over the death of ft. hood private first class privats necessa vanessa guillen. she was killed with a hammer in the room where she worked. and this is according to details learned during a meeting with army investigators. the main suspect in her disappearance was identified ass specialist aaron david robinson. she had planned to file a harassment complaint against him. investigators tried to contact
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robinson, but he ran and later killed himself early friday. robinson's estranged wife also has been arrested in kicks conn to guillen's death. and theguillen for sexual harassment. and police are looking for the driver of this white van that was involved in a hurt and run that left a 7-year-old in major injuries. the child was riding a scooter when the driver hit him and took off. the 7-year-old had to be air lifted to the hospital. solano district attorney is reconfusing herself and her office from reviewing two officer involved shootings.
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last month they turned down the request to conduct an vind review. and the d.a. did not provide them with the information indicating that her office was not capable of a fair review. and public trarns its isnsi focus in our efforts. ? lines won't return for at least two years. and they ar planning for a $200 million loss. and they need new sources of funding. >> we fall off a financial cliff in 2022. so in order to restore the service that we have, we're effectively living on our credit
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cards if the next two years. and the muni rail service will reassume in august and the central subway project remains on track to open in late 2020. cable cars likely won't return until there is a vaccine. social distancing will be an out of this world experience in a 2350u yefew years. and that is when a florida company will take people on a hot air about a bloballoon to t space. test it next we're. it will take a pilot and eight passengers 100,000 feet in the air for a half day tour above the earth's atmosphere. the company scissors thays thate pressurized for your comfort and it will have a lavatory and internet. >> ultimate. >> so you can share your out of the world snapshot with your friends and family.
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>> come on. you're almost in outer space and your main focus is getting it for the graham? we have to do better. >> can't live in the moment. would you get on it? >> yeah. >> i know that you would because you are the astronaut. >> yeah. >> he is the sichb tescientist. no for me. maybe after mike and they get the kinks worked out. >> i don't want to be one of the firsts, but i could be like the third group. >> all right. so we learned that mike is expendable. >> no, i'm just encouraging you. >> we love the out a minor detail. where he didn't mention how they get back to earth.
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hopefully they have that figured out too. gist a minor detail. let's look hazy out 55 fwlee 55 degrees. tonight still cool and above average temperatures but mainly this weekend. and here is a look at the 59 moss fear in moition. you can see the humidity is spinning in the areas of low pressure.atmosphere in motion. you can see the humidity is spinning in the areas of low pressure. we'll have comfortable temperatures. and 69 in millbrae, around 72 to 76 for the rest of us. and 60 at haf hoochb blf moon b. and mid to upper 60s for
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downtown. and even with more sunshine on the north bay coast, still 59 or 60. and upper 70s to 80s in the north gbay. and mid and you can leave off the air conditioner in the north bay valleys. we 5 to 15 degrees tomorrow. and warmer than average sunday, but the breezes come back and so does the free air conditioning. and now we're checking in with ginger zee.the breezes com does the free air conditioning. and now we're checking in with ginger zee. >> happy friday. >> yeah, nice to be with you and
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45e7 friday to y happy friday to you as well. and there is a warming about the climbing number of coronavirus cases. we have some doctors sount soun lampgs a harms and hospitals will feel the strain of course. and the mayor of myrtle beach will engijoin us to discuss. and the result of jeffrey epstein's former girl friend. and also h"hamilton" day is her. and of course we have to do the holiday weekend in style, we have a chef showing us how to have the best bhash could you. bhash could y
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bhash barbecue. and the music is great. you will wouldn't see it. arbecu. bhash barbecue. and the music is great. you will wouldn't see it. bhash . and the music is great. you will wouldn't see it. arbecu. and the music is great. you will wouldn't see it.
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there are new developments in the brace to fi moderna has delayed their trial. it stems from the tight nature of the race. and shares of knmoderna they are making k45i7ks to the tri changes to the trial plan. and should airlines notify
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paenl passengers if someone would later test positivfor positive] covid-19? sandy says she informed frontier that her son was positive but she was less than pleased. >> she said i can't call every passenger. and she said we can't email either. people are complaining about
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late packages from and some have life saving packages that they are weights waiting for. >> and so this is the lizard, it is okay, it was supposed to be delivered overnight but then it didn't show up until a week later. u.p.s. blames the pandemic for a surge in shipping. the company says that it is hiring more work hes aeworkers. >> yeah, they are going above and beyond. at least the lizard is safe and sound. >> okay. >> silver lining.
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next, movie goers who miss the experience of heading to theaters will have a new option. and we're heading into a fourth of july weekend we've never seen before. for a list of events and what is legal and illegal aurn the bay area, i'll have details coming up next. and a nasty video, a miami police officer caught on camer
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beaches where closed and fire works shows canceled. how some cities plan to hold celebration online. and governor newsom is hoping to curb infection rates where a new public awareness campaign. ♪
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and you will never be satisfied until you watch "hamilton." a film version of the hit musical is now out on disney plus. and i know what i will be doing this weekend. thanks so much for being here. >> and i think that i'll be doing the same thing. mike, you need to get on the "hamilton" train with us. us. u. >> lamb t"hamilton" train, defi. get on board, don't be behind. we'll be talking about it all day monday i have a feeling. let's talk about what is going on with tweather. it is friday, almost to the weekend. with have a 24-mile-per-hour wind at fairfield. and there is low clouds around the neighborhoods. and thebreezes will keep the
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temperatures a little below average. a few low to mid-80s in the south bay. up in the north bay, upper 70s to low 80s. beal talk abo we'll talk about the weekend coming up. a two alarm fire that gutted a tune ownhouse is being suspicious. and we're told fireworks have been an issue in the area. and were heard nearby. and there are a number of town homes under druks in the air. they are working to mop up the area. and safe to say this fourth of july will be anything but typical. covid-19 restrictions mean many things we're userd to like going
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to a fireworks shoe and other events have been canceled or they have gone virtual. lauren martinez is live with the details. >> yeah, they don't want people to congregate during the pandemic. and there are some bay area cities that allow amateur fireworks. dublin, gilroy, newark, pacifica, san bruno just to name a few. and take a look at these photos, they say a family burned their front lawn setting of fireworks. all fireworks are illegal in oakland. and there have some virtual events happening in the bay area. concord is organizing a swrirnlg
6:34 am
a verge and you had parade. you can submit a photo of your float and they will compile a video of all the submissions. there is a list of all the evenevent s at abts and governor newsom says you need to avoid crowds. and ansar hassan is live with what you need to know about the closure of beaches.
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>> reporter: here the roads are closed to the half moon bay beaches to keep people safe pnd and visitors bureau tweeted that the difficult decision to close the area beaches situation in pacifica. >> no fireworks and no beach. but it is only for a few days.a in pacifica. >> no fireworks and no beach. but it is only for a few days. we'd hate to lose how far we've come. >> reporter: and pillar point far brother is closed through sunday. and there is no beach parking or trail access parking. beaches closed until monday. reporting live, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. and more warnings from governor newsom on avoiding crowds and wearing the face
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coverings. state hospitalizations are up nearly 60%. and the number of patients in those intensive dare bcare beds position up. and more than 350,000 businesses have received notices about following the mandates. and enforcement measures are still in question. >> we are not going into everybody's back yard and enforcing. and they know that. we're just encouraging people to be safe, to be thoughtful. >> and there is a new campaign to encourage people to wear masks. in the south bay, high risk businesses will be reopening in santa clara county soon. we're talking about things lie nail and hair salons. those businesses will be allowed to reopen july 13. and also allowed that
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gathering with 10 or fewer people. new orders require face coverings and strict social distancing. and also significant capacity limits. if an apply eteemployee tests p they have four hours to report it. >> and it will come back with a vengeance if you let your guard go down. we won't let our guard down. alameda is the first to pass the 6,000 case market. that is despite having the slowest reopening schedules. in the north bay 32 at a
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nurse being hoechlg have te nursing home have tested positive. and the facility says that staff who tested positive could be cleared to return to work in the coming days. this morning hospitals across the country are preparing for another possible surge as we head into the holiday weekend. the cdc is now forecasting up to 160,000 deaths in the u.s. by july 25th. and huge crowds are contribute to the number of. and the president's own testing starr 1ed thsaid that it is an increase in infection that driving the surge. >> and we're setting new records every day and that is not the right direction. >> and cities abtnd states are
6:39 am
closing bars. and still ahead, thousands waiting for unemployment benefits. and monday night michael fin wi finney will answer your tax questions. you can remain and now a check of the commute. >> things are looking nice for our commuters this morning. they have been pretty of the entire time. so going to check out a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and see what it looks like. because pretty much overwhelm ing, it has been packed but people have taken the day off
6:40 am
because of the holiday weekend. metering lights are not on. so it is pretty light out there. now let's talk about the weather. >> and let's look at the east bay swrvalleys, mid to upper 50. and light jacket weather out there. 50 in pacifica, 60 in oakland, and here is a look at your commute with the cloud cover. a little mist, some drizzle in the higher elevations. 56 at emeryville. so cool for mass transit.
6:41 am
and the chop the bay this afternoon. 64 at 4:00 and sea breeze us down to 60. and 77 at 4:00 in the peninsulp. in the east bay, we'll get rid of the cloud cover around 10:00. and we'll jump from the 50s to the 60s to the mid-70s this afternoon. and a look at more high temperatures around our neighborhoods. and while we do that, yes, let's showpre-of "hamilton."
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>> exclusively to disney plus.
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with a soupy start, 54 degrees. a chill in the air with some of the dampness.ness we'll have a confident about 50e6g on the way. and where is the heat? 106 in palm sfliprings. and in tatahoe, mid to upper 70 and we'll have a bring sli and sunny holiday
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a miami-dade officer will be fired after punchinging a woman in the face. this video shows two arguing at the miami international airport. she starts to shout at one of the officers walking closer toward him. and at that point, the officer strikes her in the face. the benevolent police association says it was and that she was the aggressiag. > san francisco district attorney is teams up to pilot a new program based on san francisco's throughout the and r reconciliation
6:46 am
details will be noushls tannoun this summer. and state lawmakers are calling for the edd to implement reforms. they say countless people are burning through their savings just waiting for benefits. lawmakers want the agency to hire more people to answer little phonthe phones. >> we don't want special treatment, people just want to access the benefits to which they are legally entitled. >> and an edd spokesperson says that we are enhancing our technology systems and have offers extended to more than 4,000 new staff needed.
6:47 am
and fireworks and hand sanitizer could be a lethal combo. hand sanitizer recent dsidue co increase the risk of a burn injury. so they recommend that you recommend soap and water instead. and a popular vantage point in the east bay will be closed for the fourth of july weekend. grizzly peak boulevard will be shut down. >> it is a measure we're taking for multiple reasons. to discourage con grgregating a also due to fire safety. we've already had five fires that have been started by
6:48 am
fireworks. >> fireworks are illegal in most of alameda county. most cities have canceled the fire works shows including san francisco and berkeley. and as make your plans, we have a guide so to what is allowed. and you can find it on share it with your friends. where he kn and education of course is one of our four pillars toward building a better bay area. but there is a change because of covid-19. and the oakland unified school district held a meeting last night to update about what could come next. a survey found that 55% 5 pare like be the idea 6 half day in school. and 51% like year round of schooling. >> we have to start the process
6:49 am
of having a 13especific plan. >> and the district will unveil parts of the plan in a week. and mark zuckerberg doesn't seem too worried with dwindling revenue. he gave his thourts aghts and hd that he was reluctant to bow to the threats of advertisers saying that 24ethey would be ba on the platform soon enough. companies are handling of hate 1350espeech. and walmart is turning its parking lots into drive in theaters next month.
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mo and concessions will be delivered right to your car. the tour runs through >> yeah, put your snacks in your purse. who does that? "hamilton" is finally here. good morning america has been celebrating "hamilton" all week long and this morning we're hearing frhear hearing an original cast member. anthony ramos. >> i think that it is about smashing every expectation, every action and every action that is an act of creation. fr ♪
6:51 am
the lyrics still ring true. >> and members of the original broadway cast will host a virtual watch party starting at 4:00 this afternoon. and disney of course is the parent company of abc 7. i think that would be cool to kind of see them watching it and being involved in that. because it is already awesome by itself. but this is a >> quarter, this cou yeah, and this is really cool. >> and mike, you are watching it for the first time? >> yeah, and i'm sure it is different from being in the theater, but we'll see if i can buy new speakers for the tv. good excuse, right?
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let's talk about what is going on outside. welcome to friday. it is pretty cloudy out there. temperatures in the 50s. sunshine this a pruwarmth tomorrow and sundayd then seasonal giv again startin monday. and you can see that the clouds are stubborn that will tleed comfortable temperatures in the south bay. 81 in san jose. 60 at half moon bay. and kind of a crisp day there. and mid on to upper 60s
6:53 am
downtown, more sunshine. and bay coast around 60. and upper 70s through most of the north bay. upper 80s in yucaipa. and low to mid-70s a lot of the east bay shoreline. as you head into the east bay valleys, bro s about the same as yesterday. keep the air concern oditioner . and we'll be in the 50s and forecast, you can save on the air conditioning. and i was looking ahead to next weekend, 90s and 100s are possible. we'll talk more about that next week. enjoy this weekend first. and the late nba icon will
6:54 am
be on the cover of the nba games. this is a sneak peek of the art work. one comes out in september and the other for the holidays. there is the third time that kobe was on the game's cover. and starting august 1, hawaii is waiving its 14 day requirement if you have a valid negative covid-19 test when you get there. southwest, united is imagining to planning to expand their flights next month. and that includes flights out of san francisco, oakland and san jose. and health officials are on high alert for a surge 1/2 coronavirus cases because of the number of tourists. and park lots are already parked. and adding to the in-fliks you have tourists is a shortage of
6:55 am
employees.flux you have tourists is a shortage of employees. >> we've had to hire more people to keep the staff and public safe. so there areare layers of challenges. >> and more people needs that everybody needs to step up their game. >> do your part. with 10 so many tourists, officials say others should just stay home. and coming up next, 7 things you need to know. and you can get our live newscast wherever you are.
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here are the 7 things to know thoris morning. the governor has ordered many parking lots at beaches to close. this is an effort to keep people from crowding over the holiday weekend. taking a live look at half moon bay, see that sign there. and pacifica is also closing beaches. and there is a illegal they set this front yard on fire. and a three story town house was gutted in a suspicious overnight fire are in concord.c. and president trump is celebrating the fourth of yell at mt. rushmore tonight. there is concern though about how easily covid-19 could spread with thousands expected to attend. the governor says there are no social distancing or masks requirements.
6:59 am
and we are clouds and cool o continues this morning. near 60 at the coast. 80s inland. and it has been such a clear ride today pep check o. check out the bay bridge. wow, no slowdowns to report. >> and spring training 2.0 ticks off in the bay area. and the giantss begin workouts today. and the as start practicing tomorrow. >> brapracticing on the fourth. >> i key thinking about the cutouts. >> they don't have much time. we should get our little abc 7 mornings session. >> yeah, i'm with that.
7:00 am
>> the styling section. >> have a great he can end. good morning, america. holiday weekend warning. new infections of the coronavirus topping 50,000 for the second day in a row as we head into the fourth of july. >> we're setting records practically every day of new cases in the numbers that are reported. that clearly is not the right direction. >> cases soaring in texas. 90 counties setting all-time records this week. now after growing pressure, the governor making masks mandatory. while in washington, more than 100 fraternity members reporting they've tested positive. and in miami, this hospital seeing twice as many covid patients as they did at the peak in april. beach backlash. as florida, california and texas close popular spots, the lake of the ozarks saying they're


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