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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 3, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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and get a flex 4k streaming device with peacock premium included for no additional cost. sonoma county bracing for big crowds this weekend. amid a spike of coronavirus cases. >> how families are celebrating small here in the east bay. >> getting a group together for july 4th, while you may be tempted health experts suggest you resist. >> building a better bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we are facing a very different fourth of july this year. coronavirus cases are surging and hospitalizations are on the rise. bay area residents who hoped for return to normal will instead find beaches closed,
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wos, the officials are outdoor hoping all of us will just stay safe and stay at home. tonight, marin county was added to california's watch list after an increase in transmission rates and hospitalizations. many of them are from the outbreak at san quinton prison. and also added to the states list, montrae and san diego counties. >> firefighters in san francisco have already been busy. a house was damaged in a fireworks explosion, this evening. the san francisco fire department said a device larger than an m-80 firework was set off in a drain pipe, it blew three windows out of the house, no injuries. 15 especially were displaced by fire in san francisco's mission district that may have been started by fireworks. two buildings burned and no one hurt. but it's a warning. >> san francisco, fireworks are illegal for a reason. we could lose entire communities
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by fireworks. >> in the east bay, contra costa fire crews are busy as well. fireworks are blamedor ff of h the cause of the fires is under investigation. in the south bay, a grass fire burned up a hill side in san jose. it started at about 7:00. that is near the happy hollow zoo. you can see the flames burning the grass there. it took san jose firefighters a little more than an hour and a half to get it under control. the lack of legal fireworks venues and an increase in illegal fireworks has firefighters, police and residents on alert. from the peninsula, to the oakland hills there will be volunteers stationed this weekbinoculars to look for smoke or flames to
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report it. >> well, we bring camp chairs and binoculars and peak in oakland hills will be closed where people usually gather to watch the fireworks shows. north bay counties are bracing for big crowds and it comes amid a spike of cases that could put sonoma counties on the governor's rewatch list and force openings to be rolled back. >> it will be crowded and we will not be here. >> reporter: alice will burnett will be skipping a trip to the river this weekend where the weather will be warm and crowds of people may show up because state beaches are closed. >> and the water, even, you know, we are and everye stf. >> reporter: down the road,
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amy's wicked slush has expanded seating areas to make sure that everyone has room to space out. >> we have to sanitize. >> the downtown was getting busy. there were lines for cafe and the healdsburg news. >> we are fool. >> my message, be safe, socially distance. >> supervisor said that independent day is colliding with the spike and 38 new covid cases and six deaths. that could put sonoma can county on the governor's watch list and force reopenings to roll back. >> are we he wsay,hu downerint >> county officials hope most folks take the advice of the bill board. stay safe and stay home this
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july 4th weekend. >> abc7 news. >> now, your accuweathe forest > okay, with the beginning of the fourth of july weekend, literally minutes away. it's a good time to take a look at the weather conditions. so, let's do it. here is a look at tomorrow, fourth of july's weather. sunny and mild temperatures in the mid 60s on the coast, and upper 0up er 70s to 80s on the shore line and the warmth will hold on sunday. pretty much a similar range of high temperatures. and caution, if you are tempted to go to the beaches, i should point out there's a beach hazard statement in affect. and i will give you a closer look in to that and why it could pose danger later. >> all right will, sounds good spencer. and speaking of the beaches, you could face a hefty fine if you ignore pacifica's beach closure this weekend. ong the ast. ale ppgls
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nad officnd cawas. otrs a psafe. >> i understand the situation with the whole coronavirus and how the cases are rising, so, i think it's a good thing the beach is closed. >> police will issue warnings first, but could give someone a misdemeanor >> to santa cruz,open for vuisi are open, but many parking lots won't be. >> we are urging people to stay home. especially from out of the area. meaning no road trips, no parties. no violations of the social distancing guidelines set forth by the governor. >> state parks like big basin, nry cowle and rock will
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be open for hiking. you can camp as long as you have a reservation. >> new developments now, two more death row inmates have died amid the coronavirus outbreak at the prison. he been on death row since 2004, for the killing of two boys in san diego, and the other was manuel alvarez, he was sentenced to death in 1989, for killing a man in sacramento. the corrections department said both had been hospital likewis d -- hospitalized and appear to have died from complications with covid-19. nearly 1400 prisoners as well ask 120 staff. developing news, donald trump, jr.'s girlfriend has tested positive for coronavirus. she is a former san francisco prosecutor. now, she works on the president's campaign as a top fundraising official. she had been expected to attend unt rushmore, sources familiar
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added trump, jr., has tested negative and neither have had direct contact with the president recently. in the meantime, grim new numbers tonight in the coronavirus pandemic. for the second day in a row the united states, more than 50,000 people have tested positive for covid-19. and there's extra concern for social distancing as we head in to the holiday weekend. with popular beaches closed for the weekend, in covid-19 hot spots, like texas, florida, and california. this year's july 4th celebrations will look very different. as the deadly virus surges across the nation. >> the beaches are not the problem, it's the crowd that are created. crowds are not good. >> florida with more than 9400 new infections. nearly 15% of all tests coming back positive. employees at 3surmartsesitive.
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>> miami with a 20% spread -- >> somebody gets tired, and they get stir crazy. >> to ensure social distancing, 80% of fireworks displays in the u.s. have been cancelled. some local leaders like the mayor of lancaster, california, are defiant. >> this is america, and it's our birthday and it's the worst year that we have ever experienced, the only thing that will stop it is handcuffs. >> authorities are investigating a bar for allegedly allowing employees who tested positive to keep working. icus there at 91% capacity, it's 21 states seeing a rise in hospitalizations. phoenix and icuut of beds. texas governor greg abbott has made masks mandatory statewide
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despite weeks of hesitation. and now, a new warning that the virus may have mutated, while it's not believed to be deadlier, it may spread more easily. >> the virus replicates easily and may be more transmissable. >> more than half of americans are concerned that their communities reopened too soon. 19 states have reversed or caused the reopening plans, imposing strict new rules. abc news, new york. >> living with coronavirus means constantly evaluating the risk level of different activity this is that we do. we put together an interactive game, where you can guess the risk and see what medical experts think. it's informative and fun. it's on abc7 just ahead, mounting questions about the disappearance of army soldier vanessa guillen, a warning for
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latino women. >> a street changes its mind on outdoor dining and shopping. >> while health experts warn against big groups, they show how you can be safe. >> here is what is coming up. jimmy. >> tonight's show will be a good one to watch. you are so stupid. hey, what is -- that's my wife, why is my wife in the room? >> why do you think your wife is in the room. >> you son of every year, you can see spectacular celebrities
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building better bay area is something that we are committed to here at abc7 news. and part of that is a pursuit of racial and social justice. california congress woman jackie spear is calling for an investigation in to the disappearance of a army specialist, stationed at fort
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hood, private first class, vary necessaries a guillen has been missing since april, they believe the remains found this week were hers. local and national groups are now demanding justice. as questions mount around the disappearance of fort hood army specialist vanessa guillen, the oldest and largest latino civil rights organization is saying do not join the military. >> they are not going to be protected. that is a fact of the matter that the army is turning a blind eye to sexual harassment in the military ranks. >> they said before she went missing she told thm she was sexually harassed, but did not report it out of fear of retaliation. a woman was charged in connection with vanessa's disappearance. she is accused of helping another officer get rid of guillen's body, the man that was a suspect was confronted by police and federal marshals and.
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human remains were found 20 miles away from the base. and they believe it's her. there's a protest being organized for answers. >> we say somebody needs to do something, somebody needs to do something. and i finally told myself, this is my little something that i need to help. we need to bring awareness for the safety of our soldiers. >> she was last seen in a parking lot outside of her barracks, her identification was found in the armory room, the family said that the army took too long to act. jackie spear, who was for an independent investigation. >> we have to take the cases out of the chain of command if people are going to feel comfortable coming forward and seeking relief.
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the climate at fort hood is deeply flawed. >> the message goes out to the service member, don't rock the boat. suck it up. >> melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> san francisco police shut down a nightclub for violating the city's health order. surveillance tape shows groups of people entering and leaving the building at night. officers served a search warrant yesterday, recovering gambling machines and d.j. equipment. the city attorney said it the same group that operated another illegal nightclub that was shut down in april. >> in the east bay, people were busy shopping today for fourth of july celebrations. but we found that most families are downsizing the partying this year to comply with health orders. the costco parking lot in richmond was bustling with the meat and seafood department. >> it's always busy and it's terribly busy today. >> most of the customers had
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plenty of space to distance themselves in the islaisles and everyone was wearing a mask. >> every other person that comes through the line, we wipe it all down. >> i got steak and wine for the next two weeks. >> members of his own household will be at his celebration. >> i'm continuing to be careful. >> we usually invite friends over, but right now, it's just -- >> stephanie hernandez was buying celebration supplies. she is taking extra precaution monday. >> i know the numbers are going high people having coronavirus. we are not trying to add more numbers to that. >> trader joes in berkley have a line down the block, and every one we spoke to was shopping for personal groceries, not parties. >> the buying frenzy may not be
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what you expect before a long summer holiday weekend. people seem to be trying on the obey the health orders and still celebrating. >> i am getting the beef links, the beef brisquet and salad. >> she is picking up enough food for herself and three of her friends. normally she has a bigger group. >> 300 people, having a huge barbecue, having the kids and everything, not tomorrow. >> in the east bay, kate larson, abc7 news. >> well, of course, it will be an independence day like no other as covid-19 cases continue to climb across parts of the state. health experts, they are warning don't let your guard down. abc7 news explains how you can celebrate safely. >> there's no easy way out of the this. there's no way to just wish our way out of it. there's no way to get together in big crowds of people and think we are not going to get cted. >>garning about
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rd d hoday weeken wet.t. avoid large gatherings. it's messaging that means nothing without action. that guidance echoed by dr. dean winslow with stanford health care. >> the idea is we cannot eliminate risk but there's easy common sense things that are evidence based that we can use to marketedly reduce the risk of transmission of covid-19. >> that includes keeping outdoors and keeping soap and hand sanitizer nearby, and use disposable utensils. >> new data released thursday found a majority of those thursday will not be gathering with others this july 4th. a solid 25% said they had no
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plans for celebrating. 61% said they will avoid gatherings all together because of covid-19 concerns. and only 39% say they will be attending or hosting for the holiday. most of nem in homes. >> we want to celebrate things. i get it. i have been there. i am there. but, we have to think beyond that. >> as we head in to the holiday weekend, covid-19 remain as significant health threat, regardless of what we are celebrating. abc news. >> as you make plans for the weekend we have put together a guide on what is allowed and what is not. you can find it on abc share it with your friends so we are all able to celebrate responsibly. and we will all be careful we hope, but the whether should be very nice for the weekend. >> yeah, it will be looking really nice, perhaps maybe looking out the window is your best bet spencer. >> well, if you do just look out the window this weekend.
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you will get a lovely view, the weather will be nice.ti e i the newsast that we have rough surf along bay area beaches as a result of beach hazard statement. it is in affect until 8:00 p.m. sunday. it's advisable to stay away from the coastline if you can. there's a risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. 65 in san francisco, and 60 in oakland and low to mid 50 ns pacifica and gilroy. looking back across the bay. we have temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and low 60s in napa, fairfield and concord and livermore, and if you look back at the skyline, or part of it in san francisco, these are the forecast features, mostly clear skies will prevail, a couple of patches of fog will form. it will be warm over the bay and inland, both days and it will be cooling down early next week. we will get in the forecast, showing how little fog there is near the coast in the overnight
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hours. by the time most of us get up tomorrow morning, it will be sunny and it will remain that way throughout the day. so, before i get to the sunshine tomorrow. the overnight lows are in the low to mid 50s. pleasantly cool i would say in most locations. and tomorrows highs for the fourth of july, will range fromw low 70s to upper 70s, around 80 in the bay shore line. inland areas, toasty, low to mid 90s. and that warmth will hold on mainly on sunday, maybe two or three degrees cooler in some spots, but basically mild to warm again on the fifth of july. but on monday, a significant cool down begins. much cooler pattern takes place, takes hold on monday. and that will take us through most of next week. so, here is a look at the accu weather seven-day forecast. breezy and cooler conditions will develop. and we could have gusty wind. and then at the end of next
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week. next friday. we will see temperatures beginning to climb upward again. it's going to be a lovely week ahead, having a great fourth of july weekend. dan and dion? >> oh, and the same to you, spencer. ultiplying by amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. these shrubs aren't board approved. you need to break down your cardboard. thank you. violation. violation. i see you've met cynthia. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. and it does help us save a bunch of money. o chveregulation. thanks, cynthia. for bundling made easy, go to cit of san carlos has
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reversed the decision to close the downtown street to vehicles. the city has reopen one of the three blocks of laurel street that was closed to give restaurants more room to serve customers outdoors. while the idea seemed to help the restaurants, it was hurting the other businesses. >> there was no blue print for this. none of us have ever lived through a pandemic before. we have had to make decisions that we never had to make before. >> the city may still leave one block closed. the san carlos city council will
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consider what to do next on a meeting on july 13th. >> our media partner, the mercury news reports that lines in the east bay hills are most likely to transit. the proposed changes would take affect next summer. the transit board will review plans next wednesday. >> if you wonder how old your dog is, forget multiplying by 7, they found dogs age faster than people in early life. in one year, a puppy will age 30 human years and by 12 years old, they are more like a 70-year-old person. wouldn't it be nice if it worked the reverse, if you are
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now, abc7 sports.
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good evening the giepts opened summer camp today as they get ready for the season. one note, giants pitcher is on the list of those that tested positive for covid-19. one of 38 in major league baseball with a positive test. we will keep an eye on that. and the new normal in baseball on display at oracle park, masks on between drills and players keeping a distance between each other and the media. jeff samardzija was asked about the sprint of a season and fan free games. he high heat for the owners. >> the owners are not scared of anything or putting anybody at risk if they get the opportunity to make money. there's going to be people in the stands and socially distanced and rows apart. that's the way it will be. everyone needs to stay in the hotels and not go to dinner and the bars. it's hard, but we will need to make sacrifices. that will be a big word this
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year. >> no doubt. the washington redskins nickname will be gone, the team owner said a review will be conducted, snyder's resisted the pressure but now the corporate sponsors are putting the heat on, lots and lots of money at stake. so the name will change. the cleveland indians will be considering a change. seven-time nascar champ jimmie johnson not in the brick yard 400 race, he has the coronavirus, it's the first time he has missed a race. >> the 12-time champion of the year, joey chestnut. >> tomorrow, the world famous nathan's hot dog eating contest at coney island, joey chestnut, going for the 13th title, weighed in at 225 pounds and he will be heavier after 70 hot dogs tomorrow. time for call my play. you send me the video, i call the action.
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this teachfeatures a three-time dunk champion. he was a dunking machine at 5'9", and the student is kyle nimm nimms. >> practice makes perfect. this young man is getting up. hey, we just called your play, on abc7, makaio. >> send me your video, using t
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at aids walk san francisco. this year they are coming to you! join bette midler gloria estefan matt bomer stars of queer eye rupaul's drag race superstars. for aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on july 19 to benefit prc and their covid relief efforts all over the city. register now at
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thank you so much for watching tonight. for all of us here, we appreciate your time, hope you have a wonderful and safe fourth of july weekend. right now, on kimmel, pharrell williams, have a good night.
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♪ ba, da, ba, ba, da, ba, ♪ ba, da, ba, ba, da, ba, ♪ ♪ jimmy kimmel live this is ridiculous. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. and guess what? it's almost summer. this weekend, summer begins, just as i predicted it would. months ago. saturday is what's known as the summer solstice, which is the start of summer and the longest day of the year. hard to believe we still haven't experienced the longest day of this year yet. but we haven't. and the day after the solstice is father's day. so don't forget to not get your dad a gift! this father's day is tricky, because usually all dads want is to secretly get high in the garage, but they've already been doing that every day since march. so good luck. the stng


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