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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 11, 2020 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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but it's a much different fan experience during the pandemic. a summer scorcher for the weekend. i'll let you know when relief will arrive coming up. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> tonight what school will look like for bay area students of all ages is coming into sharper focus. districts are detailing their plans for fall with distance learning a top priority. but the push to bring kids back to classrooms is getting pushed back from many teachers. >> this debate over education is so important. it's a key focus of our efforts to build a better bay area. abc7 news reporter kate larsen pschool districts in the bay area, oakland and san francisco. >> reporter: in a presentation for next week's board of education meeting, san francisco unified school district laid out a plan pour the fall. while staff has not yet agreed, the district is recommending almost all students distance learn when school starts on
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august 17. small groups of priority students may be able to do in-person school. and once data suggests it's safe, a gradual return to a hybrid distance and in-person plan would return. i spoke to an elementary school teacher who said she is crushed that she can't return to her classroom. >> i think it's sort of coming from the viewpoint of seeing my son's preschool teachers be comfortable with going back and just missing the students and the connections we were building. >> reporter: oakland unified school district announced their plans to also start at a distance. phase 1 will be four weeks of remote learning, and then the science will determine the next blended phase of in-person and distance instruction. >> the kids that have the highest needs will be focusing on them first to get them back into in-person instruction. so that would be special ed. that would be homeless kids, foster kids. we are still trying to work out exactly how this is going to work for parents who need to work. >> logistically, it is a nightmare. we're two working parents, both expected to be teaching.
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and working on-site at our place of work with two kids at two different places. >> reporter: mark schnyder's daughter is starting kindergarten at thornhill elementary in oakland. meanwhile, he is supposed to go back to his classroom to teach history. >> it's almost a zero somewhere i'm giving my best to my students or i'm helping my kindergartner. >> i think it's a step in the right direction that we're going to be online. >> reporter: amy burns, a special education teacher at skyline, a title high school in oakland says she is worried the district won't be able to keep student and staff safe. >> how are we going get supplies during the pandemic when so much more is needed? our students are going to come with no masks. yes going to have to provide the masks. >> reporter: oesu is trying to distribute more to students in need. kate larsen, abc7 news. in fremont, they voted to begin the school year with fully distanced learning. according to "the mercury news," te board will only reconsider all virtual learning when
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alameda county doesn't see any new covid cases for seven straight days. next week the board will consider some possible exemptions to the plan like special education students. new at 11:00, teachers are unwilling to return in august. the union president posted a letter on faceboo today saying most teachers don't feel like in-person classes would be safe and would prefer distance learning. according to our media partner, the mercury news, the district emailed parents tonight informing them of the union's decision and asked for input. tonight governor newsom is taking drastic action to slow the spread of coronavirus in the state's prison system. he has ordered the release as many as 8,000 prisoners system-wide. right now there are more than 2300 people incarcerated with covid-19. the worst outbreak is at san quentin. more than 1500 inmates and employees have tested positive for the virus. abc7 news reporter luz pena has more on the governor's plan. >> reporter: the worst covid-19 outbreak in the state lies behind this gate. the latest numbers coming from
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san quentin prison are grim. seven inmates have died from covid-19. over 13 others have tested positive, along with 200 staff members. >> the longer we wait and allow this ticking time bomb to continue, the longer we endanger people behind those prison walls and individuals who work there. >> reporter: in hopes to slow the spread, governor gavin newsom announced the release of close to 8,000 inmates in the system by the end of august. miriam krinsky of the fair and just prosecution says that's a start, but not enough. >> we should be treating those in these facilities as though they were our own children, our own parents. >> reporter: the early release will include inmates who were scheduled to be freed soon and those with health risks. to qualify, inmates must have 180 days or less to serve on their sentence, are not currently serving time for domestic violence or a violent crime as defined by law. no current or prior sentences
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are required them to register as a sex offender, and not having assessment score that indicates a high risk for violence. the nonprofit californians for safety and justice urges the state to invest in reintegration programs. >> thousands of people are in prison that are over the age of 50 and been there languishing in these long sentences that had nothing to do with public safety. >> reporter: once released, inmates will be tested for covid-19 within seven days. now as to how many of the 8,000 will come from san quentin, that remains unknown. in marin county, luz pena, abc7 news. new developments. the number of confirmed coronavirus cases at a san rafael skilled nursing facility has more than doubled. state data shows a total of 49 patients at marin post acute have tested positive. a spokesman told "the san francisco chronicle" five residents with covid-19 have died. just a week ago, the facility total us 15 residents were positive. 17 staff members have also tested positive. in the east bay, outdoor
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dining is once again banned in alameda county. tonight health officials say that's because they're being monitored by the state, and it falls under stricter guidelines. that means restaurants, wineries and bars can only be open for pickup and delivery once again. oakland city officials are asking people to give lake merritt a break. it's a new push to avoid overcrowding. tomorrow they'll close roads and restrict parking around the lake from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. now to the north bay where indoor dining will likebly rolled back in sonoma county. the county is being monitored because of a recent jump in cases. state and county officials will now spend the next three days discussing how to curb the infections. even so, businesses and residents should be ready to see services rolled back as soon as monday. >> i feel like we've been as safe as we possibly can here. everyone always wears their masks and we're just trying to
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do everything we can to keep ourselves and our customers healthy. it's just really frustrating. >> officials say the restrictions would last at least three weeks. follow health orders or you could be fined. that's the warning from supervisors in napa county tonight. they're considering $500 citations for individuals and $5,000 citations for businesses who ignore local and state health laws. that move comes after a surge in covid-19 cases put napa county on the state's watch list. supervisors will discuss this plan on tuesday. starting monday, more businesses can reopen in santa clara county. that includes gym and personal care facilities like hair and nail salons. however, those businesses can only reopen after completing an online form understaacknowledgi understand social distancing and other safety policies. commuters must follow new guidelines starting monday. on vta and other systems across santa clara county, those rules include wearing masks or face
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coverings and riders must sit or stand six feet apart from each other. they'll post signs to facilitate social distancing. san francisco mayor london breed says expanding testing in san francisco neighborhoods with the highest number of cases is a work in progress. on the right here, you can see neighborhoods in dark blue with the highest number of cases per capita. on the left, you see the testing sites. not many in those highly affected areas, as you can see. mayor breed joined kristen sze to talk about it on abc7's getting answers. >> part of it is location, making sure we have the capacity to get people out there to be stationary for the testing. and so we're still continuing to expand based on need. >> mayor breed adds there have been other pop-up testing events over the past several months that have not been permanent test sites. in san francisco, health officials are easing up on some restrictions after putting a pause on reopening. starting monday, shoppers can once again use reusable bags.
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boating and fishing expeditions will get new guidance. the big news, the san francisco alameda county reached out to dn the state for a way to open back up. the zoo is at risk of closing because of the financial impact of the pandemic. kit be hard to keep track of what's open, especially when sometimes places that were open have to close again. we're helping you out by making this interactive map that shows county by county what's allowed to be open. you'll find it at let's take a national view now of this crisis. staggering new numbers tonight there has been 66,000 new cases in just the last day across the country. already more than 133,000 americans have died from the virus. here is abc7 news reporter zarein shah. >> reporter: as the coronavirus death toll continues rising in sp state 17 states, places like frye
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mortary using freezers for the first time. >> the average age used to be 45 and 50, and now we're into the hundreds. >> reporter: the virus even taking a toll on their own staff. >> we lost six of our staff to covid. >> reporter: you had six of your staff members out because of covid? >> six of eight. records even though president trump told telemundo friday the u.s. was winning the war against the coronavirus, white house coronavirus task force coordinator dr. birx making it clear more cases will mean more deaths. >> we have not seen this result in increased mortality, but that is expected as the disease continues to spread in some of our large metro areas. >> reporter: some of those deaths and cases infecting children. in florida, the youngest deaths in the state believed to be two 11-year-olds, including
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wom. again, forgoing wearing a mask. and her 6-month-old daughter was just released from the hospital after surviving the virus in texas. a well-known missouri christian camp is also closed after an outbreak. and while parents struggle to protect their kids from the virus, some are faced with watching their parents battle the disease. kristen in arizona losing her dad mark after a three-week struggle. >> i feel as if my father was robbed of his life and that his illness was completely preventible. >> reporter: according to the cdc, the latino community is disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. her obituary saying his death is due to the carelessness of the politicians who continue to jeopardize the health of brown bodies throughout a clear lack of leadership and refusal to acknowledge the severity of this crisis. atlanta's mayor now calling on the city to go back to phase 1. her state's governor calling it just a guidance. georgia had its biggest single day increase in coronavirus cases so far today.
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zoreen shah, los angeles. what activities put you the most at risk? you can test your knowledge on that subject. it's on guess the answer and then see what the experts have to say. flames race through a building in san francisco tonight. we'll take a look at the damage. swift backlash against one of the nation's largest latino food companies. the companies that have its ceo facing a boycott. a very different experience for san jose earthquakes fans. but drive-in viewing is still attracting crowds. that story up next. a summer sizzler heading your way this weekend. i'll show you what day is going to be hotter, coming up. and a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live!" with guest host anthony anderson. >> tonight's show has 100% more me. >> i was last week number 17. >> number 17 on the adult
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contemporary charts. now i'm 16. i'm 16 this week. i'm still going up. in san francisco, a fire drove several people from their homes earlier this evening.
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flames broke out on washington and franklin streets around 7:00. they quickly spread to three other buildings. more than 100 firefighters battled that fire. no one was hurt, though. investigators are looking into what sparked it. well, in the south bay, major league soccer is back, all be it with differences. fans of the san jose earthquakes cheered on the team from the safety of their own vehicles. here is abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo. >> reporter: this is match day with some serious modifications because of covid-19. any given season, a warm summer night would allow the san jose earthquakes to play in front of 18,000 people at earthquake stadium. but friday night, a very different fan experience. >> we came up with the concept party here at the stadium. >> reporter: chief operating officer jared shawley says this is the first time team management has allowed fans to drive into the venue. >> the cars are spaced about six feet apart, and everyone does need to watch the game with their windows rolled up or if they roll down their windows, they do need to wear their
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masks. >> reporter: friday brought a sold-out car crowd. tickets were free though fans had to register ahead of time. and the two viewing areas maxed out at 50 vehicles. without speaking for the group, dan marguerite shared his own opinion, saying from an ethical point of view, i cannot support this tournament. i don't think they should risk anybody's health for it. the earthquakes are in orlando, playing inside the major league soccer quarantine bubble. the espn wide world of sports complex at the disney world resort without fans. player tommy thompson was on abc7's with authority podcast, pointing to one silver lining. >> it is actually going to be nice to be able to communicate with your teammates a lot easier. because playing in stadiums like the mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta, you can't hear anything. >> reporter: back in san jose, while cheers might be muffled with the windows up, earthquake fans are ready for any sense of
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normalcy. although this is a big change in the way fans are enjoying professional sports during the pandemic. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc7 news. now coming up in sports, chris alvarez will have all the highlights from tonight's earthquakes game. politics are now spilling into your kitchen. a growing number of people are now calling for a boycott of goya products after the company's ceo praised president trump at a white house event. the president hasn't weighed in much other than a tweet saying he loves goya. reporter leticia juarez with our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: goya foods is the latest target of a boycott after the company's ceo praised president trump during a white house visit. >> we're all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like president trump who is a builder. >> reporter: robert unumue drawing criticism with the #boy cat goya. at the market in whittier, this
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hand made no goya sign was left for shoppers. >> i'm not going to be supporting a company that is supporting a guy that he is not supporting us. >> reporter: those calling on the boy cat of goya products cited president trump's policies towards the hispanic community. >> i think we'll stand together on. this thing is a consensus to boycott goya because what these comments do is they normalize trump's rhetoric against latinos, against immigrants, and they normalize the mistreatment that we've been facing for these last three years. >> reporter: the united farm workers union tweeted this ad at goya showing migrant workers in the field with trump's incendiary remarks from his 2016 presidential announcement. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> feel like the biggest statement that we could make about the words of a ceo that aligns himself and considers himself to be blessed to have leadership like trump's is to
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just play trump's own words. >> reporter: leticia juarez, abc7 news. >> president trump has commuted the prison sentence of roger stone, his long-time ally and former campaign adviser. stone has been under house arrest and was expected to report to federal prison on tuesday to serve 40 months. he was convicted in november o charges of lying to congress, witness tampering, and obstructing a congressional investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. all right. let's shift gears, turn our attention to ama, what look likes a pretty steamy weekend forecast. >> yes, scorching. sandhya? >> yeah, it is definitely going to be a sizzler for inland communities as the temperatures will be up into the 90s and 100s this weekend. but not everywhere. i do want to show you an absolutely stunning post sunset sky tonight as some high clouds were streaming in. we got a lot of color. i know a lot of people have been
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posting to social media, showing off their sunsets. they were all absolutely beautiful. keep doing that. we want to see them. here's what brought us the sunset that was just stunning. it's high clouds that were coming in from the southwest. right now we have those overhead. as we take a look at those temperatures, anywhere from the 50s along the coastline to the 70s inland. a live look from our exploratorium camera, and visibility is terrific in san francisco tonight. inland heat persists through the weekend. hotter on sunday. we are expecting increased fire risk, and cooling begins early next week. by the way, our hottest spots today were in the mid 90s to low 100s. take a look at what's going to happen with the relative humidity. the reason why the fire dangler be increasing. sunday morning, you still have values that are very much up there. but as we head towards sunday afternoon and the evening hours, you're going to see the values coming down to the low 20s around fairfield, lakeport, antioch area. so with the dry conditions in place, even though we're not expecting the winds, it is high fire danger season.
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the high fire weather index takes into account multiple factors. you do see shades of yellows and oranges indicating high to very high likelihood of fires that could spread rapidly in the inland east bay and north bay if they develop. definitely remain vigilant going into the weekend. temperatures in the 50s, 60s first thing tomorrow morning. fog and high clouds around. for the afternoon in the south bay, it's going to be hot. 93 in morgan hill. 87 in san jose. on the peninsula, you're looking at 83 degrees in redwood city. 61 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 67 degrees. so pretty mild. north bay, 84 in san rafael. low 90s around sonoma. heading into the east bay, 75 in oakland. 74 berkeley. so a lovely day inland east bay will be steamy. 96 degrees in antioch, but if you think that's too much of a scorcher, just look at the southwest. 118 in yuma. 120 degrees in palm springs.
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that's dangerous heat. and they already have heat warnings and excessive heat advisories in effect for that area. accuweather seven-day forecast, it's going to be a hot saturday. a hotter sunday inland. coastal areas will be comfortable. and then the cooling begins on monday. you will see the temperatures moderating by thursday and friday. they'll be back down to closer to average. low 60s to the low 90s. ama and dan? >> at least we've been warned. thanks, sandhya. >> yeah. >> all right. aids walk san francisco is just nine days away. the virtual walk kicks off sunday at 10:00 a.m. aids walk will stream online and air right here on abc7. proceeds benefit prc and 20 other bay area hiv/aids service organizations. there is still time to register and raise funds. visit aids or call 415-615-walk. we'll be right back. as we all fight the coronavirus pandemic, california pthe spread. face masks to stop that's why abc7 wans to remind
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you to wear mask for you, your loved ones, and your community. new at 11:00, activists rallied outside san leandro police headquarters, demanding the city release the names of the officers who shot and killed
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steven taylor. the city says they're withholding the officers' names because people have threatened them. officers shot him after they claim he threatened them with a baseball bat in april. visitors at commons park are being warned about a coyote. a coyote bit a small child on the leg yesterday. coyotes are more active at night. they expect the park to be open during normal hours tomorrow. if you see a coyote at the park, don't approach it. call police. you're looking at a world war ii relic being moved from treasure island to its new home in richmond. the navy used the 40,000 pound gun to train sailors for decades, but vandalism and the elements have taken their toll since the navy left the base. crafts people will restore the gun, and when they're done, it will be placed on the red oak victory ship, a
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now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. >> earlier this summer camp, giants catcher buster posey made headlines when he said he was thinking about opting out of the season. posey made that official decision to opt out, putting his family first. buster and his wife have adopted twin baby girls who were born premature. both are healthy, but will have weakened immune systems for the next several months. posey thanked the entire organization for their unwavering support. with the condition of his children, playing baseball is going to have to wait. >> this ultimately wasn't that
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difficult a decision for me. from a baseball standpoint, it was a tough decision. from a family standpoint and feeling like i'm making a decision to protect children, our children, i think it was relatively easy. >> in an effort to maintain health and safety while limiting travel, the pac-12 has decided to play conference only schedules this fall. that affects football, men's and women's soccer and women's volleyball. the pac-12 makes the decision to eliminate all nonconference games. the conference released news that commissioner larry scott has tested positive for covid-19. he is under self-quarantine and will be able to work remotely. for the first time in more than four months, the earthquakes took the field for the game. taking on seattle in the mls is back tournament in orlando. players uniting before the game would kneel and raise a fist in honor of the black lives matter movement. now san jose dominated the first half and had a few chance, but
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stefan frei would come up big. look at the shots from san jose. and address rios also had a chance, but his deflection would go just wide. daniel vega making the save, denying two golden opportunities for the sounders. for the first game back, the earthquakes would end in a scoreless draw. it doesn't get any better than this, golf in tahoe. steph curry and his dad dell tied for seventh with 17 points. del with the shot of the day on 17. the curries play basketball. they can golf too. everyone is leading kyle williams, the former buffalo bill has 25 points. here is steph on that curry family competition. >> hopefully tomorrow i can chase the lad area little bit and put some pressure. he is playing well right now. and he is showed it obviously today. i got my work cut out for me. but it's always fun to play with him. >> george floyd continues through the
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all right that is going to do it for tonight. thank you for watching. i'm ama daetz. >> and. >> we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel, guest host anthony anderson with tracee ellis ross. have a great weekend. good night.
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- today on "tamron hall," a special mother's day celebration with beyoncé's mom, tina knowles-lawson, plus how moms are supporting our front-line workers and their communities, right now on "tamron hall." - welcome to "tamron hall" from my home, and today, we are paying tribute to moms, or mamas, since i'm from the south. it's my first big "tamron hall" mother's day show as a mom, and we've been talking about this show for forever. to be honest with you, i had envisioned a big show: giveaways, an audience packed with moms, but clearly, that's not happening given what we're all going through right now. also, i've been thinking a lot about the people who've lost their mothers as a result of this pandemic.
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there are people who won't be able to see their moms because they are in nursing homes, and many of us can't be with our moms because of the quarantine and social distancing, so to my mom, who i miss so much, happy mother's day. we love you, and to all the mothers out there, we want to send a big virtual hug that will very soon, we pray, turn into real hugs. now, throughout today's show, you're going to meet some amazing, courageous and visionary moms, and i'm hoping that all of you tam fam-ers out there will share stories about your moms or people who are like mothers to you. go on social media. use the hashtag #tamfammoms and share a picture and a little story about what makes your mom so special. i'm going to read all of them. i cannot wait to see the posts. let's just lift up these great women in our lives, and our first mom has been called a matriarch of pop music's reigning family. oh, she runs the world, all right. she's not only made it her mission to serve
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and empower her hometown of houston, texas. she's also a businesswoman, a fashion designer, and she just happens to be the proud mother of two very popular grammy award-winning artists, beyoncé and solange. tina knowles-lawson joins me from her home in la. ms. tina, thank you so much. happy mother's day. - thank you. same to you. - oh, and i'm so happy to have you. you understand, you've been on my wish list for a while, just admire so much about you. the last time i saw you was in february when solange got the lena horne prize for artists creating social impact, and not long after that, we end up in this pandemic. how are your daughters, the grandchildren? how are you all celebrating mother's day? - well, everybody is fine, thank god. we have all been quarantining and have not had any contact outside, and saturday, we got together from a distance,
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from 20 feet apart, which was the best, and kelly was there and her son, and we all got tested, so we've gotten the results back, and everybody is okay, and so i hope that we can get together this mother's day and have dinner together, and i can actually touch them for real. - how does that feel? like i said, moses is here. we haven't seen my mom since march, and knowing how close you are to your grandchildren and how much the relationship of a grandparent, it's a game-changer for kids and not being able to be there with them. - it makes them sad, especially on sundays because that's a day that we all get together, so on sunday mornings, i got the blues. - i totally understand that. well, we also know that you are very socially aware. we follow you on social media, and you've been talking, as we have, a lot about the disproportionate number of african-americans dying from covid-19. your career, you actually started out as a hairstylist.
1:39 am
you owned a salon in houston. just this week in texas, our home state, we talked to this dallas salon owner who wanted to open up. she defied the stay-at-home orders. you also saw in atlanta, i'm sure, the lines of people outside nail salons and hair salons. as a person who made your way in the beauty business, what do you say the folks who are just eager to get into the salons? - i would love to get those things done too, but it's just not worth it when it comes right down to it. and i understand it's more so that people need to make a living. the salon owners need to make a living, but i wish that we had waited a couple more weeks until it was on the downswing because i don't think it's worth it. i think everybody could've survived for another couple weeks. i don't think it's that urgent that you get in to get your nails and hair done, but it's other creative ways that you can get out. - ms. tina, you talked about us getting creative
1:40 am
with this downtime. you and beyoncé actually teamed up to launch this new campaign i've been reading about. it's called i did my part. it urges people in houston to get tested for covid-19. i know tyler perry, our friend will be -- he was so inspired. he's doing the same thing in atlanta. talk to me about why it was important to use your time and your name in this way with this particular campaign. - you know, for so long, we couldn't even get testing, and so now, it's readily available, will be available after this event is over, and i was talking to beyoncé about it, and she said, "mom, we've got to do something," and what kept coming up is, people have to do their part. they have to go and get tested, and so i thought of this campaign, and i asked her, would she support it? and she said yes, her foundation, beygood, and so we're having this event in houston. it's a two-day event at two different locations, screening locations, and we are teaming up with proctor & gamble and matthew 25: ministries and heb,
1:41 am
and we are giving products, cleaning products, personal grooming supplies, toilet paper, paper goods, masks, gloves, we even bought vitamins that we can give people so that they can get a start-- on how important vitamin d and vitamin c is, because the sad thing is that, we make up 33 percent of the people with covid and 33 percent of the people that are dying with covid, and we only make up 13 percent of the population, so it's a very scary situation for black and brown people, and it's to bring awareness to it. we also are giving out information that tells you how to take care of yourself during this time and what to do if you do test positive. - i have to tell you, listening to all the things that you're doing for your hometown of houston
1:42 am
and all the other philanthropic things you've done for waco and the theater, i started thinking about the new beyoncé remix with megan thee stallion, the song "savage," where she gives you the shout-out. she says, "i'm a boss. i'm a leader. i got it from my mom. i got it from tina." did you scream when you heard that line like the rest of us? i was like, "yes, tina for the win, yes!" - people starting texting me and saying stuff about it, and she didn't tell me anything about it, so i was like, "what are they talking about?" and then somebody sent me the meme of me dancing. i wish that was my body and i was moving like that, and i was like, "this is hysterical," but it's funny because i called her, and i said, "thank you so much for my shout-out," and she said, "well, i just remembered you driving up in your two-seater at my middle school, welch middle school in houston, and the kids said, 'oh, your mama is so fly,' and you had on your orange lipstick with your top down,"


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