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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 8, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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reaction from bay area educators and medical professionals. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, juflly 8. gn good morning, reggie. >> you are giving me survivor video realness this morning and i'm loving if. >> i did not think about that. you know -- >> it is the only thing i can think about. >> i love it. >> i guess that says a lot about me. okay, so you are the beyonce, i'm the kelly? let's check in with michelle? mike nicco. >> wow. good we just insult them a little bit. let's take a look at what is going on. hi, everybody. welcome to wednesday. hope your morning is getting off to a good start. we have a few clouds along the peninsula coast. so far the east bay hills are quiet, but there may be a few clouds developing there as we've seen the last couple mornings.
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in fact you can see just how it is kind of hazy and t uer 50 at today. rest of us not as comfortable because of the lack of breezes. we'll hit 80 to 90. and we'll talk about how long the warmth that is above average will last coming up in the accuweather 7 day forecast. the trump administration making a big push to get kids back in the classroom. >> we want to reopen the schools. everybody wants it. the moms want it, the dads want it. >> president hosted a round table discussion on how to safely reopen schools rioo princ udent re inved to th meeting. one sophomore says that she is ready to return. or he is. >> it really means a lot just to be able to get back out and if means a lot to our emotional and
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mental health to be out there with our friends because a lot of us don't have that opportunity. >> education secretary betsy devos is echoing the president's comments and slamming distance learning plans. and now some bay area educators are pretty concerned about this. one of the main areas that we are focusing on is education. and julian glover is live with reaction to all of this. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. more and more school districts here in the bay area are beginning to see reopening as an increasingly difficult task especially some of the larger school districts. the math is just not adding up at this time. santa clara county foekr exampl released guide lines.
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but in san francisco, plans won't be released until the end of this month. and in oakland, they are still weighing if it will be traditional learning or a combination of distance learning and if students would alternate days that they would attend classes. and that still have some concerned. >> 45% are latino, 45% are fwrifwri african-american and 10% other. and about 1,000 travel by transit and they are packed in like sardines and i've not heard discussions around the physical and social distancing, what does that look like on a bus. >> reporter: and in san francisco, even concerns if there will be enough custodians to clean the schools properly. a "chronicle" article says they only have enough custodians to clean less than half. and how do you hire enough
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nurses to monitor hlth l the students aeco weh. reporting live this morning, julian glover, abc 7 news. and this morning hospitals are being murdered to the brink fighting coronavirus. and this comes as scientists say there is emerging new evidence in how the disease spreads. andrew dymburt has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the nation now vastly approaching 3 million coronavirus cases. more than any other country in the world. the u.s. death toll also reaching a sobering new toll over 131,000 killed from covid-19. but on tuesday, president trump claimed -- >> we're doing very, very well. again, mortality rate, lowest anywhere in the world. >> reporter: dr. fauci, lead infectious disease outbreak, flatly refuting the assertion. >> that is a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death. >> reporter: a new model from the university of washington
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warns 200,000 americans could die from covid before christmas. and now a number of states are rolling back reopening as a result. hospitals and health care systems being pushed to their limits. in san antonio -- >> we're days away from overrunning our hospitals. >> reporter: and florida in for a fight on the front lines. 100 nurses are headed to miami where ventilator use has more than doubled. 50 plus hospitals across the state at icu capacity. in arizona, testing sights are packed and labs are backed up. this as the world health organization acknowledging that it may be possible that covid-19 spreads through the air more easily than originally thought. the president also officially taking steps to withdraw the united states from the world health organization is, something his 2020 opponent joe biden says that he will reverse if elected in november. andrew dim brurymburt, abc news
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washington. here in the bay area several counties are making adjustments. more businesses like nail and hair salons in santa clara county could be open as soon as monday. napa county will again shut down dine in restaurants, bars and indoor tasting rooms tomorrow. and san francisco is pausing indoor dining indefinitely. in the east bay, oakland's mayor showing how easy it is to get tested for coronavirus. city and community leaders came together to promote testing at the native american health center. mayor schaaf says alameda county saw a 35% increase in coronavirus cases last week. testing at that site is free and it is open to everyone. also want to let you knee coming up later this morning, mayor libby schaaf will join us live. you can watch us talk to her on midday live starting at 11:00 a.m. a prayer service is planned in san francisco today for young people who have been killed by gun violence. and that includes 6-year-old
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jace young. his grieving family is now pleading for help to find his killer. loved ones and the mor ounded jres yesterdays he help. >> jace was different, my son was different. my son mattered. my son was going to be somebody. >> no more death, no more destruction in the black community! we got a chance to do something different. >> a man was also shot but he survived. police say this is not a randomg not the intended targets. the archdiocese will leave t prayer service today at 1:00 p.m. in the bay view. president is scheduled to meet with mexico's president at the white house today. they are celebrating the new
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north america free trade deal. the agreement between the u.s., mexico and canada went into effect july 1. this is his first trip abroad since taking office more than a year and a halving a gf ago. justin trudeau will not be there because of scheduling conflicts. and concerns about the coronavirus are also believed to be a factor. let's talk about what is going on with your weather. in the east bay, clear sky after highs in the 80s and 90s, we're down into the 50s and 60s. but highs for the most part will be in the 90s again this afternoon. so enjoy that comfort while you ever it. we hav in oakland right now. most of us in the 50s elsewhere ever it. we have 60 in oakland right now. most of us in the 50s elsewhere. so today is a quick burn if you don't have the sunscreen on, 15 to 20 minutes from very high uv
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index. and if you are walking the dog, surfaces will be hot once again when we start to reach those 90s. those surfaces will start getting into the 110, 120 gledee range. on the bay, it will be a little calmer. san francisco, 56 this morning upper 60s this afternoon. down to 62 by 8:00. almost total sunshine today. for the east bay, we're at 60 at 8 :00 and 80 this afternoon. peninsula, 77 at noon, but low to mid-80s for a couple hour this is afternoon and down to 70 with sunshine at 8:00 this evening. not nearly as breezy in all these areas as it has been the first two days of the week. let's find out about the morning commute.frances. we have an injury crash on
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westbound 0 nearigy ll cart esickly, butightowis there is also road work going on in san francisco, full freeway closure, traffic being diverted on to 280. and that is scheduled until 6:00 this morning. in the southbound direction, lanes blocked as well and there is some slowing on southbound 101 leaving san francisco approaching 280. you can also pop over to 280 as an alternate. there is an accident southbound 101, sierra point parkway f-ot causing delays on 101. bay bridge toll plaza still pretty light. and coming up next, the 7 things to know this morning. and also racial tensions flaring in the east bay, the writing that has people saying not in our neighborhood. i had about $8,000 worth of
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here are 7 things to know this morning. number one, the sierra county sheriff's office has identified the suspected gunman in the shooting death of a danville doctor over the holiday weekend. they say 40-year-old john thomas conway made the most wanted list last fall. number two, the we a prayer service in san francisco today for young people killed by gun violence. this is after a 6-year-old boy was killed july 4th. police are still searching for suspects in that case. number three, governor newsom will update the coronavirus response at her onb on our app and at number four, giants hope to
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resume practice today at oracle park. the team had to suspend two workou workouts yesterday because some coronavirus tests were still being processed. and number five, where is the marine layer? because of that, we have warmer weather on the way above average temperatures through at least friday. i'll have an update on the weekend coming up. and number six, our traffic hot spot is in oakland, westbound 580 near highway 13, now the two right lanes are open after an injury crash are. and number seven, congratulations to the couple with the longest marriage in presidential history. jimmy carter and his wife are celebrating 74 years of marriage today. racial tenksions flaring in the east bay where the words white lives matter were painted on a roadway after "black lives
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matter" mural was vandalized. j.r. stone has more. >> reporter: white lives matter are words that can be seen in this picture and words that were painted on this street in martinez. anderr gates5:00. >> what i saw was hate speech written on the ground. and we won't tolerate it. >> reporter: when word got around town, groups of people showed up and at least one person started to cover over the words. >> we won't tolerate this in our neighborhood. we're not going to take this kind of hate. >> reporter: these writings are just the latest of tense days. a couple was seen vandalizing a "black lives matter" mural. a day later, someone drove by yelling -- >> and f us off. so i got on my skateboard and followed him to get the plates. >> reporter: and witnesses say that man who was later arrested pulled a gun on people. those accused of vandalizing the
5:16 am
"black lives matter" mural have been identified as david nelson and nicole anderson. both now facing hate crime charges in this latest scene, police say the roadway was illegally painted saying white lives matter. and then unlawfully colored with black paint until city crews cleared the area. >> yes, all lives matter. but until we stop getting killed in the streets and slaughtered, this whole humanity won't matter. >> reporter: no arrests have been made and police have not released a description of the person or persons who originally wrote white lives matter. in martinez, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. if you night an you need an action, you will find resources and guides. and a total of seven former
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ebay employees are charged in a cyber 125 cyber stalking campaign. the latest was a security officer. the seven suspects are accused of emotionally and psychologically terrorizing a massachusetts couple whose news letter was critical of the online auction site. the department of justice says there were three parts to their campaign including sending disturbing deliveries to the couple's home, posting their private info online and then traveling to the boston area to watch the couple in their home and community. san francisco based levlevy is cutting jobs. when 15% of its corporate workforce. it says it won't affect pli yi s employees at stores or factories. right now most of its stores have reopened, but sales are about 80% of what they were a
5:18 am
year ago. le levi's says that the layoffs will save the company about $100 million a year. and we know covid-19 has caused so many people their jobs, but a bay area to redo hi abilities taking it fract taking it from the stage to the computer screen. dan chan has been a professional magician now for 20 years. his 12-year-old son james actually joins in on his act. the family reinvented their performances for zoom which was harder than it looks. >> everything that worked in the past doesn't work very well in zoom, so i had to reinvents anything. i probably added 40 or 50 new effects. >> so they failed occasionally at the beginning, but they quickly developed a collection of tricks that worked online. you got to innovate.
5:19 am
>> yes, you do. >> and they did. >> my husband was a magician as a kid. >> he was? >> yeah, he did gigs in his little town in minnesota. >> and should we expect to see this anytime soon? >> that's what i'm trying to figure out. >> occasionally he will come out of retirement, but it takes a lot of coaxing and sometimes alcohol. >> well, he has time now, so we might be lucky. >> that is true. >> look for a box that rattles on your doorstep pretty soon. hi, everybody. welcome to wednesday. let's take a look at what is going on in san jose. looks pretty lazy out the hazy t the air quality is pretty good except around the crews fire. could be lingering effects from
5:20 am
that. so there is an advisory there. sunny and calmler with above average highs. and at night we'll cool nightly into the 50s and 60s which should keep us in good sleeping conditions. there is one caveat, thursday night the winds may be a little breezy in the hills and there may be a higher fire concern. the fog cast, you can see it is along the east bay wrons agaion and the hills and pa nebs enins coast. but later morning hours, it will be gone. 85 in san jose, gilroy 90 today. 85 at redwood city, down to about 74 in millbrae. not nearly as breezy the last couple days. the breezes confined mainly to the coast keeping you around 62 to 65 along the peninsula. near 70 in downtown, south san francisco b francisco, sausalito. calmer in the valleys and mid to upper 80s.
5:21 am
along the east bay shore, koum calmer today with mid to upper 70s. san ramon, 89. everybody else in the low to mid-90s inland. and a look at tonight's temperatures, we have mid to upper 50s. and accuweather 7 day forecast, above average away from the coast with 80s and 90s all seven days. scientists have a lot of hope for an injection that can pre-swre prevent hiv. they say this injection every eight weeks is more effective at preventing hiv than the daily oral pills. san francisco and oakland are this year's aids conference hosts. activities are being held virtually. and i should add this is not yus approved for use in the u.s. a new study finds that many families in san francisco are not using the city's paid leave benefits for families. the city has had a paid parental
5:22 am
leave ordinance since 2016 and this requires employers to compensate workers who receive state benefits for family leave. but tit says that many low incoe families and their employers are not even aware that this law exists. one study found that less than 2% of medicaid recipients had even heard of this ordinance. a state senator says that the city has to work on outreach and raising awareness. stephen curry and aaron rodgers just two of the celebrities who will be in lake tahoe golfing over the weekend. and positio
5:23 am
5:24 am
let's talk more about that air quality forecast. as i mentioned, the advisory continues for places like gillry, morgan hill and is an mar teen because of the localized effects of the crews fire there and the smoke.teen bd effects of the crews fire there and the smoke.
5:25 am
hopefully today is the last day because you can see everywhere else, everything is good. get outside, breathe deeply he enjoy. just wear a mask. >> always. stephen curry, patrick mahomes and aaron rodgers will headline this weekend's american century celebrity golf tournament at lake tahoe. but this year there will be no fans. there are even rules for the fan boats for physical distancing. no one is allowed on the beach. and aaron rodgers can't play catch with fans. rodgers is paired up with steph and his dad for the first round which startsrtsrtsrts in first look, disney world is set to reopen saturday. and will reeve takes a look at the preps under way. >> reporter: in "gma first look," the new normal at disney world as it prepares to reopen. we're live inside the magic kingdom with an exclusive look
5:26 am
at the changes being made to keep visitors safe. on saturday, the iconic destination will begin a cautious reopening of its parks after being shut down for four months due to the covid-9 pandemic. >> we've really focused on ensuring that we have a thoughtful and methodical reopening strategy that is phased on various attendance levels that allow us to launch, learn and adjust. >> reporter: attractions will have added safety measures. but as coronavirus cases surge in florida, many critics fear this reopening may be premature de t precautions disney is taking. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll tell you what you need to know if you are planning a visit. where your "gma first look," i'm will reeve, abc news, orlando. >> i like how in every video of this the characters are still pumped up, they are ready, they are happy. >> and mickey mouse was looking slim. he has been working out
5:27 am
>> what is, no corona 15 for him? we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the industry seeing another tumble as coronavirus cases spike. also the fda is warning about a sxhcommonly used covid- test. >> reporter: we're learning more about the man accused of shooting and killing
5:28 am
5:29 am
dad's been shot. i think he's dead. the whole thing was crazy. >> now at 5:30, new details surrounding the shooting death of this danville doctor. a family member describes what happened. you need to leave. >> you do not talk to our guests like that. >> he was full of hate and
5:30 am
anger. >> this had me hot when i first saw it, a tech ceo goes on a racist tirade, the family's reaction to his apology. and how concerned are californians when it comes to contracting covid-19? we'll share the results of a new poll out overnight. also this morning, robot dogs from boston dynamics somehow finding their way into our newscast look, the reason is because they are trying to take over. >> i know, but i feel like they are getting a little more smooth. you saw the moves. >> kumasi, that's what they will do. they try to win our infection and then they do in. >> let me stay strong. >> please, please stay strong. do not let them take you. good morning on this wednesday, july 8. >> mike, did they take you, did you see the robot moves? >> i was glad to see them do
5:31 am
something positive at least. i thought i saw them twerking and i'm like -- >> not twerking. i mean, it did kind of look like that was next. >> yeah, that would be over the edge, wouldn't it? hi, everybody. welcome to wednesday. great having you along with us. let's take a look at the advise a visibility out there. but nothing too big. we have a little cloud cover along the peninsula coast. some clouds are trying to develop along the east bay shore. so pretty much almost the same scenario we've had the last two days. but this afternoon will be a little different. the bay breezes relax and that means warmer temperatures. along the coast into san francisco, the breezes will keep us in the mid to upper 60s, but you can see 74 in richmond, 82 in palo alto, south bay, mid to upper 80s and also north bay. and low to mid-90s in to the east bay valleys. so we'll talk about how thwill
5:32 am
last coming up in the 7 day forecast. this morning we're learning more about the shooting in the sierra over the holiday weekend that left a danville doctor dead and his son alone in the woods for 30 hours. amy hollyfield is live in danville where what we've learned about the suspect. >> reporter: good morning. the danville family tells me that they were told that the suspect is not cooperating with authorities. no motive has been given for the shooting, just that it was a random attack. we now know the name of the person who has been arrested and we have a photo. this is john conway of oroville. he was on butte county's most wanted list last summer. there was a felony warrant out accusing him of making terrorist threats, battery and vandalism. he is now accused of shooting 45-year-old ari gerk mresresre t
5:33 am
death. he was off-roading with his son when he was shot. and it appears that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> we know it is random, the shooter doesn't know us, we don't know him. we have nothing to do with anything. wrong place, wrong time. my guess is he has got mental issues. >> reporter: authorities say conway shot three people friday in the forest. the two other victims survived. gershman leaves behind his wife paige who was diagnosed with cancer six weeks ago and is going through chemo. the couple has three kids. it took authorities about 30 hours to reach jack in the forest. he was scared and lost and his cellphone died. relatives say that he was scratched up and curved overed i bites, but that he is okay. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
5:34 am
one person is dead after a small plane crash in south lake tahoe. this photo shows the downed plane. it crashed yesterday afternoon about two miles away from the lake tahoe airport. deputies say they found the plane upside down in this wooded area. a second person suffered serious yo injuries. a majority of california i don't knows are worried about contracting covid-19. that is according to a new poll. health of course one of the things that we're focused on here at ashbc 7. and they found more than three quarters of californians are concerned they or a family member will get sick with coronavirus. minorities and people with low incomes tend to be more concerned. more than half think that shelter in place restrictions are being relaxed too quickly. keep in mind this survey was conducted before governor newsom ordered indoor restaurants in many counties to close.
5:35 am
and speaking of the governor, he will have an update to the state's response to the pandemic at noon again today. during the update monday, he said that the state would expand monitoring of counties seeing spikes in cases ever ever coronavirus. some say that he allowed reopening too soon. we'll bring you his news conference right here at and abc 7 and the app. santa clara has approval to move forward with its plan to reopen part of the economy next week. so that does include fitness facilities, as well as hair and nail salons. the county's application to accelerate its reopening was initially denied by the state. officials say it was because of differences in the way that the county and theta calculating covid-19 hospitalization data. >> we know that we can't be 100% in our homes sheltered all the time, but when we go out to engage in business or to engage
5:36 am
activity, we must do it differently. if we don't do it differently, our cases will continue to axle rate and we will be in big trouble. >> and dr. cody says that the county recordedaxlerate and we trouble. >> and dr. cody says that the county recorded more than 450 cases over two days over the holiday weekend. and in san francisco, they are taking it day by day to decide when restaurants and bars can take the next step in reopening. indoor dining and outdoor bars were supposed to start monday. mayor breed says that the city is delaying the time line until the number of covid-19 cases stops rising. san francisco has reported 4020 cases as of yesterday. 50 people have died. officials say they are working closely with restaurants about how to move forward. and the oakland zoo is on the brink of shutting downoptio. officials say they have lost $2 million a month since march.
5:37 am
the zoo is proposing that the city classify it as an outdoor museum similar to parks and botanical gardens which have been allowed to reopen. rides and indoor exhibits would stay closed. and they would operate at a limited capacity and masks and social distancing would be required. health experts are warning about another spike in covid-19 cases because people did not follow social distancing rules over the fourth of july weekend. this is as a new study finds that asymptomatic people may be responsible for half of the coronavirus cases. the study says more than a third of silent spreaders would need to be identified to suppress a major outbreak. about 20% of people will need hptizatioospitalization. and about 20% of those people will need critical care. and if you end up on a ventilator, 80% of those folks will die. >> experts say the virus is spreading so rapidly that we would soon get to the point where everybody in the u.s. will
5:38 am
know someone who is very sick with covid-19. and the fda has issued a warning for a commonly used covid-19 diagnostic test. people who got tested with a bd max nasal swab may want to get confirmation with a different authorized test. the nasal swab shows false positives in 3% of cases. the company is working with the fda to resolve the problem. coming up, a birthday celebration at a local restaurant ruined by racism. the outraged employee who took action against this tech ceo. and a milestone for the university of california, it will have its first black president ever. we'll introduce you to dr. michael drake. but first we introduce you to mike nicco. >> thank you, reggie. let me introduce you to what is going on outside. it is clear along the peninsula. over on the coast side, there are a few more clouds, but temperatures right around 51 to
5:39 am
55 degrees. elsewhere, we have 50 degree temperatures and in oakland and east bay, interior sections, we have low to even mid-60s there. so some areas are just a touch milder than we were this time yesterday. let's talk about your commute as we look at san jose. and you can see it is a little hazy, but no spare the air today. mild this morning and mild in san francisco, but hot if you head anywhere else on mass transit this afternoon and evening. no small craft advisory. and here is a look at the south bay, sunshine and 79 at noon. low to mid-80s most of the afternoon. very nice 72 at 8:00. check out the wall to wall sunshine in the north bay after 8:00, mid-80s this afternoon. in the east bay valleys, the warmest from 70 at 8:00 to low to mid-90s this afternoon. the days of free air conditioning, i think they are just about over for the interior
5:40 am
east bay neighborhoods. now a look at the morning commute. and we'll head to sflan and that is our biggest issue right now. overnight road work on 101 both directions near 280 scheduled until 6:00 this morning. northbound full freeway closure until 6:00, but i'm hearing lanes may be reopened as well as in the southbound direction because right now traffic is flowing very well. a lot of green traffic. there was some slowing earlier. also another accident -- another problem rather westbound 580 oakland has been cleared. minor slowing at the time. and here is a look at 680 in walnut creek. southbound traffic on the right side. a crash has been reported, but you can see that it is not affecting people at this point. and we'll check out the south bay for you, this is northbound 101 under 880. nice and clear and quiet out there.
5:41 am
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thought we'd take a look at our day planner for today. in the mornings this morning for the most part. 50 to near 60 along the coast this afternoon, that is where the breezes will be and influence the greatest felt because we have 80s and 90s elsewhere. but 105 to 125 this weekend in the deserts. and that is dangerously hot. right now upper 90s through the central valley, 109 in palm 109 spring springs. the teacher who made headlines inn pl guilty to raping a 12-year-old y from cancer monday.
5:44 am
she gave birth to two children fathered by her student before serving 7 years in prison. and in 2005, the couple got married but they divorced last year, still remaining close. her attorney says that he was at what to letourneau's side when she died. and a ceo went off in a rant and now apologized. >> you did not talk to our guests like that. you need to leave. >> asian piece of [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. >> get out. >> so the family was celebrating a birthday lunch at lucialucia michael lofthouse started cursing at him. he is ceo of solid 8, a san francisco based tech company. he apologized in a statement staying i can only imagine the stress and pain they feel. i was taught to respect people of all races and i will take the time to reflect on my actions and work to better understand the in-quaumgity that so many of
5:45 am
those around me face every day. the family does not buy his apology. >> he is just saving face i think. i think that he meant what he said and what he did. i don't believe his words. because his actions speak louder than the words he say. >> a restaurant employee stepped in and told lofthouse to leave. the company issued a statement saying that it is proud of its staff for maintaining its core values. >> can we please celebrate this anti-racist queen who stepped in and stood up for that family? >> yes. >> there are several gofundme accounts and it looks like it is raising thousands of dollars for her. so if you ever are at the licia restaurant, you know what to do. on that line before you sign it, throw in exta dollars for her because that was something else. and we're not done with the racist rantss just yet. an asian american family's fourth of july hike took an
5:46 am
uncomfortable turn to say the least. they say they were the victims of a racist confrontation. >> can't be in this country? >> he says that woman approached him and his family, apparently she was dog on the trail and th family didn't realize that dogs weren't allowed. >> you can't just step in front of us and tell us go back to your country. that is dehumanizing. >> she worked at i at topa at ta she's now resigned after an internal review there. taska says the video does not depict what happened and that her words were muffled by the mask. she says she deeply he respects the rights of all people and regrets her conversation did not
5:47 am
illustrate that. join us tomorrow as we host a round table discussion. don't miss allies in action, a bay area conversation tomorrow at 4:00 right here on abc 7. now to better news, a milestone for the university of california, it will have its first black president ever. dr. michael drake will take over for janet napolitano. he comes from ohio state university. dr. drake graduated from stand toward and he acknowledges that the challenges of the pandemic and fight for social justice. >> uc is among the few institutions worldwide best equipped really to meet these challenges. perhaps not to solve of them, certainly not to solve them single handedly, but to be fully engaged in finding solutions. >> dr. drake was selected in a unanimous vote by the board of regents yesterday. and now to the robots. who needs a crowd of cheering fanshe you've got these?
5:48 am
take a look at this japanese baseball game. fans aren't allowed in the stadium because of covid-19, so they filled the fans we are bottom dogs from boston dynamics and along with the humanoid looking robot. i think that they are the same ones that we have at area malls here. and the choreographed cheer. >> is that what we're calling it, a dheer? >> i mean -- >> look at this dance. who choreographed this? >> what is this dance? what are they doing? >> to me, just my opinion, they are up to absolutely no good. >> this is too much for me. >> looks frightening to me. >> they are looking at all of us, notice how they took a picture of everybody, we're watching everybody.
5:49 am
>> the dog robots, they had a litle flow to it. i don't know what the human robots were doing. >> preparing for the attack. >> okay. >> yeah, they are in unison now. now they have doubled up on us. >> in sync. and not in a good way, no justin -- never mind. let's take a look at what is going on. hope you're having a good start to the day. you can see from sutro tower it will be a sunglass wearing day with temperatures warming today and staying above average the next seven days. it will fluctuate a little bit. like a little faster breeze thursday night which heightens the fire concern. it will be fastest along the coast. and you can see a couple areas of low pressure skirting us to the north. they are too far north to influence the seabreeze and
5:50 am
bring us cooler weather except for along the coast. so this is just the beginning with these low to mid-80s in the south bay. as you head up the peninsula, we have mid-70s to mid-80s today without the refreshing breeze from yesterday and the day before. mid-60s along the coast. and near 70 in downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, 72. and then you jump into the mid to upper 80s through the north bay valleys. breezy along your sunny coast and mid-60s. mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore. not as breezy as yesterday. and as you head inland, low to mid 90s in the east bay. temperatures though at night will fall back to comfortable levels, 50s and 60s. you can see 80s and 90s pretty dominant away from the coast all seven days with low to mid-60s at the coast. have a great day. airline bookings are starting to tumble once again as covid-19 cases spike. according to the "wall street journal," united is warning its employees about potential
5:51 am
furloughs because of new travel restrictions. that includes regulations in new york, new jersey and connecticut. those regulations mandate travelers from california and other pandemic hot spots in the u.s. have to quarantine themselves for 14 days. united says fewer people are booking flights as covid cases soar. a flight attendant gave passenger as laugh when he explained the dos and don'ts of flying with a humorous twist. >> any of you traveling with children this morning? i'm kidding. we like the kids. if you are traveling with more than one child, except the one where more earning potential and put their mask on them first. and sit back, relax and enjoy your 59 minute flight to chicago. love you. >> i love you. >> love you.
5:52 am
>> mike xwric mike griffin tagged the and i remember asking southwest to give this man a raise. >> and i'm looking to see how many spaces they have on the flight. it looks pretty good. i think that that is the problem, the numbers are going up but the airlines are like the seats are going to be filled, so you are like why am i getting on this plane. >> uh-huh. united, american, i he so you. >> we see you. new at 6:00, getting serious with stay-at-home crackdowns and vowing to hand out $10,000 fines if you violate the health order. but first the back and tort over nasa's budget, what the agency hopes to accomplish in the next four years even without an increase. and plus new features on instag
5:53 am
there's this game-time internetting room.nity. so fun. wow. and then there's this work-from-home internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. this is not an open house. but your front door was open, so technically it is. get the most in-home wifi coverage with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $24.99 a month for 12 months. or, ask about packages with speed up to a gig. click, call or visit a store today.
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new features rolling out on instagram are designed to help limit the harassment and bullying that can go along with that app. instagram users can pin up to three of their favorite comments making sure they stay at the top of their post. other features include the ability to delete comments in bulk and choose who can tag and mention you on specific posts. amazon prime video is offering individual profiles for those who share an account. you can have up to six user profiles. this is just like every other streaming service so kind of surprised it has taken this long. the trump administration has been pushing to increase nasa's budget by 12%. but it won't happen if the house gets its way. a new bill wuld keep nasa's spending flat next year. a nasa official says even without the proposed increase in spending, he is optimistic about moving forward with a moon mission. nasa hopes to land the first woman and the next man on the
5:56 am
moon in 2024. mike, this means that you have some time to get ready. >> i do. and i will need it. they should send me up there for science experiments, right? let's take a look at what is going on outside. here is a look at san jose where it is a little hazy and 56 degrees. air quality in general will be good everywhere, however we do have an air quality advisory. we talked about this yesterday. it was supposed to end yesterday, but the bay area air quality management district extended it for gilroy, morgan hill and san martin because of the crews fire. otherwise breathe deeply, wear a mask anyway. new at 6:00, facebook is under fire. and brand new results of a year e's long report just relead about facebook. what this report says that it failed do in stopping rac hate speech.
5:57 am
and we've all thought about it from time to time, but did this man really find the end of a rain blow? see wh see what he saw on his walk. and this morning president trump and also betsy devos coming out and saying that classes do need to resume in person in the fall. but school districts here in the bay area are still having a tough time trying to figure out what that will
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
back to school, but too soon. are bay area classes ready to be clean sanitary spaces for your kids? one schoolteacher is fearing that they were never well equipped to begin with. we'll get it that story in a moment, but first let's check in with mike nicco. you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast and here is mike. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. welcome to wednesday. tha things will change just a little bit today. if you have enjoyed those breezes, they will be at the coast more than anywhere else. and at the coast is where we have our greatest amount of cloud cover especially the peninsula coast. some clouds are trying to develop along the east bay shore like we've seen the last two days.
6:01 am
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