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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 10, 2020 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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across san francisco as we look down from sutro tower. and here is the planner. it is definitely milder out there, especially in the east bay this morning where temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. and the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. temperatures will hang near 60 at the coast. the closest to average. and the rest of us is warmer in an average. 82 to 92 with high clouds and sunshine, but still bright enough that you need the sunglasses. we'll talk about the 100s coming up this weekend. back to reggie. and the increase this coronavirus cases is starting to strain some testing sites and health is just one of the areas that we're focusing on as we work to build a better bay area. some people we talked to having to wait to get an appointment and then wait longer to get results. lauren martinez is live in san francisco this morning. >> reporter: we're at the testing site off the
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embarcadero. and if you try to make an appointment, you will have to wait more than a week to do so. in antioch, people waited in long lines there similar to a testing site in hayward. taneshia williams, a mother of six with underlying conditions, is describing her concern not knowing if she has covid-19. she waited eight days to get a test and was told by kaiser antioch to wait for another week to get the results. >> if i'm positive, i want to know now. it shouldn't take a week to find out if i'm covid-19. i think that is the pits right now. >> reporter: state health officials responded to complaints of delays saying that labs are now analyzing tests from other states not just california causing backups. they are also prioritizing tests. and those officials did not address backups in getting the actual tests taken, and a staff member told us that she got
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tested at this site on monday and she got her results within 12 hours. so it appears if you have to wait about a week to get your results, that is at other sites. lauren martinez, abc 7 news. and speaking of testing, a new site will be open in san francisco's mission district every thursday. they are calling it a low barrier site, that means thatef insurance to get if you test positive, you will see information on how to pay your bills. and this site again is near alabama and 19th streets. and the next school year is fast approaching and bay area districts are trying to work out their plans. jobina fortson is at the live desk with this. >> good morning. yes, some of the districts will be pushing back the start date of instruction. so what we know now this morning is that the antioch school
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district board approved a september 1 start date, distance learning will be in place, but if the coronavirus situation improves, some classrooms would be opened up for face-to-face learning. the night son school district will begin classes august 3, online only. and the west contra costa unified school district will start at planned on august 17th. students will keep learning from home but some high need students will be in the classroom. other students will be in phases on campus when it is safe. and the district says that they are still working out the details on all of this and it is holding a virtual town hall for parents tonight. back over to you, > santa clara county has released guidelines for the pools. they have to prohibit the use oi you have to bring your own towel and wear a face covering when
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you are not in the water. when it comes to contracting coronavirus, what activities put us most at risk? we put together an interactive page where you can test your knowledge. guess the answer and see what the experts have to to to t it is at a bs investigators are working to identify bones found in a creek te h the office didn't specify if th. ventura county investigators have released securities camera footage of naya riveria and her son, it shows them arriving at a southern california lake hours before rivera is have drowned. her son was found alone asleep on the boot driboat drifting in
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and there is a first in the nation proposal to stop police there conducting traffic stops in berkeley, part of the city's effort to redefine law enforcement in response to the "black lives matter" movement. here is kate larsen. >> reporter: next week berkeley city council will vote on a proposal to create a department of transportation and use employees in that department to make traffic stops instead of police. >> most traffic stops don't really warrant a police officer. p>> reporter: darrel owens is te co-executive of east bay for everyone, a housing and traffic nonprofit. he helped pitch the new one year plan to berkeley city council. he says ideally the city would take away money from berkeley pd to fund the new department. ofunit ature br w policing that makes traffic enforcement so deadly to begin with. >> reporter: berkeley is in stranger topele'vspoken
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many of the people that i've spoken to may not be ready for this new idea. why don't you think it is dange. you don't know who you are stopping. >> i think the police need to be doing what dbest, which is to secure the safety of our population andolatio violations. >> reporter: and tim davis has a different perspective. >> i get stopped in my car many times and there is no straight answer for it. and you know it is about skin color. i don't think that police should do everything in the city. >> we don't want to inhibit apprehending dangerous criminals or, you know, drunk drivers. that is not the intent. >> reporter: along with the mayor, loren is one of three sponsoring the proposal. she says it is unclear right now where the funding for the program might come from. next week's vote is to begin the community engagement process. kate larsen, abc 7 news. it could be up to voters to decide how many officers the san francisco police department will
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have. right now a charter amendment writer s san francisco police em0 officers. and they votedhe board decide on putting a measure on the ballot. new details on the crews fire near gilroy. cal fire expects to have it contained by next thursday. that fire broke out sunday and so far it has burned00 % aev or lifted. all right. working on a graphic for you to give you an idea of what to expect during your activity planner. and i'll show you that coming up. first -- well, i'll show to you right now. there you go. come on computer, work with me here. there we go. so exercising, there are some hot areas out there. it will be a little calmer on
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the bay. and let's take a look at the temperatures. east bay shore, partly cloudy conditions and most of us in the mid to upper 50s. you see the east bay and south bay in the 60s. even napa in the 60s and the rest of us in the low to mid 50s. so it really shows up best on the 24 hour temperature change where places like novato, san francisco, san carlos, half moon bay, closer you are to the coast, you are cooler with the seabreeze. in fact let's focus on the inland neighborhoods in the south bay, we're already 81 by noon. mid-80s to upper 80s this afternoon. and about 73 degrees as we head into the evening hours. for the north bay, more sunshine, fewer high clouds and upper 80s this afternoon. but a nice 72 by 8:00. and the hottest temperatures will be in the east bay valleys from about 1:00 through at least 5:00 we'll be in the low to mid-90s. and this is the area where some 100s are possible this weekend.
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update on the weekend forecast coming up. good morning, everyone. we will check out a live look showing you the san mateo bridge and how traffic is doing there. overall for the most part things ha ptty tohe altamont pass in a couple seconds. but it is defdly busy fo making their way towards the peninsula. a good amount of brake lights already and it is only 5:09. so i'll keep an eye on the san mateo bridge for you this morning. now to the graphics here, earlier you saw amy hollyfield there covering the fire that is out. so i have the thumbs up there in that area. it was a brush fire that started around midnight because of a crash. the speeds are still low, down to about 14 miles per hour, but you can see once you pass grant line road, you can in good shape. and this is because of the super
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here are the 7 things to know this morning. starting with number one, a brush fire on the altamont pass is now contained. it broke out after a crash along the eastbound lanes of 580. it jumped the freeway before crews could put out the flames. number two, that fire has certainly impacted the commute for people coming out of tracy this morning. it will be slow on westbound 580s and you approach grant line road and then it picks right back up into liver more. firefighters will be keeping an eye on that because the winds are gusting up to around 35 miles per hour. so that is part of number three. and also look how hot it will
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get sunday. we are heating up this weekend. and two deputies were shot after a standoff. deputies returned fire killing the suspect. number fire, two east bay school districts are pushing back the start date of the new school year once again talking about nig nightson. it will be distance learning only. and some people around the bay area are having a pretty hard time getting the results of their covid-19 tests which are taking at least a week for a lot of people. others trying to make an appointment are having to wait up to a week. numbering sev seven, thousa expected in weekend for a "black lives matter" march. counter protestors are also expected. some streets in down be town will be closed starting saturday night. town will be
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closed starting saturday night. there is equal protection under the law. and there is anger this morning under a portion of a "black lives matter" mural eet dicts aan w is convicted of murdering a new jersey state trooper. the artist is defending her work. the portrait is sparking a debate about racial and socialle justice which is part of our effort to build a better bay area. >> reporter: the nearly 250-foot "black lives matter" mural outside palo alto city hall is
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hard to miss. there is a portrait different from the most wanted terrorists list. th libn armyerenced forhe muer of new jersey officer. and she escaped prison. >> these were not social justice warriors as we see today. these were felons, they were criminals. they were killers. >> reporter: the national police association launch the a petition urging city leaders to remove the portrait but the artist is doubling down saying this is about defending the movements and communitying i'm accountable to and work toup lift. this time our work is b nationa association. they see her involvement with thela liberation movement as a threats to the status quo. around the clock wednesday and for much of the day thursday, the artist guarded the image.
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>> and today i just decided to move my car after i learned a little bit more truth about her. >> reporter: and while he says he supports all law enforcement, he still is standing behind the artist's freedom of speech demanding the city put a protective layer over the art work. i was directed to a city statement which read in part in no way does the mural take away from the value that we have in our police officers who serve our ghun ci community area of day.>>nd is n lives matter" mural on fifth avenue in front of trump tower. and painters were joined by a lu loud byande [ dog howling ] >> he has a pretty big instagram
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following. mayor de blasio the mural and said the city is committed to the meaning of the message. happening today, for fried food, cotton candy and giants corn dogs. the marin county fair is canceled because of covid-19, but you can sti drive-thru today and the menu includes funnel cakes, caramel apples, cheer r s chiros and le. and it will be be in the parking lot of veterans memorial auditorium and you do have to stay inside your car. friend, do you say caramel or caramel? >> oh, that is so funny. i say caramel. >> me too. >> right? yes. >> is it caramel? i don't care. i eat it. >> i say carmel. >> i'm not eating any of it. i just got a new swimsuit. >> i love a funnel cake. >> all right. i'll watch you eat it. >> did you put the straw bears
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abears -- the strawberries and pew r powdered sugar? >> just the sugar. >> and so if you could, what would be your favorite? >> i do like a funnel cake, although since we've been saying it multiple times now, the caramel apple sounds good. and that is a fruit. that is a fruit. >> there you go. healthier for you than anything fried which is what i would go with probably. deep fried oreos or deep fried snickers. or in minnesota they had sweet martha's cookies and theltsd come in the bucket and i worked evenings then and the kids would stay up late and wait for me to bring a bucket home and they would still be warm right out of the oven. within of my favorite minnesota memories. let's talk about what is going on back here at home. could you cook some cookies in your car this weekend? probably if you live in the east bay. that is for sure. right now we have a battle brewing, you can see some clouds
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under the high pressure that will bring us such a warm weekend and that marine layer is keeping us about 53 degrees in san francisco. we'll have a few high cloud, so mostly sunny this afternoon with 60 at the coast to mid-90s even land. quite a summer spread. cool to mild just like this morning, and a moderate heat risk of illness inland this week. and you can see that the clouds will be stubborn along the coast. along the coast we have low 60s today. and north bay coast, we'll see a little more sunshine, low to mitd 60s. inland from 86 to about 97 in cloverda cloverdale. east bay shore, 73 at richmond, 76 at oakland. low to mid-80s union city,
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fremont, low to mitd 90s the hottest temperatures in the east bay valleys. tonight we'll fall into the low 50s to mid-60s like this morning. so tomorrow will be a lot like today in the afternoon. a little more sunshine. and then sunday will be the hottest with the heat slowly easing next week. let's bring reggie back in. todayrel be in south florida for a briefing on drug trafficking. and he will also hold a fundraiser. donors are paying more than $580,000 per couple to attend the private fundraiser at a hillsborou bore and after surviving a fight for his life, the concord democrat broke ribs while he fell while jogging in march. he then developed pneumonia. and he is a cancer survivor and
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he said of his latest medical ordeal, after almost five weeks on a ventilator, i'm lucky to be alive. the doctors told me that i'm a medical miracle, that i should expect a full recovery and that i will be able to do my job as i always have. to me that means a complete dedication to representing you. he is working from his part-time home new capitol hill. and one more day until the most magical place on earth officially reopen, how disney world will look a bit different. and also college and covid-19, a university in one of our country's hot spots is planning to reopen this fall, the preparation happening right now. and as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, california is mandating face masks to stop the spread. and that is why abc 7 wants to remind you to wear a mask for you, your loved o
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we're watching the fire in the altamont pass which is always very breezy during the summer. that is why we the wind farms out there. and the fire darng stadanger wi
5:24 am
taper. but this afternoon, the winds will pick up once again as the central valley heats so much, the air rises so rapidly, it draw air in from the bay and that is why it is so windy through there and also through the delta. so watch as we see some yellows and oranges develop in that same area this afternoon through the evening hoyers as turs. right now the fire is out, but we'll keep an eye on it because the winds will come back. and in "first look," colleges are getting ready for student to come back to chasm pus. will reeve went to the university of central florida to take a look at what changed. >> reporter: college and the coronavirus. >> because we can't have that interactive experience with students that we're used to, we're really having to take a step back and reevaluate how we'rety of ctral f in orlando as it is it safe to be school right now?
5:25 am
>> you know, as long as are precautions set up that falty to do this in a way that doesn't challenge their health or well-being, we are going with three things. wear a face covering, washing of hands, and keeping social distancing. >> reporter: and coming up, we'll show you the other big changes coming that you also might see at a college campus in your area. with your "gma first look," i'm will reeve, abc news, ordinary. and the nba's restart inside of their bubble in orlando is now underway. the magic was the first team to formally return to the practice courts. the last eight teams arrived yesterday and checked in to their hotels. by tomorrow, all 22 teams participating in the restart should have practiced at least once. exhibition games are slated to begin july 22 with games
5:26 am
starting again for real july 30th. and speaking of disney world, it reopens to the general public tomorrow after a four month covid-19 closure. things will look a little different than you are used to. there will not be any meet and greets with the characters like mickey and his frids. fireworks and pa rarparades hav canceled. and there is no park hopping. also every visitor has to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and have temperatures checked when they enter the parks. disney is the parent company of abc 7. and you can see how they have the plastic dividers in between all the lines to help keep people safe. >> that is most important. and we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including one easy thing experts say that we can all do to improve our mood and well. and name your own price. the new feature available with one rideshare company. also this fire forced part of interstate 580 on close overnight. and amy hollyfield will bring
5:27 am
you the latest on that. and we're taking a live look outsi outside. the sun is starting to come up on this friday morning
5:28 am
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now at 5:3, flames jump the freeway as a big fire burned at the altamont pass overnight. amy hollyfield will show us what happened. and a standoff in the east bay turns deadly after a suspect fired at sheriff deputies. the new details we learned overnight. and building a framework for the new school year. some local districts are starting to release their s.>> while also social distancing. the drive-in watch party for the earthquakes tonight. it is friday, july 10inutes awa
5:30 am
the accuweather forecast. mike is here with our friday forecast. >> let's talk about the altamont pass real quick because of the fire that amy will tell us more about. look at the winds, they are always dangerous this time of year. 74 degrees, look at the relative humidity, 29%. and those winds still blowing from southwest to northeast at 25 to 32 miles per hour. so the wind s calm a little bit but then they will pick up again during the afternoon and into the evening hours. i know the firefighters are keeping an eye on that. we have a 13-mile-per-hour wind in san francisco and it is bringing some fog in, but it won't last long today. it will be back to the coast keeping you in the low 60s while san francisco at 68. you can see mid-70s to mid-80s around the bay and a lot of 90s inland and even warmer this weekend. part of interstate 580 just reopened about an hour ago after
5:31 am
the big fire overnight. it broke out at the altamont pass near carol road. >> reporter: and the lanes are open, but still a backup that has to get cleared. so that could take some time. this really delayed people this morning. take a look at the video, this fire started, it was in the center divide here on interstate 580. this was around grant line road exit. and it jumped the freeway. so they had to shut down several lanes of traffic and we saw so many cars, lots a trucks either pulled over to the side and waiting for it to clear or trying to find their way on side roads. so a lot of clogged lanes here in this area as everyone was trying to maneuver their way through here. and now take a look at this video to give you an idea of how much area burned. you can see the blacken ed firefighters did get it knocked
5:32 am
down, but a tough fight because it is very windy out here on the altamont pass. a good reminder that it is fire season and it is very dry, it is warm. and today very windy. the commute should be okay if you haven't left yet and you will use this altamont pass to get to where you where going this morning, just keep in mind that there is a bit of a backup still trying to work its way out. but the lanes are open. reporting in tracy, amy hollyfie hollyfield, abc 7 news. abc 7 news september out thout -- sent out this push alert when the fire was burning. so download our app so you can get breaking news alerts like this. two deputies are recovering this morning after they were shot during a standoff last night in knightsen. the suspect came out of a home, fired a shotgun at members of a s.w.a.t. team. deputies returned fire killing the suspect. the two deputies were
5:33 am
transported to the hospital. officials say it began as a domestic violence call yesterday morning. poured gasole and onpoce haveot conditions of the injured deputies. many california prison inmates are having their sentencesed covid-19. they have shut down credit earning programs and instead most are getting 12 weeks of time served taken off their sentences. inmates with serious violations serving life without the possibility of parole or death row are not eligible. coronavirus cases continue to rise in dozens of states right now. and jobina is at the live desk with the biggest hot spot. yes, the biggest hot spot being arizona right now where one in four tests are coming back positive at the moment. so what we're also learning at the live desk is that there is
5:34 am
video here in phoenix as people wait in line to get tested. arizona's governor said yesterday that the state will ramp up testing as there have been hours long lines and waits of up to one or two weeks to receive results. dr. take yfauci says states may opened too quickly and politics is partly to blame. >> despite the guidelines and the recommendations to open up carefully and prudently, some states skipped over those and just opened up too quick can goly. >> if there wasn't such divisiveness that we would have a more coordinated approach. >> arizona's governor is urging people to stay home. and our children's education is a major part of abc 7 news' commitment to building a better bay area. and the lot of you are keeping a
5:35 am
close eye on what your district will do. today the west contra costa unified school district is going to hold a virtual town hall so parents can weigh in on what they want to see. and the district released a framework for the new school year which starts august 17th. the plan is to keep students doing distanced learning at home and phasing in bringing students back to campus when it is safe. although some about high need students may be on campus august 17. the district says there are more details to work out. and san francisco and oakland are trying to decide when or if students will go back to the classroom. both the districts say no matter when that is, safety protocols will include face coverings and social distancing. there will be a mix of in-class and distance learning. and in san jose, the majority of students will start the school year in swrirnlg all clavirtual. and the earthquakes are hosting a drive-in watch party.
5:36 am
tonight the quakes play the first of the team'se matches in. san jose faces seattle sounders giants screens at two locates, the 7-up epicenter and the tailgate lot. you have to rsvp to and 24r8 and abc 7 news is focusing on problems and solutions when it comes to race relations. and an expert explains the growing idea of allyship. and also ahead, the result of a months long investigation, be the disturbing details about the failure of a bay area school to protect students from abuse. and just one week after its premiere, there is a new "hamilton" special streaminging on disney plus today. and now let's check in mike with a look at our forecast.
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let's take a look at the north bay. some pretty comfortable temperatures there. most of us in the low to mid-50s under tearily clear conditions. most of the fog is still confined to the coast. a lot of 50s around the bay, 60 in san jose and mid to upper 60s in our inland east bay neighborhoods. and here is the hardest part of your commute, the fog near the coast and the west blowing across the golden gate bridge are. we'll talk some temperatures. in the east bay, low clouds in the morning and 62. and then we'll transition to high clouds and 77 by noon. and low 80s during the afternoon hours. for the in a peninsula, a little milder there. and in san francisco, low clouds and 56 morning.
5:38 am
we'll transition to high clouds and mid to upper 60s. down to 61 by the time we get to 8:00. so grab a heiglight jacket this evening. and good morning, everyone. just in case you missed mike's camera there showing you the golden gate bridge, be aware that fog as you make your way in it san francisco. chp has not issued a fog advisory for the area. and bringing in now the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that it is rather light. we don't have metering lights coming on yet. sometimes they don't come on fridays. and drive times here, albany to the maze, about 4 minutes. fremont to san jose, 14 minutes. and
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quite a struggle on his hands, he being karl the fog. and you can see him trying to push across san francisco but high pressure is pushing back from the south and it will eventually win and bring us sunshine. we'll be overrun by a few high clouds this afternoon. so we'll call it mostly sunny with temperatures like they were yesterday. maybe even warmer inland. look at the central valley, 100 or greater everywhere. 111 this palm springs. and this is sunday, the hottest day this week, where it is 73 in san francisco, but near 110 in central valley, 121 in palm springs. who wants to go a road trip to palm springs with me? reggie? >> i actually rht now, a reall story, the leadership of a
5:42 am
catholic girls school admits that for years the staff didn't protect its students from abuse. this coulds almost thrcomes alm after the first reports come out. and dan ashley has more. >> reporter: and the stark truth is that our school did not live up to its xhimcommitment to you. that is the main message of a letter thursday from the presentation high school's president and board of directors chair. since september of last year, a firm has been looking in to allegations of sexual abuse and me misconduct by former staff members. investigators say that they have a good faith belief that six former staff members engaged in inappropriate behavior with students. it stands from the 1980s to 2013, including acts from fwroomifwroom i grooming to groping.
5:43 am
none of the staff members still works at presentation. and there were also instancesnc reivosblsealcouctut ineff o no . they have stripped the school of any honors to the accused staff. >> and that was dan ashley reporting. none of the accused individuals has been charged. the school has now shared the report with shan han jose polic. and one of the core proceed oppoents iaring racial justice. this weekend there will be a march in martinez. in the last week, a mural was painted over in black paint. by this woman. and there is another man out there too. "white lives matter" was also painted on another street. and in response, a march was planned for sunday at 4:00 p.m.
5:44 am
with thousands now expected. however, white supremacy groups are threatening to interrupt the march. >> i've got about three phone calls already today from other white nationalists, saying that they will protest in full force against us. you know, armed, militia style. >> martinez police have warned downtown businesses it take steps to protect their property. several streets will be shut to traffic as a precaution. and we had a special town hall to talk about the many issues that have captured national attention. and they and a panel of experts focused on problems, solutions and including what it looks like to be an ally. >> when you allow a mentality of human dispose ability and hierarchy, we think that is only going to get them, but at the
5:45 am
end of the day, we learned that they don't love us either. the folks who run that system and benefit most from that society don't love most of us. so maybe if we understood the commonalty of interests, interest convergence, if we understood that, then we would see this fight is our fight. it is not what we do for black people. it is not what we do to liberate them. it is what we do to labiberate l of us. >> and other panelists suggested education and learning about past struggles for civil rights and different ways that you can help build a brighter future. you can watch the town hall and other town halls on or on our streaming services including the abc 7 news app. i enjoyed the conversation. i think people gave some eye opening perspectiving and tankable ways that you can move forward. >> and when you check out that special online, make a note of the jobina and dion story.
5:46 am
that to me was the highlight. really interesting discussion about the intersection of black people in our society and asian people and the ways in which that has been problem matt tiat helpful. so check it out. >> impressive topics talked about. just getting engaged matters. and hopefully you like the isn't that beautiful sight? a little bit of fog for the morning commute, but mainly near the coast. for the rest of us, the warming weebdnd is here. we'll return to average next week. a couple things to talk about, the orange on top 6 of us is still is very try air.
5:47 am
and clouds are moving in a clockwise fashion, and that will pump the warmth up our way. and you can see it in the south bay. low 90s. mid to upper 80s, so a little bit above average. we're above average on the peninsula from 75 at millbrae to 85 in redwood city. and so not extremely warm. low 60s along the peninsula coast. upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco. mid-80s to low 90s through the north bay. cloverdale, lakeport, yucaipa, mid to upper 90s. m-80s along t east bay shore and the hottest temperatures low to mid-90s in the east bay valleys tonight a mixture of low 50s to mid-60s. and the 7 day forecast, saturday a lot like today. and sunday some 100s in the east bay valleys. and it takes to wednesday or thursday next week to get relief from the heat. an album from the late
5:48 am
rapperle legener die and it was just released. juice world died in december at the age of 21 of an accidental overdose. so if you are already really enjoying "hamilton" on disney plus, something special for you today. disney plus is releasing hamilton history has its eyes on you. this is when cast members and historians address the legacy of the ground breaking musical and it is hosted by robin roberts. of course disney is the parent company of abc 7. and coming up, a new frozen treat just in time for summer. and the flavors are far from usual. but first, the company that will soon require everyone to > adorable 6-year-old on a serious mission. how you can help
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according to the "chronic " "chronicle," you can now decide how much you want to pay before you get in an uber car. the company is rolling out a name your price feature. and right now it is up to the driver to decide which rate to charge. they can stick with the set rate or charge as much as five times or as little as half of it. and so if you don't like the price that they are asking, you can decline the ride and wait for one the a price that you are willing to pay. starting next week, starbucks will require you to wear a mask inside every u.s. location. starbucks says that it is prioritizing the hets aalth and well-bein well-being. employees have been wearing masks since april. and oakland zoo has been closed since march.
5:52 am
but one east bay girl doesn't want to happen permanently. annie is taking action. every birthday, she asks to her friends and family to donate to a charity instead of getting birthday gifts. she chose to help the animals at the zoo. >> i'm making place lets for people to buy. >> annie's mom created a facebook campaign with an initial goal of $200. one week later, her campaign has been shared over 1,000 times and has now raised more than $50,000. >> wow. that is a lot of money. many of us are feeling a little down right now after being cooped up for so long because of covid-19. but a new study says that blue spaces can cure the blues. that includes walking near the ocean. a lake, a river. it will even wa by fountains,asically
5:53 am
anywhere there is water. it can be good if your mental health. netsfnthers in spa environments on people's mood and they found that short walks they're water are especially helpful in lifting one's spirit during hard times. and some of you may want to jump in that water this weekend. >> that definitely works for me, whether the beach, the lake or just being in the pool, i love being in the water. it really has a calming effect on me. let's take a look at what is going on. you definitely want to find some way to beat the heat this weekend especially if you live in the east bay valleys as we reach 100 on sunday. we have a fire danger that is tapering a little bit this morning as the winds will relax, but look at the altamont pass, that is where we have the high fire danger as the winds will ramp up like they did last ni t night. and here is a look at sunday, you can see the 90s inland
5:54 am
everywhere, and even 80s around the bay and 70s in san francisco, those 100s in fairfield and antioch will really start to get your attention. we back off monday into tuesday, still a little above average wednesday. and that will be the key for the cooler weather. wednesday. let's talk about the aids walk, only nine days away. the virtual walk kicks off next sunday july 19 at 10:00 a.m. it will stream online and air right here on abc 7. the star-studded event will feature bette midler, gloria estefan, vanessa williams, and more. proceeds benefit prc and 20 other bay area hiv/aids service organizes. aids to register. abc 7 is proud to be a long time sponsor. the carmel valley waitress
5:55 am
who intercepted a racist rant by a tech ceo may soon be waiting fewer tables. >> asian piece of [ bleep ]. >> get out of here. you are not allowed here. >> you already put my -- >> you don't talk to our guests like that. get out now. they are valued guests. >> and venmo and gofundme donations have been are poring in. gennica cochran says that she has received $10,000 on venmo and three separate gofundmes are totaling more than $77,000. cochran intends to use this money to teach yoga and help tickets into he on sale today for monday's reopening of the san jose. it will offer touchless self guided tours which will let visitors explore the mansion like never before. admission will also include access to the sierra winchester garden tour. it could be a dream job for
5:56 am
a lucky gamer. you can get paid to play animal crossing new horizons. the winner will receive $1,000 for playing the popular game for 50 hours. so do the math. carry the one. that is $20 an hour. high speed wants to pay someone to test their internet connection and you have to apply online by august 6. and look, 24 animal crossing character is following our vice by going and walking to the beach. and jumping in it by doing a flip. which i don't recommend. >> no flips. coming up next, the local school district pushing back the first day of school because of coronavirus concerns. >> reporter: and there are backups and delays if you are trying to get a coronavirus test. i'll have details on that coming up next.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
it shouldn't take me a week to find out if i'm covid-19. >> growing frustration over the wait to get tested. good morning, everybody. it is friday, july 10. a lot of serious stories to get to, but can i just take a moment and wish our friend jobina a happy birthday? we didn't get to properly do it,
6:00 am
friend, because you were off. but happy birthday, friend. >> thank you. it was lovely. and i heard the story about the water and i really think that it works. carmel was what i needed. >> i'm glad you had a good time. >> nice. i like how it takes two days for, you know, you got to have one day to rest up for the birthday and then one day to recoup rate from tuperate becau early. so a smart idea. i'll need to talk to you about that because my birthday is coming up. so is reggie's. let's talk about the weather. we have a little bit of fog out there this morning. and it is thickest along the coast and it is affecting the golden gate bridge this morning. let's see the reason why. we have a west wind that is blowing


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