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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 7, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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some bay area businesses. confusion on what's allowed and spikes in cases causing counties to force placesp shop this week all over again. plus, international students fearing they'll be sent back home. the new rules that could cost thousands of young people their chance of college life in the u.s. so, there's a lot to consider this morning on this tuesday, july 7th. glad you are with us. >> yes, happy that you're waking up with us this tuesday morning. of course, you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecas. here's mike. >> thank you, kumasi, reggie, jobina. nice to see you guys this morning. let's look at what is goingth wr roof camera and a sunny start in san francisco. a few clouds on the coastal side but those won't last very long. 52 to 57 at 7:00. 60 at the coast most of the afternoon. 70 to 76 at lunch. 79 to a degree or two warmer than yesterday andp 0s at 7:00 and not quite as breezy. still breezy but not quite as
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breezy as yesterday. the mountain meadow fire real quick. west wind at the surface and you go up a couple hundred feet and look how much faster the winds are blowing. 30 to nearly 40 miles per hour. that is a concern and will continue to be in the afternoon hours. for the crews fire, wind never really have been a major concern and they won't be today. they are five to eight and now may get up to ten to 15 this afternoon. with more on the fires, let's get back to kumasi. >> happening right now in santa clara county, the crews fire just north gilroy is continuing to burn. flames have scorched 5,400 acres since it started friday afternoon and dozens of people have been evacuated. cal fire says the fire has destroyed at least one structure and is 20% contained. solano county what is being called the mountain meadow fire burned dangerously close to several homes in fairfield. burned several acres since it started yesterday afternoon. flames destroyed an outbuilding and no one was inside and no one
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has been hurt. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the scene this morning and checking in live in the next half hour. now to a story a lot of you are talking about on social media this morning because it affects so many. a new order that would affect internati international students in the bay area and beyond this fall. we work to build a better bay area. abc7 news reporter julian glover is live with the details of this new rule that is coming from i.c.e. julian? >> hi, good morning, reggie. yet another dilemma for anxious students to have to juggle here. this new rule singles out international students studying online on a visa. if their college goes all online in the fall they will have to eave the country or go to in-person classes. i.c.e. made the announcement
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when schools like harvard decided to make all classes online for the fall to protect students during the pandemic. the most shocking part of the new rules is even if an outbreak happened in the middle of the fall semester and forced student's program to move online, they would still have to leave the country or attempt to transfer to a university offering in-person classes mid semester. imagine how difficult that would be. president trump tweeting out his support for the measure saying colleges must reopen in the fall and overnight on social media we've seen a dprup of uc berkeley students trying to escape the rules here and creating an in-person, one credit student-run class for those international students so d not be forced touniversi. mon students all across the country, again. another incentive for college campuses to reopen in the fall despite those potential public health risks that we're seeing out there. so, as you mentioned, reggie, a
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big one that so many students are talking about online this morning. reporting live for now, julian glover, abc7 news. >> that puts everyone in such a hard position. thank you. the coronavirus crisis is worsing in california. new records set in cases and hospitalizations. the rate at which coronavirus tests are coming back positive has increased by noo erly 40% over the last two weeks. on sunday, the state recorded 5,700 patients in hospitals. that is an increase of 50% over the previous two weeks. more than a quarter milian people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in california. expanding monitoring to 23. in the bay area this gets a little confusing because they just added marin to that list although contra costa is back on the list and santa clara is off. i'm even confused. now, three factors go into a county joining the watch list. elevated disease transmission,
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increasing hospitalization and limited hospital capacity. napa county may soon have to be added to our graphic of a place that has to roll back reopenings beginning on thursday because of a jump in coronavirus cases there. that means indoor dining will end. tasting rooms will close. both indoor and outdoor service at bars and breweries will be put on hold. the new restricks run through july 30th and the state could extend it. in the south bay, there is confusion over restrictions and reopening plans in santa clara county. the county is officially off the state's watchlist. last thursday, county public health officials announced a new reopening plan to take shape on deni the un's requestoped a hain a variance to moveahead. >> the end result of this is we're all going to close out. all small businesses are going to die because of whatever issues the state and the county has. and we're the casualties.
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>> county officials say they're continuing talks with the state about what should happen next. now an abc7 news live desk update. at the live desk we know government leaders are not immune to the coronavirus. this morning we're hearing from atlanta's mayor keshia lance bottoms and we talked on "gma" about testing positive. her symptoms include a slight headache typically what she feels during allergy season and her husband and one of their children have coronavirus. >> my husband literally slept from thursday until yesterday and that's what gave me some concern. i've just never seen him sleep that much. but he's feeling better. >> bottom says she will take her other children to get tested for coronavirus and coming up at 7:00 on "gma" the link mayor bottom sees between covid-19 and the violence in her city. more on that. kumasi? >> thank you, jobina. abc7 news has put together a
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coronavirus risk calculator to help you figure out which activities you may or may not want to avoid. select the activity and see what experts have to say. find it on our website and on the abc7 news app. investigators say they're working tirelessly to find the person responsible for a 6-year-old's death. jace young was shot on the fourth of july. his family says he was watching the fireworks with his sister at a birthday party in bay view. a man was also shot and is expected to survive. jace's family says that he was the youngest of four and his dream was to use technology to change the world. >> he was like the most perfect child. he was so sweet. he loved to read. he loved his video led he just loved learning. >> now, police believe this was not a random shooting, but they say jace was not the target.
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coronavirus at the gop national convention. hear one idea republican leaders say they are going to try to stop the spread when people pack the arena. plus, here's a good way to destroy your garage. more on where these fireworks started shooting out of control. yikes. let's take a look at what's going on from mt. tam where it's 57 degrees. a few clouds out there and i promise you a lot of sunshine today and temperatures pretty close to - ( phone ringing )es offers - big button,alized phones... and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> time check 6:10 on this tuesday. sunny conditions on the bay side and more cloud cover on the
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ocean side. low to mid 50s along the peninsula and you can see 50 degree temperatures just about everywhere. santa rosa 48 and just to the south, a little bit of fog. visibility is about three miles in petaluma. that's not too bad. south bay 59 at 8:00. sunshine and 75 at noon. low 80s for a couple hours this afternoon. down to 70 at 8:00. north bay is going to be warmer. 57 at 8:00. 77 at noon and mid to upper 80s from noon through 6:00. 75 at 8:00. and look at all the sunshine in the east bay valleys. 61 at 8:00 to 78 at noon to mid and upper 80s from about 1:00 through 7:00 and down to a very comfortable 78 with a little bit of a breeze at 8:00 this evening. i hope you enjoy it. let's talk about the commute and get over to jobina. good morning. >> good morning, mike. thank you. good morning, everyone. i'm following a sig alert right now in fremont. i want to bring in the maps here so you can see the area. we had five cars involved in
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this crash here bringing it a little closer now and actually two crashes on northbound 680 but this main one northbound 680 before auto mall parkway. three lanes blocked right now and initially all lanes were blocked and debris in the roadway and crews are working to get everything clear and cleaned up so you can expect a delay and the area speeds are low down to ten miles per hour and then you almost come to a stop because there are three lanes blocked. you can get around with one extra lane. moving over to the altamont pass where we have a high wind advisory this morning slow for people coming out of tracy. it will pick back up there as you can see from all the green and an overall look at our map there so you can see that. laza'll slow areas and also at t now w it does not look like metering lights are on and i'll do a double check for you all and make sure they are not. it looks very light. i would not expect it. that's all i have for traffic.
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a rogue firework sparks an explosion in a las vegas garage. a new video on how this all went wrong. nope. yeah. so, according to heidi wolf, neighbors were celebrating fourth of july when a box of fireworks was ignited by this rogue firework. some people ran, you probably saw a person running out with a child that they grabbed. another box of fireworks lying in the street also ignited so that added more to this drama. wolf who lives across the street said someone managed to remove the box from the garage and that allowed neighbors to douse the flames. so. >> so, there's that. >> there's that. that happened. >> that is too much. >> keep lighting off your fireworks in the middle of the night, which is still happening. >> and leave boxes around. >> leave boxes around. what's a rogue firework, by the way? isn't that just a firework that went off that you put in your garage?
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anyway. >> you have a point, friend. all right. tech leaders in the hot seat. new details coming up on what the industry's top ceos will be facing when they meet lawmakers on capitol hill. plus, halle berry is now
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abc7 news. >> all news, all morning. the city of jacksonville, florida, preparing to host the upcoming election. the mayor is begging residents to wear masks. jobina fortson at the live desk with jobina? >> thank you, reggie. those attending the convention will have their temperatures checked beforehand and tested and those temperature checks will happen daily. a party official says the go ot
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health protocols will work as the convention gets closer. this comes as the fda commissioner said it is, quote, too early to tell if florida will be a safe place. the state set a record on saturday for the most new cases in a single day with more than 11,000. the convention is scheduled to run from august 24th through the 27th. kumasi. >> wow. all right. thank you, jobina. new at 6:00, a date has been set for the ceos of some of the country's biggest tech companies to testify before congress. the heads of amazon, apple, facebook and google will be on capitol hill on july 27th. a house panel is investigating possible anti-competitive practices. this will be the first time they have appeared before congress at the same time. well, after getting a lot of backlash on social media, halle berry says she will not take on the role of a transgender man in an upcoming film. the oscar winning actress
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discussed the post in an instagram live video. criticism from lgbt groups changed her mind. berry says she's grateful for their discussion. she asked others to follow her example. we are evolving. we are listening. >> yeah. we're not dragging. we're coming together. no one's canceled. you think they would have canceled halle berry. >> we can't cancel halle berry, we need her. >> i agree. >> yes. t. >> sending hopefully positive trend that people will continue to follow. that's for sure. >> that's what i'm saying. she's a graceful person and she continues to show that. good for her. >> yeah, yeah. great points. let's talk about what is going on weather wise, guys. let's switch gears and take a look at some sunshine from exploratorium camera at pier 15 and grab those sunglasses, you'll need it.
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sunny everywhere this afternoon as abnormally dry air is going to bring us a lack of clouds even along the coast this afternoon. warming trend begins tomorrow but it's a slow warming trend that will peak this weekend. but it's not going to get out of control. no 100s in the future, that's for sure. water vapor. watching this and look at the orange on top of us. that's the abnormally dry air that keeps trying to wipe out our marine layer of clouds and that low that is now moving away from us to the northeast was responsible for yesterday's very aggressive winds. they'll be back today. just not quite as aggressive as yesterday. so, that's why you have places like milpitas and sunnyvale closer to the bay a little bit cooler than the rest of the south bay. low to mid 80s 70s and redwood city at 7 0. near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and also sausalito. and you can see low to mid 80s
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through most of the north bay and then santa rosa, calistoga northward. east bay shore mid to upper 70s. check out hercules 87 degrees the warm spot. east bay pleasanton 82 and everyone else in the mid and upper 80s until you get to brentwood at 90. clouds at the east bay shore and part of the peninsula and the peninsula coast. look familiar. that's exactly what we had yesterday and this morning. that will repeat tomorrow. you can see the slow warming trend will take us into the mid 60s at the coast this weekend and free air conditioning there and mid 80s to 90s else where. and look who we have with us. it's ginger zee. she's joining us with a look ahead at "gma "this morning. hey, ginger. >> that was a very jolly introduction, thank you, reggie. and thank you, kumasi. great to be with everyone this morning. we don't have such jolly news to
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start off thee warning from dr. fauci saying cases are closing in on 3 million in the u.s. and doubling in florida in the last two weeks and atlanta seeing the climbing number of cases and violence. mayor lance bottoms will join us on "gma" this morning. as concerns grow of how the coronavirus spreads, the question is should you put an air purifier in your home? some changes you can make in your home without spending any money. we'll get into that. what to expect from college this year. harvard and other major universities announcing plans to go all remote. more than 800 e eed an open let them to do something. the eternally entertaining jim carrey you'll see it coming up right here on "gma." >> i didn't realize that jim
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carrey write bos books. he has a new book out thi inte cre tki yoll wantoee it. >> you know what, that's a good tease. i'm in. judy bloom. that just took me back all the way to third grade. all right, ginger, we look forward to that. we'll see you at 7:00. thank you. also brand-new developments in the case of elijah mcclain. the next step towards an independent third-party investigation. plus, this video. car hood chaos. the story behind this wild video
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new at 6:00, a violent end to a protest in bloomington, indiana. this video shows a red car speeding down the road with a woman on the hood of the car. another person seen holding on to the driver's side. protesters gathered to demand
6:25 am
arrests after several people allegedly tried to lynch a black man over the weekend. it's unclear how that woman is doing now. the investigation is ongoing and the mayor has not made a statement saying he doesn't have enough information. now on abc7 news live desk update. at the live desk, we have the details on a new effort to organize an independent third-party investigation into the death of elijah mcclain. officials in aurora, colorado, say the job is too big for one person so they are creating a team comprised of local and national members. a list of candidates will be ready in about two weeks on july 20th. mcclain was an unarmed black man who died in police custody last year. officers had him in a chokehold. someone called 911 reporting someone suspicious. mcclain was walking home after buying iced tea and at this point none of the officers in the incident have been charged.
6:26 am
her remains were found in texas. the woman charged with being an accomplice in her killing made her first appearance in court. she said she helped dispose of her body. family said that robinson had been sexually harassing guillen. robinson killed himself last week as investigators closed in and guillen disappeared back in april. her family says the army didn't take it seriously. >> we need the congressional investigation. i'm not just going to stay grieving in my room because i know vanessa wouldn't want that. she wants justice. >> if convicted, aguilar faces up to 20 years in prison. ou theth of vanessa guillen is spreading across the country. gathered with a caravan and vigil for her. no one who was there knew her personally but many people feel connected to her story.
6:27 am
a former reservist and richmond resident organized this event. >> i'm a lutino woman serving in the army and i feel like they failed her and fight and make a movement to honor her name everywhere. >> really big stigma with reporting. i think that we're scared because we see over and over that nothing is done. >> some veterans say there needs to be more accountability when it comes to the military's investigation into guillen's death. as we work to build a better bay area, one of the things we are focusing on is race and social justice. if you need an ally and you want to know how to be an ally go to we're here to help you find local resources and guides. coming up next at 6:30 -- >> it is still windy this morning in fairfield where a fire threatened homes last night. i'm amy hollyfield and i'll have the latest on that fire coming up. san francisco's reopening
6:28 am
reversal. another bad break for local
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> making at 6:30y dou0 s talking to him i saw the flames come over the top of the hill and i said, i have to go. >> fires breaking out in force in the first few days of july. firefighters monitoring hot spots overnight. we're live at the scene this morning. the university ultimatum. foreign student studying in the states at risk of deportation if their college courses choose to teach remote. plus, tiktok take down. the app that set social media on fire now under intense new scrutiny. one country claiming dangerous surveillance already moves for a full ban. why the u.s. says it's close to doing the same. and "hamilton" hits the
6:31 am
jackpot putting up huge numbers over the holiday weekend. what it just did after its d disney plus drop. a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. and good morning to all of you. welcome to tuesday, july 7th. >> good morning, my friends. good morning, everybody. mike, we'll check in with you first. i know you're looking at a lot from the wind, temperatures, everything. >> i'll start with our temperatures and then we'll get to the fire conditions outside right now. hi, everybody. welcome to tuesday. it's going to be a lot like yesterday. the winds won't be quite as aggressive in some neighborhood but you'll still notice them. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. half moon bay to san francisco and mid up toer 70s around the bay and the even a few upper 80s in the east bay and up into the north bay. let's start with mountain meadot fire and then you look up at 300
6:32 am
feet. if this thing climbs up some of the mountains and hills there and gusting around 30 to 35 miles per hour. not sure how that calm got in there. that gives you an idea. up to 45 miles per hour a couple hours ago. aggressive winds through the delta as you could imagine. the winds, again, not a big issue there. calm to nearly four miles per hour. did you notice the temperatures and humidity in the low to mid 50s and 80% to 90%. good conditions as we start to fight those fires this morning. let's get back to kumasi and talk more about those fires. >> all right, thank you. so, happening right now, crews are battling a wildfire in fairfield. it's about a half a mile up interstate 80 and this is just one of at least eight fires that bay area crews have had to deal with in the last day and fairfield right now firefighters are watching for hot spots. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with the very latest on it. amy? >> it is still very windy out here, kumasi. look behind me, you can see how
6:33 am
dry it is out here. look at this dry hillside and that helps you understand why firefighters are still watching this carefully and we have seen a few firefighters driving around and keeping an eye on this hillside this morning. about 30 homes were evacuated as this fire threatened nelson hill in fairfield. we have video of the fire, which burned near the pittman road exit on interstate 80. the fire started late in the afternoon right when the winds were really an issue and firefighters say the fire changed directions on them going up the hill at one point after racing down it. residents say it was growing fast. they watched it double, triple in size in seconds. they say this one was a close call. >> it got up to like a sewer drain that was in our blowing other direction. our house could very was very close. >> d lduiing hehill. that was isre
6:34 am
and ty get it under control around 7:30 last night and were able to lift those evacuations. reporting live in fairfield, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> scary moments there, thank you, amy. the largest fire in the state is burning right now in the south bay. the 5,400 acre fire, crews fire is north of gilroy and destroyed one structure and damaged another, this is according to cal fire. also forced 70 people to evacuate. the fire started sunday near crews road just east of highway 101 and we just checked the fire is only 20% contained. in contra costa county crews are watlairrodeo. it burned 130 acres before they s the smoke started coming into his house. >> right away we got the kids
6:35 am
out and got them in our van and i took a look in the back and sure enough there was a big fire coming up from the freeway. time to get the kids out and that was the most important thing. >> crews plan to be at the scene throughout the morning mopping everything up. now, we sent out alerts on our abc7 news app as firefighters were battling all these fires across the bay area. download the app and get customized alerts so you can get breaking news wherever it happens where you live. a plan to allow indoor dining in san francisco is expected to be put on hold. that isered cooi ereaccording t association. mayor london breed expected to make that announcement at 11:30 this morning. last week the city delayed opening hair salons, the zoo and indoor museums after covid-19 cases spiked in the city. we're going to stream the mayor's remarks on our app and 23 counties including marin and contra costa are now on the
6:36 am
state's watch list with rising coronavirus cases. santa clara has been taken off of that list. counties added to the state's watch list show concerning covid trends for three days. ordered to roll back reopenings and that back and forth is taking a toll on local businesses. >> the problem with the yo-yo effect if you get on the list and off the list and open for indoor dining and not open for indoor dining and to go and patio, you can't plan your business based on these ever-changing variables. you need to know how many people you need to hire. >> the governor says alcohol beverage control conducted nearly 6,000 visits t bars an t including some to south bay restaurants. well, the california state capital is closed for the next week because one lawmaker and four staffers have tested positive for covid-19. assembly member autumn burke
6:37 am
said she had a mask-to-mask exposure on june 26th and tested positive. she wore face coverings all the time while she was working. she has no symptoms but will self-quarantine. protecting our health is part of building a bay area and the protection people want is antibodies since there is no vaccine. doctors are starting to get a betterioid of just how long these antibodies last. dwight everett was one of the first californians diagnosed with covid-19 back in february. he donated blood four times to help boost the immunity of others. but tuduring his last donation, they noticed his antibody levels diminished. >> the recent outbreak of what is going on i kind of self-secluded myself in the house again. >> will come up with a way to help everyone. but at the same time, we need to be patient. we need to at least protect one another. >> doctors say a vaccine is the
6:38 am
best way to get herd immunity. until that happens, people should wear masks, wash their hands often and practice social distancing. a study out of china found covid-19 antibodies fade eight weeks after recovery. happening today, san francisco leaders will consider a ban on emergency calls that are based on discrimination. supervisor walton's proposal would prevent 911 calls based on race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender or sexual orientation. that includes calls like the one you're watching right here when this white couple confronted a chalk osi of his pacific heights home.>ning today,facebo with the naacp, antidefamation league and the civil rights groups have been leading a boycott which cost facebook millions of dollars in ad revenue. pulled their ads from the social media platform and they want facebook to crack down on hate
6:39 am
speech and harassment. now abc7 news live desk update. >> following a new social media campaign today called black out day 2020. you may have seen the hashtag circulating online. organizers of this economic boycott say they want black people in the community to stop spending money today. don't spend any money and if you need to buy something, spend those dollars at black-owned businesses. black people spend $1.2 trillion annually in the u.s. according to a 2018 report by nielson. black out date 2020 organizers want politicians and businesses to implement policies ending institutional racism. the campaign has gained support from large companies like procter & gamble and celebrities like rapper ti. kumasi and reggie. >> all right, thank you, jobina. a new regulation impacting international students. the decision that could keep some away from u.s. universities this fall. right now taking a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. looks like we're down this morning about 215 points.
6:40 am
another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. and now that some scientists say covid-19 particles do spread through the air there are some steps you can take to purify your surroundings. >> i got some ideas. bye. leave. no. all right. i'll go. >> i was about to go grab barbara's personal air purifier and show you guys that. i meant to do that. did i show you guys that that yet? she has a little air purifier. >> i saw the pictures of her on the plane. >> there you go. that's what it was. i knew i posted it somewhere. i'll see if i can get it on the next commercial break. let's talk about air quality and this is due to the fires not the pandemic. you can see a lot of green out there right now. fairfield and you can see from the mt. meadow fire everything is pretty green right there. air quality is good and same
6:41 am
thing around most of the reporting stations in the south bay. however, the bay area air quality management district did issue an air quality advisory for gilroy, morgan hill and san mart even and that runs through today because of the smoke being pumped out by the crews fire. not as bad as it was, but it is still out there. south bay temperatures 48 and santa theresa and morgan hill. you can see just about 50s everywhere and brentwood 60 and let's talk more about that commute and mild in san francisco but warm if you're heading out to the burbs. breezy south of the bay bridge this afternoon and also choppy. we've got a small craft advisory there. san francisco 56 at 8:00. 66 at noon. near 70 for a couple hours. breezy but not quite as fast as it was yesterday. 65 at 8:00. peninsula 59 with sunshine at 8:00. 72 at noon and upper 70s for several hours this afternoon. a very nice 67 at 8:00. and temperatures along the east
6:42 am
bay just a touch warmer than that. 58 or cooler, i should say, 58 at 8:00. 72 at noon. mid to upper 70s this afternoon and 67 with sunshine at 8:00. looks like a real nice day out there. we'll talk about the warming trend coming up. back to you guys. >> oh, hi, jobina. >> thank you, mike. forgot about me. that's okay. good morning, everyone. >> never, no. >> he's my friend. it's okay. i'm going to check in on the maps here, though, because, unfortunately, we're still following the sig alert in fremont this morning. it's been there for a while now. this earlier all lanes were blocked on northbound 680 before auto mall parkway and now looks like we're down to one lane that is blocked. speeds are still down to nine miles per hour and this is due to a crash involving multiple cars. injuries were reported and the chp now does not have an eta to when all lanes will reopen. so, if this is a part of your morning commute, you can expect
6:43 am
to run into some delays. also want to let people know coming out of tracy this morning where we still have slow speeds, as well. 19 and 17 miles per hour. as you make your way into the altamont pass the chp has issued a high-wind advisory. now, a live look showing you the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 6:24 this morning. and this is what we are seeing. a major backup there at the toll plaza. unlike we've seen in the day's past. the bridge is slow, as well. not until you get past treasure island that speeds will begin to pick up as you make your way into san francisco. it is going to be a slow
6:44 am
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and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is a bc7 mornings. got a good view from that's not our roof camera up on mt. tam. 52 degrees.
6:46 am
check out your planner for today. a degree or two warmer than it was yesterday. the breezes will be out there and not quite as aggressive as they were yesterday in most areas except for south of the bay bridge. ten hours of pretty gusty conditions there. mid 60s along the coast until you get to l.a. at 85 and mid 90s through the central valley. kumasi? areas thatg o uild a better bay area through this pandemic. education. and this morning coronavirus could be costing international students a chance to learn here in the u.s. this is a decision that could change life for countless of international students studying here on visa. abc7 news reporter julian glover is live with what all of this means. julian. >> hi, good morning, quite the dipolicemlemma for th international students. if the program goes online for the fall transport to a program that has in-person instruction
6:47 am
or leave the country. this new rule by i.c.e. singling out those international studen sing onisa. imgrasmigration and enforcement i.c.e. made the announcement monday the same day when big-name schools like harvard decided to make classes completely online for the fall to protect campus safety during the pandemic. the most shocking part of the new rules here is that even if an outbreak happened in the middle of the fall semester and forced a student's program to move online, they would still have to leave the country or attempt to transfer to a university offering those in-person classes mid-semester. imagine how difficult that would be. president trump tweeting his support on this measure yesterday and overnight we're learning on social media. we've seen a group of uc berkeley students that try to escape the rules a little bit here and create an in-person, student-led class, one credit to meet the requirements. we'll see if that takes off and if other universities will
6:48 am
follow. we're learning this could affect one million students here in the united states and, again, just yet another incentive for those. cass to open up for in-person instruction in the fall, despite the mounting public health risk as we see in washington with that outbreak with the coronavirus there. reporting live this morning, julian glover, abc7 news. new at 6:00, san francisco-based juul may have recruited public researchers. juul tried to solicit one researcher from the university of minnesota. that person got an e-mail about potential research opportunity with funding from juul. it dropped the practice after a board review of the company's policies. dozens of states have sued juul accusing the company of omarketing e-cigarettes to underage teenagers. the trump administration is considering a ban on tiktok and other chinese social media apps.
6:49 am
secretary of state mike pompeo said it could give the chinese communist party access to information. pompeo is taking this issue very seriously. tiktok responded in a statement saying it has an american ceo. although its parent company is based in beijing, tiktok says it's never provided user data to the chinese government and it would not do so if asked. this is ineteresting becaus usually competitors but now two of the biggest cruise lines are teaming up to find ways to safely resume operations. royal caribbean and norwegian created a panel of health experts. they're finding ways to help them prevent covid-19 at sea by the end of august. uises al plan submitted to the cdc and all cruise companies will be able to look at it and adopt any changes. sony has this new product on the market. a wearable air conditioner. the device is attached to a
6:50 am
special shirt and extend down your back just below the neck. it promises to cool you off by more than 20 degrees by venting warm air away from your body and one of these pockets will cost you about 130 bucks. and let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange right now as trading gets under way this morning. you can see we're down almost 200 points. you can no longer buy washington redskins merchandise online from target. the retailer pulled all of the items as the team is undergoing a, quote, thorough review of the nickname which is offensive to a lot of people.ral sponsors of t asking them to end their relationship with the redskins if they don't change their name. washington is getting input from the nfl, alumni, sponsors and the community. the first six nba teams are set to arrive in orlando today to finish out the all 22 teams will be sequestered together when they arrive and they will be spread among three
6:51 am
hotels. the bubble, as they call it, will have 24-hour vip concierge and on-site barbers and pedicure and manicurist and chef for team menus. dwight howard says despite reservations he's joining the team in orlando. >> i think the nba has done a really good job these last couple weeks of, you know, trying to do the best they can to make sure the bubble is safe as possible. >> the warriors were not invited for the restart because they have the worst record in the league. games are scheduled to resume on the 30th. and i'm about to remind you of another loss that we had here in the bay area, the quarterback who beat the 49ers in the super bowl is getting his check. it's worth somewhere in the range of $500 million.
6:52 am
patrick mahomes signed a ten-year extension to his contract with the kansas city chiefs. espn reports it could be worth up to $543 million to be exact the largest in u.s. sports history. mahomes is considered to be one of the best young stars in the game and already has won an mvp in the league and a super bowl mvp. so, it appears, once again, as jobina has said, that he has secured the bag. >> the whole bag. is it too late for you to become an athlete? because we could be down there in the bubble getting pampered and fed or have half a million dollars. >> are you asking me if it's too late for me to be an athlete? >> you're tall. >> that is what tricked every kid every time i walk under to a new classroom. oh, here is our new whatever sports ballplayer and i'm like, oh, no. i will be auditioning for the school play.
6:53 am
>> meanwhile -- >> oh, mike is wearing. >> i want to continue this conversation but there is also this happening on the screen. >> mike, please explain what is going on here. >> this is the personal air filtration system my wife wears at work. she has a filter she changes every day after it has been stau sterilized it is magnetically held on to her n95 macsk and hopefully she can breathe perfectly clean air and the creates their industry as being the most dangerous outside of the front line workers. thought i would share that with you. i'm sorry. >> can normal people buy that? >> yes. yeah. she just found it on the internet and purchased it. it's out there for anybody to
6:54 am
purchase. >> all right. >> running short on time so let's jump into the weather. 52 degrees from the exploratorium. highlights and sunny afternoon with seasonal highs everywhere, even the coast. warming trend begins tomorrow with some of the warmest afternoons coming this weekend. you can see the fog barely some along the east bay shoreline and the peninsula either side. look at this by noon, it's gone. let's talk temperatures. the closer you are to the water, the cooler you'll be. milpitas and sunnyvale and everybody else in the low to mid 80s in the south bay. 72 to 78 on the peninsula. most of us in the mid 70s. 61 to 63 along the peninsula coast to near 70 downtown and sausalito. low to mid 80s for most of the north bay and santa rosa northward upper 80s to near 90. mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore and as you head inland we have 80 to about 90 degrees. let's talk about what is going to happen with the accuweather seven-day forecast. what you're going to see as temperatures climb a degree or two tomorrow inland and a degree or two thursday inland and around the bay and then
6:55 am
eventually the coast joins in with mid 60s this weekend and mid 80s to mid 90s for our other neighborhood. all right, guys, back to you. >> thank you, mike. at the live desk, i am looking at ways to purify the air that you breathe so much like mike just showed us with his wife's very fancy situation there. nearly 240 scientists have warned the world health organization that covid-19 particles can linger in the air. this is a problem for rooms that are not well ventilated. >> most air conditioning systems bring in very little outside air. so there is very little delusion of the particles that are generated that transmit this infection. >> consumer reports says running an air purifier can help protect people, especially those caring for someone who is sick with coronavirus. people can also open windows and doors to let in fresh air. becky worley will show you one
6:56 am
air purifier that has good reviews. we'll be looking into that. reggie? >> thanks so much. "hamilton" is a big hit for over the world a premiered on disney plus on friday. that spurred a spike more than 70% over the holiday weekend. aptopia released that number and captures the musical from its original broadway cast. a toast to the groom. did you watch it? to the groom. to the bride. to your moisturizer who is always by your side. >> the remix. >> the remix.
6:57 am
6:58 am
all right 6:58. if you're just joining us seven things to know this morning. starting with number one.
6:59 am
governor newsom added marin and contra costa county to the watch list because of concerning coronavirus activity. that means they are ordered to roll back reopenings. mayor london breed will update the city's coronavirus response this morning. you can watch it live on our abc7 news app. federal guidelines issued for u.s. colleges means international students would have to leave the united states or transfer to another college if their schools go entirely online this fall. number four. evacuations have been lifted for residents who live in fairfield after flames burn nearby. the mountain meadow fire burned at least 60 acres. number five. not quite as breezy today with a whole lot of sunshine and seasonal temperatures. number six, we are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is pretty packed. metering lights came on at 6:24 thisin >> see the #blackoutdate 2020 and
7:00 am
urging people not to buy things today. >> good morning, america. good morning, america. summer surge. the u.s. closing in on 3 million cases of coronavirus. dr. fauci sounding the alarm. >> we are still knee-deep in the first wave of this. >> hospitalizations now rising in 28 states. young people getting hit hard. >> we see young people coming into the hospitals and saying, nobody told them that they would get sick. >> texas now topping 200,000 cases. florida's infections doubling over the past two weeks. and arizona becoming the eighth. long lines, limited supplies and labs now admitting results may be delayed up to six days. atlanta's mayor announces she has the coronavirus along with her husband and her child as georgia declares a state of emergency.


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