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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 9, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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don't throw parties. >> so advice from me to the college students of the world, nothing good ever happened at a fraternity party anyway. frances, you aren't alone. >> me and mike were just --s e. >>peen't we.t o bus in thatbusiness. >> i was wasting time, but then again, i was wasting time with the wrong boys. so i should have been somewhere else. >> now the truth is coming out.
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all right, guys. tike to talk about weather and then we can get back to the fun and news of the day. 16-mile-per-hour wind at fairfield. not a bad onshore breeze, but not enough to keep us out of above average temperatures this afternoon. you can see some clouds hanging along the coast and a little bit of haze in the bay, but not a spare the air day. temperatures are in the mid-50s again this morning. temperatures in the 60s at the coast while the rest of us hit 73 to 83. those are already average temperatures at noon. and we still have several hours of warming. that is why we'll be above average. 82 to 94 at 4:00. and still 75 to 84 at 7:00 inland. hotter this weekend. and the spread of covid-19 infections shows no sign of slowing down. a record 60,000 new cases have been reported in just the last 24 hours. the sun belt from california to florida is now the global hot spot. dr. birx is bleeding fpleading
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to push back on reopening. >> really asking those in those states to not only use the face coverings, not going to bars, not indoor dining, but really not gathering in homes either. >> the president is threatening to pull funding from school districts that do not open. and new at 6:00, his campaign rally in tulsa likely contributed to a dramatic spike in new infections there. health official in tulsa. a campaign spokesperson wentgre to keep attendees safe including out sanitizer and masks. new details on what the new school year could look like in san francisco. there is preliminary guidance
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and now we're hearing feedback from teachers. and ansar hassan is live for us in san francisco this morning. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco school and city officials say the next two weeks will be critical in determining what the first day of school looks like. they say students will only return to in place learning if the spread of covid-19 can be contained. the city hub and school district officials released guidelines on wednesday that apply to both public and brift schools. what is included? students and staff will be required to wear face masks, students will be kept in what is called stable student groups meaning that they would stay with their classroom for much of the day to limit interaction with others. and there will be physical distancing and schools will limit nonessential staff and visitors. the district is allowing parents to answer surveys for input.
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>> we're making the best skigszs decisions to ensure that everyone is as safe as we can probably make them. >> reporter: is what happewhat student or teacher tests positive for covid-19? the department of health will determine if they need to be quarantined or if the sclclassr or school needs to be closed. ansar hassan, abc 7 news. we have new details this morning, uc berkeley is planning to hold some in-person classes this fall and that may not happen after dozens of covid-19 cases. 47 new coronavirus cases have been tracked back to a series of parties connected to the greek system. >> it bhoothers me, it puts our
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classes or other people in the risk. it is not just students who live here. >> and the outbreak did spread to households and people outside the greek community. the university hopes to hold in-line instruction and in-person starting next month, but now the plans are being reviewed. and as cases reach a record my, three more counties have been added to the watch list. the state adds a county based on a high rate of new infections, positive tests and increasing hospitalizati hospitalizations. and more restaurants on park street will be offering al fresco dining this weekend. the city will begin restriping traffic lanes on park street. two traffic lanes in each direction will be reduced to one. and the extra space will accommodate outdoor dining and shopping. the woork is suppo work is supposed to be done by tomorrow. and similar changes are planned
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for webster street later this month. and living with coronavirus means constantly evaluating the risk level of our activities. from summer chasm amp to shoppie put together a risk calculator. and a wildfire that erupt fld the foothills east of gilroy is now 70% contained. the crews fire had burned at least 5400 acres. cal fire anticipates it should be 100% contained by the weekend. and one structure was sdried, 30 others were threatened. evacuation orders have been lifted. governor newsom will address the wildfire prep atnoon lahd,amr vio fro vlejo m bore andinf sea monterrosa. plus oprah's new project, what she is adapting for film and tv. and warming trend continues
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time check 6:09. and temperatures in the mid to uper 50s through the tri-valley. pleasant hill, con card, con cad low 50s. here is a look at what will happen today. breezy, but burning sun at our beaches. mid to upper 60s there. hot surfaces for walking the dog and small craft advisory south of the bay bridge. and san francisco will hit the low 7 for s hours this afternoon under total sunshine after about 9:00. and east bay in the 60s through
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10:00, 76 at noon. low 80s this afternoon. a nice comfortable 69 at and check out all the sunshine. we'll have a very nice 71 at 8:00 for an after contin teter on the peninsula. let's talk about the morning commute. good morning. we have a lot of green on the freeways, but there are a few spots with trouble. pest bound580 there is as as a and so traffic is heavy. and also an injury crash in burlingame still out there, but it is on the broadway off-ramp. and even though it is an injury well through the area. and 880 looking good here through hayward in both directions. and the earlier road work
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through downtown oakland has been cleared and traffic has recovered. and here is a live shot in san rafael. after week of demands by family members, vallejo police finally released body camera videof t controversial deadly shooting of sean monterrosa. the video shows their response to a looting call at a wall glean -- walgreen's. officers have confirmed that monterrosa did not have a gun, he did have a large hammer in his waist belt. >> he was in a half kneeling position, his hands were toward his waistband when he turned towards the officers. the officers perceive a butt of a gun and they shot. >> and the officer who pulled the trigger was in the back seat and fired through the windshield. the chief won't say if that officer has been disciplined or if he is even still on the
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street. a whistleblower raises concerns about the ttsa and in you the agency is making changes to keep people safe. and also this stunning site in one midwest neighborhood, how a hot air balloon ended up in someone's front yard. and as we head to break, look at this glorious morning. it is friday eve, a beautiful day.
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. welcome back. in the east bay, there are new attempts to save the oakland zoo. they can't reopen unless it is reclassified as an outdoor museum or granted an exception or variance by the state. alameda county says it sent a
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letter asking to reclassify the zoo. if the shoe rzoo runs out of mo the city of oakland will be responsible for the animals. >> it is just such a community treasure. we need to reopen. >>. tsa is making changes to protect people's health. tsa officers will have to clean their gloves or change them out into a new pair between interactions with passengers. and they need to wear face shields and face the tsa is making the changes after a whistleblower raised concerns. now to the video in illinois of a hot air balloon making an emergency landing in the middle of a neighborhood, that is because a woman on board passed out.
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she is okay now. officials say the balloon had been in the air for about an hour when the 80-year-old woman started feeling lightheaded. it was on her bucket list. and after the pilot made a perfect landing, the woman was checked out and refused to go to the hospital. >> glad she's okay. this is on her bucket list, i'm not mad at that. but if i get out to the sky, you are going to the hospital.hospit >> you need to go, we'll finish. >> i guess i shouldn't tell you
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that is what i f barbara for our wedding anniversary. fingers crossed, we can get the hot air balloon ride. outside right now, 54 degrees. pretty quiet right now. becoming sunny with above average warmth everywhere. we'll continue to sleep well at night and we have the moderate to high heat risk this weekend especially sunday. all of the desperate ly w w w still under dry air and that is why we continue to see so much sunshine even at the coast during the afternoon hours. 84 in sunnyville, 88 in san jose, 95 in morgan hill. and upper 70s around millbrae. everybody else in the low to
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mid-80s on the peninsula. check out the mid to upper 60s along the coast and the low to mid 70s in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito, mid to upper 60s at north bay coast. and along the east bay shore, 80 at richmond, oakland move into the valley, 92 in san ramon to brentwood at 98 degrees. tonight 50s just about everywhere. out around achntioch, in the 60. and in the hills also. and check out my accuweather 7 day forecast, you can see a degree or so cooler tomorrow. and 409e es409 hottest temperate inland sunday. and still warmer than average monday, tuesday and wednesday. so i hope you like the warmth. and now let's check in with rob marciano. >> what's coming up on gma? >> good morning kumasi,
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reginald. we have a lot. including a lot of breaking news. we'll start with of course what is up top of mind, the coronavirus and covid cases continuing to climb across the world. milestone now 12 million cases there, 3 million at home. and this as the battle over schools erupt. president trump pushing to open them this fall and blasting the cdc guidelines. now the director of the cdc will be joining us live. and also ahead, we are following the breaking news overnight, "glee" star naya riveria disappeari ining on a lake with 4-year-old son. the child discovered alone in the boat. we have the latest on the search for answer there. and the pandemic has a lot of families turning to rvs for road trips. and some rookie drivers are running in to problems. reggie. literally running in to things. reggie. >> no, no. >> what to watch out for before you get behind the wheel.
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yeah, i'm sure you have good driving. and just one other thing, linehan welynn man well might lin-manuel miranda talking about hamilt"hamilton" on the small s. you're breaking -- >> we see you. >> later. >> very good, robert. thank you very much. >> all a bluff. i know you're grit. >> i'm done with y'all. keeping performing arts alive during the pandemic, how you can help a local theater ada adapt. and a live look outside, we had a nice view earlier. i see. looks like the mt. tam cam.
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this is really crazy. >> and you can see one of the twisters taken in fer gus falls. the tornadoes ripped through farm land destroying cars and trees and one chaser i saw, he was within about a couple hundred yards of one as it was ripping through a cornfield. i was excited for him and jealous. let's talk about what is going on as far as our fire danger. and you can see that it does increase as we head deeper into the morning hours, especially the yellow you see lake mendocino and northern sonoma counties.
6:24 am
and we have no fire weather watcher, red flag warning, just want to let you know that it will be breezy, things are dry, the fuels and air will be super dry and that is why we have the heightened fire danger. as we head through the weekend, check out how hot it will be by sunday. and cloth masks are better than nothing at protecting people from disease, but they really don't compare to medical grade masks. a new study says cloth masks should not be used by health professionals. while the study took place before coronavirus emerged, it did focus on health care wrorkes exposed to flu-like illnesses. and they say the thread count and water resistance can play a role in the quality of protection. and tough times for bed bath & beyond. they plan to close about 200 locations in the next two years. and the first stores will close later this year.
6:25 am
sales fell nearly 50% during the last quarter. bed bath and beyond says that the temporary closures had a really big impact on sales and online orders could not make up the difference. stanford students are trying to safe varsity sports. there are 1 spor11 sports on th chopping block. they say the decision announced yesterday to cut sports like wrestling, fencing, field hockey and men's volleyball is heartbreaking but necessary. there is a petition to reinstate wrestling. and performing arts are taking a big hit because of pandemic and the hammer theater as been closed and now they are trying to get hope to let them continue. so they are looking for donations from the public to get their new setup all put
6:26 am
together. they want to raise money for studio quality high definition cameras that will allow the theater to live stream events and performances from the hammer stage. >> are we know that tno we knowe you of inspiration for people. and they speak to the human condition. >> the city own owned theater typically hosts more than 200 performances a year. and the rock and roll hall f of fame share monceremony will virtually. and this year's inductees include the doob bibroie brothed whitney houston. and oprah winfrey is adapting a project on for television. slavery she is partnering with lions
6:27 am
gate. the project was featured in the new york sometimes last year and it exams the history of slavery and its effect on america. the series of books is also in the works. i think this is a cool idea because i think that people are looking for education and this can be a great way to learn about things. >> you know it will be good. and next, we're hearing from the cdc director on the state of the pandemic. coalition of activists are saying more needs to be done to stop the spread of the virus at the san quentin prison. that story coming up. and plus flew details about the death of george
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now you a record rise in coronavirus cases.
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here in the bay area, the outbreak at a san quentin prison is getting worse. and today healthed a company va address vot cats advocates have a question. and will schools open in the bay area? you don't say that to people. >> and we're hearing from the waitress who defended a family from a man who went on a racist rant. good morning, it is thirursday, july 9. >> and people are sending that waitress cash left and right and i'm here for it. mike, how is it looking outside? >> the heat won't be as powerful
6:31 am
as she is, but something that we'll have to reckon with eventually. hi, everybody, it is friday eve or thursday morning. you can see a little more cloud cover than yesterday. the temperatures are moving up, 68 half moon bay to 72 in san francisco. low to mid-80s throughout the bay. and look at those upper 80s to mid-90s in the south bay. and the north bay, and mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. and again, it will be even hotter this weekend. i'll show you the newest numbers in the triple digits coming up in the accuweather 7 day forecast. now back to the news. and a group of advocates will be coming tt entinhe gover take action to fight the covid-19 crisis at the prison. and in a month we've seen the cases go from 150e rzero to 16.
6:32 am
amy hollyfield is live with more. >> reporter: and they are calling the situation here catastrophic. they want governor newsom to personally come here and tour the prison and see the conditions for himself. and they also want some prisoners released to decrease the population and try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. more than 1300 people here at san quentin have been diagnosed. and six men have died from the virus. the explosion of cases started when some were transferred from a chino he ied an -345mate in they could know and they said there needs to be more done. >>
6:33 am
to tour the prisoneyai that the governor but they are still waiting to hear back. reporting live in san quentin, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> and today the governor will give a conference at 234507b no. and his focus will be on the upcoming fire season. and cal fire crews have trained to maintain social distancing and have minimal contact at base camps. we'll bring you that news conference right here on abc 7 and as well as and our abc ne7 news app. and the governor says the decision on reopening will be based on safety, not based on what the president is saying. and yesterday the governor emphasized that he won't be swayed by the president's statements this week urging schools to bring back students
6:34 am
quickly. with coronavirus cases affecting some areas more than others, the governor says that school districts may vary in when and how they resume instruction. and yesterday 60,000 new cases were reported, that is the largest single day increase on record. and more than 132,000 americans have and about 950 240ur,0950,000 ha. and hospitals are struggling to keep up with the need. and mayor breed will stop public appearances after possibly being exposed to out that she was at a recent event with someone who knew that they were infected. and now she is waiting for her test results. health officials say that she was not within 6 feet of this
6:35 am
hep working at c or ten llch hd thmonths. bouthe death of george floyd. floyd told the minneapolis police officers who arrested him that he could not breath 20 times. that is according to an 82 page transcript of the officer's body cameras that were just released yesterday. and correspond to the tran transcripts, he not only called out for his dead mother but also his children. and he also twice gasped they will kill me. lack lives matter" i l paint front oftoweray in new york city and the mayor says that he will men. the project is expected to take
6:36 am
several days. president trump says that the mural would denigrate 50s avenue and he called it a symbol of hait. > hate. and more than 1.3 million people filed for jobless benefits last week, about 50 million have filed for unemployment insurance over the last 16 weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic. weekly claims have now fallen for 14 consecutive weeks. and more than 18 million people have continuing claims and are still receiving unemployment benefits. today tu.s. supreme court will rule on whether the congress can get the president's banking records. house subpoenas are unpress sented and they are calling fory fidaishe srt and also today joe biden is
6:37 am
expected to unveil a proposal that aims to give a jolt of energy to america's manufacturing and tech firming. the former vp wants a $400 billion four year increase in government spending on u.s. based goods and services. and he want more spend on rment and d. and he wants to make it harder for government agencies to circumvent requirements. developing news this morning, search teams will return to a ventura county lake looking for "glee" star naya riveria. investigators say that the 33-year-old actress may have drowned. a sheriff's helicopter, drivers and drones scoured the lake yesterday evening. the actress went boating and swimming with her 4-year-old son and the boat was fond and only
6:38 am
t the 4-year-old was so board. still ahead, the new service from walmart launching later this month. and right now, we're taking a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're down a little this morning about 70 points. and only on abc 7, you will see the waitress who stepped in to stop a race cist rant. but first, we check in with mike nicco. thank you. and hi, everybody. we'll talk about some warm weather. not necessarily? in san francisco, but low to mid-70s should be delightful. and on the peninsula, a lot of low level clouds hanging along the coast, 49 at pacifica, 54 at half moon bay. and 51 to 357 57 in san carlos.
6:39 am
san rafael at 51. and let's talk about your commute. south of the bay bridge, it will be breezy and choppy. and the south bay. evening will be present,lenty, degrees. and 92 in the north bay at 4:00. and the last stop is the east bay valleys, warmest temperatures for the longest amount 6 time. after 63 at 8:00, 83 at noon, 1:00 to 7:00, low to mid-90s. 85 still a little toasty at 8:00 this evening. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. meet
6:40 am
metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge. and so aut ten minuteo the is an made day osan mateo bridge, looking good. and 101 also fine for the most part, but there is an injury crash on the broadway off-ramp that hasn't caused much of a delay at all. and in the pleasanton area, an accident reported westbound close to ruby hill and that is causing slowing. there is the injury crash in burlingame, but traffic moving at 70 miles per hour. one more shot in the south bay where things are looking good on highway 87.
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let's talk about today. it is about 6:42 and temperatures in the 50s now through about 7:00. already by noon though, 60s, 70s and 80s is average and we'll warm a couple more hours. 60s, 70s and 80s around the bay and 80s and 90s inland. but look at this, 126 during the day and 93 at night, that is dangerous and that is this weekend down in the desert. and you can see some of the hundreds trying to creep into the central valley. i'll have the 7 day forecast coming up. priden schools in the fall despite rising cases of coronavirus across the country. and this morning we are hearing from cdc director redfield about the reviseded guidelines. he talked with george
6:44 am
stephanopoulos this morning. >> it was intentionally nonpre-crinonpre nonprescripti nonprescriptive. some say that everyone needs to do the entire specspectrum, no, there is a spectrum to help the local schools which are convinced to reopening these safely just like i want to say that cdc myself personally to the parents of this nation, we're committed to reopening the schools safely. >> you can see the rest of the interview on gma at 7:00. right now school districts around the bay area are struggling to figure out the best way to resume classes in the fall. education of course one of the key areas we're focusing on as we work to build a better bay area. and this morning we're learning what the school year could look like in san francisco. ansar hassan is live with what families can expect. >> reporter: school officials say that the next few weeks is
6:45 am
critical in determining what the first day of school looks like. students will not return to in-class learning until the spread of covid-19 is contained. the plan was released wednesday. here is some of what it includes. staff and students will be required to wear face masks, they will group students so that they stay with their class for much of the day. limiting mixing with other students. and there will be physical distancing. and schools will also limit n nonessential staff and visitors. and one teacher says that this is a lot of pressure on staff. >> some teachers don't feel comfortable with technology, some teachers don't feel comfortable having their image recorded constantly. some people have immunocompromised family members at home. and so the tension is very real. >> reporter: a final decision is expected on july 28th.
6:46 am
and now to santa rosa where there is a plan that is approved for outdoor classrooms, shorter schedules and masks for everyone. but that is subject to change. the superintendent says that the district will need to pivot depending on what happens with covid-19. for now, the plan is for 16,000 students to return to school on august 17th. but not all together. they will split the student body with half on campus two days a week, and on the fifth day, everyone will be learning from home. oakland unified plans to hold the first day of school on august 10. some parents and teachers are demanding that the physical school buildings remain closed. the group rallied around the
6:47 am
headquarters last night. they want free mask covid-19 testing and tracing. and schools to stick with distance education. now to your morning money report. walmart is launching its competitor to amazon prime. this is koortis according to a website. and for an average subscription fee of 98 buck, you can get same day delivery. and also discounts and early access to some products. and subscribers will also get entertainment services similar to what prime users are getting. and also taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, you can see that we're downage more than 100 or so points. and coronavirus is pushing brooks brothers into bankruptcy. the 200-year-old company filed for chapter 11 protection in a delaware court. and the retailer has struggled as business attire becomes more
6:48 am
casual. books brothers has secure $75 million in financing to continue its operations but it is planning to close 50 of its 250 stores. and a retailer has also filed for bankruptcy. the company announced that it will close about half of its 120 stores. 5 bay area stores will close 3er78ly. and that includes two in san francisco. like other retailers, it was forced to close in march because of the coronavirus pandemic. and now to that racist rant caught on camera at a carmel valley restaurant. the individuvi video was spread the world.
6:49 am
so many of you have been wondering about that waitress who stepped in and proektded th protected that family. gennica cochran says that she had been watching michael lofthouse all night and she said that lofthouse had witswitched sent back food and was rude to her manager. and his outburst against the family was the final straw. >> to hear the emotion coming out of my voice, to see my mannrisms, it was unbelievable. you know, there was just something that came over me and i just -- i did what needed to be done and i think i did what anybody else should or would do in that situation. lofthouse issued a written statement apologizing to the family and as you heard yesterday, the family doesn't buy that apology.
6:50 am
and we are inviting you to join us today as we house an hour long round table discussion on the importance of being an ally in our communities. the panel will share advice on how to become a more effective ally. is it airs at 4:00. i'm looking forward to that. >> and julian glover will be part of it so excited to see him. >> and not everybody can be as strong as that lady, so it will be good to see if there is other maybe more -- i don't want to say passive, but maybe noncon fron tags al ways of
6:51 am
dealing with it also. so can't wait to see that. these town halls have been so informative. let's take a look outside. san jose, sunshine and 57. today is the hottest day so far this week. sunday will be even hotter. and that is when we have a moderate risk of heat illness and heightened fire danger in our hills. tere is a lot of dry air over top of us. and lg the peninsula coast, a reoccurring theme all week. and so look at these temperatures, quite a spread in the south bay. 88 san jose, morgan hill at 95. santa cruz, 79 degrees. and 77 in millbrae, everybody else in the low to mid-80s on
6:52 am
the peninsula. and it will be a little warmer especially along the coast with mid to upper 60s for you. but also quite breezy. and wree breezy south of the ba bridge today also. and 78 in sausalito. and upper 80s to mid-90s about 88 to 95 in the north bay valleys. 80 at rich momond. and 92 in san ramon. 98 in brentwood. sleep well tonight, 50s are back except for 60s out around antioch and up in the hills. and a little more cloud cover tomorrow. and that will set the stage for a slight pullback. 2 to 4 degrees of cofin cooling tomorrow and saturday. and hottest temperatures sunday with the triple digits especially in the east bay valleys. and next week still warmer than average. and the free coronavirus testing site at cal state has been so busy, now you need an
6:53 am
appointment. we sped up video show yyouhow just how long the long line of cars was stretching. they did 542 tests. organizers stopped people from getting in line at 11ment 30 a.m. and the last person wasn't seen until 4:30. >> it hit us within the last couple weeks as far as the wait times. before the demand wasn't as high and now it is super high and we have to comeitem >>er no, i'm not surprised. >> the rate of positive tests jumped from 8% to 14% in the last week. and organizers say that may be because people tested positive and come back for another test a few days later. and walgreen's say that it will send the next five years opening hundreds of clinics with doctor's offices. it is being tested in texas. it is part of the goal of being a one stop shop for all of your
6:54 am
health needs. walgreen's has partnered to make it happen. and has an equity stake in the company. the company says it aims to indicator to older americans looking for an easily accessible local clinic. this morning we're hearing from tiktok sensation that caught the attention of disney and marvel. he seamlessly transitions from one disney action character to the next and now he's at it again. he shared a new video on gma. >> you have made us a new video. let's take a look. ♪
6:55 am
>> this is a scloek. i g >> ahe talks about the inspiration. and also is all this attention going to his head? his hilarious answer is coming up on gma. >> what are we doing? i'm starting to feeling old. my social media does not look like this. is this a lot of creativity and work. >> look, i'm just proud of what i ask ask can edit on my phone. i don't know how to do that. i was so proud when i junched up jumped up in the air and when i came backing down, i was in another shirt. >> and i believe that you can do that too.s. >> dyoour loon? >> i got it. >> all right. we'll get
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. here are seven thing to say know. searchers are in hopes of finding naya riveria. she is presumed drowned. and napa rolling back pandemic reopenings. starting today they are shutting down evindoor and county health officials have released for schools reopening next month. the plan includes student and staffs wearing face coverings and keeping people in stable groups so they don't mix with other students. and number four, governor newsom will address how coronavirus will impact this year's fire season. we'll bring you the update live
6:59 am
at noon. and number five, let's take a look at what is going on. a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the mid-50s. but look at that, by noon we're already at our average highs. and well above average this afternoon. still warmer weather on the way this weekend. and number six, our slowest spot is at the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up to the foot of the maze. and number seven, an amusement park in japan is banning screaming on roller coasters to help stop the spread of coronavirus.ay please scream inside your heart. okay. a lot of people going to the park say that it is not possible. i don't think that it is possible either. what do you think? >> if it is possible, the
7:00 am
japanese can do it. having been to a tokyo good morning, america. global coronavirus cases soaring past 12 million as the crisis deepens in the u.s. >> one, two, one, two, come on. >> doctors in houston pushed to the limit, desperately trying to save lives as beds reach capacity. the outbreak in florida, south carolina and arizona growing faster than anywhere else in the continues. while oklahoma sees a surge, the top health official in tulsa saying protests and the president's rally likely contributed to the outbreak. the president ramps up pressure on schools to open this fall threatening to cut off funding, blasting his own cdc's recommendations on how to do it safely. now the task force says the cdc will revise its guid


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