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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 7, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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you need to -- >> oh! >> get out of here! >> get out! >> it's happened again. a racist rant. this time at a caramel valley restaurant. what we learned about the man caught on camera. good afternoon. i'm kristen sze. >> it seems like we have a new video almost every day now. speaking out after a san francisco ceo won't a racist rant, it was captured on video. the family happened to be celebrating a birthday today carmel valley restaurant. today the ceo is also responding. melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: the family says they will not let this experience ruin what has become an annual tradition, celebrating in carmel. at least one family member sems michael lofthouse's apology and said he hopes he chch
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>> reporter: raymond and his family were having dinner and celebrating. >> we were there celebrating. having fun. >> when it quickly disappeared as the man you can see in the background of the celebratory picture began ranting. >> suddenly i hear this loud voice. >> reporter: his niece jordan chan reported what happened next on her cell phone. >> say it again. now you're shy? >> reporter: michael lofthouse gave the family the finger. then said >> you need to leave. >> you need to leave. >> he was full of hate and anger. it was sad that there are still people that are like that in this world. >> an employee stepped in. >> get out now!
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they are valued guests. >> are they? get out. >> in an emailed statement, the vice president and general manager of bernardus lodge said, we are proud of our staff at lucia in keeping with the core values. michael lofthouse also wrote a statement saying my behavior in the video is appalling. this was clearly a moment where i lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments. i would like to deeply apologize to the chan family. i can only imagine the pain they feel. i was taught to respect people of all races. i will take time to reflect on my actions and work to better understand the inequality around me every day. >> i think he really men what he said and what he did. i don't believe his words because his actions speak louder than the words he's saying. >> he says those actions in part include additional instagram comments that appear to have been posted by lofthouse directed at one of the county's
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supporters that include asian expletive and come near me or my people and you are expletive dead. lofthouse did not respond to a request for additional comment or his role as a solid eight ceo, a tech company. >> i can't say what he did was acceptable or right. no. it isn't. it isn't. a lot of people will probably disagree with me by saying, i forgive him, but i do. >> he says that he and his wife have been in america together for just about 26 years and that they've never felt anything remotely close to racism until that night. he says he hopes it never happens to him or anyone else again. abc7 news. >> melanie, thank you. new developments now with a woman seen painting over antifis 42-year-old nicole anderson of
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martinez. she's facing multiple charges including a hate crime. the man who was with her and got into a confrontation with witnesses is also facing the exact same charges. he's been identified as 53-year-old david nelson of martinez. the mural does have the city's approval and it was fixed the next day. san francisco is considering a ban on calls that will be considered racially exploit aive or being called the karen act. woulit race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. that includes calls like this encounter we all saw last month when a white couple confront a man writing black lives matter in chalk outside of his own pacific heights home. please jimmie me thursday as we host a rounds table discussion on the importance of allies in action. thursday at 4:00 p.m. right here on abc7. a man suspected of killing a doctor on an off-road trip and
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wounding two other people has now been arrested. dr. ari was shot and killed while off-roading in downieville. his son survived 30 hours alone in the forest. amy hollyfield spoke to the man's cousin. his story of survival, fight and loss. >> we're now we're all in complete shock and not even knowing, we're trying to get through each minute. >> reporter: she says they still don't know why her cousin, 45-year-old ari was shot to death while off-roading in the forest in sierra county with his 15-year-old son jack. at this point she thinks he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the victim of a random shooting rampage. >> there was no confrontation with my cousin. there was notr the tahoe national tely a
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forest because that's the first place he wanted to go with that regime. >> said he had just bought the jeep on thursday to share the love of the outdoors with his three kids and took it out on friday to go off-roading with his son jack. that's when he was shot and killed by a man who authorities say had also shot two other people in the forest. those victims survived. jack then ran for help. he called 911. and then he called his mother. then he calls page and says, dad has been shot. i think he's dead. the whole thing was crazy. she said where are you? i don't know. jack's phone went dead after made these gut wrenching videos to page about what he saw and how he is so sorry. >> it took rescuers 30 hours to find jack who was covered in scratches and bug bites, but was okay. >> we were just so happy to see
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him. now we just have to figure out, how do we get through this as a family? >> the family is rallying around ari's wife page who was diagnosed with cancer about six weeks ago. just underwent her third round of chemo yesterday. neighbors have created a go fund me account for the family which ari would have hated, calling him a giver. not a taker. >> at the same time, they have no source of income now. and they have three beautiful kids. and page is going through cancer. and we need help. >> and the community is responding. 2,000 donors so far have given to help this man who had dedicated his life to saving other people. in danville, amy hollyfield. abc7 news. now to the coronavirus pandemic. the u.s. is getting closer to 3 million coronavirus cases. right now, according to john
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hopkins, there are more than 2.9 million cases. the university counts more than 276,000 cases here in california. there are now more than 31,200 cases in the bay area. while san francisco is not on the state's covid-19 watch list, the city is seeing a rise in transmission cases and hospitalizations. director of health grant colfax says two key indicators have them on high alert. >> we are currently diagnosing on average 6.1 cases per 100,000 new cases per day. our goal is to keep that number to 1.8. >> the rate of increase in hospitalizations is at 25% above the city's 10% goal. they're just over 4,000 reported cases and 50 deaths. today mayor london breed said indoor dining will not resume in san francisco next
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monday as was originally announced. it will continue to have an effect on the economy because businesses cannot fully reopen. now reaction from a hard hit restaurant industry. chris? >> good afternoon. july 13 was a date set back in may. it was a date that restaurants were looking forward to. instead, they have to live with this reality of a little longer. around this time, before the pandemic, this place would have been packed. it is one of the most popular restaurants in san francisco right now. the only activity that we can see, all that staff preparing takeout orders. >> with that, the mayor confirming what everybody already knew. the indoor dining spaces will tip to look like this. empty. >> it's grim out there. and people are pushing really
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hard. >> we are behind it.saty >> he says he's making do with takeout orders about, 100 a day. that's allowing him to keep about 19 people on staff preparing a thousand meals a week. still his business is at 20% what it was pre covid-19. >> we don't have silly hopes for this coming back to with a it was. i think what we're doing is making the most of what we've got. >> but unlike restaurants down the street, he doesn't have a lot of outdoor dining spaces and that's a reality for most restaurants. >> we can't do dine-in for a lng time. there won't be much of a restaurant industry left. that's not the city's fault. that's just what we're doing. >> reporter: the city says they're working very closely with restaurants with how to move toward. the only time line they can provide, a day to day check on
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how we're doing flattening the curve. >> the reality is that we're not ready to provide a time line in terms of when these next steps can be taken. this is contingent on what the data tells us. >> that's why it is so important that we follow the guidelines of the city to wear our masks, to socially distance, to wash our hands, to do everything we can to stay apart. >> that's why the restaurants like nopa and the others in the city, the only philosophy to live by, chin up and those take? that's the dinner hour rush equivalent in a covid-19 reality. this will be the reality. the director said he would be making another statement later this week. abc7 news. >> thank you. >> morgan hill confirmed outdoor dining is allowed there.
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there was some confusion as department of alcohol agents gave notice to some restaurants that they were in violation of the order. santa clara county said the state has granted its varance request, allowing vectors of the economy to reopen at a faster pace. in napa, napa county officials saying indoor dining, tasting rooms, bars and breweries is inevitable. the county was put on the state watch list sunday. if a county is on that list for three consecutive days, it who is the scale back on reopening. abc7 news report he wayne friedman will have more on this coming up at 5:00. school suit. california's attorney general files suit against the trump administration regarding school funls. and tiktok. basketball players head to florida while more baseball players decide to sit the game out. i'm spencer christian. get ready for gradual warning,
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>> bay area companies have received billions of dollars for the paycheck protection program with more than 100,000 loans distributed so far. but as abc7 news stephanie sierra found out, many receiving the loans clearly have access to capital elsewhere. >> reporter: the nueva school is known for its highly esteemed program, small class size. if the campus views don't say it all, it is no seek the school has dedicated donors with a $9 million endowment. plus, tuition isn't cheap. $37,000 for kindlergartet they million in ppp funding although
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tuition fees were not waived. >> the purpose was to keep people employed. keep them on pay roll. >> reporter: so what happened to the tuition? the incoming head of school declined our interview but sent the following statement saying, during this challenging time, our primary goal was to protect and preserve jobs for more than 260 employees and contractors. also, so many of our students' families have not greatly impacted by the coronavirus in some way including family job losses, health challenges and childcare issues. it is still unclear how the school was able to certify for the funding. these qualifications are required. >> that you are a small business or fit the size standards as articulated in the cares act, that you do have a financial need. >> reporter: the treasury secretary steven mnuchin said in may, wealthy private schools should not accept funds through the program. yet that didn't seem to apply
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through the welfare corporation of oakland. the religious secondary school business managed to receive 22 ppe loans despite reports saying their annual revenue exceeds $125 million. the organization received at least $5.7 million in funning but according to an abc7 analysis, one of their loans, worth at least $150,000, went to a trust and failed to retain any jobs. so where did that money go? >> reporter: again, no comment. the organization sent this statement saying we lost a primary source of funding for our various minute industries. the weekend collections. we were faced with the challenge of retaining our employees. >> how are you as district director going to ensure accountability when we see these companies that clearly had access to other funding but yet were still able to get their hands on this miami? >> at the district level we won't be part of review process. that will be between the banks and sba and our headquarters.
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if i hear of any outright fraud, we'll report that in to our inspector general. >> reporter: abc7 news. all right. time for consumer news now. michael finney here with a look at the headlines. hi, michael. >> this is really interesting. we've told you quite a bit about the deb cards sent out to 4 million people? often they got thrown away because people thought they were junk mail. now the government is sending out an additional letter to say, did you throw mail? the cards arrived in envelopes marked money network services. some mistook they will for garbage and chucked them. the irs has sent this new letter to nearly $800,000 who haven't activated those debit cards. i think also getting instructions on how to report the lost or stolen card.
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the environmental protection agency has approved two disinfectant products, specifically proven in laboratory testing to kill the virus that causes covid-19. they are lysol disinfectant spray and lysol disinfectant max cover mist. the first are the first two products to be tested directly against the virus. the epa says it expects to approve additional products within the coming weeks. uber is launching a grocery delivery service. it is only available in latin america and canada right now. the san francisco based company claims to expand soon, offering the service in the united states. users can order groceries through the uber or uber eats app. uber says it has become increasingly clear, the grocery delivery is not only popular, but often a necessity.
4:20 pm
isn't that the truth? >> especially in these times. >> thanks! >> today african-americans across the country are hoping to display their economic power today is blackout day. a day when african-americans are told not to spend any money or if they have to, spend only at black-owned businesses. it began in 20 final to combat stereo times. this has taken on add significance in the wake of protests against police brutality and renewed attent all right. we want to check in with spencer. the winds are finally calming down. >> you're so right. they have calmed down in some bay area locations. in others, it is fairly breezy. wave picture out there. you can see we have gusts in
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napa to 23. it is, however, quite a bit warmer. as you can see on the 24-hour temperature change here. so it's getting warmer. we've got very dry vegetation. there will be fire concerns as the weather gets warmer and warmer. looking across the embarcadero, 63 in san francisco, oakland, 72, 78 at mountain view. 86 in gilroy. a cool 59. looking westward from emeryville. more temperature readings, warmer locations. 88 in santa rosa, napa, 81. 92 in fairfield. now looking toward the golden gate from sutro tower, we'll see some paxy fog developing ghar evening hours, it will be relatively clear. it will really be heating up over the weekend. here's a look at the forecast an
4:22 pm
place. notice, it is not until the wee hours of the morning. ile lingering tomorrow's highs will be mainly mid 60s at the coast. upper 70s near the bay and low to mid 90s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will continue through friday. then another bump up in temperature readings. specially inland. by sunday, we speck some upper 90s inland. mid 80s around the bay and then temperatures will moderate going into early next year. it will get warmer and it will remain dry. the wind picks up, high fire concerns. >> all right. thank you. a big lesson about the
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attorneys general from california and five other states have filed suit against the trump administration over what they call an unlawful attempt to krichb pandemic relief funds away from public schools. the suit claims that education secretary betsy devos and her department undermined the intent of the cares act passed in march by allowing money to be diverted to expensive private schools. >> this is going to hurt the children most in need. and it will get in the way of critical work to assure students have food to eat and with over $110 million allocated specifically for that purpose in california alone, that is a big hurt for a lot of working families. >> the attorney becerra says rules add by devos will krichb funds away from investments in new technology for remote learning and making sure schools
4:26 pm
are safe and clean. will school kids be allowed to return for in-person classes in the fall? that is the big unanswered questions for many bay area schools. the answer may partly rely inhaa san francisco summer camp. >> kids at the summer camp got an even bigger lesson today about the coronavirus. >> the fuzzy part? that will go in your nose. >> celsius and beyond is the one of the few car. s in the bay area holding in-person sessions. researchers are using this opportunity to test kids, staff and parents. it will help them get a better understanding of how the virus may be trags mid in a school-typesetting. >> you're going to put the swab in and rubl it against your cheek. >> this is not the same thing done in hospitals that requires it to be inserted deep into the
4:27 pm
nose. kids control this test. first they get it from their mouth. then their nose. >> now you take this second swab and twirl it around. >> being able to show the kids can really do it on their own in a way that's pretty safe for them and very comfortable, it means we can do it in a school setting. >> like swabbing your mouth a little bi. poking around. a little like brushing your teeth. >> i was thinking it was a shot. but it's better. >> it didn't hurt at all. >> this kind of self-test allows schools to self-test without needing more personnel. >> it allows for the person collecting the specimen to be at least six feet away so that the person who is collecting the test doesn't have to have n-95 gowns, face shield, which is what we normally have to do when we're checking the test testing is being done in the first three days of the camp. the researchers will be back at the time ends to take another
4:28 pm
test and see if there's any change. a glimpse at what may happen during school year to keep students safe. >> we'll keep you posted. the u.s. considers a ban on the social media app tiktok. what's behin usaa is made for what's next no matter what challenges life throws at you, we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at
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op, soecicly.n open house.urro now that's sime,sye. get the most in-home wifi coverage with xfin 4. a month for 12 months. or, ask about packages with speed up to a gig. click, call or visit a store today. the trump administration is considering a ban on tiktok. another chinese social media apple. they say it could give the chinese national party access to people's private information. in an interview with fox news, pompeo said he's taking this
4:31 pm
issue seriously. tiktok responded saying it has an american ceo. although the paramedic company is based in beijing. tiktok said it has never provided u.s. data to the chinese government and it wouldn't do so if asked. joining me, connie from tiktok. what are the biggest concerns about tiktok right now? >> you mentioned one of them. the fact that it is owned by a beijing-based company. that's why secretary pompeo is also concerned. it is a chinese social media app. the concern is what information are they tracking and sharing and storing with the chinese government. >> is there anything the company on do to ease the privacy concerns? is there any evidence they've harvested data off anybody's phones? >> there's no evidence to that. they hired new ceo in may. he was the man head of streaming
4:32 pm
for disney and he helped launch disney plus which is their very successful streaming app. he has tried to assure regulators that this is a company led by an american ceo. the data is kept outside of china so it is just assurances. as we know with apps that become very popular built in other countries, remember when we were all using the app that aged you? that was owned by a russian company. perhaps we were fading a facial recognition database. the truth is you don't know. what will happen to your data and how it will be used. that is the only question about this app and many others. >> so there's been talk that tiktok might be banned in the united states. is that realist snik. >> well, it could be if the trump administration feels very strongly as part of their ongoing inactions with china.
4:33 pm
they've had several. we've seen them discussing huawei. could they ban them? absolutely. it is a popular app but it could be banned. is there any precedent for that? >> yads of an app being banned. if i were to tell you your data might be co-opted by the chinese national party, i imagine the messaging would come out very strongly, that you would lose control over videos you created that contained your family members or friends, you might take a pause. it would be in effect a ban. you would not want to use that apple if you were concerned about how that might be used against you in the future. >> although tiktok is used mostly by kids to post their
4:34 pm
dance video. in december, the military was urged to delete their tiktok app from their phones. have they found anything? or is that an abundance of boston? >> many teenagers use tiktok today. we are seeing how it's used, changed. >> there was a call by anti-trump folks that went out on tiktok encouraging people to sign up for trump rally and then not showing up. it's being used for all sorts of applications beyond just teenagers doing fun 15-second videos and parities. so that's the concern. what is the influence of this widely used app and how could it be used in the future? >> that opens up the other side. is this just payback for tiktok for what the kids did at that rally in i guess it is hard to know at this point. >> absolutely. what i will say is, when you're
4:35 pm
using an app that is free, you are the product. they want information that you and your personal date. a you might not be concerned with how it will be used but again, if write to tell that you the russian government is building a facial recognition system and needed the face of every person on the maneplanet you provided it to them, you might take a moment to pause. it is about unintended consequences. about not knowing what will happen. if there's sub text to the trump administration and its dealings with the chinese government, i'm sure that will be revealed in due course. it is another cautionary tale for users, free you're the product. >> it sounds like previous conversations we've had. a date has been set for the ceos of some of the biggest tech companies to testify before
4:36 pm
congress. the ceos of amazon, apple, google and facebook will be in front of congress on july 27th. this will be the first time they've appeared in front of congress at the same time. facebook met with the it's naacp, the anti-defamation league. there's a boycott which cost millions in ad revenue. after the meeting today, the groups say they plan to expands their boycott. >> another statue of christopher columbus is coming down. this one in sacramento. today it was removed. from the capitol rotunda where it has stood since 1883. last month, it was ordered saying it was completely out of place. it comes nearly three weeks after cruz removed the statue.
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all right. time now for the four at 4:00. dan and spencer with us today. there is another example of heightened tensions over racism as well as wearing a mask in public. this time at a home deep oveo i illinois. >> yes, i am excited. i'm white and a woman. >> what does you being white have to do with your getting your way? >> because i'm a white woman. >> you're a disgusting racist ne white power. >> the wan you see in this video, 54-year-old terry hill, faces battery and disorderly conduct charges after hitting another shopper who asked hill to cover up.
4:40 pm
ironically, it started when hill removed her face covering to complain to a store employee about others not wearing masks. but don't complain about her. don't know where to start. dan, i see you shaking your head. >> well, what do you say? >> stupid, the way around. >> in a way, i'm glad she was honest about the white privilege she feels she has. she said it, you know, bluntly. i'm a white woman. >> she said what many people feel. until recently, we haven't heard or seen people acknowledging those feelings out loud. so as dan said, it was good thing it was caught on video. i wonder if all of these people behaving badly videos that we
4:41 pm
see will encourage people to behave more sensibly. i don't know. >> it doesn't appear that's the trends. if you're flying delta or united, alcohol will be an option again. oh, i see people perking up. both airlines along with a number of others stopped serving alcohol and snacks last month to try to prevent the spread of covid. now if you are flying delta, you can order alcohol as long as you're in first class or a trip more than 500 miles. with united, you have to be in a premium cabin or on an international flight. if spencer is up in first where he normally is, and i'm in the back the sardines like this, i can't get a drink? this is not right. >> alcohol for all, right? >> well, this is what i will do.
4:42 pm
i will ask, bring you up to sit next to me so i can share some of my fine wine with you. >> and then promptly sends him back. >> tell him who i am back there. what is your take on it? >> well, i don't know. it will cause a little resentment for those folks who are not able to get alcohol on the plane. but if that happen, we may see a lot more videos like we saw in illinois. >> you have to wonder about the combination of people being able to drink, then telling them they have to keep their masks on. the combination. >> and obviously, if people are impaired, they drop their guard in terms of being careful and being as safe as we need to be. >> they could. okay. president trump's niece mary trump claims that trump paid someone to take s.a.t.s.
4:43 pm
the reason was to get a good enough score to be admitted to the pennsylvania prestigious wharton school. mary said they got the proxy. first he went to fordham and then to whart only. he has often touted his wharton education. three of his children also went to penn and graduated. wharton has not commented mary trump's claim. spencer? is that surprising? >> i knew would you start with me and i'm glad you did. over a period from the late 1980s to the late 1990s, i did have quite a bit of interaction with trump. some of it on camera, some of it off camera. if what mary trump says is true, i am not shocked. >> also, the second in just a couple of months, damaging
4:44 pm
withering book, john bolton, his book just came out which blasted him as well for what he's done in office. this book talks about his life prior to getting in office and how he used everything, his celebrity and his money and position to get elected. >> yeah. i think it is getting a lot of attention. go ahead, larry. >> i was going to say, rarely am ito defend him. but we have to be careful about what they today? books that happen 50 years ago. >> she did piece it together. a fair point. expen spencer may not be surprised. but she had pieced together conversations based on what was told to her so some of it is put together. >> and i think it is getting extra attention because the fact president trump often refers to his wharton education. hey, i did some jean just stuff
4:45 pm
so people will look at that. >> she said she wrote the book because she could no longer sit back watching what happened over the past three years. her claim as to why she wrote the book now. all right. it appears some people want to know what space smells like. so now there's a fragrance that smells like outer space to earth. it is called eau de space. and according to videos on the kick starter page, nasa developed the fragrance for astronaut field training a decade ago. astronauts in the video say space smells like the lingering skrechbl gun popowder at a shoog range. another says it smells like a burned cookie. now we know. i'm sure you've often wondered what it smells like. >> i understand it is very cold. i'm not sure it will translate
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the nba is beginning its comeback despite the global pandemic. they're trying to restart their season at the spbl wide world of sports campus in orlando. for other sports trying to revive their seasons, surging covid cases are impacting their plans. we'll tell you how the giants were affected.
4:49 pm
now here's abc7 news reporter rubina rorr: n tak a r step to n amid coronavirus. today its first round of players arrive at the wide world of sports complex in disney world, orlando, where they'll live and play for the next few months. disney is the parent company of abc. they'll be in a so-called bubble campus. the goal, to shield them from covid-19. they'll have 24-hour vip concierge, barbers, manicurists, that he had curists. >> they can play cards. they're not allowed to play doubles ping she believes it w players together. >> i truly feel it will be an experience when we're done, you know what? that it wasn't too bad. i have a lot of fun. >> but an ominous sight holding
4:50 pm
ait at the conference, after at least ten players and sive. a newreity. dela. the yankeesintersquad. you can see the player kicking the ball away to avoid touching it with his hands. nick markakis, the latest high profile player to only out. >> to have to go out and play with no fans. it's not baseball. >> the mls said a game scheduled for tomorrow has been spoebled. after five nashville tested positive.
4:51 pm
so play is set to begin toward the end of the month. chris alvarez was all set for a double-header. a's and giants. but one workout. this is embarrassing. >> if you want to tak positive as you mentioned, i couldn't even let's go to fran. this is video from earlier in summer camp. they didn't practice today. they were skilled to begin at 2:00 west g workts we suspended as they await test results from the weekend. the manager gabe kapler said he was confident they would get test results later in the day. he said he doesn't believe this will hurt the preparation for opening day still scheduled july 23rd. >> i feel as confidentodayi und
4:52 pm
hickory-ups along the way. our players and staff do as well. i have confidence for sure. >> meanwhile the a's did have summer camp today. you remember the a's, the position players were unable to work out due to tests not arriving in time. it affected position players on sunday. they shifted plans from day to night. this featured plenty of workouts. i was thinking the last time before today was the raiders' final game ever in oakland. now it's masks and gloves and no one can get in. so a tale of two stories at the oakland coliseum. weird times for sure. they had three months to hag well players over money.
4:53 pm
apparently they forgot about the july 4th holiday. and nobody doing any work at the lab so they have to get it together. thank you. hamilton's debut on disney plus was simply revolutionary. the film version of the broadway hit premiered on friday pittsburgh a spike in app down loads. more than 70% over the holiday weekend. the research firm released the numbers. that number only reflects mobile down loads. not sign-ups online or via smart tvs. it captures the musical by its original broadway cast. disney is the parent company of abc7. making magic. up next, the bay area magician retooling his routine. new tricks up his sleeve. keep your eye on his hands. daniel is here with a look at 5:00. a testing shortage in sacramento could be a canary in the coal mine.
4:54 pm
the setback as cases surge across the state. >> can't be in this country? >> confrontation on a family hike. the woman at the central of it ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) for those also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. it lowers the risk. oh! and i only have to take it once a week. oh! ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) ozempic® is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not share needles or pens. don't reuse needles.
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4:57 pm
biggest tech firms. >> hellatin one week. >> he decided he had to reinvent his app. >> i had to reinvent everything. i probably added 40 or 50 new effects. >> and he had a secret weapon, his son. >> i am like the asian tiger dad. we street performed in union square when he was about 5 years old. >> at first james looked at magic as a chore. >> they had to prove to clients their act wo in vtirtubeginng,
4:58 pm
repertoire which worked. i chose a 7 of clubs. >> i don't think we saw a 7 of clubs, but i put a card in my pocket. >> he got even better when i picked a number between 1 and 100. >> 89. >> inside a list of beverages. can you read out loud what is on number 89, please? >> virgil's rootbeer. >> i would love to share a virgil's rootbeer with you, david. >> you quickly get drawn into the act as they have two sealedd envelopes. david will pick the 7 of clubs. >> that is amazing. >> it is, after all, magic reimagined. >> i have seen him before.
4:59 pm
he's fantastic. dan and james say they are not making as much as they do in personal shows, but they are playing to audiences around ♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye?
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talk to an eye doctor about xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. an about face for santa clara family. so more businesses can open. and larger groups can gather across the country and county. >> and napa county, getting ready to shut down again. the dining rooms and tasting rooms as coronavirus cases are on the rise. and now outdoor dining will not be opening soon. >> and how testing could be a canary in a coal


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