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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 5, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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san francisco police are investigating after a 6-year-old boy was fatally shot while watching fireworks. >> this man was arrested after allegedly pulling a gun on a man supporting a black lives matter mural in martinez. >> after a warm weekend we are tracking cooler and breezy weather tomorrow. we'll have the details in the accu weather forecast. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> right away to th u' s news. a man arrested after allegedly pulling a gun on a black lives matter supporter in martinez. good evening and thanks for joining us.
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>> the confrontation happened as a group was watching over a black lives matter mural that had been vandalized yesterday. abc 7 news has the latest video you'll see only on abc 7. an arrest was made moments after a driver allegedly yelled, all lives matter, and pulled a gun on a member of a crowd watching over a black lives matter mural in martinez. >> he rolled by us and yelled at, you know, everybody, and flipped us off. so i got on my skateboard just kind of followed him to get the plates. he made a u-turn. came back at me and pointed a gun in my face. said you want to do something? that's it. immediately a cop was bep and pulled him over thank god. >> driver put your left hand out the window. open up the car door. >> reporter: the suspect was arrested without incident. as he put his hands out the window and on police command
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exited his jeep walking backward toward the officers. >> this is horrible. he exacerbated the situation. he knew what he was doing. he knew people were here just protesting and came over with that mentality with a gun. >> the group has been standing guard after the mural was defaced on saturday by this unidentified couple claiming all lives matter. >> all lives matter. >> as the woman painted the couple was taunted being called racist and colonizers by onlookers. >> have a run-in with the law and resist arrest. it won't be a problem. >> reporter: all day sunday people came by to write messages of solidarity. >> more than it being defaced i was personally disgusted with what i heard from the people that didme>> ints like all lives matter or racism is an electist lie are woefully misinformed. >> this community leader said the mural is in response to
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anti-blm and white supremacist flyers found circulating in martinez last week. he says he is open to having a dialogue with the couple who police say they are loaning for. >> this is one part of the entire conversation. this is words on pavement. what we are striving for is anti-racist policies on the books. >> we reached out to police for more details about tonight's arrest but did not hear back. we sent this alert out shortly after our reporter witnessed that arrest tonight. if you want alerts like this in the future down load the abc 7 news app for free. a san francisco police investigating the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. they say it happened in the bay view neighborhood while the boy was celebrating the 4th of july. we'll go live to the newsroom for all new details this evening. this is heart breaking. >> it is. a family member has identified the 6-year-old victim as jace
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young. jason's aunt has sent us these photos of him. she described him as being a great kid all around. he loved his family and had a bubbly personality. police are saying this is an active homicide investigation. san francisco police officers responding to a call found a 6-year-old boy suffering from a gunshot wound after he had been watching fireworks in the bay view neighborhood. >> something like this happening is just devastating. i really am at a loss for words. >> reporter: police say it happened off ingle street near lasalle avenue around 10:45 the night of july 4th. the boy was transported to a b seccumbed to his injuries. police also found an adult male who was transported to the hospital for nonlife threatening injuries. bay view is in board of supervisor walton's district. >> a lot of people are calling for press conferences or different things but i want people to understand that there is a mother who lost a son.
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there is a father who lost a son. there are siblings that lost a brother. people have to remember we have to be respectful. >> reporter: on twitter captain troy dangerfield an officer from the bay view station said, quote, this young boy was just watching fireworks. the community and i are outraged by this tragedy. walton said the focus must be getting guns off the street and justice must be served to the young victim and his family. >> any parent, any grandparent, anyone who loves children can only imagine having to deal with this if it was in your own family. >> police do not have a description of the suspect or suspects at this time. they ask you to call or text their 24/7 anonymous tip line if you have any information that number is 575-4444. now, in a statement tonight san francisco police chief bill
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scott called this senseless violence and, quote, unacceptable. reporting live from the newsroom, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> what a tragedy. a possible kidnapping in northeast vallejo tonight. several people say they saw a man drive up to a 17 to 20-year-old black female in this car. they say he grabbed her by the hair, punched her, and forced her into his vehicle. a witness was able to capture the image here. the car is described as a silver infinity with temporary plates, 8dmn284. the suspect was described as a black man 18 to 19 years old wearing baggy blue jeans and did not have a shirt on. the car was last seen speeding westbound on i-80. >> happening now an out of control fire has exploded in size in the foot hills east of gilroy. a fire has burned at least a thousand acres in the area of
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cruise road near oak springs circle. you can see some of the video right here. it started at 2:30 this afternoon and quickly grew out of control. cal fire says two structures have been burned. many others are threatened. tonight mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for people and animals in the area. that includes homes along canada road. firefighters say there is no containment of the fire at this point. investigators are working right now to determine if fireworks sparked a wildfire in nearby morgan hill that had been burning for 24 hours now. air quality advisory is in effect through tomorrow for areas including morgan mill, san martin, and gilroy because of smoke from fires nearby. 80 people living near the fire off dunn road in morgan hill were evacuated from their homes. those orders were lifted this evening. the fire is now 70% contained.
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all right. j.r., good time to check in with our meteorologist because, drew, it's been hot this weekend and certainly not a help for firefighters. >> it's been breezy and the fire we had been watching, the cruise fire near gilroy was actually getting picked up on live doppler 7. the smoke plume you could see over the past six hours, the green returns coming off of the cruise fire moving to the south and east. so the smoke was blowing away for much of the bay area but we still have an air quality advisory in effect including gilroy and morgan hill for tonight and tomorrow for smoke from nearby fires impacting air quality in the area. just a reminder our drought monitor much of the bay area is under a severe drought right now and our parks vegetation probably won't find wet weather for the next several months. we have to remain vigilant for those fires that could potentially spread quickly. coming up tomorrow we'll find cooler weather arriving.
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we'll detail that in the accu weather forecast. >> thank you so much. hundreds of smaller fires burned across the bay area overnight causing a busy weekend for firefighters. most of the fires were started by illegal fireworks as people attempted their own july 4th celebrations. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> reporter: fireworks lit up the skies over san francisco on july 4th but it is a show firefighters didn't want to see. illegal fireworks caused large grass fires like this one near hunters point and this fire less than a mile away. >> we were virtually working nonstop. we were going from one fire to another fire to another fire. >> lieutenant jonathan baxter says his department responded to 108 fires all started b point fire crews came under attack from a barrage of
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fireworks being launched. >> i had a bottle rocket shot at my car. we had m-80s thrown over our heads. >> reporter: two small kids were injured saturday after they got too close to fireworks. in oakland neighbors were helping clean up lakeshore avenue where lots of debris from fireworks was left behind. are a big, loud show in the sky. >> the best fireworks show of my life and i wanted to come out here and help clean up. >> overwhelming. completely. >> reporter: but others thought it would never end. >> the entire neighborhood that is to put up with seven hours of unsanctioned fireworks. >> reporter: in contra costa county crews responded to more than 60 fires like this one near pittsburgh. most started by fireworks. at one point two dozen homes were threatened but firefighters say not a single one was lost. >> significant amount of illegal fireworks activity almost to the point where the noise is continuous. each of those is a potential
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ignition. >> these illegal fireworks likely set this hill on fire overnight. them.ighters despite that we've heard booms from fireworks all day long. firefighters expect t for the next several days. in san pablo, abc 7 news. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 new details are coming out about the death of vanessa guillen as protesters stage a rolling demonstration in the bay area over the soldier's killing. and the bay area county that isndoor dining again starting at midnight because of a covid-19 surge. as bay area baseball teams resume workouts they w
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marin county is putting the brakes on indoor restaurant dining because of worsening covid-19 numbers. the restriction will be in place for at least three weeks and goes into effect at 11:59 tonight. outdoor seating and take out service will not change. marin county gave the green light to indoor dining on june 29th but several days later it found itself on the state's watch list for infection hot spots. part of that has to do with the outbreak at san quentin. sonoma county just had its biggest spike in covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. 92 people tested positive for the virus on friday. now, that trend continues. the state could put the county on the statsist.ould force the health officer to roll back some of the recent openings like campgrounds, gyms, and hotels. the county is considering having people cited for not wearing face coverings. >> so be forewarned if you are
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coming to sonoma county, out in the streets, entering into stores, bring your facial covering because we may have some financial consequences if you don't. >> she says the county still needs to figure out who would actually hand out the citations. >> the death of fort hood soldier vanessa guillermoen has ignited demands for social justice. [ chanting ] caravan to this intersection of broadway and davis streets. guillen is the army specialist who disappeared in april. her family said she disappeared after she told them she was being sexually harassed by a superior but didn't report it out of fear of retaliation. >> she deserves justice. se might not be the only one that has been sexually assaulted or stuff like that that shouldn't be going on in the army. >> military officials say they did not find evidence of sexual
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harassment in the case. california congresswoman jackie st. pierre is calling for an investigation. the protest comes as her family told abc news the army has now confirmed the identity of human remains found in a shallow grave near killeen texas. here is abc news reporter stephanie ramos. >> reporter: the army telling the grieving family of vanessa guillen that remains found last week are indeed her. investigators say she was killed and dismembered by a fellow soldier at fort hood in killeen, texas. authorities say the suspect in her disappearance aaron robinson shot and killed himself wednesday as investigators closed in on him. his girlfriend 22-year-old cecily aguilar arrested and investigators say she confessed robinson told her he bludgeoned guillen to death with a hammer adding robinson drove her to a nearby river where they dismembered guillen's body using a, quote, hatchet or ax and
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machete type knife. investigators discovering remains about 20 miles from the base. for months guillen's family claims the army did not take her disappearance seriously. >> what i was able to share was tempered by my responsibility to protect the integrity of the investigation so that we could, a, find vanessa, b, prosecute those responsible for this travesty, and in the end be in a position to punish them. i just wish i could have done a better job balancing those two needs. >> cecily aguilar has been charged with conspiracy to tamper with evidence and her first court appearance is set for monday. abc news, new york. all right. turning to the weather now we are watching the winds and the cooling temperatures, drew. >> yes, we'll find cooler weather moving in tomorrow and in fact because our hottest spots will drop about 10 degrees tomorrow. we'll rid ourselves of the very warm 90s and head back into the
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80s in our warmest spots. tonight live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you it is a clear picture overhead, still. our marine layer which was absent this weekend is about 85 miles offshore right now on satellite. we will see a little bit of fog first thing tomorrow morning and those cooler onshore winds kicking in. tonight though, a live look from the clear, moonlit skies. if you looked out earlier this evening not only did you catch the moon but you also noticed a couple bright stars which were actually saturn and jupiter next to the moon. just kind of a neat, night sky overhead a few hours ago. now, right now winds are gusting to about 21 miles per hour in the city. 22 in fairfield. so breezy through the delta. that wind, the direction coming off of that cool, ocean water right now, that onshore wind that is kicking in tonight and is going to help cool us off tomorrow and also bring back our mariner layer as well. temperatures a little bit cooler compared to this time last night. 57 in the city.
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64 in san ramon. 63 in santa rosa. down to 55 in half moon bay. it is still mild in brentwood coming in at 78 degrees. live doppler 7 along with satellite. tis is the picture we're tracking. we have high pressure in control for this weekend, the warm weather, sunny skies, the dry conditions, now high pressure is going to lose its footing and push off to the east. what we are watching now is an area of low pressure moving in from the pacific northwest. it will drop into northern california tomorrow, bring in the cooler temperatures and also bring back our marine layer so it is kind of closer to where we should be for this time of the year. overnight tonight we have clear skies early on. after midnight tonight we'll start to see patchy fog redeveloping along the coast line. numbers in the mid and upper 50s. 56 overnight in oakland. 53 in the city. 55 san jose. 52 santa rosa. about 59 in antioch. future weather as we go hour by hour, 10:00 tomorrow morning on
11:22 pm
our monday there you can see our marine layer sitting right off our coast line. it is going to hang there for much of the day. away from the coast we'll see a lot of sunshine but the onshore breeze will cool us off compared to today. so tomorrow a high of 73 in oakland. breezy and cooler in the city. at 65. a high of 79 in san jose. under sunny skies. below average for this time of the year. 87 in concord. 83 in napa. 86 santa rosa and antioch up to about 88 degrees. here is the accu weather seven day forecast. the next seven days, tomorrow, it is breezy and cooler as that coastal cloud returns. we'll kind of hang on to that pattern at least through thursday before we turn the heat up again by friday. a warming trend does get under way. we'll lose the fog on saturday and sunday in total sunshine and hot spots back into the mid 90s,
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illegal fireworks lit up the sky in los angeles dtcut a thousand but last night it was nearly double that amount. the l.a. county fire department says it responded to multiple tree, brush, and roof fires. second day in a row we actually had sports. chris alvarez is here to talk about it a little more. >> reporter: coming up in sports as closer liam hendricks has creative ideas to play the season without fans in the stands. plus what are the giants saying about playing during the pandemic and why they are so
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every year, you can see spectacular celebrities at aids walk san francisco. they are coming to you! join bette midler gloria estefan matt bomer stars of queer eye rupaul's drag race superstars. for aids walk san francisco live at home, streaming on july 19 to benefit prc and their covid relief efforts all over the city. register now at
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now abc sports with chris alvarez. >> baseball fans get ready. monday, tomorrow is supposed to be the scheduled release according to multiple reports now on those reports giants at dodgers july 23rd. one other national game that day and the rest of the schedule set to be played the next day july 24th. day three of summer camp at oracle park for the giants. masks and physical distancing once again the focus for san francisco. the team participating in staggered group workouts. brandon belt echoing sentiments of buster posey on concerns of playing during this pandemic but belton and gabe kapler say following health guidelines and adjusting to the new normal gives them hope a full regular season will be played. >> optimistic we can get this season in. you know, hopefully we won't have any problems. there's just a different way of living right now especially on the baseball field. i think if we follow these protocols and listen to
11:31 pm
instructions and follow directions we should be good. >> we'll be judged on how well we can adhere to the health and safety protocols. it is going to be a competitive advantage if we are able to do this well, stay healthy throughout the 60-game schedule. there are going to be challenges and hurdles and i think we are equipped and prepared to tackle those challenges. the as planned full workout was shifted to just pitchers and the position players' workout was delayed and they're awaiting tests from major leagueas clor a success this year. he had 25 saves last year. when asked about playing in front of no fans he has a cree itive way -- creative way to make it work. >> a couple little plois. can we do the hockey style where they play music through the entire game? or i know working on some crowd sounds, sounds from the crowd and stuff like that. all of us grew up playing with
11:32 pm
no fans. we can go back to the grass roots and we can survive with no fans there. >> final round of the rocket mortgage classic in detroit. central california native bryson dechambeau began playing three shots back and takes the outright lead after just four holes nearly holing the long eagle putt on four. he was the only player to finnish the top ten in the pga three tournaments back. didn't have a win but after the long birdie on 16 he can feel it. third-round leader matthew wolf just couldn't keep up. needs the eagle on 17 to have a chance. it is short. dechambeau finishes 23 under picking up his first win of the year likely not his last. nascar in indianapolis an hour long lightning delay before things got going. lap 14 nearly everyone coming into pit row. a big chain reaction pileup in the back and tire changer got pinned in the chaos. he gives a thumbs up before he was taken to a local hospital. seven laps to go.
11:33 pm
denny hamlin just minutes away from his first brickyard win when his right tire goes. he slams into the wall. flames immediately shoot out from his car. shaken up but okay. that allows kevin harvick to win in overtime. his second consecutive brickyard victory. and his fourth since nascar resumed racing. he has been hot since we got back on racing. he and his crew climbed the fence to wave at the grand stands where the fans would have been. that is your look at sports. let's send it back to you. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. the coronavirus pandemic has been hitting businesses hard. but for latino businesses in one san francisco neighborhood it comes after years of fighting gentrification. we take a look at how they're struggling to hang on. and not just san francisco. several other cities saw
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once again good evening and thanks for staying with us. >> tonight's headlines, a fire continues to burn out of control in the foothills east of gilroy. you can see the flames right here. started at 2:30 this afternoon. burned at least a thousand acres. cal fire says two structures have been lost and many more are threatened. tonight mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for people and animals in the area. >> a man was arrested after allegedly pulling a gun on a black lives matter supporter in martinez. it happened while a group was standing guard over a black lives matter street mural that was defaced yesterday. the suspect was arrested without
11:38 pm
incident. >> a heart breaking story as san francisco police are investigating the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. they say the shooting happened in the bay view neighborhood while the boy was celebrating the 4th of july. a family member has identified the victim as jace young. police are saying this is an active homicide investigation. meantime across the country other children were caught up in deadly violence. in chicago eight people were shot saturday including a 7-year-old girl killed along a sidewalk. in atlanta, an 8-year-old girl who was killed while riding with her mom and a family friend. the girl was one of 23 people shot there this weekend. in washington, d.c., an 11-year-old boy was shot and killed. >> it was a family gathering. there were kids riding by on bicycles, enjoying the 4th of july. as they should have been. now this child is gone. >> in new york city at least 39
11:39 pm
people were shot overnight with three people killed in every burrough except staten island. the blood shed continues tonight with seven more shootings where five victims are dead. americans gathered nationwide to celebrate the 4th of july holiday. many ignored social distancing and mask guidelines despite record surges of kroefrns infections. he . >> reporter: as several states see a surge in covid-19 disturbing images from across the country show huge holiday crowds many ignoring social distancing and mask recommendations. florida surpassing 200,000 confirmed cases. 10,000 today alone accounting for 20% of the new cases in the u.s. >> as the cases do rise increase in hospitalizations will increase as well. this is going to be something that isn't going to go away overnight. >> reporter: masks now required in miami. texas setting records for newly
11:40 pm
diagnosed cases in hospitalizations on saturday. some city leaders now considering stay at home orders. >> we don't have room to experiment nor should we wait for all the hospital beds to fill and all these people to die before we take drastic action. >> reporter: hospitalizations in arizona also hitting new highs. phoenix's mayor is critical of the state's handling of the pandemic. >> our governor has preempted us from closing different types of businesses or moving restaurants to take out only. we really want as many tools as possible. >> reporter: concerns in california as well. the los angeles county health director requesting hospitals implement decompession plans for elective surgeries saying they might not have enough icu beds for anticipated surge of covid patients. among the victims broadway star nick cordero his wife posting on instagram saying the actor who had been hospitalized for months passed away sunday morning. president trump continues to downplay the threat of the virus. >> we have tested almost
11:41 pm
million people. by so doing we show cases 99% of which are totally harmless. >> reporter: also promising a vaccine by the end of the year but fda commissioner steven hahn says he cannot predict when one will be available. >> we will make a decision based upon the data and science o know a vaccine with respect to the safety and effectiveness of that vaccine. >> reporter: new york once the epicenter of the pandemic entering phase three of reopening on monday but indoor dining will still be prohibited. abc news, washington. the covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for many small businesses. along san francisco's 24th street corridor the pandemic has the potential to drive out latino businesses that have been fighting gentrification. this is a somber moment for connie rivera. >> today we are packing. we have to close. all the pain from the heart.
11:42 pm
>> reporter: rivera and her husband have been merchants on san francisco's 24th street for more than a decade. their original store sells mexican crafts. it is an instagram favorite for its collection of mexican wrestler masks on the sidewalk. three years ago they expanded to a second location calibre. >> we were so excited. we put a lot of effort, a lot of love. now we feel very devastated. >> reporter: the city ordered to close nonessential businesses proved to be too much. with no income bills began piling up. >> i don't have money to pay my rent. >> they aren't the only businesses suffering. next door native forever already closed. the owner could not pay his rent. cesar says he was given three days to clear out. he had been there 17 years. he now sells merchandise from a table on the street at the corner of mission and 23rd street.
11:43 pm
i am trying to recover but it is hard he says. 24th street is the heart of the mission district. colorful murals cover the neighborhood. six years ago the city designated this area as a latino cultural district in an effort to protect latino businesses from rising rents and gentrification. many now fear the pandemic will further erode the area's heritage. >> the current state is sadness. >> reporter: this is a business liaison for the latino cultural district which organizes carnivale and the day of the dead festival. funds to put on those events were instead handed out as grants to 26 businesses. >> they can't pay home rent, bills, employees. whatever they want to use it for. >> reporter: they've been in business since 1953 and is managing to survive. it sells mexican food but also produces tortillas and corn dough for many san francisco
11:44 pm
businesses. that wholesale business has suffered. >> we were getting ready with the chase center opening and everything. we were doing a lot of business and then everything, the rug got pulled out from under us. >> reporter: one of those pondering the future is st. francis fountain. the owner peter hood let us inside but didn't want to go on camera. the restaurant dates back to 1918 during the last pandemic. st. francis fountain has yet to reopen. hood says city regulations make it hard for small businesses to stay afloat. >> before this a lot of businesses were leaving due to high rent. they were being eaten up by regulation of the city. when covid came it was just the double whammy that just said, they gave up. >> reporter: rivera is not giving up even though she is closing calibri she is trying to save her original store. >> i can't even imagine if i have to close. >> reporter: she is asking for $20,000 on gofundme to pay her rent and loans. more than 400 people have
11:45 pm
pledged to help so far some with donations of $5 or $10. >> tonight we wish those businesses well. parking meter prices will go up and time limits will once again be enforced in san francisco starting tomorrow. the mta lowered rates to 50 cents an hour and eliminated time limits when the shelter in place orders went into effect. meters will be priced at 50 cents below the previous rates. parking enforcement will resume as well. first with warnings then with actual citations later this month. the mta expects the changes to free up more meet erd spots in commercial areas. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 every 4th of july the shelters get flooded with spooked pets. how the pandemic is changing pickup procedures for owners.
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welcome back. the 23rd annual international aids conference begins tomorrow here in the bay area. it will begin with the unveiling of aids the website featuring a virtual display of all 48,000 panels of the aids memorial quilt. the organization will also host a display of 80 panels of the quilt at the san francisco and oakland city halls. both cities are hosts of this year's conference which will be conducted virtually due to the covid-19 pandemic. protesters targeted the statue at capital park in sacramento this weekend ripping ke look. the 18th roman catholic priest founded nine of the state's 21 spanish missions but his mistreatment of native americans have become a flash point for protests. the highway patrol is investigating the incident as an
11:50 pm
act of vandalism. chp officers patrol the capitol grounds and sacramento's bishop denounced the act saying it does little to build the future. an influential group has raised serious environmental concerns about the proposed new oakland as stadium at howard terminal. abc 7 news and san francisco chronicle insider phil matteer writes this morning the sierra club has raised red flags about the impact to the area. the organization is concerned about the lack of transit, impact to the local community, and toxic waste. they're also worried about the potential for the loss of jobs at the port of oakland. as president refutes all their concerns saying the ballpark will be greenhouse gas neutral and a positive edition to west oakland. san jose city animal shelters will not allow pet owners to tour facilities looking for lost animals that may have been scared and run
11:51 pm
away from the weekend fireworks. the city has posted photos online instead of pets turned into the shelter. owners can identify missing animals there. fireworks can startle pets and dogs and cats run away for safety. >> they don't know fireworks are going to go off. they don't know where the sound is coming from. they just hear a boom all of a sudden which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for them. >> san jose officials say there may be an upside to the shelter in place orders though since many families were home celebrating the holiday. owners were there to monitor the well being of pets. one last check of weather with drew. hi there. >> yeah, hi. we're tracking the cloud cover moving back to the coast after midnight tonight so lows will be in the low and mid 50s tonight. future weather showing you the cloud cover kind of clings to the coast for much of the morning and that will keep us on the cool side along the coast and even cooler air moves in inland as well. highs on your monday 87 concord.
11:52 pm
73 oakland. 79 san jose. 65 the high in the city. so the accu weather seven day forecast breezy and cooler tomorrow will keep the pattern at least through thursday and then get a warming trend on friday and that brings us some warm to hot weather for the upcoming weekend. we also will lose the fog starting on saturday and that keeps the bay warm in the 80s and the hottest spots in th
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(boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? (vo) good feeds our connections. good feeds us all. hormel natural choice lunch meats. it is the question that everybody is asking. is san jose's very own joey chestnut the hot dog guy one of the greatest athletes ever? >> yeah, that is the debate on twitter today after this commentary during espn's broadcast of the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> joey chestnut dominant as any athlete you'll ever see. >> it is really true. to eclipse bill russell is really something you know, to get 12 titles and look for 13. >> chestnut did win the 13th title yesterday and abc news
11:56 pm
reporter has more on how he did it. >> reporter: sports fans are hngry for live competition and this weekend nathan's famous hot dog eating contest delivering a satisfying spectacle. >> put down your hot dogs! >> reporter: joey "jaws" chestnut claiming his 13th mustard belt in just 14 years and setting a new world record chomping down 75 hot dogs during the ten-minute contest, crushing his previous record of 74. >> it was hard but i knew i was fast. it was blistering speed. >> reporter: the 4th of july tradition usually drawing a large, rowdy crowd to coney island. this year with the coronavirus, safety concerns establishing a new normal, and the hot dog eating world. the standard pool of 15 contenders can you the down to five with dividers between participants and most notably no cheering fans. >> a minute six is where i really missed the crowd because they were pumped up. >> reporter: hot dogs are a cook
11:57 pm
out staple for american families over the holiday weekend but how does the champ'smpra serving? well, over the course of chestnut's ten-minute journey to victory he consumed nearly 22,000 calories. chestnut celebrating his historic win in unusual circumstances. >> yeah, this is a crazy year and i'm happy i was able to get a record. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> i was fascinated and horrified at the same time, j.r. >> i couldn't do it but we can try. thank you so much for joining us. have a great night. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.
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