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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 3, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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started burning the apartment building next door before firefighters got it under control. the investigation is ongoing to determine if fireworks really did start this fire. everyone is okay. no one was hurt. this is a warning. >> san francisco fireworks are illegal for a reason. fireworks. >> sobering warning. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> we are celebrating fourth of july during a pandemic which means most of the big professional fireworks shows have been canceled. >> that's right. unfortunately, people are making up for them with illegal fireworks. >> oakland police tweeted pictures showing a car load, a high grade illegal fireworks. they confiscated this weekend. leslie brinkley found this has firefighters and residents on heightened alert. >> reporter: illegal fireworks have already caused big problems.
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here 110 pounds of high grade fireworks seized by oakland police this week. >> we've had over 15 fires, you know, wild land fires in the city of oakland just since monday whi w would normally see. >> reporter: the oakland fire department is braced for a tough fourth of july weekend. they're bringing in more engines. >> we've also staffed three additional fire am rat us that will be patrolling, in the city, specifically at lake merritt. and then we have two additional fire apparatus that will be patrolling. >> reporter: they've also got a dozen volunteers armed with ham radios ready to scan the horizon for smoke or flames. it is similar to the set-up on the peninsula. >> the enhanced use of our emergency volunteers, close to two dozen of them, at various locations, is really important. if heaven forbid a bottle rocket lands in the dry brush up in the
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hills, our only chance of suppressing that in a timely manner is getting early eyes on that, early detection. >> we will be in foot hill park -- >> reporter: they're among the volunteers ready for fourth of july action. their shift runs from 5:00 to 10:30 p.m. >> we'll bring camp chairs, binoculars, we'll have our handheld radios. we'll be scanning the horizon for fires. for telltale smoke. >> reporter: new will be the closure of grizzly peak boulevard in the oakland hills. usually a popular gathering spot for fire shut down from saturday morning in the sunday morning. abc7 news. >> earlier today, .directly with the assistant deputy about the danger that fireworks present. >> people just don't understand.
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when we see fatalities from fires caused by fireworks, we see structures destroyed and we see wildfires all sparked by illegal fireworks. so really, it's not a fun and, it's really a very unsafe form of entertainment, if you will. >> certainly is. we want to bring in abc7 news anchor spegser christian. >> he has a look at the forecast. it looks to be very seasonable. spencer? >> that is true. it will be warm this weekend. warmer than it has been the last couple days, and dry. very pleasant weather. let's take a look at the forecast for the fourth of july. we're looking at sunny skies, mid 60s at the coast to mid to upper 90s in our inland areas. sunday will be a nice warm day. perhaps a couple of degrees cooler than tomorrow. at the beaches, look for warm conditions as well. the temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. a word of caution. the beaches may be hazardous
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this weekend. wave heights, rough surf and sneaker waves. i'll have the full forecast coming up shortly. coronavirus has turned events into health hazard and that's why many public beaches are closed this weekend. stephanie is live with how these beach closures will actually work. stephanie? >> hey there. yes. officers have been out there all afternoon patrolling the beaches. and notice the entrance to the beaches here, completely gated off with signs clearly indicating both the beaches and the parking lots are closed. that didn't tom at least a dozen people from making their way through this afternoon. >> the beach and the parking
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lots are all closed. >> a fourth of july weekend unlike any other in pacifica. beaches are closed. the sandsy entrances gated off and people asked to stay away. but some just are not listening. >> how did the surfers get out there? >> they probably snuck in through other means. >> reporter: at least a dozen surfers managed to slip by while others watching the coastline played it safe. >> i wish i could sneak by, too. i don't want to get a ticket or anything so we won't but yeah. they got out there early. >> i understand the situation with the whole coronavirus and how the cases are rising. i think it is a good thing the >> repter:hose who are not so understanding will face consequences. >> we would hopefully maybe issue a warning to include a warning citation. if it he is chats even more, we can result in a citation which,
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the maximum penalty would be a misdemeanor citation with a $1,000 fine. >> reporter: it didn't seem to stop this crowd in the days leading up to memorial day weekend. and locals hope this time will be different. >> people need to get it through their head that this is not a joke. >> reporter: how are you going to ensure that doesn't happen again? >> i can't. it all comes down to volunteering clients, education, and everyone taking an onus in helping stop spread the covid-19. >> reporter: there were no fines issued during memorial day weekend. but officers say the fourth of july will be different. compliance. if they see people repeatedly breaking the rules, fines will be issued. the maximum penalty is a $1,000 fine. that could vary. live in pacifica. abc7 news. >> that's a real fine. give us a sense of what would happen during a night enforce
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many. >> reporter: we just learned the shifts start at 6:00 a.m. and they end at 6:00 p.m. there will be periodic enforcele checks and they are based on calls for service. they are preparing for a higher call volume with additional staff. >> okay. i asked the doctor on the 3:00 program if we could go back to a full shutdown mode if people don't pay attention. >> if people don't ahead to warnings and start to get complacent, we're heading into a holiday weekend. it is another high risk activity where people want to gather just like memorial day. or if we start to see the death rate really increase from what's happening in a couple weeks, in either of those scenarios, i could see us reverting backwards. >> the doctor says if we want to get back to our normal lives, we have to wear masks. >> it has been about six weeks
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cynic our last federal holiday, memorial day. so let's use that as a comparison when talking about coronavirus. memorial day fell just days before the united states coronavirus death toll tomds $100,000. locally that was around the time that california allowed in store shopping to resume for the first time. the governor laid out rules for hair salons to reopen and around that time, roughly 3,000 people were hospitalized for coronavirus. now there are more than 5,000 people in the hospital. around memorial day, the number pof new cases in a day was aroud 2,000. at last check, more than 5,600. that's actually lower than many spikes in the past week. another thing is the percentage of positive tests. in may the average was 4.1%. now it is 6.4 percent and
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climbing. and the total number of cases worldwide, that topped 11 million. more than half a million people have died including nearly 130,000 people here in the u.s. we are keeping track every single day. it is all laid out here. >> two more death row inmates at san quenin have died. scott had been on death row for the killing of two boys in san diego. the other was sentenced to death in 1989 for killing a man during a robbery in sacramento. the corrections department said both had been hospitalized and appeared to have died from complications due to covid-19. th total number of inmate deaths to four at san quenin. nearly 1,400 prisoners have been infected as well as 120 staff.
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we work to build a better bay area. a front line work we are more than ten years on the job reached out to us this week. he's worried that he could be next brought on by the increased work load from the pandemic. chris reyes heard his story. >> i'm running down the hall in a dremplged t-shirt and my patients see it. i'm trying to do the best i can but it's not the standard of care. it is not the best we can do. >> reporter: he works with covid patients. he still has his job but he said since the pandemic hit, that job has gotten harder in ways that are hurting '99 workers and the patients they care for. >> we have staff that doesn't have time to use the bathroom. you're asking us to do the work of three people with only two people.
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>> we went to ucsf with his claims. while no one has been laid off, emthe management seems to be scheduling less staff for the same. a work pre covid. they semius this statement. ucsf takes staffing in our hospitals seriously and ensure that's the needs of our patients are met amongst the many clinical and nonclinical staff. >> all of our most skilled nurses are saying we need more pcas. we need support. we're getting nothing from management. >> in late june, he protested in front of his own hospital. ucsf has not laid off front line workers but on july 1st, the ceo sent out a letter telling staff that revenue loss means learning to work more officially. it is a letter that worries mcknight and prompted him to speak out now while he still has
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a job. >> when they're looking to make cuts, why are they looking at the most essential workers, the ones who showed up through it. >> building a better bay area means digging deeper into issues surroundsing education. teachers are starting to plan a potential rush to the class rule. but there's growing concern they may run out of paid sick days. a closer look a what they could face. >> when a teacher calls in dera take their place? >> my primary concern before covid was the high likely hood there will be no one to cover my place. >> teachers can roll over their sick days. if they this -- >> i think unlimited sick days during this time will be critical. we cannot have any staff members
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feeling pressure to come to work if they're feeling symptoms. >> right now, they're negotiating new terms specific to covid-19. school districts would not comment. where would districts finds the extra money for add sick days? >> educators shouldn't have to pay for it with their sick days. the school district should not to have bear the brunt of it. but the state and federal government should have a pool to draw from in case it occurs. >> more troubling, if a teacher goes into extended sick leave, a 1976 lawayor a substitute. that's because public school teachers in california don't pay into the state dibble insurance program. lawmakers in sacramento are looking into making changes into
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that law. away the called another example of a fundamentally broken system. abc7 news. building a better bay area is about health and education and also about our economy. next, meet stores not able to survive the coronavirus. >> we always say that somebody needs to do something. somebody needs to do something. i want to do it myself. >> still to come, the bay area's
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we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so they can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most
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find out more at the holiday will soon be over and we're not just talking about the fourth of july. enfor parking meters which had gone unmonitored. san francisco, oakland, redwood city and other cities will start checking meters on monday. so feed the meters. berkeley began enforcement this past wednesday.
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the covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for many small businesses. along the 24th street corridor, the pandemic has the potential on drive out latino business that's have been gentryification. >> today, all the pain from the heart. >> reporter: they've been merchants on san francisco's 24th street for more than a deck afld their original store sells mexican crafts. it is an instagram favorite for the masks on the sidewalk. three years ago they and panel to think a second location. >> we were so excited. we put a lot of effort, love. now we feel ready. >> reporter: the city managed to close. with no income, bills began piling up. >> i don't have money to pay my rental. >> reporter: they are not the only businesses suffering.
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next door, native forever closed. he said he was given three days to clear out. he had been there 17 years. he now sells remind from a table on the street at the corner of mission and 23rd street. i am trying to recover but it's hard, he says. colorful murals color the neighborhood. six years ago the city designated this area as a la teen occult raldistrict. an effort to help. le fear it will further erode the heritage. gabrielle organizes carnival and the dayd
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were handsed out as granltss to es>> t their rental the use it for. >> reporter: this deli is managing to survive. it sells mexican food but also produces tortillas or corn dough, masa, for many san francisco businesses. >> we were doing a lot of business and then everything, the rug got pulled out from under us. >> one of the reasons let us everybody side but didn't want to go on kam. the fountain has yet to reopen. >> before this, a lot of businesses were leaving due to the high rent. they were being eaten up by
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regulation of the city. when covid came, it was just the double whammy. >> she's been giving up. even though she's closing this store, she's trying on save her original store. >> i can't even imagine. >> reporter: she's asking for $20,000 on go fund me to pay her rental and loans. more than 400 people have pledged so far. some with donations of $5 or $10. >> there is so much. >> they are partnering with us to help pre event it. and coming up next, a look at the weath
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every year, you can see spectacular celebrities at aids walk san francisco. this year they are coming to you! join bette midler gloria estefan matt bomer stars of queer eye rupaul's drag race superstars. for aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on july 19 to benefit prc and their covid relief efforts all over the city. register now at
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a mountain lion spotted in glafk two weeks ago is dead in pacifica. this is the stretch where it happened near skyline boulevard. california fish and wildlife officials used the animal's tracker to identify it after it died. they say it is actually the same male cat spotted outside our very own kgo studios on june 18. it was seen in several places around san francisco and is suspected of killing three marsupials at the san francisco zoo. young male often in search for their territory. >> a beautiful animal. spencer christian is here with the fourth of july forecast. >> a lovely weekend ahead.o cf1o
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a genetical breeze 59 at pacifica. looking toward the city, 75 in santa rosa. napa, 69. we have low 80s in fairfield, concord andler more. it will be mostly clear tonight. a couple of paxes of coastal fog. let's enjoy the warmth coming our way. i might mention, i will mention, as a matter of fact, that the sumpb is rough at bay area beaches as a result of beach hard state. sunday night for south facing beach it's, there is an increase
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in rip currents. low prize from most of the cabrera. tomorrow's highs, mid 80s to low 90s. 84, san carlos, mid 60s on the coast at half moon waive. up in the north bay, sunny skies, 86 will be the high. than rosa, 87, sonoma, yefl vallejo, they have some at oakland. the inland east bay will have highs from 88 in antioch, 94. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. the warm weather will give way to cooler pattern on monday. for virtually, only in the mid
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to upper 80s. another warming trend will begin at the end of next week. a great fourth of july weekend coming up. enjoy. coming up next, the case of a 20-year-old latina who disappears thousands of miles away is striking a chord in the bay area. telehealth has been hugely successful during this pandemic. so why are some insurance companies trying to close it down? 7 on your side is coming up. join me on monday for my tax chat. we'll be answering your questions beginning at 5:15 at the abc7 website, news app, facebook page and youtube
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a new fight for justice is gaining nationwide attention. this time for a young army soldier stationed at ft. hood who hand been seen since i am a. 20-year-old vanessa disappeared shortly after telling her family she was theville of sexual harassment. now it is believed remains found in texas this week are hers. her story and others like it are part of abc7's commitment to building a better bay area and we are tracking the pursuit of racial and social justice. >> and we're learning about an investigation that's being called for. >> as questions mound around the disappearance of vanessa guillen, the oldest and large est association --
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>> they won't be protected. right now the earl is turning a blind eye to sexual harassment in the military ranks. >> reporter: her family said before she went missing, she told them she was sexually harassed by a superior but didn't report out of fear. the authorities have charged aguilar. she is accused of helping another soldier, aaron robinson, get rid of the body. he was a suspect killed himself weapons inspection morning after being confront by police and federal marshals. earlier this week, investigators found human remains 20 miles away from the peaceful protest for answers. a care vandal of cars will make its way. >> we always say, somebody needs to do something. somebody needs to do something. this is my little something that i can do to help. >> pri first class, they say hey
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personal belongings and identification were found in the armory room where she works. the army is investigating the sexual harassment claims but her family said they took too long to act. now jackie speier, head of the committee is calling for an independent investigation into guillen's disappearance. >> we have to take these cases out of the chain of commands if people will feel comfortable. >> reporter: she said the climate there is deeply flawed. >> the message goes out to the service member, don't rock the boat. >> visiting your doctor virtually has become more popular. what is the future of these visits as we move forward? a lot of people have really come to like this process?
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you have got that nailed. a lot of people came to it reluctantly. they preferred to go in and see their doctor. but that was not popular. people have gotten used to it. they like it. here's a question. why are insurance companies trying to shut it down? lucy loves to ski. it is an it she can enjoy with the entire family. but this tumble is one she won't forget. the fall blew out her knee.kneen >> someone skied in front of me and i had to go. and then i fell. then i was trying to get back up. >> with the help of her new puppy, she is doing as well as can be expected. her days have been filled with doctor appointments.
6:33 pm
but telehealth has eased the strain for her and her mom. >> it saved us hours and hours of going to the doctor. >> reporter: but ucsf alone, telehealth visits went from 189 per day prior to covid-19 to 2,500 during the pandemic. >> a physician warns some health insurers will cut off insurance for telehealth. >> there are many insurances that have said at the end of covid, they will no longer be covering telehealth. >> in california, cigna is looking at ending it july 31. united health care has extended benefits for virtual visits through september. kaiser patients will be covered through the end of the year. anthem, blue cross says there will be no change until further notice.
6:34 pm
however, the end of any telehealth coverage in the state will just be temporary. a new state law starting in 2021 requires health plans to extend coverage of telehealth visits at the same rate as in person visits. the doctor says patients will be able to access special. is far away from their home. anyone who lacks transportation can more easily see their doctor. and she said, physicians are learning, there doesn't always need to be a physical exam to gauge information about a patient's health. >> we're learning to provide data to provide high level of care. >> it is a high level of access and a way to take care of our patients that is here to stay. >> a study by ucsf finds many doctors are planning to offer video visits as a normal part of
6:35 pm
their practic. >> yeah. we may head that direction. thank you. coming up next, francisco company putting their money where their mouth is. >> reporter: blue ribbons. you will see a lot of them in neighborhoods right now. they're in support of local police. but there is a
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in the north bay tonight, a difference of opinion being expressed by blue ribbons. some who put them up and others who take them down. as wayne friedman explains, it
6:38 pm
is about free speech and local police. >> reporter: in the north bay, a sull but growing movement. mabel you spotted the bluelotrt avenues. they're being put up as a way to express thanks to police who have been under pressure since george floyd. >> i'm saying i'm in support. i pay tribute to them. >> reporter: she began this personal project two days ago. they had no idea it would be so controversial. >> she put you will observely 150 ribbons in her neighborhoods and she felt very good about making the statement until the next morning. all the ribbons were gone. >> this was a could be certain effort to take this down and >> coming up across the street. >> he took us for a ride to count the blue ribbons he's put
6:39 pm
up. rm of them have dis. we've seen them reason weeks here and elsewhere. >> these are not the four men from minnesota. >> at its core, all of this, it is about free speech using actions face to face frlg. >> i'm more determined. >> and all prompted by waeg in the face of a powerful movement. >> let's be honest. >> in short could blue remember on. one of the key pillars is racial and social justice. yesterday, dade louie introduced
6:40 pm
you to some community leaders seeking a better few. wh these are seven leaders the levi strauss foundation selected to support their work for social justice. it is a four-year commitment. daniel lee is the director. >> they're out there to create new solutions. they are believe based on fear or punishment. >> reporter: the black lives matter movement has miliz feeble 26 million americans, according to four polls. that could be the largest. >> our criminal court system isn't just broken. it's broken by design. we need to reimagine what it
6:41 pm
would look like to entirely transform how we think about safety. >> but that may rely on the past with the civil rights protests of the '60s. >> when you shut down a freeway, a bridge, protesting the street, everybody starts to realize. i cannot ignore it. >> supporters believe the young people who have joined the movement recognize their safety. >> we measure our success in terms of, moving in the direction of things that make communities most safe. good jobs, good health care. young people -- >> setting new priorities that would require consensus and courage. abc7 news. when it comes the issues of
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racial justice and equality, trust abc7 news to be your ally. to go to find a cure and making plns for something other than going to the beach as we take a lye look outside.
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no matter what challenges life throws at you, we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at hamilton made history when it grossed half a billion in ticket sales and earning a record number of tony awards. start go today, disney plus subscribers can see what made it so special. our sister station in new york has more. halt pointed the way forward to a more inclusive broadway. while introducing a younger
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generation to the magic of live theater. >> especially now that all theater is dark, i'm incredibly grateful that we had the foresight and planned a movie even as we were doing eight shows a week. >> reporter: the movie is from disney plus, owned by our apparently company and for the members of the original cast, this marks the first time they've been able to see themselves on stage together. see precisely why this production would have been 11 tony awards. >> not only do you feel like you're in the audience, seeing it from the best angles possible at any given moment, you feel like you're with people on stage at certain moments. that's so incredibly special. >> for us, hamilton was a game changer. for the performers, the show changed their lives. >> every norm that you had gets blown completely out of the water. and the possible becomes possible.
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>> what's possible is something magnificent. >> leslie odom jr. and the others told me hamilton has taken on even more significance, given the recent protests. >> it is the responsibility and the care everyone in the show took to create the democracy they wanted to live in. >> it gives us some words, some answers to some questions that we're asking about who are we a a country. how did we get here. what do we believe? what does our voice sound like? >> abc7 news. >> a subscription will run about $7 a month or $70 a year. we remind you, disney is the apparently company of abc7. all eyes on the holiday forecast. hey, spencer. >> we have a great evening coming up.
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we'll see clear skies with maybe a pax or two, overnight lows in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow, fourth of july. sunny skies and mild to warm on the coast. we'll see highs in the mid to upper 60s. mabel even a few 70s in some coastal locations. upper 70s to around 80 on the bayshore line. the accuweather forecast looks like this. sun will be much like tomorrow. maybe just a couple of degrees less warm. but then it does get rather sharply cooler on monday. most of next week, the temperatures will be in a more seasonal range. mid to upper 80s inland, around the bay. then we start to warm up again. happy independence day. >> indeed. on to larry beil. baseball? >> i know! it's almost like a foreign term. we have baseball! bats, balls, and masks.
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good evening. the giants opened up what they're calling summer camp. spring training 2.0. also today, mlb announcing h a those tested, 38 turned out positive. the giants pitcher luis madero is on that list. chris alvarez has been at oracle park all day long. the new normal is not normal for anybody just yet. >> reporter: it's really not. i knew it would be historic today. masks required before i even got in the ballpark, several health checks. i got temperature checked and then of course, keep your social distance at all times. here we go. from oracle park, a perfect day
6:51 pm
for baseball here in the city. the giants took field. they were wearing masks. got to get used to this. it has to be happening at all times. physical distancing. we were only permitted to go to several areas of the ballpark designated by the giants. the ballpark was empty outside. it has been thought that games would be played without fans this season. jeff samardzija said not so fast. >> i think we've seen with these owners, they're not scared to put anyone at risk if they get the opportunity to. especially if it makes them money. so there will be people in the stands, socially distanced rows apart. >> reporter: what we do know, it is a 60-game regular season meaning there's no time to waste. >> i think everybody was general winly happy to be there. we expect tomorrow to be a more
6:52 pm
competitive day. today was designed as an aclipation day. >> you get your schedule down to 60 games instead of the benefits of being able to go through a cold streak or a rough patch and still being able to work out of it. so it is important to get off the a fast start. >> the giants across the bay, they'll have the first summer camp workout. as we wait to see the results, hopefully teams can stay safe as we try to get to the end of july and play baseball. >> thank you. baseball is back. after decades of resistance, the washington redskins say they'll do a thorough review of the name. the team owner is feeling the heat from his corporate sponsors. so there are billions of dollars hanging in the balance. can they change the nick nail and the logo before kickoff in september?
6:53 pm
we'll see. the seven-time champion jimmie johnson will not race in the brick yard 400. he has tested positive for the coronavirus. it will be the first time in his career that he's missed a race. in order to return to race, he must be symptom-free, have two negative tests, at least 24 hours apart, and has to be cleared by his physician. >> the 12-time champion of the world! j joey chestnut! >> what an introduction! tomorrow is the world famous hotdog heating contest on connolly island. joey chestnut, he weighed in at 220 pounds. he figures to be considerably heavier after consuming maybe 70 plus hotdogs tomorrow. yummy! time for abc7 call my play. you send me your video. i call the action. this is a really good one tonight.
6:54 pm
featuring a former nba player. >> nothing better than learning from a pro. 11-year veteran nate robinson was a dunking machine at only 5'9". the student is 17-year-old mikhail heading into his senior year in union city. practice makes perfect. this young man is getting up. hey, mikail, we just called your play! >> i'll tell you what. he's impressive. send me your video. use the hashl nbc 7 call my play so we can put you on tv. nice to get the, great two-sport athlete out of washington and can probably still throw it down with authority! that's it. have a happy and safe fourth of july. dan? back to you. a quick heads up.
6:55 pm
we just learned that marin, monday ray and san diego counties have been added to the state's watch list because of increased coronavirus activity. all of this means some new restrictions. those could be on the way. we will have much more on abc7 news at 11:00. bracing for huge crowds this july 4th weekend amid a new spike of covid-19 cases in sonoma county. that story tonight at 11:00. and celebrating the holiday during a pandemic. we talked to infectious disease experts on how to do it safely. and coming up tonight, at 8:00, it is shark tank. followed by a two-hour 20/20. then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. and jimmy kimmel live at 11:35 and then "nightline." finally, a few thoughts about what really matters. tomorrow we celebrate the country's 244th birthday and we've never had one like it.
6:56 pm
legend has it on, july 4th, 1776, the king of england, he wrote in his diary that nothing much happened today. despite the home and opportunity for people around the world. this year the fourth comes in the midst of a pandemic. there will be very few fireworks displays, fewer backyard barbecues with neighbors, and no baseball. and this year, independence day, also comes with another kind of social distancing. a country divided as it all too often has been by racial tension and heated debate over real and lasting change. it is an anxious time. but what really matters, it is also an opportunity to have moo closer to that noble idea and the preamble to our constitution to form a more perfect union.
6:57 pm
happy fourth of july. i always love to hear from you. abc7. >> always so thought provoking. thank you. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here at abc7 news, thank you for joining us. a quality evening. we'll see you back here tonight.
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