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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 5, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. could this holiday weekend make or break our fight against covid-19? july 4th crowds packing beaches. and holding boat parties. florida's staggering new case report. texas, too, a frightening phone alert, hospitals full. chicago's new enforcement as one family finds three reasons to celebrate. getting the message? the fears that some young people are not taking the pandemic seriously. their risky behaviors -- including "catch it" competition. >> so, if you're the first person to test positive for covid you win money. president trump's salute to america. fireworks. and flyovers.
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and partisan attacks. >> we are now in the process of defeating the radical left. >> and his promise about controversial monuments. >> we'll never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues. act of defiance. despite the president's warning, protesters in baltimore toppling a statue of christopher columbus as the crowd cheers and tossing it into the harbor. the latest statue to be torn down in major cities across america. and kanye's surprise. the singer who looked comfortable during his 2018 visit to the white house, making an announcement about his future plans, setting off his own july 4th fireworks. good morning. president trump offering some verbal fireworks before the
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fireworks, and unlike his mt. rushmore event the day before, he addressed the pandemic, blaming china. saying that country must be held accountable. >> the president spoke on the white house lawn where very few people were wearing masks. this on a day where coronavirus cases increased in 39 states. deaths rose in 14 states. >> south carolina is one of the states seeing an increase in cases and the resort city of myrtle beach, the source of several clusters of cases in other cities. i'll be speaking with the mayor of myrtle beach live in just a moment. but first, let's get to trevor ault in the bronx. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. >> er: whit, good morning. this was unfortunately a record setting fourth of july for several cities and states in terms of new cases and hospital thds. this pandemic is not enough to enop massive gatherings from happening all over the country.
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this fourth of july weekend as multiple states smash records for covid-19 cases some massive es lbrations have continued paimpeded. across the country scenes like t,is delaware beach packed with people. party goers in minnesota climbing from boat to boat. while southernññ÷ were closed this one was at capacity. ice his is the fourth of july. this is not the place to gather and not practice social edstancing and not practice masks. >> reporter: florida with s cases. among the sick this state rep. >> i feel awful. t because, you says&z knowhe damage this virus is causing. >> you just don't know.
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i mean, it hurts bad. it's very painful and it hurts to breathe. >> reporter: another hot spot, ly as setting its own record for mbers saturday. this single north texas family says seven of their family members have tested positive despite their best efforts. >> from march until now we took it serious. toen june 20th it walked into the house. >> reporter: residents in these counties getting a terrifying alert on their phones warning nearby hospitals were at capacity. as so many people set off fireworks at home, firefighters are in quarantine. notn a good day, take covid te i we're hemorrhaging houston firefighterers. >> reporter: in arizona the state is using more icu beds than ever before.
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>> if you're not going to wear a mask, going into bars, my stomach is turning. >> reporter: in chicago police will patrol restaurants and iars, as people turn to spread out activities for fourth of july events. res to celebrate for maggie, celebrate for maggie silerro diagnosed with covid on mother's day in her third trimester, she beat the virus and gave birth to triplets. as american waits for sports to return, another setback for pro soccer. one of the matches from the mls has been postponed. dallas fc says six of their players have tested positive. whit?
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>> a lot of sports teams joining us now is the mayor of myrtle beach. thank you for joining us on this holiday weekend. the two of us spoke earlier this ofek. chu're expecting more than join000 visitors. the city issued a new maskp8y mandate. what have the crowds been like there? are people following the rules? folood morning, whit. thank you. we've had a great weekend in myrtle beach. and i' pleased to see that. i was on our oce boulevard, friday and saturday nights. there were no large gatherings. aswas really pleased with the number of people wearing masks sad social distancing. so all in all, i think we had a very pleasant and safe weekend. >> that is very good to hear especially considering solve of these numbers. south carolina reported more than 1,800 new cases yesterday.
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a headline in the "washington kest" this week called myrtle beam petri dish for the virus. how confident are you you can ante visitors safe? >> well, there's not a guarantee. there's no 100% guarantee. with the mask order we do see people complying. we're getting the messaging out, the education component, public service announcements and our regulatory units are monitoring bars and restaurants which are already at3z tak think all of these things combined, if everyone would take personal responsibility, which is what this is all about, and wear a mask, wash hands, all of the safety guidelines, i think everything will start to get on the downturn. but yrtle beach depends on tourism. it was hit hard in the early ing of the pandemic. there are multiple reports of
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people contracting the virus in to other areas. rs you think another shut down might be needed if this surge gets rse? >> first and foremost people spread this virus, not places. we're a huge tourist destination. our numbers were very well in control before we started to see an influx of visitors. if you come here for vacation, acatant you here. you,eed you. we welcome you. lawant you to be safe, follow our rules, follow our laws so that you can have a great time here and go home safely. >> mayor, thank you again. cite wishing your city the best. take care. eva, over to you. y mato the president's fourth, a massive show of air power, a speech denouncing the radical ioft and a mostly mask free white house lawn crowd.
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rachel scott joins us with more. good morning. s reporter: good morning. as the nation confronts a public health crisis, the president brought together big crowds spending the fourth of july on attack. thernight president trump's salute to america events packed with fireworks, military fly fly overs and partisan attacks. >> we are now in the process of defeating the radical 4gt5 people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing. >> reporter: on the south lawn lawn e white house the president called for equality. >> we want safety. e want equal justice. we want religious liberty. we want faith and family. >> reporter: while delivering a
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divisive message slamming the media, china and the toppling of monuments. >> we will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues, erase or history, trample on our freedoms. we'll safeguard our values, traditions, customs and beliefs. >> reporter: and as the president paid tribute to health ocial distancing at his u liel s back-to-back celebrations this >> thank you very much. >> reporter: there was limit to no social distancing at his back to back celebrations this evening. >> i'm grateful he moved forward otth this. i'm not one iota concerned about getting the coronavirus. >> reporter: the president say the u.s. has made progress. lot.ur strategy is moving along well. it goes out in one area and rears its ugly face in another area. we learned a lot.
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we learned how to put out the flame. >> reporter: this weekend the virus moving into the president's inner circle. kimberly gil foil, the rerlfriend of the president's son donald trump jr. tested washtive for the virus. whit? de rachel scott, thank you. . many americans celebrated independence day by protesting diednst social in justice. thousands gathered in panneapolis where george floyd died on may 25th sparking a national movement. in baltimore protesters pulled down a statue of christopher lumbus statue, then iner harbor. in seattle police say a 24-year-old woman struck by a wor while protesting on a way has died. another woman also hit is still hospitalized. so much to talk about.
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let's bring in martha raddatz who will be hosting "this week." protha, the president spent much of his speech attacking the protesters who have been destroying monuments across theñ do you think this is a resident line of atta country. is this a line of attack for the president? >> it's a line for attack for his base. that's what he's doing appealing to his base and not anything peoader. this isn't going to appeal to liburban women or independents. side painting joe biden as a liberal. i don't think many people think of joe biden as a roaring liberal. rk the president also claimed niat his strategy to defeat the virus is working. on your show this morning you'll be interviewing govement officials from hot spots across >> acountry. is the president's strategy
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working? st absolutely not. you just read all the eratistics, dan. it's not just a flame. it's a fire right now. certainly there's progress in vaccines, there's progress with ventilators. overall there's a spike across the nation that is getting to be out of control. siu hear people that the president gathers together vying they're not worried about the virus when it's spreading this way. it's a very dangerous situation as you know. >> let me pick up on your last stint about people expressing a lack of concern. i wonder if it causes some straternation within some blicters of the president's own party, even his own administration when he defies recommendations from his own government about masking and social distancing and not thiing large gatherings? the think more and more so, dan. i think privately some republicans are wishing the heesident would wear a mask.
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i think it's doubtabful you'll e nd hpresident wear a mask. i watched governor texas saying they now have to wear masks. i canqd8' i want to remind everybody to tune into martha's show later this morning. back. b thank you, martha. "this week" top officials from miami and phoenix. e to's coming up on abc. pia? rictioople in the uk are able to soo a pint now at the pub. restrictions are ease, but worries it's too soon with spain seeing a resurgence in tronavirus cases. james longman joins us with
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more. good morning, james. >> reporter: hi, eva. yesterday was a british independence day of sorts, the biggest easing of lockdown this country has seen. a lot of us were working to hair dressers re-opening, but the big news was restaurants, caves, bars and pubs. there wasn't the huge explosion of activity, but some streets were packed. masigns of social distancing. establishments were doing what they could inside trying to keep people apart and wearing masks. the fear is that this weekend will cause a negative impact with the re-opening. that could cause pulling back on re-opening. spain has put 2,000 people back in lockdown. g back inton]e$# at cases in agriculture workers.
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europe is easing back into life, but americans are not allowed here. whit? >> james longman for us. preciaiced the fresh new hair cut. looking good, my friend. >> congrats to james. he comes out of lockdown an engaged man. > reporter: that's right. >> congratulations. >> reporter: thank you. we want to transition and ly turcheck of the forecast. er smarciano is in new york. this is turning into a summer scor scorcher. >> reporter: it is. 'tis the time of year. july we get into vqq one of the hea humidity. that will be building. uslifornia, l.a., near dodgers quadium they're not playing ball just yet, but a fire broke out yesterday. it was extinguished fairly
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quick quickly. we have fire, waves and flooding. high surf advisory at newport beach. the high tide gives you the big waves and breakers and flooding in some of the peninsulas and lower lying areas. that will continue later today ds otomorrow as well. 3 stern two third of the country here comes the heat. 103 in dallas, 91 in chicago, 95 in indianapolis, 99 degrees in d.c. this heat ridge will build into the week. w.uthern florida, seeing a record warm temperature of 120 versus one record low since the food sunday morning. a little bit hazy out there at the golden gate bridge but we don't have a return of the
7:18 am
marine layer yet. that comes overnight tonight. the breeze will be back though. we'll have warm conditions around the bay and inland so that doesn't change, but a cooling trend for everyone as we get into tomorrow, throughout much of the week ahead. as we look at highs today, very similar, except for that wind picking up here. 83 in san rafael. 91 in concord. look for 79 in richmond. the accuweatherbebe happy day after independence >> reporter: happy day after independence day. 1776 here a battle over yonder took pce. the americans took that one and then they marched on to white plains where george washington would lose that"y% he rob marciano a man of history ecoma man of science. no crowds at the coney island hot dog eating contest.
7:19 am
it was a record-setting day. janai norman who once consumed eight hot dogs in a single setting in 2011 is covering this story. janai, good morning. >> reporter: i knew i wasn't going to get away with that not coming up this morning. t ght hot dogs was nothing otmparing to this year's event. like so many other events this year's hot dog eating contest was different because of covid-19. that didn't stop the competitors gobbling down dozens of dogs. sports fans are hungry for live competition. nathan's famous hot dog eating contest delivering a satisfying spectacle. rley jaws chestnut claiming the belt and claiming a new world record chomping down 75 hot dogs during the ten-minute contest
7:20 am
crushing his previous record of 74. g. it was hard. was like blistery speed. beginning. >> reporter: the fourth of july tradition usually drawing a large crowd to coney island. nais year with the coronavirus .afety concerns establishing a new normal in the hot dog eating world. the standard pool of 15 contenders cut down to 5. dividers between participants and no cheering fans. >> a minute six is where i missed the crowd. they're pumped up. >> reporter: hot dogs are a cook out stap but families. how does this meal compare to the average serving? over chestnut's victory he consumed nearly 22,000 calories. chestnut celebrating his historic win in unusual circumstances. >> it's a crazy year. i'm happy i was able to get a
7:21 am
record. >> reporter: mickey sudo also breaking a record. she ate 48 and a half a hot dogs .o claim her seventh straight title. i bet i've eaten more hot dogs than you guys. >> for you eight hot dogs is about 2,400 calories. >> reporter: i don't want to hear it. go i love that. janai, we're never going to let that go. >> thanks, demanding justice for vanessa guillen. plus why some adults aren't getting the message about masks. and kanye west making his y litical intentions known still ahead on "pop news." "good morning america"
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good morning, again, from
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place. east dunn road and ft. anderson lake is closed. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, this is pier 39. a clear start. looks good from this vantage point w temperatures in the upper 50s to low to mid-60s, so milder start, but we take you to the sutro tower at the haze out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning. so it's cool and comfortable, but warm around the bay, with 90s returning inland, windy at the coast today and a cooldown for everyone starting tomorrow. liz? >>
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here in new york city last welcome backo welcome back to "gma" on this tusunday morning. fireworks lit up the empire state building to celebrate july 4th. this year's display was parred down to prevent large gatherings.j[@ >> great to look at. w we heard it all night. they kept going and going. >> we've been hearing it for a month. fo> let's take a look at some of the other big stories this morning. happening right now a nightclub shooting in south carolina has left two people dead, eight wounding. the sheriff's office said deputies responded to a commotion at the lavish lounge. they heard gunshots.
7:31 am
sheriffs are looking for two shooters. the large gathering is[óy to have been in violation of the vivernor's executive order during the pandemic. also right now coronavirus spikes. covid-19 cases soaring to new highs in florida and texas as 39 states see increases in numbers. many americans scaled down their ncer 4th celebrations out of caution. others packed beaches and held boat parties causing concern among health experts. dodgers pitcher david price is sitting out the season because of health concerns. let freedom ring. descendents of the signers of the declaration of independence gathered in philadelphia to tap the liberty bell 13 times for the 13 original colonies. organizers asked everyone at home to make some noise. >> did the descendents of john hancock do louder taps?
7:32 am
>> they were all gently tapping it. now to a fourth of july event that was anything but a celebration. protesters marching g gil january. stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: spent the weekend in washington, d.c. for a protest rushing back houston's city hall, demanding justice for army s overnight hundreds marching to houston's city hall demanding justice for vanessa guillen. vanessa was last seen april 22nd outside of her barracks on one of the country's largest
7:33 am
military installations, fort f hood. vanessa told her family she was being sexually34l by a soldier before her disappearance. now, they say a fellow soldier supervisor. >> we need the investigation. i'm not going to stay grieving in my room. vanessa wants justice. >> reporter: this week investigators found unidentified human remains. the army hasn't identified them. but guillen's family thinks it's her. te she was mutilated because we don't have a system in place that will provide for a woman to report. ct reporter: aaron robinson was identified as the suspect in guillen's case. robinson died by suicide on wednesday according to the army's criminal investigation. authorities say robinson's
7:34 am
girlfriend cecily aguilar said claisked her to hide guillen's take. for months guillen's family claimed the army did not take her disappearance seriously. >> what i was able to share was , prered by my responsibility to continue the investigation so we could a, find vanessa, b, d osecute those responsible and punish them. i don't -- i just wish i could cove done a better job balancing those two needs. >> reporter: suspect cecily aguilar has her first court third-partyñqf vanessa guillen's family is pushing for legislation that could provide dan? >> stephanie, thank you so much.
7:35 am
l is case shines a light on powerful and important issues. we move on to the weather. litaeporter: good morning, dan. i hope everybody enjoyed their fourth of july celebration. the military took flight led by .he thunder birds. oh, man, that gives me chills when you see a fly over like that. boston, new york, philly, baltimore enjoying that yesterday. some rumbles across the midwest. strong winds, large winds with deese thunderstorms. a wederstorms that may not be severe, but produce heavy wind, iner the gulf course could see 3 to 4 inches of rainfall. the heat dome builds over the
7:36 am
country and good sunday morning. the second half of your weekend featuring another warm day around the bay and inland with a return to 80s and 90s. at the coast it's in the 60s w some windy conditions. cooler for the week ahead. this weather report d. sponsored by old navy. >> reporter: this weather report sponsored by old navy, their t-shirts one of which my son was wearing, popular this week. the flag right on the chest there. >> speaking of shirts, we know it's hot when you don't have a single button buttoned on yourou shirt, rob. ascot. >> that's right, but he keeps it nearby. thank you, rob. coming up on "good morning america," too close for comfort. how some young adults aren't
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we're now seeing younger americans making up more of the covid-19 cases raising questions about whether they're getting the social distancing message or choosing to ignore se reporter: as america celebrates fourth of july weekend many fear young people lll send coronavirus cases indiana,sí=qges party goers close together in boats. in st. james beach goers packing hgoe bars. according to experts younger americans have been driving up the case count. >> the overwhelming majority are young people getting infected. >> reporter: the university of hiabama tracking a dangerous trend, coronavirus parties where whudents are competing to catch the virus. >> kids are kids. kids do stupid things.
7:42 am
this is one of them. on reporter: at the university of washington, dozens of students living in fraternity houses testing positive. s> everyone i live with is auting extra precautions. we're getting tested. areeporter: officials are concerned with young people hitting the road, they could be taking the virus with them. some vacationing from myrtle beach traveling with west virginia, kentucky, ohio all testing positive for the virus when they return home. he if i were you i would consider going somewhere else. >> reporter: many colleges and universities are rethinking their plans for the fall. esidenm llamas as the university of arizona president's what it eepsd take for them to close again? t. that's the question that ueps me up at night. it wakes me up frequently. veen is this experiment gone so onong that we have to stop it? >> reporter: their president may have recently answered that
7:43 am
question. >> if i had to say today would from the virus, he was only 21 years old. penn state student juan garcia not from the virus. this virus can be deadly regardless of how old you are. it's not just young people ignoring the rules. dan? >> thank you very much. al> coming up on "gma" summer erarning hacks. ways to make learning for your kids fun and games so they actually do it. ly do it. now, simparica trio simplifies protection. ticks and fleas? see ya! heartworm disease? no way! simparica trio is the first chewable that delivers all this protection. and simparica trio is demonstrated safe for puppies. it's simple: go with simparica trio. this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures; use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio.
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download on the heels of our nationwide experiment with distance learning and many parents are wondering how can we help our kids stave off regression. we've brought&r2 "the happiest mom you know," genevieve shaw. good morning. no parent -- i speak personally here - brown. no parent wants to be a nag, but is there an easy way to get kids involved in the summer. >> choice words are a great way to do just that. actican have one for every subject. the kids pick the activity they avnt to do. it's all learning. they're available on websites on teachers p]cú there are hundreds on pin
7:48 am
>> what about other skills kids have missed out on. how do we get them to brush up on things they missed? >> things like team work and problem solving, these are essential skills for classroom success. you can find that in traditional camp games. the ultimate camp resource has hundreds of camp games broken eswn into circle games, athletic llmes and games for kids with special needs. it's a great way to brush up on those skills in your backyard. >> genevieve, we really appreciate it. thank you very much. we'll be right back with "pop we'll be right back with "pop news" and janai. disinfecting wipes sinf spray and together can be used on over 100 surfaces.
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insurance. only pay for what you need. time for "pop news." it's janai. j jay, you have more hot dog stories? >> reporter: i have no hot dog stories. it's time for "pop news." kanye west says he's making a run for the oval kanye said we must trust in god, unify our vision. i'm running for president of the united xtp visited president trump back in kanye visited president trump wck in 2018. he told us this was coming five years ago at the video music awards when he announced his intentions to run in 2020. he said he's interested in a 2024 bid. elon musk weighed in on twitter responding that kanye has his bll support. one thing to mention is that it's too late for kanye to get >> the ballot in a number of
7:54 am
states. we'll see what happens. up next prince william taking advantage oft.(dúc
7:55 am
ilnch, it's because he has polio army. >> reporter: seth grew a short beard for one character and then grew another for the other character. guys, that's "pop news.." >> pickles go well with hot dogs. oor eporter: dan, they probably do. i'll never live this down. witoor janai. we need pictures of this said office party where eight hot dogs were consumed. >> reporter: i can maybe find some. >> were they allxr same time or spread out? >> reporter: spread out over the ursese of the day. eva, thank you again, that makes it not sound so awful. >> thank you, janai. see ya, everybody.
7:56 am
good morning everyone. i'm liz kreutz. contra costa firefighters had a busy holiday. this is video of a fire in bay point. crews are working to put out the flames on wharf drive as fireworks were going off in the background. it's unclear what started this fire but police say 16 fires were caused by fireworks last
7:57 am
night in the span of five hours. in all there were 67 total fires. some good news, no homes were lost and no one was hurt. san francisco firefighters were busy all night responding to more than 20 fires. one happened at mclaren park in visitation valley, another near the old side of the candlestick park and hunter's point. the department staffed extra firefighter this is weekend to handle the influx of calls. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, liz, good morning. santa cruz at 56 degrees and we'll see highs today in the upper 70s. a little breezy at times, the beach hazard statement still with us and we are mild, 66 in mountain view as well as oakland right now. gilroy is at 60. you can see the better air quality here from the golden gate bridge. the breeze will pick up throughout the day, 70 already in concord. another day with the warmth inland. look at the numbers already
7:58 am
anywhere from two to six degrees warmer than yesterday and the winds at sfo about 17 miles an hour. they'll continue to crank up to over 30 miles an hour. highs today in the city in the upper 60s. it will be windy, 83 in san rafael, while we warm to the upper 80s to low to mid-90s in our inland valleys. we'll see mid 80s return to san jose, 92 in santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast we're cooler for everyone tomorrow. the winds kick up and the pattern lasts throughout much of the week.
7:59 am
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> what we have seen as right now is a very disturbing week. >> coronavirus cases spiral out of control. >> this is a category 6 hurricane of illness. >> as the nation celebrates its 244th birthday. beaches closed in miami. masks now mandated in texas. >> the virus is spreading so fast, there is little margin for error. >> and record hospitalizations in arizona. >> i think we let our guard down a little bit. >> president trump continues to downplay the threat. >> we have some areas where we're putting out the flames or the fires, and that's working out well. >> while fanning the flames on political divisions.


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