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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 10, 2020 12:06am-12:36am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight. glee curse? the last images of the tv actress gone missing. her 4-year-old son found alone in a boat. >> we have a missing person. the mom's nowhere to be found. >> haunting image on social media. a new dark chapter in the troubled history of the show. plus, phoenix rising in the worst kind of way. >> 50% of all the calls that this station does are covid calls. how can you possibly social distance in close quarters? >> usually when one person gets >> "ine" starts right with byronit. >> goodthank you for joining us.
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she's best known for her breakout role in "glee." tonight, nay tonight,nayra rivera missing. here's kaylee hartung. >> 911. >> emergency is we have a missing person. >> reporter: a nightmare comes to life on this california lake. >> it just seems like a tragic accident. you come out here for a great day and something bad happens. >> reporter: actress naya rivera, now presumed dead after going missing wednesday. her son was found safely asleep on board their pontoon rental by another boater when they called 911 when they realized the child was alone on the boat. the 33-year-old. ♪ sometimes i go out by myself >> reporter: made her mark on
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the hit tv show "glee" as santana. >> i like being in glee club. it's the best part of my day, okay? >> reporter: on thursday, co-stars, friends and fans began sharing heart-felt pleas online, hoping for a miracle. demi lovato asking followers to pray for her to be found safe and sound. ♪ >> reporter: from its first episode, "glee" was a cultural phenomenon. fans lovingly refer to themselves as gleeks. it was nominated for 40 emmies, winning six. >> "glee" was groundbreaking for its diversity, story line. >> reporter: sadly, rivera's disappearance isn't the first tragedy to rock the glee family. it has been marred by misfortune. >> now the search for answers after the death of cory
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monteith. >> reporter: seven years ago, cory monteith died from an accidental drug overdose shortly before the fifth season. his character written into a future episode dedicated to his life. in 2018 another cast member, mark saling, who played puck on the show. rivera's short life had almost always been in the spotlight, nabbing her first role in "royal family" at the age of 4. >> whenever grand ppa wanted to talk about you i had to leave the room. >> reporter: portraying a gay cheerleader. and the role rocketed her to fame. >> naya rivera's role was groundbreaking. brought representation to the forefront of television. >> reporter: rivera appeared on
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"rolling stone." she co-hosted "fashion police" alongside joan rivers. >> my best was the 2013 glad awards. >> reporter: most recently, she was showing off her tansidancin again. the show had just been renewed for a third season by cable network starz!. >> she was very excited to join that series, which is quite an accomplishment. oftentimes in hollywood when characters are so famous from one particular role they can be typecast, but for naya, that didn't seem to happen. >> reporter: she boasted millions of followers across twitter and instagram. just one week ago the actress shared a tweet that seems p prophetic. make the most of every day. it was a calm and sunny day on the lake in southern california whened a pontoonting and
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swimming with her son. her 4-year-old was sleeping on board and rivera nowhere to be found. >> a basic it timeline is that ms. rivera and her son came to enjoy a day on the lake. ms. rivera had been to the lake before, they went out for a day on the lake. >> reporter: a search and rescue operation was launched wednesday evening. but at nightfall the search was paused due to dangerous conditions. thursday morning it was relaunched as a recovery mission. >> when you have the information that an adult life jacket was left on board, that the pontoon wasn't anchored, what does that lead to you believe? >> it's hard to draw conclusions with just that. i wish that we had a means of like, you know, really understanding what happened. but they might have innocently just been playing in the water and any number of things could
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have medical episode of some sort. we don't know. >> reporter: with rivera still missing, questions remain as to what happened on board that led to her disappearance. authorityi authorities struggling to piece together a timeline based on the 4-year-old's recollections. >> you want to try to limit the amount of trauma he's going through. >> reporter: the boy told police the duo went for a swim but his mom did not get back on the boat. low visibility and debris have hampered investigators. her body may be trapped underwater. >> if her body is entangled in something beneath the water, it may never come back up. >> reporter: by all accounts, she was a doting mom. this snap was posted of her and her son, with the caption "just the two of us." >> if you look at what she said in interviews, her son seemed to be her world.
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>> reporter: earlier tonight in ventura, the case still unsolved at search was called off a second day with no body found. friends, family and fans left mourning another "glee" life cut short. the actress once sang "if i die young." ♪ lay me down >> reporter: what was once a loving tribute to cory monteith, now a haunting anthem. another life lost too soon. >> and coming up, first responders on the front lines of one of the world's largest covid hotspots. arizona. doing a little growing of their own. ohhh. ahhgh. so imagine how we cheered when we found tide pods sport. finally something more powerful than the funk. bye.
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tonight, ten states setting records for hospitalizations due to covid-19. in arizona, one in three people testing positive. matt gutman on the front lines in phoenix. >> reporter: all right, this is a call for an ill person. they're opening up the bay doors, and we're about to hop into one of those.
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phoenix fire's engine 25 careens out into the merriville neighborhood. this is a possible covid call, everyone's got n95s on. about 50% of the calls this station does are covid calls. as covid rages across the country, arizona one of the biggest hotspots. 34% of those tested in the state have the virus. cases up over 850% since the state reopened on may 15. and tonight our "nightline" team is with first responders, patients, test administrators and a doctor, all in the midst of an impossible situation. an explosion of cases amidst the collapse of the testing system. the firefighters we're with have been to this house before. 30-year-old construction worker martine molina is helped out of the house. he's had a fever, splitting headaches. the timing couldn't be worse, though. his girlfriend had just given
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birth to their son three days earlier. and their 11 month old daughter has also been running a temperature. >> to be honest, i wasn't able to believe of this pandemic, but now, now i do. now i'm scared. what am i going to do? i don't know. i have my two little babies in the house. >> reporter: who's going to take care of you if you get sick? >> i mean, my mom can help me out, but. it's hard, but we'll go through this. >> does it fall in the mild category, his lungs are really concerned. something we'd be really concerned about. his oxygen saturation is good. blood pressure is good, blood sugar is good and not running a fever right now. >> reporter: the firefighters offered to take martine to the hospital, cautioning he may be waiting there for a while, because he's not sick enough to
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warrant immediate attention. is this a typical call? >> at merriville, there's a proud tradition of families living together, unfortunately, that's the situation for affordability when they're all under one roof. >> reporter: chris west says it's a multi-generational families in merriville that may inadvertently help spread the virus there. >> we have a lot of families that live together. they grow up in the house, they stay in the house. the kids grow up in the house. person gets it the whole house is going to get it. >> reporter: across the u.s., latinos and african-americans contracting the virus at a rate three times higher than their white neighbors, they're also twice as likely to die from the virus, arresting the virus' onslaught depends on testing, which phoenix' mayor tells us is near total collapse. >> we are the world's leading economy. we ought to be able to provide
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more resources for our sickest residents months into the covid-19 virus. >> reporter: this is a free testing site in south phoenix, an area underserved in testing. it's run by a non-profit organization. and the goal is to try to test 2,000 people a day. it opens at 6:00 a.m., but people begin lining up in the middle of the night. including three generations of kiana cole's family. what time did you get here this morning? >> we got here about 12:31. >> reporter: why was it so important to get here early? >> so we could have a spot in line. we wanted to be able to get tested today. >> reporter: is it worth spending the night in a car with an 80-year-old? yes? >> i say yes. >> reporter: yeah? >> because it's our lives and the lives of our families that we have to protect. so we need to know. >> reporter: the site like so many, can't meet demand, turning away people like neil mack who waited five and a half hours the last time he came.
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so today he showed up at 1:00 a.m. phoenix is a massive city. it's privately funded engengngo. >> reporter: the suggs offered at 4:00 a.m. >> they cannot afford to pay for this. there's nowhere you can go in arizona and get this for free. >> people with money do get tested, like sports teams, baseball teams. president, any wone can get tesd at any time, but every it day middle income to lower income, this is our only option. are your speaking publicly about the virus in over a week, ariza governor doug loosening t stay-at-home orders in may was the primary cause for the rapid escalation of cases in june.
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>> this positivity is too high. what it means is that the virus is widespread. >> we know there's a reporting lag. some of the testing is delayed by seven days because the testing centers are so overwhelmed. >> reporter: dr. sam durani was with me two weeks ago when president trump held a rally in phoenix. he was so shocked by the lack of people wearing masks he started snapping pictures of the crowd. definitely about a thousand people here. what percentage are wearing a mask? >> about 1% to 5%. >> reporter: in a city going through a surge right now, what does that mean? >> it's not good. any mass gathering right now is going to prop greate the spreadf covid-19. >> we're doing so well after the plague. it's gone away. >> the situation is obviouslyin hospitalizations have gone up by about 80%. it's been a rapid increase. >> the more activity that is happening in our economy the
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more the spread will continue. again, validation that you are safer at home. >> reporter: that safer at home suggestion only effective if everyone in your home is negative for the virus. and ideally, lopez's boyfriend martin molina should have been able to isolate himself when he came home from the hospital, waiting for results, but that's not their reality. is there a place where he can e honest, no.o his own without >> reporter: are you concerned at all that he might infect the rest of the family? >> i was concerned, because we all live together, and my babies, my two little babies, they're my life. >> reporter: late today marr te teen got his test results back. he has covid-19. i'm matt gutman in phoenix. our thanks tocd numbers shoe getting infected with covid-19 at three times the rate as
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white. now to break down the racial disparity, i spoke with marina del rios. thank you forejoini joining us. why are we seeing the virus hit the latino community so hard. >> a lot have had to continue working through stay-at-home orders and making the essential areas of the economy running while the rest of us keep safe. >> what do you say to patients who have to make a choice, whether to go out and work and feed their families or stay at home to avoid getting sick? >> every time i tell my patients who are latinos, often they're the head of the households, the one breadwinner in the family, that they have to take time off, then they often tell me, what am i going to do if i don't show up to work? i might lose my job. if i don't work, it's money not coming to my household. it's a very difficult decision for a lot of people. >> talk to me about the
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generational impact. culturally, family means everything. in many households, there will be three generations under the same roof. >> one of the main reasons this has been so devastating in the latino population, many of us live in family homes. what that means is you often have people that are more vulnerable than perhaps the person that is moving in and out of the household for work or for school or for whatever. and bringing, oftentimes, infection when they have mild symptoms or even asymptomatic, and with that, infecting other people in the household that are more vulnerable. and i've seen entire families be hit by this. so i'm hoping that, you know, as these states are now seeing increases in numbers that they learn from some of those states that have been there, and that they, they start thinking through how to best reach out to those communities that inevitably are going to be affected.
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and finally tonight,
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watching over our front line workers. like clockwork every tay fday fe past four months, robert johnson, a security officer in n downey, california, celebrating their tireless dedication, a true guardian angel. that that's all right. that's "nightline." you can watch our full episodes on hulu. you can see us the same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america, goodnight. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live," with guest host, billy eichner. tonight, billy porter and music from kim petras. and now, billy eichner. >> billy: hello, and welcome to "jimmy kimmel live". i'm not jimmy kimmel, and this is not live. but i am your guest host, billy eichner, not to be confused with music star billie eilish. some people confuse us.
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but we do have similar careers. she's an 18-year-old music sensation who won multiple grammys. i'm a 41-year-old gay man telling jokes to no one in abandoned house. all of you harvard students angry that you'll have to take online classes this fall, how do you think i feel? when i was a kid i dreamed of hosting a late night show. i never once thought it would be on a set that i just had to swiffer. but i do think this looks better than some of the other shows. i think we can agree that the worst part of the pandemic is that every late night talk show looks like a single dad's first youtube video. but i'm excited to be back hosting tonight. apparently i was number one in the ratings last night. so from now on you can call me "ncis: los angeles." let's take a look at the news. hollywood is under a lot of pressure to get back to work. but as governor gavin newsom


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