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if a citation is needed, that is one of our options that we have afforded to our officers to do. >> a trip to the beach could be costly. how bay area closures are being enforced. gilroy won't be cancelling its annual fireworks show. why officials say it is important to those who live in the city. multiple calls for an investigation into the disappearance of army soldier vanessa guillen. a civil rights organization now has a warning for latino women. >> announcer: for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. beaches off limits. the fourth of july weekend shutdown in parts of the bay area has begun and we're looking at how the closures are being
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enforced. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim. today was another record day for covid-19 cases in the u.s. according to the tracing projects, more than 5,688 new cases were reported. that's out of 721,000 tests. they reported 588 cases yesterday. our part of building a bigger bay area is focusing on your health and we are being asked to protect ourselves and others by avoiding crowds. several bay area beaches are closed, and in pacifica, you could face a hefty fine for not complying. we'll have more on that story in just a few minutes. first in the south bay, gilroy is moving forward with fireworks despite requests from the state for communities on the watch list to cancel those plans. now, crowds will not be able to watch where theyormay buabc7 reporter christer christs
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nguyen talks about the steps they're taking to be in compliance. >> reporter: for residents in gilroy, the past year has been even tougher with last summer's tragedy at the city's famed garlic festival still on the minds of many. >> to help people in this time of stress and tension in their lives, if we could do something small like this, i say go for it. >> reporter: so at lusk on independence day, the annual gilroy fireworks display will fill the skies. >> just a great morale booster for our community. >> reporter: many residents say they support the city's decision to move forward with the show. fireworks will originate from a field at gilroy high school and will go higher compared to years past. homes within two and a half miles within direct line of sight should be able to watch. >> we're not going to have the amount of people over for our traditional good old americana barbecue and all that, so we're trying to keep it as normal as possible. >> reporter: some of t rds prev gathering. security guards have been hired
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to patrol the area and extra police and fire crews will be on hand throughout the weekend. safe and sane fireworks are also being sold throughout the city to help support nonprofit organizations. >> they are spending a little more money, i think, than normal to enjoy a bigger selection at home. >> reporter: officials reminding residents of their personal responsibility to follow the rules. >> stay at home, stay safe and enjoy the fireworks show. >> reporter: providing something to celebrate when many are searching for just that. in gilroy, chris nguyen, abc7 news. the only thing that will stop it is handcuffs. we're protesting the tyranny of sacramento. >> that's the mayor of lancaster in los angeles county which has retracted all fireworks permits. but rex paris says his city's fireworks show will go on unless it can be proven that his plan is not safe. he's trying to stage shows at two sites on city-owned property. he says there would be strict
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rules about social distancing and face coverings. for more on what's allowed and what is not allowed in the bay area this fourth of july, we have resources for you on our website. just go to, including where fireworks are legal and where beach parking lots will be closed. building a better bay area is something we're committed to here on abc7 news, and as part of that is a pursuit of racial and social justice. california congresswoman jackie speier is calling for an investigation into the disappearance of an army specialist stationed at ft. hood. private first class vanessa guillen has been missing since april. her family believes remains found this weekend are hers. as melanie woodrow explains, local and national groups are demanding justice. >> reporter: as questions mount around the disappearance of ft. hood army spermicialist vanessaa guillen, the largest organization is telling women
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they should not join the military. >> they're not going to be protected. that's just a fact that the army is turning a blind eye to sexual harrassment in the military ranks. >> reporter: vanessa told her family before she went missing that she was sexually harassed by a fellow didn't tell for fear of retaliation. robin, who is a suspect, killed himself yesterday morning after being confronted by police and federal martials. earlier this week investigators found human remains 20 miles away from the base. guillen's family believes it is hers. they are arranging a peaceful protest for answers. a parade of cars will make their way from concord to san francisco. >> we always say somebody needs to do something, and i finally told myself, this is my little something that i need to help. we need to bring women to safety
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for our soldiers. >> reporter: vanessa guillen was seen in a parking lot outside her barracks. her license and personal property were found outside where she works. t they say the army has taken too long to act. now a subcommittee on military personnel is calling for an independent investigation into guillen's disappearance. >> we have to take these cases out of the chain of command if people are going to feel comfortable coming forward and seeking relief. >> reporter: ft. hood is deeply flawed. >> the message goes out to the service member, don't rock the boat. suck it up. a black lives matter rally kicked off moments ago in alameda. it will be the second one of the day exactly before this die-in happened at noon. a die-in is when people simulate
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lying down and being dead to protest police brutality. this one lasted 8 minutes 15 seconds. that is the amount of time they say a minneapolis police officer contempt his knee on a victim's neck. organizers call it a covid-19 safe protest for black lives matter. it's been happening every thursday and friday since may. the caravan does one full lap around the lake with hazards on, honking and carrying signs, as you can see. some of the signs list people impacted by police violence or killed by police. some are taking advantage of the black lives matter movement. mike finney has a scam to warn you about. plus, growing concern. as teachers plan a potential return to the classroom, what happens if they run out of sick days during a pandemic? the giants are back on the field. practice, though, looks much different as major league baseball gets ready for a
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a man in new york accidentally set his own house on fire with illegal fireworks. surveillance video shows the fire igniting last week. the man actually went into his house to get more fireworks and set them off befo. before anyone realized, there was a fire. no one was hurt. the homeowner is facing arson charges, however. new at 5:00, two death row inmates at san quentin died as covid-19 sweeps through the prison. one was scott erskin. he had been on death row since 200 4r f 2004 for the killing in san alvarez. and the second one was in prison for killing a man in sacramento. they appeared to have died from complications due to covid-19. on the peninsula, multiple beaches are closed this weekend, and in pacifica you could face a fine if you break the rules.
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abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra joins us live on this story. hi there, stephanie. >> reporter: hi, there, dion. officers have been out here patrolling both lindenmar beach and up the road to esplanade beach. it's completely closed off. the city has announced both beaches and the parking lots will be closed. you see officers out here in the distance. they've been patrolling the beaches. they're hoping for voluntary compliance. and for the most part, of the 100 people we saw come to try to enter the beach today, they were compliant. but there was at least about a dozenpl w g tot comply and, again, the fine that those can face is up to $1,000 with a misdemeanor charge. and so obviously ultimately
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officers really want voluntary compliance, but if they see see repeat offenders breaking these rules, they are going to fine people. i want to point out, if you can see over in the distance, all the parking lots are closed. it still didn't stop that influx of people. as you can see, some people right there in front of us walking by, hoping to get on the beach. they're hopeful this enforcement will continue, and again, it will be in effect until monday, july 6. we're live in pacifica, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. >> stephanie, some great words of advice there, and boy, what a hefty fine. many thanks. half moon bay's beaches are closed for the weekend. the city officials say the move is meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus and to reduce crowds. the closure began at sunrise today and will end at 9:00 a.m. on monday. well, we are committed to building a better bay area, and also digging deeper into the
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issues surrounding education during and after the pandemic. teachers are starting to plan a potential return to the classroom, but there is growing concern that they may also run out of paid sick days. and districts and teachers' unions are now negotiating over that. abc7 news reporter lee ann melendez takes a closer look at what teachers could be facing if they get sick. >> reporter: when a teacher gets sick, one of their first considerations is who will take their place. >> my primary concern before covid in terms of calling in sick was that, hi, like we heard there would be no substitute available to cover my class. >> reporter: olivia utivik gets ten paid sick days a year. teachers can roll them over. but if they contract covid-19, they will have to quarantine for at least 14 days. >> i think unlimited sick days at this time is absolutely if t feeling any symptoms.
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>> reporter: right now schoolni negotiating with tehers' unn new terms specific to covid-19. school districts would not comment on what they are proposing. the question is where will districts find the extra money for any added paid sick days? >> the educators shouldn't have to pay for it with their sick days. the school district should not have to bear the brunt of it. but the state and local government should have a pool that we can draw from in case that occurs. >> reporter: more troubling is that if a goes into extended sick leave, a 1976 law says half of their salary would go to pay for a substitute. that's because public schoolteachers in california don't pay into the state disability insurance program. lookingghanges to ment a that 44-year-old law. bernie sanders called the law another example of a fundamentally broken system.
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in san francisco, lee ann melendez, abc7 news. let's turn your attention now to consumer news. 7 on your side michael finney said there are some real deals to be had this holiday weekend. before he gets into that, he has a warning about an online scam. michael joins us now. hi, michael. >> hey, dan. those who support the black lives matter movement are now being targeted by online scammers. it's not unexpected, really. fake e-mails are being sent out with black lives matter in the subject line. it looks like help with voting. it's actually an opportunity for criminals to help themselves. the e-mail has malware that would steal your identiec e seer ov t eken gng ay may wa tdoomengthere islway eend slowingcan rely great
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. all right, baseball is officially back. the giants held their first workout of summer camp at oracle park today. you can see players and coaches are wearing masks, of course.
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they all had to get tested for coronavirus before entering club faciliti facilities. one giant did test positive, pitcher luis madero, out of 3100 results in so far. 31 players and 7 staff tested positive. the a's will hold their first workout tomorrow. this shortened season is expected to kick off july 23rd, maybe the 24th, with a 60-game schedule which has not yet been finalized, but at least baseball is coming back, we hope. >> yeah, and even with all of those changes, it still reminds me so much of summer, spencer. and the weather is going to reflect that. >> it certainly is, dion. and dan, this weekend is going to be quite summerlike, and how appropriate, it's a holiday weekend. let's take a look at current conditions. we have sunny skies across the bay area and it is breezy with a few gusts. generally wind speeds are about 15 to 20 miles an hour in san francisco right now. speaking of san francisco,
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there's the view from our rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero with blue skies. oakland 66, mountain view 76, 84 gilroy and 88 at pacifica. emeryville mainly clear skies. petaluma 77, napa 73. mid-80s at mare fielfairfield, and livermore. and i'm going to look back at part of the skyline of san francisco. these are our forecast features. we'll have mostly clear skies toint wi tonight with a little bit of patchy fog, not much. it will be warm inland of the bay this weekend and will cool down next week. we have beach hazards through 8:00 p.m. sunday. that's because wave heights are increasing, the surf is rough and there is an increased risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. keep that in mind if you plan to be anywhere near the coastline.
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overnight conditions, mainly patchy low fog. call that comfortably cool overnight. then tomorrow quite a bit warmer than today. look for sunny skies, mild at the coast. highs there in the mid-60s, even some low 70s on the coast tomorrow. low 70s and around 80 on the bay shoreline. that warmth will hold on for the most part on sunday. maybe a couple degrees cooler than tomorrow. 70s around the bay and 90s inland. cooling begins on monday. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. mainly sunny skies all the way through the 7-day period. the weekend will be the warmest period in the seven days. we'll start to cool down on monday. tuesday further drop in temperatures, but they'll bounce back to more seasonal levels later in the week. then by the end of the week, we'll start to warm up all over again. as we continue here, take a socially distanced journey
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through music photography. the new museum exhibit celebrating the
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coming up tonight on abc7 news at 6:00, the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in telemedicine. will you still be able to see your doctor virtually after the pandemic subsides? we've introduced you to a san francisco company who is putting their money where their mouth is. tonight see how they're reimagining a better bay area. plus, how neighbors are helping firefighters f oy fireworks. all of that and more coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. finally tonight, if you've
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been wanting to go to a museum, some are now open with new protocols in place. >> that's right, including the sonoma museum of art where you can take a journey through music history. the california rocks exhibit in sonoma is a chance to view some of the most famous musicians of the 1960s, '70s and '80s through an intimate lens. the exhibit features dozens of photos taken by photographers who had unique access, sometimes during the performer's earliest days. >> joe bernstein was about 14 or 15 years old when he took his first photograph of joni mitchell and then became her photographer. >> she is the director of the sonoma valley museum of art. she said some will probably recognize some of them immediately, like the beatles or the rolling stones. but the broad range of photographers and lesser known backdrops is what makes this exhibit so unique. >> here our exhibition is california and these photographers. it's about rock and roll, but
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really, those are the stars of the show. >> reporter: and the stars shine through three historic decades of rock music. from famous settings in jam-packed concerts to intimate moments in out of the way locales. the exhibit focuses on california and a sense of time and place that stretches out like a musical landscape across decades and genres. >> you're not getting just on-stage shots, you're getting a little bit of the individuals, too, and what they were like as human beings and what their lives were like. it's a great glimpse into the performers and also the photographers as well. >> really, aren't those terrific shots? the sonoma valley museum of art is open wednesday through sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the exhibit runs through september 13. dion, looks pretty good, doesn't it? >> yeah, i want to check it out myself. world news is next. i'm dion lim.
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>> and i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. our next newscast is at 6:00. we'll see you then.
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tonight -- the covid holiday fears as the nation celebrates the fourth of july in the middle of a pandemic. the summer surge showing no signs of slowing down. a third straight day with more than 50,000 new infections. in florida another 9,400 new cases. the positivity rate nearing 15%. employees at 30 publix supermarkets testing positive. miles of south florida's famous beaches deserted. beaches in texas and california closed too. in arizona, a bar under investigation for allegedly allowing infected employees to keep working. in washington state, more than 100 fraternity brothers testing positive. and tonight, the line of traffic
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to get to the jersey shore, fueling concerns about a new spread. amid the crisis president trump


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