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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 8, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and then screaming. >> reporter: gershman was off-roading with his 15-year-old son jack when he was shot. it took rescuers 30 hours then to find jack in the information are forest. they say he was covered in bug bites but that he is okay. ari's wife was diagnosed with cancer about six weeks ago and now she's a single parent. and a gofundme page has raised $350,000 for the family. in danville, i'm amy hollyfield, abc 7. and a family is speaking after a san francisco ceo went on a racist rant at a caramel valley restaurant. melanie woodrow as the video and the ceo's response. >> reporter: raymond and his family were having dinner july
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4th. >> there just celebrating, having fun. >> reporter: and the fun quickly disappeared as the imagiman in background began rantsing. >> i hear this loud voice, f'ing asians. >> say that again. oh, now you're shy? >> reporter: he gave the family the finger and then said [ bleep ]. >> you need to leave. >> you do not talk like that. you need to leave. >> asian piece of [ bleep ]. >> it is sad that there are still people that are like that in this world. let alone in this country. >> reporter: an employee quickly stepped in. >> you will not talk to our guests like that. get out now. they are our guests. >> oh, are they? >> i admire her for that. >> reporter: the vice president
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and general manager in part writes we're proud of our staff in keeping with our core values. and also writing my behavior in the video is appalling. this was clearly a moment where i lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments. i would like to deeply apologize to the chan family. i can only imagine the stress and pain they feel. i was taught too respect people of all races and i will take the time to reflect on my actions and work to better understand the inequality that so many of those around me face every day. >> he is just saving face i think. i think he really meant what he said and what he did. i don't believe his words. because his actions speak louder than the words he is saying. >> reporter: and those actions in part include additional instagram comments directed at atnclu exp exp exp exp exp exp
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lofthouse did not respond to the request for comment. >> i can't say what he did was acceptable or right. no. it isn't. because a lot of people will probably disagree with me by saying that i forgive him, but i do. wrrt medic . >> reporter: melanie woods row, abc 7. and the majority of californians are worried about contracting covid-19. this is according to a poll released this morning. the california health care foundation worked with ipsis and they found that 77% of californians are concerned that they or a family member will get coronavirus. 53% think that shelter-in-place restrictions are being relaxed too quickly. but keep in mind this survey was conducted before governor newsom ordered indoor restaurants in many counties to close.
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santa clara is moving forward to reoccupy parts of the economy next week including fitness facilities and hair and nail salons. the county's application to accelerate its reopening was initially denied over the weekend by the state. officials say it was because of differences in the way the county and state were calculating covid-19 hospitalization data. >> we know that we can't be 100% in our homes sheltered all the time, but when we know out to engage in business or activity, we must do it differently. if we don't do it differently, we'll be in big trouble. >> dr. cody says that the county recorded more than 450 new cases over a two day period during the holiday weekend. officials in san francisco say they are taking it day by day in deciding when restaurants and bars can reopen. indoor dining and outdoor
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drinking was supposed to start monday. mayor breed says the city is delaying this time line until the number of covid-19 cases stops rising. san francisco has reported 4020 cases as of yesterday and 50 people have died. officials say they are working closely with restaurants to figure out how best to move forward. governor newsom will update the state's response at noon today. monday he said that the state would expand monitoring of counties saying spikes in cases of coronavirus. newsom has been criticized saying he is allowing reopenings too soon. we'll be bringing you his news conference. the oakland zoo unfortunately on the brink of shutting down. but today officials are discuss their options with the city. zoo officials say that they have lost $2 million every month since march when coronavirus
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forced the shzoo to close.e clan outdoor museum similar to parks that have been allowed to reopen. rides, restaurants and indoor exhibits would stay closed. the zoo would operate at limited capacity. and health efforts are wanting of another spike because of people not following social distancing rules over the fourth of july weekend and this is as a new study finds that asymptomatic people may be responsible for half of the country's cases. the study says more than a third of silent spreaders as they are called would need to be identified to suppress a major outbreak. >> about 20% of hospitalization. about 20% of those people will need critical care. and if you end up on a ventilator, 80% of those folks will die. evod inillssay the virus isadg e
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ry sic with covid-19. come on, let's go. keep going. can't be in this country in. >> next, what the woman behind this verb be al attack is telling abc 7. and one as pitcher is wondering whether there will be a season. you know what, people don't want to hear that. people are sxhit theed about baseba excited, but you have to keep it real. >> i still have concerns. there is too many of them being tested positive. so i hope. we need it. we need something to tie inadvertetie -- divert our attention. and it is 4:. 37 on this wednesy morning. we have mostly clear conditions with temperatures from 54 at
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fr fremont. and you can fichtsz everywhe50s everywhere. san jose low to upper 60s. temperatures are about 2 to 7 degrees warmer inland. and here is a look at what is going on as far as your commute. and you can see that it will be mild to hot for mass transit. calmer bridges and smoother water for the ferries because the breezes won't be there this afternoon. so the temperatures will warm up from 62 to mid-80s this afternoon. and mostly sunny in the north bay. mid-80s throughout the afternoon hours. and 73 at 8:00. and the warmest temperatures will be in the east bay valley, 84 at noon and low to mid-90s for several hours this afternoon. air conditioning weather is
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back. we'll talk about how long this is going to last coming up because it is a pretty significant stretch. but look who is back and she's infrances, how are you? >> morning, everyone. good to be back and traffic is looking great as well. mike was telling us about the beautiful weather and we have a lot of green traffic all around the bay area. there is road work going on though that you need to know about in san francisco. northbound 101 approaching 280, road work scheduled to have the whole freeway closed until 6:00 this morning but i noticed that the sensor just turned green so they may be opening early. southbound lanes are reduced as well, but not a full freeway closure. there is one crash southbound 101 sierra point parkway off-ra off-ramp, but it is looking good along the peninsula. there is slowing westbound 205 out of tracy, you will see you are sluggish there into the
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altamont pass. live shot of the san mateo bridge shows slightly more crowded conditions in the westbound direction. been picking up east bound, looking great right now. no mll on 880. and a live shot of the golden gate bridge shows some road work in the northbound direction and that is scheduled to be picked , ♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day.
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don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye? talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye.
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there is a touch of maize o haze out there, but is not there. and we'll end up with warmer temperatures above average this afternoon away from the coast where we'll stay in the 60s. rest of us 80s and 90s, but sefrt70s as we head through the evening. 105 to 125, those are the temperatures this weekend down in the high desert. upper 90s in the central valley. and the teacher who made headlines in 1997 when she pled guilty to raping a 12-year-old student has mary kay le tourneau died from
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cancer. they had two kids and got married but divorced last year but remained close. her attorney says that he was at letourneau's side when she died. this woman is now out ever a job after a viral video. she was seen and heard telling an asian american family that they can't be in this country while hiking in the north bay. dionne h dion lim has the >> reporter: you are watching the shocking moment when a family's hike took an uncomfortable turn. >> you can't be in this country. >> reporter: the father, his wife, 6-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter and her dog were nearing the end of a four mile hike on july 4th when they were suddenly confronted by this woman who was calm but upset
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fluffy is on the trail. >> you can't just step in front of us and tell us go back to your country. that is dehumanizing. all right the wom . >> reporter: and the woman was identified by viewers. tsaks is a former vice president for 24 hour fitness and was employed as chief people officer at topa equities. and topa says in part following an internal review, we have accepted the resignation of the employee involved. topa equities does not condone racism or discrimination of any kind any form. and taska says she deeply respects the rights of all people and regretd gs her conversation does not depict that and in a her wothat her wod
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by her mask. and the family is still trying to process the turn of events and will continue educating his daughter and son about the diskrimdi discrimination they will face later in life. dion lim, abc 7. and confronting racism is everybody's spoptresponsibility. so we hope that you will join us for a round table discussion on the important of it is tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. giants hope to be back in action today, they had to worko because some covid-19s testing is still being processed. the as began their workouts monday night because of the same issue. and the as will take the field at the cold scoal again t
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for their opener. and jake says he won't opt out of playing but he wonders if there will be a season because of the testing situation. >> there is a little part in everyone's mind that thinks that this whole thing will get shut down, like i think even hryone a little bit of fear that that might happen. >> the chronicle reports the as are considering municipal stadium in san jose as a training field and that location is pretty close in case they need to get a reserve player quickly. if you are flying on delta or united, alcohol will be an option again. you probably know most airlines stopped serving dhol aing alcoh snacks to try to prevent the spread of covid-19. on delta, you have to be in first place or a flight more than 5500 miles.
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what is the difference that they could just walk a few rows back or they just want you to buy the premium seats? >> yeah, that is a good point. as i talked about and i know you've flown, that mask does not come off my face once i enter the airport. there is no chance of any outside air getting inside of that mask whether i have to starve or tdehydrate myself. no. especially in the plane. oh, my goodness. i understand they are trying to make their money back, but is it going to cost in different ways. hi, everybody, let's talk weather. it will stay mild. warming trend begins today, in fact warmer than average away from the coast just about every single day of the next seven. thursday night, it will be a
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little breezy in our hills and a little dry, so there is a bit of a fire current there. there is no fire watch, no red flag warning, but ined idea i i your mind that there could be some issues. and you can see the air mass to our north, not close enough to induce the seabreeze that we've had the last couple days to keep us mild. so look at the temperatures starting to ramp up. 85 at san jose. upper 80s to near 90, morgan hill. in the low to mid 70s in millbrae. near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and salusalito. mid to upper 80s through your valleys and even 90s in yucaipa, clear lake. as we head to the east bay, we have mid to upper 70s until you get to places like castro valley and fremont where we have 80. and inland, we have about 89 in
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san ramon. and temperatures tonight, we'll fall back into the 50s in most neighborhoods. and the accuweather 7 day forecast, you can see 80s and 90s pretty much dominant almost every day. there may be a bit of a dip saturday and again monday of next week. summer is here for the next several days though. and instagram is offering users a new way to control the tone of comments. and now the famous robot dog is now a cheerleader. "techbytes," users can pin up to three of their favorite comments. it is designed to help users manage their profiles better and improve their control of the comments thread. amazon plprime video is off individual user for those who share accounts. each will allow for up to six user profiles.
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it will tailor to individual interests. and finally this core i don't graphed performance took place at a japanese baseball game. those are the famed robot dogs along with some human looking others. they will be performing throughout the month because fans of course are not allowed in the stands.
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for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto helped people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. the bay area air quality management district has extended
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the air quality advisory for gilroy, morgan hill and is an i mart martin. but you can see good air quality the rest of the forecast. you can see all the green. up in the mountain meadow fire and the after effect, all the air quality is going green which is nice. so head out and you can breathe fine today. >> all right, thank you. in the east bay, former livermore little league board president is accused of stealing $22,000 from the group. and faces embezzlement and grand theft charges. the league launched an investigation after her own bank found apparent fraud activity.
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and is this a milestos in d michael blake will take over for january either napolitano. he comes from ohio state university. he graduated from stanford and acknowledges the challenge of the pandemic and the fight for social justice. >> uc is among the few institutions worldwide best equipped really to meet these challenges. perhaps not to solve them, certainly not to solve them single handedly, but to be fully engaged in finding solutions. >> dr. drake was selected by a unanimous vote by the board of regep regents yesterday. happening today, the museum will reopen. it had been closed because of the pandemic. swris it to visitors will have to wear face coverings and social distance.
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a current exhibit is lucy, this is the first exhibition to focus on the peanuts character. some people are really eager to know what space smells like. donors have given more than $300,000 to a kick starter campaign and what they are trying to do is make a fragrance that smells like outer space. the cescent is called ode to spe i guess. according to a video, nasa developed the fragrance for astronaut field training a decade ago. one astronaut says that space smells like a burnt cookie. i don't know if mike will still want it gto go. probably yes. coming up next, walt disney world theme parks are set to reopen and we're taking a look at how they are preparing sfloop th id push to get
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students back in class. students back in class. reaction from bay are ♪ ♪ ♪ for 40 years you've helped make-a-wish, make the stars align. because when we come together, hope and joy will shine. together we've granted more than 500,000 wishes for children fighting critical illness. but we're not done. help us make every wish come true. ♪
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can leave you holding your breath. ♪ but bristol myers squibb is working to change things.
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by researching new kinds of medicines that could help you live longer. including options that are chemo-free. because we're committed to bringing new hope into lung cancer care. we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools. the president's push to get students back in class as soon as possible. reaction from bay area educators and medical professionals. good morning, everybody.
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it is wednesday, juflly 8. gn good morning, reggie. >> you are giving me survivor video realness this morning and i'm loving if. >> i did not think about that. you know -- >> it is the only thing i can think about. >> i love it. >> i guess that says a lot about me. okay, so you are the beyonce, i'm the kelly? let's check in with michelle? mike nicco. >> wow. good we just insult them a little bit. let's take a look at what is going on. hi, everybody. welcome to wednesday. hope your morning is getting off to a good start. we have a few clouds along the peninsula coast. so far the east bay hills are quiet, but there may be a few clouds developing there as we've seen the last couple


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